The Black Dahlia by Interplay and Take2


The Black Dahlia, is a truly interesting story of Murder, intrigue, mystery, the occult, and being able to solve the puzzles. The game is linear in the respect that certain things must be accomplished before you can move on. You must be good at clicking and sliding your cursor because a lot of the puzzles require this.

The story line revolves around a murder mystery in the early 1940's of Cleveland, Ohio. You, playing the role of the newly hired COS agent are given a case file--and the investigation starts.......


After the initial video sequence (of which there are a lot-so I will just state video when they come up)--you wind up in your office. Click forward once and head behind your desk. Tilt your view down and to the left and click open your center desk drawer--read the newspaper article and then click on the little green book and read the Preliminary Report. Then move over and open the right hand desk drawer, read the "to do" list that is inside, and take note of the items not yet checked. Put the list back in the drawer and click and slide it back until the revolver is seen, click on the gun and put it into your inventory. Now turn to your right and face the file cabinet. Tilt your view up slightly, and click on the little black book on the top of the stack, Read the Fifth Column Lessons for America. Then click on the top drawer of the file cabinet and read the information inside, Jim (your character) will automatically note the gibberish inside. Now lets examine what we have in our inventory--click on badge-note on the left hand side is a piece of metal sticking out, click on it--it's your St. Christopher Medal. Now click on your case file and click on and take a note of the different parts of it, remember that you can slide the pages up & down and click for next pages. Now click on the Revolver--putting your cursor on the butt of the gun you notice it changes, you can click here. Click-hold and drag it towards the barrel of the gun. This reveals a key, take the key. Exit your inventory. Click forward -turn to face the bookshelves on your right and notice at the end there is a locked cabinet. Get a close up of this and then access your inventory and use the key on the cabinet. Click on the message left by Dr. Strauss, then click on the notes at the bottom--Study this carefully, as it a major clue--the numbers and letters refer to a phone dial. Notice the scribbles that say 0 +1 - 1 and then the + or - and the ?, next Click on your office door and go to Sullivan's office.

Sullivan's Office

Talk to Sullivan. When asking him about the case file, click on the document that says-Initial Crime Report. Move your cursor down to the bottom and notice the signature--it will say "ask about Detective" click on this. Then move up to the top, it will say "ask about Finster" click on this also. When Sullivan asks you to look at the Invitation wants to know what you make of it Choose: It looks like fascist propaganda. Next access your World Map and go to Finster's Office.

Finster's Office

Talk to Finster. When done access your World Map and go to the Police Station.

Police Station

Talk to Detective Merylo. Now remember the Det. Said you could look at the mug book if you wanted. Tilt your view down and to the left and click on the mug book. When the book opens click on the paper on top and take it to your inventory. Page through the book and take note of Louis Fisher, the man with the bushy beard. So now you have Finster's stationary in your inventory. Access your World Map and go to McGinty's Bar.

McGinty's Bar

Turn to your right and go over to the man sitting alone, talk to him. Winslow mentions the Black List to you. Now access your World Map and go to Sullivan's Office.

Sullivan's Office

Talk to Sullivan. When you get the Black List, go back to your Office-go behind the desk and now you will need to use the Special Code for getting Dr. Strauss' phone number----

Bring up the Black List in your inventory and slide it up and

at the bottom see Dr. Karl Strauss, note his number says:

CLV 51 22 40, the first part refers to phone dial numbers,

C=2, L=5, V=8 so, 258. Then the other scribbles and

marks referring to 0 + 1 - 1 ----2 + 0 = 2, 5 + 1 = 6 and

8 - 1 = 7 so now we have 267. These are first 3 digits.

Then you need to figure out the rest of the numbers from

51 22 40, Use the -. So we have 5 - 1 =4 , 2 - 2 = 0, &

4 - 0 = 4 so we now have 404. Combine with first 3, so now you have 267404.

Now click on the telephone on your desk and dial the six digit number. The person on the other end tells you that Strauss is not there right now.

If you haven't done it already go towards the door and turn on the light switch by clicking on it. Then turn and face the desk from that position at the doorway, and tilt your view up to look at the light fixture. You notice some shadows in the fixture -- click on them. You now have some parchment papers and a bag of Runes in your inventory. You can look at them but DO NOT attempt to put the shapes together--this will be done much later in the game. ( If you attempt this now, there is a known bug here, when played on some systems-you could possibly get those symbols stuck on the stone shape and not be able to use them when you need to) Now access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's Office.

Detective Merylo's Office

Talk to Merylo. Ask about Special Agent Winslow. Then access your World Map and go back to your office.

Your Office

There should be a message waiting for you, Helen Strauss has called, click on the note



At the Museum talk to Ms. Strauss, Then in your inventory, use the bag of Runes on Helen, then use the Case File on Helen. Next study the book that she shows you carefully--if your memory is good you can do this easily, if you need some help, draw some rough sketches of the following crests---Top right hand corner, Notorious Tyrant and Sorcerer, click three pages, then on your left, bottom right hand corner--Sergeant at Arms-Knights of the Trinity, click two more pages, you should be at the back of the book now, and on the left, top left hand corner, Scribe, Knights of the Trinity and just below that in the bottom left corner, Herald, Knights of the Trinity.

These are Knights in the Brotherhood of Thule--A Germanic Knighthood

After Helen puts the book away, talk to her and ask her about the Stained Glass Window. Click on the stain glass pieces to bring up the puzzle. One crest is almost completed for you, all you need to do is put the other three together. It does not matter in which order you do this. Clicking and dragging the piece, you will bump into other pieces, click and release the piece becomes the cursor. One way to check your progress is to look for the embedded words in the stained glass by using the red filtering light that is above you and on the left of the table. Don't worry about backing out of the puzzle-as it does not reset. What you are looking for is four names that are seen in the red filter of the four stained glass shields--make a note of these, and to which shield they belong when you have completed the puzzle.

The complete puzzle looks like this:

Access your World Map and go to McGinty's Bar.

McGinty's Bar.

Click forward and go to the man at the far end of the room, the one who is bald with a mustache and talk to him. Then turn to your right and go over the phone on the wall, in the close up look at the top right side and note the name Lou Fielding with the number CMR 259. Get the close up of the dial and dial this number. When the person on the other end asks who you are calling for--Type in the name Louis Fischterwald. The man on the phone will then tell you about The Raven Room. Access your World Map and go to the Raven Room.

The Raven Room

Go over to the door and click on the intercom. Tell the man that Finster sent you and you will find out about the Mission. Then go to the table on the other side of the room, look at the book on top, and then click under the table and click on the little card there. Look at the little Holy Card in your inventory, be sure to flip to the backside by clicking on the card. Access your World Map and go to St. Bartholomew's Mission.

ST. Bart's Mission

Click on Ernie behind the counter and talk to him. Then click on Ernie again and trick him into leaving to get a package for you. Once behind the counter, lower your view and click on the suit case. When it opens, first move all the items to the right, then slide them all the way to the left, this will expose the picture Ernie showed you. Take the picture and examine it in your inventory. Access your World Map and go to the Museum.


Ask Helen if she has figured out how the pieces of the Runes are assembled. Then go back towards where the stained glass is, and turn to your left and click on the desk. Click on the book on the left and read it, then click on the book on the right and read it too. Access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's Office.

Police Station

Show Detective Merylo the picture you got from Ernie's suitcase. Then access your World Map and go to the Raven Room.

The Raven Room

Louie should be there now. Ask him about the invitation, Then use Ernie's picture on him.

VIDEO Sequence

When you are in control again, ***************SAVE YOUR GAME************

Turn to your right, and click forward, then click on the bottles ( Jim will use this as a distraction) When the bad guy comes out to your upper right--SHOOT HIM. Short video sequence (COVER YOUR EYES *grin* )


Talk to Merylo, Ask him about the warehouse gunman, keep asking about the gunman, He doesn't need to know everything you know. Then tilt you view down and click on the newspaper article on the desk--read both left and right sides. Then in your inventory, examine the matchbook, click on it to open it and see the name Mulhaven. Click it closed and flip it around to see the other side, not the number GB5 637. Then access your World Map and go to Louie's Loft.

Louie's Loft

At the loft, click forward once, you hear a board squeak. Turn 180 degrees around and tilt your view down and click on the area of the floor near the cord of the broken lamp. Jim will remove the floorboard, click on the item inside and take it to your inventory. Then turn to your left and click on the area near the potbellied stove. Then click on the broom brush, this will trigger a Video Sequence, Jim will make a note of the Rune symbols on the floor which you can examine in your Notebook. Access your World Map and go to the Hotel Cleveland.

Hotel Cleveland

Talk to the man at the desk. Then try to bribe him. Then turn to your right and click over to the telephone on the wall. Dial the number from the matchbook--GB5 637. This will trigger a video sequence.

Turn around and click on the maid's cart, click on the cart again and get a view of the middle shelf, click on the knife that is under the napkin and take it to your inventory. Now click on the transom above the door. Jim will use the knife to get into the room. Inside, turn to your right and click over towards the bed, then click on the vase beside the bed, in close up view, click on the key inside the vase, then click on the piece of paper and this triggers a video sequence--After this, go back to the vase and get the photograph that is now been placed there. Examine it in inventory be sure to click on it and view the backside of it. Now access your World Map and go to Sullivan's Office.

Sullivan's Office

You will walk in on Winslow and Sullivan, Then talk to Sullivan. Then access your World Map and go to the FBI Office.

FBI Office

Talk to Winslow. Then access your World Map and go to your office.

YOUR Office

For now, examine some items in your inventory. Look at Helen's notes. Then get the item you retrieved from Louie's loft. (Looks like a little log cabin) It is a LOCKBOX. To open the Lockbox use the following directions:

Turn the Wheel on the right, all the way down

Turn the left small light on front to a horizontal position.

On the left side, push the top half of the door inwards.

Then lower the chimney on the roof.

Then on the left side of house again, raise the lower part of

the door up.

(A section of the left hand wall should retract)

Turn the wheel all the way up.

Then slide the lower segment of the lower left wall at the

bottom front of the house to the back.

Lower the top half of the door, on the left side.

Raise the chimney back up.

Rotate the wheel on the right, all the way down.

(On the left side of house, the top half of door pops back out)

Turn the small light back to the vertical position.

Then click on the front door, hold, and pull it all the way to

the left.

Just below the door, slide the long board all the way left.

Now raise the small block that has the symbol on it.

The box/house should now open. Inside, click on the key and the signet ring.

Access your World Map and go back to Louie's Loft.

Louie's Loft

Click forward once, then turn left. Click on the dresser, then on the lock, In your inventory, use the lockbox key on the dresser. Then using the phases of the moon posted above on the wall as a reference to work the lock. Like so--Turn the key this way--push in, turn left, back out, turn right, again, push in, turn left, then back out, it should open now. Retrieve the tooth/fang that is inside the drawer. Access your World Map and go to the Hotel Cleveland.

Hotel Cleveland

Click forward once, then turn around, click on the wardrobe cabinet. Click on the cabinet door handles to get a close up. In inventory use the signet ring on the door handles, This will trigger a video sequence. When done, in the open cabinet, examine the Raven Room Invitation, the hand written note, the bar-bill tab, maybe even the magazines, the letter to Joseph, the Scrumpy's Prophylactic, the belt/collar, and the telegram. Access your World Map and go to the FBI Office.

FBI Office

While Dick Winslow is "busy", you need to get your hands on that Pensky file that is in the safe. Go over to the small bookcase that has the globe on it, notice the sports picture of Dick Winslow--

make note of the numbers 19, 6, 33. Make your way over to the painting on the wall with the fruits, and pitcher on it.


Click on the top left hand side of this painting. Then click on the safe to get a close up. Spin the dial al the way around once and then stop at 19. Go left past the six, and then stop on 6 second time around. Then go right to 33. Click on the handle the safe will open. Click on the manilla envelope on the top, read its contents. By doing this you find out Pensky has been sent to the Sunnyvale Rest Home. Then click down towards the bottom of the safe and get the security pass. When you exit the safe there is a video sequence--which you will automatically wind up in your office when this is done. Examine more things in your inventory, like the Raven Room Invitation and Winslow's pass. Access your World Map and go to Flannigan's.


Question Mulhaven. Use the invitation on him and get it signed. Access your World Map and go to Sunnyvale Rest Home.

Sunnyvale Rest Home

Talk to Pensky.(take special note when he talks about the Black Dahlia) After talking to Pensky, you realize you already have one of the talismans (tooth/fang) Access the World Map and go to your office.

Your Office

Click on the middle bookshelf, towards the center/right hand side--clicking on the book entitled "The Crusades, A Pictorial History" Retrieve the Raven's feather. Access the World Map and go to the Museum.


You need to get a stamper so you can make the seal on the invitation. Turn to your right, and click on the Parchment left of the stamper--You will have a "Vision" when done examine the five seals, you will want to make one like the purple or the blue one. Back out of this close up and click on the stamper--click on it again to open it--Note there are five dials with no. 1 being closet to you and 5 being farthest away. Dial 1 controls the left lower quadrant of the stamp, Dial 2 controls the right lower quadrant of the stamp, Dial 3 controls the right upper quadrant of the stamp, Dial 4 controls the left upper quadrant of the stamp. The 5th dial rotates the retracted pieces inside the handle. Turning the dials 1 -4 to the right retracts the pieces, and turning them to the left pops them back out again. When using the 5th dial you have to listen for the pieces to click as they go around.

Follow this order for the solution: 1 right--- 5 left---- 1 left----2 right--- 5 left --- 2 left--- 4 right --- 5 right ---- 4 left ----5 left ----5 left ---- 3 right ----5 right--- 3 left---- 5 left ---- 3 right ----5 right ---3 left ---- 5 left ----3 right ---- 5 right ----- 3 left ---- 1 right ----2 right ----- 5 right -----1 left ---- 5 left----- 2 left Then a video sequence, then a CD CHANGE

The Raven Room

At the party, talk to Winslow, Then talk to the man standing guard at the door. Then turn left and tilt your view down and click on the upside down plate on the table, from here go forward behind the blue screens and you will see a table. Turn right and notice the tray of glasses. In your inventory use the plate on the black table, then click on the tray of glasses. This will create a diversion so Jim can slip into the back room. After another video sequence, you can explore the room with your flash light. Note the astrology painting on the right side of the fireplace and the Rune symbol chart on the left side. (Esp-what each Rune stands for) Turn left until you are facing a big round table and then tilt your view up and see that there is a cord for the light switch, click on it and turn the lights on. You will notice the panel directly in front of you on the table cannot be opened, but you can go around and open all the others. Read the inscriptions underneath these panels. Then referring to your inventory and Helen's notes,, and the parchment papers --All this information put together gives you the order in which the panels are to be opened. Start with all the panels closed. And assign numbers to them starting with the locked one in front of you as number 1 and continue in a clockwise manner and open in this order---- 6---8---11---12---9---4---5---7---2---3---& 10, the bottom one opens to reveal a Book and triggers another video sequence.

It is now December 2nd, 1941

Read the note from Cassandra Rollins, you will automatically go to her. Talk to Cassie, and then answer "yes" that you want to be put into a trance. When in the trance--click forward into the area between the two torches. While in this trance world, click around to the different areas and listen to the phrases--these voices are giving you hints that you need to open the door that is guarded by the two skeletons. These phrases are :

The bird and the fish are the base of all

When the bird is away from the sun she's with the moon

The key are creatures of the sun

The fish are creatures of the moon though she's avoid her company

The crown and bird sit on his right and left

The sun loves a bird but only when she's alone

No twin can stand if separated

The star follows the key

If west is right and east is the left, you know on which site the sun will rise and which the moon will set

The key follows the shield when the moon is far away

By night it refers to the moon and fish, by day that shield surrounded itself with the sun and key

The comet has seen up after the moon has present

A lonely fish loves a crown though lonely crown prefers the key

The serpent will chase the comet tail if not chased itself by the star

So the answer should be :

Left--Crown Key Serpent Star Key Shield Sun & Bird

Right--Bird Moon Shield Fish Serpent Comet Crown & Fish

You will need to traverse these planets with the rune symbols on them, but you need the order they go in, so leave the trance state by using the "ESC" key of your keyboard. Talk to Cassie again and tell her about the crystal spheres. Read the astrology tome that Cassie hands you, make notes and the different planets' names and their symbols. Then for now access your World Map and go to Sullivan's Office

Sullivan's Office

Talk to Sullivan, Access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's Office.

Merylo's Office

Ask for the evidence on the Torso Case, review this evidence, item by item, starting with number 1. As you are reviewing the evidence make note of the dates on the newspaper clippings and what is being covered by blood and what isn't being covered. Notice that item no. 19 is impounded by the FBI, then ask Merylo about Von Hess, and about Von Hess' medallion. Access your World Map and go back to Cassie's , the psychic.

Psychic Cassie's

Have Cassie put you into another trance, you will arrive at the crystal spheres(planets). Keeping in mind the newspaper articles you saw,

Notice how in each paper (The total of 8 from first victim to the last one), there is a number revealed. These numbers are the order for the sun-planet puzzle. The answer is : 15-65-260-175-111-369-34-4 or Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and finally Earth.

go through the planets in this order--Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Earth, and then the gray sphere. Then click forward and make your way to the reflection pool. Click on the water to get a close up view, then click on the stones that you see, one at a time,

they each will trigger a "Vision" pay close attention as the clues will be used later on. Then hit your "ESC" button again and talk to Cassie about the stones and the pool of water. And be sure and tell Cassie you saw yourself in the "pool". Access your World Map and go to the FBI Office.

FBI Office

Talk to Winslow. Then access your World Map and go to Detective Merylo's office.

Detective Merylo's Office

Ask if Winslow has returned the evidence, no. 19, that was missing before. You can now examine it. Also go back to item no. 1 and click through to the back page and click on the address Jim will make a statement about checking this out. Access your World Map and go to Santini's house.

Santini's House

Talk to Mrs. Santini. Then notice all the window shades can be pulled down, but they go right back up again. Go over to the doorway and turn the light switch off. Then go to the window shade on the right side of the bed, pull it down and Jim will retrieve a photo from the back of it. Turn the light back on again, and then go to the corner of room between the bed and the dresser and click on the baseboard (remember your "vision") Get the items inside, including the letter on top and the envelope underneath it with the rune symbols on it. Short video sequence, Access your World Map and go to the Kingsbury Run Sewers, CD CHANGE.

Kingsbury Run Sewers

At the entrance to the tunnel, after the video stops, take this path. You now have a compass on your screen. North 1 click, East 4 clicks, North 5 clicks, & turn right to face the gauges. Click on this to get a close up view of the puzzle.

There is many ways to solve it. The main goal is to keep all the pressure on the same level (it is 30). Use the valve to control the pressure level.

To solve it look at this clues : wheel 6 will control meter 2, wheel 5 will control meter 3 and 4 in opposites direction, wheel 8 will control 1 and 4 in opposite direction, and wheel 9 will control meter 2,3 and 4. Here is one of the solution (in 9 moves) : Turn wheel 9 to the right until meter 4 reads 30

Turn wheel 8 to the right until meter 1 reads 30

Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30

Turn wheel 9 to the right again until meter 4 reads 30

Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30 Turn wheel 6 to the left until meter 2 reads 30 Turn wheel 9 to the right again until 4 reads 30 Turn wheel 6 to the left until meter 2 reads 30 Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30

Look at this picture to help you:

When completed, a passageway opens up. Enter it, and inside click on and take notice of the symbols on the door, and the cross-shaped hole in the middle of the door. Access your World Map and go to the FBI Office.

FBI Office

Ask Winslow for the cross, which is Von Hess' medallion, When you return to the sewer click on the center where the cross shaped hole is, Winslow will give you the medallion, after he leaves click on the door in front of you. This will be the sewer bars puzzle. The point is that all the bars must come down at the same time. Number them like so.......

1 2

8 3

7 4

6 5

Then click on them like so....5---4---2---3---7---5---2 the door will now open. Now click on the next door in front of you.

Jim will comment and say something like it's obvious you can't get through that door, there must be another way. So now, look up and to your left and notice the grate/grille cover--click on it, this will trigger a video sequence. Access your World Map and go to the Raven Room.

The Raven Room

When you get there Jim will break in. Then go to the back door

( the room you were in before )Access your inventory and look at the Raven Room Invitation, manipulate it and pay attention to the folds, its like origami, If you fail to get it, then do the following:

click on a close up of the door, then click the Red Diamond (this is the bottom of two rows you will use, center position) then click top row center, bottom row left, top row right, top row left, bottom row left, and bottom row right, then enter.

When you are inside click forward to the wardrobe closet and click on the lock itself for a close up view, note the indentations in the center part of the lock. Click back out of this view and click down to the candle sticks and then click on the left one. There are actually five pieces to click on this to manipulate it, and the base does nothing. Section 1 is the closest to the closet and 4 is just above the base. Here is the solution to make the pieces pop out to be used on the lock. Turn section 3two times to the right, Section 4 two times to the left, section 2 two times to the right, the closet opens,


Click on the green medallion hanging there. This is the killers talisman. Access your World Map and return to Psychic Cassie.

Psychic Cassie

Ask Cassie to put you into a trance. Once there, click forward and go to the pool, Tilt your view down and notice another stone has been place there.(second from the left) Place it into the water, Watch the video carefully (esp. The Bookcase)


When you end up at the Raven Room, turn to your right and click forward to the bookcase, and face the bookcase and click on the middle shelf--far right and a passage will open behind the closet. Watch the video sequence.

It is now 1945, and Jim Pearson is an Officer in the OSS.

You are in a mineshaft. Look above the door you are facing and notice the painting. Click on the door itself to get a close up. The object here is to manipulate the planets around the Sun so that they are all reflecting up to the painting. When all the planets are reflecting up towards the painting you may click on the Sun in the center and the door will open.

The clue on how to do it :

Let's say we name the circle from A to G (from outside to inside)

Control A and C simultaneously until they're in position

Control G until B in position

Control D, F, and G until all of them in position

Last move, control E and D until D, E, and G in position

After a short video sequence, you will be faced with 3 archways and puzzles. Turn left, this is the Lever Puzzle.

Look at this picture to solve it. The order is :

E - F - C - B - A - D - G - H - I - F - E (Step 1) E - D - E E - B - C - F - I - H - G - D - A - B - E E - B - A - D - G - H - E Repeat step 1 E - B - A - D - E E - B - E

Next turn to your right and go to the Keys Puzzle. This is a simple puzzle. Just match up the keys with the keyholes. The only problem is : one key can fit into several keyholes.

Look at this picture to help you. The answer is : A-3, B-6, C-4, D-1, E-8, F-5, G-7, H-2.

Remember to push each key in.

Now make another right and go to the Switches Puzzle. There are 7 switches from left to right. Flip switches 1---4---6---& 7, then keep pushing the red button below and then click on

The Black Dahlia.

It is now 1946.

You are in a Nazi cellar. Turn around and find the staircase. Click forward to it, when you get to the door---STOP. Click the little black square in the center of the door, it is a peephole. Then turn 180 degrees around and shine the flashlight around till Jim says " Hmm, what's that over there?" Then as you make your way over you will notice a well in the ground with a hook hanging above it, that you cannot reach. Turn left and make your way over to that Winch Control Lever, click on it for a close up view there will be two levers and a crank handle. The left lever is up and the right lever is down, Switch these so that the left lever is down, and the right lever is up, this will automatically lower the rope. Then when that is done, make sure that both levers are in the down position to lock the winch in place. Make your way back to the well and click on the hook laying on the floor. CD CHANGE

It's a good idea from here on out to ******SAVE YOUR GAME****** often. Sometimes directions are not always what they seem, but you don't want to get lost either.

Compass Directions----

To get to the Main Hall follow this direction (assuming you know how to use the compass on the lower right corner of the screen): N, NE, NE, N, NE, NE, NW, W, SW, W, W.

There are 4 pillars around the altar. Each pillars resemble the Highest Order in the Brotherhood of Thule : Herald, Scribe, Sergeant of Arm, and Landulph. You need special sequence for each pillar to open the secret door.

The sequence is in Herald's sarcophagus. To open it, you need to find a special artifact first. It is the key. Enter the archway where you came from. Follow this direction : E, NE, E, N (you'll arrive in front of an altar). Check out the wooden box on the right. Get the artifact. Now go on with this direction : S, W, NW, NW, W (you'll arrived at the Herald Tomb). Click on the sarcophagus lock. Use the artifact. Then click on the word to copy it to your notebook.

It's inside the Scribe's sarcophagus in Scribe's crypt. Go back again to Main Hall (SE, SE, SW, W, W). Take the second archway from the left side of the main altar. Follow this direction : SW, S, SE, SE, S, SE, S, S, SW (or you could just memorize this : take left path at the first intersection, then right at all the rest)

It's inside his sarcophagus in Sergeant of Arm's crypt. Follow this direction : NE, N, NW, NW, NW, NW, NW, NW, SW, SW, W, NW, W, SW (or you could just memorize this : take left path at every intersection).

Again, it's inside his sarcophagus in Landulph's crypt. Follow this direction : NE, NE, NE, NW, NW, N, NW, NW, W (or just simply : take all the left path at every intersections).

Go back again into the Main Cave (follow this direction : SE, SE, E, NE, NE, SE, S, SE, SE, SE, E (or simply just take the left path at every intersections. I guess left is the key word in this maze !!!). Let's name the pillars surrounding the altar with Scribe, Landulph, Sergeant of Arm, and Herald (starting from top left corner and following the clock direction). Arrange all the rings from top to bottom in each pillars according of the writings you've found earlier. Look at this pictures to help you,

Or just follow along here EXACTLY---

When you reach the shaft way, click forward once, then make a right and keep going right until you reach the alcove, make a right into the alcove. You will see some skulls and vases on an altar, turn slightly to the right and click down low, click on the big box and get the artifact from inside. You can examine it in inventory to see the markings on the back of it. Exit the alcove--you will automatically go to the left, but turn around 180 degrees, and click forward and keep going right. You will end up at a Sarcophagus, notice the hasp on the front and it's markings, use the artifact you just acquired on the sarcophagus, When the lids opens notice the Rune Symbols reflected in the top of the lid, click on then and Jim will make note of them. Exit this room. Then click forward but keep on branching to the right. You will end up in the main Pillar Room. Turn yourself so that you are facing the altar, then turning to your right, go through the 6th (sixth) door. Go forward and keep making rights again. Then you come to the open area where there is a Bridge and Steps. Click Forward Twice. An arrow will hit Jim's torch. Then click on the steps in the following order, left step, right step, left step, center step, right step, left step, & then right step. At the top. Click on the sarcophagus, then click on the broken lid. Then click on the Rune Symbols, and Jim will make a note. Then inside the sarcophagus, notice the skull is missing. Then click forward and go down the steps in the opposite order of when you came up. Like so....Left, right, left, center, right, left and then right. Then go back down the passageway and keep going right, You will end up at another sarcophagus. Click on the sarcophagus once to bring into a close up view, and then click on the lid to bring up the Puzzle. The object is to move the blocks around to free up the four corner stones that are tucked into the outside edges. There's no exact way to solve it.

Just remember this---you have to put every block inside the frame. To simplify your quest, use the corner hole to put the small square block for a while. Put all the vertical blocks in the middle. Arrange the rest and finally take out those small square blocks again. Look at this final picture to help you (it's only one of the many possible solutions).

When the sarcophagus opens up and you get a view of the skeleton inside and the sword on his chest, click on the symbols and Jim will make a note. Exit this chamber. Click forward and keep branching to your right again. When you enter this next chamber, turn to your left and click on the sarcophagus to get a close up, click on the opening to get a view inside. Then click on the little square stone pieces you see scattered about in front of the skeleton. Now turn to your right and you will see a basin of water, hanging from the figure on the wall. Click on it to get a close up. In you inventory, use the stone pieces on the basin of water. Then arrange the stone pieces inside the basin to form Rune Symbols that look like.. A vertical line, a slanted letter X, what looks like a small letter N ( n ), and a letter F with the tines slanting down. Note each Rune Symbol will have 3 pieces of stone, and then the stones will be put together to form one large square. Click and drag the pieces around to arrange them.

When complete Jim will automatically note them. Exit this room and make your way back to the Main Pillar Room. Do this by going forward, then two lefts, then one right.

Go forward to the Main Altar where the four Pillars are, the starting with the Pillar on your near left and working clockwise, enter the correct combination for each pillar, First is the Scribe, then in the far left is the Landulph Pillar, then in the far right is the Sgt at Arms Pillar and then last is the Herald's Pillar on the near right. But this is a special one, remember that the symbols where reflected-so turn them around.


When all four are correct a door will open in the back of the room, revealing another passageway, CD CHANGE.

When you enter this new room, click forward once and then click on the figure lying on top of the sarcophagus, noticing that it's hands are cupped. Now you finally get to use that bag of Runes you been carrying around with you all game~!! In inventory click on the bag of Runes, click on it to open it up. Assemble the Runes onto the figure of the gem stone in the center in this order----

Top Row----Looks like and N ( n ) then a slanted Z then an F pointing up then a vertical line then what looks like a bowtie then the one that looks like a boomerang then the letter R then the letter M.

Second Row----a backwards 7 then a left & right greater than signs then and actual letter N then a slanted letter X then what looks like an N ( n ) then an angled letter S then a diamond shape with a crossed bottom then the arrowhead pointing up.

Bottom Row----what looks like a letter C then a backwards 7 then an angled letter S then an X then an F then a diamond shape crossed at the bottom then a vertical line with an arrowhead in the middle of it the a T or line with an arrow at the top.

Then use the assembled Rune Stone Shape on the figures cupped hands. Watch the video sequence. Afterwards click on the figure again and notice its eyes are glowing red. Back out of this view and tilt your view down and to the left. Now you can go down into the trench around the sarcophagus. Go down inside towards the head and turn to see some binoculars, look into them. You will see a red fog. Notice the panel to the left of the binoculars--click on it until you get a great stone face and then click once more past this. Then go around to the foot of the sarcophagus and you will see 2 more panels, Do the same to them. Then go back to the head and look into the binoculars again, now you see a panel with a "Red Dot" in the center. Back out of this view and turn left and move the cursor along the inner wall of the trench until the cursor turn into a pointing arrow, click on this and Jim will remove a dagger from the wall and another secret passage opens.

Talk to Von Hess. Then watch the video sequence.

It is now 1946.

Talk to the Pilot. Then turn to your left and open Captain Collin's foot locker and you can examine the items on the right, but slide the tray on top to the right and then click on the letters.

It is now 1947.

On the train, examine the ashtray on the table. Notice the black cigarettes. After the Porter leaves, click forward to the end of the car then turn right and click on the seating chart on the podium. Click to get close up. Notice that on Shift 2 in the 4th table the name of Matt Collins (Winslow must be impersonating him) Then turn left and go through the door, Then just keep going to the back of the train--don't click on any doors as this will get you thrown off the train. Just keep going until you reach the baggage car. As soon as you enter the baggage car turn all the way around and click on the blue thing inside the metal jacket on the door. Take it to your inventory. This is the blueprint for the train, from now on when you go to a train car , you open the blueprint and click on the car you want. Turn around again and go to the back of the baggage car, and go through the door to the Conductors Office. Enter the Office.

Talk to the Conductor. When he asks you which name--type in---Matt Collins. He won't give you the cabin number. Exit and go back to the baggage car. When there, click forward once, and turn 180 degrees around and click on the brown suitcase on your right. Jim will pick it up and put it on the crate. After this wait a few seconds and watch the suitcase vibrate off the crate. You might have noticed that above the suitcase when it was on the crate was an Emergency Pull Cord. Now go towards the door where you got the blueprints and look to the shelf and get the spool of twine/cording. Then go click that suitcase again, and right away use that twine/cording/string you just picked up on the suitcase. The quickly return to the Conductor's Office. When he leaves, open the left hand drawer of the desk and get out the listings-noting the name of Matt Collins, He is in #283, This is Winslow, then notice on the clipboard on the desk that # 283 has repairs listed.

Now exit here and using the blueprints, go to the four compartment car from the front of the train. Enter room #7. Turn to the dresser and click on the top drawer, open it. There is a piece of paper with a single Rune Symbols on it, click on this. As soon as you do, Jim will get dizzy and pass out. You wake up to a Blonde Woman in the room. After this, go back to the Conductor's Office and talk to him, Ask about Collins, He is gone, but luggage is not. You go to the baggage compartment. Go to the end where you found the blueprints, but turn right anc click on the clipboard. In close up you notice that Matt Collins' tag number is 0100AA. Turn around and head to the opposite end, all the way to the door.*****SAVE YOUR GAME ***** there has been report of a "bug" here. Then turn back around 180 degrees, and click on the crate on your right, this is the crate you are looking for. First remove the small pin from the top and put it in the small hole on the left in the front. Then remove the large pin from the top and put it in the other hole on the front. Then flip the top hasp down, and open the lid.--You will notice it is a couple of cases of Champagne. Close this back up, and flip the hasp back into place.

Then flip the bottom part of the hasp all the way up. And now remove the large pin that you put in the front and click it in the center hole. Then push the hoop up to the top, remove the small pin and put it in the front center hole where the hoop was. Then on the left side of the trunk, remove the handle and put it in the holes on the top covering the hasp. Then remove that same handle holder from the left side also and put it over the hoop in the front then get the handle from the top and put it over the handle holder on the front--This automatically opens the trunk. Jim will then switch stamps on the crates. Now you need to go to the dinning car, via the blueprints.

Talk to the Blonde Woman. Apologizing. Keep talking to her and ask about Winslow and where she is going, CD CHANGE

You are now in Los Angeles.

In your room, click on the telephone. Call everyone possible starting with the Police. Then access your World Map and go to Gabe's Diner.

Gabe's Diner

Talk to the Detective. After you bump into Alice, you end up in your motel room again. Access your World Map and go to the Train Station Shipping Office.

Train Station Shipping Office

First talk to the incoming clerk. Then talk to the outgoing clerk. Then look to the left of the outgoing parcels and notice the Trash can. Click on it and then click on the box inside. Ship this box with the outgoing clerk, Using the box from inventory. Then choose Express Delivery. Check before you leave with the incoming clerk. Access your World Map and go to the Boarding Home.

Boarding Home

Talk to the landlady. The turn right and check the closet, Click on the pocket of the jacket hanging there. Click on the mattress and Jim will notice a shoe under the bed. Then click on the beside table and open the top drawer and read the note. Then the third drawer, there is a romance book, but more important a napkin with writing underneath the book. Click on the napkin. Note the Biltmore Hotel Bar. Access your World Map and go to the Biltmore Hotel.

Biltmore Hotel

Talk to the bartender. Then use Lizzie's picture on him. Access your World Map for a short stop back at your Hotel room, Then right away access the World Map again and go to the Shipping Office at the Train Station. Talk to the incoming clerk, when you get a look at the shipping manifest, note Matt Collins is using the ABC Moving Company. You will also get your package. Access the World Map and go back to your hotel room.

Your Hotel Room

Click on the telephone and call the ABC Moving Company. Access the World Map and go to the ABC Moving Company.

ABC Moving Company

Shine your flashlight around and find the memo on the wall next to the calendar, read the memo. Turn to your left and click on the desk and then click on the middle drawer on the left and read what is inside. Files always start with the Drivers' initials. From the list you know that Steve Owen who took the package from the Union Station and deliver it to AKP on 1/10. From the note you know that Steve Owen always want to drive in zone I. So the package number is : SOIAKP52

Turn to the right and down and find the file cabinet. Click on the bottom drawer and scan along until you come across the file you need. Access your World Map and go to the Biltmore Hotel.

Biltmore Hotel

Talk to the bartender. At first, play along with him. Then insult him and you will find out Lizzie's Room No. Then turn left and go forward once, then turn right and go forward up the stairs. Now go to the end of the hall where the window is and turn to your right. This will be room 201. Knock--but there is no-one there. Turn and face the window again and click on the bottom of it and then exit through it. Once outside turn and find Lizzie's window and click on it, but it won't open. So tilt your view up and click at top of window and it moves enough for you to click on the stop-stick jammed into the window. Then return to the bottom and click again and this time it opens. Go inside. Once in the room, check the chest of drawers, and the vanity table, but nothing is there. Now to the right of the chest of drawers tilt your view up and notice a key on the closet door ledge, click on this key and take it to inventory. Access your World Map and go back to the Sunset Arms Hotel. (Your hotel)

Sunset Arms Hotel

The Detective is waiting for you. Talk to him, then Alice will walk in and save your butt. Talk to Alice. When done with Alice, Access your World Map and go to the Train Station Lockers.

Train Station Lockers

The key you have from Lizzie's has no number on it, but she wrote in her letter that she had a full proof combination. Her initials. They are E S. On a phone dial E S is 37, so look for locker 37. When you find the locker, read Matt's letter, and then in the Jewelry box get the receipt for the Antique shop. Access your World Map and go to the Antique Shop.

Antique Shop

Talk to the owner. Jim will then buy the cane. Examine the cane in inventory. Note the vertical lines just under the head of the cane and the Rune Symbols going down the handle a little ways. From the vertical lines down, match up the Rune Symbols, just like you did back at the underground caverns at the Monastery. When the cane opens, you will get a Treasure Map.

Access your World Map and go to the Sunset Arms Hotel.

At the Hotel get the pass from the pillow on the bed, Access your World Map and go to the Movie Studio.

Movie Studio

After the video sequence, go talk to Alice, Now turn around 180 degrees and go forward to the Trunk/crate that is open on the other side of the room. Click on the delivery receipt that is inside the trunk. Now go back and talk to Alice again. Access your World Map and go to Al King's House.

Al King's House

Talk to Alice. Turn 180 degrees around and click forward towards the desk. Now turn left and click on the telescope. To slight left of telescope are the inclination and declination charts. Then go back and click on the desk. Click on the open notebook, and make a note of the coordinates on these pages. Now go practice on the telescope. Click on the metal box on the side of the telescope and set your coordinates first pair is -.8 & -45, click on telescope and slide your arrow pointers so they me in your view--both Horizontal and Vertical arrows must meet, then you get your eyes full~!! Now set second pair -1.0 & -25 now click on telescope and set your arrows---Geezz another eye full. Ok now the third pair .2 & 5 now set the arrows, Man o' Man is this guy a voyeur or what????

Ok enough of that stuff, now click on the trash can that is beside the desk. Click on the torn pieces of paper and take them to inventory,

Also click on the newspaper article(read it), chisel, and pair of gloves. In inventory examine the torn paper and try putting the telegram together. There are two of them, but only one is important--Winslow's, it was sent from Zurich, he will arrive in January, and wants the crated delivered to an abandoned shooting lodge. Access your World Map and go to the Cemetery.


At the cemetery/crypt make your way around the sarcophagus noting the scribbles on the wall--and then click on the gold urn, get the piece of paper and note the circled page number--165. And the Saturnus Logo, and what Winslow wrote to you. Access your World Map and go back to Big Al's House.

Al King's House

Turn and go over to the desk, Click on the map above the desk. In inventory, Use the Treasure map on this map. Superimposing it over the top line up the "crosshairs" As you can see Al's house is a height of 100. And the marked position is 250. Now look at the chart for the telescope, for a range of 16,500feet ( from urn at cemetery) and a difference of 150 (250-100) the angle is .5---so from the graffiti on the cemetery walls, the correct position for Saturn is 27. So go to the telescope controls and set your pair of numbers .5 & 27. Then line up your arrows and you will see Dick Winslow looking back at you.

The Abandoned Lodge

********SAVE YOUR GAME HERE*********

Turn around and click on the photo attached to the ladder, then click again to get close up. After the ladder breaks and the fire starts, turn around and face the lockers. Start clicking on them from left to right, when you get to the 3rd one, Jim will be "branded" electrically. Click on the key hanging inside this locker and Jim will automatically get out--

You return to your Hotel and read a note from Alice and wind up at Big Al's House again.

Al King's House

The place has been ransacked. It is a mess. Click forward once -turn right and click into the center area. Turn left and click on the note on the projector, then click on projector button to turn it on. Watch the movie. Now turn around and go back up towards the bar area. Turn left, click forward, turn left, click on the cuckoo clock. In a close up click on the note. Then set the hands of the clock to read 5 o'clock. ( hour hand on 5 and minute hand on 12) As soon as the hula dancer comes out, move the minute hand back 5 minutes (to 11) A secret passage will now open.

As soon as you enter this underground passage ****SAVE YOUR GAME****** now turn to the right and lower your view, you should see a severed head, Now turn back to the left, and see Alice hanging around in the background. Click towards her, click on either Alice or the dagger to her right to free her******************

long video sequence have three (3) choices

Shoot Dick Winslow---not a good choice

Do nothing---still not a good choice

Shoot The Black Dahlia out of Winslow's hand. This is the best choice and probably the correct choice.

Personal notes--some of the puzzles are rather hard, a few are very time consuming, but finishing them is great fun--but for those of you who just simply get frustrated there are a few cheat codes for solving these puzzles

Stained glass puzzle : LEADHEAD

Lockbox puzzle : LOGHOUSE

Turnkey puzzle (Louie's loft dresser) : TURNKEY

The seal puzzle : RINGDING

Raven room circular table puzzle : ARTHUR

Winslow's safe : MASTERLOCK

Dream - Archway puzzle : CANCAN

Raven Room door : TRIANGLE

Pressure gauge puzzle : PRESSURE

Pressure-lock puzzle : BARBELL

Candlestick puzzle : NIMBLE

Europe's catacomb - Sun/Planet : SUNSPOT

Europe - Pressure Lever puzzle : LADYBUG

Europe - Multiple Key puzzle : KEYPUNCH

Europe - Gear puzzle : GEAROIL

Catacomb - Stone Pieces puzzle : ROCK33

Catacomb - Slider puzzle : BLOCKHEAD

Catacomb - Pillars puzzle : TEMPLE

Catacomb - Bags of Rune puzzle : GEMSTONE

Train - Trunk puzzle : BOXTOP

LA - Cane Puzzle : CANDYCANE

LA - Telegram puzzle : TELEPORT

LA - Telescope puzzle : PEEPER

LA - Cuckoo puzzle : BONGO


Here is the list of easter eggs that can be found inside the game :

Click on Jim while using the telephone while in Pearson's hotel room in Los Angeles instead of choosing one of the names to call. You'll see a funny clip.

Hold down and drag your left mouse button to the edge. Jim will spin as fast as he could.

In ABC warehouse, start to examining the files one after another. You'll see funny clip after you


Here is the list of the bugs that I found while playing the game, some has been repaired with the patches :

Don't pick up the Astrology book on the table while in Cassandra house (Psychic Parlour), it will make the screen turn to black. Instead, ask her to look at the book.

Sometime the clerk at the Union Station won't give you the package.

The bag of Runes puzzle : sometime the runes won't move

The Cuckoo puzzle at the final disc : sometimes you don't have to solve that

Game crash while clicking the broom at Louie's loft, superimpose the treasure map at Al King's house, etc

Few trouble with Sound Blaster AWE64 (Sound trouble)

All of these bugs has been repaired by a patch from the Technical Support site at Take 2 Interactive.

Inerplay and Take2-Official Game Website

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