Black Dahlia Walkthrough v1.0
Copyright (C) 2003 by OutRider

WARNING: This walkthrough (like the others) contains spoilers. Please use at 
your own risk, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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Before I continue on, let me tell you how the game works. Moving around relies solely on paths, and 
not free-roaming. In order to look around at different things, you just hold the left mouse button and 
move around. Pressing Alt+I can access the inventory and you’ll probably be going into there a lot. 
Some items you find may contain other items within, so it may be wise to examine every item you 
pick up. There may also be times when you’ll have to move things out of the way to get to another 
item, and to move stuff, hold the left mouse button and drag it out of the way.

Watch the opening sequences and when you have control of Jim Pearson, the main character, go 
over to the messy desk in front of you and look at everything you find. There’s a notebook and a 
clipping in the front drawer, and there’s another notebook in the drawer to the right of that. Move the 
notebook to uncover a gun and take it.

Go into the inventory and examine the handle of the gun. If you move the brown part out of the way, 
you’ll find a key hidden inside. Take it and then you can exit the inventory. Go over to the door and 
turn to your right. You’ll see a cabinet on the shelf. Look at it and then use the key you took from the 
gun to unlock it. Read the paper inside and then leave the office.

Go to Mr. Sullivan’s office and ask him about the case and then about your predecessor. After you’re 
finished, leave here and go to Hank Finster’s place. Ask him about everything and make a note of the 
shield on the wall behind him. You can now leave here and go to Detective Merylo’s office. Ask 
Merylo about the torso murder case first and then ask him about Finster’s complaint. Look at the 
mug shot book on his desk and take the piece of paper you find inside. Go to the page where you 
see a picture of Lou Fielding, and make a note of his aliases. Leave here and got McGinty’s bar.

Talk to the bartender and then turn around and talk to the man sitting at the table near the exit. Ask 
him whom he is to find out he’s Dick Winslow, a FBI agent. He’ll mention a blacklist, so when you’re 
done talking to him, go back to Sullivan’s office and ask him about it. Go to Jim’s office and before 
using the phone, you need to decode the phone numbers before dialing. In order to do this, you 
need Pensky’s notes, Finster’s phone number and list.

Ms. Strauss’s phone number is 267-404, so dial that on the phone, but you won’t be able to reach her 
at this time. Go back to the bar to see if Hansen has shown up yet, but I’m sure he hasn’t yet. Go 
back to the office to find a message from Ms. Strauss. Jim will automatically go to the Museum, and 
you’ll be prompted to insert Disc 2.

Talk to Helen about all topics and then show her the runes. She’ll keep them to try to translate them, 
so leave and go to the bar. In the back corner behind the two guys, you’ll see a man. Go back to him 
and talk to him to find George Hansen. Ask him about all topics and he’ll talk about Louie and that 
he’ll talk to his contacts to find out where you can find him. Turn around and go over to the phone. 
Look on the wall to find a number for Fielding. Decode it and dial it on the phone, but you won’t find 
anyone by that name. Go spend time doing something and then return to the bar and ask Hansen if 
he’s learned anything new. He’ll mention that Louie has called himself Harold before, so leave here 
and go to the museum.

Talk to Helen and show her the invitation. She’ll show you a book, so remember the images you see 
inside.  Helen will also tell you about a stained glass window her dad was working on, so ask if you 
can see it. What you need to do is reassemble the images that you saw in the book, but the pieces 
have to fit almost perfectly in order for the puzzle to be solved. You may need to move other pieces 
out of the way so you can put the piece you want where you want it. If you get stumped, type in the 
word LEADHEAD and the puzzle will be completed for you.

Turn on the lamp to the left of the puzzle to read four names. Return to the bar and call Fielding’s 
number again, but this time, ask for Louie Fischterwald. You’ll be told that he can be found at the 
Raven Room, so go there and ring the buzzer on the door to the right. Tell the guard that Finster sent 
you, and you’ll learn that Louie isn’t around right now. Before leaving, search underneath the table 
to find a card. Go into your inventory and examine it to find an address and the results of a card 
game. Leave here and go to St. Bartholomew’s Mission. Talk to man at the desk, Ernie, until he 
shows you a picture. Leave here and go to the museum to get the parchment sheets from Helen. Go 
back to the mission and trick Ernie into leaving. While he’s gone, open his suitcase at the far right 
and move all of the stuff out of the way (you will need to move any items on the top to get to the stuff 
on the bottom) until you see a picture on the right. Take it and then leave the mission. Visit Merylo in 
his office and show him the picture.

Go back to the Raven Room and show Louie the picture. Watch the sequences, and when you find 
yourself in the warehouse, go to your right and use one of the bottles sitting on the crate. Watch the 
balcony above you for the shooter to come out, and when he does, be quick and shoot him. Watch 
the sequences and you’ll wind up back at your office with Merylo standing over you.

Be cooperative and tell him everything you know. After he leaves, look at the newspaper on your 
desk and go to Sullivan’s office to find that Winslow is already there. Talk to Sullivan about 
everything and then go to the Hotel Cleveland.

Talk to the concierge and then go to your right and use the phone. Call the Hotel and Jim will 
automatically follow the bellhop to Muhlhaven’s room. Move the maid’s cart over to his door and 
then take the knife off the cart. Use the knife on the transom above the door to get inside the room. 
Once inside, try to open the closet to your left to learn that it is locked with a rune lock. Go over to 
the right side of the bed and look inside the jar to find a key and a note, but before you can take the 
note, three men and the maid enter and Jim goes off to hide behind the curtain before he is seen.

Once they leave, go back over to the jar and look inside to find a picture. Take the picture and then 
leave the hotel and go to Louie’s loft. Walk across the room until you hear a floorboard creak, then 
turn around and move it to find a lock box. Take it and go over to the furnace. Use the brush nearby 
to have Jim sweep away some ashes and uncover a board with some runes engraved on it. Watch 
the sequences and then go into your inventory because it’s time to open the lock box.

If you want to take the cheater’s way out, type in LOGHOUSE, otherwise, here is the solution:

1) Turn the left lamp clockwise until it’s pointing to the right.
2) Push the small window on the side in.
3) Push the chimney down.
4) Slide the board underneath the small window upwards.
5) Push the round mill on the right away from you as far as it can go and a board will move in.
6) Slide the corner board to the left.
7) Slide the window board down.
8) Pull the chimney up.
9) Pull the mill towards you to have the small window pop back out.
10) Put the left lamp the way it was.
11) Pull the door until it’s fully open and flat against the window.
12) Push the door to the left.
13) Slide the small long board underneath the large window to the left.
14) Push the small square board with the rune on it upwards.

Inside the lock box, you’ll find a ring and a key. Take them and go to the opposite end of the room 
and unlock the dresser using the key from the lock box. Type TURNKEY to cheat your way out of it, 
or follow this solution:

1) Push the key in.
2) Turn the key to the left.
3) Pull the key out.
4) Turn the key to the right twice.
5) Push the key in.
6) Turn the key to the left until it’s back in its original position.
7) Pull the key out.

You’ll find a tooth in a little hidden compartment. Go to Sullivan’s office and talk to him about 
everything. Show him the photo you found in the hotel room and go see Winslow at the FBI Office. 
Talk to him and he’ll tell you that Pensky’s file is in his safe, but he won’t let you see it right now. Go 
to Muhlhaven’s room at the hotel and use the signet ring to unlock the closet. On one shelf, you’ll 
find a black invitation to the Raven Room. Take it and then go back to the FBI office to find out that 
Winslow is in another room with his secretary. Go to the painting of a pitcher near the other door 
and open it up by clicking on the upper left corner to uncover a safe. The coward’s way out would be 
to type MASTERLOCK, but for those who aren’t cowards, the combination is 19 right, 6 left, 33 right.

Read the file and when you’re done, put it away and Winslow will come out from hiding. Leave here 
and go to the Sunnyvale Rest Home to finally meet Pensky. Talk to him and he’ll tell you to find three 
talismans; a raven’s feather, a wolf fang, and a dragon’s wisdom. You already have one of them, so 
let’s go track down the other two.

Go to Flanagan’s to find Muhlhaven and talk to him about everything. Give him the Raven Room 
invitation and he’ll sign it. Go back to Pensky and ask him about the party. Go to the museum and 
Helen will give you the stamp. Examine the paper on the desk to your right to watch another dream 
sequence. Click on the stamp and remove the casing to get another puzzle. If you’re not very smart 
when it comes to solving this puzzle, type RINGDING. I have no idea how exactly to solve this 
puzzle, other than turning the studded rings a certain way. Anyway, consider the top ring to be #1 
and the bottom to be #5. R means right, and L means left. The solution is: 4R 1R 5R 1R 2R 1R 3R 5L 
1R 2L 3L 4L. If you solved the puzzle correctly, then you’ll be on your way to the Raven Room.

Go to your office and look near the right side of the bookcase for a book called “The Crusades: A 
Pictorial History”. Once you find it, open it to find the raven’s wing. Head back to the Raven Room 
and the party will be underway. When you arrive, you’ll find Von Hess and start talking to him. 
Winslow will eventually come by and drag you away to meet Eliot Ness and Von Hess will disappear 
through a door. You can try following him, but a guard will prevent you from entering.

Turn to your left and take the dish off of the table. Continue forward to find a cart and a turntable. 
Put the dish on the table and then use the plate of dishes to end up creating a diversion.

When you find yourself in the dark room, look up and turn the light on to see a table. Notice that the 
ring unlocks all of the panels except for one. Go into your inventory and find the rune set that 
translates to ‘Each Gift to Him is Now Devoted’ and copy them down in pairs and follow that set to 
open up the panel without a lock. If you just have the urge to cheat, type ARTHUR. The panel will 
open and Jim will find a book inside, as well as another dream sequence.

Jim will leave and go to Sunnyvale, only to find that Pensky isn’t there and that he never has been 
there. Jim will go to his office and find a letter from a Madame Cassandra. When you’re done, he’ll 
go visit her at her house. Talk to Cassie a bit and have her put you into a trance. You’ll find yourself 
in a strange area, so do a 180 to find a door with runes on either side of it.

You may hear voices, but those voices are there to help you. They’re trying to tell you the correct 
order for the runes. If you’re dumb enough to not actually try this puzzle, then type CANCAN, us 
smart people will use this solution:

Left Side (from top to bottom) – Crown, Key, Serpent, Star, Key, Shield, Sun, Bird
Right Side (from top to bottom) – Bird, Moon, Shield, Fish, Serpent, Comet, Crown, Fish

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the door will open and Jim will be sucked through a vortex into open 
space with two planet-like objects. Don’t bother trying anything here, so hit Escape and you’ll leave 
the trance. Tell Cassie about it and she’ll show you a book. Look through it and remember the 
numbers of the planets and their astrological signs. Leave and go to Sullivan’s office and tell him 
about the link between the Brotherhood of Thule and the torso killings.

Go see Merylo and ask him about Von Hess and to see the torso case file. Go through each piece of 
evidence on the list, and Merylo will make a brief comment on some of them. When reading the 
Santini report, be sure to click on the address on the third page.  Notice that the FBI has impounded 
the last piece of evidence. Also, notice that the bloodstains tend to leave a couple numbers 
uncovered, so make a note of the order they’re in as they’ll come in handy later. Ask Merylo about 
the impounded evidence and then go see Winslow in the FBI office. Talk to him about everything.

Go to Kingsbury Run and take a look around. There’s not much to do here right now, so go to the 
Santini home. Turn the lights off and pull the shade down to the right of the bed. You’ll find a piece 
of paper, and Jim will automatically take it to find out that it’s actually a photo.

Go to the Raven Room and note that you will have to go through the main door to get into the table 
room (the one that Jim got into via the turntable). Before you can do that, you’ll have to push plates 
on the door in a certain order to open it. Cheat by using TRIANGLE, or try to follow this solution:

1) Push the center diamond
2) Push the triangle above it
3) Push the triangle to the left of the diamond
4) Push the trapezoid that points to the left
5) Push the trapezoid that points to the right
6) Push the triangle to the right of the diamond
7) Push the left triangle again
8) Push the right triangle again

Once you’ve solved the puzzle, the door will open. Look at the tapestry on the wall to the right for a 
future puzzle solution and then go see Merylo and ask about the evidence to learn that Winslow 
returned it. Take a look at it and then go to Cassie’s and ask to be put into a trance. To hop the 
planets, you need to know the astrological signs for the planets. The correct solution is Saturn, 
Mars, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Moon, Jupiter and then Earth. After you’ve hopped to Earth, click on the 
gray planet and you’ll find yourself in a new area.

Go forward and look at the pool. You’ll see several small stones. Use each one to see what a person 
is doing at that exact moment. After you’re done, come out of the trance and talk to Cassie about 
what you saw. Go to the Santini home.

Go to the right side of the bed and inspect the trim to find that a piece of it is loose. Take what you 
find inside and watch the sequences. Go to Kingsbury Run to find the torso killer, and now you must 
chase him through the sewers. Go North, then East four times, North three times (you’ll pass 
through a gate) and then North twice. At the end, you’ll find some pressure gauges to your right and 
your next puzzle. If you want someone else to do your dirty work, type PRESSURE. Otherwise, try to 
follow this solution as best as possible:

Starting with the left side, the meters running along the top should be numbered 4, 1, 2 (the highest 
one), and 3. The bottom meter should be numbered 7. The wheels, again starting from the left, 
should be number 6, 5, 8, and 9. This will help you to understand the solution a bit better.

Turn wheel 9 to the right until meter 4 reads 30.
Turn wheel 8 to the right until meter 1 reads 30.
Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30.
Turn wheel 9 to the right again until meter 4 reads 30.
Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30.
Turn wheel 6 to the left until meter 2 reads 30.
Turn wheel 9 to the right until meter 4 reads 30.
Turn wheel 6 to the left until meter 2 reads 30.
Turn wheel 5 to the left until meter 3 reads 30.

You’ll come to a door with an iron cross imprint in it, but you can’t open it right now. Examine it and 
realize that Von Hess had a medallion in that same shape. Go to the FBI office and talk to Winslow 
about it. He’ll agree to come with you to the sewers. Once back at the door, click on the imprint and 
Jim will unlock the door and go on in. Watch as Winslow runs off. The next door involves flipping a 
set of pressure locks. If you’re a girly man, type BARBELL. For the pumped-up people, follow this 

Starting at the top, number the switches in a clockwise fashion, so that the locks on the left would 
be 8 & 7 and the ones on the top would be 1 & 2. The order to flip the locks is 5, 4, 2, 3, 7, 5, and 2. 
The next door you come to is impossible to open, but if you look up to your left, you’ll find a 
ventilation shaft. Climb up to overhear a meeting of the Brotherhood of Thule. Make a note that the 
torso killer locks the cabinet with a candlestick. Leave here and go to the Raven Room.

Go over to the cabinet and pick up the left candlestick. If your hands are in a bunch, type NIMBLE, 
otherwise, twist the lower part of the candlestick to the left (down arrow) twice and then turn the 
second piece from the top to the right twice. Jim will unlock the cabinet and you can take the 
medallion. Go see Cassie and get put into a trance. Go over to the pool and notice that there is now 
a new stone sitting near the water, it has a shape of the torso killer’s pendant on it. Throw it into the 
water and watch the sequences. When you arrive back at the Raven Room, go over to the bookshelf 
to your right and pull the book at the end of the second right-hand bookshelf from the bottom. Watch 
the sequences and you’ll learn that the US has entered World War II.

Years later, the COI is now the OSS, and Jim is now a captain within the organization. Look at the 
door and then look above it to see a picture of Odin. Look at the door again, and I am not exactly 
sure how this puzzle works, but if you need to cheat, type SUNSPOT. If anyone has a working 
solution to this puzzle, please email me. You’ll now enter a chamber with three alcoves and puzzles. 
I’m not sure about the one on the left, but the cheat for it is LADYBUG. It’ll open, but nothing will be 
found inside. The one in the middle has keys and locks, and if you’re weak, type KEYPUNCH, the 
strong will follow this solution:

Letter the keys from A-H and the locks from 1 to 8. The top three locks will be 1, 2, 3; the middle 
ones will be 4, 5, 6, and the bottom ones will be 7 and 8. The solution is A-3, B-6, C-4, D-1, E-8, F-5, 
G-7, H-2. Be sure to turn each key to the right and the door will open, but unfortunately, there’s 
nothing inside.

The one on the right has levers. It’s too easy, but if you’re thick headed, type GEAROIL. The solution 
is down, up, up, down, up, down, down. After the levers are in place, push the red button until the 
gear is all of the way down and the door will open. Inside, Jim will find the one thing he’s been 
searching for after all this time: the Black Dahlia! Unfortunately, Benny shows up with a couple MPs 
and they take the gem away. More time passes and you’ll learn that the OSS has been disbanded 
and Jim now works as a bounty hunter looking for war criminals.
You’ll now find yourself inside a wine cellar. Go up the stairs and look through the keyhole to find a 
pair of armed guards on the other side. Look around until Jim comments on seeing something 
strange and then go over to the well in the corner. Try to grab the rope, but you can’t, so turn 
around, and go behind the crates to find a winch, pulleys, and levers. Pull the right lever up and the 
left lever down and after the rope moves make sure that both levers are now down. Go back to the 
well and hop in to reach the catacombs.

The catacombs is a very confusing and tough place to get through, so please bear with me as I try to 
tell you how to successfully get through it. Using cheats here isn’t recommended, but it’s your 

Start off by following the path until you get to a fork. Go to the right and continue to take right turns 
until you reach a small altar inside an alcove. Go over to the altar and examine the box to find a 
strange artifact inside. Take it and then leave. Go back to the main path and turn around and 
continue past the alcove. You’ll soon arrive at the Herald’s tomb. Look at the sarcophagus and use 
the artifact on the lock to open it. Click on the reflected runes and Jim will copy them down in his 
notebook. You should copy them too, but reverse them (copy from right to left) because they will be 
needed later.

Leave the tomb and continue to make right turns. You should reach the main chamber very soon 
(you’ll know when you’re in the right place because there will be another altar, but also several exits 
to choose from). Facing the altar, take the southwest exit. When you reach the first fork, go right, 
left, and right to find the Scribe’s tomb.

When you arrive, turn to your left to see the sarcophagus. Look inside to find some square stones. 
Take them and go to the opposite side of the room. Use them on the small pond and you’ll get your 
next puzzle. To betray me, type ROCK33. To trust me, arrange the tiles as best as you can. They are 
only three tiles high. The order is I, a slanted X, a house-looking thing, and a F. Jim will copy these 
down in his notebook, and you should copy them too.

Two tombs down already, and three to go. Our next stop is the Sergeant-At-Arms tomb, and to get 
there, leave the Scribe’s tomb and take only left turns until you get to the tomb.

The sarcophagus here has a slider puzzle. This is the only time I’ll recommend that you cheat 
because this puzzle is too complex to go typing out a full solution, though if you want to try to solve 
it yourself, be my guest. The cheat code for this puzzle is BLOCKHEAD.

Leave the tomb and take left turns until you reach Landulph’s tomb. When you get there, approach 
the steps and Jim will be shot at with a dart. Luckily, it hits the torch. You have to be careful where 
you step when climbing the stairs, because Jim will be shot at, and this time the dart won’t miss. To 
successfully climb the stairs, only step on the tiles that have an R rune on them. When you get to the 
top, look at the sarcophagus and copy the runes. Climbing down the stairs is tougher because this 
time you can’t see the runes. Don’t worry, your old buddy OutRider always comes through for his 
readers. To get down, follow this solution:

First tile, third tile, first tile, second tile, first tile twice, and third tile.

Leave the tomb and go back to the main chamber by going left, right, left, and right. Once you arrive, 
go over to the altar. If you inspect each pillar, you’ll see four circular dials with runes on them. These 
are what you needed those runes for. Consult the notebook for the runes, and remember that one 
set needed to be reverse, and be sure to enter the code from top to bottom. The upper left pillar is 
the Scribe, the upper right is Landulph’s, the lower left is the Herald, and the lower right is the 
Sergeant-At-Arms. If you’re stuck, go to a pillar and type TEMPLE. A secret door will open and Jim 
will go through. Go up to the sarcophagus and now you’ll have to assemble the bag of runes. It’s 
hard to find a good solution, so skip it by typing GEMSTONE.

Go down the stairs to the left and look through the binoculars. Look at the mosaic and turn it so that 
the panel after the gray one is showing. Do the same thing with the two mosaics on the other side of 
the trench and then go back and look through the binoculars. You should see a red dot in one of the 
patterns. Go to where you see a round gray tile on the wall and then examine the border across from 
it. When you find a spot to click on, do so and Jim will uncover a dagger and another secret door.

Here, you’ll encounter Von Hess. Talk to him and watch as Winslow and his cronies come in and kill 
Von Hess. Watch the ensuing sequences and you’ll next find Jim at an air base. Talk to the soldier 
and then check out Collins’ footlocker at the base of his bed. Move the top shelf out of the way and 
look at the letters. Next thing you know, you find yourself on a train.

Take a look inside the ashtray to find some black cigarettes. You’ll learn that Winslow has been on 
the train recently. Go over to where the porter was standing and take a look at his list to learn that 
Winslow has been traveling as Matt Collins. Go towards the caboose, but once you reach the 
baggage car, turn around and look inside the tray on the door to find a blueprint of the train. You can 
now travel among the train cars more easily. Continue towards the caboose and talk to the 
conductor. Ask for ‘Matt Collins’ compartment number, but the conductor won’t tell it to you.

Go into the baggage car and take the roll of string off of the shelf. There is a heavy brown suitcase 
sitting next to a large crate, so when you find it, put it on the crate and then use the string on it. 
Hurry and go into the office and watch the sequence. When the conductor is gone, look at the chart 
on his desk and open the left drawer and read the list inside. Leave and go to the fourth sleeper car 
from the dining room car and head down until you see the door for compartment 7. Go inside and 
open the top drawer of the dresser. Take the paper inside and watch the sequence.

Go to the caboose and talk to the conductor and go back to the baggage car. Look at the list on the 
shelf near the door to the sleeper and then go to the large crate on the right, I believe, to find the 
next puzzle. If you always forget your keys, type BOXTOP, but if you have a photographic memory, 
follow this solution:

Remove the small pin from the top and put it in the small hole on the front of the crate. Remove the 
other pin and put it in the other hole. Flip the top clasp down and then open the lid to find some 
champagne. Close the lid and put the clasp back up as well as the other clasp. Take a pin and put it 
into the center hole. Push the ring up to the pin and take the small pin and put it into the hole that 
was previously covered by the ring. Take the handle off of the left side, and put it on the top edge of 
the lid. Take the black holder that the handle was in and put it over the ring. Take the handle off of 
the top and put it into the holder and watch the sequences.

Go into the dining car and talk to Alice and apologize. Talk to her until Jim decides to head off and 
you’ll soon arrive in Los Angeles. Call the police and then go to Gabe’s Diner. Talk to Maxwell about 
everything and eventually you’ll run into Alice here.

Go to the shipping office and go to the incoming desk and ask the man about Winslow’s package. 
Walk over to the other desk and look in the trash can to find a small box. Take it and then send it via 
Express. Look at the letters from Elizabeth Short to Matt Collins to get a new address. Go to the 
Boarding House and you’ll learn that she doesn’t live there anymore. Talk to Ms. Underhill and then 
open the top drawer of the nightstand and take the paper you see inside and open the last drawer 
and take the paper there to get an address for the Biltmore Hotel.

When you arrive at the Hotel, show the photo to the bartender and then go back to the shipping 
office. Talk to the incoming guy to get your package, and you’ll see that a place called ABC Moving 
had signed for Winslow’s package. Go back to the hotel and call them. They’re closed for the 
weekend, but that doesn’t stop Jim from going there and breaking in.

Turn around to your right and look for the small file cabinet. Open the last drawer and look for the 
file labeled ‘SOIAKP52’ to see that the crate was delivered to RKO Studios. Go there, but you won’t 
be able to get in on account of the security guard. Go back to the Biltmore and you’ll get to meet 
Elizabeth Short. Talk to her, but eventually the phone rings and you’re called off to a crime scene. 
Watch as Winslow appears shortly after Jim leaves.

The next day, go back to the Biltmore. Talk to the barman until he mentions that Lizzy is staying in 
Room 201. Go over to the door, turn to your right, and go up the stairs. Room 201 is the last door on 
the right. Knock on the door, but you’ll get no answer. Open the window nearby and exit out. Try to 
open the other window, but it won’t budge. Close it and click near the top to knock over a wooden 
stick that was preventing the window from opening. Open the window again and go on through.

Turn to your left and on top of the door you’ll find a key. Take it and go back to the hotel to find an 
unwelcome visitor waiting for you. Watch the sequences and talk to Alice until she leaves and then 
go to the train lockers.

Open Elizabeth’s locker (#37. ES = 37 on a telephone), but you won’t find the Dahlia. Take the yellow 
piece of paper to find a bill from an antique dealer. Leave the station and go there. Talk to him and 
you’ll eventually wind up with a cane. Go into your inventory and examine to get the next puzzle. If 
you’ve been using the cheats so far, type CANDYCANE. Otherwise, follow this solution:

Eisenstadt must be Landulph (leader) as you know who everyone else is. Use the Landulph’s runes 
(if you remember what they are) and the cane should open up to reveal a treasure map.

Go back to the hotel and get the VIP pass that Alice left you on the bed. Go to the studio and look at 
the open crate to your right. Look at the invoice to find that Al King signed for it. Go over to Alice 
and talk to her. Now go to Al King’s house.

When you arrive, take a look around. Go over to his desk and look at his notes to realize that he is a 
peeping tom. You can check out those coordinates through the telescope if you want. Just set the 
dials and then match the arrows. Anyway, look in his trash can and take everything you find inside, 
which includes torn telegrams, gloves, and a chisel. You can go into the inventory and assemble the 
telegrams if you want, but the only one of importance is the one from Winslow. When you’re 
finished, go to the cemetery.

Look for the graffiti with a picture of Saturn on it to get a clue for future use. The answer, by the way, 
is 27. Go to the other side of the tomb and look inside the gold vase to find a note. Go back to Al 
King’s and check out the map on the wall above his desk. Superimpose the treasure map with the 
other map and line it up compass to compass. You can see that the marked location is 250 ft above 
sea level while Al’s is 100. Go over to the telescope and look at the charts on the table. If you look at 
the one for 150, 16500, you can see that the angle needs to be .5. Set the telescope to .5 and 27 and 
look through it and match the arrows to find Winslow staring back at you. Watch the sequences and 
you’ll wind up in the basement of the abandoned house.

Look at the ladder to find a photo of Alice. When Jim tries to climb the ladder, it breaks and then the 
place is set on fire. Quickly open all three lockers when you open the third one, Jim will be marked 
with a rune. Take the key from the back of the locker and watch the sequences. When you arrive 
back at Al’s, go down to the movie projector and turn it on to watch a film. Turn to your right and do 
you notice the cuckoo clock on the wall? Go over to it and set the clock (turn the hands clockwise) 
so that it shows five o’clock. When the hula dancer comes out, set the clock back five minutes and 
watch as a secret passage opens. If you’re not a puzzle person, type BONGO.

Go forward and untie Alice. Watch the sequences and when you regain control, you have three 
choices. 1) Do nothing 2) Shoot Winslow or 3) Shoot the Black Dahlia. I chose to shoot the gem, but 
whatever you choose, watch the ending and you’ll have completed the game.


Quattro, Crash, and Jeanne Muse – Whenever I got stuck, I used their guides to help fill in the gaps I 
needed to continue on in the game.

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