Dave Melanson's Semi-Official Solution/Walkthrough to RIPPER

Special Thanks to Craig Samson for the correction on the book

lock puzzle in Catherine's Apartment.

(Take 2 Software)


First off, let me say...this game is COOL.  While some of Take

2's previous efforts have been fairly well done, this is really

quite the excellent piece of work!  Of course, Christopher Walken

as the hard-ass detective is perfect...the man just RADIATES evil.

1.} Okay, a few quick notes: One, the game has four possibilities

for the identity of The Ripper.  Which one you're in when you start

is random; you don't actually KNOW which one you're in until Act

III.  In addition, there are several different difficulty levels;

varying the level varies the difficulty of the puzzles.  There are

also some cheat codes that can be used to bypass certain segments 

of the game (namely the combats and a few puzzles).  All of these

will be detailed as I go along.  And if you don't like Blue Oyster

Cult's "Don't Fear The Reaper" and cringe at the sight of blood,

you're playing the WRONG GAME.  Go get King's Quest Eight Billion

or something instead.

2.} Watch the intro segment.  You wind up at the murder scene.  Talk

to the photographer.  Go through all the dialogue choices.  Talk to

Lt. Vince Magnotta (Walken).  Go through all the dialogue choices.

Magnotta breaks a mug.  Use your WAC to scan the broken mug into

the database.  You'll get a signal from Catherine Powell on the WAC.

Reconstruct the mug in the WAC database; use the left mouse button

to arrange the pieces and the right mouse button to rotate them in

the proper direction.  Then click on the completed mug; you'll get

the word "Salisbury."  Go to the World Map and go to the Newsroom.

You wind up automatically going to Catherine's apartment, where she

stumbles in, says "Ripper," and collapses...awww, how sweet.  Not only

that, but YOU do a pretty nice job of cursing your head off!  This is

the end of the prologue...don't worry; it gets harder.  A LOT harder.

3.} In the police station, talk to the desk sergeant.  Ask him about

everything.  Go to the evidence room.  Talk to the guy behind the

counter; be nasty to get the info you need...ya gotta go talk to

Magnotta.  Oh joy.  Go to Magnotta's office.  Scan the document with

Magnotta's signature on it into your WAC.  You'll also find a file about

an investigation into a murder-Hamilton Wofford...scan this into the WAC

as well.  Talk to Magnotta when he comes in and ask him about the Wofford

case, leads, Catherine's condition, and the WAC...well, he won't give it

to you, but at least you know he's got it.  Now go to Meta-Cog (the

medical center) and talk to the receptionist.  Ooh, I LIKE her outfit!

Anyway, go through all the subject choices.  Go to the elevator and push

the button for "Wards."  Go to the right and go to the ICU lab.  Talk to

Dr. Burton (da bitch) & go through all subject choices.  After she takes

off, talk to Dr. Bud Cable, who's a lot friendlier.  Once you're done

with him, turn right & check out the video medical log, & press the Play

button.  Head back out & go to the elevator.  Go to the basement.  Talk to

Vic Farley (the guy doing the autopsy on the naked, gutted woman...gee,

LOVELY images in this game...)  Go through all dialogue choices, then turn

to the corpses & click on each one to find out all sorts of neat stuff

about how the Ripper is killing his (or HER, hint, hint) victims...then 

exit Meta-Cog, and go to the Police Station again.  Talk to Magnotta and

ask him about Joey Falconetti and Clare Burton.  Exit the station and go to

the Cafe Duchamp.  Talk to Gambit Nelson & go through all dialogue choices.

Then talk to the bartender to find out more about Gambit.  Exit there and

go to the newsroom.  Talk to your boss, Ben Dodds, and go through all

dialogue choices.  Go check out Catherine's desk.  Note her calculator and

her Rolodex.  Make notes on the names on the Rolodex in your WAC (really

important!  Especially Soap Beatty & George Rhodes).  Go find your own desk

(from the entrance, go ahead, then right) and read the note Catherine wrote.

Now for some real fun...

4.} Access your computer's deck port, and go into cyberspace (woooowwww, 

coool, duuuude...)  Go to the Virtual Library Well.  Talk to the Librarian.

Click on the flaming trash can icon.  Zoom in to see a list with a series of

books.  Ask the librarian for help.  This is a puzzle; you have to unscramble

the call letters.  The correct answer is HC2021R.  In case you're wondering

how the hell you get that: All the books on the list are historical subject 

matter, so you start with "HC."  Now, you'll note in Stein's entry, there's 

the letters "no iaid."  Or, if you will, "no eye aid," or "20-20 vision"  You 

also have the note "+1," so this translates to "20-21."  So now add "2021."

Then you have the number 18; the 18th letter of the alphabet is "R," so add

"R."  The librarian goes & gets the book if you type in the complete code.

It's on the original Jack the Ripper...gee, what a surprise.  Exit cyberspace

and go back to Catherine's Apartment.  Search through the apartment everywhere.

You should find a birthday card dated February 25th; she's a Pisces, and it's

below the painting of a fish (that's Pisces).  Look at the Zodiac poster.  

Note the sign of Pisces is the number 12.  Now go over to her crystals (ooh, 

a New Age woman...) Zoom in on the puzzle and arrange the crystals into a 

pattern of Pisces in the 9 x 8 grid (place them in the following positions:)

	Column 1, Row 2         Column 2, Row 5

	Column 3, Row 1         Column 4, Rows 3 & 6

	Column 5, Row 8         Column 6, Row 4

	Column 7, Row 7         Column 8, Row 3

	Column 9, Rows 5 & 7.

	Now a light beam should shine out and illuminate a book title; 

"Horoscope."  Congrats; you've found the password to Catherine's WELL.  Now

check out the laser cane beneath the athletic poster; there's an inscription

that reads "J. Dorsett" on it.  Now go back to the Newsroom and deck in to

Catherine's WELL.  You'll get a message from Magnotta & a virtual police 

robot will attempt to destroy you.  You can take it out by hitting several 

spots  (the flamethrower hands, the forehead orb, the burners on the bottom, 

or the backpack).  Or, you could always just type the cheat code "ARCADE" and 

bypass the damn thing altogether {grin}.  Then you should be able to take 

Catherine's notebook; it'll download to your database.  Leave the WELL and 

exit cyberspace, then look at the notebook in your database.  Wonderful; 

Magnotta's encrypted it.  What a fun guy.  Well, back to roaming around the 

city, I guess...

5.} Go to Soap Beatty's Smokeshop, and talk to Soap.  Go through all dialogue

choices.  Go to the Wofford Cottage & talk to Covington (brother of the 

murdered guy).  Go through all dialogue choices.  Now you have to find the 

password to Hamilton's WELL, and this WILL be a pain.  Go to the table with 

an old picture tube and a panel with five antique vacuum tubes.  Click on the 

power switch; only two tubes are working & you've got to find the other 

three.  Go through the door to the next room.  Note the position of the three 

wall clocks.  Also take notes of the map of the world that shows timezones.  

Go to the table with the maze in the tabletop.  You have to get a marble to 

the bottom to get the first tube.  How hard this is depends on what 

difficulty level you're playing.  If you're on EASY mode, press the fourth 

from the top, then any other two pads except the topmost.  If you're on 

MEDIUM difficulty, press only 1 and 4.  If you're in DIFFICULT mode, press 5, 

1, and 3, then wait till the ball stops.  Now click on 4, 1, and 5, and wait 

for the ball to stop again.  Now click on 3, 4, and 5.  When the ball stops, 

a drawer opens and you'll get the first tube (pick it up).  Now go upstairs 

to the bedroom and make note of the plaque on the wall...in honor of the 

first patent Hamilton got.  Make note of the number: P2X255127.5A.  Keep 

going up the stairs and go into the bedroom.  Go to the antique cash 

register, and solve its puzzle using the patent code number.  It is, believe 

it or not, to be read like this: 2 X 255127.5, which results in the value 

510, 255.  Look left of the register; note the change bank with cylinders.

Clicking on the buttons at the bottom of each cylinder will release the 

appropriate coin.  Release coins in this order: 5, 10, 25, 5...or, if you 

prefer, nickel, dime, quarter, nickel, and the register will open, and you'll 

get another tube.  Note down the time of the broken clock on the dresser 

(2:35).  Go BACK downstairs and go to the wall clocks...one is Egyptian, one 

German, one U.S.  Look at the map of the time zones and note the time 

differential between the U.S., Egypt, and Germany.  Set the Army clock to 

2:35 p.m. military time (set it to 14:35; use the up & down arrows to set 

it), set the German clock to 8:35 (just click on the hands to set it), and 

set the Egyptian clock to 9:35 (left camel sets hours, right camel sets 

minutes).  The cuckoo clock chimes and opens, giving you your third vacuum 

tube.  Now go back to the workshop, go to the socket board, and replace the 

burned out tubes with the three good tubes you found.  When all three are 

plugged in, the screen comes on and the word "VULCAN" shows up.  This is 

Wofford's WELL password (PHEW!)  Go right once, ahead once, left once, ahead 

once and examine the port to get the "deck in" icon.  Deck in and go to 

"VULCAN" to view Virtual Whitechapel, where the original Jack the Ripper 

stalked his victims.  Not much else you can do here now, so exit the WELL 

and cyberspace...

6.} Go to Falconetti's Safehouse, and talk to Twig.  Get angry with the guy 

to find out about "Circus Maximus."  Go to the Newsroom and deck in at your 

desk.  Go to Circus Maximus & Falconetti will start throwing knives at you.  

Tell him about Catherine and ask him for help; he'll say sure, provided you 

can go through a combat obstacle course; you have to shoot a bunch of "bad 

guy" targets without hitting any good guys...not easy, really, especially 

since it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys...the good guys look 

more human, that's about it!  Click on a target to hit it; if it clangs, it's 

a bad guy.  If it buzzes, it's a good guy.  Bad move.  Anyway, you have to 

beat Falconetti's high score of 30,000 to get him to agree to help you...on 

easy level, you can hit a maybe a couple good guys.  On medium level,

you have to hit all the bad guys once and no good guys, and on Difficult 

level, you have to hit all the bad guys FIVE times each and no good guys!  

Or, you could always type "ARCADE" again (this works for most of the combat-

related puzzles, by the way).  If you win, he'll agree to meet you and tell 

you to go back to the safehouse.  Exit cyberspace and do so.  Talk to Twig 

again.  Go into the back room and talk to Falconetti.  Go through all 

dialogue choices...hmmm, remind him that helping you will really piss off 

Magnotta, and he'll be glad to do it.  Anyway, he'll agree to meet you at the 

ICU later to try to help.  And that ends Act I.  Yes, you're only 1/3 of the

way through!  JOY!!!  Ahem.

7.} You start off Act II in Meta-Cog.  Talk to receptionist again.  Go to

ICU lab, then into ICU.  Talk to both of them; go through all your dialogue 

choices until Burton gives up in disgust and takes off.  Use the computer

next to Falconetti as he decks in, then you'll be in a fight with the Bio

Logic ICE (look like organic cells...fun!)  The whole idea is to just keep

fighting as long as you can until Falconetti takes over (once he has a link

established).  Or, you can always bypass this segment by typing the code

"CAFFEINE."  Go into the inner sanctum of Catherine's mind; Falconetti will

talk to you about how to rebuild the Ripper image, but you can't do anything

about it right now...so exit her mind and Cyberspace back to the ICU.  Go to

the morgue and talk to Bob Eppels about Vic Farley getting fired.  Go to the

police station and talk to the desk sergeant (Lou).  Magnotta will interrupt.

When Magnotta takes off and Lou gets a phone call, grab Magnotta's

security card.  Talk to Lou when he finishes his phone call.  Go through all

dialogue choices, then exit the desk and go to the observation room...ahead

once, left once, ahead twice, left once, ahead once, right once.  Enter the

room and activate the two-way mirror by clicking on the control panel to the

lower left of the viewing window.  No comment on what you see...go straight

ahead after exiting the observation room into the file room.  Use the security

card on the file cabinet in the center of the room.  Scan Magnotta's personnel

file.  Access Catherine's notebook in your WAC and type Magnotta's password

to decrypt the file...what this is depends on your difficulty level.  If you

are playing in EASY mode, the password is SLAYER.  If you're in MODERATE mode,

the password is SCORPIO.  If you're in DIFFICULT mode, the password is CIGAR.

Read the first three entries in Catherine's notebook.  Note the tangent about

her living situation...it'll come in handy later.  Go back to Catherine's


8.} Look on Catherine's shelf to find the book The Women of Whitechapel and

Jack The Ripper.  Look at it; it's a safe with six buttons.  If the button at

the top is 1, the buttons are numbered clockwise (so the one to the left of the

top is 6 and the one on the bottom is 4, etc), the number code to open the safe 

is 155362.  (In case you're wondering, that tangent she went off on tells you

the code...'at FIRST (1), I didn't have TWO NICKELS (5 5) to rub together.  I

lived in a ratty TRIPLEX (3) for HALF A DOZEN (6) years.  That will never 

happen to me a SECOND (2) time.')  Inside, you'll find a CD.  Take it and use

it on Catherine's computer.  A formula pops up.  Make note of it; now go back

to the Newsroom and type the formula into Catherine's calculator. (Here it is:)


		46 X   2  / 7inv = 5

(Actually / is replaced in the real formula by the "divided by" sign from

standard algebra...hard to reproduce on a computer keyboard without one!)

	Anyway, you should wind up with two surveilance bugs...one looks like

a cigar band, and the other like an eyeball.  Take 'em both.  Go to the

police station.  Go to the observation room and activate the viewing window.

Still no comment on what's going on in there.  Go to Magnotta's office and

plant the cigar band device in the cigar box.  Now go to Meta-Cog.  Talk to

Viv briefly, then grab the security card on the counter to her right, go

to the wards, then go left to go to her office.  Use the card on the door to

get inside.  Turn left inside the doorway.  Remove one of the eyeballs in the

model and replace it with the eyeball bug.  Go to Burton's desk and scan in 

her prescription pad.  Find a to-do list she left for herself.  Read it.  

Go to the shelf to the left of the anatomy model and examine the book,

Advanced Notational Mapping.  Examine it and find the inscription inside.  Go

to Professor Bech's office (that's who the book is from).

9.} Talk to Professor Bech; go through all available dialogue choices.  Leave

the office and go ahead once, then right once to the electronic bulletin

board.  Activate the board.  Click on each of the eight fliers that appear on

the left of the board.  This will expand each into the yellow-bordered area

on the right half of the board; you've got to line five of 'em up in the right

order to reveal the location of the Web Runner's meeting.  To do so, find the

five fliers that have a number on the last line of text (not the one with the

phone number, though).  The order you want them placed in is 4, 50, 14, 42, 86.

This is also the Web Runner's door combination, by the way, so don't forget it!

Once you have them in the right order (and so they don't overlap each other),

you won't have a problem; it'll recognize the stuff automatically.  Go to the

Web Runner's loft.  Look at the door lock device.  Press the "Code" key and

type in 450144286.  The door opens; go in.  Interrupt the Korean girl playing

the cyberspace game and talk to her.  You get the password for the Web Runner

WELL.  Look at the pictures on the wall to see the founders...including

Magnotta, Falconetti, and Burton!  Anyway, exit the loft and go to the 

Newsroom.  Deck into the Web Runners' WELL...the password is Anachrony Station.

To get past the ICE, rearrange the tiles so that they spell out the Web 

Runners' logo...or just type "ZZTOP" to bypass this puzzle.  Go into the

WELL, then click on each monitor and listen closely to find out all sorts of

interesting info about the background of your suspects...hmmm.  Then exit the

WELL and then get out of cyberspace.  Go back to the world map and go BACK to

the Newsroom...you'll get a message from Stephanie Jordan, and wind up going

to the loft...only to find that the Ripper got to her first...and you talk

to the Korean girl again...and Magnotta suspects YOU.  Great.  Anyway, go to

the morgue at Meta-Cog, and talk to Bob.  Click left of Bob and examine the

computer-memory problem.  You've got to fix the card.  Oh NO!  Not a

King's Quest "I'll help you if you fix this such-and-such for me" puzzle! 

ARRGH!  Anyway, go to Soap Beatty's Smokeshop.  Talk to Soap to learn more

about Gambit Nelson.  Click left twice and examine Popular Cybertronics

magazine.  Scan the mag into the WAC, and read the article.  Oh great, chip

placements on memory boards...go ahead, try and read it.  Then go on to the

next section for the correct answer.  Go back to Meta-Cog.

10.} Go to the morgue, head over to the computer, and look at the memory board

puzzle.  You must insert the chips into the correct locations on the board;

it's divided up into rows 1 through 5, top to bottom, with the positions in

each row going from leftmost to rightmost.  Place the following chips:

ROW 1: #1-XDD3 7916 EPER 9RJ	#2-XD77 3966 PETE 9RJ

ROW 2: #1-XDD7 3912 PETE 9RJ	#2-XD77 3956 PEET 9RJ

       #3-XDD3 7916 PETE 99J	#4-XD77 3959 PEET 9RJ

       #5-XDD7 3912 EPER 9RJ

ROW 3: #1-XDD7 3912 EPER 18J	#2-XD77 3959 PETE 9RJ

       #3-XDD7 3912 PEET 9RJ	#4-XD77 3956 PELT 9RJ

       #5-XDD3 7916 PETE 18J

ROW 4: #1-XDD3 7916 EPER 18J	#2-XD77 3959 KOH 18J

ROW 5: #1-XD77 8959 KOH 18J	#2-XD77 3956 PETE 9RJ

	After all that, Bob will check it to tell you that Jordan's body is in

Animal Storage.  Keep talking to him and he'll tell you it's through a door in

the back of the morgue.  Now you can read another entry in Catherine's 

notebook.  Go to the animal storage area and find the voice lock.  Go to Soap

Beatty's Smokeshop and ask Soap about voice locks.  Go to the newsroom.  Go

to Ben Dodd's office and ask him about Falconetti & Burton, then about Gambit

Nelson, then about the Wofford murder.  Lotsa help.  Go to your desk and

deck into the Virtual Library.  Ask the librarian about an audio editor and 

it'll be downloaded to your WAC.  Exit cyberspace and go to the gym.

11.} Talk to the Gym attendant about Burton.  Go to the terminal and look up

Burton's file.  Hmmm...Falconetti listed as spouse?  Go to the gym and talk to

Burton.  You'll go through a dialogue in which you will get a recording of her

voice and find out all SORTS of interesting things about your three main

suspects...sheesh.  Anyway, go back to Meta-Cog and down to the Animal Storage

room.  Open your WAC database and select "Sound Sample."  Click on "Quantize,"

which will make each syllable of Burton's voice more distinct.  Warning:

You may want to save here; this is VERY difficult.  Click on the audio file

and hit the Play button; note where words are said along the wave.  Click on

those sections of the file to grab them; hitting the play button will let you

hear how they sound...then you can adjust the highlighting if you need to.

Then drag the highlighted sections to the audio-editor screen, and hit play.

You've got to make it sound NATURAL, with no hesitation between words.  Unlike

the Gabriel Knight 2 editor puzzle, this is VERY tricky.  Try copying words 

one at a time.  You can't separate "This is" though.  What you want to eventual

sound to say is "This is Dr. Burton.  Open up."  Once you get it to work on

the lock, go through the door and down the hallway to the secret lab.  Go to

the abandoned storage room, where you see the body, and get a message from 

the Ripper on your WAC.  Now check the chart on the gurney that hold's Steph's

body, then go into the lab.  Go to the counter on the left; look at the control

device (looks kinda like a flashlight).  Activate it to see a recorded 

medical journal record.  Look down the counter to the same machine you saw

Burton using in the playback.  From the end of the control panel closer to you,

move the left slider up nine lines, the center slider up one line, and the

right slider up five lines.  The monkey will talk to you.  No, seriously.  

Hmmm...lethal tests on monkeys in cyberspace?  Hmmmm...anyway, go back to the

gym and talk to Burton about the lab.  Check the WAC to find another decoded

message.  Apparently, Falconetti has a secret WELL, with an password called

"Leather Apron" (one of the original Ripper's 'names')  Go back to the news

room and jack into your computer.  Go to Falconetti's secret WELL.  To get

through the ICE, rearrange the puzzle into a picture of Falconetti's face.

Or just type "HEADACHE" to bypass it.  Go into the WELL to see the cloaks,

daggers, other Ripper stuff, and letters...read Falconetti's journal.  Hmmm.

Verrrrry interesting...anyway, exit cyberspace and go to Falconetti's 


12.} Go into the back room (ignore Twig).  Talk to Falconetti to find out a

few things...he won't be completely candid, BUT...you'll get the truth about

everything soon enough.  Now go to the police station and talk to Lou, then

go to Magnotta's office and talk to him awhile to find out all sorts of neat

stuff.  Now go back to Meta-Cog and go to the ICU.  Talk to Bud, then access

the ICU deck to go back into Catherine's mind.  Go into the inner sanctum and

tell her (in order): 1.) Burton & Falconetti were married 15 years ago, 2.)

Burton, Magnotta, and Falconetti were all in the Web Runners, 3.) Magnotta

was in love with Burton and disrupted the wedding of her and Falconetti,

4.) Burton has a secret lab in the basement of the Meta-Cog.  She'll sit up

and talk a bit eventually; then go out of her mind back into the ICU.  You get

another message from the Ripper on your WAC.  Talk to Bud, look at the 

slightly improved image of the Ripper on the monitor in the lab, and exit

Meta-Cog.  Go to ANY location except Cafe Duchamp and you'll get a message 

from Vic Farley to meet him at the Cafe Duchamp.  So go there.  Once you're

there, you'll automatically meet Vic, talk to him awhile, and find out more

about how the Ripper is killing from cyberspace...cool...and then all of a

sudden, he starts to feel a bit ill.  Understatement?  Uh-huh.  Vic proceeds

to explode in a soggy, gory mess all over you, and Act II comes to an end...

gee, what a HAPPY game...

13.} After a long Act Intro, in which you're interrogated, attacked, get a

couple messages, and Hamilton's AI scanned into your WAC.  You wind up in the

police station.  Talk to Lou Brannon.  Here's where you find out who did it:

If you get a prompt from Lou available that says there WERE prints on the

knife that attacked you (those of Vigo Haman), you're in Scenario 4.  Now

go talk to Magnotta, no matter what.  Accuse Magnotta of being the Ripper.

If he gives you a picture of Falconetti as the Ripper (accessed from 

Catherine's mind, supposedly), you're in Scenario 3.  If you get that picture,

skip #14 and go straight to #15.

14.} Go to Falconetti's safehouse and talk to Falconetti in the back room.

Tell him he's the most likely suspect; if he gives you a photo of Magnotta as

the Ripper (accessed from Catherine's mind, supposedly), you're in Scenario 2.

So, if you DIDN'T get a picture from EITHER Falconetti OR Magnotta AND there

were no fingerprints on the knife, you're in Scenario 1.  Whatever happens 

there, go to the next step...

15.} Go to Magnotta's Apartment.  If you AREN'T in Scenario 3, you'll get a

message from The Ripper.  Going to the apartment, you're confronted by a lock.

To solve it, note it has a combination entry pad on the right and a circuitry

panel on the left side of the door.  Note on the panel the number 4 on the

upper corner of the panel.  Then divide the rest of the numbers on the panel

by four.  The resulting code should be entered into the keypad on the right

hand panel...226481, by pressing the second X button twice, the sixth X button

once, the fourth X button once, the eighth X button once, and then the first

X button once.  Go into the apartment and make notes; note the neon sign on 

the wall, note the computer equipment.  Find Catherine's WAC and scan her

last notebook entry into your WAC.  Access your WAC to read the last entry,

in which you find the identity of the Ripper can be found in the Web Runner

RIPPER game.  Go to the newsroom.  If you ARE in Scenario 3, you'll get a

message from The Ripper.  Go to Ben Dodd's office and talk to him to learn

about Catherine's background story difference and some other interesting

points.  If you're in Scenario 4, ask him about Vigo Haman.  Now go to your

desk and deck into the Wofford Well (password is VULCAN, remember).  Talk to

the holograph of Hamilton Wofford.  Learn about Weapon One, Weapon Two, and

Weapon Three, about Virtual Whitechapel, the passwords to the weapon wells,

the software integrator, and the way to use the weapon.  Exit the WELL and go

directly to the Weapon One Well (Password is PEGASUS).  This has an annoying

chess-like puzzle; get your pawns off the board as soon as you can, and don't

let your opponent get HIS off the board.  It's hard to explain this one, what

with pieces becoming more powerful as they move and such, so I recommend you

just bypass it by typing "ASPIRIN."  You'll get Weapon One.  Now go to the

Weapon Two WELL, with the password "ORESTES."  You'll face a four-armed

monster; shoot it in the eyes and the blue orb in the forehead to kill it.

Or, once again, just type "ARCADE" to kill it immediately and get the second

part.  Then deck to the Weapon Three WELL (Password is "ODYSSEUS")  You'll

face a big rat-shaped ICE monster.  Hit it in the eye repeatedly to kill it,

or just type "ARCADE" again.  Now that you have all three Weapon pieces, deck

to the Virtual Herald WELL, and read your own report on Vic's murder, as well

as the dates of the other murders.  Exit that WELL and go to Falconetti's

Secret WELL again (Leather Apron)

16.} Turn left twice to find the book Gambit mentioned.  Read the Ripper 

letter on the first page, then turn pages till you see a list of books on

one side of the page and blank spaces on the right.  Use the Ripper letter to

solve this puzzle; each sentence correlates to a book title on the puzzle

page.  Drag the titles from left to the right side in the proper order.  The

correct order is:

	1.} The VR-Living Complete Book of Home Repair

	2.} The Open Road: A History of 20th Century Auto Racing

	3.} Epileptic Reactions to VR Environments

	4.} The NEO New Age: Tearing Down the Myths

	5.} Earn Thousands as a VR Data Angel

	6.} The Duchess in the Clock Tower

	7.} Virtual Fly Fishing, Where There's Always A Hatch To Match

	8.} Phoenix: Phact Or Phiction?

	9.} Short Excursions into VR Role Playing

	10.} Topical Agents for the Treatment of Hemhorrhaging

	11.} Deficit Spending in the Late 20th Century

	12.} Van Gogh: A Psychological Study

	13.} Keep Sharp: A Cutlery Collector's Bible

	14.} Rabbi T.S. Foote: A Biography

(Or, if that seems a bit confusing, just type "SPONGE" to bypass it)  Anyway,

you should get an audio journal of the Web Runner's original Ripper game,

which will be scanned into your WAC.  View the next-to-the-last page of the

book.  Then exit cyberspace back to the Newsroom and play the audio file you

found in the WELL.  Listen to the whole thing.

17.} Go to Soap Beatty's Smoke Shop, and talk to him for a while; go through

all choices possible, then go back to Meta-Cog.  Go to the ICU and talk to 

Bud.  Click right of Bud to go to the computer and enter the dates of the

Ripper murders on the keyboard; 11-19, 11-20, 11-21.  Hmmm; Catherine's brain

activity bursts correspond to those dates.  Weird.  Talk to Bud about this.

If you're in Scenario 2, ask Bud what he thinks of the picture of Magnotta as

the Ripper.  If you're in Scenario 3, ask Bud what he thinks of the picture

of Falconetti as the Ripper.  In either case, deck back into Catherine's mind

and talk to her with the statements in this order: 1.) Magnotta, Falconetti,

and Burton all played the Web Runners' Ripper Game-last time somebody was

killed  2.) Ask about Burton's secret lab project, 3.) Ask why she didn't tell

you why she was close to the Ripper, 4.) Ask her who Josie Dorsett was, 5.)

Ask her how she was attacked.  If you're in Scenario 4, ask her if the Ripper

is still after her.  After that, you'll find out some rather nasty things.

Oh, and if you're in Scenario 4, ask her how she knows about Farley when she's

in a closed cyberspace system...exit her mind and cyberspace, then go to

Panfinancial.  Go to the main counter and talk to George Rhodes about info

he has for Catherine; he'll tell you it's in safe deposit box #759.  Go to

the box and access your WAC notebook.  Look at the entry on Rhodes taken from

her Rolodex.  Enter the numbers on that entry on the control pad of the box:

185621, and click Enter.  You'll find an electronic ledger; scan it in, and

then examine it in the WAC to find the Berman WELL password.  The rest seems

to be about transferring money to an account called "Simian Technologies."

Go back to the newsroom and deck to the Berman Well (Password: Berman4).  

You face a moving Concentration Puzzle for this one.  Clicking on a panel will

reveal a UPC code label, with numbers at the bottom.  You need to match three

tiles; this is ANNOYING except in easy mode.  If you're in easy mode, click

on the first tile in the top row, the firt tile in the third row, and the

third tile in the last row.  Otherwise, the best chance you have of winning

is to first pick (somehow) a tile with the number 3411700863-this is the ONLY

one with three matches on the board.  ARRGH!  (Clue: stick to Easy mode for

this one!)  Find the "Simian Tech" ledger in the WELL and read the documents.

This stuff will be scanned into your WAC.  Read the next page; if you're in

Scenario 1, you'll find the Berman account is owned by Vigo Haman, otherwise,

it's worthless.  Leave this WELL and go to Maximum Cain's WELL (Password:

Digital Eden).

18.} Soap apparently told this guy you were coming.  Talk to him to learn

that you'll need a sensor program, an anti-viral code, and a compression

program.  He gives you the compression program and tells you to get the

sensor at the Isis WELL.  Deck to there; the password is Psy Bard.  You

run into a heiroglyphics puzzle.  This is Egyptian stuff, by the way, and

you hear that the Vulture may be the beginning; in fact it is; the Vulture

represents "A."  (that's the fourth from the top on the left side) Go 

clockwise through the glyphs (each represents a letter),

and ignore the four corner glyphs.  Click on the ones that represent the

letters "H" "O" "R" "U" and "S."  Or, to be simpler, Top row-fourth from

right, right side-third from bottom, bottom-third from right, right side-

fourth from top, bottom-fourth from right.  Get that right and you get the

Sensor program.  Now go back to Maximum Cain's WELL (Digital Eden again), and

he'll tell you he found an anti-viral program.  Go to the Anti-Viral Well, and

use the password Exterminator to get through.  You get a "jumping" puzzle.

To win, you have to cross the board to any tile in the last row.  By clicking

on a tile immediately adjacent to you in any direction, you jump to that tile

as long as it's red or green.  If it's blank, you can't go to it, and if it's

black with a skull and crossbones on it, you're stuck.  If the skull & 

crossbone tiles block you or you stand on a tile when it changes to skull &

crossbones, you lose.  To win at ANY difficulty level (the only difference is

the harder the level, the FASTER you have to do this), follow this path:

1.} Left	2.} Forward	3.} Left	4.} Forward	5.} Forward

6.} Left	7.} Forward	8.} Right	9.} Right	10.} Right

11.} Forward	12.} Back	13.} Forward	14.} Right	15.} Left

16.} Right	17.} Forward	18.} Forward

	Once you get through that (or just type "PRETZEL" to bypass it), you

get the Anti-Viral program in your WAC.  Exit cyberspace and go back to the 

Newsroom.  View the documents you copied in the Berman WELL.  Note the

signatures.  Then go to Soap Beatty's Smoke Shop.  Ask Soap to analyze the

signatures, comparing them to those from Magnotta and Burton.  After a quick 

analysis, he determines they are Burton's.  If you're NOT in Scenario 1, skip

to #20.  Else go to the police station and talk to Lou Brannon about Vigo

Haman.  Go to Magnotta's office and tell him you know more about Burton's

secret project.

20.} Go to the Cafe Duchamp.  Talk to Gambit Nelson; go through all dialogue

choices.  If you're in Scenario 1 or 4, go to Vigo Haman's table in the back

of the cafe and talk to him.  IF you're in Scenario 1, use this order of


	1.) Confront him with the fact he owns Berman, Inc.

	2.) Ask if he knows Dr. Burton; tell him you know he does.

	3.) Tell him you know about Burton's experiments with monkeys

	4.) Tell him you don't care about him, only the Ripper.

IF you're in Scenario 4,

	1.) Tell him you think he's involved with the Ripper.

	2.) Tell him about the fingerprints on the knife used to attack

		Covington Wofford.

Okay, so in ANY case, no go back to the Newsroom to your desk and deck to the

Warp Space Well (Password is Warp).  Activate the monitor by clicking on the

screen.  There are only a few important clues here...the fatal Ripper game

took place on December 23rd.  Secondly, if you're in Scenario 2, a person

with the c-space name "Jack Rip" accessed the source code, and you'll now be

after that person.  If you're in Scenario 3, a person with the c-space name

"Clarence" accessed the source code, and you'll now be after that person.

Exit the WELL, and cyberspace, then go from the Newsroomn to Meta-Cog.

21.} Go to Dr. Burton's office & talk to her.  Ask questions in this order:

	1.) What happened during Web Runner's Game in which Josie Dorsett

		was killed?

	2.) Why would anyone want to kill Josie Dorsett?

	3.) If she thinks the person who killed Josie is the Ripper?

	4.) Who she thinks that person is?

	5.) Ask about the secret lab

	6.) How did Catherine survive the Ripper attack?

	7.) If you're in Scenario 2, ask about the picture of Magnotta as

		the Ripper

	8.) If you're in Scenario 3, ask about the picture of Falconetti as

		the Ripper

	If you aren't in Scenario 2, go to ICU and talk to Bud.  Deck into

Catherine's mind again and ask her who "Clarence" is.  Then exit Cyberspace

and go to the Newsroom.  Talk to Ben Dodds, ask him about the story with

Dr. Burton, then ask about an "audio-video editor."  If you're in Scenario

1 or 4, warn him about Vigo Haman.  If you're in Scenario 2 or 3, go to the

center desk by the window and scan in the photo processor.  Use it to

examine the picture of the Ripper (whether it's Magnotta or Falconetti) and

press the analyze button to discover in EITHER case, it's a fake.  Go to the

police station.  Talk to Magnotta and tell him you know about the death during

the Web Runner's Ripper game.  If you're in Scenario 3, tell him you've 

proven the Falconetti picture is a fake.  If you're in Scenario 1, bug him

about Burton's secret project.  Now go to Falconetti's Safehouse.  Go into 

the back room (ignore Twig) and talk to Falconetti; go through all choices.

If you're in Scenario 2, tell him you've proven the Magnotta-Ripper picture

is a fake.  If you're in Scenario 3, tell him you proved the Falconetti-

Ripper picture is a fake.  Now exit his place and go to ANY location.  You

get a WAC message from Bud; go straight to Meta-Cog.

22.} At Meta-Cog, go to ICU.  The Ripper 'shows up' on the monitors &

speakers and tells you to go to the Virtual Library.  Deck in through the

computer port and go to the Virtual Library.  You'll pick up the Ripper book

and go to Virtual Whitechapel.  You'll wind up with a series of tarot cards.

Click on them to discover what they are...and Blue Oyster Cult starts up in

the background again, so, for those of you who AREN'T fans, place the cards

down in the order "Seasons," "Fear," "Reaper," "Wind," "Sun," "Rain."  Put

'em in this order and the Weapon will assemble.  You will walk to a ring in

the center of Virtual Whitechapel and be confronted with your four suspects.

When the mouse cursor becomes a glowing orb icon, it's ready to be used as 

the Weapon.  When you see the suspect who IS the Ripper, click the orb on 

them to win the game.  So...who IS the Ripper?  Well, in case you didn't

figure it out from all the clues along the way...

	If you're in Scenario 1, Dr. Burton is the Ripper.

	If you're in Scenario 2, Falconetti is the Ripper.

	If you're in Scenario 3, Magnotta is the Ripper.

	If you're in Scenario 4, Catherine is the Ripper (No, REALLY!)

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