Sam & Max: Season 1

Episodes 1 - 6

by telltale games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo


Gameplay:    Click on the gear at top left of screen to show the Menu bar. It has Save/load, options, new game and quit selections. At options menu, see the graphics selections (full screen, quality and resolution), sound volume level selections (music, voice and effects) and the subtitles and stuff selections (subtitles, popup text and warp drive).


Episode 1: Culture Shock

October 2006


Note:    Be sure to click on all active spots and dialogues to not miss out on the funny quips. You might replay certain scenes with different variations to see the treats done by the developers and writers. Have fun!

This walkthrough is only one way to play the game. The game is nonlinear.


Mission for the Freelance Police

Office:   Jimmy, the rat is holding the telephone hostage. Check out all of the active items in the office. It will help later.

Pick up boxing glove from window sill and bowling ball by file cabinet.

Where's the cheese:     Find the place you store things.

Open the closet.

How to get Swiss cheese:     Remember what a Swiss cheese looks like. Sam can help you. 

Get Sam to shoot at the pile of cheese.

How to get the phone:     Interrogate the rat and find his weakness.

Get Max to threaten the rat and he will complain of headache. Then get Sam to ask about his headache. Click on Max to do his thing.

After the phone call, click on door.


Meet the Soda Poppers

Outside:   Go right and talk to Specs doing graffiti. Learn about the Soda Poppers, Brady Culture and Eye-Bo.

Bosco's Inconvenience:    Go right of the block to the corner store. Note the van parked around the corner.

Enter and talk to Bosco completely. Learn what he has to sell.

Check out all of the active items in the store. Look around and see all the funny signs and items in the store.

Pick up Brady Culture's Eye-Bo videotape from stand left of counter and cheese from table by door.

Talk to the second Soda Popper, Whizzer completely. Go to the bathroom.

How to disable the munchkin terrorist:     Remember what Bosco said about his security system and what happened when Max went to the bathroom.

Click on bathroom door and Max will go to the bathroom. This will get Whizzer to go also. He leaves his basket free. Immediately place the cheese in the basket. Watch what happens.

Office:    Exit the store and go back to the office. Use the videotape on the VCR. Save by the popcorn urge. Watch Jimmy Two Teeth.

Take the videotape out of the VCR and watch TV. Click on TV after each segment of the show to learn about the Soda Poppers: Specs, Whizzer and Peepers and the Child Star Who Never Was, Brady Culture. This qualifies as a baffling mystery.


Desoto:    Exit the store and go to left side of block. See the Desoto police car. Pick up the spray paint atop the back of the car behind the De Soto.

Ride the Desoto. During the driving sequence, see gun, megaphone and horn at the side. See what happens when you use all those 3 items.

What to do during the driving sequence:     Remember what Sam said on a way to pay for Bosco's tear gas grenade launcher and where they were going to go - 'arrest lawbreakers'.

Use the gun and Sam will target cars. Place the cross hair of the target on the taillights of the car in front of you. Fire the gun to break a taillight.

Then use the megaphone to arrest the driver. Watch and get 10 thousand in a bag.

Go back to the office by clicking on the building at lower right of screen.

Sybil's Psychotherapy:    Go across the street from the Desoto and enter Sybil's.

The closet door rattles. Meet the third Soda Popper, Peepers. Talk to Peepers completely.

Open the closet door and meet the real Sybil. Talk to Sybil completely and learn how to cure hypnosis.

How to remove Peepers' hypnosis:    Prevent Peepers from running and render him unconscious.

 Go to Bosco's Inconvenience and give Bosco the money to get tear gas grenade launcher.

Use the grenade launcher on Peepers. Then use the boxing glove on him.

Specs:     It's time to cure Specs.

How to cure Specs:    Remember that Specs doesn't like his work of art messed up. Find a spot where he can be properly 'cured'.

Use the spray paint on the graffiti left of the stairs leading up to the office. Enter the building and drop the bowling ball from the window.

Whizzer:    It's Whizzer's turn to be cured. Also find out where Brady Culture's Home for Former Child Stars is located. Go to Bosco's Inconvenience and click on Whizzer.


Find the location of the Home for Former Stars

Note: The character for this part depends on which one of the last 2 Soda Popper gets cured.

Chase the Van:    Ride the Desoto and chase the van.

Disable the van:    Drive the car as close as you can to the van by swerving away from the boxes. When close enough use the gun and aim for the tires.

Brady Culture's Home for Former Child Stars:    Look around and check everything.

Take an admission form for patients with artificial personality disorder. Learn and take note what are the symptoms of the disorder. The symptoms differ in each game. 

Try to insert the form in the form reader under the monkey at the ticket booth.


Get the admission form signed by a licensed psychiatric professional

Sybil:    Go back to Sybil and give her the symptom form. Talk to Sybil completely and then take the test.

Pass the 3 tests for Artificial Personality Disorder given by Sybil:    Remember that the symptoms differ in a new game.

During the ink blot test, select the answers that correspond to the first symptom - an obsession.

During the free association, be violent on words that match the second symptom.

During the dream analysis, select the matching multiple choice with the third symptom.

Inkblot:    First symptom could be about money or fame.

For money - select answers that have pennies, opulent mansion, wallet, stock exchange and debit card.

For fame - select answers that have Emmy, marquee, autograph, cheering crowd and flashbulb.

Free Association:    The second symptom could be violent reaction to hair styling or dentistry. Click on Sybil for a selection of answers.

About dentistry - When the words like: drill, crown, fluoride, polish, filling or any dentistry connected words are mentioned; use the gun or boxing glove on Sybil.

About hair styling - When the words like: comb, dryer, teasing, shampoo, tint or any hair styling connected words are mentioned; use the gun or boxing glove on Sybil.

Dream analysis:    In the dream office, check all the active items. The third symptom could be subconscious desire to marry your mother or to see one's peers age.

If subconscious desire to marry your mother - Click on the ?black silhouette and select Sybil. Click on the donut box and select wedding cake.

If subconscious desire to see one's peers age - Click on the ?black silhouette and select Max. Click on the donut box and select birthday cake.

Click on door to exit the dream analysis.

After passing the tests, Sybil signs the symptoms form.


Meet Brady Culture

Home for Former Stars:    Use the DeSoto to go to the Home. Insert the signed symptoms form on the form reader and the gate to the right opens.

Enter and meet Brady Culture. Oh No! Sam becomes video deliveryman.

Cure Sam part 1:    Sam delivers videotapes to Bosco's Inconvenience store.

On the way out after dumping the videotapes, take the cheese from the table.

Boing! Sam goes into a dream sequence.

Cure Sam part 2:    Look around and see that there are 4 Brady Cultures. Max' head is floating up in the ceiling.

Remember Sybil's next step in the cure - destroy the intruder in your dream.

Brady in the closet - Open the closet and see the rat look at Brady cheese. Immediately and while Brady is talking - use the bicycle pump to inflate rat. Watch.

Brady as a light bulb - Use the light switch right of door.

Brady on TV - Take the coat hanger used as antenna.

Brady as Max - Check the loose one way sign right of door and see that the room turns upside down dropping Max' head on the floor. The one way sign flips back reverting to the original room state.

Use the gun on the nail of the one way sign. Sam catches Max' head.

Place Max' head on Brady's head. Oh My!

Sam's cured but Max is in trouble. Talk to Bosco and learn that he tried to make a hypnosis blocker.

Get a hypnosis blocker - Go talk to Sybil in her office. She will give you a helmet diagram.

Go to your office and take the coat hanger.

Go back to Bosco and give him the helmet diagram. Later, give him the coat hanger and get anti hypnosis helmet.

Final meeting with Brady Culture

Home for Former Stars:    Use the Desoto to go to the Home. I'm coming Max!

Enter the right gate and Sam automatically wears the helmet.

Talk to Brady and then the Soda Poppers arrive.

Stop Brady Culture:    The Soda Poppers are controlled again and they attack Sam.

Click on the Soda Poppers and get a dialogue selection.

Select: become - Brady Culture. Click on the Soda Poppers and get a dialogue selection.

Select: worship - me. Click on the Soda Poppers and get a dialogue selection.

Select: attack - me. Hah! Tricked him!

Watch what happens.

Well, that's that!

I can't seem to stop watching for some reason.


Episode 2: Situation Comedy

December 2006

Note:    Be sure to click on all active spots and dialogues to not miss out on the funny quips. You might replay certain scenes with different variations to see the treats done by the developers and writers. Have fun!

This walkthrough is only one way to play the game. The game is nonlinear.


Mission for the Freelance Police

Office:   The phone rings. The commissioner gives the freelance police their assignment - Myra Stump, the darling of the talk show is holding her audience hostage.

Click on all active items in the office. Turn on the TV and watch Myra hold her audience hostage to give them gifts.

Exit the office by clicking on the door.


Be actors to be able to enter backstage

Click on the Desoto police car and go to the WARP TV station.

Try to go through the Midtown Cowboys door but the director states that actors only are allowed.

Talk to the director completely. She is holding auditions for leads for Midtown Cowboys. Audition for the leads.

She wants Sam to be a rabid dog.

Exit the TV station and be back at the streets outside the office.

Bosco's Inconvenience - Go right to the end of the block. Enter Bosco's Inconvenience.

Talk to Bosco and find out what he is selling. He still has one can of shaving cream that the skinbodies has not taken. He is also selling a Voice modulator for a million dollars.

Look around the store and be sure to check what is available on the Fine Kwizine (notchos, sludgie and coffee) corner.

Take the last shaving cream from the table by the door. Jimmy, the rat snatches it.

Chase the rats - Exit the store and use the Desoto.

'The skinbodies can't be stopped'. Chase the rats.

Use the gun. Drive behind the rats' car and shoot at them.

Try to shoot the side to get them to change lanes.

Time the rats' change lane to be at a manhole warning sign at the center of the road.

Once the rats hit the open manhole, Max catches the shaving cream.

Sybil's - Go across the road and enter Sybil's.

Talk to Sybil and find out her latest career - tabloid publisher of Alien Love Triangle Times.

She wants a photo of little green men feeling frisky. Talk to her completely to learn about Elvis and Stephen King.

Exit the office and go back to the TV station.

Audition - Talk to the director again and ask for an audition.

When she asks Sam to be a rabid dog, use the shaving cream on Sam.

When she asks Max to show grief, use the tear gas grenade launcher on Max.

Awk! Sam is glad he is wearing his anti hypnosis helmet on.

Now the 2 are stars of their own show.

Midtown Cowboys and get a film of the show

Go through the Midtown Cowboys sitcom door. Talk to the director. She explains what she wants on the scene. She mentions the sponsor's line that should be said by Max.

Meet Mr. Featherly - Ask to start taping.

You can try playing this repeatedly to see what happens when you open the door first, disguise the cow, learn about the plate or use Max' toothpaste line.

Film Midtown Cowboys correctly -

Ask to start taping. Take the plate from the table.

Click on lampshade. Place the lampshade on Bo(e)ssy, the cow.

Mr. Featherly enters. The cow is 'our chef'.

Click the plate on the cowpie on the floor behind the cow.

Mr. Featherly bites the cowtail. Moo!

Moo is Moo Gai Pan, a French dish.

Oh my - watch. I cannot describe this part. Ptoo! Ptoo!

Get a Midtown Cowboys clip.

Embarrassing Idol

Open the door left of the window and see the Soda Poppers.

Peepers wants to be a contestant. Max becomes a judge.

Peepers sings but gets 2 votes for and one against (Max).

Learn how the show works from the director. All the judges has to agree to get a winner. The prize is standard recording contract from a major recording label.

Talk to Specs and learn what he looks for in a singer - one that can hit a high note.

Talk to Whizzer. Learn that it his birthday today. He looks for fraternity in a singer. He ordered a birthday cake but it wasn't delivered. He doesn't like tomatoes because it has an adverse affect on him.

Talk to Peepers by the door. Take Peepers' lyrics from the apple crate.

Exit this room through the Midtown Cowboys door.


Cooking Without Looking

Open the door left of the dinner table at the Midtown Cowboys set.

Talk to the director to find out what the show is all about. No host. It is a live show.

Check the different appliances in the kitchen. The show starts when you click on the pot or the pan.

Cook any choice but be sure to make a cake. Select any ingredients you want. Then click on the oven icon at bottom left.

Take the cake. Exit the room.


Who's Never going to be a Millionaire

Open the door right of the window of the Midtown Cowboy set.

Talk to Hugh Bliss. Ask for a magic trick. Ask to make him green.

Ask for a photo and get a photo with green Hugh Bliss.

The director asks Hugh to be the host of the show.

Click on the left podium and be a contestant.

Sam cannot answer the question. Hugh leaves the podium.

Place Peepers' lyrics on the now active card slot of the host's podium and get the game show questions.

Click on the contestant podium again. This time give the correct answer.

Get a million dollars in food stamps.


Guests in Myra!

Click on the door left of Hugh Bliss. Talk to Myra.

Ask to be a guest in her show. To be a guest in her show, you need to show evidences of a recording contract, clip of hit TV shows and of a juicy scandal.

The clip of the Midtown Cowboys show is the evidence of hit TV show.

Exit the TV studio by going through the Midtown Cowboys door, the Embarrassing Idol door and the exit door.

Sybil's - Go to Sybil's. Give Sybil the photo with a green Hugh Bliss.

She can print the Alien Triangle Times now. Exit.

Bosco's Inconvenience -

Outside the store, click on the Alien Love Triangle Times newspaper stand and get the evidence of a juicy scandal.

Enter the store and buy the voice modulator using the food stamps.

Go to the Notchos area of the Fine Kwizine. Use the cake on the condiments. Sam places ketchup on the cake to get cake with ketchup icing.

Go back to the studio.

Embarrassing Idol - Give Whizzer the cake with ketchup icing. That was not really a nice thing to do.

Use the voice modulator on Sam.

Then click on the microphone on the plank over the acid pit.

Hear Sam sing any song you want. Sam's high note cracks Specs glasses.

Sam gets unanimous vote. Get a recording contract.


Go and click on Myra's door. Talk to her and ask again about being a guest in her show.

With the recording contract and the cover of the tabloid, Sam and Max become guest in the show.

Stop Myra!

Bossy the cow was a guest. The microphone is overheating. The evil bear hypnotizes Myra.

Answer Myra:

You need to destroy the bear.

Click on the microphone, bear, lawn chair and the glass of water. You can't get any other object or get to sit on the lawn chair close to the bear.

Talk to Myra about your Embarrassing Idol Glory.

Use the voice modulator on Sam when the banjo is seen beside Sam. Then click on the banjo.

Sam hits the high note and the glass of water breaks.

Now, talk to Myra about that picture in the Times.

There was someone else involved. You can select any guest but the right one is Bessy the cow.

The shocking ending is short circuited.

The Toy Mafia


Episode 3: The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball

January 2007


Note: Be sure to click on all active spots and dialogues to not miss out on the funny quips. You might replay certain scenes with different variations to see the treats done by the developers and writers. Have fun! This walkthrough is only one way to play the game. The game is nonlinear.


Mission for the Freelance Police

Office:    At the office, the phone rings while Sam and Max are playing. The Commissioner has a new case for the freelance crime fighting duo. The infamous organized crime in the city, The Toy Mafia is located in Ted E Bear's Mafia-free Playland and Casino. The duo has to rescue an undercover agent, a mole that has not reported in weeks. The code phrase is ‘Does the carpet match the drapes?’ The answer should be 'well I'll never' and a smack across the face.

Look around. Check on Jimmy Two-Teeth, fence at his rat hole. Pick up the Ace of Spades from Jimmy’s rat hole-doorstep.


Visit friends first

Bosco’s Inconvenience Store:    Exit the office and go right to the end of the street. Look at the tabloid and newspaper boxes. See that the gumball machine is filled with anti-depressants.

Talk to Bosco aka Jean-Francois Sissypants. Learn about that the Toy Mafia is planning to deliver something in his store. His new invention will stop the delivery. It is Bosco anti-delivery system - B-TADS 2. The anti-delivery camera checks if anything is not in the database and if the item is not, it will be thrown out the store. Learn also that he is selling a miniature listening device for 10 million dollars. Look around and exit the store.

Sybil’s:    Talk to Sybil and find out that she has a new career – professional trial witness. Look around and take note of the webcam on top of the cactus left of the door.


Ted E Bear's Mafia-free Playland and Casino

Lovey Bear, the greeter gives tokens to use in the casino. Talk to Lovey. Look around the room.

Meatball sandwich display:    See the original meatball sandwich of Ted E Bears.

One armed bandit:    Look around and see the one armed bandit right of the room. Pull the arm and win; but no prize is given. See the casino pit boss come out of the back room door to check the winning machine. He whispers the password to the guard to go back to the backroom. Hmm...

Guard:    Talk to the guard and learn only Toy Mafia with password goes through the door. Chuckles is the casino pit boss.

Whack Da Ratz:    Play the machine right of Lovey the greeter. Read the sign right of the machine to learn the rules.

Insert token to start the game. The aim of the game is to shoot 20 orange rats that are singing.

Win a souvenir refrigerator magnet.

Poker table:     Talk to Cuddlybear, the dealer.

Leonard and 10 million tokens - Talk to Leonard Steakcharmer, the card shark. Leonard plays Indian poker.

Play some Indian poker with Leonard and see how it goes. Learn that when he has good cards he bets 10 million tokens to one of yours. Hmm…

Look around the room and then look up at the clown nose above the exit door. 'It is one shiny nose.' Aha!

Use the ace of spades on clown nose. ‘Wow, it sticks.’

Play Indian poker with Leonard again. Win 10 million stack o’tokens.

Exit the casino.

Listening device:

Bosco’s Inconvenience Store - Buy the miniature listening device for 10 million tokens.

Get a military bug, the organic listening device. Go back to the casino.

Guard – Use the bug on the guard. Then play the one armed bandit again. ‘You’re on fire.’ Win and see Chuckles exit, watch, whispers the password and goes back to the back room.

Take the bug from the wall and learn that the password is ‘Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.’

Talk to guard, give the password and enter the backroom.

Backroom:     Talk to Chuckles. He has been watching the dynamic duo (wrong game). Chuckles gives an offer that cannot be refused.

To become one of the toy mafia, there are 3 things that need to be done: Lean on someone, whack someone and recover something.

A Teddy Bear box is given to be placed on the sale table of Bosco’s Inconvenience.

The witness to be silenced is Sybil Pandemic. Chuckles wants it messy. Sybil under surveillance.

Recover the original meatball sandwich.

Nobody talks to Red E Bear except other members of the toy mafia. Look at the monitors on the right wall and see the office of Sybil in one of them.

Casino:    Exit the backroom. Look at the meatball sandwich display and the one armed bandit. The bandit is missing his arm.


The 3 jobs

Display the Teddy Bear box in Bosco’s Inconvenience:    Go to Bosco’s Inconvenience. Talk to the Cuddlybear, the casino dealer outside the store. He’s not talking. Enter the store.

Talk to Bosco about his B-TADS 2 again. Then tell him about the Toy Mafia. Bosco is now distracted.

Go to the Anti-delivery camera left of Bosco’s counter. Use the Ted E. Bear magnet won from the Whack Da RAtz on he camera. Watch B-TADS 2 at work.

Place the Teddy Bear box on the red-white checkered sale table. Cuddlybear enters and gives the thumbs up sign.

Whack Sybil:    Talk to Sybil in her office. She’s nervous because someone is out to kill her. She thinks it is dishonest to fake her own death. She’s so nervous she drinks an empty coffee cup.

Check the webcam on top of the cactus again.

Try using the cap gun on Sybil and see that Chuckles is watching through the webcam.

Take Sybil’s coffee cup.

Go back to Bosco’s Inconvenience. Use the coffee cup on the condiments to get ketchup filled cup.

Go back to Sybil’s office. Place the ketchup filled cup back on her desk by clicking it on her or the desk.

Use big gun on coffee cup. 'Nice and messy.'

The picture on the monitor disappears because Max now knows that webcam tastes like chicken.

Recover the meatball sandwich:  Go back to the office. See Leonard talking to Jimmy Two-teeth. Leonard is trying to fence the stolen meatball sandwich.

Talk to Leonard. After Sam talks, switch to Max and he will notice that Leonard is holding a cap gun. Sic ‘em, Max. The cap gun is in inventory.

Get rough – ‘Don’t you talk about my mama.’ Sam says to pull out the yo’ mama jokes.

Select a dialogue from Sam and then select the appropriate answer using Max’ dialogue.

Yo’ mama’s so fat… She has more folds than an origami accordion.

Yo’ mama’s so perky… The only time she’s low is at a limbo contest!

Yo’ mama’s so vulgar… Her mouth make a longshoreman blush!

Yo’ mama’s so punctual… She showed up early for her own funeral!

Yo’ mama’s so thrifty… She brings coupons to the penny arcade!

Leonard breaks. The meatball sandwich was never out of the casino. It is in the prize slot of the one armed bandit. Automatically, take the bandit arm.

Casino:    Go back to the Casino.

Use the bandit arm on the one armed bandit machine. Use the machine and get the original meatball sandwich.

Chuckles will have the bandit fixed.


True Blue Toy Mafia

Initiation:    Sam and Max are now initiated to the Orso Nostra. Ted E. Bear removes his mask and see that he’s the mole.

Chased by the Orso Nostra:    Select the gun. The cars have now bulletproof tires.

Time the shooting of the big sign hanging above the road. The sign should fall in front of the Toy Mafia’s car.

Ted E. Bear:    Enter the ‘Do not enter under pain of death’ sinister door. Talk to traitorous mole.


Destroy the Bear Factory

            The 2 freelance police fake being hypnotized by hypnobear.

Test – Shoot the short one. Use the cap gun on Max.

Watch Max get swallowed by the machine after being shot.

Sabotage the machine – Take the screwdriver from the table left of the door where the one armed bandit is taken apart.

Use the screwdriver on the one armed bandit. Take the ‘you’re on fire’ voice box.

Go to the back of the big machine to the hopper.

Place the voice box on the hopper.

Watch a hypnobear with the voice box fall off the assembly line. Take the altered Teddy Bear from floor.

Use the altered Teddy Bear on Harry.

Pull the lever beside Harry and watch what happens.


This is secret agent Chuckles.

The factory has been destroyed. Repeat, the factory has been destroyed.

Commence Plan B.


Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

February 2007

Note: Be sure to click on all active spots and dialogues to not miss out on the funny quips. You might replay certain scenes with different variations to see the treats done by the developers and writers. Have fun! This walkthrough is only one way to play the game. The game is nonlinear.

Thanks is sent to Emily.


Mission for the Freelance Police

Office:    At the office, Sam and Max are playing with the organic listening device on the phone. The Commissioner is actually on line and has a new case for the freelance crime fighting duo. They have to stop the President of the United. He is enacting crazy new laws which include mandatory gun registration.

White House:    Look around at the #9 hole, the submarine's periscope at the pool and talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth. Take the boxing glove by the pool. Read all the signs around the White House.

Talk to the secret service agent by the door completely. Agent Superball would not let you in. Look at the presidential storage on the left of the main door. Then check the phone right of the main door and learn the phone number.

Go back to the office by clicking on the Desoto.


Visit friends first

Sybil:    Enter Sybil's office across the road. Talk to Sybil and find out that she has a new job - professional matchmaker. She herself is having difficulty finding a date. She is looking for a tall older man with a good career. Ask Sybil to find dates for the duo by submitting an application. Answer her questions and learn who the ideal soul mates for the heroes are. Look around the office and then exit the building.

Hugh Bliss:    Go to the other end of the block and talk to Hugh Bliss standing at the Esperanto Bookstore. Learn about his book, Emetics. Get him to do a magic trick. Take the Free Home delivery sign while he's gone.

Bosco’s Inconvenience:    Go to Bosco’s Inconvenience right of the Esperanto bookstore. Check the 2 newspaper boxes. Enter the store and talk to Comrade Vladimir Boskovich aka Bosco. He is working on a satellite missile defense system. Learn that you can buy truth serum that cost one hundred million. The smell comes from the weenie rotisserie (Hot Weenies). Look around the store and then exit.


Gain entry to the White House

Office:    Go to the office and then look around at different items. Turn the TV on and watch the President talks about his plans. Listen to the answering machine and hear the President.

Use the phone and call the White House now that you know the phone number. You can select any of the dialogues but be sure to use the 'please hold' selection on Agent Superball.

White House:    Ride the Desoto to the White House. See Agent Superball on the phone. Enter the main door. Watch the President during his TV newscast. Sam realizes that the President is hypnotized. See the President's bodyguard stand beside him.

Look around at the Oval Office. Talk to the President. He mistakes the duo as interpreters for a dignitary that will be arriving.

Talk to the bodyguard and realize that he is Chuckles, the Toy Mafia pit boss. He never leaves the President's side.

Try looking at the War room door and get kicked out.


Take care of the President

Whizzer, Governor of West Dakota:    See Whizzer arrive. Enter the White House again.

Time to interpret for the President. Talk to Whizzer. He wants Federal funding for his Mt. Rushmore Soda Abuse program (MRSAPP). He is trying to kick the soda habit and have been carbonated free.

Talk to the President and be ready to interpret. Then select any dialogue but finally select "What's a guy gotta do to get a drink around here?"

Watch Whizzer try to resist but falls off the wagon. Now, he needs to go the bathroom. Select any dialogue but in the end select "Where's the War Room"?

President:    Chuckles escorts Whizzer out. While Chuckles is gone and the President is alone, use the boxing glove on the President. Chuckles is not upset about the loss of his robot President.

Abe Lincoln:    Watch Chuckles initiate Phase Two of the operation - reanimate Abe Lincoln from Lincoln Memorial.


Run against Abe Lincoln

 Abe Lincoln:     See the robotic Abe Lincoln arrive at the White House lawn. He announces that he is running for president during the emergency election caused by the death of the President in the hands of 2 interpreters.

Sam answers the phone and gets a new assignment. Someone has to run against Abe Lincoln to prevent the nefarious guys from leading the nation. Max got the job because of his qualifications.

Talk to Chuckles, sitting on Abe Lincoln's left shoulder. The secret service men are now the press people.

Debate:    Talk to Mr. Lincoln. The debate starts and Sam is the unbiased moderator. Ask him about all the topics. When asked about his Family Values, Mr. Lincoln states that he's been faithful to his wife for 7 score years.

He looks at the cue card to answer questions about tax plan and religion and schools.

Click on the cue cards and see that you can change what Mr. Lincoln's answers are going to be.

Cue cards:    Gather posters from all around. Go to the office. If you haven't yet, go back to Hugh Bliss and get his 'Free home delivery' card. Go to the posters on the wall behind the parked Desoto. Take the new military slogan, 'Give me all you got' poster that dropped from the wall. Go back to the White House.

Win the debate - With all the posters collected, change the top cue card to get the damaging response from Lincoln.

Place the 'Free Home Delivery' poster from inventory on top of the cue cards on the stand. Ask Lincoln about issues and then select toxic waste.

Place the 'Two wrongs don't make a right' card that is already on the cue cards stand on top. Ask Lincoln about issues and then ask about stand on religion and schools.

Place the 'Give me all you got' cue card from inventory on the top. Ask Lincoln about  issues and then ask about his tax plan.

See Lincoln move down the polls.

Click the organic listening device on Lincoln. Mr. Lincoln starts a short campaign speech. Pick up the organic listening device.

Take a Lincoln campaign flyer from the podium right of Lincoln.

Sybil - Go to office and enter Sybil's building. Place Mr. Lincoln's flyer on her dating service box.

Sybil thinks that Abe Lincoln is her perfect match. She gives her phone number and asks that Abe calls her. Exit building.

Office - Go back to the duo's office. Use the organic listening device on the phone and call Sybil.

The bug will respond to Sybil's questions.

Abe, is that you? Select 'I, Abraham Lincoln am that man'.

Do you want to go out sometime? Select 'This is a date that will be remembered for centuries'.

Where do you want to meet? Select 'I stand here on the White House steps'.

What time should I meet you? Answer 'The time to act is now'.

White House - Automatically see Abe Lincoln talk about family values. Sybil arrives and gets humiliated. Abe Lincoln's rating goes down.

Max has been elected President. See an angry Abe Lincoln hypnotizes the viewing public. He vows revenge.

Abe Lincoln must die!


Max as President

Oval Office:    Max sits on the most important chair in the US. The 3 soda poppers are in the office. Agent Superball is guarding the war room door.

Check out the cool stuff on Max' new desk. Take Secretary of President Whimsy ribbon that is given to anyone Max wants to appoint as Secretary.

Check the Presidential Discretionary Budget for Historical Sites by clicking on the Budget book on the table. Max can give 100 million to any Historical Site.

Look at the calendar and see that Max can change the official date to be today.

Click on the TV Camera and Max starts his Presidential Address. Click on the camera several times and hear more of Max' diatribe.


Get the War Room unguarded

Agent Superball:     Talk to the Secret service agent completely. Find out that he still take orders from Chuckles and would not let anyone inside the war room. He takes vacation only on Federal Holidays.

Give Superball the red Secretary ribbon, making him a secretary. Give him any Secretary of whatever name. He still would not leave.

Go to the calendar and take the 'today' sticky note and place it on the Secretary's Day (26th of April).

Talk to Secretary Agent Superball and Sam tells him to take his vacation. Now the war room is unattended.

Try to open the war room door and find out that it will open only during war.


Historical Sites

Sybil:    Go back to office and to Sybil.

Carbon dating machine - Talk to Sybil. Find out that she has a Carbon-14 dating service now. This is because she got a good deal on the carbon dating machine and she cannot afford to change the sign. She's having financial difficulties and needs to come into a lot of money. She uses the Carbon-14 dating machine on the Tiki and finds out that it is 2000 years old. Her place can now be placed as National Register of Historic Places. She doesn't want to loan her Carbon-14 dating machine.

White House - Go back to the White House. Look at the President Discretionary Budget Book. Click on Sybil Pandemik's office. Now she gets a 10 million dollars windfall.

Sybil's office - Go back to Sybil. Enter and see that Sybil is gone. Take the Carbon-14 dating machine. Exit the office.

Hugh Bliss - Use the carbon-14 dating machine on Hugh.

Bosco's Inconvenience store:    Go to Bosco's store.

Bosco - Talk to him again about his missile defense system, truth serum and new weenies.

Weenies - Use the carbon-14 dating machine on the 'Hot Weenies'. The weenies are from the Cretaceous period.

White House - Go back to the White House. Look at the President Discretionary Budget Book again. Click a check on Bosco's Inconvenience Store.

Bosco - Go back to Bosco and talk to him again. He says that he got the money. Sam asks for the truth serum and gets a bottle of Vodka. He can now make his missile defense system.


Make war

Soda Poppers:    Talk to the Soda Poppers.

Peepers - Talk to Peepers. He's the governor of North Dakota. He says that they can get along if they keep quiet and avoid another incident.

Specs - Talk to Specs. He's the governor of South Dakota.

Find out that they, all three were elected governor of 2 states and the unpleasantness started.

Note that Peepers is keeping the peace by saying 'nothing' and Max keeps on saying 'awkward'.

Whizzer - Talk to Whizzer, the governor of West Dakota and find out why they are here. They want the President to settle the Great Dakotan Conflict - Who gets the custody of Mount Rushmore. They cannot agree on the division of Mount Rushmore. They nearly went to war about the controversy. The 3 Governors are on the edge of a war.

Ask him if care for a drink. He says as long as it is not a soda.

Give Whizzer the truth serum. Ah, Whizzer gets drunk. He tells all what the other Soda Poppers have said. This means war!

Agent Superball and clones sing War is good for you and good for me. Wow!


Missiles and Homing Beacons

War Room:    Look around the room. Look at all the monitors: Jimmy Two-Teeth and Dakota Situations.

Read the War Manual on the table.

Targeting Computer - Look close at the Targeting computer on the table.

Antarctica - See that Antarctica is one of the targets. Fire the missile by pressing the red 'Fire' button'. See that the Washington monument is really a secret targeting missile. The Washington Monument shoots into space. The homing beacon on Antarctica is destroyed. Click on the Next Target arrow.

Kremlin - Kremlin has no beacon signal. Click on the Next Target arrow.

Krypton - Fire the missile by pressing the red 'Fire' button'. Estimated time of impact is 26 million years. Click on the Next Target arrow.

Bosco's Inconvenience Store - See that Bosco's store is the next target. Fire the missile by pressing the red 'Fire' button'. See that Bosco's missile defense system works. It destroyed the Washington Monument missile.

Take note of the point of view of the beacon at Bosco's. It is behind a 'special' sign.

Exit the War Room and White House.

Bosco's Inconvenience store:     Go to Bosco's. Look around the store for the beacon and camera that is used to spy on Bosco. Click on the special sign under the camera right of the door. Take the beacon behind the sign. Exit the store.


Let's chase down Lincoln

Click on the Desoto and now chase the rampaging Lincoln.

Throw-click the beacon on the rampaging Lincoln. Select White House as the destination at bottom right.

War Room - Go to the targeting monitor. Press the fire button on Lincoln.

The robot Lincoln is destroyed and Chuckles is knocked out.

Watch as Chuckles' earphone receives a message.


Error, error, error...



Episode 5: Reality 2.0

March 2007

Note: Be sure to click on all active spots and dialogues to not miss out on the funny quips. You might replay certain scenes with different variations to see the treats done by the developers and writers. Have fun! This walkthrough is only one way to play the game. The game is nonlinear.


Mission for the Freelance Police

Office:    At the office, the phone rings while Sam and Max are discussing issues of the country. The Commissioner has a new case for the freelance crime fighting duo. There's a computer crisis all over and computers everywhere are going haywire. One of the biggest electron surges is in this neighborhood.

The inventory has gun, organic listening device and boxing glove. Look around the office and then exit the building.

Go right and see that Esperanto Bookstore is closed again.

Bosco's Inconvenience:    Look around the store.

Bosco - Meet the half elf ranger, Elboscodril. Talk to Bosco completely. Learn about the internet; avatars, online store and problem with the rat.

He has virulent biological weapon for one billion dollars and it has to be paid online.

Jimmy Two-Teeth and his cannon - Talk to Jimmy Two-Teeth, now an arms dealer. He's selling the cannon but not to the police.

Try to take the cannon and Sam is hit by the cannonball.

Try to take it again. When Sam is hit again and Jimmy Two-Teeth is placing new cannonball inside the cannon, click on Jimmy.

Watch as Max stuff's Jimmy in the cannon. The rat cannon is now in inventory. Exit the store.

Sybil:    Go down the street and enter Sybil's.

See Sybil is hypnotized by the virtual techno goggles she is wearing. Talk or try to get near Sybil. She's fighting demons.

Use the rat cannon on Sybil.

Talk to Sybil and learn about her playing a computer game. She is now a beta tester playing Reality 2.0.

Question Sybil completely and learn about Reality 2.0 and the COPS, next door.

The VR goggles are broken. Exit the building.

COPS:    Go to the right and enter Lefty's.

See 4 machines having a meeting. They are the Computer Obsolescence Prevention Society.

Talk to the machines completely. Curt is the computer, Bob is the phone, None of your business name tag is the Bluster Blaster and Chippy is the audio machine on the right.

The Internet controls everything. Take the computer chip and automatically, the complimentary VR goggles for Max. Talk to them completely. They sing a motivational rap song. Exit and go back to Sybil's


Reality 2.0


Use the computer chip on the VR goggles on the couch. The 2 heroes use their goggles automatically.

Listen to the internet and learn what Reality 2.0 does.

Look around Sybil's office: Musty's pictures and the closet door. Click several times on Lips (Sybil's blog about her beta testing experience). Talk to Sybil several times and learn that this is her avatar. Exit Sybil's.

Auntie Biotic:    Talk to Auntie Biotic, an e-mail anti-virus program completely. Learn about her defense and offense capabilities. +1 armor protects her from +1 and less weaponry.

Floating Gold coins:    See 3 gold coins floating above the street by Auntie Biotic. Click on them and see that they are out of reach.

2+ sword:    Look up at the poster atop Sybil's building and see a 2+ sword. Hmmm...

Check the Banco Lavadero poster at the end of the street.


Control Room:   

Jack in the Box - See a small jack in the box on the pavement in front of the Control Room. It is a pop-up ads box that is impenetrable.

Enter the Control Room and meet the 4 machines.

The telephone maintains height.

The pinball machine is the master of gravity.

The computer maintains width.

The audio machine plays music. Click on the button of the audio machine and the phone says that the pop up is disabled for your convenience.

Exit the Control room and take the jack in the box from the sidewalk.

Sam & Max's office:     Enter the office and look around at the phone and Mr. Spatula. See that Jimmy Two-teeth has a gold coin. Exit the office. Check the recycle bin at the side of the building.

Internet Wizard:    Talk to the not Hugh Bliss. He says that what happens here in Reality 2.0 happens to the physical body in the real world. He sees blackness for the future of the 2 heroes. He gives rainbow car paint kit.

Check the news in front of the store.


Bosco's E Convenience:     Enter Bosco's store.

Talk to Bosco. Learn that he is wearing VR goggles and is here at Reality 2.0 also. He is happy here.

Bosco's money is on offshore bank - Banco Lavadero. To pay Bosco, drive down the internet super highway to the bank's dot com site. Bosco's password is tattooed in his real body (where no one ever looks) because he had it wiped from his memory. He is selling wooden long sword for 5 gold coins.

Look around the store. Check the iron ration box, the pot of gold and the hot rump. Check the potions on the counter. Check the poison mead, sludgie machine and the condiments.

Blue slime - The sludgie machine drips a menacing blue slime. If you hit the blue slime with the boxing glove, combat ensues.

Sam has the initiative. Select your attack weapon (item) and the fight ends in a draw.

Talk to Max about the slime and he hints that slime is impervious to blunt objects.

Get 5 gold coins:

Floating coins - Go back to the control room.

Use the computer bug on the pinball machine that controls gravity in Reality 2.0. The heroes can now bounce.

Go outside and click on the floating gold coins. Sam jumps and takes 3 gold coins.

+2 Sword - Jump up to the billboard above Sybil's building.

Try to pull the +2 sword. It's stuck. Talk to Max and he advises to use lube.

Sybil's gold coin - Go back to the control room.

Take the computer bug from the pin ball machine and use it on the computer on the right that controls the width.

The 2 heroes are now 2 dimensional.

Go to Sybil's office. Click on the closet door.

Sam slides under the closed door and gets a gold coin.

Jimmy Two-Teeth's gold coin - Go back to the control room.

Take the computer bug from the computer and use it on the phone that controls the height.

The heroes are now teeny weenie.

Go to the office and click on the virtual door. Sam can't get up there, he's too small.

Click on the goggles at bottom right to return to reality.

In real world, enter the office. Inside the office, use the VR goggles. The heroes are small again.

Enter the rat hole. Listen. The guys got the gold coin.

Go back to the control room and take the computer bug to get the heroes back to their usual selves.

Long Sword - Go back to Bosco's. Buy the Long sword of intense longness with the 5 gold coins.

Auntie Biotic:

Blue slime - Go back to and then click the sludgie machine. It drips a menacing blue slime.

Hit the blue slime with any of the weapons in inventory. Combat ensues.

Sam has the initiative. Select your attack with item.

Use the long sword and Sam wins. Sam takes the blue slime.

+2 sword - Go back to the control room.

Use the computer bug on the pinball machine that controls gravity in Reality 2.0. The heroes can now bounce.

Go outside and jump up to the billboard atop Sybil's office.

Use the blue slime on the +2 sword to take the +2 sword.

Go down to street level.

Fight with Auntie Biotic - Use a weapon on Auntie Biotic. Combat ensues.

Auntie Biotic has the initiative. No matter what weapon is used, Auntie wins since she has the initiative.

Talk to Max and he gives the hint. Sam needs protection.

Go back to the control room. Take the computer bug from the pinball machine.

Click on the audio machine at right to enable the pop up jack in the box.

Go back to Auntie Biotic.  Use a weapon on Auntie Biotic. Combat ensues.

Select defend with item. Select the enabled pop up jack in the box. Attack blocked.

Now, it's Sam's turn. Select attack with item. Use the +2 sword on Auntie Biotic.

She disappears and the mailbox is now accessible.

Pay Bosco online

Bosco's:    Go back to Bosco's store.

Remove the real Bosco's VR goggles -

While in Reality 2.0, use the +2 sword on Bosco.

Bosco in Reality 2.0 is replaced by his avatar.

Bosco in real time - Go back to reality by clicking on the bottom right icon.

Talk to Bosco. Try to buy the virulent biological weapon but you need a billion dollars.

Get password -

Talk to Bosco and select dialogue - 'Look behind you'.

Take the binoculars on the counter.

Talk to Bosco again and select dialogue - 'Look behind you' again. Immediately use the binoculars on Bosco.

See the word 'BOSCO' tattooed on his er... back.

(If you are here earlier while Bosco is still wearing the goggles, you can take it with no problem. In Reality 2.0, the binoculars changes to a magnifier icon. You can then check the pixels of any active graphics.)

Banco Lavadero:    Use the goggles to go back to Reality 2.0.

Access Banco Lavadero - Use the Desoto and go to Banco Lavadero.

See that a security barrier stops entry to the bank. A scanner checks the car and states access denied.

The Desoto is pushed to the side. Several cars arrive, they are scanned and allowed access.

Take note at the license plate of each car and the colors of the cars. The letters on the license plate corresponds to the color of the car. PGR is colored purple, green and red. PRB is a purple, red and blue car.

Click on bottom right icon to go back to the office.

Paint the car - Look at the Desoto's license plate. It has the letters BRP.

Use the rainbow car paint kit given by the internet wizard aka Hugh Bliss on the car.

Paint the front part of the car blue. Select red for the middle and purple for the back.

Drive back to the bank. Checksum verified. Access approved.

Bank - Sam noted that this is a money laundering device.

Study the money laundering flow chart. Click on each square to learn something of the different accounts.

See that the top one is Mr. Biv.

Note that Bosco's account is locked. Click on the padlock and the internet asks for a password.

Now that Sam has found out the password, select Bosco and the account is unlocked. Access granted.

Cook the books - Click on the 'cook the books' at bottom of each account and see that you can change the flow chart.

Change the arrows on the top row to point outward.

Change the arrows on the bottom side accounts to point upward and have zero account.

Change the arrows on the middle row to point inward.

Change the arrow so that Grandma Bosco points down to Bosco's account.

Bosco has now 1 billion dollars in his account.

Bosco's:    Go back to Bosco's store.

Click on the 'return to reality' icon at bottom right.

Talk to Bosco. Get the snot rag or virulent disease.

Use the goggles to go back to Reality 2.0.

Exit the store.

Destroy the internet:    

Go to the mailbox which is now unguarded by Auntie Biotic.

Use the computer disease on the mailbox.

The Internet is crashing. The Internet is taking everything with her when she goes down. She has lost respect for living things.

All the graphics are gone.

Text adventure:    The 2 heroes are now in the prophesied blackness. At first, there is no sound. Then sound was added to the adventure.

Read the text.

Get. Get Respect for Living things. It falls to a crack on the sidewalk.

Go. Go down. The shambling Corporate Presence gobbles up the Respect for Living Things.

Go. Go up.

Go. Go northwest to Sybil's.

Try to get Lake of Nauseating Cuteness.

Go. Go southeast.

Go. Go east.

Get. Get Bosco's.

Go. Go west.

Go. Go northwest.

Use. Use Bosco's.

Use Bosco's with nauseating Lake. Bosco's soaks up the nauseating liquid and is now saturated.

Go. Go southeast.

Go. Go down.

Use. Use nauseating Bosco's.

Use nauseating Bosco's with Corporate Presence. It vomits up Respect for Living Things.

Get. Get Respect for Living Things.

Go. Go up.

Use. Use Respect for Living Things.

Use Respect for Living Things with Internet. The Internet grasps it and looks you right in the eye.

I'm sorry.

Game Over.

Did we just kill the Internet?

Who is Roy G. Biv?

That moon looks familiar!



Episode 6: Bright Side of the Moon

April 2007

We find Sam contemplating on Roy G. Biv (spectrum of the rainbow). Hugh Bliss!

The commissioner calls and our heroes find out that Hugh Bliss is in his retreat at the Blister of Tranquility on the moon.

The intrepid heroes arrive at the moon.


To the moon, Alice!

Surface of the moon:    To the moon, Alice!

Look around. Check the flag. Take note of the Lunar Lander, its rocket engine and the locked Lander's door. Sam finds out that the key is inside.

Moon Visitor Center and Gift Shop:

Talk to the former Ted E. Bear now Harry Moleman (episode 3), the docent of the Visitor Center.

Enter the shop and look at the T- shirts and various merchandises. Look at the Prismatology displays of the stolen Hypno-Beam prototype, the spoon bending Talisman and Hugh Bliss' Master Plan with the additional commentary by Harry. The display case of the spoon bending talisman is virtually indestructible. Ooops, Sam places it in his pocket. Study Hugh Bliss' flow chart of his master plan to hypnotize the public.

Take the display out of the shop - If you go out of the shop, Harry will frisk Sam and take back the display case.

Take the display case back again. While inside the shop give (click) it to Max who swallows it. Eek! Exit the shop.

Check the mechanical suit in the trash beside the shop. See a satellite up in the sky.

Bulletin board:    Read the bulletin board right of the entrance to the Blister of Tranquility.


Entry to Blister of Tranquility

Blister of Tranquility:

Check the curtain behind the door to the Blister of Tranquility.

Talk to Superball (episode 4). Only level red can enter the Blister of Tranquility. Spectrum analysis by rubbing a unicorn shows that Sam and Max are pathetic level yellow. A mood horn.

Sybil:    Go back to earth. Go to Sybil's office. Talk to her completely and learn that she is now the Queen of Canada. Colour with a u.

Office:    Enter the office and look around.

Click on Leonard inside the office. Learn that Max fed him the Deed to the United States of America.

Take the coat hanger on top the television.

Bosco's Inconvenience:    Go towards Bosco's Inconvenience.

On the way, see Jimmy Two-Teeth holding on atop the bent meter on the sidewalk. Read the 2 newspaper stand in front of the store.

Enter Bosco's Inconvenience Store and talk completely with Momma Bosco. Bosco is selling an earthquake maker for a hundred trillion dollars.

Attain a level red unicorn - Place the unicorn in the microwave to get horny hot. See it get a red horn.

Go back to the moon by riding the Desoto.

Talk and show the red horned unicorn to Superball.

Collecting Talismans

Blister of Tranquility:    See Hugh Bliss talk about his master plan to hypnotize the whole earth is about finished. The Prismatology congregation rallies.

Look around and see Abe Lincoln's head (episode 4), water cooler and Mr. Spatula, statues, holes, giant spork, COPS (episode 5), shark (episode 4), bug (episodes 4 and 5), ant farm and Philo Pennyworth (episode 2).

Check the holes and ride the roller coaster.

Gastrokinesis talisman:

Abe Lincoln's head - Talk to Abe Lincoln and learn about gastrokinesis. Lincoln swallowed the talisman.

Learn that the last time, Lincoln threw up was before the Gettysburg address.

Learn that Lincoln has a thing for Sybil.

Get a date with Sybil - After connecting with Sybil on the phone, select the dialogues that will keep her interested; things that she has not done and her ideals. Be sure to check all dialogues to hear funny quips.

1. Just relax, baby (sign in her shop).

2. Lady, you're a stone cold fox (stuffed animal in her shop).

3. Play some one-on-one love hockey (Canadian #1 sport).

Lincoln gets very nervous and throws up. Sam picks up the Gastrokinesis Talisman.

Lead vision talisman:

COPS - Talk to the 4 obsolete computers at the other side of the room: Chippy, Curt, Blaster (none of your business) and Bob.

Learn that they are using the magical talisman to make an unbeatable AI.

Play the video game - Try the video game. See that it is Tic Tac Doom. Hahahahaha! Do you have what it takes!

After playing the simple game and winning, the computers continue to use the talisman to work on their game.

Play again - Play and this time, lose or throw the game. Our personal journey is now over. Hear them gloat. (Thanks, gremlin!)

Sam picks up the Lead vision talisman.

Check the bug and the shark beside Bob.

Spoon bending talisman:

Get the spoon bending talisman - Knowing that Max swallowed the display case taken from the Visitor center, use the gastrokinesis talisman on Max. Same takes the display case.

Open the Lunar Lander - Go back to the surface of the moon. Go to the Lunar Lander.

Click the coat hanger on the Lander door.

See Max take the key and uses the Lander. What a landing.

Open the display case - Click the display case on the rocket engine of the Lunar Lander.

Sam places the display below the rocket engine.

Use the Lunar Lander key on the Lunar Lander. See what happens.

Take the spoon bending talisman from under the rocket engine.

Check the ant farm and take a ride on the roller coaster. Wheee...

Magician's Hat:

Go back inside the Blister of Tranquility.

Philo Pennyworth - Mr. Featherly - Talk to the rooster.

Learn that he is trying to pull rats out of the hat that is in front of him. He pulls a rat and it goes back in. The rat appears to be stuck.

Hey, that rat looks familiar. Philo wants to perform the hat trick first before he will share the magic trick.

Rat in the hat - Exit and go back to earth using the Desoto.

Go to the sidewalk and see Jimmy Two-Teeth still holding on the bent parking meter.

Use the spoon bending talisman on the bent parking meter. Jimmy Two-Teeth flies off.

Go back to the moon.

Magic hat trick - Talk to Philo Pennyworth again. Sam takes the Magician's hat.

Separate your Bliss

Hugh Bliss:    Use the rainbow elevator at center of room. See an intimidating door.

Open the intimidating door - See the only other thing in the room, an intimidating door.

Use the lead vision talisman on the door. See a red button that opens the door. Above the button is a spoon holding a cannonball.

Use the spoon bending talisman on the spoon (sconce). Voila! (Thanks, gremlin!)

Hugh Bliss and Max - Enter and meet Hugh Bliss. Watch Hugh transform all the inhabitants of Earth as other Hugh Blisses.

Only one force in the world can stop Hugh and that is Max.

Oh No! Separate your bliss. Hugh Bliss separates Max' Murderous hand, gluttonous stomach and slothful tail.

Three new Maxes appear: Red Max has the murderous hand, Green Max has the stomach and Blue Max has the tail.

I'm pure Bliss. Ohhh! Noooooo! I love you too!

Sam vows to get back Max' separated parts.

Look around the room. Check the statues, view screen, crystals and the public address microphone. What?

Red Murderous Max with the hand:   

Get the hand - Exit the room. Go back down the rainbow elevator and see Red Max shooting at everything.

Use the spoon bending talisman on the giant spork held by the Hugh Bliss statue.

Go close to where Red Max is doing his rampage.

When Red Max stands on the roller coaster, take the gun out of inventory and use it on the green button of the roller coaster ride.

Watch. Sam takes the hand and Max gets it back. No-o-o!

Blue Slothful Max with the tail:

Exit the Blister of Tranquility. See Blue Max lying by the bulletin board. He sure spreads his ennui.

Talk to Blue Max. Sam tries to turn him over. He's heavier than he looks.

Get the deed to the US - Go back to earth.

Go to the office. Use the gastrokinesis talisman on Leonard to get the deed to the United States.

If you go to Bosco now, he wants to know the blue book value of the US and insists on cash.

Sell the United States - Go to Sybil, the Queen of Canada's office.

Talk to Lincoln completely. She's so nice. Gives me the creeps.

Talk to Sybil completely. Click the deed to the US on Sybil. Since she is in a nice mood, she buys the US for one hundred trillions of dollars and names it Lower Saskatchewan. If she is not under the Bliss influence, she offers 300 dollars for the US.

Buy the Earthquake maker - Go to Bosco's Inconvenience - See Green Max here. Momma Bosco is being motherly.

Give Momma Bosco the one hundred trillions of dollars and get the earthquake maker remote.

The remote has to be used close to the earthquake maker satellite for it to work. Bosco parked the earthquake maker close to the moon.

Get the tail - Go back to the moon. Note that the US flag is now replaced by the Canadian flag.

Use the earthquake maker remote close to Blue Max.

Blue Max flips over when the satellite falls on the moon.

Click on Blue Max to get his tail. Max is back to his ole lazy self.

Red Gluttonous Max:

Go back to Earth and Bosco's Inconvenience.

Get the stomach - If you click on Green Max, he will eat Sam and Max.

Use the Magician's hat to get Jimmy TwoTeeth.

Give Jimmy TwoTeeth to Green Max.

Then use the magician's hat again to get Jimmy TwoTeeth out of the hat. (Thanks, gremlin!)

He comes out holding on to Green Max' stomach. That's my boy!

The Confrontation

Hugh Bliss versus Max:

Go back to the moon and Blister of Tranquility.

Go up the rainbow elevator. Sam and Max are in Hugh's inner sanctum. Get him! Uh Oh!

Find out that Hugh Bliss is really sentient bacteria that cannot die. They feed on endorphins of people experiencing true Bliss.

Torture of Sam:

Rainbow Wheel of Death - Sam is turning around and around.

Use the spoon bending talisman on the spoon holding Hugh's head - Magic Talisman.

Click on the Magician talisman in inventory. See that the change of position.

Separate your Bliss - See Sam placed inside a box and Hugh sawing him in half.

Use the Magician's talisman. The 2 changes place again.

Sam holds the saw. Use the saw anywhere outside the box or cut Hugh's head off.

Ticket to Oblivion - See Sam inside the Lunar Lander.

Use the Magician's talisman. The 2 changes place again.

Cleansing Bath of Annihilation - See Sam inside the Water Tank.

Use the Magician's talisman. The 2 changes place again.

Look around and see that the Lunar Lander is sealed shut. Check things around you and see that nothing works.

If you take a step away, Hugh comes out of the bath. Ah, ah, ah.

Rainbow Wheel of Death - The whole thing starts over. Not again!

Use the Magician's talisman. Check things around here.

Separate your Bliss - Use the Magician's talisman.

Now that Sam is holding the saw, use saw on the Lunar Lander. It falls down.

Cleansing Bath of Annihilation - Use the Magician's talisman.

Use the Lunar Lander key on the Lunar Lander.

Now let's go save the world.

Watch the credits for a recollection of Season 1.

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