!!! WARNING - this solution does not say about all you can see in
              the game, it only clears the way to finish the game.

PART I - The Frozen Lands

As a Quickthorpe you start at the gates of the village of Balkhane talking to
the village elder, talk to him until he gives you a talisman. Go to the
bridge, talk to hunter - he reveals nothing but talk to him. Don't go over
the bridge, but go to stones in the stream (Quickthorpe can't swim). Go to
The Old House, go to cellar and take the rope and the statuette. Go out the
cellar, try to open the door to Welda's house - you get ghost, use
the talisman on him. In Welda's house get the bag of seeds. Now go to
The Frozen Lake, look at the chair in the boat, look closer and talk to
Simbeline (the Goddes of the Lake), she give you an Orb with the part of
herself. Go to The Edge Of The Forest and talk to thief, then give him the
statuette. Go to well and talk with hunter, then go to The Path of Sculptures,
look at figures, talk with crow and boy, find the shield buried in snow. Go
to The Hollow Tree, talk to little Drimm, look at stump, look closer, use
lever and the tree door will open. Use bag of seeds on bird, look inside the
nest, take the neklace. Now return to thief at the edge of the forest and
give the necklace to him, he give you gloves. OK, return to hollow tree,
go inside, look at dead adventurers, take the ring, use gloves, take
the psychedelic fruit. Now go to The Crossroads go to bushy path, hide behind
the bush, the ogre will go out from the cave, go into the cave using small
hole above the blocked entrance. Inside cave look at pillow, look closer,
take key, use key on the chest and take the bottle of oil, and exit from cave.
Go to the well, use rope on spool, then use it again to go down the well,
inside use the Simbeline's spirit and get half of stone that lies on the
floor, go to the cave take the second half of the stone, connect stones,
go out. Return to the crossroads, try to take the middle road, the bandits
will show up, give the bandits leader the ring you found in the hollow tree,
now you have a dead leader :), take his knife and scarf. Take the middle road
and go to The Ravine, use stone you found in the well. Go to The Top Of The
Ravine and take the match from dead body. Now you are all set up to kill the
Ice Giant. Go to his palace and when he will show up, use oil on him then use
match on him - no more Ice Giant. Go inside the palace, use the scarf from
the dead bandit on the shield, and use shield on Quickthorpe, now you can
safe go for the Emerald. Take it. Talk to eagle, give him psychedelic fruit,
and enjoy the flight.

PART II - The Land Of Mists

Talk to lizard guard, then go to The Swamp Path, look what's under the bridge,
take the dead possum. Go to lizard guard and give him possum, he will hand
over his hearing aid - a horn. Look closely at the horn and you get wax plugs,
go to swamp path, plug them in your ears and go to spider nest - when Jemima
falls down take her drum. At spider's nest use the horn and take the key from
the skeleton. Go to lizard guard and use the drum, search him to get the key
to the tower, also take his spear. Go inside, take wool blanket, the book
from behind the curtain, the axe and use the key you found on the skeleton on
cage. Talk to Iris, she give you a blowing powder. Go to The Stairs of Mists,
take the vase with water, go to The Ancient City, use the powder on vase with
water to get rid of Titan. Use the axe on the gatekeeper's door, inside find
gold coins. Go outside, press the three plates to open city gates. Go inside,
talk to beggar about his leg, go to gargoyles' house, talk to gargoyle father,
take lollipop from gargoyle child (just grab it when he take it from his
mouth). Go talk to beggar again, go to library, talk to Izion, give him
the book you found in wooden tower, he will give you Mecubarz' Key and small
key. At outside the library use this key to free the gargoyle, so you can go
to the temple. In the temple use the spear on the Snake Demon and get
the Diamond. Look at the bones and take the gold. Go outside, go to ship,
talk to captain, talk to cabin boy, give lollipop to the cabin boy and talk
again to the captain. Enjoy the flight.

PART III - The Engulfed Fortress

Onboard the ship go to captain's cabin, take the parchment, socks and hair
pin, use pin to change it to lockpick, using lockpick to open the box and
take magic gem. Exit cabin, go to the hatch, take meat from barrel, put it
in socks, go up, use stuffed sock on shark. Use gem, use parchment and dive
(use water). Now you play under water. Talk to seahorses, go right to Siren,
don't listen her, use knife on oyster, take pearl. Go away, go to Coral Path
use knife on shells to get next two pearls, next go to The Engulfed Fortress,
talk to Leroy, go to crossroads and wait here util seahorses come, talk to
them, they will give you kelp weed. Go to fortress, give kelp weed to Leroy
and take shovel. Go to The Shell, talk to William. Knock at the door and
offer Kouppa pearls (you should have three). Give him pearls and he give you
the map. Go to crossroads, dig up the treasure, take it, go to coral path.
Talk to Khor, give him treasure, take his spear, go inside the cave. In the
tunnels, walk around until you find crowbar, then search for the locked door.
Use crowbar on door, go inside. Inside talk to the Gorgon and she tell you to
kill her or just destroy star window with Khor's spear. Take Sapphire, move
the control switch down. Exit room and tunnels, but try to remember the way -
you will have to come back here. Go to main entrance, use elevator
platform (you should go down). When platform stop, use wool blanket and fly
down to The Land of Shadows.

PART IV - The Land Of Shadows

First move the switch to get elevator down, then talk to the gate to open it.
Inside you will be catched by guards and taken to prison cell. In the cell
take the cup and the spoon, look at floor ramp and use spoon on it. Go
through the tunnel to the other cell, talk to prisoner, when he die look at
him and take the key. Return to your cell, use key on door and you are free.
Talk to guards, one of them will give you his ID. Go to the bridge, use Khor's
spear on Quickthorpe to get to the other side. Go to the top of the ledge.
Talk to Grim Ripper, show him guard's ID, use cup on river Styx, cross
the river and go to Fire Demon. Tell him you are just leaving so he will not
blow you up immediately. Use cup with lava on demon, take the Ruby and exit
using empty catacomb.

Now you have all four jewels, use them all on Mecubarz' Key. Go up by
elevator, go to the room where you killed Gorgon, use Mecubarz' Key on
security port, go inside. Use button by the middle chair, use middle
zero-gravity chair and that's all - you've just finished the game -
enjoy the ending.


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