Puzzle-solving adventure by THE ADVENTURE COMPANY




A solution by Lu Richardson





General tips:


Keep your eyes peeled. Before you move from the spot where you are, look all around you, upwards, downwards and eye level - make full use of the cursor. Some items are very hard to see; not all you'll find are necessary, but finding them is part of the fun. Save every time you complete a puzzle or enter a new area. Bear in mind, when solving puzzles, that when the item you are trying to place is over the correct spot it gains in size.




This solution:


In order to keep it brief, I've thought up some conventions. "Left" is "L", "right" is "R". When I say "turn left", "turn right" or "turn around" I mean on the spot, without actually moving in any direction. Instead of saying "move forward", I say "on", assuming you've first found the directional cursor. More abbreviations to keep things short: "?" means move your cursor till you find the ? and left click on it to read the info. "T" means, find the triangle cursor on a puzzle and left click to set it going. "Watch" means there is a cut-scene or a conversation. Just look and listen. OK?




From the start:







After the intro, ? on the boat. Turn around, on, on, on. In the village spot the doorway you can enter and go in. Pick up the photo, turn left and ? on the telescope. Out. Click on the three guys, watch. Walk past them, on the left. Turn around, keep advancing and looking down to the L and slightly behind you till you see a book; ? on it. Look up and go into the tree.






Move in the only direction you can and you get a body swap. T on the puzzle, watch.



PUZZLE: Click on the following keys, in this order: yellow, orange, yellow orange, red, orange, orange.



Watch. At the end, click on the mask. Watch. ? on the R side of the gate, then go through.






Turn R and on, turn R and pick up the blue bananas. On, turn R and go to the river - oops! Back to the path, on go up the stairs. T on the puzzle.



PUZZLE: Imagine that the four columns in front are numbered 1 to 4, left to right. Click on them in this order: 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 4.



Watch. On towards the village, slightly on your R. Turn around and pick up the grey stones. Turn once more and on to the village. Enter the hut by the pink guys and pick up the wing chocs. Out and click on the guys. Watch. Go past them on the L and cross the bridge. Watch. Follow the path to the village and enter the house on your L (the one with the brown curtain). Pick up the knife. Out. Enter the hut to your R (with the purple curtains). Pick up the lamp off the table, ? on the closed cupboard, T on the pair of wings.



PUZZLE: Place the wing chocs on the oval beneath the wings.



Watch. Look behind you and pick up the lizard chocs. Go towards the boat and look behind you. ? on the door. Go on the canoe. Watch. Turn to your R and pick up the hammer, turn R and enter door. Turn around and ? on the phone. Turn to the machine and T on it.



PUZZLE: Click on one of the red buttons then hit the pipes above the machine with the hammer.


Watch. You find yourself outside the door (you can save, go back in and have a look around but there is nothing you can do here at the moment; don't bother). Use the canoe. Watch. Turn L and pick up the purple stones. Turn L some more and pick up the shoe chocs. With your back to the river, turn L and on. Look L and pick up the red tape. Turn L and pick up the white stones: look up at the boulder. Go back to the river: with it behind you, T on the space in front of you. Watch. You end up at the village, turn R and pick up the bananas. Turn R and on. At the path, turn to your R and pick up the bag behind the tree. On along the path. At the foot of the stairs turn L and pick up the black tape. Climb the stairs.


Turn R and advance to the corner, get the monkey chocs. Turn L, on, turn left, on. ? on the dark patch; if you turn R you will see a compass. Go back to the fountain, T on it.



PUZZLES: Place the bag in front of the fountain, place the white stones on the bag, pick up the bag and turn around. T on the basin, place the bag on it. You end up in a room with some sandals in a case. T on the case, push the yellow button beneath the sandals, place the shoe choc in the drawer, get the sandals.



Leave the temple altogether, go down the path and into the village. This time turn slightly L, on and you will be with your back to the river. Go L to the boulder we saw before. T on it.



PUZZLE: Place the sandals on the boulder.



Watch, pick up the broken ladder, back to the river. This time go to the R and turn R to see the hut. T on the strange boulder.



PUZZLE: Place the broken ladder in front of you. Use the black tape on it, pick up the ladder and use it against the door.



Go up and turn around, ? to the L of the door, turn around again and cross the bridge till you get to the ape, T on him.



PUZZLE: Place the bananas in front of the ape and to the L, watch, then the monkey chocs to the R.



Watch. Click on the puzzle. Watch. ? on the side of the gate, then enter it.







On towards the door, you find it closed. Turn right around and click on the "receptionist". Now turn to your R slightly and on. Turn R to pick up the candle. Turn L to pick up the statuette of a bird off the floor.


Turn R and on to the door, turn L and T on the letter box.



PUZZLE: Place the statue on the pink knob on the left and click on the knob on the right.



The door is now unlocked, turn around and go through it. Save here. ? on the door ahead. Now, with the reception room at your back and the ? door in front of you, turn left and you will see two doors with visors: let's call them 1 and 2. If you turn to your right past the ? door, there are two more doors, let's call them 3 and 4, all of them left to right, as it were. If you've moved the cursor over all the doors you will find that 1 doesn't respond, and doors 2, 3 and 4 have triangles on them. Ignore 1 and 2 for now.


Enter door 4 and turn around to see the diagram to the R of the door, turn your back on in and look to your R to pick up a bottle. On: turn L to pick up a bottle. If you look behind you you will see a door; it leads to Maintenance, where you fixed the machine with the hammer; ignore it. On twice. ? on the boxes, T on the Filler. Turn L and go on, turn R and pick up the bottle. Turn L, on, turn R and go through the door.


This time enter door 1. Turn around and go up the stairs, on, pick up the chunk of amber with the lizard, turn R and click on the guy. Go down the stairs and turn L, on, on (note this machine, we'll be coming back later), on, turn R and get the hard-to-see bottle. Go out the door.


Enter door 3. Turn L, on twice, get the abacus and T the top of the desk - flaps fly open and you see a sequence of butterflies of various colours. Turn left and on. Turn R and look at the first vat; T on the gauge and place the bottle of the matching colour under the tap, it fills and you pick it up. You must do this with each vat and each bottle, although you'll only need the red one; still, it's fun. You'll end up in front of the green vat, so turn L and on until you reach the wall. Look to your R and you will see a machine, T on it and press the butterfly button. You will see three patterns (remember the diagram?).



PUZZLE: Click once on the first pattern, three times on the second and twice on the third.



You get a pass. Turn L and leave this room.


Now for door 2. T on it and place the pass on the holder. You are in. Look to your L and pick up the wrench. Turn L some more and go to the desk. Watch. Look around and note that the double doors are locked. Turn and T on the door to the R of the chart. Place the abacus at the bottom to keep it open and go through. Turn R and on twice, turn R and T on the machine. Place the wrench in the slot. Go back to the door and enter the yellow/back rimmed one. The double doors are now open. Go through, look down and pick up the lighter. Go R and ? on the door. Go to the other side of the room, turn L to see the top of the desk. T on the stand with the butterflies.



PUZZLE: Click on the following colours: blue, red, red, blue, purple, yellow, then click on the red button.



Turn L, on, on. You'll be facing the ? door. Turn R and T on the small butterfly on the wall, turn around and use the red bottle on the blue hole. Watch.





Turn around and go through the door. On, turn R and ? on the butterfly net. Turn L and click on Maitland. Watch.


Back at the cave, click on the puzzle and watch.





? on the side of the gate and go through. Turn around and look at the volcano. First walk to the left of it. Turn slightly R and go over the crest. Turn R and ? on the volcano. Turn R and get the bee chocs, turn R and on, turn around and on. Now turn again to look at the volcano and this time make for the right hand side: on twice. Pick up the kite, look up and ? on the side of the cliff, turn R and on twice. Turn L and on. You'll end up by a Filler flying a kite, ? below him, then leave to the R of him, turn R and on, turn L and on into the village, click on the Fillers. Turn L and go through the door, turn L and click on the parrot. Watch. Turn L and pick up the coffeepot, go through the door. Turn around and you will see some cliffs in the distance, advance to them. You'll see there are three paths, take the one on the R and advance bearing left. When you come out, go to the door you'll see ahead and go through.





On, turn L and on, ? on the telephone by the door (remember this door). Slightly L and on, you'll be looking at some paintpots and such. To your R is a door to the warehouse in the Butterfly world and if you are missing any items you can go in and get them now. But I'll assume you have them all, so turn L and on. ? on the telephone, turn L and go through the door.



PUZZLE: T on the centre machine, click on the switch beneath it, a hood opens: place the amber in it, move the second and third yellow sliders all the way to the R and throw the switch again.



Watch. Pick up the lizard and turn around to leave. Outside, turn L and on. ? on the telephone, turn R and ? on the yellow vehicle and turn around to go through the door. Turn R and T on the machine.



PUZZLE: Place the lizard in the receptacle on the R, throw the switch twice.



Watch. We are back at the Volcano.



PUZZLE: Look at the inside of the volcano, now look up at the sky above and T on it. Place the kite there, then attach the coffeepot to it. When it comes back up, take it.



Turn R and on. Make your way back to the door I told you to remember following the same instructions as before. When you face it, T on it.



PUZZLE: Place the candle at the foot of the door, light it with the lighter, place the coffeepot on it.



Watch. Inside the door, ? on the machines and click on the panel to the R of them. Watch. Leave. Turn R and T on the workman. Watch. Turn R and T on the L locker. Watch. Turn L and click on the puzzle machine. Watch.





You know what to do. Once through the portal, turn L and advance, ? on the door, turn L and pick up the alien chocs, turn L and on towards the far door, turn R and go through the door. Turn L and ? on the machines, turn R and go through the door. Turn around and T on the bee poster by the door.



PUZZLE: Click once the buttons below the left monitor and you'll get a view of the Greenhouse. Click below the right monitor enough times to bring up the same view (five). Click below the centre monitor to bring up a bee (five). You should hear a noise if you've done it right.



Turn around and you will see that the machine has a triangle over it. Ignore it for now and turn L to go through the door. Go through the next door, turn R and go through the door. You are back at Maintenance. Turn L and go through the door, on and watch.


Turn slightly L and on. On again - you start climbing the beanstalk, so look about you every time you go up. When your companion talks to you, look about you for a leaf with a red mark. T on it and collect the seed which will appear. Back down and, when you reach floor level, turn slightly L and T on the half-hidden bee.



PUZZLE: Just place the bee chocs on the spot below the bee.



Now you are back in Maintenance, turn slightly R and out of the hole, Go through the door. Turn R and through the door to the control room. Turn right and through the door. Turn L and through the far door. Turn L and T on the machine. place the seed in the drawer. Watch the Finale.


Game over (a bit abruptly, I thought). After the credits, you can wander about the jungle if you want.


If anyone has any problems with this game contact me ([email protected]).













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