The Jules Verne Collection




Puzzle-solving adventure by The Adventure Company


A solution by Lu Richardson




The Product:


This is a delightful adventure, full of humour and original puzzles. Since you end up on the moon, expect strange surroundings and creatures. The graphics are great and the interface easy. A pity I'm tone deaf and can't do sums for toffee or I would have enjoyed it a lot more.



General tips:


As most games of this type, it's a trial-and-error effort. It's fairly logical, though; you might want to have a go yourself and consult this solution only if you are really stuck.


Look around you very carefully, miss nothing. Examine everything in your inventory as you get items. Consult your log frequently.


And, oh, yes... save a lot!



The Solution:





As you start a New Game, save immediately. Take your time looking around and try things out, get used to the interface. As soon as you begin to run out of air, reload and go for it in earnest.


From the start, click on the guy to your left, then on the one to your right, then look at the newspaper cutting above him. Click on the short strap next to it and pick up the wrench. Turn around, advance to the back and pick up the can of potassium by the sink and the funnel. Use one on the other to combine them. Use the wrench on the bolts of the porthole on the ground. Watch.


You will now see a red stain on Barbicane. Click on him and get the key. Open the cupboard above him and get the Monograph to the centre left, then get the potash which was behind it. Grab the small knife from the bottom shelf. Get two bunches of raffia from the centre.


Turn your attention to the body and read the torn letter. You'll start to suffocate. Turn to your left and advance to the back. Click on the meshed dish and place the potash in the bowl, click again on it to place it over the flame. You are OK again. Return to the body, click on the wallet and then take the hat and combine it with the small knife - read the letter. When you click on the blanket you hear a suggestion. Use the raffia on it and then pick up the body.


Turn to Nicholl, examine his mouth and his wallet, then take the rifle. Use the raffia on the blanket and take the body. Pick up the can opener which was underneath. Walk to the other end (by the sink) and look at the chicken. Pick up the charred paper to the right of it, partially under the seat. Go to the burner and turn the valve till you get a small yellow flame - use that on the charred page to read it. Turn the valve to the small blue flame again.


Go to the cupboard and take everything you can, save the raffia. Click on the compartment to the bottom right. Get the glass on the left and click on the one to the right, then on the bottle of cyanide. This concludes the investigation.


Remove the bolts of the other portholes plus the one above which your reach by the stepladder. At some point you become weightless and you must collect the potassium drops by swinging the can with the funnel over them. Once that's over, examine the porthole on the floor and the contents of your inventory. The red retrorocket is already full, but the blue one is not. Use the small knife with the cartridges to get the gunpowder and combine it with the blue retrorocket.


Lift the red lid by the floor porthole and insert the red retrorocket - do the same with the blue one. Open the porthole and dump the two bodies. If at any time you begin to suffocate, turn the burner's flame up.


Press the button above the retrorockets when the green light is steady. Presently you will be landing. You'll need to get rid of stuff: drop anything large in your inventory (e.g., rifle, large strap, spanner, plant - don't worry, you'll recover them later) through the porthole. The needle must remain in the yellow section of the indicator. You should make it safely. Big save (i.e., don't overwrite it).








As you exit the shell you will automatically look around. Get three of the green fruit in front of the shell. Feed Ardan one (in the inventory, pick up the fruit and click it on his picture) to hear what he has to say; replace the fruit you've used from the pile on the ground.


Turn left and advance; turn around and pick up the yellow fruit. Turn around again and have a look. You will see two stony spikes either side of the huge circular pillar ahead of you; also, in the distance and about the middle of the pillar, a bluish vapour. Turn to your right, you are about to jump to the first spike (which I will call "1"). You will notice that you have to leap when the little bar going up and down the column which appears on your screen is in the green section. If you get the jump right first time you will do it automatically correctly in future occasions, so you might like to save before you jump.


Once on "1" turn left and advance to find your path blocked by two aggressive plants, one green and one yellow. Go back up the spike, turn to your left and prepare to jump to spike "2". Again, once you get there, if you turn left and advance a yellow and a blue plant get rather cross. Back up spike "2". When you get to the top you will see across, on the mountain side, some kind of cave. Jump over there.


Have a look around, pick up the coins on the ground, grab three blue fruits as they float up. Leap to spike "2", turn right and leap to spike "3". Same thing as before, only the plants are blue and red. Jump to spike "4": here the plants are red and purple. Move to spike "5", you'll find that the plants are purple and green. From here, jump to the bluish vapour in the centre of the pillar.


The Centre



When you get there you automatically turn to your left to find a twisted porthole cover (pick it up) and you get a suggestion. Now, with your back to the purple plants, go to your right. Pick up a bunch of lunar reeds, examine the instruments, use a coin on the telescope to discover a building on the mountaintop. There is a panel with some of the ideograms erased. Walk across to the other side, where another panel has all the ideograms intact. Also there is a broken telescope and another lunar coin. With your back to the instruments, go left then down some stairs. Pick up some more yellow fruit and examine the bizarre instrument. It's stuck. Turn your back on it and advance to a door, click on it. Turn to your right and advance to the shells. Pick up three samples of soil. Pick up the lunar raffia (as ever, three lots) and also the dead branch. Examine it and you'll get a clue. Now, it's as well to remember that you'll probably be coming back here to get more samples of soil/raffia.


Time to learn the art of hybrid forming. Combine a yellow fruit with soil. Combine a green fruit with soil. Combine both these seedlings with lunar raffia and you have a new hybrid. You might as well combine a blue fruit with soil to get a seedling ready. Replenish the samples of soil, raffia and whatever else you can in the way of available fruit.


Turn around and advance to the organ - look at it and remember where it is. Turn right and up the stairs. You'll see a couple of valves on your left. Move ahead. Look to your right and you will see two things: one, a picture of an alien head. In fact, the centre of the pillar, seen from above, is a representation of a head. More about this later.


The second one is a funny contraption. You will notice a kind of bolt which has to be moved out of the way by using the yellow levers alternatively. You will soon see the actions caused by each movement of the levers. Click twice on the left lever, twice on the right lever, once on the left, twice on the right. When the panel opens up, use the now visible switch to open the door on your right. Before you go up those stairs, go back to the two levers and use them. Now you can go up and out. Go to the bluish vapour and leap to spike "3".


Use the yellow/green hybrid on the blue and red plants. You can now advance towards the centre: here you will find red fruit and perhaps one of the items you tossed out. Combine the red fruit with soil and combine this seedling with the blue seedling you have already prepared plus the lunar raffia. Move to spike "5" and use the red/blue hybrid on the purple and green plants. Here your way is barred by a creature who spits at you.


Prepare a hybrid using blue and yellow seedlings. Go to spike "4" and use this hybrid on the red and purple plants. Again you'll be blocked by a spitting creature, but pick up 3 purple fruits from the floor to its left. Combine a purple seedling with a red one to form another hybrid; you also have to combine a purple seedling with a green one to form yet another hybrid.


Go to spike "1"; use the red/purple hybrid to get through. Here you'll find green and yellow fruit and the vine plant you tossed. Go to spike "2" and use the green/purple hybrid to get more fruit and some of the items you dumped.


From here jump to the cave on the mountainside. Time to make compotes. You can, of course experiment and eat them. If you poison yourself, you can use the glass to collect some water and drink it. That sorts you out. I leave that to you.


Using the pan, combine a green and a purple fruit. Place the pan on the lava pit to cook it. Take it to the creature at "5" and feed it. Pick up everything available, particularly the conch. Back to the cave and make a compote of purple and red fruit (you might need to go and collect more red fruit from "3"). Feed it to the chap at "4"; you'll be able to get all the items strewn about here.


Now, before we move on it would be a good idea to jump to the bluish vapour and find the soil. Place the five hybrids you've made on the last page of your inventory so you don't lose them. Then proceed to make as many hybrids of the type you've made before as you can - these you will be able to sell later on, and you'll need the money. Replenish stuff before you leave.


OK, jump your way to the cave on the mountainside.



The Mountain



Here, combine a blue fruit with soil and the resulting seedling with the vine plant and raffia. Plant this on the soil and a vine will grow. You can take some grapes if you like. Climbing this vine will get you to the top, but you need to learn the ideograms, so...


Make a compote with a blue fruit and a yellow fruit, placing the pan on the lava - click the pan on Ardan in the Inventory. The screen will go green but you will be able to understand the ideograms. Make another blue/yellow compote.


Turn to your right and look at the wall. Jump up to your right and look at the wall on your left. Jump up to your left and look at the wall on your right. Again, jump up to your right and look at the wall on your left. Once more jump up to your left and look at the wall. Go up the stairs and you've reached the building. Here is another one of those spitting characters - feed him the compote you made and pick up a bit of spit. Have a look around, particularly at the drawing on the wall.


Go back down the stairs. You will see a strange machine for making gears. Look at the circular pillar ahead of you: note the colours of the plants. So click on the machine to change the sections of the gear to match, i. e., clockwise from the top, purple, red, blue, yellow and green. Take the gear. Make another one but this time in reverse order: the colours should be, clockwise, purple, green, yellow, blue, red. Make yet another gear like the first.


The Building



Go up the stairs and to the door. Turn left and, the matched colours gear on the panel and pull the lever - the door will open. Enter and you will automatically turn right to look at the pictures on the wall; note particularly the three ideograms under the figures. Have a look around. To your left there is another door and in front of you, a gate. Step up to it and look at the panel to your left; click on the three ideograms you saw on the wall and the gate will open. Enter and you will look around automatically.


Step forward and look to your left. Use the can opener and collect everything. Click on the inscription under the ideograms and check your log. One inscription might not mean anything much at the moment but I think the other is quite clear: the triangle is worth three dots (i.e., it has three sides) so it represents the number three. You can work out the rest. Examine the items you've just taken.


Go back to the gate and turn left. Use the iron bar to open the sarcophagus. Take everything and examine it. Turn to the right of the gate and have a look at the panel. By counting the sides of each symbol you can figure out which number they represent so you get:


Top row: 8, 3, 7, 10, 6

Bottom row: 9, 11, 5, 4, 12


You will see that there is a green light under two of the symbols and this means you have to add them up (even I can do that!). I suppose this is random but I got green lights under 3 and 4, so I just clicked on 7. The shutter over the ball beneath opens a crack. Add the next two numbers, click on the correct symbol and it will open some more. And so on until the gate opens.


Inside the Building



Forward and right to the other door. Use your next gear and pull the lever to open it. In. Go to your left and look at the wall. Turn left and go through the archway to examine a broken machine; examine the parabolic mirror frame. Pick up the hopper and the ax off the floor.


Go back through the archway, turn right and go to the end of the corridor. This is a shaft of some sort - press the button on the right and a lift will come. Go in and examine everything. In front of you there is an indication (green light) of where you are. Turn right to look at the panel with the corresponding ideograms. Also three keyholes. Use the Level 0 key in your inventory on the top one. You will see you can go to four locations. Well, we are at the top (counting from the bottom this is the 6th floor) so let us visit the other three.


Fifth floor: Turn left and you will come to a contraption on the wall, examine it and note the sums to the left of it. Don't use it just now. There are some exploding mushrooms here. Go to the other end of this level, examining everything and noting the numbers on the ground. In the last room, use the leakproof globe to collect some chlorine from the yellow clouds.


The Selenian Dignitary



As you head for the fourth floor you are intercepted, find yourself in front of a dignitary and have a lengthy chat. Pay attention. Big save.


You will notice an insect's head has appeared in the lower left hand corner of the screen, and above it a number which represents your intelligence. This number should be above 200 by now if only just. Click on the button to the left. Consult the list of the ideograms you know in your inventory and press the button in front of the Selenite.


If you get them all correct, based on what you know and what you can surmise, your intelligence will go up. You will also be invited to try your hand at the next test. Turn left and click on the harmonic educator. There are 12 buttons on the left and 12 on the right. Click on the first button at the top of the left panel and try to find the matching sound on the panel to the right. When you find it, click again on the button to the left and the correct one on the right and both will remain lit. The order is always random, so you are on your own in this one. When all the buttons remain lit, you've passed the test.


Get the Level 1 key. Click on the shell to the right of the Selenite to get some info. Talk to him to get some more. Use all the options. He won't part with some information without cash, so you need to get some.


If you place the cursor on the key-obtaining button you will observe that your next level of intelligence should be 300. As you solve the various puzzles around the building your intelligence will go up. The picture under your current score will flash when you come across a puzzle which will increase it.


Anyway, while facing the Selenian, turn to your right and click on the machine there. You are told what it is for. Now is the time to sell the dignitary whatever you have which you don't need. Look at your inventory and sell him the hybrids I asked you to make in the centre of the pillar (pick them up from your inventory and place the cursor on him - say you are willing to sell). Get rid also of things you don't need such as the broken can opener, the twisted cover, the rifle, the straps, the cans and the gold necklace.


Now you can ask the question for which he wanted money. To understand what he means, look at your feet and you will see you are at point 14 (a dot is one and a dash is 5, remember?) - so we need to find point 6. OK, turn right to the distributor to see what there is. Buy the mechanical elbow, the leakproof globe and the mechanical hand.


To leave, call up the lift and get in. You'll notice you are in the 3rd floor. Take the Level 0 key and insert the Level 1 key. Let's go and see what there is in the other floors.


Fourth floor: Go right to the kitchen and help yourself to everything you find. Go to the other end and try to talk to the character there. Note that he has a pull now and again from a feeder to his left. If you've looked at everything, let's go to the...


Second floor: As you step forward you hear the insect talking to you. Look at the door on the left and turn right. Look at the ground and click on the machine in front of you. It would appear that you have to add one to the figure on the left and two to the one on the right. Look at the panel: it has two figures and two squares below, then a dot and a dash and the symbol for Enter on the bottom right hand corner. Well, I was never any good at maths and couldn't figure it out. What I did was click on the first square and press the dot, then click on the second square and press the dot twice. Then Enter. That got me absolutely nowhere till, entering stuff at random, I ended up with three dots as the first figure. I clicked on the square below it and pressed the dash and bingo! the panel opened and I was able to use the switch to open the lab door on the left. I reloaded and tried again and the first time I couldn't do the trick with the three dots, but the second time I did. Sorry I can't be more helpful here.


Anyway, enter the lab and have a good look around. Examine everything. With the fruit in the kitchen and the soil and raffia here you should be able to make all the hybrids you'll need.


Leave and go along the corridor to the other room; try to pick anything up. No dice. Go to the 4th floor and to the kitchen. Make up a compote of a yellow and green fruit and put it in the vat. Go back to the 2nd floor, the guy in there won't notice you. Use the can to get some acid (yellow stuff in a vat) and combine this with the conch. Watch. Refill the can and pick up everything you can here, not forgetting the cupboard to the right of the Selenian.


Go to the distributor on the 3rd floor and this time you should be able to buy the pink and green gluance (glue to you). If necessary, make some more hybrids and sell them. Combine the damaged flute, lunar reeds and gluance.


Go to the 4th floor to talk to the guy there but he isn't himself. Go to the kitchen, turn left and pull the lever. Now you can go back and talk to him. At some point he will set you some logic tests. For the first, use the following green lines in your answers: 1, 1, 2, 2, 1. For the second, use the following green lines: 1, 3, 3, 1, 1.


Go to the kitchen and make a compote with a yellow and a green fruit. Go to the 5th floor and the exploding mushrooms. Use the spanner on the mechanical arm and it will get dismantled. Combine the mechanical hand and elbow you purchased with the straight arm bits to get a new mechanical arm. Use the compote on Ardan, use the mechanical arm to catch a falling mushroom and place it immediately in a leakproof globe.


By now you should have an intelligence of 300. Go to the third floor and press the button to get the Level 2 key. Watch what happens. Try the button again and you will find your intelligence needs to be 500 for the Level 3 key.


Go to the 4th floor and to Scurvy. Turn left and use the Level 2 key in the keyhole. The panel will open and you will see a bust. Touch it and it will fall down - pick it up, use the spanner on it and you'll get some sodium chloride. Use the gluance with the bits of the statue to repair it, then restore it to where it was.


Go to the 5th floor (where the mushrooms are) and look at the puzzle on the wall. Look at your feet - you are at point 6. Click on the puzzle - you will see two numbers and two squares under them. Click on the square to the right, press the grey dash and the dot then press Enter. Exit the puzzle and use the Level 2 key on the keyhole. When the panel opens, use the switch to open the door to your left. Go in, pull the lever on your left to shut one door then the lever on the right to open the other one. Have a look around. To exit, do as before: shut one door before you open the other one.


Go to the 2nd floor and talk to Scrupul to get all his info.


By the way (just for fun) you could go to the kitchen, make a compote with the grapes and a blue fruit, add it to the vat and get the two Selenians drunk.


Go to the 6th floor (take the Level 2 key with you) and walk across the corridor to the puzzle on the wall. Use the key on the keyhole to the left. Identifying the pictures which will appear, move the arms and legs of the puppets above till their positions match the pictures. When they all do, a drawer will open at floor level and you'll get a control box.


Get back to the lift, use the Level 2 key, go to the kitchen and replenish your supplies of fruit. Go to the 2nd floor and enter...


The Lab



Big save. OK, check your log and look again at the pictures with instructions either side of the purifying machine as well as at the machine itself. Before we start, you are going to need 1 green/yellow compote, 2 purple/red compotes, a green/purple hybrid, a purple fruit, a purple seedling and 3 purple/red hybrids. Prepare all you can, going to the kitchen for more fruit as necessary.


Face the purifier. Place the belt on the two wheels to the right, the shovel on the gap at the front and an empty leakproof globe on the top. You will notice that all four valves are stuck. Place a purple/red compote in the machine through the gap. Watch what happens. Make another purple/red compote and try again, only this time use the mechanical arm on each valve as it grows red.


If all goes well, you get slippery Zubroo: combine it with the spit you picked up before entering the building and you'll get grease. Sort of. Use it on one of the valves to grease them all.


Put a green/purple hybrid in the machine. You get a powder: mix it with the sodium chloride to get a Star. Put a purple seedling in the machine and you get some isotopes. Try the purple fruit next to get a concentrate. Chuck in a purple/red hybrid and you get a powder: combine this with the globe containing the spores to get a explosive mixture. We need three lots of this so make a green/yellow compote, go to the mushrooms on the 5th floor, eat the compote and use the mechanical arm to grab one, place it in the now empty leakproof globe. Back to the lab, repeat the last operation to get the other explosive mixtures.


Now turn around and use the isotopes on the weighing machine. Drag 3 isotopes to each of the trays - they'll be marked as of equal weight, leaving 3 more. Drag one to each of the trays and you'll find out which is the lightest plus you get intelligence points.


The Broken Machine



We are now done in the lab. Next, travel to the 6th floor and the machine. Have a good look at it. Click on the workable parts to find out what to do. Plug the hole at the bottom with the gluance and use the grease at the top. Make a crushing roller with an ax, a gear and a cogged cylinder, placing it between the other two to the bottom left. Place the hopper in front on the rollers and put the blue ore in it. Attach the funnel to the pipe above and pour the contents of the can into it. Finally, place the handle on the stand to the right and pull it. Collect the blue liquid which will appear below with the can and combine it with a blue fruit and the concentrate. You know have the equivalent of potash.


The Hall of Ancients



Get to the lift and go down to the 1st floor. Have a good look around - note the tiny gap through which you cannot go. Use the Star on the machine and watch. Inside the hall, have a look around. Take the items opposite the contraption, examine the ideograms on the wall. Turn to the contraption, click on it and you will be told what to do. For now, place the can on the stone to the left and fill it. Pick it up and leave, pulling the lever to open the door.


The Parabolic Mirror



Now look into your inventory and repair the mirror with the glue. Read the log. Take the lift to the 6th floor taking the Level 2 key with you, advance to the frame in the machine room and place the mirror on it. Put the control box on the tubes. Consult the log to remind yourself of the ideograms you saw at the Hall. Click on the control and move the lever to the left 7 notches (the 0 doesn't count) by clicking on the right arrow below. Move the lever to the right 4 notches by the same means. You have established contact with Earth. Choose the last green line and ask for some plants to be sent.


The Message on the Painting



Go to the pillar, jump to the bluish vapour and look around for a column of smoke - that's where your plants have landed. Jump to the appropriate spike and you will be able to gather some cotton. Use that on the can and the paining and a secret message is revealed. Do you remember the picture of the Lunar head where the two valves where? Go and look at it again, if you like. The centre of the pillar represents the head of the Supreme Ruler. The eyes are the two pools by the telescopes. Go to the one with the telescope that worked. Press the two water ideograms, in the next line the last one to the right and in the last one the third button. Turn the switch so that the water flows to the *right*. Go to the pool with the broken telescope and press all the water symbols save the one on the top right hand corner. The panel will open. Turn the switch so that the water will flow to the *left*. Now turn to the number panel and look at it. Imagine that the buttons are, left to right and top to bottom





Press the following: A, D, B, D, C, D, E, D, F, D


Go to the other one and press A. Go to the picture of the Supreme Ruler and you will find an inexhaustible source of sodium chloride. Apart from increasing your intelligence with this puzzle, I don't really see the point. You could make lots of green/purple hybrids and combine them with the sodium to make Stars - every time you use one in the 1st floor you get more intelligence, I don't know whether by design or because there is a bug.


At any rate, go back to the machine in the 1st floor and place the can on the stone to the left, pull the lever to fill it up, grease the middle handle, move it to the right and press the button above it. The can will empty into the container to the right. Move the handle back, pull the lever to the left to fill the can again. Move the handle to the right and press the button. One more time, fill the can and empty it into the container. You get left with just enough liquid in the can. Take the can.


Painting the Shell



Go outside the building (take the Level 2 key with you), down the stairs, down the vine to the cave. You might like to make yourself a yellow/green compote to get more bounce. Leap all the way to the shell, repel the plants with a red/purple hybrid. Combine the can with the isotope and a blue fruit, use the result on the shell. Now use the iron bar on the stone. Watch.


The Organ



Go to the bluish vapour. Reverse the flow of the water by the telescopes, i.e., so that it flows towards the organ.


Go down the stairs and look at the big slider. Grease it and click on the number 1 spot (0 doesn't count, as you know); the door behind you opens. Go to the organ and use the Level 2 key on the keyhole next to the panel. Study it and note that each pair of colours represents a calling tune for each one of the exiles. Thus, if you press the blue and yellow knobs you'll get a little song from the particular exile, which you have to replicate with the organ. Fortunately, the knobs you have to click light up for you so you can't go wrong. Or can you?


So press blue and yellow knobs and keep clicking on the ones which light up until the exile goes through the door. Next try the green and purple knobs. Again, when the exile goes through the door, use the purple and red knobs. When all three exiles are in, make sure you have the key, grab some raffia and follow them.


Take the lift to the 6th floor, up the stairs, into the necropolis, walk to the end, turn left and replace the iron bar, lunar tool, empty leakproof globe and the Level 0 key in the sarcophagus. On exiting you'll find that the panel has changed. A red light under a number means you have to subtract it. So add the green numbers, subtract the red ones and click on the result. Of course, you could hang around here and boost your intelligence by solving the puzzle. When you try it again, the numbers with blue lights below have to be multiplied and divided by the numbers with a yellow light.


Take the lift to the 3rd floor and get the Level 3 key.


Going Home



Go to the 4th floor and speak to Scurvy. Watch. As soon as you are in command, turn to the keyhole and insert the Level 3 key into it. Place one of the explosive mixtures beneath. Enter the shell and burn a raffia at the flame. Combine it with the chlorine. Take the two retrorockets, fill them with the explosive mixtures and replace them in their holes. Put the protective shield on the open lid of the porthole, put the four nuts on it and tighten them with the wrench. Click on the rooster. Exit the shell go left to the levers. Between them there is a slider. Using the right button, move the arrow all the way to the right then pull the lever attached to the slider. Go back inside the shell, shut the porthole and wait. Watch.




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