FAQ/Walkthrough by Chadman15

Created: August 27, 2002
Last Update: September 6, 2002
Version: 1.2
Email: [email protected]

    1a - Intro
    1b - Ships
    1c - Your Crew
    1d - Hotkeys
    2a - Setting Up a Quick Battle Game
    2b - General Quick Battle Tips
    2c - Fighting the Romulan Warbird
    3a - Intro
    3b - Tips
    3c - Walkthrough
    4a - Cheats
    4b - Humor
    4c - Web Sites to Check Out
    4d - Acknowledgements
    4e - Version History
    4f - Legal Information


1a - INTRO

Welcome to Star Trek: Bridge Commander. I'm sure many, many Star Trek fans have
been waiting for a game like this for a long time. A game like Independence War
with a Star Trek twist. Well, now it finally exists (sorry, but Starfleet
Academy was a good effort, but not a good finished product, so it doesn't
count). Bridge Commander gives players the opportunity to command the most
advanced ships in Starfleet in battle, stealth, and diplomacy. So sit back and
enjoy this very fine game. You are the captain. You have the conn.

1b - Ships

The following types of starships appear in the game:

Phasers: 8 Type X Collimated Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes: 6 Mark 80 Photon/Quantum Torpedo Tubes (4 Forward & 2 Aft)
Shield Ratings: 15 Fore, 10 Aft, 10 Dorsal, 10 Ventral, 10 Port, 10 Starboard
Hull Rating: 9

Phasers: 8 Type IX Collimated Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes: 4 Mark 75 Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward & 2 Aft)
Shield Ratings: 9 Fore, 7 Aft, 7 Dorsal, 7 Ventral, 7 Port, 7 Starboard
Hull Rating: 13

Phasers: 8 Type X Collimated Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes: 6 Mark 80 Direct Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes (4 Forward & 2 Aft)
Shield Ratings: 13 Fore, 9 Aft, 9 Dorsal, 9 Ventral, 9 Port, 9 Starboard
Hull Rating: 15

Phasers: 8 Type X Collimated Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes: 6 Mark 80 Direct Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes (4 Forward & 2 Aft)
Shield Ratings: 12 Fore, 8 Aft, 8 Dorsal, 8 Ventral, 8 Port, 8 Starboard
Hull Rating: 12

Phasers: 8 Type XII Collimated Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes: 6 Mark 95 Direct Fire Photon/Quantum/Plasma Torpedo Tubes (4 F & 2 A)
Special: Regenerative Shielding, Ablative Hull Armor, Phased Plasma Torpedoes
Shield Ratings: 17 Fore, 11 Aft, 17 Dorsal, 17 Ventral, 11 Port, 11 Starboard
Hull Rating: 12

Phasers: 2 Side-Mounted Gravitic Disruptor Cannons
Torpedoes: 1 Type KP-5 Photon Torpedo Tube (Forward)
Special: Cloaking Device
Shield Rating: 13 Forward, 7 Aft, 7 Dorsal, 4 Ventral, 4 Port, 4 Starboard
Hull Rating: 4

Phasers: 1 Forward-Mounted Disruptor Beam, 2 Side-Mounted Gravitiv Disruptors
Torpedoes: 3 'ethl'a' Type Photon Torpedo Tubes (2 Forward & 1 Aft)
Special: Cloaking Device
Shield Rating: 38 Fore, 10 Aft, 5 Dorsal, 4 Ventral, 6 Port, 6 Starboard
Hull Rating: 18

Phasers: 1 Forward Disruptor Beam, 4 Side-Mounted Disruptor Cannons
Torpedoes: 2 Direct Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes (1 Forward & 1 Aft)
Special: Cloaking Device
Shield Rating: 8 Fore, 8 Aft. 8 Dorsal, 8 Ventral, 8 Port, 8 Starboard
Hull Rating: 24

Phasers: 4 Spiral Wave Compressor Beams
Torpedoes: 1 Photon Torpedo Tube (Forward)
Shield Rating: 9 Fore, 1 Aft, 3 Dorsal, 2 Ventral, 3 Port, 2 Starboard
Hull Rating: 4

Phasers: 4 Spiral Wave Compressor Beams
Torpedoes: 2 Photon Torpedo Tubes (1 Forward & 1 Aft)
Shield Rating: 11 Fore, 2 Aft, 6 Dorsal, 5 Ventral, 6 Port, 6 Starboard
Hull Rating: 5

Phasers: 1 Ventral Phaser Beam, 2 High Power Plasma Energy Emitters
Shield Rating: 10 Fore, 7 Aft, 5 Dorsal, 7 Ventral, 5 Port, 5 Starboard
Hull Rating: 10


Name: Saffi Ingrid Larsen
Age: 42
Species: Human
POB: Goddard Moon Colony
DOB: 11/12/2336
RANK: Commander

Name: Miguel Pedro Diaz
Age: 33
Species: Human
POB: Sonora, Mexico, Earth
DOB: 3/23/2345
RANK: Lieutenant Commander

Name: Felix Savali
Age: 25
Species: Human
POB: Apia, Western Samoa, Earth
DOB: 8/7/2353
RANK: Lieutenant

Name: Kiska LoMar
Age: 22
Species: Bajoran
POB: Bajor
DOB: Sirtor 17, 2353
RANK: Ensign

Name: Solian Jarso Brex
Age: 42
Species: Bolian
POB: Bolarus IX
DOB: 21 Assinian, 2336
RANK: Lieutenant Commander


These keys are defaults, and can be altered on the Configuration menu. In fact,
I highly suggest you do, because you'll probably do better controlling the ship
with the arrow keys than the W-A-S-D setup some drunk person at Totally Games!
thought up.

SHIP COMMANDS (When in Tactical Mode):
W - Turn ship down
A - Turn ship left
S - Turn ship right
D - Turn ship up
Q - Roll ship left
E - Roll ship right
F - Fire Phasers
X - Fire Torpedoes
G - Fire Disruptors
0 - Stop ship
1-9 - Set speed
R - Reverse
CTRL-I - Intercept target
ALT-T - Toggle tractor beam on/off
ALT-C - Toggle cloaking device on/off
CTRL-D - Self-destruct



It's quite simple really. On the main meny, just press "Quick Battle". You'll be
presented with a loading screen that could last from half a minute to two or
three minutes, depending on your processor and RAM.
You will now be facing Saffi, and you'll have a button that says "Quick Battle
Setup". Press it. You will see a screen that has a list of categories on the
left side. Pressing the arrows beside the categories will bring up a list of
ships under that category. Select a ship, and its picture and information will
appear. You can now choose an AI level (the higher the AI level, the smarter the
ship), and add the selected ship to either the friendly side or enemy side. Note
that race affiliations (i.e., Federation, Romulan, Cardassian, etc.) play
absolutely no role in Quick Battle. When you have added your desired friendly
and enemy ships (by the way, you are not required to assign friendlies, but you
must assign at least one enemy), press the "Player and Region" button at the top
of the screen.
The left side and center of this screen are identical to the first screen. The
right side, however, presents the player with a list of possible star systems
(choose "Deep Space" for fastest loading times). To choose one, just press it.
To choose the ship you command, simply press the arrow beside the category it
falls under and press the button corresponding to the ship. Your ship's picture
and information will be displayed in the center of the screen. Below the
information, you have a choice of either Sovereign-class or Galaxy-class bridge.
Once you have chosen your ship and region, press the "Start" button. You will
see "Loading" on the viewscreen, and then you're ready to go.


-Most non-Federation starships have "blind spots", which are positions that
their weapons can't get to. Try to stay in your enemy's blind spot, while
keeping them out of yours. This tip really doesn't apply to Federation
starships, which usually have phaser strips facing every direction.

-Don't get right in front of the enemy's bow. That's where their torpedo
launcher is. Think about it.

-Stay moving. If you just sit there, you're basically painting "Torpedo Me!" on
your hull. Speed level 6 or above is pretty good.

-Here's a tip for avoiding torpedoes: stay at about speed level 7 at all times.
When the enemy fires a torpedo, boost to speed level 9, then do a sharp turn.

-If you find yourself with weapons severely damaged, you can just do evasive
maneuvers until they're repaired. If, like me, you don't have that kind of
patience, you can just press CTRL-D to self-destruct.

-Rotate your phaser arcs. What I mean by this is, don't fire from one single
phaser strip for too long. Fire until the current strip is light yellow, then
rotate your ship and fire another one. This ensures that no one phaser strip
ever goes completely red, and if you don't follow this advice, you may quite
often end up with ALL your phaser strips temporarily in the red.

-Don't use up all your torpedoes. They can't be reloaded in Quick Battle. (Of
course, I don't know what kind of target would require 240 torpedoes...)


Fighting the Romulan Warbird may seem hard at first. When I first played this
game, it destroyed me even when I played as Sovereign. But what I've discovered
is, if you do it right, fighting the Warbird is actually rediculously easy.

You see, the Warbird has only one phaser emitter, and it's right smack on the
bow. It also has four disruptors, but they face forward as well. So all you have
to do is get behind the Warbird, match speed with it, and just keep shooting it.
At Easy or Medium difficulty, the Warbird doesn't even bother to turn around.
(I've actually never tried it on Hard. I'll get back to you in the next


3a - INTRO

In the single player campaign, you start out commanding the Galaxy-class ship
U.S.S. Dauntless, following the explosion of the Vesuvi star. You must provide
relief to affected colonies, then solve the mystery behind the Vesuvi event.

A ways into the game, however, you are reassigned to command of the U.S.S.
Sovereign, first of the new super-advanced class that includes the Enterprise-E.
As you play through the campaign, you will face many adversaries, make many new
friends, and uncover a threat previously unknown to the Federation.

3b - TIPS

-Follow Starfleet's orders. Failing to do so will result in a game over.

-If you are unsure of what to do, talk to Saffi and press the "Orders" button.

-When you are in command of the Sovereign, use Quantum torpedoes sparingly.
Starbase 12 can't restock them until a little ways into the game.

-You may visit Starbase 12 at any time to repair and restock torpedoes.


Hey, I use FAQs, too, so I know this is the reason 90% of you are here. So I'll
just cut to the chase.

"Picking up the Pieces"

-You start with a transmission from Admiral Liu, who gives you your assignment
to aid the Geki and Haven Colonies, which were both damaged in the Vesuvi Event.
-Captain Picard will join you for this mission, and will offer you help giving
orders to your crew if you need it.
-You'll watch Picard give the crew orders to prepare to get underway, then see
the Dauntless sail out of drydock, but you can press 's' if you want to skip all
-You will now be in control of your ship. Your first task is to report to
Starbase 12 to receive the supplies needed by the colonies. Click on Kiska (in
front of you to your left), and press "Set Course", followed by "Starbase 12".
Then press "Warp" and you'll be on your way.
-When you reach Starbase 12, you'll be quite a ways away, so press Kiska again,
press "Set Nav Point", and click "Starbase 12 Nav". Ksika will automatically fly
you in toward the Nav Point, and when you get within about a hundred kilometers
of it, click Kiska again and press "Dock". In the future, when you warp to
Starbase 12, you won't be so far away, and you can just press "Dock"
-When you've received supplies, you'll automatically undock, so now you should
press Kiska, set course for Vesuvi, and warp.
-When you arrive, the director of the Haven colony will inform you that there's
debris around the planet that you need to clear out. Picard will offer a
tactical tutorial if you want it.
-Click Saffi and have her go to Red Alert. This will bring weapons online.
-You can have Felix take out the debris for you, or press the space bar and do
it yourself. If you do, you can use phasers alone, but using phasers and
torpedoes together can speed things up.
-Once the debris is gone, click Kiska and press Hail, followed by "Vesuvi 6 -
Haven". (Do not press "Haven Facility", as this refers to the orbiting space
station around the planet, and that's abandoned, so you'd only be talking to
-Director Soams will tell you that there are now several planetary fragments
heading toward the planet. When he's done talking, click Miguel and press "Scan
Area". He'll tell you that there are five fragments in two groups.
-Since time is of the essence here, I very much suggest you use torpedoes and
phasers togther.
-The fragments are labeled 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, and 3a, with "a" and "b" being the
two groups. Target any fragment in Group A, then click Kiska and press
"Intercept". When you get in range, destroy the three fragments. Then Intercept
Group B and destroy them.
-Director Soams will hail you, thank you, and tell you to get into orbit around
his planet. So click Kiska, press "Orbit Planet", then "Vesuvi 6 - Haven". When
you are in orbit, the supplies will be transferred.
-You will now receive a transmission from Admiral Liu, telling you to go to the
Tevron system and help escort the Sovereign. So, Set Course for Tevron, and
-When you arrive, have Miguel Scan Area, and your sensors will pick up the
Sovereign and two Klingon Birds of Prey. Hail the Sovereign, and you'll talk to
her Captain, who'll say they're doing some maintenance and can't get underway
-Then you'll be contacted by Captain Draxon of the Bird of Prey Ran'Kuf. He says
he can now leave, but he mentions that he suspects he was followed into the
Tevron system by two cloaked vessels.
-Before Draxon can leave, two Romulan Warbirds decloak, and you are contacted by
Captain Torenn of the Soryak. She says she's suspicious that there are two
Sovereign-class vessels (the Enteprise and the Sovereign itself) around the same
time as the Vesuvi event, and she wonders about their connection to the
explosion of Vesuvi.
-The Klingons end up picking a fight, so join in. Once the Warbirds take enough
damage, they'll warp out.
-The Klingons soon leave, taking Picard with them. The Zhukov then comes to take
over escorting the Sovereign, and you should now warp to the Vesuvi system. That
will end this episode.

"Know Thine Enemy"

-When you arrive in the Vesuvi System, press Set Course, click Vesuvi, and
choose Geki Colony, then Warp. When you arrive at the Geki Colony, tell Kiska to
orbit the planet.
-When you enter orbit, Hail the Geki Colony. Your teams and supplies will beam
to the surface.
-You will now receive a distress signal from a Cardassian freighter that has
been attacked by a Romulan Warbird. Kiska says the signal is coming from the
Beol system, so Set Course for there and Warp.
-When you arrive you'll pick up two contacts. Target one and order Kiska to
Intercept, when you get closer, they'll be revealed as the Cardassian freighter
Karoon and Romulan Warbird Soryak. The Romulans are towing the Soryak into the
asteroid belt. When you get close, Torenn will contact you, tell you the
Cardassians on the freighter are smugglers, and leave.
-The Karoon is drifting, and in order to prevent it from hitting an asteroid,
target it, tell Kiska to Intercept, and engage the tractor beam. The tractor
beam may be out of range, but will engage automatically when it is in range.
When the Karoon is stopped, you can release the tractor beam. The Cardassian Gul
will contact you.
-The Romulan Warbird will then decloak and fire on you. So go to Red Alert and
fight back.
-When you have damaged them enough, the Romulans will leave.
-After the Romulans are gone, the Gul will contact you again, and when you ask
what he's carrying, he'll say relief supplies for a Cardassian outpost. But he's
got a dampening field over the ship, so when Miguel scans him he can't read
anything, indicating that the Cardassians are hiding something.
-Admiral Liu will contact you and tell you to go to Serris to invesigate
suspicious activities. But you can't warp from inside the asteroid field, so
click Kiska, press Nav Point, and choose Field Exit. When you arrive at Field
Exit, you can go to warp.
-When you arrive in Serris, tell Miguel to Scan Area. He'll say he's seeing
readings near Serris 2, and Felix says you can probably escape notice if you
take shields and weapons offline. So make sure you're on Green Alert, and Warp
to Serris 2.
-Tell Miguel to Scan Area again, and he'll pick up three ships - a Cardassian
Galor, a Cardassian Keldon, and a Frengi Marauder, the Krayvis.
-YOu can't read their communications because of the planet, so go into orbit
around the planet's only moon (make SURE weapons and shields are off). Click
Brex and boost Sensor power to 125 percent, and Kiska will be able to pick up
the signal. As it turns out, the Ferengi are delivering military supplies to the
Cardassians, despite the fact that this has been forbidden by a treaty.
-The Cardassians will leave, and the Krayvis will begin powering up to leave.
Close in on the Krayvis and disable its Warp Engines (that's where they're gray
on the damage bar - but make sure you don't destroy them).
-DaiMon Pragg will contact you, and he'll claim he knows nothing about what he
was transporting.
-The Cardassians will return and begin firing on the Krayvis. You should destroy
the Galor, but the Keldon will warp out when it's too damaged.
-Pragg will now tell you a little more about his cargo, saying he got it from a
trader in the Neutral Zone, that the Cardassians must not be allowed to have it
because they told Pragg not to go through any Federation inspection points.
-He will leave, and Admiral Liu will contact you. Seems that some Klingons and
Cardassians are getting all riled up at Biranu Station, and you need to go
diffuse the situation (they even use the classic Star Trek "only ship in the
area" line). Warp to Biranu.
-When you arrive, you'll find the Cardassians and Klingons exchanging verbal
blows, and then begin fighting. Picard, however, orders you to stay out of the
-Soon, though, the Cardassians begin firing on Biranu Station. Destroy two
Cardassian ships and the other two will warp away. Captain Draxon says he's
going to chase them and asks you to join, and Kiska tells you the Cardassians
warped to Biranu 1. Go ahead, follow them. Though it's not essential.
-After a few minutes, two more Cardassian Galors will approach Biranu Station.
If you stayed behind, you're already there, but if you followed the Klingons to
Biranu 1, Warp back to Biranu 2 immediately!
-When the two Galors are destroyed, Picard will contact you and say he
recognized the Cardassian ships as belonging to the House Arterius. He says that
the crew of Biranu Station will be evacuated to Starbase 12, and you need to
stay and stand guard until the evacuation ship arrives.
-Admiral Liu will now contact you. She'll commend you and say that the House
Arterius should now be regarded as pirates.

"Obscured by Clouds"

-You are now in command of the Sovereign, and this next mission is a simple
shakedown cruise. So, as soon as Admiral Liu is done talking to you, give Kiska
the order to Undock.
-Your first test is of the warp drive, so just set a course for the Savoy system
and Warp. You will notice that the warping is a bit, err, shaky. But Chief Brex
promises to fix it.
-When you arrive in the Savoy system, warp to Savoy 1.
-Your next test item is the sensors. You will automatically target the Asteroid
Amagon, so click Miguel and press Scan Target. He will give you a rather vague
response about the composition of the asteroid.
-Chief Brex will fix the sensors, and Miguel will give you a specific
composition of the asteroid. Your next item is weapons.
-Fire phasers at the Asteroid Amagon, and all your arrays will fire randomly.
Brex will fix the problem, and you can now fire a straight and true beam.
-Next on the list is quantum torpedoes and regenerative shields. But before you
manage to test them on the asteroids, the USS Geronimo will arrive and challenge
you to a friendly little war game. You can accept or decline, and should you
accept, just fire like it's an enemy - the weapons are set to simulation mode.
-Once you beat the Geronimo, assuming you fight it, the RanKuf and another Bird
of Prey will arrive and fight alongside the Geronimo in your war games. In the
Sovereign, you should be able to take out all three, unless your combat skills
are crappy.
-Once the battle's over, the Birds of Prey will warp out, followed by the
Gernimo. You will then by contacted by Admiral Liu. You are to warp to Vesuvi to
help with the investigation of the Vesuvi event. So, Warp to Vesuvi.
-When you arrive in Vesuvi, you'll see a Romulan Warbird warping to the Dust
Cloud, which is your destination as well, and the location of the Berkley. Kiska
will automatically lay in a course for the Dust Cloud, so all you have to do is
-When you arrive at the Dust Cloud, there's no sign of the Warbird. So, hail the
Berkley and Captain Haley will respond. She'll say Commander Data is beaming
aboard, and Data will soon arrive on the bridge. He'll explain that the star
should have lasted 10 billion more years, and while they managed to locate some
stellar debris, the Berkley couldn't get close enough to scan it. That's where
the Sovereign - and its regenerative shielding - come in.
-There are four Nav Points that contain possible pieces of stellar debris. Three
of them are planetary fragments, and one is the stellar debris you need. I'll
just go ahead and tell you which Nav Point contains the stellar debris, of
course. Proceed to Nav Point 2, and there will be 5 pieces of debris. Scan them
all (you must be within 20 kilometers of the object because of the radiation),
and one of them will be what you're looking for. Data will examine the debris
and determine that the explosion of Vesuvi was caused by an outside force.
-You will now receive a distress signal from the Berkley. It's under attack by
unknown forces. So, proceed to Nav Point Berkley.
-When you arrive Captain Haley will say that the attackers ran off, and her
long-range communications are down, so you'll have to contact Starfleet for her.
-For one of the few times in the game, Saffi does not automatically contact
Starfleet, and you must click on her and press "Contact Starfleet".
-Admiral Liu will tell you to track down the attackers, and Data will enter a
nav point, called Nav Point Alpha, which leads to the attacker's subspace wake.
So, proceed to Nav Point Alpha.
-When you arrive, you'll have a target called "Unknown Object". Miguel will say
it looks like a probe. Target it, then click Miguel and tell him to Scan Target.
-The probe will self-destruct, and then Data will determine another possible
location of the attackers, labeled Nav Point Beta. Go there.
-When you arrive, Data says he lost the trail. But remember that Warbird you saw
earlier, warping toward the Dust Cloud? It's here now, but it's destroyed,
obviously by the same attacker that attacked the Berkley.
-Two Romulan Warbirds will now enter the system. They see you, they see a
destroyed Warbird. This does not look good.
-The Romulans will attack, and Data will soon suggest that you retreat into the
Dust Cloud. But you should be able to handle the Warbirds, provided you use the
Quantum Torpedoes.
-When the battle is over, order Kiska to Contact Starfleet.
-Admiral Liu will tell you that the House Arterius has severed connections with
the government and gone rogue. She tells you to patrol three systems - Itari,
Voltair, and Xi Entrades.
-You may visit the three systems in any order.
-When you go to the Voltair system, you'll receive a distress call from the
Ferengi Marauder Krayvis. Warp to Voltair 1 and you'll see the Krayvis under
attack by three Galors. Damage them enough and make them all flee. DaiMon Pragg
will contact you. He'll tell you that the Romulans are not the attackers.
-When you go to Xi Entrades, you'll see two Romulan Warbirds. They'll claim that
you caused the attacks. They then say the only way they'll trust you is if you
drop your shields. They won't attack, so go to Green Alert, and they'll be all
nice and then leave.
-When you go to Itari, you'll see Romulans and Cardassians engaged in battle.
The Romulans are outnumbered. The Romulan commander claims that you've come to
join the Cardassians in destroying the Romulans. Prove him wrong by destroying
the Cardassian vessels. The Romulan commander now says he trusts you and leaves.
-When you have visited all three systems, you will receive a distress signal
from some Klingons in the Belaruz system. So, Warp there.
-When you arrive, the Klingons wil tell you they were looking for the Bird of
Prey GonDev and encountered a strange vessel. He then says his ship was damaged
and asks you to scan the area for the GonDev.
-Tell Miguel to Scan Area. You will see the GonDev, destroyed. You tell the
JonKa, and he asks for a lifesigns scan. But, due to radiation, you must again
be within 20 kilometers. So, approach the GonDev and tell Miguel to Scan Target.
You will find that there are no lifesigns.
-Three Cardassian ships will warp into the system, but the Klingon commander
will assure you that the ships they encountered were not Cardassian.
-You will be contacted by Matan, head of the House Arterius.
-The Cardassians will open fire. Galor 2 will escape when you damage it, but you
can destroy Galor 1, and Matan's ship will warp out after it's taken about fifty
percent damage.
-The Klingons will pursue the Cardassians, and you must follow to help them out.
Scan Area for their warp trail, and Miguel will tell you to go to Belaruz 2. So,
Warp there. You will encounter three Cardassian Galors. Galor 2 will warp away
when damaged too much, but Galors 3 and 4 will fight to the bloody end. The
Klingons will thank you and leave.
-Admiral Liu will contact you. You are to return to Starbase 12.

"Indefinite Presence"

-Admiral Liu will tell you to search for Cardassian outposts, particularly the
shipyard that's supplying them with fresh ships. You are to destroy and outposts
you find. Your first destination is the Riha system. Set Course for it and Warp.
-When you arrive at Riha, you'll find Cardassians engaged with the RanKuf. There
are also several freighters, but they warp out before Miguel can tell what
they're carrying.
-More Cardassians will arrive, and a battle will ensue. Fight well.
-When all Cardassians are destroyed, Miguel will say that the freighters' warp
trail leads to the Cebelrai system, set Warp there.
-When you arrive, you'll see an outpost and a bunch of freighters. The
freighters will warp away. Your target now is the outpost. Destroy it. Try to
stay within phaser and torpedo range, but stay out of theirs. Not easy. And one
essential tip: target their power core. If you try to target the whole thing and
destroy it, you'll never succeed. Target the power core, because as soon as you
destroy it, the resulting explosion will take out the whole outpost.
-You can now make the two Galors flee, and then Korbus of the JonKa will contact
you, saying he has information for you that you must receive in person. He's in
the Belaruz system, so Set Course and Warp.
-When you arrive, Korbus will beam aboard your ship, and switch places with
Felix, temporarily becoming your tactical officer. Korbus gives you what he has
on the mystery attacker, and Data surmises that the ship is probably in the
Voltair system. Set Course there and Warp.
-When you arrive, tell Miguel to Scan Area, and he'll say the warp trails lead
to Voltair 1, where he's also seeing strange readings. Warp to Voltair 1.
-YOu will see Cardassians and a ship of unknown configuration. The Unknown Ship
will soon power up to go to warp. Have Kiska Intercept it, and as soon as you're
within 50 kilometers of it, have Miguel Scan Target. He will find that it is a
mix of Cardassian and some alien technology. But Data will need time to find its
warp trail. Meanwhile, you have Cardassians to deal with.
-Along with the two Keldons already there, two Galors will warp in as well. When
they are all destroyed, Felix will return to the bridge, and Korbus will leave.
-Data says the warp signature of the Unknown Ship is almost impossible to track.
Your only destination now the the Nepenthe system, where the freighters from the
Cardassian outpost went. Set Course and Warp.
-When you arrive, you'll be at the edge of an asteroid field. Near the planet
are two Cardassian freighters, and Miguel says some warships are on their way.
Data says if you hide in the middle of the asteroid field, it may hide the ship
long enough. Kiska will make a Nav Point called Center of Asteroid Field and
automatically target it, so just tell her to Intercept.
-Brex will suggest that you cut power to weapons, shields, and engines. Make
sure you're on Green Alert, AND talk to Brex and bring engines down to zero
percent as well.
-The Cardassians and some unfamiliar aliens - the Kessok - will be talking, but
you can't understand most of what the Kessok say.
-Soon, though, the Cardassians will detect you. Matan and the Kessok ship will
leave, but two Galors will stay behind to fight you. Destroy them. One tip,
though: be careful not to hit an asteroid. You will die if you do.
-When you've destroyed the Galors, Data will say he's figured out a bunch of
stuff. But now a bunch of Cardassians will warp in, so just Warp to Starbase 12
-When you arrive at the Starbase, Admiral Liu will tell you that they've located
a Cardassian shipyard in the Chambana system, and you should destroy it. The
Enterprise will join you for this attack.
-Picard will contact you. When he's done talking, Warp to Chambana.
-When you arrive, the Enterprise will hold off the warships, leaving you to take
out the outpost. You'll already be in weapons range, so don't move forward any.
Just use your Quantums and phasers, and again target the power plant.
-When you're done, Admiral Liu will tell you to return to Starbase 12. So,
return to Starbase 12.

"Found and Lost"

NOTE: No, that is not supposed to be "Lost and Found". It is not a typo.

-Admiral Liu will tell you that you are to find a Cardassian outpost that the
USS Geronimo was looking for when it was discovered and attacked.
-Click Data and press Play Log. You'll hear Captain MacCray's log, saying he
believes the outpost is in the Prendel system. Set Course and Warp.
-When you arrive, have Miguel Scan Area, and you'll see that there is absolutely
no activity in the Prendel system, despite how confident MacCray was. Strange.
-Warp to Prendel 3, and have Miguel Scan Area. He'll see strange readings, and
Kiska will input a Nav Point called Strange Readings. Fly to this Nav Point, and
you'll see an unknown station.
-Have Kiska Intercept it, but stop as soon as Miguel says you're clear of the
planet's interference. It's obviously the Cardassian outpost, so have Miguel
Scan Target.
-The station's weapons will come online and fire at you, so destroy the
station's sensor array, effectively rendering their weapons useless (because
they can't target you).
-Data will beam to the station, and after a few seconds, three Galors will warp
in. You can destroy two, and the other will warp out when heavily damaged.
-Soon after the attack, Data will get the information he needs. Destroy the
outpost, and Admiral Liu will contact you to tell you that she has new
intelligence and you should return to Starbase 12.
-Admiral Liu says the mysterious device indicated in the outpost's logs is
probably in Alioth. So, Warp there.
-Now, what you WOULD have to do is search every planet individually. But that's
why you have this guide. Warp immediately to Alioth 6, and there'll be a couple
satellites orbiting the planet. You have two choices: destroy the satellites,
and a Cardassian patrol will warp in, which you should be able to dispatch. OR
you can attempt to stay 50 kilometers from the satellites at all times as you
orbit and scan the planet. The choice is yours.
-In any case, once you scan the planet, Miguel will detect what may be the
device. Data will go down to the planet in a shuttle.
-Soon, though, a very large Cardassian strike force will enter, and you can't
get a lock on Data, and he can't leave in the shuttle, so you have to leave him
behind. Warp to Starbase 12.

"Too Firm a Grasp"

-The House Arterius has delcared war on the Federation, and your first
assignment is in the Artrus system, where you need to delay the Cardassian
forces. Warp there.
-You'll be facing two Galors. Destroy them both and two more Galors and a Keldon
will warp in. Dispatch them immediately.
-Admiral Liu will tell you to go to the Ona system to help the Devore and the
Venture. Warp to Ona. You'll face a Keldon and three Galors. Since it's you and
three other Federation vessels, the odds aren't bad.
-Three more Cardassian ships (Keldon and two Galors) will warp in. Destroy them,
and the Liu will tell you that more Cardssians are on their way, and so they're
giving the system up and evacuating the Savoy Station. Warp to Savoy, where
you'll be holding off Cardassians while the Devore continues into the system to
cover the evacuation of Savoy Station.
-A Keldon and a Galor will enter the system. Destroy them. Three more ships - a
Keldon and two Galors, will enter. Destroy them. Two Keldons will enter, and
will warp to Savoy 1. Follow them and destroy them, then remain at Savoy 1 until
all three transports are away.
-Return to Starbase 12.
-You are now going to escort the Nightingale as it rescues some stranded
starship crews. Warp to the Geble system to meet up with the Nightingale (you'll
probably want to dock at Starbase 12 for repairs before you leave).
-When you arrive, Nightingale will tell you that you're starting at Geble 3.
Warp there.
-When you arrive at Geble 3, there will be remains of ships and six escape pods
(the escape pods won't be visible immediately). You're supposed to help the
Nightingale retrieve the escape pods, but Cardassians will be warping in so
frequently you won't be able to touch one. Just make sure the Cardassians don't
destroy the Nightingale.
-When all pods are retrieved, you'll get a distress call from the Serris system
- it's from the Dauntless. Warp to Serris.
-When you arrive, you'll see a destroyed freighter, and Miguel will say that the
Dauntless is at Serris 1. Warp there. You'll see the Dauntless, heavily damaged
and about to explode. The Nightingale will begin evacuating it, so just keep the
area clear of Cardassians.
-When the Dauntless is evacuated, it'll explode, and you should now return to
Starbase 12.
-You will receive orders to lead a strike team to retake Savoy Station. The
Khitomer will be the operational control. Hail the Khitomer.
-Willis will explain that you must not let Savoy Station be destroyed. Warp to
-You'll see two Galors and a Keldon, all of which will warp out when damaged.
Warp to Savoy 1, where you'll see give Cardassian ships. Wipe them out. All of
them. When they're gone, the Khitomer will launch its shuttles. But then five
more Cardassian ships will enter. Two of them are transports carrying Cardassian
troops. They are your first priority. It is imperative that you not let them
board the station. When they're gone, take out the three warships. The warships
will, by the way, begin firing on Savoy Station.
-When they've been destroyed, return to Starbase 12. Liu will tell you to find
the Cardassian Command and Control base. She gives you a list of four systems to
search - Prendel, Riha, Tezle, and Yiles.
-Naturally, I'll just tell you which system it's in. Warp to the Tezle system,
and tell Miguel to Scan Area. He'll say he's seeing two Cardassian vessels, but
he can't get a reading on the planet, because they're jamming your sensors. Warp
to Tezle 1, but Miguel still can't get a reading. Miguel will prepare a probe to
launch at the planet, and the Cardassians will move to engage. Go to Red Alert,
then get within one hundred kilometers of the planet, the tell Miguel to Launch
Probe. Make sure the Cardassians don't destroy the probe. Once you get the
readings back from the probe, return to Starbase 12.
-Liu will talk to you, then Commander Willis of the Khitomer. Once he's done,
Warp to Prendel and engage the two Galors. You will then receive a signal from
the Khitomer, saying they are meeting heavy resistance at Tezle. Warp to Tezle.
-You'll fight three Galors and a Keldon. When they're destroyed, Warp to Tezle
-The Khitomer will orbit the planet and launch four shuttles. When they're all
launched, a Keldon and Galor will enter. Destroy them, and don't let them attack
the Khitomer.
-Soon, a Kessok ship will Warp in, followed by two more Kessoks and a Galor.
Fight them off.
-Not long after, three more Kessoks will enter. Destroy them. Eventually, two
more Kessoks and a Keldon will enter. By this time, the Khitomer will be pulling
their forces off the surface, preparing to withdraw. Basically, Kessok forces
will just keep pouring in with no end. Well, it'll end when you withdraw.
Anyway. Just keep fighting.
-Eventually, the four shuttles will come up from the planet and warp off. When
they're all gone. You are to follow them. Unfortunately, due to a bug, I cannot
supply the exact name of the system, but that's okay because they give it in the
game anyway. When you arrive, Liu will tell you that a Cardassian strike force
is headed for Starbase 12 to attack. Warp to Starbase 12.


-When you arrive at Starbase 12, there won't be any Cardassians yet. After a few
minutes, three Keldons will arrive. Take 'em out. Three more Keldons will warp
in. Destroy them. Three Kessok ships will enter, so destroy them, too, and
they'll flee.
-The Enterprise and Gernimo will pursue them, but you are to remain in case any
-Liu will contact you to give you another assignment, but will be interrupted by
the report that six contacts are warping in. She gets off, but when the six
conctacts come in, they're just freighters. But when Miguel scans them, he finds
that they're loaded with plasma explosives and are going to ram the starbase! It
would be a good idea to boost power to engines to get to them quicker, because
you don't want those things reaching their goal. Just phaser them to death,
that's all you gotta do. Well, use torpedoes, too. Definitely.
-When the freighters are gone, you'll receive orders to transport Ambassador
Saalek to talks with the Romulans and Klingons. Saalek will come aboard, and
give Kiska the system you're to warp to, Albirea. She'll automatically target
it, so you can just press Warp. However, it would be wise to Dock with the
Starbase first.
-When you arrive, a Romulan Warbird and Klingon Vor'Cha cruiser will decloak and
talk to you.
-Saalek will leave, and after a few minutes, three Cardassians vessels will warp
in, and the Romulans and Klingons will get all mad at each other. Anyway, just
destroy the Cardassians. Soon enough, however, two more Keldons and a Galor will
warp in. Destroy them.
-When all six Cardassian vessels are gone, the Vor'Cha will begin firing on the
Warbird. Eventually, the Warbird will knock out the Vor'Cha's weapons, and
Korbus will try to ram them. Tell Kiska to Intercept, turn on your tractor beam,
then target the Vor'Cha's impulse engines and disable them. Things will being to
look up when Saalek informs you that the Alliance is in place.
-Return to Starbase 12.
-Liu will give you orders to destroy four Cardassian sensor posts in the
Poseidon, Artrus, Geble, and Serris systems. You are then to destroy a resupply
station in the Ascela system. You should definitely take out the sensor posts
first. You can take out the sensors in any order.
-In the Poseidon system, a bunch of Kessok torpedo launchers will suddenly
decloak. Don't bother destroying them; it'll take too much time. Just finish
your work and leave.
-When you arrive at Artrus, you'll find a Galor and a Keldon. Take them out,
then go after the sensor post. Around this time, however, you will receive a
distress all from the Geronimo in the Xi Entrades system. Warp there.
-You'll see a Kessok ship and two Galors. Destroy them, and MacCray will join
you as you proceed to the next two systems.
-In the Geble system, you'll see a Kessok ship about twice the size you're used
to. It'll be a tougher fight, but at least there's only one. Once it's gone,
take out the sensor post and proceed to the next system.
-At Serris, there's three Galors circling the sensor post. Not too hard. Take
them out, then the post.
-When you've taken out all four sensor posts, Warp to Ascella.
-Warp to Ascella 3, where you'll see the station and a ton of ships. The ships,
however, are powered down. In an attempt to see what's on the freighters, Kiska
suggests that you disable one. But firing on them will make them all power up
and flee. Also, the Galors will power up to fight. Disable one freighter, then
take care of the station. Target the station's power core, and use the phased
plasma torpedoes. Once it's destroyed, don't bother to take out the Galors. Just
return to Starbase 12.
-Liu will tell you to go to Alioth to retrieve Data. However, a Cardassian
station is now orbiting Alioth 6, and you'll need to take that down. Warp to
-When you arrive at Alioth, four Galors will engage you. Destroy them and Warp
to Alioth 6.
-Along with the Cardassian station, Litvok Nor, there are three Cardassian
warships. Destroy the warships, then take out Litvok Nor the same way you've
taken out every other station in this game.
-When the Enterprise is done talking to you, Kiska will try to contact Data, but
it won't work. Boost sensor power to 125%, get into orbit around Alioth 6, then
press Kiska, select Hail, then Alioth 6.
-Data will return and tell you a bunch about the device. Return to Starbase 12.

"Arise, Fair Sun..."

-Your mission now is to locate and destroy all the sun destroying devices. Brex
will modify sensors, and Miguel will report that he sees what could be a device
in use in the Riha system, so Kiska will set course. Warp to Riha.
-When you arrive, Miguel won't be able to get accurate readings, but there are
two Kessok warships and a Galor in the area. The Kessoks will engage you, but
the Galor will remain behind. Hmm...
-Destroy the Kessok ships (not the Galor). When they're gone, disable the Galors
warp engine and impulse engines. Try to Hail them, and Miguel will find that the
crew is dead. Kiska will get the logs, though, and the logs will tell you two
important things: that there are four sun destroying devices, and that the one
in the Riha system is cloaked, with the cloaking device tied into the Galor's
power core. So, destroying the Galor will take out the cloaking device. You can
destroy it yourself, or give the eager Captain MacCray the honors, by telling
Kiska to Hail the Geronimo, then selecting Attack Target.
-Once the Galor is destroyed, the Device will decloak. Felix will say he can't
find any vulnerable areas, so boost power to sensors, then tell Miguel to Scan
Target. Data will tell you to destroy the Warp Core, and Felix will
automatically target it for you, so destroy the Device.
-Now tell Miguel to Scan Area, and he'll find one in the Ceblrai system. Kiska
will target it, so Warp there.
-Here you will find six Kessok vessels. Durn. You don't have too much chance
destroying them all, so just evade them and destroy the device. When the Kessok
vessels start coming at you, target the Device and tell Kiska to Intercept. This
will fly you right past the Kessok Cruisers. Now take out the Device, fast.
-When the Device is destroyed, the Kessok will flee. Hmm... Anyway, have Miguel
Scan Area again, and he says the next device might be in Belaruz. Warp there.
-When you arrive, you'll be right in front of a huge nebula. Kiska will plot a
course into the Nebula, so follow her Nav Point.
-As you approach the Nav Point, you'll find a Kessok Heavy Cruiser and the third
Device. But, the Heavy Cruiser is mysteriously not moving. Hmm... Whether or not
to fire on it is your choice. Well, once you fire on the Heavy Cruiser or the
device, the Heavy Cruiser will power up, and two Kessok Light Cruisers will
decloak and attack. It'll be tough, but destroy them, then the Device. However,
Miguel will not be able to find another one, so Saffi will contact Starfleet.
-Tell Kiska to go to the Exit Nebula Nav Point. When you reach it, Warp to
Starbase 12.
-You will be told that the fourth device is in the Omega Draconis system, where
a new Kessok colony has been founded. The Cardassians have placed tachyon
emitters in that system, preventing in-system warp and subspace communication.
You are to warp to Omega Draconis and take out the tachyon emitters, then
attempt to contact the Kessok government.
-Once you have chosen your two teammates and have finished talking to everybody,
Kiska will target Omega Draconis, so Warp there.
-You'll find five Keldons and a Tachyon Emitter. Take out the Keldons, then
destroy the Tachyon Emitter.
-When it's gone, Warp to Omega Draconis 3. Here you will find three Kessok
Heavies and two Keldons. You really don't stand a chance, so target the Tachyon
Emitter and destroy it, so you can contact the Kessok planet.
-After a time, Data will contact the Kessok and tell them of the Cardaassians
destroying the Vesuvi system with a Kessok device. The Kessok will suddenly
become allies and turn on the Keldons (assuming you haven't already destroyed
the Keldons).
-After a few minutes, four Kessok-Cardassian hybrids (Cardassian-controlled),
will warp in. They're tough, and Matan himself is theoretically on one of them.
Destroy them all, and Brex will report that it'll be a few moments before you
can warp again.
-Soon, however, you will receive a transmission from Matan. Durn. Then, a Keldon
with a Romulan cloaking device will decloak. Matan, apparently. Soon, however,
his Keldon will warp away, and four more Hybrids will warp in. The San Francisco
and Korbus will stay to fight, and the Enterprise will warp in to fight as well,
but you are to Warp to Omega Draconis 1 to take care of Matan and that last
-Matan will cloak and tell you to that the Device is about to destroy the star.
He tells you to try to destroy it, but that seems a bit suspicious. So, get
within about ten kilometers of the Device and tell Miguel to scan it. Meanwhile,
Felix, Miguel, and Brex will devise a way to target him while cloaked the next
time he sends a message. So, prepare to fire on him as soon as he sends a
message, and get Miguel to Scan the Device.
-Miguel will report that the sun is past the point of no return, but Data
suggests that if you reverse the polarity of the Device, then it might undo what
it's done to the star so far. So, Data will suggest beaming over to the
Solarformer himself. There are two possible ways to proceed from here (both
leading to the same end). Read on to see the ending in which Data actually goes
to the Solarformer. After that is another possibility, which requires slighty
less effort.
-Possibility One: Click Data and press Go to Solarformer.
-While Data's there, Matan will decloak and attack the Solarformer. Attack his
Keldon, targetting his Sensor Array and rendering his weapons useless. When his
weapons are gone, keep attacking. It won't be long before Data returns. You
can't destroy Matan's Keldon. Not dramatic enough. When he's taken enough
damage, he drifts into the star. The star disrupts tractor beams and
transporters, so you can't save Matan, and he drifts right into the star. Durn.
-Possibilty Two: Just wait until you can target Matan again, then take out his
cloaking device, forcing him to decloak. After that, disable him like the other
possibilty, and he will drift into the sun, just like above. But this time,
Kiska will get the codes from Matan's ship, and the Solarformer can be disable
-The game ends with a cutscene mentioning negotiations with the Kessok and some
commendations for you from Captain Picard.




And here's the reason about 40% of you are reading this. Well, there ARE cheats
for Bridge Commander, just not many. But they're good cheats.

To activate cheat mode, run the game with the command line parameter
"-TestMode". Now, when you're in the game, you'll have access to all missions,
Quick Battle, and the following cheats:

SHIFT-G = God Mode
SHIFT-K = Damage targeted ship or subsystem by 25%
SHIFT-R = Repair targeted ship or subsystem
CTRL-Q  = Refill Quantum Torpedoes (only on ships that have them)

4b - HUMOR

Finished the campaign mode and nothing fun left to do? Try this:

During the game (campaign or Quick Battle), click on Brex. Press "Report" a few
times, and he'll just keep saying "I have nothing to add, Captain". However, if
you keep pressing "Report", Brex will say the following things:

"I'm in a clue-free zone over here, Captain."
"Welcome to Tanacity-ville! Population: you!"
"I really enjoy these conversations with you, Captain."
(In a Scotty accent) "I canna change the law of physics, Cappin'!"
"D***it, Jim! I'm an engineer, not a conversationalist!"


At the moment, there's really only one Bridge Commander web site worth looking
at, and it's Bridge Commander Files - You can download
new ships, weapons, mods, skins, just about anything you can think of (though
there's still no way to shut Saffi up).


-Totally Games!, for developing this game., for posting this.
-My friend Sam (not Samwise), for getting me the cheats at a time when my modem 
was malfunctioning, making my computer a lonely island, isolated from the 
Internet. Nice metaphor, huh? Anyway...
-That's about it. This was pretty much a solo effort.
-Tecmonster, a guy who emailed me to give me the second possibility at the end
of the walkthrough


Version 1.1 - Added the "Humor" section (hope to add more later). Made the end
of               Episode 6 more specific.
Version 1.2 - Added the Second Possibility to the end of the walkthrough.
              Corrected a few typos.


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