By Trecision

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     June, 2002

Game Play:           The game is both mouse and keyboard controlled. Mouse or arrow keys do the movement of the characters. Holding the Shift key will make the character run. Or press Caps lock and just use arrow keys all through the game and the characters run all the time. To change from one character to another, press F8 key. To Save game, press F1 or use the Option menu, then click on the picture with a NEW in red in the saved game frame. To use a frame with an old save on it, click on it and the new save replaces it. Press Close button to return to the game. To Load game, press F2 or use the option menu. It is advisable to just use the Options menu to save and load. To access Audio options press F3 or the Option menu. To access the PDA, where a record of conversations is recorded, press the P key or the telephone icon in inventory

First Person view - Pressing the spacebar will change from third person view to first person. In first person view, objects can be seen closer than in third person view but the character cannot run or walk. In first person view: to look around - use the arrow keys or Shift key + cursor, to crouch - press Z key or to raise the view - press the A key. To examine an object, left click the mouse and to take an item, right click the mouse.

Inventory screen - Pressing the Tab key opens the inventory and pressing it again closes it. Select an object by left click of the mouse and to turn the object for 3-D examination by left click/hold/move cursor. To combine objects or give to a person - select an object, then right click (cursor will change to an arrow with +) and left click the object to combine with or person to give the item to. If the 2 main characters are in different rooms, a telephone icon will appear above the inventory item list. When the telephone icon is clicked, the other character will come to that location. When a bar appears on the telephone icon, it means that both characters cannot be together at that same location. If the characters are very close to each other or one floor down, the change of character is not possible - specifically in the church tower. Left click on the name of the current character at the top of the screen will open the inventory of the second character. Then left click on an item on that list will transfer that item to the current character's inventory. When an object is selected the Option Menu appears on top the screen. The Save, Load and Audio options is seen.

To talk to other characters, right click on that character and a list of possible conversation will appear. Be sure to check if there is an arrow key to show more dialogue selections. Right click outside the dialogue frame will stop the conversation.

The game clock starts at 9:00 AM with the arrival of Darrel and Victoria at the castle. The progress during that time is based on the actions done within the time frame and is not related to real time.

At 2:40 AM, Darrel Boone, a paranormal expert was awakened by a call from a Law Office for an emergency consultation. In the Norman Mac Green Law Office, he meets Victoria Conroy, a lawyer and was hired to retrieve a stolen device before midnight. The stolen device looks like a big pendulum and could be used to amplify the energy of leylines. There are already disruptions noted and the eclipse of the sun will amplify it. The stolen device is possibly in an Austrian castle that is the headquarters of an organization called Multinational. They are supposed to call the Law office when the device is located. They arrive at the Castle Garden at 8:45 AM and met by Christopher Anderson, castle supervisor. They were shown to their rooms. At 9:00 AM, Victoria and Darrel meet at the 4th Floor hallway.

Castle Orientation

4th Floor -      The 4th floor has 2 locked rooms, Victoria's room, Darrel's room, service lift and the main lift. Victoria's and Darrel's rooms goes out to a common balcony that overlooks the mountains, a house in the yard to the north, hothouse, garden and a clock tower to the left.
Using the Main lift:
3rd Floor -     The third floor opens to a party area and a lounge to the left of the stairs that goes down to the mezzanine. The lounge has a stairs that goes down to the Multinational offices and a French door to the terrace (not used in the game).
2nd Floor -     The Mezzanine is accessed by the party room stairs. The stairs from the lounge accesses the Multinational Offices. The Offices have a bathroom, security door, Bureau door, blue door and stairs going down to the kitchen.
Ground (0) Floor -       The Lobby is accessed by the stairs from the mezzanine. It has the lift, main door, glass door to the Dining Room and door to the Nautorium.
            In the Dining room, there is a fireplace with a clock on it. The adjacent room has a cupboard. There are 2 doors, one that goes to the Guest restroom and the other that goes to the kitchen.         
           The Kitchen has a pantry door, a fridge door, door to go to the Multinational office, door to go outside close to the Mausoleum and door to dining room. Inside the fridge door is a glass-topped freezer that has a temperature control panel that can be adjusted.
           Inside the Guest restroom, there are doors to the male and female WC. The adjacent room has the male and female showers, entry to nautorium and the service lift (blocked from 9 -9:20 AM).
           In the Nautorium, there is the swimming pool, door to lobby, an old door and a door to the outdoors by the well and greenhouse.      
Using the service elevator (accessed after 9:20 AM):
2nd Floor -       The second floor has the door to the supervisor's apartment and the gym.
1st Floor -         The first floor has the sauna and locker rooms.
Basement (-1) -      The basement leads to a wood door of the cellar, metal door to the boiler room and the laundry at the left hallway.
Castle Gardens (Facing the main door to the castle):
At right bottom corner is the caretaker's house. At top right corner is the gardener's house. The chapel is in front of the gardener's house and beside it is the clock tower.
At the left bottom corner is the underground garage. At top left corner is the rose garden and mausoleum.
At the back of the castle is the greenhouse with an enclosed garden in the back, an aviary and an old well.

Either main character can do the activities shown unless stated by the main character his or herself and described only as such for ease in the flow of the game. The time shown is when an activity is done that moves the time and the amount of time added by such action. Some actions can be done later or earlier than what is shown. Check the PDA for clues and what to do next. After initial interviews with other cast of characters, talking to them again about new topics might reveal clues.

Exploring the Castle:

9:00 AM:         Enter either room of the main character at the 4th floor and go out to the balcony. Look at the clock tower at the upper left corner and see a gap-crack that makes it accessible. Right click on gap to climb to the clock tower. The tower has a bas-relief of a creature and an old clock on the roof. To the right of the bas-relief is a plaster that upon examination shows 'something underneath'. Look close by pressing the space bar and see a crack in the plaster.

Take the main lift to the first floor.

Darrel:     Dining room - Look close (space bar) at the carriage clock on the fireplace mantel. Take (right click) the clock key. Go to the adjacent room and open the cupboard. Look close (space bar) and take a knife.

           Shower room - Enter the door to the guest bathroom and then to the adjacent shower room. Look inside the cupboard and find a bottle of sulfuric acid at the bottom shelf. Darrel says it is used to fix water pipes but needs a container to use it. .         

Victoria:      Nautorium - Knock on old door. Greta Snyder, the Housekeeping supervisor opens the door and says that you need authorization to enter the Old Wing (trigger for Old Wing dialogue).  Talk (right click) to the supervisor's wife, Jude Roberts. Ask her about all dialogues and specially Carla Hoffman, the maid and Carla's private life (Darrel can not ask this question). Carla goes to Jude for advice to trap a rich man and settle down. Jude sounds to be not happy in her situation and her impression of the Multinationals are interesting. Right click outside the dialogue frame to end conversation.

          Go outside using the front door by the foyer. Talk to Raul Hernandez, the gardener found at the right side of the front yard. Chris Anderson maybe one of the top person in the Multinational and that his wife is one thing the other Multinationals envy him about. The Old Wing is the only place left untouched centuries ago and is full of antiques. The door to the clock tower has been removed and the entrance has been walled up.

There is a plant stand close by. The tree close to the caretaker's house has a magpie nest that cannot be reached and Raul does not want the plant stand to be taken.

The caretaker's house and chapel are locked. When you try the door of the house close to the chapel, Raul, the gardener runs over to stop you and find out that he lives there (gardener's house dialogue added).

Go to the left side of the castle's main door and see a locked entry to the garage. Go to the left side of the yard and enter the Mausoleum. The Mausoleum has a chessboard that has squares that can be clicked. Look at the plaque on the wall about Anna, beloved daughter.

Walk towards the Greenhouse. The greenhouse vibrates and finally explodes making a hole on the side (explosion dialogue added). Look close at the glass splinters and note that the glass burst towards the Mausoleum. Look close at hole and see that nothing else was destroyed except for that hole. (9:20 AM, +20 mins) Go to the mausoleum and examine the crack made by the explosion. It shows an unfinished chess game with Anna's signature on it.

Look inside the greenhouse and see another hole at the opposite side of the hole formerly seen. Open the door opposite the entry door and go out to the garden behind the greenhouse. Look at fountain, statue of angel and lion fighting. Go outside and look at the hole made at the side of the greenhouse close to the gardener's house. Seems to come from the gardener's house but no damage is seen at the walls of the house.

Exit and look at the padlocked Aviary and see a scraggly pigeon inside. Look up at the window on the abutting extension to the right of the aviary overlooking the mausoleum. It is Anderson's office.

Finding about the people in the castle:

Darrel:      Well - Look at well beside the nauturium door and try to take the well cover off. There is a ladder going down the dry well. Raul comes over and gives warning. Raul throws a plastic bottle in the bin. Look close (space bar, look down, then shift forward arrow to see the bottle) at bin with your back to the chapel and take plastic bottle.

          Nauturium - Enter the nauturium and look close at the bottom of the swimming pool. There seem to be something glittering at the bottom of the pool.

           Gym - Take the service lift, which is now accessible to the 2nd floor. Enter the door to the right and look around the gym. Look close at the bicycle and its console. Right click on battery compartment and then right click again to take the batteries.

           Sauna - Take the service elevator to the 1st floor and enter the sauna with glass windowed door. Pick up the paper bag of incense crystals.

Getting the bracelet:

           Basement - Take the service elevator to the basement (-1). The boiler room is locked. Enter the wood cellar door. Look at bottles of wine and note that somebody has been there before you drinking. Take a bottle of wine.             Exit and go to left hallway and enter the laundry room. Look close at dispenser for liquid soap between the 2 washing machines and Darrel says it is useless unless he has a container for it. Open inventory (Tab), click on plastic bottle, right click on screen (get arrow+), close the screen and click on dispenser and get detergent in inventory. (9:30AM, +10 mins)

            Kitchen - Go to the Kitchen and watch the cook imbibe while cooking. Look at the pegboard by the door and see a hook and key. Talk to Stephen Klausmann, the cook about his past life as a sailor. He mourns the destruction of his ship Aurelius. He has some interesting things to say about the caretaker and gardener's house. (Bring Victoria into the kitchen by pressing Tab and then click on her picture). Give the cook the bottle of wine (open inventory, select wine, right click, close window, click on cook). Darrel will invite him to drink by the table. The cook recounts his problems and drinks. Midway the drinking bout, Victoria takes the keys from the peg by the door. (9:45 AM, +15 mins) To take the keys from Victoria's inventory - press Tab, click telephone, click Darrel's name (will change to Victoria's name) click on Cook's keys, click on Victoria's name and see that under Darrel's inventory the keys are transferred.

           Boiler room - Go to the basement and then boiler room using the service lift. Use the cook's keys on boiler room door and enter. Look close at control panel at the far end of the room. Click the switch to turn off the pump. Go to the 2 pumps for the swimming pool and look at either of the 2 filters before water enters the pool. Open one of the filters using the knife. Pour detergent in the filter. Close the filter and turn the switch on again in the control panel. (10:00 AM, +15 mins) Watch the cut scene of Jude calling Raul because there is foam in the swimming pool.

            Nauturium - Use the service lift to the ground floor. Go down the drained swimming pool via the steps beside Jude. Darrel picks up the gold bracelet with Carla etched on it. (10:15 AM, +15 mins)

           Caretaker's House - Go to the plant stand close to the caretaker's house, pick it up, Darrel moves it to the tree, climb on plant stand, look at magpie nest and pick up a pair of eyeglasses. (10:30 AM, +15 mins). Enter the caretaker's house and talk to Henry Eistermeier especially about the gardener's house (underground cistern and tunnels), explosion in the greenhouse (happened before), old clock tower (old door covered by frescoes). Look at the desk while Henry is searching everywhere and see an open eyeglass case. Look at the carvings on the shelf done by Henry. Give him the eyeglasses. (10:40 AM, +10 mins) Take the chisel from the shelf above the writing desk.

Victoria:       4th Floor - Take the bracelet from Darrel's inventory. Go up to the 4th Floor and talk to Carla Hoffman, the maid (Darrel will not do this conversation). She is so shy she won't stand still. Give her the bracelet. (10:50 AM, +10 mins) Talk to her again about everything especially about the supervisor, Carla's private life and the gala evening. She met Antonio Corona and a friend. They were talking with Raul, who acted like he doesn't know her. When Corona was alone, he asked champagne from Carla. Corona is a bigwig from Las Vegas and asked her to go with him. He left several visiting cards to Carla. <Victoria silently says that she saw Antonio Corona on TV in FBI Most Wanted Show>. Carla gives Victoria a visiting card of Corona's. (11:00AM, +10 mins) Look at the visiting card (banknote) in inventory. Turn it around and see the #s 4, 17, 30 covered by chips.

               Enter the Fireplace room Carla just finished cleaning. Look around and open the desk drawer. Take 2 plain envelopes.

               Lounge - Go to the lounge at the third floor and talk to Greta Snyder, housekeeper.

               Multinational offices - Enter the blue door of the Meeting Room. Open the bottom door of the second bookcase from the door. Take the walkman. Enter the door marked Bureau (Supervisor's office). Talk to Christopher Anderson.

Investigate the cause of the explosion:

Darrell:       Well - Open the well cover and then enter the well. (11:15 AM, +15 mins) Cannot change character once in the underground cistern. Walk to the end of the underground cistern.

             Underground cistern - See a hole blown on the wall. Climb over the rubble to enter the hole. Look at the tubes at the bottom edge of the walls, marble door, the luminous crystals and the machine. Pull the lever down and the indicator numbers are all the same - 6. Pull the lever back up again. Look at indicator of machine (L-R 2, 7, 4, 11 and 9). Push button and lights go around the room from the crystals and open another hole in the wall. It does not matter whether the lever is up or down; when the button is pressed an explosion occurs. The button is now fused, completely destroyed. (11:25 AM, +10 mins)

             Gardener's cellar - Enter the new hole to the gardener's cellar. Take the cutter on sideboard. Open the door of the sideboard and pick up a briefcase with a combination lock and marked Corona. Need the combination. Look close at briefcase. Click on the switch and enter L-R 4, 1, 7, 3 and 0. Press the button to the right. (11:40 AM, +15 mins) Look at all the money in the briefcase and take the cassette. Look close on briefcase and then close it. The trapdoor on top of the steps is closed. Go out by way of the underground cistern and the well. Oops! Raul sees you and runs to the greenhouse. (11:50 AM, +10 mins) Close the well cover.

             Greenhouse - Go inside the greenhouse and in the garden to look for Raul. Where did he go?

Investigate the Multinationals:

             Aviary - Remember that the aviary is close to Anderson's window. Go to the aviary; look close at padlock on aviary door. Use the cutter on padlock. (12:00 PM, +10 mins) Open the door and the pigeon fly out. (12:15 PM, +15 mins) Chris Anderson sees it and calls Henry to catch it. Anderson and Henry look up a tree at the pigeon. Now, check his office.

            Multinational Offices - Go up to the Multinational office using the door to the right of the cook via nauturium and guest bathroom. On the way, see Henry fixing the washbasin in the Guest bathroom. Enter the door marked Bureau (Supervisor's office). Look at the photo of Jude. Darrel comments on her unusual necklace. Look at the photo in inventory and turn it around. The date September 7th '95 is written on the back. Look in the filing cabinet and see an invoice for an installation of a safe in Anderson's apartment with a combination 12480.

               Secret lab - Go to the door beside the bathroom. Look close at the keypad and press number from the back of Jude's picture - 9, 7, 9, 5 and then right click the enter arrow at bottom right. (12:30 PM, +15 mins) Darrel enters the secret lab. Press the red button on the metal box close to the door. Take the bag of blood and look at the preserved heart and brain. (12:35 PM, +15 mins) Open the drawer by the computer table and take the syringe. Use the syringe with the nitric acid on the table by the microscope. (12:40 PM, +5 mins) Enter the supervisor's office and try to talk to Anderson about stolen organ but Darrel wants Victoria, the lawyer to deal with this part.

                Take the walkman from Victoria's inventory. In inventory, combine batteries with walkman and then cassette with walkman. (12:45 PM, +5 mins) In inventory, look at and then right click the walkman. Listen to Antonio Corona quotes 4 different passages from the Apocalypse. In the end of the conversation, a phone number was dialed. (12:55 PM, +10 mins) In inventory, combine walkman with telephone to use the tone sequencer. In the screen, press 'acquire' and then 'process' to get 231074. (1:00 PM, +5 mins) Corona and his henchmen must still be around here.

Investigate the Old Wing:

Victoria:        Multinational offices - Take the picture of Jude from Darrel's inventory. Enter the Supervisor's office and talk to Christopher Anderson about the Stolen Organs under Supervisor dialogue. Anderson denies any knowledge of work done at the secret lab and that he has no access to that lab. Show him the photo of Jude with the access number in the back. Victoria did a major bluff about pictures, testimonies and other things to make Anderson admit his involvement. Victoria demands the keys to the Old Wing of the castle and gets it. (1:15 PM, +15 mins) One tough lady!

              Nauturium - Go to the Nauturium and pick up the book, Negative Karma Jude left on the chair. Look close on the book in inventory and right click the pamphlet bookmark. It says that the bleeding rose was once considered to bring bad fortune. (1:25 PM, +10 mins) Open the old door with the key.

             Old Wing Salon - Enter the white double door to the right. Look around and see a nail above the dresser. Click on nail and the cursor automatically moves to a painting under and behind the dresser. Right click on painting and Victoria pushes the dresser and picks up the painting. Look close at the painting in inventory. It shows a weigh balance, 2 hands with no bracelets holding 2 coins on the left and 2 hands with bracelets holding 3 coins on the right. (1:35 PM, +10 mins) Go out the door.

           Old Wing Hallway - Look around and at the picture of Chronos, the God of time. At the end of the hallway look at a clock with 2 intersecting dials and 4 hands. Turn right and go up the stairs.

            Study - Enter the white door on the right. Open the showcase on the wall. Look close at the painting of Anna wearing a unique necklace (remember Jude's picture) and holding 3 chess pieces - black bishop, white knight and black castle. (1:45 PM, +10 mins) Pick up the metal cylinder, used on old recordings below her portrait. Place the metal cylinder on the phonograph on the desk and then right click the phonograph. The father of Anna expresses his worry about Anna, who does not speak to them, speaks only to the watchmaker that tends the clock tower. Exit the room.

In search for clues about the pendulum:

Darrel:       Guest Bathroom - Henry is not here anymore. Go to the cupboard at the adjacent shower room and open the door at the bottom. Use the nitric acid in the syringe on the bottle of sulfuric acid to make an acid mixture that is highly corrosive. (1:55 PM, +10 mins)

              Mausoleum - Look at the exposed chessboard at the side of the mausoleum and note where the position of the pieces in Anna's hand in the portrait are. Then enter the building and look close at the chessboard. Press on the positions of the noted chess pieces - black bishop, white knight and black castle.

The side of the chessboard base opens. (2:15 PM, +20 mins) Pick up the old objects - doll, paper scroll and crystal. Look close at the paper scroll and note the time is 8:55 on the left clock and 7:10 on the right clock.

Victoria:            Old Wing Hallway - Go back down the stairs and then go to the clock with intersecting dials. Arrange the clock similar to the paper scroll Darrel found - 8:55 on the left dial and 7:10 on the right dial. The wall behind Chronos swings open. (2:30 PM, +15 mins) Victoria enters the room.

             Arcanum - There are 6 green crystals on walls that light the room. Look at the altar used for some mystic rites. Pick up the parchment and read the parchment in inventory. Read the diary written in Latin about the history of the founding of the Immortals (Darrel cannot read Latin). The transcript can be read at the end of the walkthrough. (2:50 PM, +20 mins) Try picking up the sphere on a clock-faced base. Look at the 2 candlesticks with black candles. Look close and move the candlesticks and see strange incision at the middle of the slabs. Look at the polystyrene box on the right side of the altar used to transport a spherical object.

Open the bag on the other side of the altar and read Krenn's diary. (3:10 PM, +20 mins) Listen and watch carefully for clues. Krenn's Diary states how he found the Watchmaker's diary. The machine looks like a clock with a moving pendulum inlaid with arabesque pattern. Sometime in 1670 to 1700, the machine was moved into an underground room called Pendulum Chamber by its designer. The room is found in a middle of a labyrinth accessible by a duct that flows into the surface. The entrance to the chamber is close to a sculpture of an angel's victory against a lion. Cut scene of Krenn asking for a million dollar loan from Corona but instead got a partner. Krenn continues his ramblings about the Immortals running the major organizations in the world and their corruptions. His 3 questions are about Where is the Watchmaker? Why did he show the truth to Krenn? Is the Watchmaker dead? Another cut scene is shown of a shooting of an immortal.

Pick up more items from the bag and look close at them in inventory - 2 photographic plates (never been developed), mold has shape of 4 round medallion-like objects, red phial and a blue phial. Pull the lever by the door to leave the room.

Check the garage and the clock tower:

Darrell:  There are places that are not yet checked - like the garage and the clock tower.

              Garage - Use the cook's keys to open the garage door. Enter and go to the Multinational van close to the exit door. The van door is locked. Look close and use the acid mixture on the lock of the van door. (3:20 PM, +10 mins) Move the bag of earth to reveal a computer.

The computer has a modem and might be useful. Right click on the computer shows that it wants the code number of the CIA. CIA! Guess who the operative is? Look close at the computer and connect the telephone to the lead of the modem. (3:40 PM, +20 mins)  It wants a user number. What number? Try the number processed by the tone sequencer from the Corona briefcase cassette - 231074, then click OK. Check the new mail. Read the Re: ARL-1998-1 (Operative Instructions). The operative wants this file - lets check it. Click on Search, select subject, type ARL on case name and 1998-1 on year. The document describes a procedure for making a solid synthetic material, high resistance and minimum weight. The kit consist of Phial A (red liquid) to be cooled to -25o Celsius for 60 seconds and Phial B (blue liquid) to be heated to 70o Celsius for 60 seconds. The processed phials are stable for a while at room temperature. Mix the 2 liquids in equal amounts in the mold. The cycle of reaction is completed in 15 secs.

            Kitchen - Transfer mold, phials and photographic plates from Victoria's inventory to Darrel's inventory. Open the microwave under the hot oil fryer. Place blue phial in the microwave. Look close, crouch (Z) to see display, press knob to turn the microwave on, use + or - buttons to change the temperature to 70. Open microwave and get blue phial. If successful, Darrel will say - it's been heated to 70 degrees and the label will change to Phial B. (3:50 PM, +10 mins) Open fridge door. Open glass top freezer and place red phial inside. Close freezer lid. Look close at display panel. Change the temperature to -25 using the + or - buttons. Open freezer and take Phial A. (4:00 PM, +10 mins) Exit the fridge room. In Inventory, combine full phials to mold and get 4 medallions. (4:10 PM, +10 mins)

            Lounge (3rd floor use main elevator) - Give the photographic plates to a drinking Chris Anderson to have it developed. (4:25 PM, +15 mins)

            Clock Tower - Go to Darrel or Victoria's room, exit to the balcony and climb the gap to the clock tower. Look close at the plaster to the right of the bas-relief. Use chisel on crack in plaster. (4:35 PM, +10 mins) It reveals a clock face. Look close at clock and Darrel says that there is a keyhole. Use clock key on clock face. (4:40 PM, +5 mins) Wow! The bas-relief goes down and opens an entryway. 

Look at machine to the right of entryway. There is a lever and a door to the machine. Open the door and see sawdust (once a cog). Pick up a bronze ring, which was once part of the clock mechanism. Look at the tube at the middle of the floor going to the ceiling. Look at the chest with blocked levers and a rectangular slot. Open the trap door and see 2 metal disks, one intact and one broken. Take the broken disk out. Go down the stairs.

            Catacombs - Go forward and see a stone slab blocking a passage. Pull the lever beside it - the door opens a little and then push on the slab. That doesn't work. Darrel needs help. Bring Victoria here.  Get Victoria to pull the lever and Darrel pushes the slab - the other way around doesn't work, Victoria is not strong enough to push the slab. (4:50 PM, +10 mins) Teamwork!

           Crypt - Look close at the altar (used by a religious sect) and the cups held by the cherubs. If the cups are touched, they move. The right cherub wears a bracelet. Bracelet, where did we see that before?

           Chapel - Go out the door by pulling the bolt of the door.

In search of the Pendulum Chamber:

           Greenhouse - Go the garden behind the greenhouse, look close at the statue of the lion. Place a medallion on lion's mouth. A passage opens and Victoria arrives. Darrel is insistent that he goes down and gives Victoria the medallions to study.

            Labyrinth entry - Darrel finds Raul's body and says that he died from suffocation in the sand trap. He picks up a silver object (5:00 PM, +10 mins) with 6 buttons on top and 6 buttons at the bottom, a black face on the left and white face on the right. It seems like sand filled the room from the openings on the wall. Save Game! Look at the door and note that it is similar to the silver disk taken beside Raul's body. Push the buttons (right click) on the door. But when Darrel steps on the dark paved floor, the sand trap is activated. He cries to Victoria for help. Immediately get Victoria to place a medallion on the lion's mouth. If not on time, see Darrel suffocated by sand and dies. Game ends! If in time, Darrel comes out, shakes his arms, wipes his mouth, looks at Victoria, says they need to look for another way and walks away. Ooh! How macho! (5:15 PM, +15 mins) If you try to place another medallion in the lion's mouth, Victoria will say it might be needed later.

Fixing the Clock at the Clock Tower:

Enter the castle by the Nauturium and meet an irate Greta Snyder, the housekeeper. You are reprimanded for getting Stephen the cook drunk, who is late in preparing for teatime. Watch the cut scene with Greta finding Stephen in the Plain bedroom drunk and had to wake him because Mrs. Roberts hates to have her tea late. Time to have some tea then.

              Dining Room - Look close at the tray with cup and saucer and a rose in a vase. It is for Jude Roberts. Hmm! Remember the book. Place blood on the rose. (5:30 PM, +15 mins) Greta brings the tea tray to Jude at the Supervisor's quarters.

              Supervisor's quarters - Take the service elevator to the 2nd floor and turn right. Knock on door. (5:45 PM, +15 mins) Watch the cut scene of Darrel telling Jude about the curse on the necklace, she wore on the picture. Darrel spins a good yarn and ended with Jude giving him the necklace. She will take tranquilizers to rest. Enter the Supervisor's quarters again. Go to the sitting room and look behind the green painting. Look close and enter the numbers from the invoice in Anderson's filing cabinet - 1, 2, 4, 8, 0, then press the arrow key. Take the old gold coin. (5:55 PM, +10 mins) Place the painting back on the wall.

Victoria:            Old Wing Hallway - Go back to the Old Wing, climb the stairs and forward to the hallway. Look at the weigh scale in front of the mirror. Where did we see a weigh scale before? Look at the picture in inventory. It shows the hands on the right wearing bracelet holding 3 coins and the left has 2 coins - cherub, altar, scale, coins - Hmmm! We have to get a weight equivalent to 2 coins and then another weight equivalent to 3 coins. Transfer the coin and incense from Darrel's inventory to Victoria's. Place the coin on the left scale and place the incense on the right scale. Collect the incense on the right scale in one of the envelopes. Add incense to the right pan again and collect it in the envelope with 1 dose of incense = 2 coins weight. Repeat the same procedure with the other envelope to get another envelope with 2 doses. So now there are 2 envelopes of 2 doses each the equivalent in weight as 2 coins each envelope. Pick up the old coin from the left pan.

              Orologia - Enter the room at the end of the hallway and see a roomful of clocks and watches. Look close at the clock in the middle of the room. Right click the angel on top and the head turns. Look in the back of the clock and open the compartment. It has a rectangular hole, semicircular hole and a round hole at the center. The semicircular hole looks familiar but what about the round hole and rectangular hole.

           Planetarium - Look in the display case and read the manuscript on the left. The stellar coordinates of the Horologium constellation are 4 hrs. 15 mins and -41 deg.

Darrel:       Crypt of the chapel - Go to chapel through the door. Go down the stairs behind at the altar. Transfer the 2 2-doses of incense in envelopes and the coin from Victoria's inventory to Darrel's. Place 2 doses on the cup of the left cherub. Place 2 doses on the cup of the right cherub. Place the coin on the cup of the right cherub. A compartment opens on the altar. Pick up the metal plate made up 2 faces, one black and one white - similar to the silver object taken from Raul and the door of the sand trap room. Look at it in inventory and when clicked it separates into 2. (6:10 PM, +15 mins)

Victoria:            Arcanium - Open the door behind Chronos again setting the clock at the end of the Hallway to 8:55 on the left dial and 7:10 on the right dial. Transfer the metal plates from Darrel's inventory to Victoria's. Place the metal plates on the incisions of the slabs of the candlesticks previously moved. Look at the sphere and see that it has risen from the base. Pick up the sphere. (6:25 PM, +15 mins)

               Orologia - Go back to the clock room at the end of the hallway upstairs. Transfer Anna's necklace and crystal from the mausoleum from Darrel's inventory to Victoria's. Open the back compartment of the clock at the middle of the room, if not done yet. Insert the round crystal from the Arcanium at the round hole, Anna's necklace on the semicircular hole and the crystal from the mausoleum on the rectangular hole. Turn the angel's head. (6:45 PM, +20 mins) Watch the cut scene that started with a close up of the chest seen at the church tower. The scene continued showing the death of the Watchmaker by removing his heart and the heart burned. The evil immortals are still looking for the pendulum. Take the rectangular crystal, which has been activated by the energy that passed through the clock to make activated crystal from the back compartment of the clock. Remember the chest has a rectangular slot. 

             Clock Tower - Look close at the chest. Insert the activated rectangular crystal on the rectangular slot. Arrange the dumbbell levers similar to that seen in the cut scene in the clock room by clicking it clockwise until the correct position is reached - (white part L-R, NE, W, SE, SW, NW. (7:00 PM, +15 mins) Look in the trunk-chest and pick up the new metal disk. Go to the trap door and place the new metal disk (add to trap door not the other metal disk) to replace the broken one. Now, we need the cog for the machine on the wall.

Darrel:       Caretaker's cottage - Talk to Henry about Anna. Remember he made those nice carvings on the shelf. Show Henry the bronze ring and he said he could make a wooden cog if you have the dimensions.

                Multinational Offices - Go to the Supervisor's office and see Anderson come out of the dark room. He gives Darrel the old photo and photo plan and leaves the office. (7:10 PM, +10 mins) Look at the old photo in inventory. 3 of those guys look familiar from the clock cut scene. Look at the photo plan and see the design of the clock mechanism. Use the photo plan on the scanner. (7:30 PM, +20 mins) Darrel says the image will be in the computer. Look close at computer. Click 'Preview' and then 'Select Area'. Move the select square to the front view of the machine at middle of the screen. Click 'Scan' and then click the upper right corner. The enlargement is automatically printed and taken. If the wrong part of the plan is selected and scanned, it will not get printed.

            Caretaker's cottage - Give Henry the bronze ring and then the enlargement. (7:50 PM, +20 mins)  Henry immediately gets to work and later comes back to give Darrel the cog gear with the bronze ring at the center.

            Clock Tower - Place the cog gear in the machine. Pull the lever beside it. (8:00 PM, +10 mins) The floor started to move and Darrel jumps on it and goes down to the Labyrinth Entrance. Look at the machine and lever on the wall similar to the one just fixed - it is used to go back up to the tower via the platform. Look at the door to the Labyrinth. Look at symbols on door and then look at Raul's silver object. The top (L-R) 2, 4, 5 and 6 buttons are pushed in and the bottom (L-R) 1, 2 and 5 buttons are pushed. Press the buttons the same way. (8:15 PM, +15 mins)


The door opens to show steps. Before going in Darrel calls Victoria to join him. He insisted on going in by himself because the Pendulum chamber will have the thugs and other machinations by the watchmaker. He also has something to 'settle' with his father, who Victoria says is dead. Darrel's father is a vicar who insists that there is no death. He gives Victoria his entire inventory except for the telephone. Darrel walks in and the door closes.

Getting to the Pendulum Room:

 Darrel:        Labyrinth hallway - Check the wooden lever on the left side of the stairs and nothing happens. Go down the stairs, pass 2 gated side passages and go in the only open passageway at the end of the hallway.

              Astrologium - On the right wall, there are 3 levers. Look close at the ceiling is frescoed with the constellations and note one of the constellation looks like the drawing on the manuscript at the Planetarium - Horologium constellation. Look close at the giant clock carved directly into the rock face and the degree marks at the bottom of the clock. Move the 3 levers to show the coordinates of the Horologium constellation - 4 hrs. 15 mins and -41 deg. Look close at the levers. The first lever moves the hour hand ahead one hour - click 4x on first lever. The second lever moves the minute hand ahead 5 minutes - click 3x on second lever. The third lever moves the hand ahead by one degree as seen at the bottom of the clock - click 6x on the third lever. A sound is heard. (8:30 PM, +15 mins) Go out to the passageway and see that the gates blocking the 2 passageways have been raised but the way to the stairs is now gated. Facing the stairs, take the left passageway and down the stairs.

           Clockwork room - Look at the machine. Note the closed compartment at the bottom and a star-shaped cavity at the top of the machine. Look at the cogs. There is an opening that leads to another passage at the other side of the cogs. Anyone going through the moving cogs will be sliced. Go back to the other passageway.

Enter the watchmaker's study (8:40 PM, +10 mins) and Victoria calls on the telephone. Somebody has arrived. It is one of the immortals, Victoria recognizes from the photo. The immortal berates Anderson and is looking for Victoria and Darrel. The Hunter and Anderson go to his office. Darrel advises Victoria to hide.

           Watchmaker's study - Look at the plans on the wall. One plan is the diagram of the castle. The other says - The leyline crosses at the lowest point under the castle and its energy is concentrated at the Pendulum Chamber. The other plan shows a passage that connects the machine room to a corridor.

Pick up the letter dated 1910 from Vienna. It is the letter of the Watchmaker to the rest of the immortals. The Watchmaker has faced reality that his old plans have failed. He has seen the other immortals enslaved the world and has decided to end it. He started the pendulum moving therefore time is back for the immortals' Internal Clock and they will die in the end. (Internal Clock and Pendulum explained in the diary). Open the drawer and take a parchment. The parchment explains about the sand trap that would slow down the evil immortals while an alarm in the cistern warns the watchmaker. Read all the old records at the top of the desk. The old records are of those immortals that need to be intervened with immediately as noted by the Watchmaker. Some of them are the ones in the picture. Alex Pakhilov - The Conqueror, F W Bessel - The Astronomer, Bernard Nym - The Weaver, Charles Barlow - The Elder, Sebastian Himmler - The Surgeon, Abramo Hazande - The Translator and Gregor Moore - The Preacher. Pick up the old record on the left side of the desk by itself - Angel Bluemont - The Hunter. It exposes a metal star. (8:55 PM, +15 mins)

Darrel calls Victoria and kept her up to date about The Hunter. Darrel advises to render him harmless in some way.

Victoria:            Victoria stands in the Castle Garden facing the Supervisor's window and can see Anderson and the Hunter in there. How to render the Hunter harmless. Throw the padlock on the window to catch their attention. (9:05 PM, +10 mins) Hunter looks out and Victoria runs for cover behind the Mausoleum. Hunter fires at Victoria. Now, run to the greenhouse and to the garden behind it. Use a medallion on the lion's mouth and the secret passage opens. (9:15 PM, +10 mins) Victoria hides to one side of the garden. The Hunter arrives and sees the open passage. Presuming that she's down there, he enters and gets entrapped by sand. Victoria calls Darrel to tell him what happened and to hurry him up for time is getting short.

Darrel:       Watchmaker's study - Pick up the Watchmaker's metal star from the desk. Go to the Clockwork room at the opposite passageway.

             Clockwork room - Insert the Watchmaker's metal star at the star-shaped cavity on the machine. (9:25 PM, +10 mins) The compartment below opens up and indicators are seen. Now what to enter, remember the set of indicators seen on the machine by the underground cistern. Enter (L-R) 2, 7, 4, 11 and 9. Silence!!! (9:40 PM, +15 mins) Save Game!

            Enter the opened passageway and see Corona crushed to death by a stone block, another trap by the watchmaker. Corona's henchman sees Darrel and shoots. Darrell goes back to the clockwork room and faces the indicators again. How to stop him - start the cog again by entering the same numbers on the machine in the underground cistern - 6, 6, 6, 6 and 6. (9:45 PM, +5 mins) The cog starts.

            The turning cog catches the henchman. Darrel calls Victoria to tell her about 2 that got killed and there are two more to watch out for. They will now be in constant radio contact.

            Enter the passageway and see Corona caught in the trap. There are blood drops going into the next room, the Pendulum Chamber: (9:55 PM, +10 mins) Enter the room. Look at the Clock. Krenn hits Darrel unconscious from behind. Note the blood smears on the floor. Krenn stops himself from shooting Darrel because he might get info from him about the immortals.

Victoria realizes that Darrel is in trouble and that she needs to hurry.

Victoria:            Labyrinth Entrance - Press buttons - on the top (L-R) 2, 4, 5 and 6 and on the bottom (L-R) 1, 2 and 5. Pull down the lever on the left of the stairs to raise the gate. (10:00 PM, +5 mins) 

            Go to the Pendulum Room and before entering - Save Game!!!

            Pendulum Room - Stand behind a column. Look close (space bar) and see Darrell tied up on the right side. Look at the path of the streak of blood to the left side of the room and goes in an open entryway. Carefully inch up to 4 steps behind that column - press space bar and watch Krenn. See him look around to your side, look at the clock and then look at the other side. As soon as he looks at the clock, press space bar to get out of first person view and RUN (Shift key + forward or Caps lock and right click) to the open hallway where the blood is. If not successful, a view of the bullet coming is seen and game ends. 

              Leylines Room - Look at Duke's body and Victoria says something about stealing from the dead - so pick up something from Duke's body and get a Zippo lighter. Look at the lion's head with mouth open and on the opposite side of the room see a bas-relief planked by 2 star-shaped cavities. As before with another lion, place a medallion on the lion's head. (10:05 PM, +5 mins) A stairs open up on the wall. Climb up.

              Astrologium Passage - Pull down the lever by the stairs to open the entryway at the end of the passage. (10:20 PM, +15 mins) Enter the room and find yourself in the room with the big clock.

            Clockwork room - Pick up the Watchmaker metal star from the machinery. We need another one.

            Watchmaker's study - Let's make a star then. Take a candle from the candlestick on the desk. Place the candle on the brazier. Light the candle to melt wax on the brazier using Duke's lighter. Use the watchmaker's metal star on the melted wax to make a star mold. Now, use the half empty phials on the mold. Victoria picks up the new star. (10:25 PM, +5 mins)  Now, go back to that bas-relief with the star cavities.

             Leylines room - Place the Watchmaker metal star and the new star on the star-shaped cavities on either side of the bas-relief. (10:30 PM, +5 mins) The bas-relief slides down and opens a compartment. It has an altar, a parchment and blue, green, red and yellow phials. Read the parchment on how to use the colored liquids connected to the alchemy of the leylines. By pouring the blue, green and yellow liquids into the hollow, the leylines will be visible. Click on the blue, green and yellow phials and Victoria pours it on the hollow of the altar. (10:40 PM, + 10 mins)

            Pendulum room - The leylines flow brightly like a river under the clock and plumes up to obscure the clock. Krenn watches the astounding show. Victoria karate chops Krenn unconscious. Look at Darrel and see him handcuffed. Pick the keys off Krenn's body. Look close at Darrel and use the key on the handcuff. (10:50 PM, +10 mins).

Darrel thanks Victoria - partner! They look at the clock and notice that it is one hour ahead. The Death of the Watchmaker. The Hunter comes in and tells Victoria and Darrel to kneel in front of him. The Elder calls the Hunter and orders him to stop the clock and kill Victoria and Darrel. But the Hunter says that he still has one hour to go and wants to question the two. When he finally will obey the elder and kill the main characters, the clock strikes midnight and the immortals die.

9:00 AM, Castle Garden - Victoria and Darrel walk out and then turn to look at the castle.

If the players are all gone ... is the Game Over?

Translation of the Watchmaker's Diary:

As year follows year, I am convinced that our land is governed by men both noble and just. Yet enmity between sovereigns brings suffering to our people. From that which I have seen and that which I have read in my books only the blueblood of the knighthood and the great wisdom of the nobles have strength enough to burn and destroy the troubles of this world. My plan, my great design shall be to create a new immortal kingdom. A world without end, founded by men of nobility and great intellect. They shall govern with peace, justice and chivalry over all peoples and their kingdom shall have no end. With my knowledge and time control apparatus, I shall guarantee the immortality of their bodies and souls and the strength to hold the fiercest armies ever created in the palms of their hands. No more shall there be war, pestilence or persecution of the weak and oppressed. No more shall there be lords and masters, peasants and slaves or any other injustice which leads men to revolt. There shall be years of good government. With this accomplished, I shall withdraw into peace and silence as I have so often dream. My eternal, life-giving apparatus in its most complete form appears in the guise of a Pendulum clock The energies which course through the veins of our ancient land and the path taken by wandering spirits ensure its working through eternity. The form of the Pendulum, is no mere choice. On the contrary, it is the clock of the soul an instrument capable of reaching a true equilibrium of the depths of the human spirits, capable of of controlling the Internal Clock hidden in every man. This Internal Clock represents that part of us which silently governs the rhythms of our lives. Here is how the Pendulum can offer eternal life: the internal clock is stopped, leaving spirit in harmony with the running of time. My studies have 2 separate phases. In the first phase, 24 noble men including myself shall be chosen and gathered together to receive the gift of immortality. 24 noble hearts , like the 24 hours of my Pendulum. In the second phase, I myself shall bring the pendulum to a halt causing the Internal Clock to stop inside the chosen men. They shall become immortal. The Pendulum shall be transported to a safe place and shall be buried forever. For if the strength of the eternal life is to remain. The Pendulum must never swing again. The man who gives his soul to the Pendulum and so to eternal life will acquire virtues which raise him above other mortal creatures. These virtues are linked to he Internal Clock and particularly allow: Control over physical aging or the gift of eternal youth or maturity, according to the Immortal's desire. Invincibility of the flesh or the gift of invulnerability. Not fire, nor blade nor sword nor any mortal weapon can touch the Immortal. Physical excellence or the gift of constant perfect health never victim of disease or plague or hunger or of other pestilence which afflict our people.

The Watchmaker: Myself. The Elder: My one and only friend and the first chosen noble in our immortal kingdom. The Translator: Known as the greatest virtuoso of the art of fortune telling. The Surgeon: During my visit in France he was introduced to me as the most respected surgeon in the land. The Philosopher: This man is greatly admired for his merits in literature and philosophy. The Trader: An astute trader and an able salesman whom I met during my council with His Majesty, Charles II. The Poet: In the Italian lands of .. as he knew how to use the sword and the lyre. The Conqueror: The most able General and Man of Arms you're likely to meet. Never has his blood tarnished the battlefield. The Mediator: Advisor to His Majesty Louis XIV. I met him whilst crossing the kingdom of France. The Collector: In the archives of the kingdom of ..his hands .. in peace. The Weaver: His great talent lies in his ability to manipulate people as though they were mere tatters of cloth. The Toreador: Of knightly values and noble heart, he is always ready to depend the weak and oppressed. The Traveler: More widely traveled than any other man. He has seen the sun rise over continents far and wide. The Maestro: As soon as I heard him speak I understood. Today, they call him mad, tomorrow they will recognize him as the Light of the World. The Judge: Without justice, that the kingdom will never .. him and always .. and strength. The Painter: Patron of great painters and sculptures and .. arts and great civilization in this world. The Banker: If wealth is needed in our new kingdom, he is surely the person who knows how to make it prosper and grow. The Preacher: This Cardinal is the bravest and most revolutionary thinker to ever cross the threshold of the Holy Sepulcher. The Admiral: Master of the English art of naval warfare. The Astronomer: Stargazer who refuses philosophy and deduction. His observations are made with new lenses and instruments. The Foreigner: Born in a land where silk ..with the wisdom of his people. The Hunter: First Knight of the crown and the master of the sword in the French Court. The Prophet: There where the shadows .. darkness can be conquered by the profession of his faith. The Monk: The wise, knowledgeable guardian of the Library of ...


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