Return to Ringworld
by Tsunami

solution by Veikko Danilas

version 1.1

I haven't written any solutions for a long time now. However having solved Tsunami's Return to Ringworld I felt that I have to do something about it. Especially because I haven't seen any walkthrus for it floating around and people are still often asking for this particular solution. Game might be considered a little bit archaic by now but it's still hugely enjoyable despite those boring mazes. R2RW main strenght lies in it's faithfulness to Larry Niven's Known Space races and characters.

What should I do at begginning of a game ?

Seeker wants Ringworld coordinates. How do I help him ?

Miranda has a problem with stasis field. How do I help her ?

What do I do after arriving to Ringworld ?

How do I neutralize "silver guy" ?

How do I scan for ARM base ?

What to do at spaceport ledge ?

Carson Teal left me here to die ! How can I get out ?

Ok, we made it to rim wall. What's up?

What's with that elevator thing? It seems to be stuck ?

How should I interact with Teal ?

What to do in Spill Mountains ?

Our heroes have to solve different quests, it's not really important whether you take on ARM troops first or decide to deal with the vampires before that.

How does Seeker proceed to exterminate vampire race ?

How should Quinn infiltrate ARM base ?

Miranda needs to escape !

How do I navigate tunnels ?

What's up whith that Teal fellow

Alas! Our adventure has come to an end. Hope you still enjoyed it despite the boring maze sequence. I know I did.

copyright 1996 by Veikko Danilas

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