Seeker has to go to the heart of mountains through handy elevator shaft. Pick a door with an easy access to ladder and DESCEND into Spill Mountains. Ice appears to block kzin's way so he is forced to burn a passage in it with powder and oil lamp. What do you know, a door! Go straight in and open next door with a key from the hall of records. There is no need to submit to pheromone power as Seeker is able to immunizise himself with a makeshift gas mask aquired by soaking tanner's mask in alcohol. Now our furry friend stands at the beginning of one BIG maze. Visit every passage while shooting any nastyes with blaster. Some of the vampires requre up to three blasts. Seeker should obliterate each and all vampires thereby completing his horrible genocide leaped upon innocent branch of bloodsuckers. He should also discover little puzzle and solve it to gain shiny gem.
After that accomplishment he should go and boast about it to Spill Mountains People or more exactly to the Leader.
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