Quinn needs to climb to the balcony. He attaches his portable attractor to 
the harness and slips other end to stationary handgrip on the wall. Now he
activates control panel and maneuvers crane (switched ON) towards 
handgrip until rope is streched. Quinn skillfully climbs to the balcony using
streched rope to get there.
   Pesty laser can be taken care of by releasing laser diffusion aerosol
from canister. Quinn tries to deactivate stasis field with Tnuctipun 
stasis negator gun but diffusion field doesen't allow him to do it.
He has to get rid of the diffusion field, but then he would become a toast.
Quinn boldly decides to wreck this mindless laser gun. He leaves room for a 
moment and observes how laser withdraws. Coming back he attaches retension 
clamp to the laser and steps out of the door with a wistful smile.
 Laser out of the action Quinn needs to remove laser diffusion field.
Quinn goes to Miranda for help (as always).