I've read a few requests for a silent steel walkthrough. I've finished it
so i'll post the walkthrough right now. I'll just tell you what things you
have to say. I cut down some of the sentences but i think it's still pretty

Scene 1
-It can't be 0630 yet, XO, what's up?
-You handle it, XO, i'm beat
-Have someone bring it to me
-Dismissed, wheeler, and have the XO come to my cabin
-This is as serious as it gets XO, take a look at this
-How she got out is anyone's guess....

Scene 2
-...drag a cot in here if you have to
-...get him on the horn
-I received your message from CONSUBLANT...

Scene 3
-At best speed, what are the probable...
-Kilo Class submarine, probably a performance upgrade
-Standard speed will be sufficient...

Scene 4
-How's your readiness posture Weps?
-I'd like to put us on an increased readiness footing

Scene 5
-Was it a malfunction in.....
-You said the volume changed with speed....
-Do we have a problem here, or are we worrying about nothing
-How long would a hull search take?
-I want to lock out a diver

Scene 6
-Let me see it
-Get it back to ChEng..and i want answers

Scene 7
-I'm willing to hear a list of suspects...
-Anything strange happen....
-Everyone's a suspect...

Scene 8
-Why were you late?
-That thing was found at 9 feet...
-Who told you? Who told you to do it?
-Why were you late?
-I'm placing you under arrest...

Scene 9
-Sound the general alarm
-Return fire. Breal contact
-Continue to move closer

Scene 10
-Is it the kilo?
-Can you give me a course and speed...

Scene 11
-I think i have a grasp of the tactical situation, i'd like....
-You mean the Akula's trying to give away her location?
-You got about 20 seconds to get me interested....

Scene 12
-Get me a firing solution
-Fire tube 1
-Prepare to fire second torpedo
-Fire tube 2
-Place m48 in command mode..Order it to kill sierra 25
-I gave you an order XO....

Scene 13
-Place him under arrest XO

Scene 14
-Put the gun down wheeler. You don't want to hurt anyone

Scene 15
-Break contact. Get us out of here

Scene 16
-Come to periscope depth and give them a nav fix
-Ready tube 2

From here on, it doesn't really matter what you say anymore. The ending
differs slightly, so you could try all three of them.

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