Money:           I never seem to have enough...
                  I don't think that will work.
Sword:           A gentleman always keeps his sword sharp!
Food:            My mother packed this for me...
                  A growing lad needs his food...
Cup:             A nice drop of wine, that...
Bottle:           I hope this stuff is drinkable...
Roast chicken:   That chicken looks a little singed!
                  I can think better with a full stomach.
                  Not bad......especially the burned bits.
Dagger:          Is this a dagger I see before me?
                  That's a good idea - a waxy knife.
De Peuple's body:I don't believe it!
                  Why are we carrying a dead body around?
                  We can't just drop it here!
                  We should leave the poor man with a priest!
Potion:          I wonder what this stuff is?
Hat:              If you want to get ahead, get a hat.
Boots:            These are my best boots.
Souvenir:        It's tasteless, but cheap!
                  Great! Now I can smash this thing.
Handkerchief:    This is Juliette's...
Horseshoe:       It's still got the nails in it!
Tongs:           I'm sure these will come in useful...
                  ...I'm just not sure when.
Horse linament:  Mon dieu! This stuff pongs!
                 Lovely. This should make it really hot!
Flowers:         I know someone who will love these!
Orchids:         They're fake - but they look good!
Notice:          It's a notice about the cathedral in Rouen.
                  "This notice is to inform all worshippers...
                  ...that Rouen Cathedral will be open as normal...
         December 1st following the recent renovations."
Silver Coin:     It's the silver coin I got from that beggar.
                  It's the silver coin I got from Henri.
Poem:             Girls love this stuff.
                  "Juliette - flower of the night...
                  ...your ears are something I could bite...
                  ...your neck is slender, like a perfect swan...
                  ...your eyes are pearls I love to gaze upon...
                  ...your arms are as delicate as a gazelle's...
                  ...your legs - well, you have two of them as well...
                  ...but 'tis your lips that I desire...
                  ...that fill me with a trembling fire...
                  ...that mouth, so like an open rose...
                  ...I just wish you'd keep it closed.
Crucifix:         A nice piece of metal, this...
Candlestick:     Nothing special
                  There's a candle still in it!
Altar Cloth:      You could get a couple of decent shirts out of this material.
Coffin Plate:    It reads 'Richard Couer de Lion'.
Melon:            This is a nice 5 pound honeydew melon
Certificate:     I'm a qualified musketeer!
Paper:            It appears to be blank!
Marked Card:      It's got funny marks on the back.
Pass:             It's a leave of absence......signed by the Captain.
Coals:            A bucket full of coal - still alight!
Bucket:           This bucket will be useful one day!!
Ladder:           This ladder is pretty rotten!!
                  I'm not sure it will take any weight!
Hammer:           A hammer
Keys:             It's the keys to our HQ.
Broken ladder:    I wonder what we can make from the remains of this ladder...
Banana:           A very ripe banana.
Cooking Roster:   Ha! No drudgery for me!
Formula:          I don't understand all that technical stuff.
Chain:            Lots of links.
Hot water:        It's amazing how it keeps its heat!
Stool:            It's a small wooden three-legged stool -
                  ideal for all your seating needs!
Linament bath:    Just the thing for a cold.
Needle and thread:I'm glad it's already threaded!
                  Well, my seamsmanship's not up to much....
                  That's better - but the needle's blunt now.
Broken Sandals:   Cheap workmanship
Mended sandals:   They're slightly better.....
Soap:             Just what Henri needs...
The Will:        It's the will of de Peuple!
                  I'd better not - it's a private document...
                  ...besides, I don't understand that legal gobbledygook!
Letter:           A letter... from Cardinal de Guise!!
                  It doesn't say who it was written to...
                  ...but it tells them to bring de Peuple's will to St Quentin.
Chalk:            A piece of white chalk.
Flag:             Our beloved flag.
Key:              It's a big key.
Broken pole:      It's a broken bit of a broken ladder.
                  They fit together beautifully - just like a paddle!
Bread:            A lovely, crusty loaf!
Cheese:           It smells foul!!!
Fried Rat:        Ugh!
Paddle:           A paddle.
Old bottle:       It's so dusty. I can't read the label.
Eau de Juliette:  It's perfume
Menu:             Nothing here...Hold on - there's something else on the back!
                  It's the plans to the English defences!
Plans:            The plans to the English defences!
Broken Cathedral: It's much better this way.
Stockings:        Oooohhh!!!.
Placard:          It says 'Burn the Witch'!
Rope:             It's very long....
Candle:           Good job I blew it out.
Sticky Altar Cloth: It's very sticky.
Waxy knife:       It's a knife with wax on it.
                  It's already waxy.
                  Great! If I knew what bits to file....
Waxy knife with marks: It's got the impression of the lock.
                  Great! Now I can make a key!
                  It's a filed down waxy knife with marks on it.
Habit:            It's very itchy.
Watch:            It tells the time.
Coach schedule:   It's the times of the coaches from Le Mans.
Appointment:      An appointment card to see the Chancellor.
                  It's a normal card, addressed to Nicole Renault......
                  ...with 'I must see you at once bunnikins' on the back!
                  ...wait a minute!
                  It's got 'I must see you at once bunnikins'...
                  ...written on the back!
Coal bucket:      Looks like a bucket to me!
File:             Solid iron.
                  It's empty now.
Hooked Chain:

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