Well, thanx to JdA for the solve coz I wont be able to finish da game without
it. And i want to fix the solve coz its frustrating sometimes.
Where to get soap: in Amiens inside a monastery in trough.
Where to get rope: well, you cut it in Le Havre when used boat.
Why monk at the coach-stop doesnt react: better do it that way - talk to
 bartender first, then talk to monk, then give him a note and then talk again
 to the monk about robber.
Why I dont meet any robbers: When you should - go to Rouen from St.Quentin and
 you'll meet a robber on the crossroad - give him a will .
Why I cant cut the rope near tavern: well, first when JdA writes 'knife' he 
 means a dagger-like weapon in your inventory; second, you should call Juliette
 to the balcony using appropriate action on balcony or window, talk to her and
 then cut the rope.
Where is a ladder and hammer: well, i had to break souvenir much earlier than
 hammer and ladder appeared to the left of tavern so i used souvenir on anvil
 at stables. Dont worry - when it comes to the part when you need a pole to get
 to Juliette the items will be in place.
I am at bandits hideout but I am roped: Tell bandits that you want to join them
 and then go to the gypsy's wagon.
Where is horse linament: Well, its on the shelve at one of the stables (if i am
 not mistaken at Amiens). There you will find a paint to fake the flowers.
Where is placard: Well, it's in Paris, but just try to go right as long as you
 can and you'll get to Notre Dame where will be a stack of them. Retrieve one.
Where can I get a candle: I really dont remember but I think that is in gambler'
 club in St,Quentin. If not then you should have it by now in your inventory.
Why I cant make up a medicine for a weaponsmith: you need a bucket (get one at
 stables) which you fill with water at weaponsmith's from a trough. Put there
 linament and here you have a medicine.
Why I cant do anything at Chapel in Rouen: Make sure you have a rope till you 
 go there coz I had a glitch that I went there without one - eavesdropped 
 cardinal's talking and went to Le Havre to get it - but i had a bug of using
 a rope on torch (right one) and it disappeared! So just go there with rope
 and use rope on rightmost torch.
Why I cant mesmerise guard at the very end of game: here when you talked with
 guard for a first time he gave you a talisman. Then find a book which will
 just tell you to use a pendulum (you dont get the book though) and then again
 talk to the guard to obtain a pendulum and here you will mesmerise him auto-

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