Congo - Descent into Zinj - FAQ and HINTS on Zinj Part of the Game from DUSHA.

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So, Here is the help for those who get stuck in Zinj Party of the Game.

Quest.1. How to get the Pupil Stone from Amy.
Hint. Have you found the tracking bug?

A. Open the Travicom Work Station and "remap to position".  The blue blip is where
   you will find the tracking bug.
   Go under the archway and arrive at the courtyard.  Turn left, go toward the machine gun,
   turn right, up the stairs to enter the shrine.  Once inside, turn right to find the 
   homing device with the tracking bug hidden inside.

Prob. The tracking bug won't stick to Amy.

A. You have to make the tracking bug sticky in order to stick it to Amy.
   Find a sap tree in the Jungle region of Zinj. Must dip the tracking bug into the sap.
   From where Amy is sitting turn left and go forward one node.  Turn right and go to the
   end. Turn right and go to the end again.  The tree will be right in front of you.

Q. How do I track Amy?

A. Use the map layer in your Travicom Workstation to follow Amy.
   You must corner her in the Jungle.
   You must maneuver Amy into the only dead-end, at the Altar.
   From where Amy is sitting turn left and go forward one node.  Turn right and go to 
   the end. Do a 180 and go back one node.  Turn left and go forward one node.  Turn left
   and go forward until you come to the end at the altar.

Quest.2. How to get Pupil Stone in Shrine Ruin to the left of the Pavillion Door
Hint. Do you have the Mug

A. Look around the camp.
   Use the mug that you retrieved from camp and place it on the stone slab.

Hint. Do you have the Mug and the Idol?

A. Use the mug that you retrieved from camp and place it on the stone slab, this will
   bring you down to the pit.

Prob. I'm in the pit but I can't find the Pupil Stone.

A. Do a 180 and put the Idol into the niche in the wall, turn 180 again to see the 
   Eye Carving open up to reveal pupil stone.

Quest.3. How to get Pupil Stone from Zinj Head above
Hint. Do you have the tent stake?

A. Look around the camp for the stake.

Hint. Do you have the rope?

A. The rope is hidden under a column.
   It is near the machine gun in the court yard to the right of the pavilion door.

Q. Is the tent stake bent into a hook?

A. You must take the tent stake to a lava pool to bend it.  On your travels there will
   be some obstacles.  You will have to cross a poisonous gas vent. Get past a Gorilla
   in the middle of the path.

Prob. I have the bent stake and rope, now what?

A. You must combine them in your inventory

Prob. Can't find the place to use the rope and hook?

A. Go past the archway into the courtyard and do a 180. Now use your new grappling hook
   to climb up and retrieve the pupil stone near the Zinj Head.

Quest.4. I keep dying when trying to walk past the gas vent.
A. Try covering the vent.

Quest.5. A Gray keeps killing me when I touch the Pavillion Door
Hint. Have you figured out where the gray is coming from to attack you?

A. Try using the microphone facing left and right when at the Pavilion Door.
   If the correct guns are loaded you won't hear any gray's growling.

Q. Which guns need to be armed?

A. The gun in the shrine to the left of the Pavilion Door and the gun by the map
   to the right of the Pavilion Door.

Quest.5. How to open the Pavillion Door to the Mines

Q. I don't have anything to fill the indents in the door.

A. You will need to place six Pupil stones that are hidden around Zinj in the door.

Hint. Are you having trouble with the order to place the Pupil Stones?

A. Take a picture of the map in  the Zinj court yard.  Analyze it.
   The computer translates the Hieroglyphic.  It will give you a phrase.  This phrase
   then becomes the key to decipher the other Hieroglyphics that correspond to the eyes
   on the door.
   Use your scanner on Hieroglyphics scattered throughout Zinj. Take a picture with your
   camera to analyze it in the Travicom Workstation.  Some are radioactive and will give
   you clues related to the special phrase.  This will help you in finding the order to
   insert the Pupil stones.

Quest.6. How to get the Monkey Idol across stream
Q. Everytime I try to grab the Idol it falls into the stream.

A. Go down stream to find the idol.

Quest.7. How to pass the gorilla in your path to the Lava Pool
Q. I can't defeat the gorillla with any of my inventory items.

A. Try sampling a sound with the microphone.
   You will need to sample the growl of the gray near the Pavilion Door with microphone.
   When you encounter this beast just play back your sampling to scare him away.

This FAQ File was made by Dusha (Sergei).
If you have any questions - mail me at [email protected]   
Russia, Moscow  05.05.96

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