Congo:Descent into Zinj

Congo:Descent into Zinj walkthrough

By CyberStorm & Overkill (Jaco van Eck & Francois van Eck, South Africa). I have written this walkthrough myself,so please send me an e mail for comments.



  • 1) Turn arround and go forward.
  • 2) At bridge,use monkey statue and click on round stone infront of you.
  • 3) Cross bridge.
  • 4) Turn left and see a hole in the the wall.Take sunstone.(Look like a canon ball.)
  • 5) Turn right and go forward.
  • 6) Meet Amy!!
  • 7) Go forward and turn right.
  • 8) Take mug on ground,take tent pin and leave suitcase for later.
  • 9) Go forward and go left.
  • 10) Take remote control.
  • 11) Turn right and go forward.
  • 12) Turn left and go forward.
  • 13) Turn left and go forward.You are now in the left pavalian.
  • 14) Turn left and open compartment.Then take tracking bug.Turn left and put mug into stone circle.
  • 15) Take sunstone in bottom right corner.Turn arround and take picture of image.Open workstation,click on Image library.Click on no.2.Anylize it.
  • 16) Take mug,turn arround and go forward.
  • 17) Turn right and go forward.Take picture of image and anylize it.
  • 18) Open workstation and satellite mapping and remap to position.Then click on maplayer.
  • 19) Turn right and go forward.
  • 20) Turn left an pick up radiation scanner.
  • 21) Turn left put mug in stone circle.Turn arround and take picture of image.Open workstation and anylize it.
  • 22) Take mug.
  • 23) Go forward and turn left.Take rope and turn right,then go forward again.Listen to transmission.Travis wasted your comchip,so take it out.
  • 24) Turn right and take key card .Take picture of image.Turn arround.then take picture of image.Open workstation,look in image library.Click on 6 and anylize it.Then click on 7 and anylize it.Turn left and go forward 4 times.Turn left.
  • 25) Put scanned into suitcases panel.Click on suitcase.Take comchip and audio sacnner.Click on communications.Put comchip into it`s space.Then click on trivacom button.He will give you a voice activation code.Then click on audio sampler and click on playback.Close workstation.
  • 26) Take magazine clip and exit.
  • 27) Turn arround.You will see Amy playing with a sunstone.Try to take it for fun.
  • 28) Turn left and go forward twice.
  • 29) Turn right and go forward twice.You will see tree glue sticking out the left tree.Use the tracker in it.
  • 30) Now the tracker is sticky.Turn arround and go forward twice and turn left.Go forward twice.Turn left and go forward.Turn left.

    Amy`s sunstone

  • 1) Use tracker on Amy.
  • 2) Turn left,go forward,turn left,forward,forward.Turn arround,forward,turn left and go forward,turn left and go forward twice. (Confusing,is`nt it?)
  • 3) Take sunstone and take picture of image.Open workstation and anylize it.
  • 4) Turn left and go forward twice and turn right.Then go forward again,turn left and go forward 5 times.Turn right take your sound scanner when you hear a gorilla groul.Record the sound with your sound scanner.
  • 5) Turn left and go forward 3 times.Turn left .On the other end of the river is a another monkey statue.Try to take it.Oh shit,it fell into the water!!!!Not to worry,turn right and go forward twice.Turn right and go forward twice.Turn left.And tadaaa!!!There it is,you found it.Take the monkey statue.
  • 6) Turn left left and go forward 3 times.
  • 7) Turn left and see deadly gas hole.
  • 8) Use raft on to block hole.
  • 9) Go forward.
  • 10) Turn right and go forward.
  • 11) See gorilla.
  • 12) Turn left and go forward.
  • 13) Turn right and see lava hole.Use tent pen on lava.
  • 14) Connect the hook with the rope.
  • 15) Turn right and go forward and left.
  • 16) Open workstation.Open audio sampler and click playback.
  • 17) Close workstation and see gorilla is gone.
  • 18) Go forward.Turn right and take sunstone.Take picture of image.
  • 19) Go to workstation.Open Image library and click on 9.Anylize it.
  • 20) Turn right and go forward twice.
  • 21) Turn left and go forward.
  • 22) Turn right and go forward once.
  • 23) Turn right and go forward 4 times.
  • 24) Turn right and go forward.Turn right and forward once more.
  • 25) Turn arround and put mug into stone circle.
  • 26) Turn arround.
  • 27) Use monkey statue in space infront of you. (Looks like a mug with 2 ears.)
  • 28) Turn arround.
  • 29) Take sunstone.
  • 30) Take mug.
  • 31) Go forward.
  • 32) Turn left and go forward and turn left again.
  • 33) Go forward.
  • 34) Use rope with hook on wall.
  • 35) Climb the rope.
  • 36) Click on eye formation.
  • 37) Take sunstone.

    Entering the Lost City

  • 1) Climb down and turn right.
  • 2) Go forward.
  • 3) Turn right and go forward.
  • 4) Turn left.
  • 5) Put magizine into gun,then quickly,use remote on gun otherwise,you`re DEAD!!!!(if you die,just turn left,then right.Go forward.)
  • 6) If not dead,turn left.
  • 7) Go forward.
  • 8) Turn left,forward,left,forward,right,forward and left.
  • 9) Take magazine and arm gun.Remember to use remote very quickly otherwise you`re dead.
  • 10) Turn left and go forward.Turn right.
  • 11) Go forward.Listen for gorillas being shot by the guns you`ve armed. (Evil gorillas.)
  • 12) Look at the door.From above left to right : 1 & 2. From middle left to right :3 & 4. From bottom left to right : 5 & 6. Put sunstones into this order:
  • 13) Take one sunstone and put it into eye no.3.Next put a sunstone into eye no.4.Now take another sunstone and put it into eye no.1.Take another sunstone and put it into eye no.2.Now put another sunstone into eye no.6 and finally put last sunstone into eye no.5.
  • 14) Go forwardand enter temple.
  • 15) See Amy.
  • 16) This is a maze.Look at your compass at the right corner of your screen.Follow this step: NWNEEENWWNN
  • 17) Go forward and turn left.Go forward and turn left,forward and left.

    Lever puzzle

  • 1) Take every image that you see on walls. Look at the button puzzle.The first one on the left is no.1.The button on his right on the bottom,is no.3.And the one on the right (far right) is no.2.
  • 2) Turn buttons in this order: #1,#3,#1 and #2.
  • 3) Cross bridge.
  • 4) Turn left.
  • 5) Pull lever.Turn left and go forward twice.You`ll see a lever in front of you,DON`T pull it.
  • 6) Turn arround.See blue stone with hand imprint. (All levers control the flow of the lava.)
  • 7) Go to starting point.
  • 8) Looking at the door with the head on it,on your left is hole #1,#2,door #3,hole #4 and hole #5.
  • 9) Take hole #2.Go left,left.
  • 10) In this room,take the bone from the piles.Turn arround.Use your hanbd on the Stone pedestal.Enter the bridge room.
  • 11) Cross the bridge again.Move lever to east position.Exit room.Go forward twice and enter room.Move lever here to east position.Go to starting point. (Behind the blue han pedetsal.)
  • 12) Take #2 again.This time go right.In this room,you will find a broken lever.Use bone in your inventory on this lever.
  • 13) Turn lever to west position.Put your hand onto rhe stone pedestal and enter the gong room.
  • 14) DO THIS PART AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!Use gong.Turn right,forward and turn arround.Place your hand onto the stone pedestal when you see the gorilla.When the door closes,the hand will be cut of.
  • 15) In this room,you can build another map layer for this area.Take the hand.
  • 16) Use it on the stone pedestal with a big arm imprint on it. (It`s in hole #1.)
  • 17) Take picture of image.
  • 18) Go to door #3.Look at bars.Get Amy`s backpack.Back to starting point.
  • 19) Enter hole #4.Go right,right.
  • 20) Use Amy`s backpack on the lever.Open the door by placing your hand on the pedestal.
  • 21) Enter room.Turn left and see Amy.Speak to Amy and as soon as she begins to speak to you,turn arround and pul lever and enter room.
  • 22) Now listen to Amy.She`ll show which door you must enter.She`ll show you by using her fingers.Two fingers means 2nd door and so forth.If she rubs her hand on her fore head,it means bad,and if she shows you thumbs up with both hands,it means safe.
  • 23) At final room,take raft,lighter and glasses.
  • 24) Pull the lever on the left.Enter the door.Go to starting point.
  • 27) Enter hole #1.Move lever to west position.Back to staring point.
  • 28) Take hole #2.Go right,left and right again.
  • 29) In this room Karyn will contact you.Take laser and explosive.
  • 30) Use explosive on keypad.It will up the wall.You will be thrown to the gong room.
  • 31) Turn arround.Take the stone disk.Turn right.Enter room with water in it.

    The Big Crystal

  • 1) Use raft on water.Get into it.
  • 2) Use disk onto door.
  • 3) Enter cave.
  • 4) Your glasses will be broken by the voice of a bat.
  • 5) Turn left and at the left upper corner you`ll see two figures.It`s bats.
  • 6) Touch the one bat and record it`s voice with your audio scanner.
  • 7) Turn right,forward and forward again.
  • 8) Use raft on water.Get in to it.Turn right.Get stalactite from the ceiling.
  • 9) Turn right,forward,forward and turn right again.
  • 10) Use stalactite to pick up the rock at the X mark on the wall.
  • 11) Pick up the rock.
  • 12) Turn arround.Use lighter with gas crack to kill the beast.
  • 13) Turn left and go forward.
  • 14) Now you`ll see a box pedestal.Put gorilla hand onto the pedestal.
  • 15) Solve the puzzle. (The answer is within the image you took behind the blue stone pedestal with the gorilla`s hand.)
  • 16) Go forward twice.Use bat recording to break the crystal.Now Amy shows up.Follow her to the lava room.Take step on the lava without the smoke on it.Try this path the third stone in the first line,the right stone,the right stone and finally to the groung. (I think it`ll be different time to time.)


  • 1) Turn right and go forward.
  • 2) Use raft on water.Get into it.Go left,left,right and left again.
  • 3) You`ll reach the rendezvous ground.
  • 4) SAVE YOUR GAME HERE.If you die here,it`s no use.
  • 5) Put diamond in the case.After confirmation,change the diamond with the rock,but be very quick.
  • 6) Put the diamond on the laser.Open your workstation and remove the chip.
  • 7) Put the chip on the laser gun.This will activate the tracking device.
  • 8) Now you can track the satellite.
  • 9) Aim your laser at the top right corner of you screen.
  • 10) When you hear the steady sound,shoot the satellite down. END You`ll see Karyn on your transcom and Amy. They say that the lever puzzle was the worst,but my opinion,the slide puzzle was the worst. Hope you enjoyed the game!!!


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    Here are some images out of the game:

    Karin's camp

    The bridge

    The tempel