DEEP SPACE NINE 
                             H A R B I N G E R

You start in a Runabout heading for DS9 and you are attacked by alien probes.
The runabout was damaged when you get to DS9, you have to help odo fix the 
containment field before the cabin becomes flooded with plasma. First look at 
the control panel behind you until you find that the starfleet insignia comes 
up click on it the first to vent the plasma. Look for the damage area and 
replace them by using the side panels over the damaged ones.
When you get to Opps on DS9 it will be a little tricky moving around 
but after you I little while you get the hang of it. Rember when going to see
Dax that you go behind her  then turn to the left  so you are facing her back
then  after talk with her go to Captain Sisko and talk to him so he can 
turn on the turbolites so you can leve Opps.

In decoding the logs, you must first translate the words of each color bar by 
using the computer so you can understand them. Then place in this order Purple,
Green, Yellow, Red, Blue, and play back. This will give you Access to the logs.

When ensign Yarrow is killed by the red liekotion and you are able to kill him,
you have to get the refraction device from him before leaving so you can track
the others.

When you crash in the citadel first thing you do is fix try to fix the 
transporter, check the control panel it will tell you to manual reroute the ODN
Conduit. The easiest way of doing this is starting with blue and running it 
straight down until you come to the bad switch. Then just go around it by going
to the left then finish at the bottom. The next is the red, move the switches 
so they go to the one that has nothing in the center. Use this to get the beam 
to the other side. After this go straight down to the bottom of the red 
connection to light the red. Finish connection with White using the same way 
you did red all 3 beams will past though the one with nothing in the center of 

Before leaving the runabout remember to get a phaser from the back cabinet.

The best way to get though the Maze. The maze has five door one you came in and
the others you have to go to  but in the right order and there are probes that 
fire at you in the maze. The best way I found to solve it is first head for the
center of the maze saving the game once a move. Then head up until you find the
turbolift that takes you to the power transfer room. At the power room there 
will be two working panels which have symbols that look like the probes, click 
on both of then one time and you will have turned the probes in the maze OFF. 
Then go back to the maze and head back the way you came until you see two doors, 
one has a green panel from the door you came in from. Head for the other, go in 
though the door and activate the first generator. Then from that door you can 
see the other side of the maze. Head for the door that is straight across from 
the door you are at and you will find the generator. Generator 2 is there turn 
it on, and then head back to then center of the maze to the power room.

In the power room all the panels you need are now working. The center of each 
panel is the only thing you need to make this work. First find the panel with 
pink in the center, click on it, then find the other panel with pink in the 
center click on that. You will then see a pink arc in the center of the control. 
Do the same thing with the yellow panels and see the yellow arc then with blue 
panels and get the blue arc. Then press the green panels and get a green arc and 
you will see a different type of arc. Move to the red panels, they are the ones 
used to turn the probes off. Click on both red panels, and the control panel 
will short out. Along with that the shield that stops you from going though the 
last door. Go back to the maze and head for the last door.

You will end up in a room with 3 doors the only one you need to go in
is the door on the left  communication  Go in the room  with the symbol on the 
door that looks like a satellite dish on it. Head to the other sided of the panel
and you will see a view scran this is were you call for help  Odo. 

Then head back to the the runabout and try the tanporter.

How to open the Gate near the runabout  The lock is divided up into 4 parts. 
You only need to use 3 to open the door. Top left click on big symbols one time. 
Bottom left click on symbols  N.B 2. Bottom right click on symbols N.B 2. The 
door will open. 

You are past the door and are know standing in a room that has 3 doors
first go to the door that is streigth a head open it and walk throug   
you will see a control panel  on one of the sides move to it and click on it
you will see a brig  apear there but when you let go it disapears. 

Next  go back to the room you where in there are to doors left  the one to the
left has a panel with 3 symbols each one show you differ types of probes.
This room has NO inportens to playing  this games.

The door to the rigth is inporten so go there first walk in and you will see 
a room that look like a bed room in this room if you look hard you will 
find Quark He Hide on your Runabout with one of the refration devices
you need to get his help so you can get across the brige in the first room 
you went in to.

When you cross the brige there will be probs fireing at you so becareful
and rember to save before starting across.

When you are a cross you will walk in to a room with a panel in the center of
it I found no use for this panel. Next look for stairs walk up them and you will find
and other brige that goes across. It take you back where you where when you got
throug the maze so do not cross it yet. First ture back around and you will see 
more stairs going up. Take the stairs up and you will finded the computer room
move in the center on the room and a Holo-Program comes up and ask you queston.

Ask him to billed you a ship.
Ask  him to let you talk to master contol  and he will ask you for the words of access
you find The words of by heading back to commuation room and talk with the odo and
the others.  Know is when you use the second brige as a short cut to communications.

The words are Invock Master Contol but you have to make the tip any way.
DO NOT Invock tactal  or you will end up DEAD. 

After you invock Master Contol he is going to want you the head back to comuation
To Rout Communication back to the room that he is in so he can talk to his childen
to do this head back to the communication take to odo then click on the panel 
5 Symbols will apear 2 on the left 1 in the middel 2 on the rigth click on the one in
the middel and you will have done it then  head Back to master contorl

nex t Find Quack becaues you are going to need his reftion device to fool 
the tactal Holo-program. The Device has 2 setting one inviabley and reflction 
you will need to use the reflction setting to fool the tactal holo-program
at this point you are about 10 to 15 min from the end of the game .

This walkthur should have all the information you need to finnish the game.
If  you get stuck some place and need help feel free to E-mail with any question.


For Details and other Assistance leave mail to: [email protected]



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