Here are some hints for Toonstruck

I haven't finished the game yet. So I hope there are 
no fatal mistakes in my hints. If anybody knows more, 
please do tell me.

Since I played the german version, there might be some
differences (names, for example). And I even think of 
getting a better dictionary.

You should talk first with everybody even if I have not written it

Getting rid of the Butler:

only do this after he told you about the glasses

In the Kings bedroom:
-move the rug
-open and close the drawers until 
 you find a secret passage
Go through it
-Look at the floor to find a loose plank
-Use Flux on loose plank
-use loose plank
Go to Bedroom
-move rug over trap door
-ring for the butler (use rope)

How to get the watering can in the trophy room
-replace it with the mug you get in the pub
 after removing the mouse

How to catch the mouse
-play the organ
-use Flux on the mousetrap
-take the mouse

How to get the wine in the amusement arcade 
-first you have to go to Zanydu
-you have to get the real Hammer from the Wacme 
 present machine
-You have to use the machine in Jim's Gym

-Use your new hammer and (your new muscles) 
 on the machine in the amusement arcade

(-do also play Wacman to get the "golden" chain
 (no tricks, just hit fire all the time))

How to get to Zanydu
-Use mouse on the hand of the railway machine
-use dung from stable (in watering can trophy)
 with mouse
-go inside cabin and move the lever

How to use the present machine at Wacme
-Go to Jim's Gym and look at the notice
 (outside) about the Wacme phone quiz
-Use phone in pub (BUT SAVE FIRST !!!!)
 (blue, mauve, red, orange, yellow, green, orange) 
-Answer the questions:
-Get your prize outside the pub
-Show it to the clerks at Wacme to prove you are 
 a client.
(-By the way, get the stars over the assistants head,
 after you have been shown the boxing glove)
-Use the present-machine until you have got the 
 3 items.

How to get rid of Jim
-Use Butter on gym-horse (the one in the gym, 
 not the one in the barn) and ask for a performance

How to get the butter
in the barn:
-use the magnet on the haystack to find missing piece
-use missing piece on butter machine
-get the butter (use one at Jim's place, give the 
 other to the Baker )

Captured by the wolf
-Move the pot you are sitting in (right,left,right,
 left,right,left,right,left, the idea?)
-take the book and the spit from the fire
-look at book
-get corn from the field and use it on the fire
 to get popcorn

How to get the glue
(Bye now, the barn should have been zapped-
you're in for a surprise)
Ever wondered what happened to the horse?
-Use watering can on toxic substance in barn
-Go to Malevo
-Get the piece of meat the bouncer of Seedy's
-Use poisonous watering can on meat
-Use meat on vulture in Middle-Zanydu
-Get vulture feather (and get arrow)
-Give Feather to sheep in barn
 to get glue

(-Use watering can again on poison)

-Use poison on thornbush to get pepper

How to get rid of the squirrel
-Go to the castle
-Use spit on closet
-Get toy cat
-Get 2 keys from the piano at the baker's
-Glue them to the cat
-Give the popcorn to Fluffy and get the 
 sugar cotton(?-was not in my dictionary)
-Glue it to the cat
-Use the jumping beans on it
-Use it at the squirrels door
-Tell Flux to get the nuts

How to get the costume
-Get the ink pad in the prison of Malevo

(-If you open the safe and get the hole you can movef
 around more quickly by using it on the round spot
 in the pavement.)

-Use the small musicbox from the king's bedroom
 on the inkpad and then on the costume voucher
-Go to the costumeshop and give it to the owner
-Get the Harlequin 

(-and exchange books)

-Give the costume to the scarecrow

How to get rid of the roboter in Malevo

-Use Enigma book from Costume shop

(-Get the thing on the desk-again not in my 
dictionary-for use at the outhouse in Zanydu)

How to get into Seedy's
-Use Black coat from Scarecrow 

What to do inside Seedy's
-Use glue on bowling ball
-use Flux on bowling alley

How to get rid of the outhouse guard at Zanydu
-After talking to him, manipulate the Clock 
 near Wacme
-Get inside outhouse
-look at the toilet paper
-Use the "thing" (remember my dictionary?) 
 from the roboter on the toilet 
-Use fish on toilet

So, that's it !
Here is the place I do also need a hint to go on


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