Part One
Part Two

Part One

You must collect 11 items to complete the cutefier. Talk to the engineer. Talk to the footman. Go back and talk to the engineer (tell him to check his pockets for the glasses). He will show you a blueprint and give you a bottomless bag. The items you are looking for are:

The spice ingredient which is combined with sugar gives you a hint on how to find the rest. You must find English expressions with the given word and another one which will tell you what you should be looking for (i.e. rock and roll for number 11).

Go outside the castle and ask the guard to dance twice. The second time while he is performing get the key from the steps. Go inside again and open the closed door using the key. Go inside and use Flux  on the ladder. You'll get a free rental voucher for the costume shop. Get the music box from the desk and read the note by the mirror. Open and close the drawers until you have the upper and the lower open and the two in the middle closed and a secret passage will open. Use the floorboard. Use Flux on the loose floorboard. Go out and pull the cord.

Leave the castle and go to the town in the bar. Talk to the bartender. Play the organ twice, the second time use Flux on the mouse trap. Get the mug from the bartender and pick up the mouse. Go to the costume shop across the road (you must stamp the voucher with the royal seal). Go inside the arcade shop and talk to the owner. He will challenge you to an arcade game. Beat him to it and he will give you the chain. Go inside the bakery shop and talk to the frogs and then get two piano keys from the piano behind them.

Go to the palace (in the trophy room) and pick up the watering can trophy. Put the mug in it's place. Pick up the red herring trophy.

Leave the castle and the town and talk to Flufy Flufy Bun Bun (you must find pop corn). Go past the rabbit to the next screen and talk to the carecrow (it wants a new outfit and it will give you a cloak in exchange).

Go inside the barn and use the watering can on the fertilizer barrel. Talk to the cow. Leave the barn and go talk to the B.B.Woolf (he wants some wine). Go to the transporting machine, use mouse on the right hand, use the watering can on the mouse holding hand and then use the lever. You're in Zanydu.

Go straight. Try to pick up the sign (shaped as an arrow). The valture wants some meat. Go outside the outlet. Talk to the guard (the Zanydu clock must strike the correct hour to make him leave his post). Examine the poster.

Go back to Cutopia in the bar. Use the phone. The number is blue, purple, red, orange, yellow, green, orange. You can combine two buttons to make a color (i.e. yellow and blue to create green- but press the buttons fast). To answer the questions remember that:

If you answer the 6 questions right you'll find a present (jumping beans) waiting for you outside the bar.

Go back to Zanydu. To get inside the WACME shop you must stand in front of any of the doors and when the white light is over it use the door (hurry because it keeps switching places). Talk to Woolfy and give him the beans. Use the gift machine. Pressing the start /stop button stop the arrow over the magnet, the glove and the mallet to get these three free presents. Examine the portraits on the wall. Examine the badge. Go to the phone again.

Use the phone (the phone number is: purple, yellow, yellow, blue, green, red and
orange). You'll find that the clock must strike 6 o'clock for the guard to get off duty.

Go to the barn and use the magnet on the haystack. Use the piece on the gap. You'll get two pieces of butter. Go to the bakery and give the butter to the frog. He'll make some dough for you. Go to Zanydu.

Go to the clock. To make it strike 6 o'clock use the two levers. Notice that whatever the one hand is pointing at indicates what the other one will do (how many steps it will take). Go to the gym. Ask Jim to demonstrate twice. Before asking for the second time use the butter on the vaulting-horse. Use the Pump'o'tron. You're stronger now and you can use the mallet. Go back to Cutopia in the arcade shop.

Talk to the owner. Use the mallet on the strength'o'meter. Get the wine from the octopus and the bells from the destroyed strength'o'meter. Go back to the barn and talk to the kinky cow. Use the watering can on the barrel (poison). Use the watering can on the Briar Path to get the pepper. Go and give the wine to B.B.Woolf and see what happens.

You're inside a pot. You can slide it either left or right. Keep moving from one direction to the other direction until the pot turns over. U se the corn on the fire. Get the pop corn. Use the dough on the spit to make a roll of bread. Get the spit as well. Get the book from the table.

Leave and move left to the Malevolands. Pick up the hunk of meat and go inside the jail and pick up the ink. Combine it with the music box and then combine the inked music box with the voucher.

Go to the barn and refill the watering can with poison. Go to the costume shop. You'll get arrested (you can avoid it by hiding in the dressing room but you don't have to). Walk on the carpet inside the cell until you get charged with static electricity and then use the electronic key pad. Keep doing so until the years left'o'meter counts down to zero. Go outside, open the safe and solve the puzzle. Get your things and a portable hole as well. You can now use the portable to hole as a mean of transportation. There are portholes in Zanydu, the town and the Malevolands.

By placing your portable hole on them you get three roads to choose: Cutopia (left road), Malevolands (right road) and Zanydu (down road). Go back to Cutopia to the costume shop. Give the stamped voucher to the girl, get the fly suit and then choose the harlequin costume. Trade books with her. Go to Fluffy and give her the pop corn (she'll give you cotton candy) Give the Harlequin costume to the carecrow to get his cloak. Go to the Malevolands to the robot and use the enigma book on it. You'll get the plunger. Go back to Zanydu.

Combine the poison with the meat and give  it to the vulture, get the sign and a feather from the lying vulture. Go to the outlet and use the plunger on the toilet and then the red herring. When the green fish appears press the toilet handle. Go to Cutopia.

Go to the costume shop and trade again the books. Go to the barn and give the feather to the cow (you'll get the glue). Go to the castle and use the spit on the hole on the cupboard. Get the staffed cat. Combine the glue with the piano keys. Combine the glue with the cotton candy. Combine these two new items with the staffed cat and then add the beans. Leave  what you made by the door in the roots of the tree where the mean squirrel is. Use Flux on the door (Flux will get the nuts). Go to Zanydu, inside the WACME shop and talk to Woolfy. Ask him to use the boxing glove and when he hits Warp get the stars.

Go to the Malevolands, talk to the one in front of the door and use the cloak on you. Talk to the bowling player and use the glue on the ball when it comes back. Use Flux on the lane. You'll get the present. Go back to the castle. Go past the engineer to the next room and place the items in the correct order. Press the system analysis button and END OF PART ONE.

Part Two

After the long sequence you find yourself in the prison. Talk to the guard and find out about his allergies. When he turns over and is ready to sneeze lift the mat in front of the cell door and pick up the yellow crystal. Wait until he sneezes again to get the mat. Use the mat on you. Get the key from the wall and use it on the keyhole. You're free now.

Note : If you get caught again the guard is wearing a gas mask. So talk to him about the allergies. He starts talking and takes of his gas mask. Then pick up the mat and use it to get free. The third time you get caught the guard is missing. You'll find a note that says that the key is under the mat.

Take your stuff. Talk to the myna bird until it starts repeating itself and take a note from what it says. Go left to the climatron room press the button and go inside the air vent. Wear the fly suit and climb up. You will find yourself in the bathroom. Open the medicine cupboard above the sink and take the tissues. Use the sink plug and then the sink tub. Fill your water can trophy with water.

Climb down through the air vent and go to the first floor landing. Use the strange door. You start by pressing the clown's nose. You have to notice what part of the clown's head is lightened next. Then you press the nose and that part and so on. You have to do this until the door opens. Enter the room and talk to the clown. Talk to him. When he takes off his red nose to powder pick it up and put a tissue in it. When he wears it again he will fall asleep. Pick up his pin and the blue balloon on the floor. Use it on
the helium tank. Use the rubber glove on the tank as well.

Go back to the climatron room. Use the control and then use the pin on the pocket. Turn the lever to freeze and through the air vent go to the bathroom. The water on the floor has become ice. Open the door. The alligators will slip on the ice and fall out of the window.

Go back to the climatron room and switch the lever to hot. Go to the first floor. The fish has jumped out from the boiling water. Now you have to witch the climatron lever back to normal, pick up the pin and quickly go to the fish tank and pick up the chest. Open the chest and you will find a key. Now head to the second floor. Go to the knight's room. Look at the odd books in the library and pull them in the following order:

1BLUE   1RED   3RED   2BLUE   3BLUE   4RED   2RED   4BLUE

The door to the surveillance room will open. Go in and use the music box on the guard. He will fall asleep. Use the monitor and watch all the channels. Switch to channel 4. Use the magnet on the metal plate. Guide the knight each time to the elevated square. If you do it right the gate will open. Exit the room and pick up the knight's arm from the broken armor. Go upstairs. Use the pin on the crate. When the frog leaves he gives you a red crystal. Get inside the crate and when the guards are not watching walk slowly towards the TNT. Once you get the TNT get out of the room and go to the kitchen.

Use the water can on the robochef, pick up a turkey and stuff it with a stick of TNT. Open the  stove oven and put it inside. Then put it in the dumb waiter. After the animated sequence got to the rec. room on the second floor and get the pool cue. Go out and move the left statue. You find a blue crystal. Pick it up. Then use the horn. Go upstairs to the bathroom and through the air vent climb down. Go to the second floor and move the right statue. Pick up the green crystal.

Go to the third floor and use the key you found inside the chest to open the locked door. On the bookcase you see a pair of sunglasses. Try to get them. The bookcase tips over and the sunglasses land on the fan. Use the switch. Use the chair and try to pick them up again. Now the are inside the mouth of the Venus flytrap. Wear the fly suit. Finally use the mallet on the vase and get the sunglasses.

Go up to the fourth floor. Combine the pool cue and the knight's arm and press the button with it. The gate opens. Go in and use the balloon on you. Now you sound like Lugnut. To the voice scanner identify yourself as Lugnut. You enter  Ms. Fortune's room. Before you go behind the curtain wear the sunglasses. Talk to Ms. Fortune. You're now her master. Use her to make her go to the hallway and then use her on the scanner to open the door.

Once inside use the panel and place the four crystals in the following order:


Pull down the lever and get the warp device. Use the monitor. Turn the switches so that you get:

Now you are ready to fly. Use the Malevolator and watch the big finale.
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