Valhalla Classics

The Lord of Infinity - Episodes 1-4

By Vulcan Software Ltd.

PC Game played on the Vulcan Portal

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    May, 2002

Game Play: This is a point and click game converted to PC from the classic Amiga game. There are the Restart, Load Game and Save Game on the middle bar. The game manipulation is based on clicking one of the 3 verb icons at the middle bar and any item in the game play while facing it. The verbs are eye - look, hand - take and the hand with a tool - operate. When an item is taken and selected in inventory, a separate verb selections is shown. Look, drop, insert, consume and explore mode (to go back to main game play). The little Prince walks one square tile at a time and runs when the right mouse is pressed (pant, pant!).

The Lord of Infinity

The Kingdom of Valhalla is currently ruled by the Lord of Infinity, a twisted and evil man, who is feared by the people of the land. His rule is one of betrayal based upon jealousy. His predecessor was his older brother, the Great King Garamond, who was the true leader of the kingdom. But Infinity always believed he should have been king and so murdered Garamond and claimed the throne. This resulted in civil war among the people of Valhalla. Infinity ordered the death of all Garamond's followers and to drown the little Prince, Garamond's son who is the rightful heir to the throne. The little Prince was never found. Unknown to Infinity, the Bishop of Valhalla has rescued the child and fled to a neighboring kingdom. 14 yrs have now passed and while still in exile, the little Prince learned of wisdom, the history of Valhalla and most importantly justice. Now come of age, the little Prince has returned to the Castle of Valhalla on a quest to destroy his father's murderer and take his rightful drop as King of this once beautiful land.

Episode 1 - The Crypt

It is the desolate and treacherous area of the castle's outer walls. Many people have died here trying to find the 4 Orbs of the Infinity. Rumor has it that the 4 Orbs provide access to the inner castle. So far every adventurer has died within one of the 2 floor trapped rooms. But legend tells us that there are detailed maps of these 2 rooms hidden somewhere in the crypt. The only clue that has survived time comes from an old mapmaker. It reads as follows: I painstakingly mapped a safe passage around the floor trapped rooms. I fear for my life and expect I will not get out of here alive. I have hidden the maps well. I'm hoping that Infinity's soldiers will never think to look under the very thing that is lethal.


The game starts with the Little Prince in a hallway. Turn around, take and look at the Guardian book. The book talks about the guardian and her offspring, that protects the orbs buried deep in the crypt. Drop the book. Walk down the hall and turn to the left. Take the gold coin. 'I've got it!' Go back to the main hallway and walk down to a room.

Trigger the Trapped Floors:        

Garamond's room - The room has the Altar of Lies and the Stone of Garamond. Take door key from stand from bottom of room. Go to floor tile with a knob at the center situated at the left of the stand and operate the tile. Take one of the mapmaker's floor plan. Operate the lever by the locked door. Go to room on the left.    

First Trapped room - Look at map and navigate the room following the mapmaker's floor plan except for a tile close to the altar (see X in map). Walking the room will trigger the traps. 'I want to go home!' Look at the blue chest, Weapons skull - 'Bring me a used weapon', a lever and the Altar of Truth. Operate lever to open door. Drop the first floor plan.   

Bloodstone room - Go down to the next room and see a heavy rock, Bloodstone, Water of Hope, Altar of Black Magic and Altar of Sadness. Take the Talisman of Light from right of the room and look at the stand where you took it from. It is the Miracle Stone. Take the door key on lower left of the room. See a locked door at the bottom of the room. Remember where the stamina potion is and pick it up later when needed. Drink the stamina potion, when life force (green line on left side of frame) is low. Go to the exit at right of room. Walk until a closed door with gold knobs is on the Prince's right. Insert door key from Garamond's room on gate with gold knobs to open it. Go down.    Wine Skull room - Look at skull -'Bring me wine'. Take the door key. Look at pink chest. Exit the room. Go back to Bloodstone room and insert the door key from wine skull room on closed door at bottom of room.

Meredith's throne room - Take one step in and operate the knobbed floor tile. Take the second floor plan. Take and look at Skull book. Drop the book after reading about skulls of 4 brave warriors of Valhalla. Look at skull - 'Do you love me?' Look at the faucets at top left of room and at Meredith's throne. Exit the room and go back to the hallway off the Wine skull room. Go up to skull on altar.              Quest Skull alcove - Look at skull -'What is your quest?'  Operate lever at bottom right.        

Second trapped room - Navigate the room: to get the pink chest key, see the lavender chest, take the grey crystal and the stick at bottom right corner. 'I quite like living on the edge.' Exit the room at the upper right corner. As soon as you exit the trapped room from the right exit, turn right and operate the knobbed floor tile to get the false birthright certificate written by Infinity. Drop the floor plan. Look at the wishing well and drop the gold coin on it. Take a deactivation gem. Operate the lever on the left of the room and exit to the hallway.

Turn right on the hallway. Look at book at the end of the hallway. Drop the book. Turn around and go up and look around the Orb room. Exit, left and enter the garden. Read the red book about Meredith's jewels and then drop it.

Skulls, Chests, Guardians and such:

Wine skull room - Insert the pink key on pink chest keyhole. Take the withered rose.       

Garamond's room - Drop the false birthright certificate on Altar of Lies. Take Garamond's ring. Drop Garamond's ring on Stone of Garamond. Take the true birthright certificate written by Garamond. 'That means me, you know.'        Go to the Altar of Truth at the 1st trapped room. Drop the true birthright certificate on the Altar of Truth. 'Unbelievable!' Take the Symbol of Justice.        Quest Skull alcove - Go to the Quest Skull and drop the Symbol of Justice on the space beside the skull. Note the skull changed color. Door opens at the top of the alcove.       

Go up, left and read the Warrior's book about needing to drop an item of his battle dress on his grave. Drop the book. Operate the lever to open a shortcut to Garamond's room.

Meredith's jewel room - Go up and see a jeweled crown, remember the red book - DO NOT pick it up! Take strength potion from altar and plain crown beside it. Operate lever on bottom right of room. Take lavender chest key. Open the next lever to open the shortcut to the garden. Go up to room with a 'look dangerous' thing on the floor. Enter and get trapped.  Drop deactivation stone on the 'dangerous' thing that traps the Prince. Look at the Water of Life. Drop the withered rose on Water of life to get a beautiful rose. Take the wooden plank beside the water of life. Do not take the poison from table.

Exit and go to the hallway top left of Meredith's jewel room. Operate lever to open gate to hallway by the drop you got the gold coin and remember that there is another stamina potion here if you need it.

 2nd trapped room - Insert the lavender chest key on lavender chest to get a cold protection potion and an orange chest key.    Gap Area - Go up to the hallway where you got the gold coin. Insert the door key taken from the Bloodstone room on the door. Enter and see a lit candle and a chest. Drop the wooden plank across the gap in between the 2 bushes across the way. Cross the gap. Insert orange key on orange chest.  'So many chest, so little time.' Take the golden chalice and deactivation device. Note another locked room on the left. Cross the gap and leave the wooden plank where it is for now.

Meredith's throne room - Drop golden chalice on grate in front of left faucet and then operate the right faucet. Take the chalice full of water. Drop the plain crown on Meredith's throne and get warrior's shield. Drop beautiful rose on the space beside the Love skull and the door behind the Prince opens.        Blue-eyed Guardian's room - Enter and get trapped. Do not use the deactivation device. Proceed to the right and operate a lever. Take a gold symbol in the Blue-eyed Guardian's room. Operate the lever and door opens somewhere. Go back to the main hallway by the top of the screen and get trapped again. Drop the deactivation device on this 'dangerous' thing not the one by Meredith's throne.         Bloodstone room - Exit and go to Miracle Stone in the Bloodstone room. Drop the chalice full of water on miracle stone to get chalice full of wine. Now which skull was that? Go to Wine skull and give him the wine. He gives you a rubber sole potion.

Electrified hallway - Go back to Bloodstone room. Drink strength potion and take the big rock. Save game here! Go forward and down. Drink the rubber sole potion and run up the first hallway going up. Take the deactivation device and then go down the left hallway to the very end of the electrified hallway. Insert stick on hole of lever missing a handle. Operate lever. Enter lower hallway.

Warrior's tomb room - See the Water of Beauty and Strange device.  Operate lever and door opened somewhere. Take the warrior's sword from the warrior's tomb. Based on the Warrior's book read before - drop the warrior's shield on warrior's tomb and hear the electric barriers get removed. Go up and look at Black-eyed Guardian. Remember there is a stamina potion here if needed. Go back to formerly electrified hallway and go up the first hallway on top.

Eye of Beholder room - Go up, turn around and drop deactivation device on 'dangerous' thing. In the room are a green chest, another broken lever, Eye of the Beholder on burning hot coals and 2 engraved altars. Drop the gold symbol taken from Blue-eyed Guardian's room on right engraved altar.

Bloodstone Room - Drop the warrior's sword on bloodstone and take a sword covered in blood.     1st Trapped room - Go to Weapon's skull and give him the bloodied sword. A door opened somewhere.

Red-eyed Guardian - Go to the left end of the 1st trapped room and pass through the now open door. Operate lever to open door to shortcut to garden by orange chest. Forward to Red-eyed Guardian's room and get green chest key. Operate another lever. Go down.    Eye of beholder room - Insert green key on keyhole of the green chest. Take door key and an unlit candle. Go back out to the end of the hallway on the left.

Skull room - Insert door key just taken on closed door. Save game here. Enter and look at skulls. All the skulls want the talisman. Give the talisman of light to the skull on upper left (NW) corner. He opens the door on top.

Green-eyed guardian room - Take the visa card. Look at Stone of True Color. Drop grey crystal on stone of true color and yellow crystal. Exit the Skull room.     Warrior's room - Insert visa card on strange device at the Warrior's room and the door on the left opens. Enter that door.

Remembrance skull room - Look at the skull - 'Bring me remembrance.' Take the mysterious rock and the blue chest key. Look at the altar again and see the Opposite stone. Drop cold protection potion on opposite stone to get fire protection potion.     Eye of beholder room - Consume the fire protection potion and take the Eye of the beholder.    

Collect the Orbs:

Warrior's tomb room - Drop the Eye of the beholder on Water of beauty to get the green crystal.    Green-eyed guardian room - Insert the green crystal. His wings go down to allow passage. Take the SE Orb.

1st trapped room - Insert the blue chest key on blue chest. Take Infinity's ring and a chicken foot.    Bloodstone room - Drop the chicken foot on Altar of Black Magic. Take the black crystal.     Black-eyed Guardian's room - Insert the black crystal on guardian. Walk in operate lever. Look at the firestone. Drop unlit candle on firestone to get lit candle. Operate another lever. Look at the skull -'What is the password?' I've no idea!

Gap area - Go back to the table with lit candle at the gap area and the wooden plank. Drop lit candle beside the other lit candle. The chest above opens. Take the red crystal.  Cross the gap using the wooden plank. Take the wooden plank. Save game here!  Enter the room on the left. Turn around and drop wooden plank on trap tile. Take gold symbol and deactivation gem.     Red-eyed guardian - Insert the red crystal on him. Take the NW Orb and note another stamina potion.

Eye of beholder room - Drop the other gold symbol on the left engraved stand. The left door opens.    Stone of Infinity room - Enter the room and operate the intriguing floor tile. Take the bugle. Look at Stone of Infinity. Drop Infinity's ring on the Stone of Infinity and take the Gem of Infinity, symbol of betrayal.     Password skull - While facing the password skull, look at Gem of infinity and the Prince will say 'Gem of Infinity, symbol of betrayal' aloud as password. The door opens. Look at Altar of War. Drop bugle on Altar of war and take a poppy. Go to hallway on top and take stick.     Remembrance skull - Drop poppy on table of remembrance skull. Take parchment - about sadness brought on by Infinity's rule and hope about the coming of the Prince.     Bloodstone room - Drop the parchment on Altar of Sadness and get Tears of Loyalty. Drop Tears of Loyalty on Water of Hope and get Blue crystal.

Eye of beholder room - Insert stick on hole of lever without handle. Operate lever and a door opened somewhere. Go up to the now opened door.  Operate a lever on the left to open shortcut door to red-eyed guardian's room. Go back and up.     Yellow-eyed guardian's room - Turn around and drop deactivation gem on 'dangerous' thing. Turn around and drop mysterious rock on stool. That opens a door. Enter the yellow-eyed guardian's room. Insert the yellow crystal on guardian. Take the SW orb. Operate the lever on the hallway on the right.

Blue-eyed guardian - Insert the blue crystal. Take the NE Orb. Operate the lever on the right to a shortcut. 'Okay, let's get on with it!' Go to the Orb room at the right end of the Crypt.

Orb Room - Drop the Orbs in their proper stands. The dangerous barrier goes down. Look at the Final guardian. Insert the Gem of Infinity at the final guardian. The wings go down and go forward. Drop the heavy rock on the last barrier.

We did it! See you in The Sanctuary!

Episode 2 - The Sanctuary

After the Great War, Infinity used this section of the castle as a prison for those he feared the most. The shaman had always lived peacefully in the kingdom of Valhalla until Infinity took the crown. He promised them sanctuary but instead he tricked them and using their own logic against them, he turned them to stone. Years have passed and the 5 most powerful shamans are thought to still stand within the ruins, enslaved for eternity to protect the 3 legendary magic rings of escape. You must start with the shaman to gain entrance in the rooms in which the rings are kept. In each of these rooms, there are thought to be electrocution devices, armed to harm anyone who tries to steal the magic rings. Only the bravest and most ingenious adventurer will be able to deactivate the traps and ultimately escape this dangerous and foreboding place.

Be careful on walking on broken tiles. The second time walking on them will result in dropping into the abyss.

First Ring of Escape:

Carnivore room - Take and read the blue Shamans book. It talks about the shamans being the protectors of the 3 rings of escape. Drop the book. The room has burning hot coals, orange chest and a carnivore at the top of the room. Look at 'looks interesting' tile with a hole at center in front of the orange chest. Operate interesting tile and take a raw chicken leg. The carnivore did not like the raw chicken leg. Better cook it then. Drop raw chicken leg on burning hot coals and take cooked chicken leg and then insert it to carnivore. Take the bone the carnivore discards. Door opens.

Exit and turn right on hallway. Look at Flame of the Phoenix. Go down the hallway and look at mold on the right side of the hallway. Go farther down close to wall and look at another interesting tile. Operate tile to get a door key. Note another broken lever on the wall. Go back to main hallway and insert door key on door with gold knobs.

Sundial room - Inside the room is a sundial, barrel of ale and a heavy urn with a key behind it. Go back and turn to hallway going up. Turn left and enter room.    Shaman of Time room - Inside the room is a leopard skin, elephant's foot, green chest, lion and the Shaman of time. Pick up the bundle of wood and stick. Operate the interesting tile under the wood. Take potion of strength. 'I suppose you want me to drink this.'     Sundial room - Yup, consume potion of strength. Take heavy urn and the orange chest key.     Carnivore room - Insert the orange key on orange chest.  Read and take the Book of Hours. Take S wind charm.

Go back to broken lever-hole on the wall by the Flame of phoenix and mold. Insert stick on hole on the wall and operate the lever. Enter the right hallway.

Shaman of Impurity room - The room has the soapstone, Water of the Fourth Dimension, lavender chest, hot stove and Shaman of Impurity. Drop the Book of Hours on the water of the fourth Dimension to get a watch. There is another interesting tile behind the broken tiles - must find a way to get there. Operate the lever by the hot stove.     Shaman of Time room - Drop watch on stand beside the Shaman and he lowers his arm to allow passage. Enter and get trapped. Pick up the key that does not fit the locked door behind the little Prince. Go farther in and look at keystone, starburst deactivation stone, burning hot coals, stamina potion - pick up when needed and one of the 3 rings of escape protected by an electrocution device. Operate the lever at the bottom wall and open the Shaman of Holy Trinity room. Drop key in burning hot coals to get liquid metal. Drop liquid metal on keystone and get the key. 'Shall we try it?' Insert newly made key on locked door.

Exit to main hallway by operating lever to open door to main hallway by block of ice. Turn left in hallway, left again and read the red book about the Sanctuary and deactivation stones. Drop the book. Look at broken lever beside it. Go to the top until the end.

Shaman of Holy Trinity room - The room has sulfuric acid, Flame of Ruin, red chest and the Shaman of Holy Trinity. Operate the interesting tile and take the green chest key.     Shaman of Time room - Insert green key on green chest and take tankard.     Sundial room - Drop tankard on table beside the barrel of ale. Move to the right side and operate the tap of the barrel of ale. Take tankard of ale. Go to mold by the Flame of Phoenix. Drop tankard of ale on mold and take moldy ale.    Shaman of Impurity room - Place moldy ale on stand beside the Shaman of Impurity and he raises his arm.

Go up and see glue. Operate the lever to shortcut.  Walk down the path and operate the interesting tile at the end. Take cold resist potion. Go back up and note ropes spanning the gap on the right and a stamina potion. To the right by a precarious path is a stand with a circle carved on it with a key behind - stand of the ring of escape. Go back, then up to the end and turn left. Pass by a broken lever, stand with ink and another broken lever. Go down carefully on lower path, left and the go down the main hallway. Drink cold resist potion and take block of ice. Run to the Shaman of Impurity room.     Shaman of Impurity room - Drop block of ice on hot stove and take Eye of Heaven.    Sundial room - Drop the Eye of Heaven on sundial and take Stone of Leo. Go up next hallway.    Shaman of Time room - Stand to the left of the lion statue. Drop the stone of Leo on it and get a starburst gold symbol. Go up the hallway behind the Shaman of Time. Place the gold symbol on deactivation stone stand on the left. Big Bang!! Go down at the electrocution device and see that it has been deactivated. Take the first ring of escape. Go to the other side of the Sanctuary to the stand of ring of escape.

Ring of Escape walkway - Drop the first ring of escape on the stand and it drops to the floor. Take the key and note the stamina potion. Go to the main hallway and then right on hallway above the stand that had the block of ice. Insert the key on closed door.

Second Ring of Escape:

Shaman of the Moon room - In the room is bible, lever, and collection box at the bottom of the screen. Operate lever in between the bible and the collection box to open door to shortcut to hallway below. On the right side of the room, take urn of ashes on the Altar of Affluence. On top of screen is the Shaman of the moon. Operate the interesting tile at the bottom of the screen and take blue chest key. Operate another lever to open shortcut to the right passage. Go to passage going down to the Flame of the Phoenix. Drop the ashes in front of the Flame of the Phoenix and take the wooden cross. Go back up to Shaman of the moon room and drop the wooden cross on the bible to get gold cross.     Shaman of Holy Trinity room - Drop the gold cross on stand beside the Shaman. Get trapped. Operate 2 interesting tiles and get blood and lavender chest key. Look at the Ambrosia. Go to the garden beyond; take the deactivation gem from bottom of the garden and the Gem of the 4 Winds. Drop the deactivation gem on 'dangerous' thing that blocks the passage. Go to Shaman of Impurity room way down the Sanctuary.     Shaman of Impurity room - Insert lavender key on lavender chest. Take door key and Arthur's potion.

Go back up to the closed door right of the hallway where there is an inkstand and above and left of the passage to the ring of escape stand. Insert door key on door.

Sea of Tranquility room - Take broken stick and operate lever. The room has the Sea of Tranquility and the Stone of Change. Take the other bundle of wood.

Go down, left, down and left again to the pot of glue. Drop broken stick on glue and take stick. Turn right and the look at the ropes crossing the chasm.

Chasm - Drop a bundle of wood on the rope, step on it, drop the other bundle of wood, step on it, turn, take the other bundle of wood, turn and drop it until the other side. 'Yup!'     Chasm room - The room has the blue chest and male symbol deactivation stone. Operate the interesting tile and take wooden symbol. Insert blue chest key on blue chest to get a deactivation gem. Go down to the bottom of the room and see the second ring of escape behind an electrocution device. Exit to the other side of the chasm using the bundles of wood again.

Go up the hallway to the passage with ink stand and broken lever. Insert the stick to hole of broken lever at the left side of the passage. Enter the now open door above.

Rock of Selene room - Trapped again. Turn and drop deactivation gem on 'dangerous thing'. Operate interesting tile and take Rock of Selene. Take the stick on the grate. Look at altar with stamina potion and has a metal box at the other end on it.

Go to main hallway and left to where the red book is and the broken lever close. Insert the stick on hole of broken lever.

Shaman of Wealth room - Trapped again. Pick up the red key. In the room is the tree of sacrifice and the Shaman of Wealth. Place the blood on the tree of sacrifice and the doors are opened.     Shaman of Holy Trinity room - Insert red key on red chest and take gold nuggets and the E wind charm.     Shaman of Impurity room - Drop wooden male symbol on soapstone and an impression is made. Pick up wooden male symbol. Drop gold nugget on symbol impression and take gold male symbol. Go to Chasm room using the bundle of woods.

Chasm room - Drop gold symbol on deactivation stone and the electrocution device is deactivated. Take the second ring of escape. Go to ring of escape stand.

Ring of escape walkway - Drop the second ring of escape on the stand and it drops to the floor. Take paper money. Go to Shaman of the Moon room.   

Third Ring of Escape:

Shaman of the Moon room - Drop paper money on collection box and take gold coins. Go to Sea of Tranquility room.    Sea of Tranquility room - Drop the Rock of Selene on the Sea of Tranquility and take werewolf talisman. Drop the gold coins on the stone of change. The door above opens.     Arthur's room - Pick up stick. Consume Arthur's potion and take the Sword of Dilos (Solid) on the left stand. Operate the lever at the bottom of the room and enter open door. Go up one step and turn right. Drop the sword of Dilos on the chasm. Cross to the other side. Drop the werewolf talisman on the Water of Silver light. Take the crescent moon and note a locked chest. Dilos backwards, he, he!     Shaman of the Moon room - Place the crescent moon on stand beside the Shaman. The room beyond has Water of resurrection, cross deactivation stone and the third ring of escape behind electrocution device. Take deactivation gem from the interesting tile on the floor.

Insert stick on hole of broken lever right of the inkstand.

Four winds room - 'No, not again!' Drop deactivation stone on dangerous thing. Pick up money spider. Drop S and E wind charms on their respective places. Operate lever at the bottom right of the room - 'Something happened!' Let's check what did happen. Go to the room off Arthur's room.

Arthur's room - Cross the chasm using the sword again. Take the N wind charm and the magnet from the chest. Cross the chasm and then pick up the Sword of Dilos.     Go to the hallway with the inkstand and go up the hallway on the left. Use magnet on altar in place of the stamina potion. Take the metal box.     Shaman of Holy Trinity room - Drop metal box on sulfuric acid and take blank parchment. Go to inkstand hallway and drop blank parchment on inkstand. Take suicide note. Place suicide note on Flame of Ruin at the Shaman of Holy Trinity room. Take Skull of Death.

Shaman of the Moon room - Drop money spider on Altar of Affluence and take gold bar. Drop the skull at the water of resurrection at the room behind the Shaman of the Moon. Take the immortal chain.     Shaman of Wealth room - Drop the gold bar on stand beside the Shaman. Enter the room and operate the interesting tile at the top of the room to get a book. Read the book about choosing which key. Drop book. Look at ankh deactivation stone on it and the Holy Grail behind an electrocution device. Stand to the top of the 4 blue door key and take NW blue key. Go east and operate lever to shortcut. Go to the passage above and left of the passage with the inkstand. Use the NW blue key on closed door.    Eternal Flame room - Operate the interesting tile to get the W wind charm. Take and read green book about the Shaman of Immortality wanting the food of life. Drop the book. Look at the Eternal flame. Drop immortal chain on eternal flame. Take the ankh gold symbol.     Four winds room - Drop N and W wind charms on their respective places. An opening to the top of the room opens. Drop the Gem of the 4 winds on the square. Pick up the gold symbol of a cross.    Shaman of the Moon room - Place the cross gold symbol on deactivation stone and then take the third ring of escape. Go to Shaman of Wealth.

Shaman of Wealth room - Drop the ankh gold symbol on ankh deactivation stone. Take the Holy Grail from behind the deactivated electrocution device. Go to room behind the Shaman of Holy Trinity.    Shaman of Holy Trinity - Drop Holy Grail on the left of Ambrosia barrel. Operate Ambrosia tap and take Holy Grail filled with Ambrosia.

Take the 2 bundle of woods from the chasm. Go to Ring of Escape Path.

Ring of Escape walkway - Drop the third ring of escape on the stand at the hallway. Passage gets unblocked. Look at Shaman of Immortality. Place Holy Grail with Ambrosia on table beside the Shaman of Immortality. Go up.

Shaman of Immortality - Use bundle of woods to cross the chasm. Use Sword of Dilos and the take door key. Return and insert door key on closed door by Shaman of Immortality. Door opens!

By this time you should have the bone, heavy urn and the wooden male symbol left in inventory. Drop heavy urn just opposite and below the existing urn. Door opens. Do not pick up any gold coins. Enter and drop wooden male symbol on floor before the closed door. Forward and drop the bone on the outline of bone. 'Infinity is no match for us!' Forward.

We did it! See you at The Chapel.

Episode 3 - The Chapel

A peaceful resting place for some of Valhalla's most notable royal ancestors, the chapel is left mostly unspoiled by Infinity's evil hand but don't let the calming atmosphere lull you into a false sense of security for in this episode, you will find more devious puzzles than you have previously encountered. You must retrieve all 4 of the official's plates that were used centuries before to commemorate the birth of the new kingdom. But the plates are well hidden and only when you have satisfied the request of the dead will you begin to unravel the mystery that is The Chapel.


Be careful walking on cracked floor.

Tombs, potions, River keepers and such:

Lord Monty's room - Take the cement behind the little Prince. Read the Tomb book and learn that it is possible to communicate with the dead in the tomb, when under the influence of relevant brew and after returning to them their lost possession. Drop the book. In the room are the Tomb of the Poet and Lord Monty. Operate the tap and see the plant beside it grow an Apple. Pick the apple and consume it to get Apple core. Grow another one and take the Apple. Pick door key from grate. Place cement on cracked floor in front of the grate between the Toffee Monster and the River Keeper, guarding the bridge across the way. Operate the grate and take arrow.

At the bottom of the room is a beautiful vase between 2 chests. Beside it is a bow with a lever across it, tree stump and target. Drop arrow on bow. Drop apple on tree stump. Operate the lever. The arrow splits the apple. Take toffee from the apple.  Pick the cement from the grate on the right. Operate the grate and take seeds. Go to hallway at the bottom of the screen and take hairgrip. Insert toffee on toffee monster to open the chests. Take sight potion and green finger potion.

Go to the foot of Lord Monty and see an eye icon on the floor. Standing one step behind the eye icon, drink sight potion. Step on eye icon. Insert key on door and go forward.

Tomb of the singer room - Turn to the right and drop cement on floor crack in front of the plant. Walk over and read the Ancestor book - it has very good clues. The stand the book was on is the Altar of Dispute. Drop the book on the floor. Go to left side of the room and see a toffee monster. Take the bag of sand. Place seeds on the pot full of earth. Operate the faucet and take flower. Below the cannon is an inkwell. Take the monocle at the bottom right of the room. The stand it was on is the herbalist bowl. A boulder blocks the way to the room on the right. Take cement at the bottom left of the room and read the blue book on top of the tomb of the singer. The Gift book states the River keeper allows passage only to those who know the gifts given during the formation of the kingdom. Drop book on floor. Go back up to Lord Monty's room.

Lord Monty's Official Plate:

Lord Monty's room - Place flower on vase. Take a sheet of poetry and the Ring of Compromise. Go back to next room and place Ring of Compromise on Altar of Dispute. Take white dove. Go back up to the River Keeper. While facing the River Keeper look at the White Dove and the Prince will say the password. The bridge appears and then cross the bridge. Take the French drama and operate the lever on top of the room. Go to the closed door at the left of Lord's Monty's room and note that it has changed to one with knobs. Insert the hairgrip on door.

Kettle room - Go down and take kettle. Operate the grate and read book about Lord Terrival, on how his tricks are sound sensitive. Drop the book. Go to stand with toffee on it and it disappears. Drop bag of sand in front of toffee. Walk over sand and take toffee. There is cement and a river keeper on the left side. Go up to the top of the room. Operate the lever and a door opens. Take match at the left end of the room. Drop match on burning hot coals to get lit match. Drop cement on floor crack in front of faucet. Drop kettle on grate and operate faucet. Take kettle full of water. Place the kettle full of water on burning hot coals. Take door key from broken glass. Insert key on door.

Tomb of the singer room - Insert toffee into Toffee monster and take lyrical drink. Lord Monty's room - Drop the sheet of poetry on the tomb of the poet. Consume lyrical potion and look at poetry on tomb. Take slippers. Go back to room below, left and enter the now opened door to Banquet room.

Banquet room - Look at Granddad and he said 'It's very cold in here!' Place slippers on Granddad's body. Take toffee. Drop White Dove beside the table. Look at banquet table and find out who sat where. Look at Lord Terrival, tomb of the magician and piano. Take the song in front of the toffee monster. Insert toffee on monster. Take acting potion and cannon ball. There is a royal letter and candle holder at the bottom of the room.

Tomb of the singer room - Drop the song on the singer's tomb. We have to look for a potion then. Insert cannon ball in cannon. Go behind the cannon and drop lit match. The cannon ball breaks the boulder blocking the way. Enter the room on the right.  

Uncle George's room - Read the red book about the formation of Valhalla found on top of the tomb of the musician. Drop book on floor.  Take cross from Uncle George's body. Remember Uncle George, who is pictured with a monocle is good with languages and Lord Monty loves Shakespeare. Drop monocle and then French drama on Uncle George's body. Take English play. There's a mirror beside him. Operate lever on top wall to open a shortcut. Operate grate at bottom right of room and take quill.

Tomb of the singer room - Drop quill on inkwell and take Hercules drink and Globe of Wisdom.    Kettle room - Take cement, if you haven't yet and face the River Keeper. Look at Globe of Wisdom and passage is allowed. Cross and take musical potion. Operate the lever to shortcut.    Banquet room - Consume Hercules potion and take the piano. Drop the Globe of Wisdom beside the White Dove.    Uncle George's room - Drop piano on musician's tomb and consume musical potion. Operate piano - Tara-ra-rara! The door opened at the bottom of the room.

Nanny's room - Look at Nanny and she wants Fluffy. Take cement from wall at the foot of Nanny. Note the stamina potion when you need it on the other side of Nanny. The room has a toffee monster, River Keeper and mixing device. Drop cement on floor crack in front of the artist's tomb. Look at bush with eucalyptus leaf across the tomb. Ouch! Drink green finger potion and take eucalyptus leaf. Walk to left corridor and operate lever. Go left again and pick toffee from bottom wall before skinny passage. Operate lever to open Banquet room door. Go back to Nanny's room. Insert toffee on toffee monster and take choral potion and read the book about the Prince with colored gem and "two's company....." Drop book. 

Tomb of the singer room - Go in front of the singer's tomb. Consume choral potion and then look at the song. 'Sinatra eat your heart out!' Take Fluffy, the teddy. Place eucalyptus leaf in herbalist bowl at lower right of room and take homeopathic remedy.    Lord Monty's room - Look at Lord Monty and he says 'I ache all over.' Drop the English play on Lord Monty's body. Consume acting potion and then look at English play. 'Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well!' Drop homeopathic remedy on his body and take Lord Monty's official plate (with squares at the center).

Lord Charles' Official Plate:

Nanny's room - Give Fluffy to Nanny and she opens the bottom door.    Lord Charles' room - In the room are Tomb of the Chef, Face of Evil and Wheel of a Gypsy Caravan. Take cement. Operate grate and take royal seal.    Banquet room - At top right of table, drop Lord Monty's official plate . Drop royal seal on royal letter. Take wizard's wand and lucky heather. Drop wizard's wand on tomb of the wizard.   Lord Charles' room - Drop lucky heather on wheel of a gypsy caravan. Take bad luck horseshoe.    Uncle George's room - Drop bad luck horseshoe on mirror and take lucky horseshoe. Face the River keeper and look at lucky horseshoe. Cross the bridge. See jewelry box by chest. Drop cement on floor crack and take door key.

Lord Charles' room - Insert door key on closed door on the right of the room. Take plank from skinny walkway.     Lord Diabolis' room - Take #2 and candle from the room. Operate grate and take recipe.    Banquet room - Drop candle in candle holder. Take door key and gem. Drop lucky horseshoe beside the other gifts.       Lord Charles' room - Remember what the book said about the Prince having a gem. Look at the third face of evil on top wall and insert the gem. Run back to magician's tomb.    Banquet room - Look at magic wand placed on tomb of the magician. Abracadabra! Take blank canvas.

Lord Diabolis' room - Insert key on closed door at far end of room.    Tombs of the Carpenter and Priest - Look at Lord Charles' Spirit and he asks for help to have his final rest. Note hot stove. Drop cement in front of lever at top of room. Operate lever. Go up and see Holy Water. Operate the grate at left of hallway and take the jewelry. Operate lever at top wall. Place jewelry on jewel box. Take Devil's potion and egg and chip's potion. Drop the devil's potion in Holy Water and take the potion of biblical proportion. Drop the cross on the priest's tomb. Consume the potion of biblical proportion and look at the cross. 'Amen!' Take the funeral wreath.    Lord Charles' room - Drop recipe on tomb of the chef. Consume egg and chips potion and look at recipe on tomb. Take dough.    Tombs of the Carpenter and Priest - Drop dough on hot stove and take Bread of Plenty. Go down the hall and face the River Keeper. Look at Bread of plenty and he will let you cross. Take cement and the blade resist potion. Operate the grate and take toffee.    Uncle George's room - Insert toffee in toffee monster. Take potion of sermon and bee.     Lord Charles' room - Drop the funeral wreath on Lord Charles' body. Consume the sermon potion and look at funeral wreath. 'Ashes to ashes and dust to dust!' Take Lord Charles' official plate (with circle at center).    

Lord Diabolis' Official Plate:

Tombs of the Carpenter and Priest - Note that the spirit of Lord Charles is gone. Take the Staff of Honor that he left behind. Go forward and drop apple core in the compost heap. Take DIY potion.     Nanny's room - Face the river keeper and look at staff of honor. Cross bridge. Operate grate and take Leonardo potion. Operate lever. Take picture of a king. Cross bridge. Drop #2, bee and picture of king in mixing device. Operate the mixing bowl and take '2 bee king!'    Tombs of the Carpenter and Priest - Drop the plank on carpenter's tomb. Consume DIY potion and look at plank. 'Where did I put my saw?' Save game here! Consume blade resist potion, take saw and run to Lord Diabolis.     Lord Diabolis' room - Drop the saw on his body and he grabbed it. Wait until the potion wore off and take saw off his body. You hurt yourself. Walk over to his head and look at Lord Diabolis - What is your ambition? Look at 2 bee king. Take Lord Diabolis' official plate (with X at center).

Lord Terrival's Official Plate:

Nanny's room - Place the blank canvas on artist's tomb. Drink Leonardo's potion and look at blank canvas. 'Mona Lisa!' Take Lord Terrival's picture.    Banquet room - Look at Lord Terrival's head and he forgot who he is. Drop Lord Terrival's picture on his body and then look at the picture - It's Lord Terrival! Take Lord Terrival's official Plate (with cross at center). Place all the official plates in their proper places on the banquet table. The placements are: Lord Monty's - upper right, Lord Terrival's - upper left, Lord Charles' - bottom left and Lord Diabolis' - bottom right. The door on the left opens. Pick up all the gifts to the new kingdom off the floor - Dove of Peace, Globe of Wisdom, Lucky Horseshoe, Bread of Plenty and the Staff of Honor. Enter the door on the left. Drop cement on floor crack. Save Game Here!

Hand and Turtle passage - Step on turtle, face hand, drop gift in order of acquirement, hand close, face turtle, step on next turtle and continue until the safe landing  - Dove of Peace, Globe of Wisdom, Lucky Horseshoe, Bread of Plenty and the Staff of Honor.

Key room - Walk to the right passage, down, left and up to get the moving key. Insert key on final door. Go forward to The Tower.

We did it! See you in The Tower!

Episode 4 - The Tower

You must venture forth into the heart of the Great Castle of Valhalla, the most dangerous place of all.  Can you help the Prince thru the emotional anguish of finding his long lost family and find the courage to finally come face to face his archenemy, The Lord of Infinity. You will need to draw on all of your intellectual skills, for in the tower every room hides a secret. There are many characters here that will help and some that will hinder. Keep your wits about you and be very careful what you say.

Be careful of hinged trap floor tiles!

Saving the Bishop's excommunicated soul:

Here we go then! Operate the floor tile by the book with a tiny hole and get a match. Read and take the blue book about the Bishop saving the Prince and was excommunicated with the use of 3 religious artifacts. Operate the holed floor tile at the bottom of the room and take door key. Go left and look at black paint on the floor in front the locked door. Insert key on door and enter.

Bishop's antechamber - Operate holed floor tile in front of hot grill with door key and take blue door key. Take the plank from the stand, the 'Go to sleep' from the bed, warming pan from table and phrase book from dog keeper's table. The room has an open mouthed guardian, stamp album, bed, smelly glass on bed stand, faucets on unsafe floor, guard dog and tired dog keeper - 'Too cold to sleep in here, isn't it?' Lit the match on hot grill. Take lit match. Go to the right and insert the door key on lock door at the bottom. Enter and take block on ice. Place ice on hot grill and grill goes out. Take the little key. Drop the lit match in place of the little key to turn the hot grill on again. Insert little key in mouth of the guardian and take heavy ball and a penny. Drop the penny on black paint by door and take penny black - rare stamp, eh! Drop penny black on stamp book and get door key. Drop warming pan on grill in front of faucet. Drop heavy ball on unsafe floor in front of other faucet making a hole. Drop plank on hole. Operate faucet to get pan full of water. Drop pan full of water on hot grill and take a warm pan. Drop warm pan on bed and take sleep spell. Operate the lever at the bottom of the room.        Bishop's bedroom - Take candle and read about Infinity's councilors. Drop the councilor's book.     Bishop's antechamber - Walk towards the door at top of room. Hear the dog bark and the dog keeper say 'Sleep, bulldog, sleep.' Drop the sleep spell on table by dog keeper - he falls asleep. Take the voice potion. Stand just in front of the bull dog. Consume the voice potion and then look at 'Go to sleep'. The dog goes to sleep. Drop 'Go to sleep' sign on floor. Insert door key on locked door. 'I can feel Infinity's evil presence!'

Walk up. Operate holed floor tile between the bushes. Take the false teeth. Drop the false teeth in the glass by the bed at the Bishop's antechamber - opens a door. Go the left side of the room and enter.

Bishop's coffin - The room has Psychic altar and the Bishop laid to rest. Take the Father-Prince picture and stamina potion. Operate holed tile by Bishop and take chess piece. Go back up the main hallway.

Bishop's throne room - Look at the bishop's throne and the thief. Go up the hallway.     Queen's bedroom - The room has the jewelry box, embroidery and the Queen's secretary. Read book by Secretary about the Chess set made from the sleepy willow tree. Drop book. Take the rose from the bed. Read the parchment about the Queen's secret passageway. Drop the parchment. DO NOT go down the hallway to the Queen's secret passageway yet!    King's bedroom - Take the 'Anyone there' note.

Go up the main hallway. Operate lever to open door.

Councilors' room - The room has 2 councilors on their desks and barrel of wine.  Read the green book about the stolen and hidden Light, a dagger made of pure light enclosed in glass that is Infinity's downfall. Take the 'You are forgiven' at the right side of the room. Drop the chess piece taken from the Bishop on the chessboard. Take the Bishop Chess piece.     Bishop's bedroom - Drop the bishop chess piece on the bishop's bed. Take door key.     Bishop's coffin - Insert key on door beside the bishop's coffin. Enter the room and get the hanky ready!

Royal coffin room - Look at Queen and King. 'It's my mother!' 'It's my father!' <Sniff! Sniff!> Take stamina potion. Operate holed tile at the foot of the Queen's coffin. Take quija planchette. Go right and up. Operate lever to enter the room.     Chest side room - Look at Quija board and the Black silk scarf in the room. Drop quija planchette on quija board. Look at 'Anyone there!' 'Yeeesss!' Drop 'Anyone there!' Take bishop's staff and the necklace.     Bishop's throne room - Drop bishop's staff on red arm of the throne. Take bell.    Bishop's coffin - Now let's save the excommunicated soul! Drop the bell on Bishop's body, blue Bishop's book and lastly candle. He looks peaceful every time you drop an item on him. Take the Bishop's ring.     Bishop's throne room - Drop the Bishop's ring on the other arm of the throne. Take the Bishop's potion of voices.

To get in Infinity's Inner Chamber:

Bishop's throne room - Look at thief at the right end of the room. Say 'You are forgiven!' 'Only a Holy man can forgive me!' Consume Bishop's voice potion and while facing thief, look at 'You are forgiven!' The thief opens a shredding device. Drop the phrase book on shredder. Take 'Prince Valhalla', 'I want a summons', 'The Gardener' and 'To see the Lord'.  Drop the 'You are forgiven' note.    Councilors' room - Look at councilor on the right. Look at 'The Gardener' - he won't believe you are Prince Valhalla anyhow. To prove you are the gardener, drop the rose on his hands on desk in front of him. Take Potion of Faith. Look at the left councilor. He asks what you want. Look at 'To see the Lord!' He wants a summons. Drop the 'To see the Lord' note.    

Queen's bedroom - Look at Secretary. She won't give you a summons because she only takes order from the queen. Drop necklace on jewelry box and take Queen's Crown.    Queen's secret passage - Go down and get trapped. Operate the holed floor tile and get chess piece. Read the green book about a maze and a hidden treasure within. Drop the book. Drink potion of faith and then cross the chasm and take the door key. Insert the door key on close door.   

Councilors' room - Drop chess piece on chessboard. Take Queen's chess piece.     Queen's bedroom - Drop Queen's chess piece on her bed and take 'I am your son!'   Royal coffin room - Drop the Queen's crown on queen's body. 'I dreamed that I died!' - 'Oh, I miss you so! Poor Mommy!' - 'And who are you?' Oh, Mommy!! <Another Sniff> Go to her head and look at 'It's me your son!' 'Goodbye, Mommy!' <More Sniffs> Take potion of voices.    Queen's bedroom - Look at Secretary again. Drink Queen's voice potion. Look at "I want a summons!' Look at the 'The Gardener'. If you chose Prince Valhalla, the game will not be able to proceed and need to go back a saved game or replay. Take the summons from the bed. Drop the "I want a summons' and the 'The Gardener' notes.   Councilors' room - Drop the summons on the hands of the left councilor. 'I think I need to lie down!' Me too!  Get door key and open the door. Save Game here!

Lord Infinity's Demands:

Electrified Hallway - Remember the stamina potion is here. Run to the other end. Woo hoo hoo! Ya hah ha! Pick up the yes and no. Drink a stamina potion.

Infinity's Chamber - Look at bush on the left of the room and take the caterpillar. The room has a voodoo doll, 2 dogs on either side of Infinity with their bowls and Infinity sitting on the throne. Go to the right hallway and look at lettuce leaf. Drop caterpillar on lettuce leaf. It ate the leaf. Operate what is left of the tile eaten by the caterpillar and take bone. Go to the left dog and drop bone on dog's bowl. Take phrase book from the left table. Get the bone from the bowl. Now, drop the bone on the bowl of the right dog. Go in front of Infinity and take door key from the plate on the left side. Insert door key and open the door. Here we go again! Run or walk down the hallway. Drink the other stamina potion in inventory.     Shredder - Drop phrase book on shredder. Take 'Your humble slave!', 'I heard nothing!' and 'To swear allegiance!'    Run up the hallway again and drink stamina potion from floor.    

Infinity's Chamber - Look at Infinity. Answer Infinity - 'Your humble slave!' and 'To swear allegiance'. He wants food. Take blue door key from plate. Drop 'Your humble slave' and 'To swear allegiance' notes. Insert blue door key on door at right hallway.

Get Food:

Infinity's bedroom - The room has a barrel of whiskey, his bed, spell book and tape recorder by a gap on the floor. Take his chess piece by bed and tarot card from the stand at bottom of room. Operate the lever on left side of the room to stop the electrified barriers. Go down the hallway.     Councilors' room - Drop chess piece on chessboard. Take King's chess piece.    Bishop's coffin - Drop tarot card on Psychics stand and take crystal ball.     Chest side room - Drop crystal ball on black silk scarf. Take thimble and incantation potion.    Queen's bedroom - Drop thimble on embroidery. Take sharp needle.     King's bedroom - Drop king's chess piece on king's bed. Take light feet potion. Go back up through the hallway.

Infinity's bedroom - Face the spell book at the bottom of the room, consume incantation potion and look at spell book. 'Hubble, bubble, toil of trouble!' Take bread and read the book about Infinity's plans about the Prince and his favorite drink - blend of 2 fine spirits.     Infinity's Chamber - Drop bread on Infinity's plate. Answer Infinity while facing him  - 'Yes' to loyalty, 'Yes' to hearing about Prince of Valhalla, 'No' to seeing the Prince and 'I heard nothing' to rumors. He wants his nightcap. Drop the 'Yes', 'No' and 'I heard nothing' notes.

Get Nightcap:

Take the chalice from the plate.     Councilors' room - Place chalice on table beside the barrel of wine and operate tap of wine. Take chalice with wine and the tap that fell off the wine barrel.    Infinity's bedroom - Place chalice on table beside the barrel of whiskey. Insert tap on barrel of whiskey and operate it. Take chalice full of the blend of fine spirits.   

Dealing with Infinity:

Maze - Insert needle on voodoo doll. Enter the open door. Save Game here!  Consume the light feet potion while standing before the intersection. Run to the right, forward and operate all the levers until the next intersection. Turn right and ignore the next lever and operate the next one until safety. Operate the lever to open the shortcut. Take the King's Crown. 'Maybe soon this will be mine'.     Royal coffin room - Drop King's crown on King's body. 'I have a dream that my brother betrayed me!' Go to his head and look at 'It's me your son'. 'My son, you will make a fine King!' Take the Light - remember the book about the dagger inside the glass.

Infinity's Chamber - Drop the chalice full of the blend of fine spirits on Infinity's plate. He asks - 'I know you don't I? Ignore him! Take his staff.     Infinity's bedroom - Drop his staff on gap in front of tape recorder. Go forward to tape recorder. Look at recorder. He tapes 'Prince Valhalla'. Take tape recorder with Prince's voice.     Infinity's Chamber - Drop the Light on the stand in front of Infinity. Drop tape recorder on floor right in front of Infinity. Operate tape recorder. Infinity blasts what is in front of him which is the Light. Take dagger from the broken glass and insert dagger in Infinity. We did it! You killed him! Take ashes of Infinity.

Well, what else can I say - Thank you!

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