Level 1



In this level, you will familiarize yourself with the controls. Although itís easier to avoid the guards, once youíre comfortable with the combat system, you should be able to defend yourself easily against this levelís opponents, should you face them one-on-one. As it is often the case in the game, combats against multiple opponents are far more difficult.


Level 1-1



You must reach JACQUES DE LA FERRIERES on his torture table. He will give you instructions to complete your mission.



To complete this level, you must know:

How to hide yourself. Face a wall, press LEFT SHIFT or its joystick equivalent. While you HOLD it, you can move along the wall. Once you LET GO, you are no longer hidden, and you must face the wall again to hide a second time.


How to walk. Know that running in Inquisition makes noise and attracts the guards attention, causing them to turn towards where they heard a noise. If they see you, they may attack you or call for reinforcements. To walk, press and hold RIGHT SHIFT in addition to the direction keys, or move slightly the joystick.


How to crouch. Hold Left CONTROL to crouch, let go to stand.


Use the whistle. Use PGUP to whistle. If a guard is within a certain range, he will come towards where he heard that noise. This can be useful if a guard wonít move, but only if you have a way of escaping him if he did move.




1)      You start the game in a jail cell. All you have is the ability to WHISTLE. Do so.
Then, HIDE next to the door (to the right or to the left).
A guard will open the door and enter. If youíre hidden correctly, he wonít see you, thatís when you escape! Else, he will see you and hit you. Youíll have to do it again.

2)      You are in a corridor. Notice the rats. If you walk in the PUDDLE, the rats will move away. Thatís because those puddles make noise even if you just walk on them.
Proceed to the door and open it.

3)      In the next corridor, a guard is approaching. You can see its green cone of vision.
You can either:

4)      In this room, youíll notice a guard behind a weapons rack. He wonít move. You can either:

5)      The next corridor is empty.

6)      In the next room, there is a guard who immediately stands up and walks towards the door! You must leave the room and go hide in the previous corridor, until the guard has passed.
Then, return to the room and avoid his colleague.

7)      In the next corridor, pay attention to the prison cells. If you walk in the puddle, you will make noise, and the prisoner will start to shout. Then, a guard will come. Although the latter is easily avoided, do yourself a favour and try to stay clear of the puddles.

8)      In the next room, there is one guard sitting and two sleeping. If the sitting guard sees you, he will try to wake his friends up, which you donít want to happen. Avoid his vision and the puddles as you leave this room.

9)      In the next long corridor, you will notice a guard approaching in your direction!
You can hide behind any of the pillars.


10)   At the end of the corridor, as you approach the door, an FMV will start. When it finishes, youíll see a guard leaving the room by this very door! Go hide yourself behind a pillar.


11)   You can finally enter this room and talk to Jacques. Jacques will tell you of a MEDALLION which is very important to this adventure, that you must give to one of his friends, whose address is kept in the ARCHIVES level.


12)  Leave this room.



Level 1-2




Find the medallion and the address, then escape.



To find the medallion, you need the LANTERN. So, get the LANTERN first.


1)      at the stairs, go up.

2)      Pick up the LANTERN.
You may then choose to continue on this level, get the address, and get the medallion later. It is actually faster to go for the medallion now, so we will explore this course of action.

3)      Go down the stairs twice.

4)      Enter the first room carefully. As long as you stay in the door frame, you are safe.
Observe the guardís behaviour and when you feel you can safely go, walk towards the right of the room (ie do not cross it to the door opposite of you). Once you are reasonably far from the guard you may run, but itís safer to walk all the way.

5)      Follow the corridor to the next room.

6)      Enter the room. Again, as long as you stay in the door frame, you are safe. To survive this room, it is necessary that you WALK and never, never run or make any noise.
First, avoid the two drinking guards when you feel it is safe to pass.
Then, go behind the barrels and pick up the key. Again, do not make noise! Thereís a sleeping guard over there, and itís unlikely you can defeat 3 guards with your fists alone.
When you have the key, go back quietly. You may hide in the little corner behind the wall of barrels to get a better view.

7)      Take the corridor to the first room.

8)      You must now reach the other exit. The safest way to do so is to go back towards the stairs and get behind the guard. Then, walk along the left wall when heís not looking and crouch behind the furniture. While crouching, advance towards the exit and go when the guard is not looking.

9)      Follow this corridor and open the door.

10)  A guard is torturing a prisoner! The room is covered with blood. If you walk on it, you will make noise. You must walk while the prisoner is screaming (it goes in cycles) and stop when the guard is pausing (this guard is stronger than others in this level).


11)   Take the small corridor to the next door. Use the key in your inventory to unlock the door. Then, select the LANTERN because the room you are about to enter is very darkÖ


12)  Enter the room and be careful, avoid the pits.


13)  Exit the room. In this next room, avoid the guard by crouching behind the barrels. Then, sneak past him.


14)  This corridor will prove a bit trickier than the previous puzzles.
Notice the first jail cell immediately to your left. Enter it. Feels familiar? You are in the same situation than in the very beginning of the game, and the solution is similar. Whistle to attract the guard, then HIDE towards the front of the cell, so that the guard wonít see you. Then, exit the cell quickly and move towards the end of the corridor (you canít lock the guard in this time).


15)  In this room, the guard is easily avoided. Go towards the cell in the opposite corner.


16)  In the cell, you will find the medallion! You can also find some rocks. Take everything (use the lantern if the cell is too dark).


17)  As you exit the cell, you will find that the guard in the previous room has changed position. He wonít budge and will be difficult to pass. Use the rocks to attract him to another place in the room so you can pass safely. Aim so that he doesnít see you on his way to the where you threw the rock.


18)  The long corridor has also a cell immediately to your right where you can play the same trick than on your way in. A prisoner will talk to you and suggest that you should look for the toilets to escape the jail.


19)  Return towards the stairs. The other guards can be passed in a similar way than on your way in and should pose no difficulty.


20)  On the stairs, go up twice.


21)  You are now where you found the lantern. Proceed to the next room.


22)  Avoid the monkís detection field. If a monk sees you in this level, he wonít attack you, rather, he will send a guard to kill you. Note: you canít attack monks.


23)  Proceed to the next room. It is very dark, so you may use your LANTERN and light the torches that are on the walls.


24)  To pass this room, you must move the crates that block the exit. Push and pull them, you may jump on top of some of them if you want. Crouch through the hole to reach the next room.


25)  HIDE immediately along the bookshelf. Avoid the guard by staying as close to the bookshelf as possible and hiding on the other side, too. When you have safely cleared the guard, go towards the wall next to the door and hide behind the furniture. Enter the next room and avoid the monk.


26)  In this room, proceed to the next while avoiding the predictable monk.


27)  In this corridor, you must hide, you can do so behind the furniture, or behind the pillar. In any case, once the guard walks behind you, you should walk past him and go to the right, then open the door to the next room.


28)  The next room has several monks looking for books in tall bookcases in it. You can either:


29)  The next room has one sole monk in it. Go to the exit opposite from you.


30)  You will enter the records room. Avoid the guards, get the minutes from Jacquesís trial, then go back to the previous room. You may read the minutes from your inventory.


31)  Go to the second exit in this roomÖ enter the short corridor.


32)  Open the door, you will enter the toilets and escape the prison!



Level 2


General comments:

Woohoo! In this level, you will find your first weapon, the dagger. While itís not much more damaging than bare fists, itís very quick and allows you to parry, which does make a big difference in a fight.

Then again, guards are notably stronger here than in the prison.

In this level, you will be introduced to most of the thieving skills:


Picking locks,

Knocking off people with the club.


Please check the instruction manual if you have problems for any of these 3 actions.


Level 2-1


Short term objective: cross this street section.

Mid-term objective: go bring the medallion to Olivier in exchange for money.


1)      you automatically pick up the daggers. Good.

2)      you may pick up stones around the well.

3)      back to your initial position, go towards the right, and avoid the guard. There are plenty of ways to do it, the safest would be to HIDE against a wall on the left-hand side of the screen. Using the whistle or rocks works also fine.

4)      Open the door. Note that if you are detected, this door will be closed until you kill the guard.

5)      The CRIPPLE will warn you that the GRAND COHER, leader of the gang of the court of miracles, is impatient to see you. You must hurryÖ


6)      In this street section, there is another guard to avoid. Hide against the pillars on the left hand side of the street to pass him.

7)      The next guard will not move and should be passed with a rock.

8)      The last guard is standing behind barrels. You can see his cone of vision intersecting with those barrels, if you crouch. The idea is to hide behind one of these barrels and hop between barrels when it is safe, above all, be patient and you will pass this section with ease.

9)      Open the last door and pass to the next level.


Level 2-2


Short term objective: cross this street section.

Mid-term objective: reach the court of miracles.


1)      you will start this level in a large square with a pyre. Four soldiers are patrolling, you want to avoid them all, because else, the four of them will attack you and it is likely you will die.

2)      Sneak behind the guard closer to you. WALK slowly towards the wall, and above all, be sure to avoid the PUDDLE of rain on the floor. HIDE against the corner of the wall furthest away from the start of the level, and wait for the second guardís corner of vision to appear. Then, it will go away. THEN AND ONLY THEN, leave your hideout, walk then run then walk towards the THIRD guard. If your timing is right, you can walk behind him with ease and exit the square without ever worrying about the fourth guard.
This can sound quite tricky, but if you observe the guards movements, it is in fact straightforward. Still, there are alternative solutions.
First, you could slaughter the guard closest to you right away but do it quick so he wonít alert his friends. Then, it will be very easy to clear this passage.
Or, you may want to use a rock you may have kept from the previous level, which could ease things considerably.

3)      After youíve passed this square, you will find yourself in a street where two green (green = from Malandrinís gang = bad guys) cutthroats will attack you. They are easily defeated.

4)      Eventually, you will reach a smaller square where you will avoid guards. It is easier than the first square, so keep this in mind:

        Avoid the puddles of wine,

        DO NOT run

        Crouch behind the wine barrels at your advantage


5)      Reach the exit and enter the court of miracles


Level 2-3


Short-term objective: get COHER to teach you some thief tricks

Mid-term objective: find Olivier and your reward.


1)      you have now reached the court of miracles. First, go talk to the GREAT COHER, on his throne.

2)      your first assignment is to STEAL from a person. Approach him silently (walk) from behind, use your robbing blade and you should be OK.

3)      Then, return to Coher, use your inventory, select the PURSE and give it to him.

4)      Coher will now ask you to rob a cutthroat doing his rounds. Proceed. Be careful Ė if you make too much noise, before you try again, youíll have to go outside of his field of vision first.

5)      Give the second stolen purse to Coher. Follow him to the next level.


Level 2-4


Short-term objective: get COHER to teach you some thief tricks

Mid-term objective: find Olivier and your reward.


1)      listen to Coherís speech and pick up the lock pick.


2)      unlock the door.


3)      unlock the chest and pick up whatís inside, the caltrops.


4)      unlock the door and enter the room


5)      kill the cutthroat using either your dagger or the newly found caltrops.

6)      Listen to Coher speech. Mind the part about ďa share of each lootĒÖ


Level 2-5


Short-term objective: leave the court of miracles

Mid-term objective: find Olivier and get your reward.


To leave the court of miracle, you will have to find 30 coins to pay the cutthroat who is guarding the exit.


10 coins can be found on a table. Their owners will probably attack you if you take themÖ

10 coins can be found in a chest next to Coherís throne, that you will have to unlock.

10 coins can be robbed from a cutthroat.


Level 2-6


Short-term objective: find the house of Olivier

Mid-term objective: find Olivier and get your reward


Level 2-7


Short-term objective: escape the house of Olivier

Mid-term objective: retrieve the medallion

Long-term objective: find the treasure of the templars!


After the movie, you understand that Olivier has been taken to the Tribunal and that soldiers guard the entrance to the house. You must escape.


1)      open the door closer to you.

2)      Pick the ham on the table, and proceed to the next door.

3)      You are in Olivierís bedroom. Move the bed to reveal a trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and take what is inside: a horse statue.

4)      Use the statue (inventory) in front of the chimney, on the empty pedestal. A secret passage will appear.

5)      Crouch inside. It is very dark in there! Use your lantern to move around. Avoid the traps.


6)      At the end of the corridor, unlock the door. Since it is very dark, you may want to light the torches along the way.


7)      Move the crate out of the way.


8)      Enter the secret room. You will pick up Olivierís journal. Read it from the inventoryÖ So the medallion is the key to the Templarís treasure! You must retrieve it. Of course, Coher must never know of this.


9)      Optional: in this room, some gold coins are hidden. Find them if you like


10)  Move the crate towards the hole and climb (jump) on it to exit this levelÖ



Level 2-8


Short-term objective: escape the tavern of the thieves

Mid-term objective: retrieve the medallion

Long-term objective: find the treasure of the templars!


As you thought you were safe, you are captured by Malandrin and taken prisoner in their tavern. You donít have any weapons :(


1)      move the barrels to exit this room.

2)      avoid the two thieves and reach the stairs

3)      upstairs, BY ALL MEANS do not run, walk patiently and avoid making noises. Walk quietly towards a trapdoor which contains your stuff and a club. Then a RTC will run, guards will enter this room and walk downstairs. A thief is now guarding the exit.

4)      move quietly towards that thief and club him down!

5)      unlock the door and escape the tavern!


Level 3


Level objective: retrieve the templars Medallion!


General comments

In this level you will find your second weapon, the sword, and you should be familiar with the game controls. Difficulty will pick up.


You begin this level in the court of miracles. You try to explain Coher that you never found Olivierís house, but he doesnít believe you and you are taken prisoner.


Level 3-1


Short-term objective: escape the cave.

Mid-term objective: find Olivier


You are in a small crowded environment from which you must escape without being seen by the two guards. Try crouching and observing. Being a prisoner, you have no weapon and you will perform poorly in a fight. There are multiple solutions to this puzzle. If cornered, try to use rocks (which litter the place) to your advantage.


Level 3-2

Short-term objective: leave the court of miracles

Mid-term objective: rescue Olivier


You have escaped the cell.


1)      First, you must reclaim your equipment. It is in your bag, which is on Coherís throne.

2)      To leave the court of Miracles, go talk to the goon next to the door. He wonít let you pass unless you bring him wine. There are THREE KEGS of wine in this level, which you can retrieve in any order.

3)      One keg is behind the throne of Coher. WALK and avoid the puddles, or you will wake Coher up and he will summon his cutthroats.

4)      One keg is in a chest on the far end of the level.

5)      One keg is on a table, but a thief is watching over it. WALK behind him and silently knock him off using your club, then, retrieve the keg.

6)      Give the three kegs to the door keeper, he will pass out.

7)      You can now exit the level. Matthew will automatically pick up the sword, a much more powerful weapon than your daggers. You can now safely fight thieves and cutthroats, and defend yourself adequately against one or two guards.


Level 3-3

Short-term objective: enter the tribunal, where Olivier is held captive


1)      Around the corner, you will shortly see a green vision coneÖ Be careful. You may want to use ďprojected viewĒ while you hide to decide when is the best time to make your move. You can hide behind the crate if you crouch, or behind the pillar on the left-hand side.
Itís not overly dangerous to fight this one, but expect a few bruises, though!

2)      The next guards will be difficult to pass without a big fight. If youíve saved ham and bread, why not? But you will probably be hurt badly. Itís safer to go in the little street to the left.

3)      You will be ambushed by three Malandrin thieves. You should have no problem with your sword. On your way back, be sure to pick up the bread.

4)      As you leave the alley, you will notice that one of the guards has moved. Use your club to knock him off.

5)      You can now pass safely the other guard in the little square. Proceed until you see a RTC with a patrol of four guards approaching. One of the guards from before will come from the other side. ToughÖ
There are many ways to overcome this. The quickest is to hide in the wall directly opposite from when you came, there is a little, tiny deadspot that will let you pass the 4-man patrol. Then, you can process to the next guards.
Else, you should go deeper within the street and find a good place to hide, as there are many. The various guards will stop at various parts of the street. Do not go at the very end or else youíll have to fight your way back. But, whenever you feel itís safe to go, go up the street and avoid the guards one by one.

6)      Now, see the big building over there? Itís the tribunal! Unfortunately, you canít enter it from the front door. Youíll have to avoid the guards pretty much by staying away and go towards the scaffolding. Youíll have to position the crate so you can jump on the whole thing.



Level 3-4

Short-term objective: rescue Olivier


1)      The first room you enter is full of monks. Now, you canít kill monks. But you certainly can club them. Just walk quietly behind them and use the club. Itís fun! You can avoid them altogether, itís just safer to treat them before you go.

2)      Pick the door with your lock.

3)      Use your lantern to see in this room. Mind the debris on the floor which will hurt you. Jump over them. Light torches if necessary.


4)      Pick the door with your lock. You will enter automatically in the next room where a RTC will take place. When itís your turn, run for cover behind the furniture, as a guard leaves the room. Once heís left, you are safe, and pick your time to go to the next room.


5)      Find a way to progress towards the guard in front of the door without being seen by the patrolling guard, and club the former. Use the table to your advantage.You can move up towards the table and by staying on the opposite side of your opponent, remain hidden (you must of course be crouching)


6)      Open the door


7)      Take the stairs


8)      Open the door


9)      Two guards will attack you automatically (note: I personally feel that this gameplay is idiotic and will make sure it wonít be in the final version, so those two guards are killed with just one hit). In this fight, you must dispatch them quickly and avoid moving from your original position, or you will be detected by other enemies.


10)  You are now in a ring-like structure, there are cells in the inner circle, which you can use to hide from the patrolling guards. If need be, you can knock them off with your club. You can find some bread in the cells, too.


11)  On the outer wall, you will find a wooden door you can open. It leads to a torture chamber where a guard is questioning Olivier. Rescue him (you can knock off the guard or just attack him)


12)  A movie will launch. Olivier dies, you find yourself in the possession of the medallion once again, and have a new clue: another templar called Pierre díAumont, who resides in an abbey... thatís your destination for level 4.


Level 4


Level objective: find out about Pierre díAumont and the templarís treasure.


General comments:

In this level, you will have no weapons. There will be no fighting whatsoever and there will be no enemies to avoid. Itís a good old-fashioned adventure game.


Level 4-1

Short-term objective: enter the crypt


1)      talk to the monk and follow him to Brother Anselme.

2)      Talk to brother Anselme. It seems that Pierre díAumont is dead. You should investigate a bit before you return to Paris.

3)      Talk to the monk. ďit seems that one of us had his affairsĒÖ you need to find out how to get Pierre díAumontís personal belongings.

4)      Go to the KITCHEN (immediately to your left, follow the wall, last door on this side of the cloister). Talk to the monk there. The monk that was in front of the ROOMS (opposite corner of the cloister) will move away.

5)      Go to the rooms. Pick the lock of the door on the right side.

6)      Enter the room. Pick up the document and read it.

7)      The two monks in front of the passageway to the crypt will move. Go there (immediately to your left, follow the wall, on the same wall than the rooms)

8)      Pick up the lock to the crypt. A FMV will start: somebody is trying to kill you! But the monk Arminius will save you. You will wake up in his room.

9)      Return to the room that leads to the crypt and go down the stairsÖ


Level 4-2
Just explore the crypt, check out the altar, and go back to the abbey.



Level 4-3
Short-term objective: open the secret passage in the crypt


1)      go talk to Arminius. He is in the copying room, which is on the opposite corner of the cloister.

2)      He will mention four elemental stones that you must gather.

3)      The water stone is in the fountain in the cloister.

4)      The fire stone is hidden on the ridge above the chimney in the kitchen.

5)      Arminius has the air stone. But first, you must ask to another monk who will tell you to leave him be. Then go ask Arminius about the stone, he will give it to you.

6)      Once you have these three stones, talk again to Arminius, he will mention a document about the stones, which is nearby. Pick it up. Return to the crypt (4-4)

7)      In the crypt, look around the broken column for the earth stone.

8)      Near the altar, put the stones in their appropriate places using the document you found at the copying room. The altar will move, revealing a secret passage

Level 4-4
Short-term objective: reach the Baphomet

In these two levels, you must explore the underground passageways and avoid their dangers, namely, pits and cave-ins. Be careful if you hear a suspicious noiseÖ Eventually, you will reach a room with a strange inscription on the floor and a stone statue with a circular hole on one side. Use your MEDALLION in front of this statue.
You will automatically be returned to the abbey.

Level 4-5
Short-term objective: Find more information with Arminius

1)      Go back to the copying room and discuss this matter with Arminius. Arminius will explain that the statue you found is a Baphomet.

2)      Budge the furniture to reveal a secret passage.

3)      Use the medallion on the Baphomet statue.

4)      Enter the room. A FMV will be launched. You must now return to Paris and find Blanche díAumont who can help translate the solution to the templarís riddle.


Level 5


General Comments

This level is the first to feature the plague, so be careful. Standing in a cloud of plague will damage you.


Level objective: find Blanche díAumont.

Mid-term objective: return to the abbey with enough information to find the treasure.

Level 5-1
Short-term objective: locate the street where Blanche leaves


1)      avoid the guards and try to go to the left exit.

2)      you may knock off the guard to your right (or do it later).

3)      go left, avoid the other guard, and talk to the person at the end of the street.
he needs gold to talk.

4)      there is a guy with a purse that walks around. Steal his purse, then return to where the informant was, avoiding the guards if need be.

5)      The informant will tell you to see a prostitute in the shady part of town. Return to the big square and take the other exit.

6)      Ask the prostitutes about the whereabouts of Marciole-la-grosse-vťrole.

7)      Find her at the end of the street. She will ask you for her standard fee. Go rob some rich fool then return to Marciole.

8)      She will tell you where to go (where there was a guard you could knock off), and will offer Ö more.

9)      Cross the square, take a right, then a right, leave the area.

Level 5-2


1)      An annoying rogue wants money to allow you to pass. You may look around to find some gold coins, but he will attack you no matter what, so you may as well strike first.

2)      Move the crates and process to the other side of the passage.

3)      Avoid the guards there (just donít be too noisy)

4)      Follow the streets to the square with the alchemistís house. Pick up the crossbow.

5)      Kill the guards from a distance with the crossbow. You could defeat them also if you manage to separate them and fight them one-on-one.

6)      The Alchemist will give you his mask in thanks. This mask can protect you from the plague for a limited time. He will tell you to go to the convent.


Level 5-3


The first part of this level will just introduce you to the poetry of the plague.
Proceed to where a man is hanged, move the crates, crawl through the passage.


1)      the first guard in the street can be knocked off. Be careful: he looks behind all of a sudden now and again. Better hide against the wall behind him and wait for your time.

2)      You now see the convent. There are three guards in front. The one with no helmet walks back and forth to the dark alley on your left. Follow him quietly and club him.

That leaves only 2 sentinels in front of the convent. But you canít enter by this door. So youíll have to continue to your right. The 2 remaining guards are easily avoided by staying far enough from them.


3)      The lone guard in that corner is watching over a chest. You could fight him or distract him and open the chest to get some arrows (itís worth it IMO).


4)      The next gameplay involves two guards watching towards the street in a desynchronised fashion. Wait for the right time to pass.


5)      The final gameplay also involves two guards patrolling in that street. Avoid them both to reach the door on the left side of the street. The trick is that youíll have to pick it, so time is of the essence.


Level 5-4


1)      avoid this first guard by

2)      open the door

3)      avoid the second guard using the tombs. Again, there are multiple ways to pass.

4)      Open the door and enter the small garden with the well.

5)      Crouch behind the well to avoid the guard there.

6)      Enter the room behind where the guard was initially.

7)      Avoid the nun. You may club her if you like.

8)      Enter the cloister. Beware the patrolling guards.

9)      First, get a nunís dress :) the laundry room is to the left hand side. Avoid the guardsÖ

10)   In the laundry room, crouch behind the laundry baskets to reach the opposite wall and take a nunís dress. In your inventory, you may now dress up as a nun. Most guards will leave you alone.

11)  As a nun, enter the kitchen. (on your left when you leave the laundry). Take the tray.


12)  Now, go to the chapel (on your left, on the opposite wall from which you entered the cloister initially). Follow the corridor.

13)  The guard will let you pass, as you pretend you are bringing food to the prisoner.



Level 6


General comments
Now that youíve met Blanche, you will try to find out what she knows and leave Paris, which is under quarantine, to find the treasure.

Level objectives: leave Paris


Level 6-1
Short term objective: find the bankerís house

This level is fight-intensive, although you can avoid all opposition if you wish.

1)      first, unlock the door.

2)      The first Diseased will rise and attack you. Since they are slow, you can run away. Go to the left

3)      Behind that door is a very useful AXE.

4)      Go back to the big square, cross it, and bash down the barricade using your AXE.

5)      Unlock the door directly in front of you. You may kill all the Diseased you want on the way.

Level 6-2
Short-term objective: find the secret documents


The house of the banker stinks of the plague.

1)      enter the other room. You will see the dead banker on a seat.

2)      drag the seat towards you. There is a trapdoor underneath!

3)      Open the trapdoor and go below

4)      Unlock the chest, pick up the documents.



Level 6-3
Similar to level 6-1, this one is very fight-intensive.


1)      avoid the two guards in the beginning of the level.

2)      Follow the street, until the movie launches. The cripple is being attacked by Malandrin and his gang!

3)      Defeat Malandrin and the two thieves.

4)      Go talk to the cripple. The cripple will tell you that there is a secret passage hidden in the court of miracles that can be used to exit Paris. Bash the barricade behind him (never mind the other one).

5)      Progress through the streets, defeat the Hooded and the Diseased with the axe.


6)      Reach the exit.



Level 6-4
Short-term objective: leave Paris

1)      locate the door.

2)      defeat the diseased and the door goon if necessary.

3)      pick the door lock and finally leave Paris.


Level 7


General comment
This is the last level, and can prove a bit trickier. It will take you to the depth of the abbey and to the fabled treasure.

Level objective: find the templarís treasure

Level 7-1
Level objective: go to the crypt.


1)      try to find out Arminiusís whereabout. Talk to a monk.

2)      Unfortunately, it seems that Arminius is dead. He left a letter in his room. Go find it and read it.

3)      Before you go, you may want to check the letter thatís on the Baphomet statue on which you used the Medallion.

4)      Go now to the crypt.

Level 7-2
Level objective: go to the underground passageways


Straight and simple, go to the altar and take the stairs.

Level 7-3
Level 7-4
Level 7-5

Level objective: reach the room of the riddle.
The door to this room, which is in level 7-5, will open if you used the Medallion on the three statues of Baphomet. For the record, those three statues are found:

In the secret room behind the scriptorium, in the abbey,

In level 7-5, before that door to the room of the riddle,

Note that those two were activated in chapter 4.


In level 7-4.


1)      At the beginning of level 7-3, you will find a barricade to the left-hand side, bash it down with the axe to reach level 7-4.

2)      Explore level 7-4 until you find a room with a Baphomet statue. But beware! Itís not the one youíre after. So, never mind the letter on this one, itís a false clue!

3)      See the barricade in this room? Bash it down. Below is the true Baphomet. You now have the three letters that make the Baphomet true name.

4)      Make your way back to level 7-3 then 7-5. Avoid / Fight dark templars along the way.

Level 7-6

Short-term objective: solve the riddle of the templars

1)      as you enter the room, you will see a templar at the opposite side. Once youíre close enoughÖ two templars that were hidden in the aisles will attack you!

2)      once you kill one of the two templars, the third one will attack, too.

3)      The three templars are vanquished? Good. Put back your weapon.

4)      Now, walk on the tiles that match the letters of the Baphomet. Suppose you came from the ďsouthĒ, the letters you want to activate are on the south, west and east.

5)      A movie will run if you did it right. If you activated another tile, walking on it again will de-activate it.

6)      Now, the templars are defeated, and you find yourself in the LabyrinthÖ


Level 7-7
Level 7-8
Level 7-9

Short-term objective: survive and find the treasure of the templars


General comments: There are no enemies in the labyrinth. Itís no picnic though!
Here is a brief list of the hazards you may encounter.
Pits: if you fall, you die.
Crumbling tiles: if you stay on the ominous grey tiles for too long, they fall apart, and you too. If you manage to run to safety, they make your way back more difficult because you have to jump longer.

Spikes: they come in two fashions. Some are visible and hurt you if you walk into them. Some are spring traps that are triggered if you walk on a tile with holes. The spikes will spring out and hurt you severely.
Plague clouds.
Arrow traps. Skull statues will occasionally shoot arrows at you, especially after the traditional ďclicĒ sound.

Darkness (but you took your lantern didnít you?)


That being said, itís more about skill than about knowing the level, and by knowing how to detect and avoid each danger, you should be ok, and see the end cinematic.

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