1)    This is a bare-bones, no-frills walkthrough. Some of the sequences
      aren't critical, but are nice to follow anyway. Lots of things to
      do and problems to solve are not spelled out here because the game
      can be finished without them. But it's far less fun. Refer to the
      instructions here only to get out of a jam.

2)    Pay close attention to the monologues and dialogues -- they
      contain important clues. Examine all objects carefully. Talk with
      all characters. Most important: SAVE OFTEN.

3)    Getting rid of contents of flasks: dump in (otherwise empty)
      cauldron and flush the stuff away. You can sometimes (not always)
      drink the stuff; this is yukky but not fatal (at least in the
      experiments I made). Don't forget to collect empty flasks after
      use. They come in handy.

4)    Don't press your luck. Flirting with danger is rarely fatal the
      first time -- in fact, it's necessary -- but repeated attempts can
      be deadly.

5)    Notation: N = North (up); S = South (down); E = East (right); W =
      West (left).

6)    Acknowledgements: This walkthrough owes a great deal to the many
      questions and answers on csipcg. Thanks for the help.

                       PART I: IN THE BEGINNING
                   Objective: Get a ride to Highmoon

Inside Zanthia's laboratory
Take empty flask (bottom of shelves), blueberry. Click on carpet several
times to find flask with water.
Go W: Outside Zanthia's Lab.
Go N: Dock.
Go W: Weed patch. Get spellbook from hollow tree trunk (bottom right of
Go N: Gnarlywood tree. Get gnarlybark and onion.
Go N: Ferry.
Go E: Natural bridge.
Go E: Cave entrance. Get another onion.
Return to Ferry.
Go W: Dark swamp.
Go W: Quicksand bog. Push chewed-up tree to form bridge. Take skeleton
Go W: Lagoon. Get cauldron from hollow tree. Feed onion to the
      crocodile; it bursts into tears; take tears in empty flask.
Go N: Hot sulphur springs. Get sulphur rock.
Return to Dark Swamp.
Go N: Outside Herb's Shack. Use water on fireberry, then take it. Enter
Inside shack: take (toad)stool and bag of plant food. Exit shack.
Return to Sulphur springs. Take hot water. Make Swampsnake potion (using
      stool and bark, etc.).
Return to Ferry.
Go S: Marco has been caught by the plant. Give plant food to plant, thus
      rescuing Marco. Note: Marco needs to be rescued again and again.
      It doesn't seem to matter whether one bothers with him or not, but
      I never had the heart to leave him in the lurch.
Return to Cave Entrance.
Go S: Firefly tree. SAVE HERE. Give blueberry to one of the fireflies.
      Note the sequence in which the colours light up.
Go N
Go E: Twisty Tunnel. Use Swampsnake spell on rat -- he scrams -- and
      proceed E to Dark Cavern.
      The skull's teeth light up in different colours when clicked on.
      Click on teeth in the same sequence of colours as seen on the
      firefly tree. Jaw opens. Use skeleton key on treasure chest. Take
      cheese and Alchemist's Magnet (referred to as "wand" from now on).
Go W  and W again to the Natural Bridge. Give cheese to fishermen. They
      row off.
Go W (Ferry)
Go S twice
Go E: Dock. Get anchor and place it in inventory. Click wand on anchor;
      it turns to gold. Now you have something to pay the ferryman with,
      right? Wrong. This was merely an exercise to hone your skills in
      alchemy. They'll come in handy later.
Return to Ferry -- negotiate with purple dragon-fly mailman; scoot
around and pick up four envelopes (they're easy to find). Turn them over
to dragon-fly and hitch a ride to Highmoon.

                           PART II: HIGHMOON
                   Objective: Get a ride to Volcania

Meadow: Get letter, look in haystack (find empty flask).
Go S: Outside Farmhouse. Take water bowl (ignore dragon's weeping for
      now); take bottle of vinegar. Give envelope to farmer; talk to him
      and hear him recite recipe for mustard.
Go W: Waterwheel. Remove stick jamming wheels in top left corner of
      screen. Machinery is now in motion. Open valve.
Go E  and E again: Garden. Use mastodon's trunk to water garden. Plants
      sprout. Take lettuce and radishes.
Go W  and W again. Put radish in mill and scoop out mashed radish with
      bowl. Click vinegar on crushed radish, getting mustard. Dump
      mustard in cauldron (part of sandwich spell).
Go E
Go N: Meadow. Take sheaf of wheat.
Return to water wheel; crush wheat, scoop it up in bowl and dump it into
      the cauldron. Put lettuce in cauldron (more of the sandwich
Return to Meadow: a ghost emerges from the haystack. Catch it in the
     empty flask; now go to Garden and use ghost on scarecrow. It
     becomes animated and takes off.
Return to meadow: Use flask on sheep, getting milk.
Go S to farmhouse. The animated scarecrow turns up and the farmer chases
      him away, leaving opening to cellar unguarded.
Enter cellar.
Inside cellar: Pour milk in funnel of cheese-making machine, then press
      lever. Get cheese (dump it in cauldron). Examine horseshoes: one
      (perhaps two) give(s) you "a funny feeling"; this is your lucky
      amulet. Take another horseshoe. There are shears on the shelf with
      the horseshoes -- they can be used to get wool from the sheep in
      the meadow, but aren't necessary.
Sandwich potion is now ready. To activate, fill flask and click on
      Zanthia. (Sandwich is used to get guards to open gate.)
Exit cellar.
Go W: Waterwheel. Put _not_lucky_ horseshoe in electric spark. It turns
      into a magnet. (Save if you want to fiddle around with the spark
Go E: Farmhouse. Replace bowl and remove it, making dragon cry. Collect
      tears in empty flask.
Go N
Go E: Outside city gate. Click sandwich on guards. Gate left unattended.
Go E: Inside city gate. Flush cauldron. Get stick from seahorse's mouth.
Go N: Alley. If entrance to Drunk Dragon Inn doesn't open, click the
      disks to the left of the door in the same sequence as the one seen
      earlier at the Firefly Tree. Enter Inn.
Drunk Dragon Inn: Take mug, fill it with rootbeer; take taffy from
      barrel. Must recite poem in order to leave. Exit. Outside, back in
      the alley, the octopus challenges you to bet for gold. Re-enter
      inn, click on left-hand brawlers several times. One of them loses
      a gold tooth. Click wand on gold tooth, turning it to lead. Pick
      up lead tooth. Exit. Click wand on lead tooth, turning it to gold.
Alley: Before betting against octopus, drop _lucky_ horseshoe (the one
      that isn't a magnet). This lets you win bets. Collect three gold
      teeth. Retrieve horseshoe.
Return to waterwheel: drop teeth into press - get gold coins.
Return to city. Clerk in shack is zonked (so are a couple of other
      characters encountered later). Cure for this is "skeptic spell".
Go E: Street. Get parchment (more spells), flask, orange peel. Put
      orange peel in bowl, click beer on bowl -- get sweet-and-sour
      sauce (can also be made using other combinations such as taffy
      and vinegar).
Go NE (upper crossing): Gorge. Click taffy on rabbit's foot, getting
      imprint. Put taffy, dragon's tears, horseshoe, and sauce into
      cauldron. Click stick on dangling rope to swing across chasm.
Go E: Altar. Fill flask with Skeptic Potion and place it on altar. This
      activates the spell. Repeat procedure with extra empty flask. This
      will have to be repeated once more, unless you decide to skip
      interacting with the sheriff (below).
Go W (swinging across chasm) back to sheriff's fish-house. Before
      entering, note shiny object in ocean below. Click magnet on
      object -- get key. Don't forget to retrieve the magnet. Give
      Skeptic Spell to sheriff. Enter house.
Inside jail: use key to open right-hand lock. Sheriff objects and locks
      Zanthia in adjacent cell, leaving key hanging under window. Use
      magnet on key. Sheriff tosses key out of window where it gets
      swallowed by a fish. Note carpet in Zanthia's cell. Click on it
      (may take several attempts) to get fish-hook. Click hook on
      window, catch fish, retrieve key. Unlock Zanthia's cell, then
      release Marco (or don't, whatever).
Go W: Inside City Gate. Enter store. Give clerk the second Skeptic
      Spell. Pay three gold coins for ticket. Get voucher. Leave store.
Return to altar and activate third flask of Skeptic Spell. Then
      Return to Street and
Go SE (bottom right-hand crossing): Give Skeptic Spell to captain.
      While sailing, place magnet in coil of rope near helm. Ship sails
      north to Volcania and Zanthia gets tossed overboard.

                          PART III: VOLCANIA
            Objective: Find a way to descend to the depths

Go W: Take heavy rock and stick.
Go E until you find another heavy rock. You need two. If you passed the
screen with the big, powerful vent, return there; otherwise, continue E
until getting to the big vent. Jump into vent. (Note: anyone opting for
this sissy solution shouldn't be playing Hand of Fate to begin with).
Lava Cavern: Take heavy rock and plug small vent.
Travel around, collecting (a) heavy rocks to plug small vents with, (b)
      stick, (c) fuzz from green cactus-like plant, (d) lump of lead
      that looks like a heart (other lumps available, but only some of
      them resemble hearts).
Cross green bridge
Go N: Play "fetch" with the stegosaurus (throw stick and retrieve
      twice). This causes rocks to tumble down, one of which plugs left-
      hand vent in center screen, increasing pressure in right-hand
      vent. Ride up right-hand vent to get pebbles. Make Teddy-Bear
      Spell (heart shaped lump of lead has to be turned to gold first).
Go S: Click Teddy-Bear Spell on Zanthia. Jump on T-Rex's back. Enjoy
      the scenic tour. Get red piece of cloth.
Go W and W again: Note posture of tri--- (never DID get the hang of
      spelling the names of these Jurassic whatchamacallems). Exit and
      re-enter until it faces locked gate. Stand in front of gate and
      play "toreador" (click red cloth on tri-saurus), making it crash
     through gate.
Go W:Chamber of Anchor. Take parchment. Plug vent.
Go E: Plug last vent and stand on plank in crater (center screen). Get
      blown away.

                      PART IV: ISLAND IN THE SKY
                    Objective: Find Wheels of Fate

Petrified forest: Get flask from impact hole. Get pine cone.
Go W: Bridge. Get twigs, moss (twice), rolling stone, snowball. Also get
      walnut (from hollow near guard).
Go E: Drop twigs near flint rock. Click rolling stone on flint rock,
      get charcoal. Make (regular) snowman spell.
Go W: Use snowman spell. This gets rid of guard.
Go W: Grassy meadow. Use wand on statue, yielding chest. Get toy drum.
      Get acorn (left of the statue).
Return to petrified forest. Use drum. Pass trees.
Go E: Tram station. Talk to squirrel. To make him leave, give either
      acorn, or pine cone, or walnut (I think the acorn does it). After
      squirrel leaves, put rolling stone in power-wheel and use tram.
Upper tram station: Take feather duster from wall (near broom). Take
      snow. Enter lodge.
Inside lodge: Take musk from ox-head trophy on rear wall, take
      cannonball, take flask from right-hand shelf. Exit.
Talk to toddler's mommy. She likes heavy gold jewelry. Turn cannonball
      into gold and give it to lady. Take lollypop from baby (feel
      suitably ashamed of yourself). Make Abominable Snowman (A-S) Spell.
      It can't be used inside the lodge, so use it outside.
Enter lodge.
. . .
Yeti's pad: get ingredients for another A-S spell (candy, flask, cologne
      and feathers).
Go N: Ice cavern. Get icicle (serves as "snow" ingredient for spell).
      Make another A-S spell. Get two more icicles and try to climb up
      northern cliff. Yeti will prevent you, and take to back to pad.
Go N again -- talk to hunters. Use A-S on hunters.
Use icicles as pitons to climb up N face of cliff.
Go E: Small cabin. Enter cabin.
Mystic's cabin: Orbs on tree have to be filled with colored liquids to
      form a rainbow in the order written on the Opal: ROYGBIV.

      R - red - flying shoes spell (left-most orb)
      O - orange - sandwich spell
      Y - yellow - abominable snowman spell
      G - green - swampsnake spell
      B - blue - teddy-bear spell
      I - indigo - mix Amethyst with blueberry
      V - violet - skeptic spell (right-most orb).

When rainbow is activated exit cabin, get icicle from far right of cabin
      roof, use it to climb to roof and onto the rainbow.

Go E
Go S

                        PART V: WHEELS OF FATE
                  Objective: Finish the game already

Use wand on golden reflector, turning it to lead. Enter gate.
Go NE and solve the "Inverted Towers of Anoi" puzzle (remove and
      relocate discs until two jaws open to yield stick and cog-wheel
Go S
Go NW. Put gear on spindle, then lever it into place with stick.

HAND appears. Dodge it twice, generally by clicking wherever the cursor
happens to be. The third time around, the cursor appears ON the Hand --
click it there, Zanthia slams into Hand while Marco kneels behind it,
tripping it into the void. (I have no idea what happens if you didn't
bother to rescue Marco.)


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