Hand of Fate Solution

in the hut pick up the flask with water in it (under the carpet), leave
go north, look in the tree stump for your magic book, go north
pick up some of the tree bark, go north
go east, east, Marko will talk to you, pick up the onion, go 4 x west
push the tree, go west, give the onion to the crocodile, empty the flask, use the flask on the tears, look in the tree hole to find your cauldron, go north & pick up the sulphur rock
go south, east, pick up the skeleton key, go east, north, enter the hut
take the flask, bag of manure and tiny stool, leave, go south, east, 2x south
give the plant food to the weed, go 2 x north, 3 x west, north, get some hot water (in flask), make the swampsnake potion
go to the cave entrance and go south,  touch the red firefly  and touch the fireflies in the sequence they light up, write the colour sequence down
go north, east and wake the rat up, drink the swampsnake potion, to open the skull use the tune of the fireflies on the teeth, use key on chest and take the Alchemist Magnet and cheese
go to the fishers in the boat and give the cheese to them, go west, 2 x south, east, take the anchor and use the magnet on it, go to the ferry
now you have to pick up the letters, go around and get all 4 of them and give them to the dragon

once landed, search the straw for a flask, take one wheat and the letter, go east, west, east, west and use the flask on the ghost, go south
give the letter to the farmer, go west, open the valve and remove the stick, go east, take the vinegar, go east and take the alchemist magnet, use the trunk to water the plants, take one lettuce and one radish, use the ghost on the scarecrow, go west
take the bowl, enter the cellar, take two horseshoes (one facing up and one down), leave
go west, use the radish in the grinder, use the bowl to get the grinded radish and use the vinegar on the bowl to make mustard, use the downturned horseshoe on the electric flashes to make it a magnet, go east, north
milk the sheep, go south, enter cellar, use milk on cheese machine, use it and take the cheese, go west, now make the sandwich spell (use the mustard in the cauldron and then grind the wheat), take one sandwich out of the flask, go east
put down the bowl pick it up and get the dragon tears, go north, east
use the sandwich
inside the town, go north, enter the pub by playing the tune on the button next to the door, pick up the taffy (in the barrel), leave (stand at the podium and click on it) and re-enter, there will a fight, use the alchemist magnet on the tooth and take it, convert it back to gold, leave
give the tooth to the octopus, put the lucky horseshoe in front of the shell you want to pick, do it again, now you have 3 teeth, go to the grinder and make coins out of them, return to the town entrance,
take the stick out of the sea-horse, go east, pick up the flask and paper (use it on the book), go east (upper)
take some mud and use it on the rabbit foot, go east, use the stick on the rope, go east
make sceptic spell (use the taffy and vinegar in the bowl to make sweet-sour sauce), fill two flasks, and use them on the altar, go back to the big fish house and use the potion on the man, go back and refill the flask (use on altar again), go to the store and use it on the store keeper,  buy a ticket (give him 3 coins), take the voucher and go east, east (lower)
use the potion on the captain, give him the voucher
on the ship, go up and put the magnet in the coil of rope

go around the island and pick up 4 sand dollars, starfishes and shells, use this to pay the old man, i.e. give him the 4 seashells, give him the dollar until the old woman arrives, give her the 4 dollars and than the starfish until he returns, pay him the 4 starfishes)
go east, east, south, south and jump down the vent

Down in the centre of earth, pick up the rock, go west, get the flask, go east, east (lower), pick up the stick, go west, east (upper)
take the rock and crystal fuzz (from the palm tree), go north
take the heart and turn it into gold, use the stick twice on the dinosaur, this should close on vent,  go into the other vent and get some of black pebbles, make teddybear, take it out of the flask, go south
jump on the back of the dinosaur, after the ride you should have a red piece of cloth
go to the screen with the closed door (anchor on it), use the red cloth
after the sequence take the page and put it in your book, put a rock on the vent, go east
put a rock on the vent, go east close the other two vent (you'll have to pick up 2 more rocks which lie around), go to the screen with the door, go on the rock-platform

up in the sky, pick up the flask out of the hole you made when landing, take the pinecone, go west
pick up moss, rolling stone, twigs, snow, walnut (in the small tower), go east
use the twigs on the flint stone rock and then use the rolling stone on the rock, take the charcoal, now make an ordinary snowman, go west
use the flask on the knight, go west
pick up the acorn, use the alchemist magnet on the statue and take the drums, go 2x east, put the drums on the tree stump
give the acorn, walnut and pinecone to the guy, use the rolling stone on the wheel, jump on one of the wagons

pick up the feather duster and snowball, enter the house, take the flask, some musk from the cow head, one cannonball and turn it into gold, leave
give the golden cannonball to the woman, take the lollipop, make the abominable snowman, drink it and enter the hut
take the candy, cologne, flask, feathers, go north
take three icicles and make another abominable snowman potion, use the icicle on the wall to climb up and be caught, go north and two guys should come, it not enter the cave and go north, repeat until they come
on of the guys will fall down and when both are down use the potion on them, now climb up using the icicles, go east
enter the hut and fix the rainbow machine,
make all possible potions / colours (Indigo potion - blue berries & amethyst) and fill the globes with them, when you can remove the colour from the globe than it is the wrong colour, put it into another globe
once the rainbow is fixed leave the hut, take one icicle from the hut's  roof and use it on the hut to climb up
go east, south, use the alchemist magnet on the golden dish which reflects the light beam, enter the house
go east and move the stones to the left face to get the stick and than to middle face to get the gear (Towers of Hanoi), go west and up
put the gear onto the spindle and use the stick on it
click twice on the stick and than on the hand

Written by Peace Warlord!!
I hope there are no mistakes since I wrote it in a hurry.

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