Walking around the Isle of Cats jungle is confusing and dangerous.Following 
these guidelines may help:
	Avoid walking through the jungle when possible. Hitch a ride on thesesame 
cart, to go between the three main Isle of Cats screens, whenthe cart is 
	Follow the directions in the walkthru to get from place to place.
	You can try following the Isle of Cats map. I found the route between
	Isle of Cat locations defy mapping at times! So Carsten kindly createda 
map for me. . . and you!
	Do not enter the jungle without the machete.
	Cut away as much vegetation with the machete as will expose thedirection 
you wish to walk in.
	Note that all vegetation re-grows as soon as you leave the scene(except 
over the Hole).
	The bottom of the screen is usually the direction you have comefrom. This 
is not true if you have just entered the jungle from a non-jungle screen. 
Establish which direction returns to the non-junglescreen you have just left. 
This could prove useful (see (8)).
	Pick up all bones that are exposed. You may need to collect 16 intotal! 
Although some are recyclable.
	Bones will appear under vegetation where previously there werenone. So it 
worth re-entering the same screen repeatedly to findbones.
	If you expose one of the snake-like blue and pink kissing plants,swipe it 
with the machete so it doesn't kiss Malcolm to death.
	After some time in the jungle, Malcolm will start itching andscratching. 
This is caused by fleas. Remove the fleas one at a timeuntil you find no more. 
Or have Malcolm bath in a jungle mud pool whenyou come across one. If you do not 
do this, Malcolm will eventuallydie, poisoned by the fleas.
	Keep one of the fleas, but only if you have room in your inventory


	There are no short cuts! Sorry, but I'm afraid the game has beendesigned 
such that some interim objectives require extreme patienceand steadfast 
repetitious actions. Believe it or not getting lost inthe Isle of Cats jungle 
isn't the most monotonous part of the game!FAMILY HISTORY
	You may be confused by the Kyrandian royal family connections, even, or 
perhaps especially, after completing the game. Included in the file MALCMP.ZIP 
is a GIF format family tree of the Royal Kyrandian Family.


	Malcolm crawls out from under the Castle Dump. The first thing to do is 
find out what else is in the dump. Rummage around at leisure. Find at least two 
nails, either bent or straight, a flask and a broken flask. Brandon's old 
leather boot may also come in handy. Leaveanything else you dig up here to pick 
up later if you need it. Note the killer squirrel but heed Gunther's warning if 
you try to touch it!Throw a nail at it instead!


	Head left to the Castle gate then down to the Bluff. Go left at the Bluff. 
Use the broken flask to pick a flower in the Cross Roads. Go upat the Crossroads 
to arrive in the Graveyard. 
	Click on the graves to identify Queen Katherine's grave. Set the mood 
meter to "Nice". Use the broken flask to pick another flower here,then put the 
two flowers on the Katherine's grave and talk with the Queen's ghost.
	Now Malcolm wants to leave Kyrandia, so let's take a look at some of the 


	Return to the Cross Roads and go down to the Dock. Here Malcolm sees the 
Circus boat. This is clearly one method of leaving Kyrandia.


	Return to the Cross Roads and head left to the Pegasus Landing. Set 
Malcolm's mood to nice. Walk toward the landing pad. So, Zanthia wants you to 
leave Kyrandia too! Perhaps you can use the same method as Zanthia and become 
Pegasus and fly away!


	Return to the Cross Roads, head right to the Bluff. Get in the transporter 
and you will arrive in the Town Square. Open the lock onthe Toy Factory door on 
the right with a nail. (Note: Try to make sure you have at least one bent nail 
with you for now. Every time you opena lock with a straight nail it will bend. 
Every time you open a lock with a bent nail it will straighten.).
	Go through to the door at the back of the Toy Factory to Malcolm's 
Apartment. Search the drawers on the left. In the third drawer youshould find 
the nut on the string. Attach a bent nail to the nut on the string. Now search 
under the bed and you will find Malcolm's Jester Staff. Put the Jester Staff 
away in the special receptacle in your inventory. If you want, take a look at 
Malcolm's family album. 


	Return to the Toy Factory and go down the hole on the left of the machine 
to the Cellar. Leave the Cellar by the door at the top of thestairs. You enter 
the Town Hall. Here is the Voice of Reason. Later on, when you have a spare fish 
cream sandwich, give it to him and hewill talk to you. Now leave on the right to 
the Town Square. 


	You haven't yet explored the whole of Kyrandia, but to do so could trigger 
events you would rather not have happen. There are actually, six different 
methods of leaving, some simple, some more interesting. I have documented each 
of them. The choice is yours. I suggest you save at this point so that you can 
replay all the different methods cleanly. This way you will explore Kyrandia 
thoroughly and, hopefully, get more enjoyment out of the game.


	This is probably the simplest method of leaving Kyrandia. First from the 
Town Square, go down to the City Limits and up intothe unlikely looking Dairy. 
Scoop a handful of sesame seeds from the tub on the right.
	Now, go to the Cellar. Did you notice that curious brickwork patch of the 
wall? Malcolm needs to break through the wall at this point. Usethe nail on a 
string to fish in the pool and you will catch an eel. 
	Fertilize the sesame seeds with the eel. Now fill the flask with water 
from the pool. Place the fertilized seeds on the brickwork patch. Pour the water 
over the seeds. Keep the flask. The sesame plant will grow through the cracks in 
the mortar and destroy the brickwork. (Forfuture reference, you can also catch 
eels and get water at the small spit of land near the Dock. It is sometimes 
easier to reach and youcan catch up to five eels each time you visit the Dock 
	Go through the hole into the Catacombs. There is only one thing of note 
here and it is very obvious. Take the stopper out of the fancyflask and fill the 
empty flask with the Portal Potion. 
	Now Malcolm must find the right place to port from! Remember the layout of 
the Pegasus Landing pad? Go to the Town Arena. If thestrange frog is blocking 
your way, click on him and he will jump aside. (The frog's mouth is full of 
water so you can fill a flask withwater here.) Stand on the round portal pad and 
drink the Portal Potion.
	You will arrive in the Cat Ruins on the Isle of Cats Notice how dark it is 
then leave to the left. You will be in the Dog Fort.


	Malcolm needs to convince the Circus boat dog to hire him. Leave the Town 
Square, heading down to the City Limits. Continue downto the Town Arena. Then 
head left to the Outskirts of Town. Ignore the mime artist for now.
	Set Malcolm to lying mode. Use the nail on the string in the Bath Building 
payment slot. Chat with the bath attendant then change thecold/hot water dial by 
clicking on it until the pointer is at about 5 o'clock...very hot! When the 
confusion settles, grab the leather tunicin the Bath Building window.
	Now leave, go either to the Bluff screen or Town Arena screen, then return 
to the Bath Building. Enter as before and perform the sameactions as before. 
	Perform the same sequence a third time if you do not have a leather boot 
in your inventory. You will need to have at least four items ofleather. 
	Return to the Toy Factory. Activate the Blue Print Book on the left. A 
blue-print of a ball should float across the room. If not, pull theleft lever 
down on the toy machine and click on the blue-print book. You should see the 
ball blue-print.
	Toss a leather item into the Toy Machine's hopper. Press the green button 
on the right. Voila! A leather ball. Repeat this with the othertwo leather items 
so that you have three leather balls.
	For reference here, and later on, the following table will help you 
operate the toy machine.

Left-Right-Raw Material-Resulting Toy Lever-Lever
Down-Down-Leather Boot/Jerkin-Leather Ball
Down-Up-Leather Boot/Jerkin-Leather Ball
Up-Down-Wooden Log-Wooden Horse
Up-Up-Wooden Log-Wooden Soldier

	The dog will also want a fish cream sandwich before making sail. Fetch two 
logs of wood from the City Limits screen. Now go to the ToyFactory and operate 
the toy machine and make one of each type of toy; a leather ball, a toy horse 
and a toy soldier. The instructions on how to do this are above.
	By now you will have noticed, outside of town, a boy holding a sandwich 
who talks very strangely when you try talking to him. Thereis a one to one 
correspondence between the letters in his words and English, as follows: 
"Dtlcpy?" means "Hungry?"{br} "Sdfr ralowfid sarsur jmtry!" means "This sandwich 
is lousy!"{br} "Om ymt datu aly smyr?" means "Do you have any toys?"{br}

For instance: D maps to H, S maps to T, A maps to A, and Y maps to Y.
	Find the boy and offer him each of the three toys until he accepts one and 
hands over his fish cream sandwich. You may only see the boy one more time after 
this. So you can trade this way for one more sandwich. After that you will have 
to make the sandwich yourself!
	Return to the Dock and click one of the leather balls on Malcolm.
	Give the sandwich to the dog. Return to the Dock. Malcolm will be hired on 
as a juggler and arrive at the Altar of Cats on the Isle of Cats


	Return to the Cellar and use the nail and string in the pool to catch an 
	Set Malcolm to lying mode.
	Go to the Outskirts of Town and watch the Mime Artist. When he turns his 
back on you, put the eel in his hood. You may have to leave the scene and re-
enter it before the Mime Artist will turn his back.
	Anxious to rid himself of the stink, the Mime Artist heads for the Bath 
	Use the same method as in the above Juggler section and retrieve the Mime 
Artist costume from the window of the Bath Building. Wear the new outfit and 
return to the Dock and chat with the dog at the Circus Boat. You will land at 
the Altar of Cats on the Isle of Cats.


	Who do you know who travels as Pegasus? Zanthia! Before you seek her out 
you must disguise Malcolm or she will just turn you into the authorities for not 
having left Kyrandia. There are two different disguises available. Get the Mine 
Artist's outfit as described in the Mime Artist section and wear the Mime 
	To get the alternative disguise: Get a portion of sesame seeds from the 
Dairy. Now, go the Castle Dump and drop the seeds near the squirrel. Hypnotize 
the squirrel by using the nut on a string on it. Take the squirrel. Click  the 
squirrel on Malcolm and he will have a furry hat!Now fetch a leather jerkin (see 
Juggler section) and wear it. Your disguise is complete.
	Pegasus Potion, eh? Well there are probably some key ingredients to such a 
potion. Where have you seen a horse? Pick up a log of wood from the City Limits 
area. While here enter the Dairy and grab some sesame seeds. Go to the Toy 
Factory and make a Toy Horse as described in the Juggler section. Drop into the 
Cellar and use the nail and string in the pool to catch an eel. Fertilize the 
sesame seeds with the eel.
	Fill the flask with water from the pool.
	So where will Zanthia be? Go to the Town Square and visit the Magician's 
Lodge. Have a chat with her. If you are wearing thesquirrel/jerkin outfit 
Zanthia will want twelve large sesame sprouts. Forget it! Switch disguises 
outside and use the Mime Artist outfit tovisit Zanthia. Guess what? She needs 
some essence of horse! Offer her the Toy Horse. She won't accept it but don't 
give up. You want to put the Toy Horse in the cauldron anyway but you must 
distract Zanthia.
	Drop the fertilized seeds under her cabinet and water them. While Zanthia 
is distracted, drop the Toy Horse in the cauldron. Fill theempty flask with the 
Pegasus Potion from the cauldron.
	Where to use the Pegasus Potion? Well, the Pegasus Landing, of course! 
Leave and go to the Pegasus landing. Change into Malcolm's normal outfit by 
clicking the hanger on Malcolm. Swallow the Pegasus Potion. Enjoy the flight! 
You will land on the Pegasus landing pad at the Pirate Beach on the Isle of 


	No, we are not in Kansas . . . and I didn't say Heels! Right, Eels! But 
don't try doing this now. You have to be told how to do this forthis to work. 
This is probably the most complicated way of getting off Kyrandia!
	First, go the City Limits and visit the Dairy. Grab two handfuls of sesame 
seeds. Also, fetch two logs of wood from the City Limits screenNow, go the 
Castle Dump and drop the seeds near the squirrel.
	Hypnotize the squirrel by using the nut on a string on it. Take the 
squirrel. Get a second squirrel by the same method. A second squirrelwill appear 
you leave and re-enter the Castle Dump scene. If you don't have a leather item 
in your inventory, get a leather jerkin using the method described in the 
Juggler section.
	Now go to the Toy Factory and operate the toy machine and make one of each 
type of toy; a leather ball, a toy horse and a toy soldier. The instructions on 
how to do this are in the Juggler section.
	Collect the Mime Artist's outfit and wear it. See the Mime Artist section 
for instructions.
	Obtain a fish sandwich by the method described in the Juggler section or . 
. . if you like, you can learn how to _make_ a fish creamsandwich and obtain the 
objectionable edible this way:
	Take three portions of seeds from the Dairy. Make sure you have an empty 
flask and a straight nail from the Castle Dump. Go the Cellar. Use the nail on a 
string in the pool and catch two eels. Go to the
	Dock area and catch a third eel. Return to the Cellar and fertilize two of 
the portions of seeds with two of the eels. Fill the flask withwater from the 
pool and water each of the fertilized seeds. Go to the Dairy. Put both the 
sesame plants in the hopper on the left. Use thenail to make a hole in the cream 
container and fill the flask with cream. 
	Go to the Town Square and enter the Fish Cream Parlor. Drop one of the 
squirrels and use the nut on a string to bring it out of its trance. Now you can 
get some service! Put the eel, sesame seeds and cream into the machine's hopper. 
Hit the red button on the counter,if you need to, and take the Fish Cream 
	Now go to the Cellar and catch two eels using the nail and string in the 
pool. Finally you are prepared. Look at the rug and click on the green apple. 
Then stand on the rug and click the red apple. You will end up in Darm & 
Brandywine's house. Chat with Darm. Amazing! He wants a sandwich and you just 
happen to have one! Offer Darm the sandwich then tickle him with the Jester 
Staff until he leaves. Then talk to Brandywine. When she starts to repeat 
herself, offer her the squirrel.
	She will then tell you how to leave Kyrandia.
	Click the two eels together and you will arrive at the Dog Fort on the 
Isle of Cats.


	This method of leaving Kyrandia is probably the longest but I foundit the 
most entertaining. You will see parts of Kyrandia that you willnot visit at all 
unless you allow Malcolm to be captured and taken toprison. There are four 
different prison sequences. In each prisonsequence you may elect to fulfill the 
sentence but Malcolm shouldescape each time he is captured so he will progress 
to the nextsequence on being recaptured. You will lose your inventory each 
timebut you will either find it outside the Castle Gate or at the CastleDump 
later on.
	At first Malcolm can evade capture. Make sure you have a log ofwood, a 
broken glass flask or a toy soldier, and a nail in yourinventory. Place the log 
of wood on the path from the castle at theBluff.
	Now trigger an attempted capture by visiting either Zanthia at 
theMagician's Lodge, or Darm 'Eels Section without a disguise or talkto the 
attendant at the Bath Building in nice or normal mode (See Jugglers 
sectionReturn to the Bluff. Herman tries to capture you but trips over thelog 
and Malcolm escapes. Select the broken flask or toy soldier sothat Malcolm is 
holding it. Return to the Bluff. Herman tries tocapture you but his net is torn 
to shreds and Malcolm escapes.
	Return to the Bluff. Herman will capture you this time. Make sure youare 
holding a nail in your hand when Herman tells you to put yourthings in the 


	Follow Rowena's instructions and make a doily. When she leaves,unlock the 
machine with the nail. Poke the poor guy inside the machinewith the scissors. He 
will make a rope instead of a doily. Use therope to climb out the window.
	 Now collect some sesame seeds from the Dairy and fish up an eel inthe 
Cellar and fertilize the seeds. Trigger another capture byvisiting Zanthia, Darm 
or the bath attendant and return to the Bluff.
	Make sure you are holding the fertilized seeds in your hand whenHerman 
tells you to put your things in the basket.


	Haul a load of rocks. Had enough? Place the fertilized seeds on therocks. 
Click on Malcolm so his sweat drips on the seeds. You're out o' here!You don't 
need anything for your next sentence in prison. Triggeranother capture by 
visiting Zanthia, Darm or the bath attendant andreturn to the Bluff.


	Here's Rowena again. Help her escape by using the cutters on thechain next 
to her. Rowena high tails it down the road followed by theguard. Malcolm makes 
his escape.
	Make sure you have a nail with you. Trigger another capture byvisiting 
Zanthia, Darm or the bath attendant and return to the Bluff.
	Herman will capture you this time. Make sure you are holding a nail inyour 
hand when Herman tells you to put your things in the basket.


	Together again with Rowena! Don't panic if you forgot the nail. . .you 
won't really have to stroke 1000 times! Use the nail to pick thelock on the 
chain. Malcolm escapes and finds himself at the Altar ofCats on the Isle of 


	However you left Kyrandia you will have arrived somewhere on the Isleof 
Cats. If you came via the Portal Potion or Eels method you will beat the Dog 
Fort. If you came as Pegasus you will be on the PirateBeach. If you chose the 
Juggling, Mime Artist or Slave Galley methodyou will be at the Altar of Cats.
	If you are not at the Dog Fort, set Malcolm to nice mode and hitchrides on 
the sesame cart until you arrive at the Dog Fort.


	If you haven't done so yet visit the underground Cat Ruins and noticehow 
dark it is. Return to the surface and pick up the machete.
	Go right into the jungle. Clear all the vegetation you can with the 
	You should have uncovered a hole in the lower right corner of the screen.
	Return right to the Dog Fort. If you return to the Cat Ruins now youwill 
be able to walk further inside but there is nothing else to do here, yet.
	Talk to the dog, Duke, who is standing by the entrance to the CatRuins. 
Then chat with the cat who pulls the sesame cart. Fluffy is inthe jungle. Where? 
The jungle is a very confusing place. You can getlost easily so follow these 


	From the Dog Fort go left twice then up. On the way here and backpick up 
six bones. You may have to double back to find enough bones.
	Be very careful you don't lose your way! Remember the direction youcame 
from is at the bottom of the screen unless you are coming fromone of the special 
	Before talking to Fluffy, set Malcolm to lying mode. Chat with Fluffyand 
he will hand over a leather mouse. Go right past the Altar of Catsto the 
Colossus and click the leather mouse on the six large balls ofstone and turn 
them into cat statues.


	Return to the Altar of Cats and return, via the sesame cart, to theDog 
Fort. Go into the Cat Ruins. Go down the stairs into theHieroglyphic Room. Click 
the leather mouse on the wall to light up theroom. Now click the leather mouse 
on each of the statues. Make a noteof which animation occurs with which statue. 
Go outside to the Dog Fort.


	Save the game here.
	Give a bone to Duke. He will bury the bone and may uncover a gem. Ifhe 
does not uncover a gem. Restore the game and give a bone to Dukeagain. Continue 
this process until a gem is exposed. Then give Dukeanother bone. Repeat the 
process of restoring the game if he does notuncover a gem and offering another 
bone when he does, until you haveall six gems.
	Return to the Altar of Cats and put each gem on the altar. Note 
whichanimation occurs with which gem.
	Go right to the Colossus. Save the game here. Place each of the gemson the 
statues so that you match the animations. You can rearrange thegems provided you 
have not placed the last gem. If you get theplacements wrong, you can restore 
the game and try again or use thistable which you should be able to create 
yourself from your visit tothe Hieroglyphic Room at the Cat Ruins and by placing 
the gems on theAltar of Cats.
Cat Statue-Animation-Gem-Color
(from left) 1-Moon-Diamond-White

	When you have all the gems placed correctly, the statues willactivate and 
a crystal mouse will appear. Try clicking the crystalmouse on Malcolm. Oh dear! 
Malcolm has become a mouse. Go left thenright to Fluffy. Chat with Fluffy and he 
will give you a piece ofcheese that will turn Malcolm human again. Malcolm . . . 
Human ? . . .well Kyrandian, anyway!


	 From Fluffy, go up three times and you will arrive at the PirateBeach. 
Chat with the pirates. Talk to the captain, Jean ClaudeBarbecue. He will only 
take you to Kyrandia if you have some magic.(Just for fun, if you have a flea in 
your inventory, give it to JeanClaude. This will give you an opportunity to 
explore his ship. Go backout.) Click the crystal mouse on Louie, the peg-leg 
pirate, and turnhim into a mouse. This convinces Jean Claude to take you back to 


	Well, Malcolm had no choice than to travel with the pirates but itseems to 
have landed him in worse trouble. The treacherous pirateshand Malcolm over to 
his arch enemies Kallak and Brandon. Having runout of other options of getting 
rid of Malcolm they send him to theEnds of the Earth.
	Save the game.
	Malcolm has earned three coins. Select the umbrella on the right 
handmachine and deposit one coin. Take the umbrella. Then select the poolfloat 
and deposit a second coin. Take the pool float. With your lastcoin you can buy 
insurance from the left hand machine. Since you savedthe game, and can continue 
to do so as you progress, you can restore instead.
	Take the left hand barrel down the waterfall. Wear the pool float.
	Use the pump to inflate the flower under the ledge. Keep the pump.
	Jump on the flower to bounce over to the other side of the waterfall.
	Take a look inside the cave and watch the movie. When Malcolm leaves,drop 
down the waterfall wearing the pool float. Deflate the pool floatusing the pump. 
Use the umbrella on the hook in the middle of thewaterfall, to swing across to 
the other side. Now use the umbrella onMalcolm, click on the rocks below and 
float down to the next ledge.
	Take a look in this cave and watch the movie. When Malcolm leaves,use the 
umbrella, click on the rocks below and float down to the next ledge.
	Go into the cave and watch the movie.


	When Malcolm wakes up, he finds out some considerable time has passed 
	Set Malcolm to lying mode.
	You will have to play tic-tac-toe with the Fish Queen several times.
	She has put a magic collar around Malcolm's neck so that he is forcedto 
return to her when she summons him. In order to get away so you canplan and 
arrange your escape you must lose each game. Then talk to theQueen. In lying 
mode, Malcolm will flatter the Queen enough for her tobe generous and give 
Malcolm some free time. Alternatively, once youhave some money, the merman, 
standing attendance, can be bribed withone coin to play the game for you.
	Even though you will keep being interrupted by the Queen, keepfollowing 
these directions in between the interruptions:
	Return to the Fish Court before the Queen summons you again and talkto the 
merman. He will tell you that the Queen is afraid of only onething . . . her 
father, the Fish King, but he is dead.
	The scene to the right of the Fish Court is the Sluice Support. Goleft 
from here to the Perch University. Tickle one of the studentfishes with the 
Jester Staff. While the teacher is distracted, stealthe apple. Go left again and 
watch the ride to Hell. That's theexpensive method. The Hell Ride costs five 
coins for your first rideand ten for the next. We will try the cheaper method.
	Get in the sluice (water-slide) and operate the lever. Enjoy theride! You 
will land in the Dump. Rummage in the Dump. You are lookingfor a newspaper. You 
must keep visiting the Dump until you find anewspaper. Also keep any apples, 
worm eaten apples or worms. Talk tothe blind bat fish. He will think Malcolm is 
the tax collector and payhim. Take the two coins. Make sure you keep one of 
these coins untilyou are about to leave Limbo.
	You can also sell items to the blind batfish, but this isn't veryefficient 
so I don't recommend it. If you have useless items likeslime, you can swap them 
for something else by placing the item on thegrassy ledge to the right of the 
blind batfish. While he isdistracted, click several times on the cave. You may 
find a newspaperthis way.
	If by now you have collected at least six coins from the blind batfish 
then you can pay for the Hell Ride. Otherwise you must have twoworms. If you 
have two apples half eaten or whole, eat them and youwill have two worms. Ick! 
Return to the Perch University and stealanother apple if you need to.
	Go to the Sluice Support and feed the two worms to the bottom fish,also 
the largest, in the support. This breaks the sluice. Take anothersluice ride and 
you will end up at the Door to the Underworld.
	Talk to the clerk and she will tell you how to perform a royalseance. Wait 
for the Queen back in Limbo to summon you.
	By now you should have a coin and a newspaper in your inventory.Play tic-
tac-toe to lose again, and when there are five merman on theboard perform the 
Royal Seance. (You should have at least sevenmortals on screen, not counting the 
Queen, who want the return of thedeceased). Drop the coin (image of the Fish 
King) and click thenewspaper (something to see back in time) on it. The Fish 
King appearsand the Queen is frightened away. The Fish King is more terrible 
thanthe Fish Queen so leave as soon as you are able!
	If you blow this and complete the tic-tac-toe game before initiatingthe 
seance, or seem to be waiting forever for the Queen to summon youto another 
match of tic-tac-toe, visit the Queen and talk to her innice or normal mode. She 
will challenge you to another game.
	Once the Fish Queen has been frightened off, drop any coins as youwon't 
need them. Quickly collect up as many manufactured items as youcan find; keys, 
fondue sets, socks etc., as will fit in the inventory.
	Leave one slot free in the inventory.
	Collect two worms again. Feed the large fish at the sluice supportand take 
the sluice ride to the Door to the Underworld.
	Set Malcolm to nice mode and talk to the old man waiting at the line.
	Convince him to let you go ahead of him. The clerk will call you whenshe 
has processed Mr. Levis and show you right in.


	Not quite what it is cracked up to be. Looks like Malcolm is going toenjoy 
himself here! Chat with all the people who come by while Malcolmis waiting for 
his paperwork to be completed.
	Oh-oh! Back to the surface then. At the Boon Docks, use the funnylooking 
contraption and it will take you to the surface of Kyrandia.

	It's night time when you arrive in Kyrandia.
	And now here's Stewart, Malcolm's "good" conscience. Must have beenall 
that help Malcolm gave the cats and the good feelings he had in Hell!
	Or may be Malcolm just destroyed the rock under which Stewart was buried!
	Before clicking on anything, save the game.
	There are three options, each of which has an effect on how you reachthe 
end of the game. You can finish the game with only Gunther withyou by clicking 
on him. Or you can forget about Gunther and completethe game with only Stewart 
by clicking on him. Or you can have doubletrouble by clicking on both of them 
and keep both Gunther and Stewartwith you. There are separate directions for all 
three options. Play them all!


	Go to the Castle and go inside. Talk to Louie (the peg-leg pirate)and he 
will ask you for the Isle of Cats gems. Leave. Go to the Castle
	Dump and rummage for the nut on a string. Also get a bent or straight 
nail.If you have a straight nail, go to the Town Square and open theMagician's 
Lodge lock with the nail.
	Go to the Bath Building which is now a Pawn Shop. Go into the shop.Here is 
Herman who has changed careers! Talk to Herman to find outwhat he is buying. If 
you don't have what he wants, leave and re enter.
	Talk to him again. He will be buying something different.
	Do this until you manage to sell something for a few sesame seeds.
	Return to the Castle Dump. Put the seeds down for the squirrel 
thenhypnotize it with the nut on a string. Take the hypnotized squirrel.
	Go to the Town Square and go down to the Cellar. Go to Darm andBrandywine 
via the magic carpet. Ask Darm then Brandywine to give youa Portal Potion. 
Eventually, Brandywine will ask for a squirrel.
	Give her the squirrel and she will have Darm fetch a Portal Potion for 
	Take the Portal Potion and return to the Cellar via the magic carpet.You 
can't leave via the Town Hall anymore, so leave the Cellar via thesewer to the 
Toy Factory.
	Go to the Town Arena and use the Portal Potion.
	You arrive in the Cat Ruins. Go left to the old Dog Fort. Pick up 
themachete. Go left twice, then up to Fluffy.
	Talk to Fluffy. The revolution is not going well it seems.
	Fluffy gives you a cheesemaker. Go to the Colossus by going right then 
left.Use the cheesemaker. Click the cheese on the mouse statue.Take the six 
gems. Return to Fluffy. He will give you a can of tuna!Use the can and you will 
return to Kyrandia.
	Back in Kyrandia, you have lost the inventory you collected in Limbo.The 
only vital thing is the awful Fish Queen's magic collar.You lost it when you 
took off for the Isle of Cats. You must find it now.Check the Castle Dump. Also 
look for the nut on a string here.
	Go to the Castle Foyer again. Show one of the gems to Louie.Then give the 
collar to Jean Claude. The Fish Queen is back on her throne!Luckily all the 
pirates vanish as soon as Jean Claude is summoned.


	Go to the Castle Dump. _Do not_ enter the Castle. Go to the castle,talk to 
Louie and you will end up in jail as a rather elegant mouse!
	Tickle the mouse on the right with the Jester Staff until a nail 
isreleased. Use the nail to pick the lock and free Malcolm. Then pickthe other 
lock and free the other prisoners. Fertilize the seeds withthe eel and place 
them on the door. Malcolm will acknowledge that heis making a botanical bomb so 
you will know when you have placed theseeds correctly. Water the seeds with the 
flask of water and keep the flask.
	After escaping, Zanthia will give Malcolm a piece of cheese to de-mousify 
himself. Go to the castle and talk with Louie. He will demandthe six gems on the 
Isle of Cats as a ransom for Brandon.
	Make a wooden horse, if you need to, then go to the Town Hall and geta 
Pegasus Potion from Zanthia. This time Zanthia accepts the toy horsewhen Malcolm 
offers it! Go to the Pegasus Landing and use the Pegasus Potion.
	Malcolm arrives at the Isle of Cats Pegasus Landing. Take the macheteand 
go left twice, right twice, left and up to Fluffy. Fluffy willgive you the 
cheesemaker. Get the gems from the Altar of Cats andreturn to Kyrandia as 
described in Gunther section.
	Get rid of the pirates as described in the Gunther section.


	Go to the castle. Talk to Louie and he will request the gems from theIsle 
of Cats.
	Go to the Castle Dump and get a flask and a nail. Go to theMagician's 
Lodge, unlock it with the nail and then free the prisonersusing the nail. Leave 
the items on the floor. Make a wooden horse,if you need to, then go to the Town 
Hall and get a Pegasus Potion from Zanthia.
	Malcolm arrives at the Isle of Cats Pegasus Landing. Take the macheteand, 
collecting bones, go left, then right twice to the old Dog Fort.
	Dig up all the bones you can find here with the machete. Then go lefttwice 
and up to Fluffy, picking up bones on the way. Fluffy will wantten bones from 
you. Return to Fluffy with the ten bones and he willgive you the cheesemaker. 
Get the gems from the Altar of Cats andreturn to Kyrandia as described in 
Gunther section.
	Get rid of the as described in the Gunther section

Clearing Malcolm's Name
	This section plays a little differently depending on which halves 
ofMalcolm's conscience are with him. However the instructions apply forall three 
	Well, learning the Royal Seance back in Limbo may prove useful. Theonly 
witnesses to the Royal Couple's death are themselves and Malcolm.
	No-one believes Malcolm, so you need a image of one of the deceased.
	You also need to coax the Voice of Reason at the Town Hall to helpyou. And 
he has a predilection for Fish Cream Sandwiches!
	Drop the machete. Also drop the cheesemaker (unless you have been wonover 
by Stewart and want to help de-mousify the Kyrandian people).
	Fetch as many logs of wood as you can fit in the inventory. Find therest 
of your previous inventory at the Town Arena or Pegasus Landing.
	Pick up the kind of things Herman will buy. He seems to prefermanufactured 
items; e.g. keys, fondue sets, socks and toys. Discardthe logs to make room if 
you like. If you keep some logs, go to theToy Factory and make some toy soldiers 
and toy horses with the logs.
	Go to Herman's Pawn Shop. The main aim here is to buy the crutch witha gem 
as soon as Herman puts it on sale. He only accepts gems aspayment so make sure 
you hold one gem back for the crutch. You alsowant three portions of sesame 
seeds. (If you are playing with bothGunther and Stewart, you can get one portion 
of sesame seeds from theMagician's Lodge.) Buy anything Herman has for sale 
which you may beable to sell to him later. You may have to leave and re-enter 
many times!
	Once you have the crutch and three portions of seeds you can drop anygems 
you have left. Pick up a bent nail you dropped somewhere or findone in the 
Castle Dump. You also need the nut on a string, a flask anda straight nail from 
the Castle Dump
	Make the nail on a string and go the Cellar. Use the nail on a stringin 
the pool and catch three eels. Fertilize two of the portions ofseeds with two of 
the eels. Fill the flask with water from the pooland water each of the 
fertilized seeds.
	Go to the Dairy. Put both the sesame plants in the hopper on theleft. Use 
the nail to make a hole in the cream container and fill theflask with cream.
	Go to the Town Square and enter the Fish Cream Parlor. Fix themachine with 
the crutch. Put the eel, sesame seeds and cream into themachine's hopper. Take 
the Fish Cream Sandwich.
	Go to Malcolm's Apartment and look under the bed. You will find apicture 
of King William. Leave and go down the sewer to the Cellar,then up the stairs to 
the Town Hall.
	At the Town Hall, talk to the Voice of Reason and put King 
William'sportrait in the cabinet. Then give the sandwich to the Voice.Malcolm, 
the cabinet and the Voice will transport to the Fish CreamParlor. Put William's 
portrait in the cabinet.
	Malcolm is vindicated! Enjoy the closing scenes! These differaccording to 
which halves of his conscience Malcolm completes his goalwith. So restore from 
where Malcolm just returned from Hell and pick adifferent option.

THE LEGEND OF KYRANDIA BOOK 3: MALCOLM'S REVENGE is published byWestwood Studios 
and distributed by Virgin Interactive EntertainmentInc.

Special thanks must go to CIS Gamers Melinda Gottesman and CarstenWitte who 
tested the accuracy and usability of this walkthrough.

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