Yeah, I know this is a really old game, and so is Kyrandia3, but I like this 
one better and I've won it 50 bizillion times. It really is kinda hard the 
first time you play it, and I could've used a walkthru when I did.

Okay, the intro tells you that Kyrandia is disappearing and this hand has 
found a way to stop it. You, Zanthia, must go to the center of the world to 
get an anchor stone. So, you and your little apprentice Faun go in your house 
with some blueberries, hoping to make a portal potion, when you find {gasp!} 
you've been robbed! So, you now have to walk to the center of the world.

Note: Once and a while Zanthia will call Faun. Sometimes its importatnt what 
they're saying, so listen to it then continue. Also, remember to flush your 
cauldron by pulling the chain after you're done using spells so you don't 
forget when making a new potion.

Darkmoor Swamp
You start in your house, all mad and wondering why anyone would want to rob 
you (if you hadn't noticed, annoying little Faun imitates you when you get 
mad). get the flask on the shelf to the right, look under the wrinkled carpet 
to get a flask with water in it, get the blueberries, then go outside. Get 
the other blueberries out there then go north. You can get the mushroom and 
eat it to get some weird effects, but you don't need it. Go north again. Look 
in the stump to get your spell book then go north again. Get the onion and 
the twisted piece of the plant that's sticking out from the plant then go 
north once more. Here, you'll see a ferry. Don't bother talking to Breuth 
now, he's not going to give you a ride. Go west once, get the feather from 
the nest in the tree, then go south. Push over the tree, get the skeleton 
key, and go west. Tickle the alligator with the feather and get his tears in 
your empty flask. Look in the tree to get your cauldron. Go north and get the 
gold-colored sulpher rock at the end of the path. No, you won't be able to 
fool Breuth with a gold rock. Go back to where the bridge is and go north. 
Cool the fireberries with your water (not the alligator tears) and get one. 
You can get more, but you only need one. Go into the house. Here you meet 
Herb. Get his flask, the stool, and the bag with a picture of a plant on it. 
Fill a flask up with water from the plant and heat it on Herb's candle. Now 
you have all the ingredients for a Swampsnake Potion, which you'll need soon. 
Put the gnarlybark (windy woof), the sulpher (smell of eggs), the onion, the 
alligator tears, the stool, and the hot water in the cauldron. Fill at least 
one flask. You can fill some more to see what it does to your hair (eesh!) 
but you don't need to. Now go back to where the ferry is and go east twice. 
Here you'll meet Marko and his hand and tell him you've been robbed. Go 
south. Here you see a tree full of musical bugs. You should get out a piece 
of paper and pencil here, you'll need to write down a certain pattern. Feed 
one of the blueberries to one of the bugs. Write down the colors that show up 
in the pattern they are. Before you do that, if you click a bug it will light 
up then the first bug in the pattern will light up. If you click the first 
one, it will light up, then the second bug will light up. You can see the 
first and second bug in the pattern like this, but nothing else. Now that you 
have the pattern of colors, go back north and enter the cave to the east. 
Click on the rat blocking the way and he will wake up. To get past him, 
either give him the Swampsnake Potion you made or drink the potion to scare 
him with your freaky hair. Either way, you can now continue east. This is the 
only place you need your fireberry, so you can drop it in this room if you 
want to. This is where you need the pattern you got from the bugs. By 
clicking on the skull's teeth, you can light up different colors. Put in the 
pattern from the bugs by doing this. The top row's colors of the teeth are, 
from left to right: Green, purple, orange. The bottom row from left to right 
is: Light blue, red, yellow, dark blue. Then the skull will open and reveal a 
chest. Use the skeleton key to unlock the chest. Get the alchemist's magnet 
and the cheese. Go out of the cave. Now go back to the natural bridge, where 
the fishermen were, and give them the cheese to use for bait. They just leave 
without even thanking you (grrrrr). Go back to the ferry and go south twice. 
Here, you see Marko, caught by those gigantic, weird plants. You can just 
leave him there (hehehe), you don't need to save him, but you can by feeding 
the plant that's not holding him the bag of maneur. Now go east and get the 
LEAD anchor. You can use the alchemist's magnet on it for an expensive hunk 
of gold for a little while, but you don't need to, as you will soon see. Go 
back to the ferry and you will find that {groan} a drangonfly has burnt down 
the ferry. Talk to him, you will find he has lost four letters. Since you are 
nice (and since you need a ride to Morningmist) you should find his letters 
for him. One is on the roof of your house, one is by the musical bugs, one is 
being held by the hand in the quicksand where you found the skeleton key, and 
one is by the hot water spring. You can steam the letters open in the steam 
if you want, but you shouldn't really read peoples' personal letters. Go back 
to the dragonfly and give him the letters.

Morningmist Valley/Towne of Highmoon
The dragonfly rudely drops you in a haystack with a letter to deliver. Search 
the haystack for the flask you dropped, get the letter, and get a nice big 
stalk of wheat. Go south to find Farmer Greenberry's quaint little house and 
give him the letter. He will tell you his recipe for mustard (a recipe for 
mustard? kinda weird don't you think?). Take the flask of vinager and the 
dragon's water bowl. Go west. Meanwhile, at Marko's house, he finds that the 
hand has found a piece of your fishing boat. Hmmm.... Well, anyway, you find 
yourself at a strange-looking machine. Take the stick out of the waterwheel 
to get it going again. The fist starts pounding. Turn the little wheel on the 
pipe and the valve will be open. Go east back to Farmer Greenberry's house 
and go east once more. Get your alchemist's magnet. Click on the fountain's 
trunk to water the garden. Get a radish and a head of lettuce. Go back to the 
water wheel-fist-electricity-whatchamacalit machine and put the radish under 
the fist. Scoop it out with the bowl. Put the vinagar in the ground radish to 
make the Greenberry's legendary mustard. This is the first ingredient for the 
Sandwitch Spell that you'll need later. Put the mustard in your cauldron. 
Then ground the wheat, scoop it out with the bowl, and put it in your 
cauldron too, along with your lettuce. Now all you need is cheese. Go back up 
to where the haystack is and a ghost should appear out of it. Talk to the 
ghost, then click a flask on him to carry him with you. Go to the where the 
scarecrow and the fountain is and click the ghost onto the scarecrow. Go west 
and watch the little scene where the farmer gets mad at his scarecrow for 
leaving his post and chases after him. Now the cellar is free to enter. Don't 
go in it yet, though, first go back to the haystack and milk the sheep with 
the flask. Now go into the cellar and put the milk in the machine in front. 
Push the lever down and get the cheese. Put the cheese in the cauldron, fill 
a flask, and take the sandwitch out of it. Remember to get your flask back, 
too. Also get the scissors and two of the rightside-up U horseshoes and one 
of the upside-down U horseshoes. Go out of the cellar and go west to the 
weird machine. Click the upside-down U horseshoe on the electricity coming 
from the machine to make a magnet. If the magnet turns the other way 
(upside-down to rightside-up or vice versa) when you make it, you used the 
wrong horseshoe. When you get out of the cellar, give the bowl back to the 
dragon and take it again, then take his tears in a flask. Put them in your 
cauldron, you will be making a skeptic spell. Also put the rightside-up U 
horseshoe in the cauldron (you'll know it's the right one if Zanthia says, 
when you click it on her, that it looks funny). Now go back to the haystack 
and go east. GIve your sandwitch to the guards and they will rush out to get 
it, leaving the doors open. Go through to the Towne of Highmoon (no, I'm not 
spelling it wrong, there is an 'e' at the end of 'town' in the name). Take 
the stick out of the seahorse fountain then go north up the alley. You can 
click on the lights by the door and use the pattern you got from the bugs to 
open the door, but its easier to just click the scissors on the door to open 
it. Now go into the tavern. In the tavern, take some taffy out of the barrel 
in the corner and put it in the bowl. Along with the taffy, put some vinager 
in the bowl, creating sweet-and-sour sauce. Put this in your cauldron. When 
you try to leave, you'll be blocked by the parrot and told you'll need to 
recite a poem. Listen to the other pirate's poem, then click on the podium to 
recite your own. Now leave. You'll see an octopus with three shells here. 
You'll need to gamble with him, but you need to bet on something. Go back in 
the tavern to find two pirates fighting. Click on the left pirate twice and 
he will get a tooth knocked out. I don't know why, but you have to turn it to 
lead on the ground with your alchemists magnet before you can take it. Do so, 
then turn it back to gold. Go outside. Put your remaining "lucky" horseshoe 
on the ground by the octopus, then give your gold tooth to him. It doesn't 
matter which shell you pick, with your lucky horseshoe, you'll always be 
right. Give him a gold tooth one more time, so you now have three. Go back to 
the weird machine with the pounding fist and put the gold teeth under the 
fist to make coins. Go back to the town. Now go east across the bridge. Take 
the flask and the page from the ground and put the page back in your 
spellbook. Go on the upper path east. Get some mud out of the puddle and 
press it on the foot of the rabbit statue. Put this footprint in your 
cauldron to make an incomplet Skeptic Potion. Continue down the path east. 
Click the stick on the rope so you can bounce it close enough to you to swing 
across the crack. Go east. Here you see an altar. Fill as many flasks as you 
can (two) and activate them on the altar. Go back to the weird fish-bird 
building. Give one of the potions to the guy blocking the door. Click your 
magnet on the shiny thing on the water to get a key, but don't forget to get 
your magnet again once you've done that. Now go in the building to find Marko 
in jail, who still claims to be "helping." Try to free him, but you'll be 
jailed as well (wonderful, huh). Click on the carpet on the back wall until 
she unwinds it to get the string and uses Marko's hook to make a 
hook-on-a-string. Try to get the key with this but the sherrif will throw it 
in the water and it will get eaten by a fish. Catch the fish with the 
makeshift fishing line and get the key. Free yourself, then free Marko, and 
you can drop the key in here if you like. Go back outside and fill and 
activate another Skeptic Potion. Go west from the weird fish-bird building 
and go into the little house. Give the man a Skeptic Potion and he will wake 
up. Give him your three gold coins and he will give you a voucher. Now go 
east and go down the lower east path to the docks. Give the man there your 
last Skeptic Potion and the voucher to ride the ship. When you get on, put 
your magnet in the coil of rope by the compass and the ship will turn towards 
Volcania. Finding that you set them off course, the crewmen will throw you 
off the ship. How inconsiderate!

There's really not much you need to do here, but it can turn into a quite 
annoying wild goose chase if you listen to the salespeople here. You can also 
meet Jessica if you walk around for a while, who you'll meet again later on. 
All you really need to do, though, is find two rocks and the stick, then go 
down a hot air vent.

The Center of the World 
(By the way, nice outfit, Zanthia). Get the rock here and plug the 
lava-filled little hole with it. Go west to get a flask, and take the rock 
there to plug that hole. If you don't notice, plugging the holes makes the 
small volcano that's here increase in activity. Go west and west again (not 
across the bridge). Click near the top of the palm tree to get some fuzz. Get 
the stick. Go back east and then go across the bridge. Get the rock along the 
road here. Continue along the path north. Put rock in the plug here and get 
the little lead hart-shaped lump on the ground. Turn it to gold with your 
alchemists magnet. Also get the other rock thats in this room. Have you 
noticed how that dinousaur is acting like a dog? Let's play a little game of 
fetch. Throw the stick to the dinosaur twice, and the second time he will 
make some stalagtights fall and one of them will clog a hole letting air out. 
This will make the other hole spray air harder, right in front of some blue 
pebbles stuck to the ceiling (you'll see what I mean when you do it). Go on 
this air vent and you will get two of the black pebbles on the ceiling. Now, 
put your fuzz, the gold lump, and the black pebbles in your cauldron to make 
a Teddy Bear Potion. Fill a flask, get the teddy bear, and get your flask 
back. Now go back to where the T-rex is and click on his back twice. You will 
jump on his back and start leading him around. Eventually, you will get the 
piece of cloth that ripped in your fall and climb back up on the green 
bridge. Go west from here. Make sure the triceretops is facing toward the 
door and click your red piece of cloth on him. Now you can enter the door. 
But, isn't it just your luck when you find out that you didn't need to be in 
the center of the world at all! Watch the little scene. Get the parchment, 
plug the hole with your remaining rock, and go outside. You can get a anchor 
stone in there if you want to, but you don't need to. Now the small volcano 
here should be bubbling very violently. Click on the little rock floating in 
the middle of it and you will be blown to the...

Enchanted Forest
Ouch! What a fall! First, look into the hole you made in the ground and get 
the flask. Get the pinecone thats on the ground by the trees. Now go west up 
the path. Get a walnut from inside the little structure at the other end of 
the bridge that looks kinda like a rook in chess. If you try to walk across 
that bridge, the stupid knight will walk you back. You'll need to make a 
Snowman (regular) Potion to get past him. Get the snow beyond the bridge and 
the little sticks by the tree to the right. Get moss from the rock by you 
twice and it will turn into a rolling stone. Get it and go back east. Put the 
twigs by the black rock and use the rolling stone on it to make a small fire. 
Get the charcoal that comes with it. Put your snow, charcoal, and moss into 
the cauldron and fill a flask. Go back to the bridge and give your snowman to 
the knight. Now you can continue west. Polish the statue with your alchemists 
magnet and get the jack and the drum from the box that appears. Get the acorn 
thats behind the statue in the tree. Put the jack in the path of the foot and 
you will trip it, allowing the men to catch it. Listen to their story about 
Bal-Rom. Uh-oh, looks like the hand is your enemy! Go back to where the 
petrified (get it, petrified, as in scared) forest is and put the drum on the 
stump. The trees will start dancing and let you pass. Try to get on the tram 
here and the squirrel will get off and claim it is "long lunch day" give him 
the pinecone, walnut, and acorn (it doesn't matter what order) and he will 
leave. Put the rolling stone on the wheel and ride the tram up. On the tram, 
you witness a fight between Marko and his hand, and Marko will fall out of 
the tram. The hand will stop the tram and you will climb the cable the rest 
of the way up. 

Go into the house here. You won't be able to get any climbing gear, but get a 
cannonball, a flask from the shelves, and some musk from the head on the left 
thats on the wall. Go outside. Get the featherduster and some snow. Turn your 
cannonball to gold and give it to the woman. Now you can take the baby's 
lollipop. If you havn't guessed, you'll be making an Abominable Snowman 
Potion. Put the snow, the musk, the featherduster, and the lollipop in your 
cauldron. Fill a flask and pour it on your head to make a costume. Go back in 
the house. The hunters won't fall for your costume, but a real abominable 
snowman will come and take you away.
Now you find yourself in a yeti's cave. Get feathers from your pillow, the 
little heart-shaped box of candies, the cologne on the yeti's table, and a 
flask from the top shelf. Go outside. Get all three of the icicles and try to 
use one of them to climb up the snow. The yeti will bring you back inside. Go 
back outside and put one of the icicles, the cologne, the feathers, and the 
box of candies in your cauldron. Fill a flask and wait for the hunters to get 
to where you are. Give them the potion and they will be put in costumes and 
be taken by the yeti. Now you can climb up the snow wall with your icicle and 
go east. Go in the house. Here, you need to make several potions and put them 
in the little flasks in the broken machine. You have all the items in the 
shelves to the right to make the potions you need. From left to right, you 
need to put these potions in the flasks: Flying shoes, Sandwitch, Abominable 
Snowman, Swampsnake, Teddy bear, Indigo (with an amethyst and blueberries), 
and Skeptic. Now the rainbow will form. Go outside. Take the icicle thats 
near the back of the side of the house and use it to climb up on the roof and 
go on the rainbow. Watch the little scene with Zanthia and the hand and 
continue all the way down the rainbow.

The Wheels of Fate:
You're really close to the end now! Use your alchemists magnet on the light 
that's bent to allow yourself to go through the door. Inside the building, 
first go to the east. Here is a puzzle that seems harder than it is (if any 
of you have ever played Zork Zero, its a lot like the Tower of Bozbar). All 
you have to do is move the different layers of the heads to different places, 
then move them back in order in place in another head to get an item. It's 
really not that hard once you get the hang of it. Anyway, you need to get the 
stick and a gear in this room. Then go outside and go along the other path 
north. Put the gear in the place where a gear is missing and use the stick to 
get it working again. Kyrandia is saved! Now the evil hand comes in to try to 
destroy you. To fight him, click on the machine on the left twice, then click 
on the hand and you will push him off the railing to his death. You've won! 
Enjoy the ending!

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