Dark Fall II: Lights Out

by Jonathan Boakes & XXv Production

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     September 2004


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game. During installation, a pause might occur at 24% and 64% installation points. You can skip the introduction using the arrow at the bottom of the screen. The main menu has new game, load, credits and quit.  The top part of the game screen shows the activity bar - save, load and quit. The bottom part of the game screen shows the inventory bar. The game can be played without the CD in the CD-ROM drive.

To save a game, click on Save and it will automatically open My Documents folder. Make a new folder and label it Dark Fall 2 or any label you want and then open this folder. Enter the label you want to describe the saved game, click save and the saved games are now in the DF2 folder.

The game is non-linear. This walkthrough follows one possible sequence of gameplay.

Thanks, Pearl for some of the Easter eggs.

You are Benjamin Parker, a cartographer sent to map the area of the harbor town of Trewarthan.


1912 Trewarthan

Benjamin Parker has a nightmare of drawings, maps, room, storm and lighthouse. A knock is heard. Open the door and no one is there. Look up at the window of the building on the right and click the look cursor. The sky and the lit top floor of the Fisherman Arms are seen. Turn right and look close at the door of Reubans cottage next door. Go back inside the room by going right twice from Reubans' door and enter.

Parker's room:     Look close at the worktable on the left and see the map of Cornwall, 2 hooks and painting tools. Pull back and look up. Check the picture of a man with a viewfinder and a railway map with 2 places with an X mark. Turn right from table and see Parker's map box. Open it and see 2 old maps of Cornwall. Close box. Look at the picture above the bed. Look close on the drawings and the red book of Benjamin Parker on the bed. Read the journal and click on the edge to turn the pages. He was met by Spivey with a cart and pony. Parker was commissioned to come here by Robert Demarion, the local doctor.

Demarion's kitchen and garden:    After reading the first 2 day's journal, see 2 bird paintings on the wall and be transported to a recall of journal events. Turn right, forward to sink and turn left. Exit through the door and look close at axe on tree stump. Turn left and look up at tree. Turn left to door and turn right to outhouse. Look inside the outhouse and read the 2 notes in the water. Hmm... Did Demarion try to flush these notes?  Back out of shed, look at tub of water on the ground on right side of shed, turn right to see tree trunk and then turn around to view the wheel on the left of shed.

Go back inside, check the sink, turn right to the hutch and click on apples. Open the bottom right cabinet and see a stereoviewer. Click on the top hinge to change the angle of the eyepieces. Look through the eyepieces and see the top floor of the Fisherman Arms. Turn right, look close at a rabbit painting and then at the groceries. Read the pasty recipe, cream tea recipe and note by Mrs. Agnew about today's meal. Note the mention of James on the lighthouse.

Pantry:    Turn right and forward to the door that cannot be opened. Turn left and click on latch of the pantry. Check the Devonshire Fudge box and read the diary. Note the comments about Fisherman's Arms and Fetch Rock. Note the description of a floppy disk with Hadden Industries. This is 1912 - wow! Take the Hadden Industries floppy disk. Next page describes a tunnel at the base of the lighthouse, a rock fall, pulse sound, song... Look at the pictures of a hole and a ghost at the crates. Pull back from box, look up and then down of center shelf. Click on bottom right of screen to exit the pantry. Click any of bird pictures to get back to the journal.

Read the rest of the journal. Exit the room.

Harbor:    Go forward, look up at the building on the left (Garrett's Pilchards), turn left and see a ladder going up. Turn around and look up again to the windows of the Fisherman's Arms - the one seen on the stereoviewer. Turn left and go forward twice. Turn right and hear a 'Who goes there?' Look up, down at the cart and at the sign. Click on door and talk to Doctor Demarion about a job. Whatever dialogue is selected, it will end up to continuing the adventure. Learn about the lighthouse. Demarion had the lighthouse built in 1890. The ship Ribos passed the lighthouse tonight and reported that the lighthouse is not lit. Oliver Drake, James Woolf and Robert Shaw man the lighthouse.

You should have checked already what is needed to be checked from your room, the town and Demarion's kitchen. Turn left to the dock. Go forward to the boat. If you cannot get on the boat, retrace all the steps, click on all active places and items. Look at all angles of viewing of items in all 3 places - room, harbor and kitchen.

Enter the boat. Listen to the Ballad of Flannan Isle on the way to the lighthouse.


1912 Fetch Rock

Check the debris in the water, 2 clicks right and left of the boat. Turn around from boat, forward, left and look up to see the unlit lighthouse. Go forward, turn left and look up at the pointed rock (is this the growing rock?). Turn around and climb steps to lighthouse. It is dark here. Go forward to the left of the lighthouse hut. Look up at the weather vane. Look down and see a cord. Turn right and flip the emergency lighting switch to get light inside the hut.

Lighthouse hut:    Enter and look around. See a key on the window sill. Go down the steps.

Boiler room:    Look close at the gauges of the boiler. Go forward to right side of boiler and then click on the lantern in inventory when you get a tool cursor. Turn left, forward and left to look at 3 levers. Have to know more before we can fiddle with these.

Go back to the front of the boiler and turn to face the stairs. Click on the active cursor at bottom left of the stairs. Use lantern and take the drawing. Study the drawing and note the layout of this area. There are 3 ships in front of the boiler and 3 ships drawn on the room across it. The dark room on the right shows steps and cabinets.

Coal room:    Enter the room across the boiler. Turn right and click on the blower, the 1912 version of intercom. Hear weird sounds. Look at the paper hidden behind the wood panel of the blower. Note the number of dots beside the different ships. Turn right and look close at dark area at bottom left. Use the lantern and see taps.

Go back out and let's see if we can get the boiler going.

Boiler puzzle:   

Prime the boiler - Based on the layout drawing, there are 3 different ships in front of the boiler. Using the ship-dots drawing, the ships are decoded as from left to right: the ship with 2 dots, ship with 3 dots and the ship with 1 dot.

Go to the levers back of the boiler. Use your lantern on the tool cursor. Turn left and look at the levers. The levers are noted in positions from left to right as 1, 2 and 3. The ships code of 2 dots, 3 dots and 1 dot is decoded to mean pull down (L - R) middle lever, right lever and then left lever.

Turn the boiler on - Go back to the coal room and turn left to the taps at the bottom of the wall. Use lantern on tool cursor. Based on the layout picture and the ship-dot picture, the 3 ships from top to bottom are the ones with 2 dots, 3 dots and 1 dot.

The taps are positioned 1, 2 and 3 from top to bottom. The ships code of 2 dots, 3 dots and 1 dot is decoded to mean press the middle tap, bottom tap and top tap.

When correctly done, see lights come on throughout the lighthouse.

Bottom level of lighthouse:      Go to the room next to the boiler room and see that there are now lights. Turn right and use lantern to see head boards. Turn left to the cabinet and check the shelves. Climb the stairs and look at the red bottle. Climb further and enter the door with a hole. Look at the chair under the stairs. Climb up to the first level.

First level:    Look at the map of Cornwall, a work box with a hook and a FWW red book. Look at right side and note the filled coffee cup. Read the 1912 log book.

Crew room:    Enter the door on the right. Look around. Note cabinet on the left with cups, work list and stock list. Turn left while facing the supplies cabinet and look close at the FRL crate. Click on the cloth at right to reveal a hidden compartment. See a picture of a grounded ship and paper with DRAKE, stars and numbers on it. Graphics is shown later in the walkthrough. Turn around and look at the uneaten meal. Go to the other side of the kitchen and look around. There is a small store door right of stove. Enter the store door and look out to the table. Go to the door and click on the blower to hear the weird sound again. Exit and look at the 2 pictures on the wall.

Second level:    Continue up the lighthouse. Look close at the ship and the lady in the picture.

Crew's (Woolf and Shaw's) Bedroom:    Enter the door on the right. Look at the picture on the left wall. Read the letter of Beatrice to James behind the right picture about Drake possibly losing his mind. Click on the mirror and read James letter to Beatrice. Malakai - remember that name. Check the drawers. The second from the top has a ghostly robed man picture. The second from the bottom drawer has more pictures. The bottom drawer has the poem.

Go forward and turn left to the table with the violin. Look close at the FRL box and see pictures, one of is of a bottle on a rock. Go to the bookcase under the window and read about the Piskie Little Folk of Duloe.

Look at the bunk bed, pictures and the photography book on the lower bunk. Click on pillow of the lower bunk and read the letter of Beatrice to James. Go to the door and play with the light switch. Use the lantern on the blower at right of door and hear a louder scary sound. Exit and continue up the stairs.

Third level:    It is dark here. The lamp is broken. See a ladder on the wall and a door on the right. The door has Drake's name instead of a doorknob. Flip the lock lid up and see buttons similar to the drawing found on the trunk in the kitchen.

Numbering the buttons from left to right - 1 - 4, press 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 4. Door opens.

Drake's room:    Look at the maps on the wall. Turn left and see a ripped out lamp holder. Use the blower and listen. Turn left of door and click on the bed. Open and check the contents of the top 2 drawers under the bed. Read Demarion's 4 letters to Drake concerning the lighthouse and Parker.

Go to the work table and see an FRL stamp. Read Drake's journal. A mention of a small etching of Fetch Rock with no lighthouse is supposed to be somewhere here. Same dream as Parker described is mentioned - comet. The rest of the entries spoke directly to and about Parker.

Use the lantern on the picture on the wall right of the desk. Click on the tower above the cliff on the painting. Press the button and a drawer below the bed is opened. A picture of the lighthouse with a purple 1, green 2, yellow 3 and blue 4 is seen. Another picture of a series of walkways going to under the lighthouse is depicted. Note that the start of the walkway is behind the lighthouse and goes to a cave under the lighthouse.

Read the Bodmin book on the window sill. Look at the 2 pictures of William Drake, 18 and Catherine Drake, 24 on the wall by the window.

Closet:    Turn left and open the closet left of the window. Look close, use the lantern on the hanging clothes and click to move the clothes aside. Another door is revealed. No data yet to open this door. Back out and turn to face the door.

Lamp Room:    Exit the room and turn right to the ladder. Climb to the top and turn to see the lighthouse lamp. Pull the 2 levers that don't seem to be working. Pull the triangle handle to sound the foghorn. Look at the lighthouse lamp.

Walkway to cave:    Let's look for the walkway shown on the picture in Drake's locked drawer. Go back down and exit the lighthouse. Go around the hut and click behind the hut left of the wall with the emergency lighting.

Climb down the ladder, turn around and go forward to the walkway. Partway, you can look up at the lighthouse. Go forward until the crates with a crab insignia. This place looks like the ghost picture seen on the fudge box in Demarion's pantry. Go forward, down the steps and left to the cave.

Cave:    Hear 'Over here' guiding you inside the cave. Go forward, pass the crab crates and right to the drums. Go forward to the drums, turn right, go forward and see an entrance that was shown on the other picture in the fudge box journal. Enter and turn right. See colors of a certain pattern flash on the wall. Turn left, go forward once, turn left and see the colors flash on the wall again. Turn right, forward and now the colors flash in front of the entrance. Turn around and go back out.


2004 Fetch Rock

The drums and crates are not here but a pool. Go forward, left, forward and go outside.

Turn right and look at rock below the sign stand. Climb steps and come out to present day Fetch Rock. Go right, then left pass the picnic table and look at the telescope. Oh, we need money to use it. See Polly's map further on in this walkthrough to guide you around the area. Note the different landscape and how it changed from 1912.

Discovery Center - WW II building:     Go around the picnic table, then right and enter the WW II exhibit building. Look around. Go forward, right and look at the information about The Haunted Radio - Ralf. The right knob is missing.

Turn around and go to the laptop on the table. Use the floppy disk on the purple floppy disk drive. Press the middle single arrow to listen to the EVP capture 1. Exit the building.

Seven Sisters Rocks:     Turn right just outside the building and look at the rocks. Turn left and go forward to the other side of the island pass the cave entrance.

Landing Station:     Go forward and turn right to the entrance booth. Go forward to the landing area. This is where Parker's boat landed in 1912. Turn left and look right of the yellow drums. Take a spear from the ground. Turn left and look close at the red fuel tank. Turn left and move the cursor left of the base of an antenna tower that is left of the green tanks. See a Roman numeral II plaque.

Look inside the entry booth. See a drawing on the right wall beside the green mug. Use the spear and click twice on the paper by the mug. Note the number 5582 on the paper written for Ben by Diane on 29/04/04. Turn around and see the Fang Rock.

Cafe:    Turn right, go forward and look around the closed Cafe area.  Look at the right side of the trash bin to see the Roman numeral IV plaque. Turn left and go to the steps leading to the lighthouse.

Toilet area:    Go forward and turn right to enter the female side. Look inside the right stall and see Roman numeral I plaque under the toilet paper dispenser. Look above the wall with the pictures and see the men's toilet. Exit and go to the men's toilet. Look close under the sink to see the Roman numeral I plaque. Turn around from sink and look at the urinal on the right. Move the lid on the floor grate and get coins.

Telescope:    Exit the toilet area and go back to the telescope at the other side of the island: Go left to cafe area, turn right to the booth by landing area and turn right. Go forward to the other side of the island. Look close at telescope. Use the coins on the View Point. Move the cursor to get a view of the Roman numeral III plaque on the side of the lighthouse. Go back to lighthouse steps and let's enter the lighthouse.


Door:    Look close and see that this is the drawing that was seen in the entrance booth. Counting from top to bottom, press buttons 5582.

Gift Shop:    Look around and read the books on the table.  See a picture of Benjamin Parker and learn of his life. Go to the other side of the book stand by going in front of the cash register and turn left to the side aisle. Go forward and click on the button right of the music CDs.  Look down and press the one by the Trewarthan Fisherman's Choir to hear an eerie voice, something about 'until dawn'.

Horror at Fetch Rock book:    Turn left and read the book - Horror at Fetch Rock. Learn what Demarion had to say on the inquest on the disappearance of the 3 lighthouse keepers. Benjamin Parker was blamed for the murder of the keepers. The combination to the locked closet door is the daughter's birth year combined with that of his son, add 'em up like. 'And the prefix is R'. Look at the different souvenirs on the back wall and then go to the cash register.

Cash register:    Go behind the register and read the note to Polly White on the register, the missing 220 pounds note on the counter and the 2 letters under the counter about Polly White and the state of affairs at the Lighthouse. There's a waste basket under the counter. Look at the work schedule on the wall. Go through the red curtain.

Old Boiler room:    Go to the bottom of the stairs and then turn around. The sign states that this is the original boiler room. Read the Fetch Rock Lighthouse brochure. Turn to the exhibit window showing Parker leaving the harbor and then look down. Look close at the blue file folder. Read about EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), Polly's assertion that she is a reincarnation of James Woolf and that a Spivey still runs the Fisherman's Arms.

Stay here for a while - face and look at the display of Parker's going to the boat at Trewarthan. Turn right and then turn back to look at Parker again. Oh! Turn left and then turn back to Parker again. Eeek! Leave the room, then come back and look at the exhibit again. Mommy!!!

Backpack:     Pull back and look down at the backpack on the right. See Polly White's Zoom pass on left pocket and a camera on the right pocket. Click on camera and see a picture was shot. Click again to look close at the camera, press the round button and see a surprised Benjamin Parker - that's you. Click on flap to see a tape recorder and diary. Click on the tape recorder and listen to Polly's hypnosis regression sessions as James Woolf. Read the diary and learn about the one knock for yes and 2 for no responses.

Turn around and see Parker's picture on the poster. Read the 2 posters. Look at bottom right of the arched entryway and use lantern to see the Roman numeral C plaque.

Lamp-old Coal room:    Enter the Lighthouse lamp-lens room which was formerly the coal room. You can seat on the chair if you want. Turn around and use the lantern on bottom right of the arched opening. See the Roman numeral V plaque. Exit the coal-lighthouse lens room. Enter the display room at right.

Display room:     This is where the storeroom and base of the lighthouse was situated. Read the different posters and look at the different items on the display cases. Look at the TV monitor showing the town and the lighthouse area.

First level:     Climb the steps to the first level. Hear a voice - it is James Woolf. Look close at the sign on the left and click on the picture of the crew room. Look at all the posters especially the pictures of the missing lighthouse keepers. Turn right to the window, press the green button and see an exhibit of a conversation between Woolf and Shaw.

Second level:    Climb the stairs and check the window to see the landing area. See an unlit restaurant. Enter to hear some scary sounds. Continue to climb up by clicking on the window on the stairs wall on the right.

Third level:    See the ladder on the wall, posters and a bell. Look behind the bell to see the Roman numeral VI plaque.

Staff Room (Polly):    Look close at the keyhole of the staff room. Talk to Polly White (eye seen only). She recognized you as Benjamin Parker. Click on the door to answer her questions - click on left side of keyhole to get one knock for yes and click on right side of keyhole to get  2 knocks for no answer.  Yes, you are Parker and No you are not going to harm her. Polly slips the lighthouse diagram under the door.  Note the drawing of the EVP/EMP detector pointing to the Discovery Center.

Lamp Room:    Climb the ladder to the Lamp room, turn right one ramp below the topmost one. Look around at the paintings and then look close at the binocular of the keeper. See Roman numeral L plaque on top of the fuel tank.

Lighthouse Puzzle by Andrew Verney - Look close at the lighthouse puzzle left of Matt Clark paintings. The solution to the puzzle is based on the correct sequence of the Roman numerals depicted on the different plaques seen around the area. Compare the design on the puzzle to the designs of Roman numeral plaques 1-4. Then pull the lever in 1-4 sequence.

The leftmost design is seen on the base of an antenna at the landing with Roman numeral II.

The next design is seen on right side of the trash bin at the Cafe area with Roman numeral IV.

The third design is seen on the toilet with Roman numeral I.

The rightmost design is seen through the telescope on the side of the lighthouse with Roman numeral III.

Pull down levers (L-R, numbered 1-4) 3 1 4 2. If done correctly, the secret drawer opens.

Look at ? envelope and take the missing Ralf knob. Look at the Ralf picture and note where the 3 knobs are positioned.

Go down and exit the lighthouse. Go to the Discovery Center - WW II exhibit.

Discovery Center - WW II exhibit:     Look around for Polly's EVP/EMP. Turn left to the first row of chairs by the door. Click in between the chair's backrest and use the lantern to see what is on the floor. Take Polly's EVP/EMP detector. The EVP/EMP detector is placed at bottom right of inventory bar.


2004 EVP/EMP activity are seen in these places.

Once a place or item shows activity, the detector at bottom right of screen flashes and beeps. Click on detector to show the anomaly. Sometimes you can click on the item or picture and something else happens.

Discovery Center:

Ralf radio - Look close at radio. Use the knob taken from the lighthouse puzzle on the Ralf radio. Turn the knobs to the position shown by the lighthouse puzzle picture: 01 for the left knob, vertical for the middle knob and pointing to Y for the right knob. Once correctly done, the knobs will not move anymore and EVP/EMP flashes indicating electromagnetic pulses and voices from the past. Click on detector, hear voices and see 120, 180 020 on the gauges.

Bottom left column picture, right of Ralf shows a ghost man and glowing propeller. The propeller glows in a Y shape.

Top second from right column of pictures shows a ghost man between the group of men pictured.

Second from top at right column of picture shows an airplane with A E (target)A on the side. Don't do it now but if you click on picture, you will be transported to a 2090 AD DEOS kitchen.

Cave under the lighthouse - Enter cave and go to the wedge shaped entrance. Turn around and see a green symbol.


Museum - Old Boiler Room - Look close at the picture on the sign stating that this room is originally the Fetch Rock Boiler room. If you click on the picture after it is activated, you will be transported to the 1912 boiler room. Back out if you don't want to go there yet.
Display room - Look close at the robed statue carved by James Woolf on the display case, see it glow and hear James talk.
Stairs by Display room - Take a step up the stairs and turn around. See the display cases connected by the energy.
First level - Look close at the sign that says this is the level of the main crew room. If you click on the picture after it is activated, you will be transported to the 1912 crew room. Back out if you don't want to go there yet.

First level - Look close at the picture of James Woolf and hear James talk.
Second level - Look at the picture of the lighthouse door at top of the left column of pictures. If you click on the picture after it is activated, you will be transported to the 1912 lighthouse door. Back out if you don't want to go there yet.

1912 Fetch Rock

Click on any of the 3 pictures in 2004 that will bring you back to 1912: Old Boiler room picture, Crew room picture at first level or picture of lighthouse door on second level.


1912 EVP/EMP activity are seen in these places.

Once a place or item shows activity, the detector at bottom right of screen flashes and beeps. Click on detector to show the anomaly. Sometimes you can click on the item or picture and something else happens.

Boiler room:    Go behind the boiler, turn to the pipe and turn to the wall. If you click on the wall after it is activated, you will be transported to the 2090 AD destroyed basement. Back out if you don't want to go there yet. You can also click on this same 2090 AD wall to get back to 1912 wall.

First level Cornwall map:     See an X on Tallamut area.

First level 1912 book:     Take note of the highlighted numbers. 160 140 090

First level Crew room:     Go inside the small store cabinet right of sink. Look at James' ghost and listen to all of what he says. He's sorry about getting Polly involved. Wait a while and he will talk more.

Second level stairs going down:    When in between the second level and the first level, turn around and look down at the stairs. Listen to Robert Shaw and see his ghostly shape.

Second level Crew Bedroom:     Open the FRL box on the table and look at the picture of a bottle on a rock. If you click on the bottle picture after it is activated, you will be transported to the 2004 second level in front of the same picture. Back out if you don't want to go there yet.

Lamp Room:     Stand facing the ladder with levers on the left and the lens on the right to see and hear Robert Shaw by the ladder.

Lamp Room:     Stand with the chart on your back and the ladder on the left, look up at the lens to see a yellow symbol.

Drake's cupboard:     Enter Drake's room by numbering the buttons from left to right - 1-4, press 1 2 1 3 2 4 3 4. Door opens. Go to closet and use the lantern on the clothes in closet.

Drake's closet door puzzle - Based on the clue stated in the Horror at Fetch Rock book, the combination to the locked closet door is the daughter's birth year combined with that of his son. And the prefix is R.

The back of the 2 pictures on the wall states that William Drake is 18 and Catherine Drake is 24.

The year is 1912 now. So William was born 1894 and Catherine was born 1888. 1894 + 1888 = 3782.

Enter R 3782 on the closet lock.

Look inside the closet at the picture of marshland. You will be transported to 2090 BC.


2090 BC Marsh

Remember this view of where you landed. This is the same place you need to use to go back to 1912. Look around at the drying animal skins and go to the huts on the other side of the marsh.

Village:   After passing through the reeds, turn left and look close at the wood arrangement on a rock. Turn right and enter the village. Note the prehistoric landscape of Fetch Rock.

Eggs - Look close at eggs on rock table. Activity is noted. Check EVP/EMP activity on the egg on the rock table and see a blue symbol.

Go forward and see an axe that can be moved on a rock on the left. Turn right and forward in between the huts. Turn left and forward to the arranged rock on the shore. Turn right and go forward to the island.

Seahenge:    Using the EVP/EMP detect 3 sets of numbers on the surrounding poles - 180 110 150.

Look close at the central rock on the ground and the radiating lines around it. Use the detector and see Z on the rock. Listen to the words - not of earth.... Assistance... that is where I reside...waiting...

Go back to the village between the 2 huts. Turn right in the village and go forward. See a shell necklace on a rock but with a computer board at the end. The other end of the necklace has a key.

Cave:    Go forward 2 times, turn left, forward once and then turn right.  Enter the cave. Go forward to the pool, turn right and enter the familiar entrance. Go the very end and see that there are paths to the right and to the left.

Bowl Cave - Turn left and go to the bowl cave. Go forward as possible to the rock wall, turn around, move cursor to bottom of screen until a look cursor is seen. Click and see a pot. Use the EVP/EMP detector and listen to Malakai - death is everywhere.

Malakai's cave - Exit and go to the other cave. See a space probe. Open the side and see #4/deos/malakai. Study the data on the frame. We need more information to do this puzzle. Close lid - leave this place...

Exit the cave area by clicking twice from Malakai's cave and turn right. Go forward to the pool, forward once, turn left and go forward to outside.

Rocks:    Outside the cave, turn right and go forward until a small pool at the end. Turn around with pool on your back, look up to the right and see a pile of rocks on top of the big boulder. Click on the pile of rocks to automatically be on top of the boulder. Take a floppy disc from the rock.

Go down and go to the village. Go back to the other island with the drying skins. Just before you reach the island turn right and click on the reeds that activate the EVP/EMP detector. This is the original place that we arrived here on. Click to get back to 1912.


2090 AD

Still 1912 - Go down to the boiler room. Go behind the boiler by the pipe, use lantern, turn left, forward to pipe and turn right to the wall. Click on the wall after it is activated. Back up and see this wall is at a different time period.  You can also click on this same 2090 AD wall to get back to 1912 wall.

Shadow Cave:    Turn right, forward, left, forward to the arched opening and then turn right. Forward, left, forward 2times and hear children's voices. Turn right to an opening on the wall.

Elevator shaft:    Enter though the hole and turn right. Turn around to see dynamite with timer. Let's not fool around with it. Turn right and go forward until the grill ledge. Climb down the ladder until the top of an elevator. Turn around and go to the other side. Turn around and look at the green tool box. Look at Gerard Magnus' ID tag. Open the toolbox and take the laser. Check the PDA in front of the yellow box. Jump down to the lit floor below.

Cargo Bay:    Go forward to the red lit walkway 2xs and then turn right. Look close at the ID tag of Maria Ortega. Click twice on her PDA and read what happened in the last days. Continue forward and pass through door 1.

Decontamination chamber:    Go to right side alcove between 2 posts close to the door and see lights dim and hear a sound. Go through door 2.

Storage:    Go forward 4xs. The other door is closed. Go back once and turn left to a grate.  Look close and use the laser on the screws on the grate.

Air duct:    Enter grate and use lantern. Crawl forward and turn left at the intersection. Forward 2xs, right, forward 3xs, right, forward, left and forward until the grill. Open grill and enter the storeroom.

Storeroom:    Turn around and look down on the crate. Press the button of the inventory PDA. Oh, Maria was taken by Malakai. Look around and note the blinking machine on the other side of the aisle.

Exit the room by going through 2 vertical neon lines. Go forward 3 times and see a 4 way intersection lit by red lined wall lamps.

Clinic:    Go forward pass the intersection and left to enter the clinic. Go around to the other side. At the turn of the corner, click to open the curtain on the right window. Check the EVP/EMP energy and see time and date on the floor of the room - 00:05 20/04/90.

Look at the items on the table and note a cigarette butt in a jar. Look at the x-ray films and it changed color from blue to purple once. The first and last films have a star on them. The 2 at the middle have a circular inserts. Check the desk. Exit and go back to the 4 way intersection. Turn left to go to the crew quarters.

Hallway:     Click on DEOS panel on wall. Read about DEOS - Deep Exploration of Space. Click on the fourth probe and read about Malakai. Malakai has a failsafe system know as The Keeper. Note monitors on the walls of the hallway.

Crew Quarters:    They all disappeared too.  Check each room by clicking on the green button under their pictures.

Maria Ortega - The door doesn't open. She was at the loading dock.

Mitsuyo Taku - Press the green button to enter the crew quarter. Look around and note that she smokes. She might be the one on the jar at the clinic. Look close and click on the thumb of the hand on the shelf - it twitched! Look at the PDA on the bed. She's trying to match a fingerprint of the person who searches her room. The data cable code is 113675 and the code for the x-light is 391865. There's an emergency shutdown. Take a film strip on the box on the bed. Let's see if we can continue her detective work. Press green button to open the door.

Storeroom - Go back to the storeroom. Go forward and turn right at the dispenser. Enter the x-light number taken from the Mitsuyo's PDA - 391865. Take the x-light. Go back to the crew quarters hallway.

Ivan Krozt - Look under the Sci-Fi magazine on the bed and get a green remote control. There's an MP3 player that you can listen to different music. It being Ivan's birthday, there are presents around the room. Use the remote control on the robot. Hmm... We don't know the color codes yet. Press green button to open the door.

Vimel Dehlya - Look around on his desk, PDA and the pictures on the monitor. Press green button to open the door. Exit.

Magnus Griel is removed from the crew. Hmmm...

Corbin Hart - Enter the room of the DEOS Project Manager. Check the box on the bunk bed and read about Mitsuyo, Magnus and the loss of the Malakai probe. These papers are important in learning the background of Malakai. Learn that an unknown matter was encountered by the probe. Is this the reason the Keeper safeguard was overridden?

Read the letter inside the tube by the football. Look at the children's drawings. Looks familiar - lighthouse, comet and the other drawing looks like Palmer. Listen to the tape on the table by pressing the button on the right. The children's nightmares are recounted. They sound like the children at the pool above. Oh no! The children were taken too. Turn back to the door and look close at the windsurfer display on right middle shelf. Turn it around and take a key. Press green button to open the door. Exit, turn left and go to the 4 way intersection.

Go down the corridor and see that Malakai's picture is defaced. Enter through the other door, turn left before the door and use the key taken from Corbin Hart's windsurfer model on the slit.

Main Probe System:    The room is bathe in blue. Look at the monitor and note the similarity of this to the lights on the wall when we entered the cave under the 1912 lighthouse. Is this Malakai's working circuits? Cannot do anything else here. Go back to the end door of the crew quarters hallway.

Kitchen:    Look around the room and see that it is Ivan's birthday. Check the fortunes from fortune cookies right of the microwave. One of fortune states - Seek Malakai, he knows all. Check the dining table, TV area and the soda cooler.

Airplane postcard - Go to the far counter and see an airplane postcard similar to the one at the 2004 Discovery Center except for the A H (target) V on the side. Check the EVP/EMP activity.  If you click on the picture after it is activated, you will be transported to the 2004 Discovery Center. Back out if you don't want to go there yet.

PDA - On the same counter as the postcard, click on the DEOS quick recipe PDA beside the postcard. Read the notes about Magnus becoming strange and about looking for the rest of the fingerprint. This follows what Mitsuyo wrote in the PDA in her room. So Magnus is Malakai's instrument here as Drake was at the 1912 lighthouse.

Fingerprint puzzle:

Fingerprint - On the same counter as the postcard, click on the x-light and see a blue light shine. The light will move as you move the cursor. Use the x-light on the sake cup. Click to pick up the sake cup and see a fingerprint. Use the film strip taken from Mitsuyo's bed on the fingerprint to take the imprint. Go back to Mitsuyo's room.

Mitsuyo's room - Use the film strip with fingerprint on the scanner located left on the table. The monitor shows comparison with known fingerprints. Click on the right arrow at bottom left to change to another comparison. It is Magnus. Listen to the eerie voices. Malakai is more coherent. Exit the room.


2004 Fetch Rock

Still 2095 AD, go to the kitchen. Click on the postcard again to go back to the Discovery Center at 2004.

Discovery Center:    Go to the floppy disk drive and insert the floppy disk taken from 2095 BC. See a graphic depiction of the robot and remote control from Ivan's room. There's a color palette on the left that has the purple-pink highlighted. There are 5 buttons on the remote control. The five colors starting with the highlighted purple-pink on color chart are purple-pink, green, red, blue and orange.

Go back to 2090 AD by clicking on the picture of the airplane by the door.


2090 AD

Ivan's Quarters:    Look close at robot. Use the remote control on the robot. Press buttons pink, green, red, blue and orange. See the robot project a pink symbol on the opposite wall.


2090 BC Marsh

Travel to 2090 BC.

One way from 2090 AD is by going through the air duct in the storeroom to go to the supply ramp. From here pass door 2 and door 1 to the elevator. At the elevator, click on the top right wall to open the ceiling door. Climb the ladder, grilled ledge and out to the hole. From the hole, go to the arched brick wall and out to the 1912 boiler room. Go to Drake's closet and click on the marsh picture to get to 2090 BC.

The other way is to use the postcard in the DEOS kitchen to get to 2004 Discovery Center. Go to any of the 3 energized pictures at the 2004 lighthouse to go to 1912 lighthouse. Go to Drake's closet and click on the marsh picture to get to 2090 BC.

Malakai's Cave:    Go to Malakai's cave:

Open the side of Malakai. Time to program Malakai to fulfill his programmed mission.

First line - Click the icon on the left to select the time and date seen on the room behind the curtain at the 2090 AD Clinic - 00:05 20/04/90.

X - Click on the X to select the 3 numbers found on the 1912 second floor book with X seen on the map -160 140 090.

Y - Click on the Y to select the 3 numbers seen on Ralf radio puzzle with Y seen on the picture beside it - 120, 180 020.

Z - Click on Z to select the 3 numbers seen on the Seahenge posts with the Z seen on the center rock - 180 110 150.


Symbols in the color sequence as shown by the drawing seen on the secret drawer under Drake's bed is purple 1, green 2, yellow 3 and blue 4:

The pink symbol is seen from the robot projection in 2090 AD at Ivan's quarters.

The green symbol is seen from the 2004 cave pool under the lighthouse.

The yellow symbol is seen from the 1912 Lamp Room lens.

The blue symbol is seen from the eggs in a bowl at the 2090 BC village.

Press the green double arrow to send Malakai to continue his travels.

"My Parker is no demon, my Parker is my savior. Map man is thy name, map man is my freedom. I can now return, leave this place and never come back. My time is calling to me, soon I will be with my kind. All that will pass is set back on course and will never suffer corruption. My past deeds forgiven, my past crimes reversed. You have saved me, map man, and all time is yours..."

Thanks for everything, Jonathan!

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