Darkness Within: In Pursuit of Loath Nolder

by Zoetrope Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   November 2007


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. ESC key accessed the main menu. The main menu has New game, Load, Options, Credits and Quit selection.

The Options menu has Video, Gameplay, Sound and Advanced selections. Under Video options, resolution, gamma correction, noise effect, fullscreen effects and auto configure selections are seen. Under Gameplay options, the selections for cursor style, mouse sensitivity, dialog speed and tutorials are seen. The sound selections are for SFX, music and ambient volumes. At Advanced options, particles, shader effects, glow effect and antialising selections can be chosen.

Right click accesses the inventory bar seen at top of the screen. The items can be examined using either right mouse click or selecting the microscope lens icon right of the bar. There is a think (brain) icon that opens a think frame. The think frame has the inventory bar on top, list of clues seen during gameplay on the left and the combining and information frame on the right.

There are 50 save slots. The saves can be labeled and overwritten.

At the start of the game, there is a difficulty setting that needs to be selected. The choices are: standard with hints that are available immediately and automatic research button available, Detective, with hints shown later in the game and manual document researching and senior detective with no hints given.

This walkthrough will help you finish the game in a certain order. Actions can be done in different order.

I did not find some secrets and some of hidden clues.

Wellsmoth Mental Institution:    

Howard was found 7 miles from the town of Windlapse. He was raving, laughing and said that he was investigating a cemetery around there.

Howard talks about his experiences, his thoughts and what he has seen.

Nightmare:    Howard is in a hallway. Check the doors. Walk down the hallway and check the graffiti on the right wall twice and see 2 faces (Easter egg) and the one at the end of the hallway.

Enter the last door on the left and see a 'beautiful room'. Pan down and see a man on the floor.

November 5, 2011:   Howard wakes up from a nightmare.

Howard's place:   

Bedroom:    The cell phone rings. Answer the cell phone and talk to Arthur. Loath Nolder escaped from the hospital last night (dialog and clue).

Howard's mind:    Right click to access the inventory panel. Click on Howard's mind (brain icon) and see a new think frame. The left panel shows the List of Clues taken during gameplay. The top is the inventory bar. The right side is where the items, thoughts or clues can be combined to make a new item or new clue. It also has the frame that shows the explanation of the clues or findings seen on the left.

Look around the bedroom. Check the drawer below the phone and see a book of poems titled: I and My Nightmares by Edward Pickman. Inside is a poem titled Time of the Triumphant Witch.

Check the radio and answering machine. No messages even though Arthur said he left messages (clue).

Pan left and enter the walk in closet. Open the bottom drawer of the cabinet. Under the right clothes, see a pistol and a ring with the family symbol. It was handed down through generations by the fathers of the family. Exit closet.

Check the date on the clock at the other table. See Howard's dreamcatcher hanging from the ceiling fan.

Hallway:    Exit the bedroom. Check the bathroom on the left. Go back to hallway.

Open the drawer in the hallway. Open the box inside and take the car keys.

Exit through the door on the left. Go down to the end of hallway.

Howard's office:    Look around.

Go to the desk and check the in-out tray right of the keyboard. See the Register of Deaths of Clark Field, the man Loath Nolder supposedly murdered.

Pan to the other side and take the 4 investigation pictures of the office of Loath Nolder's office. Exit the office.

Map:    See a map. The places that have been triggered will appear here and can be accessed.

Loath Nolder's office:    Someone was here.

Click on 5 year old calendar (clue) on the wall by the door.

Go behind the desk. Take the letter opener beside the red phone. Check the earthquake and archeological discovery articles in the newspaper.

Open the top left drawer of the desk. Read the 'Wellsmoth: Myths and Legends of an Ancient Town' book. Study the paper beside the book that has a list of symbols.

Compare the pictures to the actual scene:   
Stand by the door. While in that view of the office, open the brain-think frame.

Take the picture of that view of the desk and place it on one of the small frames at top of right side think frame. Highlight it. Click on the think/combine icon below it. Howard will make a comment about that picture and view.

Stand behind the desk. This will position you to view the office the same way it seen in the other 3 pictures.

With view on the screen, take the picture of that view and place it on one of the small frames at top of right side thinking frame. Highlight it. Click on the think/combine icon below it. Howard will make a comment about that picture and view.

With the scene of the picture on the wall across the desk, Howard says Hmm, there is something different with this picture.

Moved picture:    Go to the picture. Now, you can examine it closer. Howard notes that the picture has been moved. Click on it at close up and automatically look at the back.

Use the letter opener on the back of the picture. Take the envelope from inside the ripped back.

Open the think frame and place the envelope and letter opener on the squares. Click on the gear icon.

Items inside the envelope: letter, Clark Field notes and key. Right click to examine all of them.

Letter from Clark Field to Jonathan:    Right click to read the letter.

Underline to get clues:    Using the pen icon at bottom right, underline sentences or specific words that you think are clues.

Click on the read/think gear icon to enter that clue in the list of clues. If Howard deems the clue important they will be underlined; if not, he will say so.

Do this one clue or sentence at a time. At top left of the screen; see the numbers of clues seen in a particular document.

Clues to be underlined one at a time and then read/think: bought a house, Clark and Address: North End Street No 43 Northwood.

Hidden clues to be underlined:    And don't go to the police regarding the affair.

Clark Field notes:    Right click Field's notes (part 1 or 4) and read them.

Learn how he found and bought the house; how he met Ivar Bergen, the community, friendship with Ivar and the well.

Exit the office and go to Clark Field's residence now that you have his address.

Clark Field's residence:    Look around. The door to the left is locked.

Living room:    Go right, forward and check the door to the left. It is blocked not locked. Enter the living room at end of hall.

Turn left and go forward to the main living room. Check the picture of the brothers on the fireplace mantle.

Take Part 2/4 of Clark Field's notes. Read them and learn about his exploration of the well. He found a place with saurian statues and a figure on a throne. There are sounds and smoke.

Go back to the foyer and main door of the house.

Upstairs:    Climb the stairs. Look at the messy area by the stairs. Go left and forward.

Go left and check the bathroom. Go back out and check the door on the left.

Partially restored room:    See a partially restored room. Turn left and take the rope from the table. Exit the room.

Bedroom:    Go forward until the end of the hallway.

Enter the room left of the clock. Check the partially burned book on the bed. It mentions about soul metamorphosis and the Dversahe belief that the starting metamorphosis of the soul are depicted with the eclipse of the sun.

Go to the drawer at the corner. Open the top drawer and take the rusty key. Exit the room.

Library:    Enter the room right of the clock. Look around the library. There are notes, masks, statue on the floor. We will check this place later.

Go back down to the first floor.

Cellar:    Enter the rear door left of the stairs. Go down the stairs and enter through the rusty door.

Howard mentions a strong scent (clue). Look at the bottles on the shelves at right. They smell of Harmal scent (clue).

There's a cloth with slimy substance right of the door. Check the messy desk.

Use the rusty key from the bedroom on the door right of the electrical panel.

Well room:    Enter and look around. See a well that Clark Field mentions on his second set of notes.

Look close at the ladder at right rim of the well and then look at the lantern.

Look inside the well, click 3 times and Howard says the ladder will not hold him.

Look up and see pipes overhead the well. Use the rope taken from the partially restored room upstairs on the pipes.

Take the lantern at the rim of the well. Climb down the rope.

Go down as far as you can go. Look up and go forward in an opening on the well wall.

Tunnel:    Go forward until the blocked area.

Click on the gap at left where smoke is coming from. Click on the collapsed ceiling (clue).

Pan right and look down. Take the scheduler.

Hear a sound coming from the gap on the wall.

Howard decides to leave. Exit the tunnel, up the rope and out through the well door.

Howard automatically locks the well door. Hear another sound behind you when you try to open the cellar door.

Climb the stairs and look close at the shovel (clue). The shovel has wet mud on it.

Go upstairs and leave the house. Howard does not feel well and there's something in the air (clue).

Nightmare 1 The Madness:    Turn right and enter the apartment. Go to bedroom and lie down to rest.

Hear knocking on the door that woke Howard up.

The radio is on. Turn it off.

Go to the hallway and open the main apartment door.

No one is there. Pan right to the dark hallway. Click several times to see who is there.

Go back to the bedroom and see that the radio is back on. Turn the radio off again.

Hear the knocking again. Go to the door. The hallway sound is louder.

Go back inside the apartment. The light goes off before opening the bedroom door.

Hear the sound inside the apartment. It's here.

November 6, 2011 - Wellsmoth Mental Institution:     Hear the doctor talk to Arthur. Howard is in for observation.

November 8, 2011:

Howard's place:   

Bedroom:    Howard has been suspended from his police job because of nervous breakdown. He decides to solve this case.

Arthur calls to check on Howard.

Bathroom:    Get up and go to the bathroom. Turn right and open the medicine cabinet.

Take the bottle of medicine on the left. Automatically, Howard drinks his medicine.

Clark Field's scheduler:   

Take the scheduler from inventory bar.

It asks for a password. Click on any 4 numbers and the scheduler will ask if you forgot the password.

Press space at bottom right of the machine.

The scheduler shows the reminder: When will the triumphant witch be reborn (clue)?

Remember that this poem is found in the book that is in the drawer beside Howard's bed.

Go to the bedroom and open the top drawer. Take the book (clue). Read the poem 'Time of Triumphant Witch'.

Underline these sentences and click on gear icon after each sentence:

They will die when they're eighteen and this will be your woeful prize (18 years old).

Six children have died with the sign of the witch on their brow (6 children died).

And his chamber was changed; there were mirrors all round displayed (mirrors).

He was carving the sign - XI - to his brow with an old rusty blade (XI sign);

Everything started for me in the first of April, 1699 (date of Harold Gallow's death).

Open the think page.

Click-hold from the left: the icons of mirrors and XI sign. Drop them on the squares at right. Combine them to get a new clue called Reverse of the Sign. This shows that the XI mark is seen as IX on the mirror.

Click-hold from the left: the icons of 6 children and Reverse of the Sign. Drop them on the squares at right. Combine them to get a new clue called 3 children left. There are supposed to be 9 victims and 6 children already died; so there are 3 left.

Click-hold from the left: the icons of 18 years old, Children left and date of Gallow's death. Drop them on the squares at right. Combine them to get The Witch's Date of Rebirth 1753. This came from: 18 yo when the children die x 3 children left to die + 1699.

Open the scheduler and enter 1753. The scheduler asks for a date.

Leave the apartment and go to Clark Field's house.

Clark Field's residence:    Howard says to check the place more carefully.

Go upstairs and look around at the different items on this open room by the staircase.

Check the red briefcase on the table and learn about the hallucinogenic drug called Dversahe.

Open the think page.

Click-hold from the left: the icons of a strong scent, Harmal smell and Something in the Air. Drop them on the squares at right. Combine them to get a new clue called Hallucinations.

Library:    Enter the room right of the clock. Check everything in the room.

Locked case:    Go to the other side of the table and see a locked briefcase.

Click on the lock and button at right of the case. Howard says: What kind of a number can a forgetful person like Mr. Field use for a password?

Go to the green journal in the in-out tray at end of table.

Green journal and tape recording list:

Open the journal and underline:   

When I was just 22 years old, Jonathan and I became solely responsible for my father's company (clue).

Cassette no. 01 that has sounds.

Under Record no.0008-0010 - In Ivar's place. This shows that a meeting happened there.

Hidden clue:     Under Record no.0008-0010 - Christopher T. Dreaden one of the 3 men in that meeting apart from Ivar and me, told me that this place was built by an unknown witch.

Exit the house and go to Howard's office.

Go to the desk. Look at the Register of Deaths in the in-out tray. Study Clark Field's Register of Deaths.

Underline Date of Birth: 03/11/1976 and Died on the October day of 21, 2011. You can also underline suffocation as the cause of death.

Open the think frame. Click-hold the clue icon of shovel with wet mud on it and drop it on the square at right frame.

Click-hold the clue icon of Clark Field's death and drop it on the square at right frame.

Click on the gear combine icon and get someone dug somewhere clue.

Go back to Clark's house and the library.

Locked Case continued:    Go back to the locked case in the library.

Using the year of Clark Field's birth 1976 + 22, the Important Event clue = 1998.

Enter 1998 on the locked case. Press the button at right.

Take Clark Field's note 3/4 and see several tapes that Clark Field has recorded.

Read the note and learn about the meeting at Ivar's place with 3 other strange people.

Tapes:    Take cassette no. 1 that Clark mentioned in his list.

Use cassette no. 1 on the tape recorder. Click on the recorder and press the forward arrow to listen to the tape. Press the double right arrows to listen to all the different tracks.

Take note that track 8 is from Ivar's cabin on the 5th of July, 2011.

Press the left button to return the recorder.

Scheduler:    Take the scheduler from inventory. Enter the date of Ivar's place recording - 07 05 11.

See the direction to go to Ivar's place. After knowing that address, Howard says he is not feeling well.

Go down and leave the residence.

Nightmare 2 - Beneath the well:    Go home. Turn right to enter the apartment. Go to bed and have another nightmare.

Howard realizes that he is holding on to the rope in the well. After he realizes that the rope can not hold him, he falls down.

At the hallway, turn around and look down. Look close at the bones. Take the bone and the torch.

Use the torch on the blue fire stand.

Go forward until the door that is stuck. Use the bone on the door. Realize that it is too big.

Go back down the hallway. Midway, see a rock on the floor. Use the bone on the rock to splinter the bone.

Go back to the door and use the sharp broken bone on the door.

Statue:    Enter and see a hooded statue at the center of the room. Look close at the ring he has on his hand.

Take the ring. It has a symbol that is familiar. It is Howard's family ring.

Cogwheels:    Go to the wall and open the metal cover.

See a gear mechanism. Take 5 cogwheels.

Arrange the 5 cogwheels to join the 2 large cogwheels already on the mechanism.

When the cogwheels are placed, test if it runs. Look at the left of the panel and see a hole.

Go up the stairs. See 9 crypt recesses each of which has a locked metal thing on the top of the opening.

At the end of the hall, take the handle (metallic object) on the floor. Hear something.

Go down to the cogwheel mechanism. Use the handle on the hole at left.

Use the handle to turn the placed cogwheels. If correctly done, the cogwheels turns and hear opening sounds.

Tombs:    Go upstairs at the crypt hall. Hear something again.

Click to open the metal thing above each of the tomb recesses.

At the last 9th recess, see that the symbol is the same as that of Howard's ring.

Use the ring on the symbol. Howard wants to investigate. Pull out the coffin.

Open the coffin and see a skeleton with burning eyes.

November 10, 2011:

Howard's place:   

Bedroom:    Howard looks at the clock and realizes that he slept 2 days (clue).

Bathroom:    Open the medicine cabinet, pick up bottle and Howard takes his medicine.

Howard notices that the taste is different (clue). He takes the bottle.

Call Arthur on the cell phone. Click on the up arrow, see Arthur's name and then click on the green phone icon. Arthur will have the medicine analyzed (dialogs).

Look at the trashcan on the floor. Take the note. It reads 10-11-2011: Meeting at the cabin after midnight. Gerald.

Office:    Leave the apartment. Automatically go to Howard's office and leave the bottle on the desk.

Leave the Office and select Ivar's cabin in the map.

Edward Pickman:    On the way to the cabin, see a man at the cliff side.

Walk over and talk to the man. It is Edward Pickman, Howard's favorite poet.

After the talk (dialog), turn around and hear something. Turn back and see that he is gone. Look down the cliff and see that it is too misty to see anything.

Take the paper from the ground. Read the quatrain. Go back to the car.

Ivar's cabin:    Look around the yard.

Bedroom:    Enter the room left of the hallway. Look around.

See a blank piece of paper on the dresser.

Turn left and take a paint brush beside a bucket.

Go to the foot of the bed by the folding screen and look down. See a locked trap door.

Exit the bedroom.

Kitchen:    Enter the room across the hall. Look around.

Check the dining table and cupboards.

See and take paint thinner at the bottom cabinet of the left hutch.

Take the wooden stick with metal hook propped on the stove's side. There's a metal pot on the stove.

Exit and go up the stairs.

Attic room:    Before the second set of stairs, look up at the ceiling.

See a trap door at the ceiling. Use the stick with metal hook to open the trap door.

Pull out the ladder and climb up.

Look around the secret room. Turn around and see jars of preserved sea life.

Look at the furnace stove. See a curtain behind the bench. There's a book there. Read the book and learn about a trip to a cannibal tribe's jungle village.

Go and use the telescope. Move it around and see that it is focused at Northwood Mountains. There is a cave there.

Check the books left of the telescope and read about a talisman preparation.

Look close at the table.

Check the note on the table. Learn about preparations made for summoning some things.


Hidden clue - with the right timing and preparation 'things' can be summoned from sphere, beyond this universes or even death!

Clues:    They are in the crypts below a tomb which stands in a very old cemetery in which interments has been prohibited some time ago (The Tombs).

The aforementioned tomb is registered in the name of Samuel William Poer (clue).

Exit the attic. Go up the stairs to the loft.

Loft:    Look around and see 2 roll top desks that are locked.

Strange man:    Exit the loft, go down and try to leave the cabin.

A strange man stops you, Loreid. He asks if you got the note?

If you found the hidden clue about Dreaden, one additional dialogue is added. Select You left that note?

Secret found! Dreaden disappeared during an exploration of the Moorland cemetery

If you selected the answer: What note?; you failed and the game ends. There is a second chance just before trying to exit the cabin.

If you answered, No; more dialogue ensues.

He gives a key ring and tells you to come back tonight (dialogue and clue).

Leave the cabin and Howard decides to come back tonight.

Dream:    Go home and rest.

Wake up and see that Howard is in an island completely surrounded by water.

Look up and see the moon. Click on the moon and see an eclipse occurring.

Howard wakes up. It is close to midnight.

Go back to Ivar's cabin:    See that there are lights at the loft. They are having the meeting. Let's continue and check the cabin.

Galleries below the cabin:    Enter the bedroom at left.

Look close and use the key ring on the trapdoor lock. Climb down.

Map machine and statues room:    Go to the room at first right. Look around.

Check the cabinet on the wall at right. See 4 sculptures.

Check the one sitting on a throne. Turn it to look at the back. See 3 defaced symbols.

Look close at the map marking machine.

Check the red locked safe below that marking machine.

Exit the room and continue down the corridor through another door.

Go forward twice, turn to the right wall and click on the eye symbol (clue).

Power room:    Continue forward and enter the door at right. Check the crate with rifles at right.

See an electrified fence. Look close at the power buttons on the wall. Take the putty on the left side of the power box. Press the red button to turn the power off the fence.

Enter the fenced in area and check the empty crate. Exit the room.

Prison cells:    Enter the door across the corridor.

Look close at the prison cell on the left. Talk to the crazed prisoner (dialog). I wonder who this prisoner is.

Enter the cell on the right. It is dark inside.

Take the candle from the table and then enter the right cell. See a jacket on the floor.

Click the jacket to get Clark Field's 4/4 notes and key.

Read Field's notes. Learn about Ivar's change of appearance and his fear. In August, he heard the sounds. Exit the prison cells after leaving the candle.


Go forward to the door at the end of the corridor.

Enter and see that it is dark. Try to leave but the strange man stops you.

Talk to the man who says that he is Loath Nolder.

After the talk, he warns you to leave immediately (clue).

Exit, forward and be stopped by the staircase. They are coming.

Find a place to hide in. Once you have control of the cursor, enter the prison cell or the electrified fence room. After waiting a bit, leave Ivar's cabin.

Nightmare 3 - The Mushroom Cult Cave:    Go home and sleep.

Wake inside an icy cold cave. Try to go outside and Howard will not.

Look around and pick up 5 pieces of stones from the ground.

Go to the back of the cave and see a didgeridoo music instrument.

There are 4 holes on the didgeridoo.

In the think frame, combine the 5 pieces to get a tablet that has dots on them.

Note that the markings on the combined stone pieces are the notes for the didgeridoo.

Read the markings from bottom up; 1 as bottom and 4 as the top.

Click on the didgeridoo holes: 2 3 1 2 1 2 4 3 1 2 1 2 1 4.

The cave shakes like an earthquake and collapses.

Howard wakes up.

November 13, 2011:

Howard's home:    Find out that 3 days have passed.

Try to leave the apartment. Howard wants to know about the medicine analysis.

Use the cell phone to call Arthur. Find out that the medicine has a neural medicine mixed with strong hallucinogen.

Leave the apartment and go to Ivar's cabin.

Ivar's cabin:    Enter the cabin.

Kitchen:    Enter the right door.

Go to the metal pot on the stove.

Use the paint thinner taken from the hutch cabinet on the metal pot.

Use the stiff paintbrush on the paint thinner to get a soft paintbrush.

Loft:    Climb the stairs and enter the loft.

Big roll top desk:    Look close at the lock and use the key ring given by the strange man on the lock.

See a strange blue lamp. Take the 3 sticks on the pencil holder above the lamp.

Take the old map. Examine the old map and turn it around. See drawings on the back of the map.

Look at each of the letters on the pigeon hole.

From left to right:

1. Learn about a missing Mr. R reported by a certain FV.

2. Try to underline the date of someone returning to the house on 28-11-2011. It will not be entered on the clues list until later when it is triggered.

3. Learn about a city buried under the sands.

4. Try to underline EB but this also will not be entered until we know who EB is.

JD now resides in the little building now.

Underline kd78gt8 code (clue). Hmm... Use the cell phone, call and press the corresponding letters and numbers on the keypad. It turns out to be a phone number: 5378488 (clue). No one answers.

Call Arthur and asks him to find out whose phone number that is.

5. It is a report of a summoning or experiment done by DeG.

Other roll top desk:    Go to the desk at the corner. Use the key ring to unlock the desk.

Take the metal key on the shelf.

Take and read the note about an ancient cemetery and ruins close to that cemetery Mr. Curwen will start searching the place.

Read the book and learn about 2 wooden sculptures from Africa with complex locking mechanism. The opened statue has an eyeless insect and leaves. The purpose of these statues is to hold the Dversahe Mixture. The mixture produces altered state of consciousness and is important to the soul metamorphosis.

These statues are also mentioned in Field's notes.

Use the softened brush on the inkpot to get brush with ink.

Galleries below the cabin:    Go down and enter the bedroom. Go down the trapdoor.

Map machine and statues room:    Go to the room at first right.

Statues:    Take the statue of the sitting man from the cabinet on the right wall. Turn it to show the back and see the defaced symbols.

Use the putty on the back of the statue to get a putty mold of the symbols.

In the combining squares, combine the brush with ink on the putty mold to get inked putty mold.

Go back up to the bedroom. Use the inked putty mold on the blank piece of paper. Get a picture of the statue's symbol.

Red Safe:    Go back to the red safe under the map machine.

Use the key found on the locked roll top desk at the corner of the loft.

Inside the safe are a lot of maps. Click on the maps several times but Howard does not know which to take (maps clue).

Loath Nolder's Office:    Leave the cabin and go to Nolder's office.

Open the top left drawer of the desk. Read the 'Wellsmoth: Myths and Legends of an Ancient Town' book.

Study the paper beside the book that has a list of symbols and numbers.

Underline the one with the eye symbol and WMT. This will happen only if you have clicked on the eye symbol at the wall of the galleries under Ivar's cabin.

Howard makes a comment about the eye symbol seen in Ivar's place and WMT must stand for Wellsmoth.
Underline the other 3 WMT and symbol beside them, one at a time and then click on the read/think gear icon.

These actions will then enter symbols 1 2 3 and 4 in the think frame.

Map machine and statues room:    Go back to the red safe at Ivar's cabin.

Open the red safe at the galleries under the cabin. Click on the maps and Howard will take the correct map I-00548 automatically.
Look close at the marking area at top of the safe. Place the selected map on it.

Using the 2 wheels on the right, enter the coordinates for symbol 3 = 07.06 on top and 00.08 at right measuring lines.
Then click on the center square. It will show the intersected coordinate. Double check the number and then select 'yes'.

Do this procedure for: 05.05 -05.05, 00.03-01.04 and 09.04-02.04.
Each time the correct coordinates are marked, the symbol seen for those coordinates will be seen on the map plus an X.

Take the marked map.

Marked Map:    Right click on map and click on each of the places. Howard should note all of them and wonder where Wolfsprey, Wholestone and Redtown are since they have old names (clues).

Leave Ivar's cabin and go to Clark Field's residence.

Clark Field's residence:    Turn to the left and the locked door.

Use the key taken from the robe in the Ivar's cabin prison cell.

Enter and look around at the small hallway.

Dining room:    Enter the other door into the dining room. Look around.

Check the paper on the table about gunshots in Northwood Forest (rifles in Ivar's place?) and the coming eclipse. Check the contents of the fireplace.

Storage room:    Enter through the door at far end of the room.

Look around and check the items around this gloomy room.

Statue:    Look close at the statue on the cabinet. This is similar to the statue in the library upstairs.

Library statue:    Go upstairs and face the book shelf at the end of the room.

Look down on the floor and study the statue.

There are 6 white spots on the face. Open the round cover on the body. See 3 sticks of different sizes inside the cavity.

Go back down to the statue in the storage room.

Look close at the statue again. It has the same 6 white holes on the face.

The stomach does not open. It should also have 3 sticks inside there.

The object of the puzzle is to open the circular cover on the body by adjusting the size of the 3 sticks that are hidden in the cavity.

Use the 3 sticks taken from the roll top desk in Ivar's cabin on the white holes in the face.

There are 6 holes that are arranged in 3 columns of 2 holes in a column. The 3 sticks in the cavity are under each of those columns.

Insert the sticks on one of the holes of each of the columns on the face. Having 2 sticks in a column will not work.

Insert sticks on: top left, top middle and bottom right column or if you count the top as one and go clockwise: insert sticks on 1 3 and 6.

The circular cover is unlocked. Open it and take the colorful insect and rolled leaf. Look close at the items.

Howard says he has to know what tree that rolled leaf came from. The insect does not have eyes. Remember the paper that was read on the corner roll top desk in Ivar's cabin. These 2 items are components of the Dversahe Mixture.

Exit the room and Howard collapses at the dining room.

Nightmare 4:     Wake up facing a lit hallway. Turn right and enter through the door to a familiar hallway.

The Desperate Man:    Go forward twice and look inside the cracked door at right. See that it is Howard's room. There's a blue hole on the floor. and a person in the bed. The dreamcatcher is gone from the ceiling fan.

Check the other doors. Then go back to the other hallway.

Wall of Sleep:    Go down the hall and enter the left door.

Beautiful room:    Look through the window.

Open the small cabinet on top of the dresser at the back of the room.

Click to open it. It is locked and a ring puzzle is seen.

Ring puzzle:    The object of the puzzle is to have all the indentation on each ring align on top of the circle.

Note that clicking on top of a ring turns it clockwise and clicking at bottom of ring turns it counterclockwise.

Clicking the inner ring shows similar direction of the inner and outer ring while the middle ring moves the opposite direction.

Clicking the outer ring shows that the outer and middle ring move in the same direction while the inner ring moves in the opposition direction.

Clicking the middle ring shows that all the rings move in the same directions.

One strategy is the arrange the rings in staggered positions close to the top, gauge the speed the ring moves and then move them in position.

Hear a click when the lock is opened. Pull back and open the cabinet.

Take the dreamcatcher.

Vortex room:    Exit the room and enter the room across the hallway.

Look at a destroyed room. Look outside the window and see a vortex in the sky.

Use the dreamcatcher on the sky outside the window.

November 17, 2011:

Howard's home:    Find out that 4 days have passed.

Bedroom:    Answer the cell phone and talk to Arthur.

Wholestone:    He reports that the phone number Howard gave belongs to that old fool, Edward Braunbell in Rowley in NE of Wellsworth. 200 years ago there was hearsay about witchery. The town was formerly called Wholestone. A small building was there before the mansion was built.

One of the towns in the map is now identified by its new name. Open the marked map and click on Wholestone. Howard mentions that it is now called Rowley.

Bathroom:    Go to the bathroom and see a pot containing an unknown substance on the counter.

Use the pot on the toilet. Leave the apartment.

Ivar Bergen's cabin:    Enter the cabin.

Loft:    Open the big roll top desk.

Look at the second from left letter. Underline 28-11-2011. John D will not be at Braunbell's house today.

Look at the 4th letter and underline EB as Edward Braunbell.

Hidden clues: Underline IB and know that it is Ivar.

Underline Since we couldn't take that old fool's house in ordinary ways.

Howard wonders: Who else called Braunbell 'old fool'? Listen to the dialog 'Encrypted phone number'.

Exit the house and go to Clark Field's house.

Clark Field's residence:    Go to the living room by turning right, forward and go through the door.

Secret room:    Use the key taken from Clark's jacket to open the locked door on the left wall.

Look around at a laboratory. Check the glass objects.

Read a newspaper clipping on the shelf right of the door about someone digging at the City Cemetery.

Open the box on the shelf. Read another newspaper clipping about mammal carcasses and human corpse from the cemetery found at 15 Wind St.'s backyard. Read the letter to Mr. Asimov concerning the history of the house and the owners. The letter is written by JO.

Check the worktable with chemicals and instruments.

Go to the end of the room. Look under the worktable and open the box. Read more letters of JO about moving his laboratory inside the house. Look at several pages of pictures of inhuman beings.

Look close at the drawings on the floor. Check the jug by the wall that emits smoke.

Curtained room:    Go behind the curtain.

Look at the drawing on the floor. Check the drawings on the workbench.

Exit the room and the house.

Edward Braunbell's Mansion:

Go forward until the small building. The path to the right is the mansion. It is locked.

In front of the door, turn left and see a raven. Click on raven and read what he says (Easter egg).

Knock on the door.  Howard enters to find it unlocked. This happens after knowing that no one is here from the note in Ivar's cabin.

Look around at the room. Climb the stairs left of the room.

Hallway:    Go through the door at the end of the landing.

Dresser:    Look at the dresser on the left. See a muddied flashlight.

Open the top left drawer and move the paper. Take the paper under the other white paper.

Look at the paper in inventory and see 287 written on the back.

Enter the door at end of hallway. A sound is heard just before entering the door to the tower.

Tower:    Climb the stairs and then climb the ladder.

Look around at items in the tower room.

Read the 2 letters on the cushioned stool center pf the room to Braunbell from Loath Nolder about his travel abroad and about the wooden sculptures that was seen in Clark's house.

Chest:    See a chest with a lock. Use the number seen on the paper taken from the dresser downstairs.

Enter 287; then press the square button.

Open the chest and take the 2 blue seal pieces. Read the book 'Children of Dis'.

Exit the tower through the trap door and down the spiral stairs.


Source of sound:    After exiting the door from the tower, look down on the floor.

Look close at the area beside the plant. Click on the 2 planks of the flooring. They sound different. One sound hollow and one is solid.

Push the dresser off the hollow sounding area.

Move the carpet off the flooring and see a trapdoor.

Underground:    Climb down the ladder.

See grilled alcoves that are locked on both sides of the hallway.

The door at the end of the hallway is locked.

Pan left and open the grill door. Take the key and the blue seal piece at the back of the alcove.

Use the key on the door.

Temple:    Enter and see a temple.

The seated statue is familiar, as well as the Saurian statues on the floor.

Turn right, forward and left to be at the right side aisle.

Go forward until the end. Go through another door at the end of the right aisle.

There are sarcophagi on the walls of the room.

Palanquin:    See a palanquin at center of room. This must be the one described in one of the letters on Ivar's roll top desk.

Open the palanquin. Take 5 disks with different depictions. Take the turnkey -metallic object beside the disks.

Exit the room.

Go to the middle aisle of the temple towards the seated statue. Look down and see a symbol on the floor. It is the same as the symbol on the marked map for this place.

Look at the saurian seated statues on the floor of the temple.

Go to the left aisle of the temple.

Seal door:    See a familiar symbol on the door.

The object of the puzzle is to correctly place the 3 pieces of blue seal and turn it.

The clue to this puzzle is found in the drawing at the back of the old map taken from the roll top desk in Ivar's cabin.

The bottom picture shows the end position of the star and the symbols on the points.

Place the biggest seal piece with the point at the center on the right side of the indentation. Place the 2 smaller pieces on the left side.

Place the turnkey-metallic object. Turn it 3 times to get the hooked end on top right side.

The door opens.


Cave:    See that it is dark. Howard will not go forward and goes back out.

Exit the temple, hallway and climb the ladder.

Take the muddied flashlight from the dresser.

Go back down to the temple. Go to the opened seal door and go forward to the cave.

The battery of the flashlight is giving out. See the water filled path to 2 arched doorway of the cavern.

Go forward and see something come out of the left archway.

Howard runs back to a locked door. Something attacks him. Howard faints.

Hallway:    Howard wakes up at the hallway of the house.

You can go back down if you want and check that door again. It is now blocked.

Leave the house.

Howard's home:    Go to the bedroom and see that there's a message on the answering machine. Listen to a soft message. I wonder who that was. (Thanks, Becky!)

Loath Nolder's Office:    Go to the desk.

Wolfsprey:    Open the desk drawer. Read the 'Wellsmoth: Myths and Legends of an Ancient Town' book.

Underline the sentence a small town was built around the Wolfsprey pond which also gave its name to the town; but later the name of the town was changed to Windlapse. The clue Wolfsprey's new name is now in the clue list.

Open the marked map and click on Wolfsprey. Howard will wonder where The marked place in Wolfsprey is and it is placed in the clue list.

Combine on the right side of the think frame: The Tombs, The marked place in Wolfsprey. Howard mentions a burnt down cemetery. A new clue 'The old cemetery in Windlapse' is now in the list.

Exit the office and see a new destination in the map.

Redtown:    Click on Redtown in the marked map and Howard says that it is most likely Clark Field's place.

Exit the office and go to cemetery.

Cemetery at Windlapse:   

Enter the right or left gate and go forward. Howard says that the place is huge and will be better knowing where to go.

North gate:    Enter the north gate. Go around to the left side and see a locked gate.

Go to the path at left and it will lead to the Northwood forest.

Go back and enter the building in front of the gate.

Register:    Look at the first book shelf on the left.

Click on the books and Howard will look for the name Poer that was seen at the attic room in Ivar's cabin. It is not there.

Back room:    Enter the door at the end of the inner stairs.

Look around. Go to the foot of the stairs and open the trap door on the floor.

Find and read the book. Read the journal of Robert Hart the cemetery watchman.

Underline:    Each of them wears a ring inscribed with a snake figure biting its own tail, wrapped around a shiny stone.

The clue Ring with a snake figure is now in the clue list.

The registers of this and similar crypts were separated from the others.

...put into a secret section under the steps of the cemetery building which they last visited.

The clue Hidden Registers is now present in the list.

Hidden registers:    Go left and look at the panel under the stairs in this room.

Open the panel. It's stuck.

Tower:    Climb the stairs, through trap door and up until the top.

Take the dagger from the floor of the top landing.

Look at the broken stairs and Howard notes that the damage was intentional. Look up at the ceiling of the tower.

Go back down to the secret panel under the stairs. Use the rusty dagger on the panel.

Take any book and click twice. Howard finds the book with Poer's name.

Underline Poer's name. His crypt is at the west side.

Exit the building.

Poer's crypts:    Go through the gate.

Enter the west gate that is at right after exiting the north gate.

Go forward until the first intersection. Turn right and go forward until the end.

Turn left and look close at the sign on the left of the mausoleum door. It is a stylized snake.

If you wander around first, you will see an open crypt on the left side with poisonous gas emitting from it.

Enter the mausoleum. Look around.

Go down the steps and open the panel on the floor.

5 disk puzzle:    Based on the burned book on Field's bed, the start and ending of the soul metamorphosis is the sun.

The object of the puzzle is to arrange the 5 disk taken from the palanquin on the slots.

Then arrange the symbols in between the disks based on the tracings taken from the seated statue in Ivar's cabin.

The arrangement of the disks from left to right: sun, human body, eye symbol, 2 human bodies and the eclipsed half darkened sun.

Select the correct small symbols in between the disks by turning the edge of the circle holding the adjacent disks.

The arrangement of the small symbols based on the tracings: spiral on the left, eye on the middle and scale on the right.

Turn the middle eye first and then arrange the 2 on the ends using the rim of the end disks.

Hear a click. Open the door and enter.

Howard hears someone calling him.

Enter the side doors and look at the tombs with names on them. Take the rope from the floor beside the last tomb on the right side room.

Go back to the main hall. Go through the next door and then the other door.

Look up on the wall and see the symbol of this place - Wolfsprey.

Go through the gate and into the well room.

See the familiar seated statue on the throne and the saurian statues.

Stand by the gate and click on the well. Hear 'Howard'.

Use the rope on the gate. Go down the rope and into the well.

Bottom of well:    This is the place of Howard's nightmare.

Climb the stairs to go to the voice calling Howard's name.

Go to the last recess. Pull out the coffin. Open the coffin. Take the medallion with the symbol of Howard's family - Loreid.

Go inside the recess.

You know very well what I want with thee!

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