Apache Air Assault
                 (a.k.a. Operation Air Assault)
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                     released April 30, 2004

0    Introduction
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This FAQ is about Apache Air Assault, the budget helicopter
combat game from InterActive Vision, published by Activision
Value in the US.  In other parts of the world it's known as
"Operation Air Assault".


There doesn't seem to be any FAQ for this budget game, so here it

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Not that you really need a manual to
play this budget sim.

This USG only covers the PC Version, which is the only one that

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Interactive Vision (IAV) is the creator of Apache Air Assault.

Activision Value (AV), the budget arm of Activision, publishes
Apache Air Assault.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by IAV or AV.

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where noted

This document is based on the retail version. Thus, any patches
applied later may affect its accuracy.

I'll just say "AAA" when I need to say the title. You know what I


30-APR-2004         Initial release

1    AAA General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No. It's like $5 in local stores.

Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
A: It's on the CD. Doh! (Game Help). It's just some webpages you
can print.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the help.

Q: How big is the install?
A: About 250 megs of space is used on the HD. You'll of course
need more swap space for the game to actually run.

Q: Is there a patch?
A: None was listed at Activision Value or IAV.

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: Difficulty level affects amount of damage you do, number and
accuracy of the enemy units, etc.

Q: Where is the pause button?
A: P, or hit ESC to pop up the in-game menu.

Q: How do I aim the weapons?
A: Depends on the weapon. For the rockets, you must point the
cross-hair at the target. Hellfire, on the other hand, merely
requires a lock-on, while the 30mm chaingun can be aimed separate
from the flight with your mouse.

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A:  See final section.

Q: Where is the keyboard reference chart?
A: It should be in the box with the "quickstart" instructions. Or
print your own copy here:



IAV was best known for its "Search and Rescue" helicopter
franchise, which was originally published in Europe. Basically,
you fly a variety of civilian helicopters and participate in
various hazardous conditions, such as coast guard rescue,
emergency medevac, and so on.

They also branched out and did a few other games as an attempt to
diversify. They did "Beyond Pearl Harbor: Pacific Warriors" and
its sequel "Dogfight! Pacific Warriors II" where you take WW2
planes in a third-person sim-lite against enemy planes and ground

Operation Air Assault was one of the products they released while
they work on the most current S&R title, essentially using the
same engine.


From the README file...















256 MB RAM









AAA is basically a helicopter shooter that is partly based on a
helicopter sim. You use the weapons to shoot variety of baddies
in this fictional Mid-East country taking out terrorists.

This is sim-lite. You won't find a bazillion controls and HUD
modes and stuff like that. This is almost turn-and-burn, albeit
with decent graphics and semi-realistic handling.

Three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard) and two physics
model (easy vs. realistic) should keep you from being too


No bugs reported so far. No patch available.

The game is very stable and never crashed even once on my test
computer, even after repeated task switching.


The sequel, Apache Longbow Assault (known as Operation Air
Assault II outside the US) has been released.

2    Your craft, the AH-64 Apache
This is not a treatise on the craft, so I'll just go over the


AH-64A is one of the best attach helicopters in the world. It is
very maneuverable with speed up to 145 knots and capable of doing
acrobatics. It is armed with 30mm chaingun capable of engaging
targets in the front hemisphere (you look, you shoot). Its stubby
wings can mount a variety of rockets and missiles (though for
this game, you're limited to 8 Hellfires and 38 Hydra rockets).
It is very heavily armored (for a chopper), capable of flying on
1 engine only, and can withstand hits from most ground fire.


Flying a helicopter is VERY different from flying a plane. A
helicopter must keep most of its thrust downward to keep itself
off the ground. By tilting the rotor in a certain direction, the
chopper can be induced to fly in that direction. However, that
reduces the lift, so you must adjust the collective to generate a
bit more lift to balance out. It's a constant balancing act.

Add into the equation two more things: translational lift, and
ground effect.

Translational lift basically is the amount of lift generated by
the amount of air moving past the fuselage. At low speeds its
negligible. However, when you're moving fast enough, this would
make the chopper rise more than you'd normally expect.

Ground effect is the air pushed downward, then bounce off the
ground. It also acts as additional lift and only works when
you're VERY close to the ground.

Finally, by controlling the tail rotor, one can spin the
helicopter to change heading without using the main rotor.

If you rather NOT worry about all this, use the simplified
physics model.


Avionics refers to the special electronics you need to drive the
chopper properly.

One of the most important is the night-vision toggle. You need
this at night to fly, or else you will plow into the ground. To
confuse things, you can drop flares esp. at night to attract
enemy attention and ruin their night vision. Of course, don't
look toward the flare, even with night-vis, or you'll be blinded

Another thing is the position lights. Choppers have position
lights so people can tell which way you are flying. Clearly, in
bandit country (hostile territory), that would be stupid. So,
turn OFF the position lights once you leave the base.

You get wipers for rainy missions, but that's mainly a nice
graphical touch and has no real practical effect

The HUD can be configured to bright green (default), dark green,
or off completely. This may be useful at night when you engage
the night vision mode.

The "radar" tells you all nearby threats, even if they're behind
a hill. Real Apache does NOT have a radar (The Longbow version
does, but it stays off most of the time) so this is purely
fictional. You can even see the rockets and missiles flying in
the radar!

The "compass", which gives you the heading, can ONLY be seen from
cockpit camera.


The chaingun is a 30mm weapon mounted on the chin of the Apache.
It fires low-velocity dual-purpose ammo to provide minimum recoil
and maximum versatility. It can be aimed separately from the
craft's heading (think "Blue Thunder"), making it useful for
engaging enemies to the sides.

However, the range appears to be severely limited. To kill a
baddie, you may need to get within 0.10 nm to ensure a kill with
chain gun. To kill larger things, you will need to use a LOT of
ammo. However, it WILL blow up jeeps and small buildings and

To use the chain gun, select it, then use the mouse to move the
gun cursor to aim.

NOTE: Later you get a free upgrade to "twin 30-mm chaingun".


These Hydra rockets are designed for use against light structures
(buildings) though they explode pretty good. They are very
difficult to aim as you must go into a hover then try to put the
crosshair on the target.

With only 38 at a time (two pods of 19 each), you may need to
conserve them carefully until you have good targets. The range is
decent but the difficulty to aim will restrict its use to no more
than 2000 yds.

To use the Hydra rocket, select it, then move the cyclic gently
to line up the crosshair. You should line up the crosshair onto
the target first, then swing gently up and down and fire when the
crosshair overlaps the target box.


The Hellfire anti-tank missile is one of the best anti-armor
missiles in the world. Hellfire is laser guided and can penetrate
almost ANY known vehicle armor. They also work well against
houses and other structures.

Reserve these for enemy vehicles as you only have eight of these.

To use Hellfire missile, select it, then hit TAB to select the
target you wish to hit, keep hitting TAB until you find your
target. Wait a few seconds for the laser to lock (the target box
gets a diamond as well), then fire! The missile must fly off then
hit the target, so it may take a few seconds to hit.

Hellfire can be "fast-launched". Once the target has locked on,
fire one missile, then acquire another target. The first missile
will continue to track the original target. When the second
target locks, fire the second missile, and track and third
target. You can shoot up to 4 missiles this way, much faster than
waiting for one to hit, then shoot another one.

Later you get free upgrade to "Hellfire -2" missiles. They behave
exactly like the normal Hellfire, but it also does splash damage
to surrounding areas, making it possible to kill more than one
vehicle per missile. It also takes out all the nearby infantry.


You do NOT get this weapon until MUCH later, like mission 22 or

Basically a Zuni rocket is a super-heavy Hydra rocket, being
120mm vs. Hydra's 80 mm. You carry a lot less of them (total of
12, vs. 38 Hydras), but they pack a serious punch and you can use
them on serious targets, as these don't require that precise of

3    General Tactics


If you hover, you'll get shot, as you are an easy target. So
don't hover in territory known to contain enemies who will shoot
at you.

Infantry in general are not that dangerous, so you can take small
arms fire for a little while.

You can fly side ways by pushing your cyclic to the side then use
the tail rotor to turn back toward the desired heading. Remember
you can shoot Hellfires and chaingun even when your nose is not
directly pointed at the target.


You don't want to make yourself visible in the night, so turn OFF
those position lights as you leave the base.

3.3   STAY UNDER 300 FT

The lower you are, the less likely a missile'll hit you. In
general, don't go over 200 ft unless you are trying to look over
a hill.


Never "crest" a peak, fly AROUND it. Fly IN the valleys. It's
called NOE... nape of earth flying. It prevents the enemies from
shooting at you.


Actually, that's the motto of Israeli Air Force, but it applies
here too. When you're avoiding shots, speed through the enemy and
you'll take less hits. Keep moving up and down, side to side...


Your weapons has excellent range, so use them. Hellfire can hit
targets at up to 6000 yd away (technically, it can go even
further). The Hydra rockets and Zuni rockets can reach almost as


Kill the target with the most threat to you. Armored cars shoot
missiles, so they should be killed first. SAM sites are also top
targets. Then tanks, then trucks. Infantry alone is only slightly


Armored vehicles should be killed with Hellfires. That includes
tanks.  Zuni and Hydras make a decent backup weapon. If you
REALLY get close, you can always use the gun.

Buildings and structures should be killed with Hydra rockets.

Individual baddies should be taken out with a few rounds of the
30 mm chaingun. Though a rocket or two would work as well.


Hellfires can be "fast-launched". As soon as you're locked on,
you can shoot a missile, and switch to acquire a different target
while the first missile is still in flight. You can then shoot a
second missile and track and third target, and so on.


When you attack, you should know which way you need to go to "get
out of Dodge". That way if something unexpected popped up you can
make another run later.

Knowing when is also important. Most don't attempt to leave until
it's too late.


Usually the direct route to target is heavily defended. Look for
alternate approaches that can get you close enough to shoot
without going THROUGH heavy enemy presence.


One of the most often used trick is to slowly creep up a hill,
then go slightly higher to get a lock beyond the hill, shoot,
then come back down

4    Enemies / Targets


Armed with AK-47's, these guys aren't that big of a threat, but
enough of them can give you trouble as "death of a thousand

Cook them from long-distance with Hydras, or fly through and feed
them lead from your 30mm.


Armored car, such as older Warsaw Pact BRDM scout cars, have
heavy machine guns that can do you some damage if you don't take
them out. It's best to take them out from long-range with
Hellfire or Hydra rockets.

They may also launch RPG/Strela's at you, and that's bad. Take
them out from as far as possible.

4.3   TRUCKS

Trucks carry a bunch of militia that will jump out and shoot at
you when you get close. Otherwise, not that dangerous.

4.4   TANKS

Later you may see tanks, ex-Warsaw pact models. Kill them with
Hellfire. Tanks will try to shoot at you with their main cannon
(like the way Rambo did in Rambo III) so their hits can hurt.


Houses, camps, radar, etc. all belong in this category. They
don't shoot back, but things that do shoot at you usually protect

Hydra, Zuni, or Hellfire can destroy structures. You can get
really close and use your 30 mm, but why?

May have red barrels lying around. You can blow those up and get
a really big explosion.

4.6   SAM SITE

Fixed SAM launchers that can bring down bombers are significant
threats to you... except you generally don't fly high enough for
them to engage you. Take them out from a distance.

5    Walkthru
This walkthru contains spoilers and should only be read when
you're REALLY stuck.


You are to recon the enemy camp, inspect the buildings, and
engage any confirmed terrorist encampments.

Primary Objective: recon the enemy base

Secondary Objective: destroy/kill any terrorists discovered
during your recon

This one is simple (well, this is just the first mission). Take
off, then fly at 200 ft and follow the prompt. When you get
really close to the target and you see the words "inspecting", go
into hover. Repeat for each and every target until primary
objective is complete. When you fly over one or two camp sites
you may get shot at. Ignore them for now, AK-47's can't damage

Once your primary objective is finished, go back and shoot at the
bad guys. Use your Hydra rockets and Hellfire missiles on
vehicles and your cannon on soldiers. Destroy the buildings that
house the terrorists, as per briefing. When you take out all of
them, secondary objective should be done.

Fly back to the ship, and hover near it to end the mission.


Enemy has a radar station that is tracking our moves. We need to
destroy it, and that means destroy the SAM sites covering it as

Primary Objective: destroy the radar station

Secondary Objective: destroy all SAM launchers

This one gets a little tougher. Follow the specified route to
avoid heavy enemy concentration and to sneak up on the target.
Fly through the mountain at a low altitude.

Take out the first radar station with your Hydra rockets, using
the mountain to shield you from enemy attack. Do not attempt to
fly over the mountain. Fly around the mountain to take out the
second radar station. Stay CLOSE to the mountain, or you'll
easily go above 400 ft. Watch out for other SAM sites around the
mountain engaging you.

Continue in this fashion to destroy all primary and secondary
targets around the mountain, and you can go home.


We have found an enemy training camp. Flatten it with extreme

Primary Objective: destroy the extremist training camp

Secondary Objective: kill all extremists.

Fly low to avoid enemy radar and you'll approach the camp easily.
Take out any armored vehicles you see with the Hellfire missiles.
Some extremists will run out. Shoot them with either the Hydras
or cannons. When ready, feed the rest of your Hydras to the camp.

When they're all gone, you can go home.


We have contact with Khartausti's underground resistance
movement, who is against the local warlord and head of the Solar
Martyrs. With the radar out of the way, we will liberate the
town. You must destroy any enemy reinforcements heading toward
the battle.

Primary Objective: Destroy reinforcements heading to Khartausti

Head toward the enemy, but go AROUND the town, as there's a pitch
battle inside the town while the marines attempt to establish a
foothold in the coastal town.

Once you're past the town, just fly toward your target, avoiding
clumps of targets on your "radar" except your main target. You
should find a bunch of armored cars and some trucks. Use Hellfire
on the armored cars then use Hydra rockets on the rest. When you
blow up all of them, that's it.


Enemy has a TV antenna in the area that transmits a code we
couldn't break yet. We believe it's a code to other terrorist
cells. We will destroy to hamper their communications.

Primary Objective: take out the TV antenna

Just fly toward the target, but aim a little to the right of it.
Head into the ravine when you see it. Maneuver along its course
to avoid detection by enemy forces. You only need to take out
that ONE target, the TV mast, nothing else. When the TV mast
becomes visible, stay low, and take advantage of the Hellfire
missile's long range to take out the target. Ignore the enemy
shots for now, avoid all ground units. As soon as the antenna is
gone, you win.

If you got ammo left, feel free to shoot at targets of
opportunity to improve your "score".


The town, showing resistance to the warlord, is under siege. You
will escort the armed convoy through the various blockades and
deliver the aid.

Primary Objective: Protect the convoy truck

NOTE: This will probably be the first mission you need to redo,
as this one is quite a bit harder than the ones before.

Fly ahead of the convoy and neutralize all enemy threats along
the road using the long-range Hellfire missiles. Expect to see a
truck with militia, then a group of armored cars, then two
"checkpoints" with 2 bunkers, 2 armored cars, and militia.
Finally, a whole BUNCH of militia armed with RPG and guns near
the village with armored cars and even some tanks. You must
ration your ammo carefully and don't use up everything before the
big fight at the end.

Head forward and take out the truck with militia first, aim
carefully with the Hydra. Then Hydra the armored cars as they
come in a straight line. If you must, use a Hellfire or two, but
save the rest for the big fight at the end.

Fly forward and right, try to spot the armored cars in the
distance. Then put a Hydra or two into each bunker until it
smokes or explodes. Gun down the militia. You should see TWO
separate checkpoints. One's further down, while the other is on
the reverse slope so you have to go hit the far one, THEN turn
back to hit the close one. Blast each bunker with multiple Hydras
until they're all smoking ruins. Shoot each militia with chain
gun until they no longer shoot at you.

When you approach the small village, stay low to the ground. Make
several passes at the village and destroy any armored vehicles,
tanks, and so on. Finish off the remaining troops with your
cannon, fly into the city to flush out a few more baddies, and
wait for the convoy.


One of our UAV's has been shot down. We must not allow the
wreckage to fall into the wrong hands. Destroy the two trucks
that have arrived on the scene. We also need you to take out some
patrols in the area.

Primary Objective: Destroy the trucks carrying the Predator drone

Secondary Objective: Destroy specified hostile forces

Fly northeast towards the cargo truck indicated on your radar. Go
left of the truck and you'll find a ravine to fly into that'll
lead you to the convoy. Fly fast and low, and avoid any enemy
troops along the way. You may want to setup right when the enemy
crests the slope, before it reaches the town. Destroy the cargo
trucks. You should be able to do it in a single fly-by. Fly past
the armored cars and tanks in the convoy, you will deal with them

Fly up into the mountains and use the same tactics on the second
cargo truck. It's guarded by more armored cars.

Afterward, head back into that town the original convoy was
heading for. Use your remaining Hellfire missiles to take out t

e armored vehicles from a safe distance. Use up the rest of your
ammo, clear out the tanks and such and you can go home.


The offensive is about economic as well as military might. The
warlord has used local oil money to fund his reign of terror, and
we'll take that money away from him. A ground force has been
dispatched to attack the oil field, and you are their air
support. Do NOT destroy the oil shaft!

Primary Objective: Capture the oil refinery by taking out the
guards, but do NOT destroy the shaft!

NOTE: if the shaft is destroyed, you fail the mission

Fly low and fast towards your target. Avoid all ground troops
along the way. You may want to head left a bit from the target as
going straight leads you to enemy groups. One large group is
guarding a "pass" that can be bypassed, but that pass has an
excellent position from which to shoot at the guards around the
oil field.

Save your Hellfire missiles for the armored vehicles that
surround the oil refinery. Make several passes at the oil
refinery, while you lock-on and destroy the vehicles with your
Hellfire missiles, and then finish them off with your Hydra

Do NOT miss when shooting into the oil field. If you destroy the
shaft, you will have to start over! Move around the perimeter
until you get a clear shot.


Now it is time to make sure the warlord cannot obtain new
equipment but shutting down his airport. Flatten the airport,
esp. the tower and primary hangar(s).

Primary Objective: destroy control tower and primary hangars

Secondary Objective: destroy the secondary buildings on the

Fly north through the mountains to avoid all enemy ground units.
Go left and around the mountains, then turn back to the airport.

If you have excellent aim, you can wipe out the airport from long-
range with just your Hydra rockets. However, I doubt you have
good enough aim, so... Use the Hellfire missiles to take out
armored vehicles surrounding the airfield from a distance. Finish
off the remaining vehicles with Hydra rockets, and then destroy
the hangers and other objectives with your chain gun and rockets.


Don Passo, the drug lord, has entered the picture by resupplying
the warlord by sea. Destroy the ships/barges bringing in supplies
for the warlord. The warlord has many forces lining the
riverbanks as escorts. Destroy them as well.

Primary Objective: Destroy all gunboats carrying the weapons

Secondary Objective: Destroy all the escort forces on the river

Follow the river and destroy all boats using your Hydra rockets.
The boats are slow so they should be no problem. Save your
Hellfire missiles for later combat. You may need to make several
passes at boats to destroy them. Move quickly, and never stay in
one location for too long. Do not engage the enemy ground forces
along the rivers edge yet.

Once you have destroyed all boats, your secondary objective will
be to destroy armored vehicles. Use the Hellfire missiles to
knock out most of the vehicles, and then finish them off with the
Hydras. Then you can go home.

There are too many enemies to kill, just kill the ones you must.


A supply convoy heading into nearby town came under unexpected
attack. You have been diverted to provide support. Save the
convoy, and destroy all hostiles in the area.

Primary Objective: Protect the Red Cross Convoy

Fly ahead of the Red Cross Truck, and use your Hellfire missiles
to seek out any armored vehicles.

So what's the catch? You start about 1 MILE from the convoy, and
if you don't fly there immediately the convoy goes POOF in about
a minute. The valley is extremely narrow and many of the enemy
vehicles are in fighting positions alongside the road, making
Hellfire shots miss quite frequently.

Still, get in there and feed those militias Hellfires...


A friendly ground column will be attacking the town held by
hostiles. Support their attack and destroy hostiles in their
path. Also check out the nearby river bank for enemy forces and
elminate them.

Primary Objective: Support the rescue operation from the air

Secondary Objective: Destroy the enemy units holding the river

Fly west towards your target. Avoid enemy ground units along the
way. You don't have time to deal with your secondary objectives

There are some mountains to the south of you. Fly up and over the
mountains as you reach your target, and then use your Hellfire
missiles to seek and destroy all of the vehicles located around
the field base. If you need to, use a few of your Hydra rockets
to finish your primary objective. Friendly column should be
arriving now and assisting in the attack.

When primary is complete, head for the river, then approach your
secondary objective from the flat side so you get better field of
fire. Try to arrange so you see only one enemy at a time, so you
can shoot one at a time. Unload your Hydra rocket in several
successive sweeps towards the enemy ground units. Try to destroy
the red explosive barrels to cause secondary explosions. .


We have found Don Passo's drug factory. Demolish it with extreme
prejudice. Also destroy the barges that have left the factory
recently. They may be carrying drugs.

Primary Objective: Destroy the drug factory

Secondary Objective: Destroy the barges carrying the drugs

Take a route around the mountains to reach the drugs factory.
Head straight west until the drugs factory is northeast of your
location, indicated by your radar. Fly around the mountain, and
head east by northeast to your target.

Use Hellfire missiles to destroy armored vehicles from a
distance. Destroy those who can shoot you, first. Then use your
Hydra rockets to demolish the factory, concentrate on the center
of the compound. Try to do it from a distance. Watch out for
additional ground vehicles on the other side of the compound.

When you have completed the primary objective, follow the river,
and use your remaining Hellfire missiles to destroy the boats.
Then it's time to run for the base.


The partisans will mark Don Passo's drug factories, hidden in
towns full of human shields. Use precision strike and take out
the drug factories without causing any collateral damage. Engage
and destroy any of Don Passo's hostile militia.

Primary Objective: destroy more drug factories marked by

Secondary Objective: destroy more of those hostile militia

From your base, fly immediately northwest towards your target.
When the target is within visual range, look for armored vehicles
and take them out. Then find the right structure, then use two
Hellfires on it. Be sure to target the correct building.

NOTE: Yes, it takes TWO Hellfires to destroy a factory.

Once destroyed, turn around and fly south to your next target.
You can follow the river, but you'll just run into more enemies.
It's slower to fly through the mountains but safer.

At the next target, there are actually TWO factories on this
island. Look for it carefully, don't wipe out the wrong
buildings. Use the same tactics, and destroy the structures from
a distance. You will need to fly in close to get the last target.

If you have any more ammo left, feel free to engage any gunboats
and armored cars that you can find.


We are under attack! This is not a drill! Scramble! Scramble!

Primary Objective: Destroy all attackers

There is an armored car already inside your base, and more just
outside, shooting at everything, including you! Immediately go to
chaingun and start shooting at those targets! You should be able
to blow them up without even taking off by using most of your
ammo. Next one arrives, shoot it too, until you've blow up all of
the tanks and armored cars close-by.

Next, you need to take care of second wave. Another group of
armored cars and tanks are approaching from the slope leading up
to the base. Your best bet is arm rockets and aim just at where
they will emerge, and feed them Hydra rockets just as they
emerge. If you missed or they survived, follow up with chaingun
and Hellfire missiles.

When you're done, you can fly back to the base and finish the


We have moved the base to a more defensible location. In the
meanwhile, a nearby village is under attack by Don Passo's
militia. Get there fast and destroy the attackers. The ground
forces won't get there in time.

Primary Objective: Destroy militia threatening the village

Secondary Objective: Inspect the boats at the river

Move fast towards your targets indicated by your radar. Avoid any
contacts in the way. Go maximum speed. The targets are in a
narrow canyon road leading up to the village and if you get there
late you can't shoot at them until you get very close. Once the
targets are within range, use your Hellfire missiles to destroy
eight vehicles as you continue to approach. Then switch to your
Hydra rockets or chaingun, and finish off the rest of the

When your primary objective is complete, go inspect the boats.
Easiest way is to approach the boats via the river, then hover
when you get close enough. You need to inspect all three to get
the goal done.

Then you can fly back to the base.


We have had just about enough of these militia clowns. The local
partisans have pointed us to the militia base, and we'll
terminate it, again, with extreme prejudice.

Primary Objective: destroy the militia base and guards (without
destroying the town)

Just follow the road. It will lead you to your objective.

Use your Hellfire missiles from long range to take out the tanks
and armored cars. Then get close and Use the Hydra rocket to
carefully take out the marked structures. Be careful not to
destroy the surrounding structures.

Once your objective is complete, follow the path back to base.

5.18  MAYDAY

One of the other Apaches are down and the enemy force that shot
it down is approaching them fast. We can't allow the survivors to
fall into enemy hands. Get there fast and destroy the attackers
while the rescue force scramble to reach them.

Primary Objective: Protect aircraft crew

Basically, shoot all enemies that come close.  The group is
rather large, so use rockets when you can, use Hellfire for the
"leakers" that got past your rockets.

Take off and head in the direction you're facing, follow the
path, and it'll lead you to your objective... A chopper is down
on the beach near the bridge. When you get to the bridge, hover
and start looking for targets. Many of them should be coming down
onto the beach. Take them out one at a time. You'll see two
groups, with maybe a straggler. Take them all out, and you can go


We have received word that Don Passo is working on a refined
version of his favorite drug. We suspect that the lab is nearby.
Check out this suspect location, and feel free to wipe out any
hostiles in your way.

Primary Objective: Inspect the laboratory structures

Secondary Objective: Destroy enemy forces encountered en route

Follow the path near the base north by northeast slowly, take out
any enemy vehicles you encounter. You should have reached the lab
just as you destroyed the last guarding vehicle and completed the
secondary objective.

Just fly through the town slowly to inspect all three buildings,
then fly back to base.


Now that we know for sure that's the lab, it's time to make sure
Don Passo's plan remain just that.. a plan. Destroy the guards
around the lab, then the lab itself.

Primary Objective: Destroy the lab structures

Secondary Objective: Destroy enemy units guarding the lab

Don't waste ANY ammo! You will be VERY short on this mission. If
you follow the road you'll run into a ton of enemies, so you may
need to approach the target from the river instead.

Fly north by northeast (heading 30) to reach the river, then turn
to heading 270 (west) and follow the river to the lab. Consider
taking the right branch instead of the left to come up behind the
enemy units. There is one group outside of town, and one inside
the town. Stay at long range and nail as many enemy vehicles as
you can from long-range. Then go in and use your Hydras and
chaingun on the rest. Then just destroy the buildings and go


Don Passo has launched a retaliatory strike against the nearby
partisan town. A bunch of heavily armed "civilians" are
attacking. You have been diverted from patrol to assist in the

Primary Objective: destroy any vehicles attacking the nearby town

Secondary Objective: destroy another drug factory in a nearby

Quickly dive to 200 ft to avoid enemy radar. Fly towards your
first target, using the radar to avoid any enemy units along the

There is a rock ledge just before you reach the first target.
Slow down and use your Hellfire missiles to seek and destroy the
targets and complete your primary objective.

Next, follow the nav cursor to your secondary objectives. It is
hidden within a canyon, so you will want to approach it
carefully. Use your Hydra rockets or your new Zuni rockets to
destroy the target and complete the secondary objective. You
should be able to kill the factory without even engaging the
escorts if you move carefully.


Don Passo has managed to bribe one of the mechanized units to
switch sides and is attacking the town again with fresh forces.
Our forces have managed to bottle them up against the bridge but
they won't last long. Destroy Don Passo's forces before they
break through.

NOTE: You get Zuni rockets from now on.

Primary Objective: Destroy the hostile mechanized units.

You start with missiles in the air looking for you! Dive hard and
get below 200 ft and drop a flare as well, and weave and see if
you can avoid the missiles.

Follow the river directly South and you should see a bridge. Turn
northeast towards your targets indicated by radar. When you see
targets, hit them. Destroy as many vehicles as you can with your
Hellfire missiles from as far as possible, then get in there and
use the rest of your weapons.


Don Passo's militia is based around this ancient Mayan temple.
After you destroy the guards around the perimeter, we'll assault
the interior. Do NOT destroy the temple itself. Good luck!

Primary Objective: destroy the guards around the temple

WARNING: DO NOT destroy any of the structures on/next to the
pyramid, or you will fail the mission.

Fly around the mountain in front and look for the river. Follow
the river toward your target. You can see the road leading up,
but do NOT take it. Instead, go up the "hill" just to the "right"
of it, and try to get close enough to just peek over the edge to
target your Hellfires.  When you run out of targets, creep

When you're out of Hellfires, move in and use your rockets to
take out the rest of the enemies. There should be only a couple
more vehicles left.

Then you need to take out the few guards on the temple itself.
While it's tempting to feed a rocket into each target, don't.
It's too easy to blow down the temple. Instead, use the chaingun
to gun each militia down. When you get all of them, the mission
ends (you don't even need to fly back to base!)


We found Don Passo's HQ and we got the word to take him out for

Primary Objective: Destroy Don Passo's HQ. Friendlies are on the
way to assist, so don't shoot THEM.

Immediately descend to an altitude under 400ft. If you look about
heading 235 or so there should be a ravine there for you to hide
while make your way to the target. Do it quickly, as they will be
engaging friendlies.

When you get close enough, slow down and creep forward, looking
for targets and kill them, as many as you can from a distance.

Stay at a distance, circle the base. Do NOT overfly the base or
you'll PAY for it. Take out the structures specified, including
the hangar, radio tower, and so on.

When you take out the last target, that's it.


Escort these journalists to the nearby airfield. While we don't
expect opposition... Don't let your guard down.

Primary Objective: make sure the journalists make it to the

There really isn't much to this... Destroy ALL enemy vehicles in
the area. Some are hiding near the airstrip itself. Just charge
down the road and blast EVERYTHING. Destroy everybody to make
sure the journalists can get through. Their Humvee can't take
much damage, so don't let them take any. Head toward the airbase
and start shooting all nearby tanks and armored vehicles. Use
rockets, Hellfires, and more. Shoot everybody until there's
nothing else moving except the journalists. Then wait for them to
reach the airbase, then head back home.


We will destroy the cave entrances to bottle up the terrorists.
Destroy the guards around the entrance.

Primary Objective: Destroy the cave entrance

Secondary Objective: Destroy the guards

Fly northeast towards your target. When you get near the
entrance, fly low and slow, and make your approach from the east.
The cave entrance is in a bowl-like depression that opens to
east. Use your Hellfire missiles to seek out the ground vehicles,
and then use your Zuni rockets to take out the caves from a
distance to complete your primary objective.

Taking out the rest of the ground vehicles is trickier. Use the
rest of your Hellfire missiles to seek and destroy those vehicles
that you can see from a distance. Destroy the remaining hostile
vehicles with Zuni or Hydra rockets. That should finish the
secondary objective.

Then fly home, and that's it.


Don Passo seems to have left some of that "super drug" and it's
in this refinery. We'll need to destroy it... all of it.

Primary Objective: Destroy the refinery

Secondary Objective: Destroy all the hostile units guarding the

There are two ways to do this... the flashy way, on the standoff

The flashy way: Fly north towards the old refinery. When you
approach the refinery, unleash your Zuni rockets as you fly by
the refinery. If you make a big enough explosion, you will
destroy all of the ground vehicles that are surrounding the
refinery. If you destroy all of the ground units, your secondary
objective will be complete. If it is not complete once you pass
the refinery, turn around, and use your Hellfire missiles to
destroy any remaining units. Then use your Zuni or Hydra to
finish off the primary target.

The standoff way... Almost the same, but approach the refinery
slowly. It's surrounded by mountains, but if you approach it
slowly you should find a spot where you can just see the refinery
without exposing yourself too much. Use this angle to dump your
load of Hydra rockets into the refinery, then fire off Hellfires
against armored cars and such on any that survived the big
explosion. Creep in closer and destroy the rest of structures and
vehicles with Hellfires and remaining rockets.

Fly home and you're done.


The terrorists are gathering for another attack. We will surprise
them with a night assault.

Primary Objective: destroy the gathered enemy forces.

Fly northeast towards the enemy ground units. As you make your
approach, use your Hellfire missiles to take out as many vehicles
as you can from a distance. Finish off the rest by making several
fly-bys and use your Zuni rockets. When you finish all of them,
you can go home.


The terrorists are retreating into a canyon... We'll catch them
before they can get away.

Primary Objective: Destroy the convoys heading into the canyon

Secondary Objective: Destroy the guards at canyon mouth

Fly northeast towards into the mouth of the canyon. Destroy the
first four units (2 pairs of 1 armored car and 1 truck) with
Hellfire missiles. This will complete your secondary objective.

There are two main groups of enemy units that have split into two
different paths in the canyon. It does not matter which one you
take out first. They are traveling in a straight line, so use
your Zuni rockets on a strafing run and follow up with Hellfire
and/or Hydra rockets. .

Destroy both groups, fly back to the starting point, and you're


We are ready to assault the canyon, where the mastermind is
believed to be held up. Move in and help the ground forces clear
the canyon.

Primary Objective: clear the canyon of enemy forces

Basically, take it VERY slowly, and conserve your ammo. Move up
until you can see one target. If it's close, hit it with rockets
or gun. Then check for far targets, and hit them with Hellfires.
Repeat until you do all of them.

Zunis and Hydras are your primary tankbusters. Keep the Hellfires
for long shots and chaingun for point-blank shots.

One lousy tactic is fly extremely slow and a few feet off the
ground. This way you can get VERY close to the enemy vehicle,
then blast it point-blank with the twin chainguns.


We're ready to assault the enemy palace HQ. Expect a LOT of
opposition, but you'll have plenty of friendlies supporting you.
Good luck.

Primary objective: destroy the palace

There are WAY too many targets for you to hit. You can only blast
yourself a path and go straight for the target... the palace.

Fly fast and under 100 ft and fly past the enemies, stay to the
LEFT side of the canyon as there is a bit of room there. The
small arms fire cannot hurt you much, and try to avoid the bigger
stuff. Turn and follow the canyon until you come to that hill in
front of palace. There should be an area where you can clear to
give yourself a bit of room. Use your Hellfire to blast open a
hole through the guards around the palace so you can get close
enough to hit the palace with rockets.

As soon as all structures around the palace and the palace itself
are gone, that's it! You're done!

6    Miscellaneous


Type in these cheat-codes when you're "in" the chopper. You
should get a confirmation that the cheat has been activated. It
must be reactivated each mission.

JKMSUC Immediate Mission Successful

JKGODM Indestructible Helicopter

JKAMMO Unlimited Ammo

You get these codes after finishing the campaign on any
difficulty level.


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