NOTE:  This is not "hints" for Goblins... It's a blunt walkthru for all 
 22 levels.  Hit "n" now if you really don't want to  read all this.

The way I've organized this is with the level number, the passcode to load 
up that particular level, the instructions to get you through it, and 
underneath a line are things you can try that are REALLY funny, if you 
either have health to spare, or a cheat TSR running.  If you find any errors,
please drop me a note at [email protected]  In the meantime,

Abbriviations: Tech (cap)   = Technicial, can pick up, use objects
               Mag  (beard) = Magician, spell caster
               Ath  (horns) = Athlete, climbs, punches

1) (none)
 Punch right column
 Pick up horn
 Use horn
 Spell stick
 Get pickaxe
 Spell door
 Spell fence
 Use stick

 Spell far right apple
 Punch far right apple
 Get fallen apple
 Use fallen apple in crevice
 Spell 2nd from left apple
 Punch 2nd from left apple
 Get fallen apple
 Use fallen apple in crevice
 Get pickaxe
 Use pickaxe on diamond
 Get diamond
 Use wrong apple in crevice
 Punch un-spelled apple
 Use pickaxe on any apple
 Punch far left apple
 Punch diamond

 Use diamond on door

 Spell left plant
 Climb left plant
 Get left yellow pot
 Use pot on right plant
 Punch large book
 Get diamond
 Use diamond on wiz via book
 Get/use right yellow pot
 Punch wizard (nice one!)

 Spell sprig on ground in
  front of raised giant wrist
 Climb wrist
 Punch eye
 Put tech on tongue
 Spell coffin antenna
 {fast} Put mag on tongue
 Punch eye, wait till safe
 Punch eye
 Get mushroom, wait till
  creature's gone
 Spell coffin
 Punch troll
 Use mask with troll
 Spell mask

 Climb longest strand
 Pull right short strand
 Get pistol
 Use pistol under right spider
 Use pistol under left spider
 Get pillow
 Drop pillow under middle spider
 Spell middle spider
 Move pillow out of the way
 Get spider bottle
 Punch middle spider
 Use red bottle
 Use gun elsewhere
 Pull right short strand twice
 Pull left short strand

 Spell seed bag
 Get seed bag
 Move Ath to scarecrow
 Use seeds on garden
 {fast} Punch scarecrow to scare
  birds BEFORE seeds are eaten
 Spell right cloud
 Get plant (keep trying)
 Use belongings on wizard
 Get seed bad w/o casting spell
 Spell left cloud
 Spell scarecrow

 Spell skeleton
 Spell bone
 Get flute
 Use flute on snake
 Climb snake
 Put Mag on board to right
  of short ladder (far right)
 Punch rock outcropping above
  right side of pit
 Put Tech on bored to right
  of short ladder (far right)
 Punch rock outcropping above
  right side of pit
 Spell/punch snake
 Spell/punch hole in wall
 Spell/punch/use vase
 Use bone
 Climb ladder out of pit
 Push red button, manuver Tech

 Get meat
 Give meat to dogthing
 Use meat on lower-left hole
 Spell small, leafed branch
 Get windsock
 Put Tech on end of extended branch
 Put Ath on large rock
 Pull bottom of extended branch
 Put Mag on end of extended branch
 Pull bottom of extended branch
 Spell cork
 Get cork
 Use cork in upper-right hole
 Get windsock
 Put tech next to top-center hole
 Punch lower-right hole, scare bird
 {time it} Use windsock on bird
 Don't use meat on lower-left hole
 Climb ladder to cork
 Use windsock on butterfly

 Use bird on dogthing
 Spell dogthing (!)
 Punch left-hand door

 Get feather
 Use feather on skeleton foot
 Use cup and ball on skel's hand
 Get key
 Use key on cage
 Spell feather
 Get flyswatter
 Swat bee
 Spell bee
 Get dart
 Use date on picture
 Get (use) doll
 Get yellow elixir
 Get key w/o using cup and ball

 Spell root
 Get birdcall
 Put Tech above nest
 Use birdcall
 Get elixir
 Put Tech near fence
 Punch jumping egg
 Spell flapping egg
 Spell horn
 Use elixir, walk Tech past fence
 Get carrot 
 Use carrot on hole
 Put Ath near fence
 Spell gopher
 {fast} Move Ath past fence
 Use birdcall elsewhere
 Walk past fence after drinking
  elixir, without spelling horn 
 Punch nest
 Spell nest

 Spell small flat rock on left
 Get stick
 Use stick on right end of large
  horizontal rock while standing 
  on it.
 Get watering can
 Use water can all sprouts
 Spell far left carrot
 Punch far left carrot
 Spell third carrot from right
 Get key
 Use key on keyhole
 Spell all of the other sprouts (!)

 Get matches
 Drop matches near cannon
 Punch cannonball pile
 Get cannonball
 Punch cannon (point it up)
 Use cannonball with cannon
 Punch cannon (point it up)
 Get matches
 Use matches with cannon
 Use matches with stewpot
 Get carrot
 Use carrot with cannon
 Punch cannon (point it left)
 Get matches
 Use matches with cannon
 Punch cannon balls
 Get cannon ball
 Punch cannon (point it up)
 Use cannon ball with cannon
 Punch cannon (point it up)
 Use matches with cannon  
 Spell carrot
 Get earhorn
 Use earhorn with creature
 Get mallet
 Use mallet on gong
 Get pendulum
 Fire cannonball left, not up

 Get rock
 Use rock on X
 Spell rock
 Spell flat rock
 Spell tree on far left
 Punch pickaxe
 Get pickaxe
 Use pickaxe on bottom 
  middle of screen
 Repeat above about four times

 Punch woodpile
 Get log
 Use log on beartrap
 Drop log
 Spell seeds
 {fast} Move Mag off dragon's ledge 
 Get seeds
 {fast} Move Tech off dragon's ledge
 Drop seeds near woodpile
 Spell log
 Get deodorant
 (*) Drop deodarant near seeds
 Get seeds
 Use seeds
 {fast} Get deodorant
 Spray foot (with perfect aim)
 - If you miss, goto (*)
 Get foot
 Drop foot on dragon ledge
 Put Tech on ledge so dragon
  fires at foot, get out of the way!
 Get roast
 {fast} Move Tech off dragon's ledge
 Use roast on footbridge
 Get dagger
 Drop dagger on dragon ledge
 Put Tech on ledge to dragon
  fires at dagger, get out of the way!
 Get flaming dagger
 {fast} Move Tech off dragon's ledge
 Use uncooked foot on footbridge
 Cross unfed footbridge

 Use dagger on statue's heart
 Leave voodoo doll on statue's
  left hand, back off
 Get key
 Use key in statue's right ear
 Put Tech on statue's left hand
 Put Ath on statue's left hand
 Put Mag on statue's left hand

 Punch banana branch
 Get banana
 Use banana on wolf
 Get soap
 Use soap on wolf
 Get false nose
 Use false nose on wolf
 {wait} Get witchcraft
 Spell left gate
 Read the other books

 Spell sprig under embossed shield
 Punch lever
 Spell cork
 Use witchcraft on ear
 Drop witchcraft near ear
 Get bait (upper left tower)
 Get bowl (leave bait where
  bowl was)
 Drop bowl under giant's right eye
 Get witchcraft
 Use witchcraft on ear
 Get bowl (of tears)
 Use tears on creature
 Get catapult (slingshot, actually)
 Encounter creature under roof (in dark)

 Use slingshot on bananas
 Punch lever
 Put Mag on dolphin
 Put Ath on dolphin
 Put Tech on dolphin

 Use catapult on wizard
  (Tech captured)
 Spell club-shaped stone
 Move Ath. to tip of wing (right
  side of screen)
 Spell wizard-bat
  (Tech freed)
  (Mag captured)
 Punch wizard-turtle's head
  (Mag freed)
  (Ath captured)
 Use catapult on strand holding Ath
  (Ath freed)
 Put empty bag on ground below
 Spell wizard-spider
 Get full bag

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