Gobliiins 3 solution
	Level 1 :the schip

Pull on the loop. Hit the bottle containing Chump with the golf clup. Take the plunger from the box and use it on Chump.
Unscrew the hook using the coin. Place the hook on the loop.
Have Chump lift the weight and then, take the umbrella.
Go on the hand and place Chump on the flagstone. Pick up the shark tooth. Go into the barrel and put the umbrella in the opening. Cut the rope with the tooth.

	Level 2 : Blount in love

Use the umbrella on the hot air to go and see Wynnona.
Eliminate Hercules and Gromelon, using the golf club.
Give the coin to Maciste and hit. Make crumbs out of the toasted bread placed in the helmet and put them behind Banzai.
Give the hand to Kendo and hit. Place the shield on the branch and put the pepper behind Zembla. Use Chump on Django and pull his tongue. Use Chump on Punky, then throw him the stone.

	Level 3 : Death

Pick up the matches, and go to right above on the screen.
If you stand there go a bit to the left and use the matches on the rough area. Open the will-o'-the-wisp dens with the 
scythe. Cut the clowns syringe and get the spectables.
open the skull and place the spectables. take with the ladle some blood and poor it in the pirate's bottle. Then set fire to his leg and then use the water on the fire. place the bottle on the pedestral and make a green screen (Blue + Yellow). Take the cork and put it on the bottle, pick up the bottle. make the screen yellow and push the switch. Then make the screen green and put the mirror in the green hand. Make the screen red and use the scythe on the red vampire. Then make the screen normal.

	Level 4 : The Country

Propel Blount on the roof placing him on the lever and chump on the dragon-trap. Go and see the princess. Put the dolmen over the thorns and talk to the knight. Put the millstone into the basin and use it on the fire. Remove the meat from the trap by using the fork. Poor the memorum in the basin. Put the fork in the nostril of the den, and put the spiced meat on it.
The dragon comes to drink, Put the coin in the ear of the den so it will drink from the basin.

	level 4 : The Inn

Slip Through the fissure to take a lump of sugar. Put the spoon on the stone, then Chump on the spoon. Let the lump of sugar fall on it. lead Chump to the paprika when he sneezes, place the meat under the cloud with Blount. Put Chump on the customer's hand and give him a lump of sugar. Send the plunger on the pedestal and tie the leash to it. Give the coin to Othell. Send the dragon to Othello's house. Give the lost bill to the Captain and the sculptured stone to Korin.
	Level 5 : Wynnona's adventure

Take the helmet and the glint with the wand use the Flint in the stiky bark and fill the helmet with the bird lime. Cut the panflute with the flint. take a small tube and put in powder, a wick, and birdlime, if necessery, then hit the flint against the stone. choose a target. make a flute for the inca by using the flint on a small standing tube. Put Ooya on the condor. Blow up the rock and make the bamboo grow with Ooya to obtain big tubes. Use Ooya on skull for more wicks.


level 6 : town

Talk to the Mommy, go up and put the umbrella on the hole in roof, then talk to mommy again. Make the Boucassiers' egg hatch with the hot bottle. Go to the Grocery and give the coin and the captain's letter to the grocer. Get the egg and the key. Open the moonlamp with the key. Throw the cupboard and jump on it from the cornice, and get the hammer out of it.
Use the hammer on the travel box and get the decoy out of it.
Then go jump on the sofa, then use the spring to the 
gidoville. Use the hammer on the gidoville and pickup the horn. go to grocer and hit him with the hammer and pickup the coin. Go to the Lab. and make the growixer :
_ Broken shell.
_ Cooked spaghetti.
_ Ash of gidoville's horn.
Then put the Boa-boa egg on the hot bottle, and give the boa-baby growixer, then make another time growixer. Go outside and
give the grow-elixer to the baby. Make the plants grow with the growixer and use fulbert on the lever, place Blount on the cannon-ball and use fulbert on the lever again. then go with Fulbert to the roof by using the plant and use him to cross the roof to get the shoe-sole. Use Fulbert on the flower with the dreaming woman and scare her, she drops the formula end picks up a flower, scare her again and she drops the flower, pick up the formula and the flower. Then go back to the 
grocery and use Fulbert to recuperate the soap and to push the switch on the shelf. Jump into the trap as Blount with the hammer, when you get out pickup the bone of Crocomoth. Then go back to the Lab. and make the speedixer :
_ Boiled shoe-sole.
_ Crushed bone of Crocomoth.
_ Floriane extract.
If you've made the speedixer go back outside and use it on yourselfgo on the roof and go to the bell using Fulbert as bridge use the decoy on the bell and hit the shoulder of the Boucassier, then go fast down and get the feather. Go back to the lab and make Flyixir :
_ Soap Bubble.
_ Joy tears.
_ Ashes from feather of Boucassier in love.
go back outside and go to the next level.

	Level 7 : Clouds

Use the balloons to move Ooya. Put the ballasts in the nacelle and cut of on to knock of the goat. Hook Ooya just in front of the giant. Make the giant sneeze by piercing the cloud : Ooya moves to the geyser island. Make Ooya move towards the glacier island. Putting him on a geyser and in the nacelle. Thaw Bizoo with Ooya after having found her thanks to the field-glass. Fished out with the fishing-cane made with the golf club.

	Level 7.2 : Colussus & Bizoo

Start Colussus with Blount in the telescope and Ooya on the trophy-collection. Use the movement of the catapult to be propelled towards the cheese and to remove Colussus helmet.
Place Bizoo on his face. Use the tooth and you get a tooth-pick. use the tooth-pick on the left eye  and go through the left ear to extract the grain of sand. Eliminate the flea-family in the right order (flea jr, flea sr, lila, mom, pa, flea next to lila). Use the tear obtained by pulling the hair.
to move the grain of sand. And use the tear to get down yourself and kick the grain of sand from his face. Go back to Blount and saw the log by Colussus' feet, you'll end up in jail. Use Ooya on Blount and he'll detach your shadow. You're shadow can pickup the grain of sand and use it on the catapult's machenery. Open the talking-robot with the knife, place the gearing in it and take the pollen, then use the pollen on Colussus' face. Go back to Bizoo on his face and get the pollen by jumping on his nose and when yhe hand begins to move go back to the nose. Pick up the pollen and use it in his left ear. Place the tooth-pick in the nostril and jump on the neck.

	Level 8 : Queen

Make the candle fall with Fulbert. Kiss the Queen to take the wand and use it on the candle that is in each candlestick (following the order of the scentence) : The fountain opens. Catapult Fulbert on the candelier. Put the axe in the cook's pot. Hide in the fireplace. Bounce the cup-and-ball with Fulbert. Catch the spectacles with Were-Blount and Fulbert. Put them on to get the onion.

	Level 9 : King

Give the gun to Tibo and the fennel to Fil. Use Fulbert to move a chandelier and hang from the other. Use the onion to get the axe from Man. Give the wand to the buffoon and use Fulbert to make a cochroach appear. When the King hits with the slipper, give a dish to the Buffoon. Extinguish each candle with the wand, following the order of the sentence.
Use the coin on the fountain to pass through.

	Level 10 : Chessboard

Sketch the outlines on the blocks of wood and marble with chalk and compass respectively. Use the hammer and the chisel to sculpt the rough figures. Dip them in paint and finish them with ink. Juggle with the balls to open the young pig and put the coin in it. Play the mandolin in the wrong way to tetanize Othello then use it to make the chaperon go away. The Bowman eliminates the lancers and unhooks the key. The killers attack the king with the axe.

	Level 10.2 : Story book

Move the spiderweb with Fulbert to allow Were-Blount to pass. Shake the dust with Fulbert then put Were-Blount underneath. Put Were-Blount in front of the spider and Fulbert in front of the moon to take the nine. Draw the eight with the compass, put all the numbers, exept the zero, in the ink bottle. Dip the brush in it to draw an ox attached to the wagon. In the book, draw a path for the warrior and a mandolin player in front of the house.

	Level 11 : Mirrors

Transform the egg into a baby-chick. Pass it to Blount-reflection to have him change into a thin chick. Place it into the passage to the big hand. Chache the chick again into an egg and then change it into a fat hen to act on the small hand.
Throw the grain of folly to the old-Demon that now is awake.
Use the beauty ointentwith Blount on the beauty mirror. 
As soon as he becomes handsome, use the uglyness extract on the uglyness mirror with Blount-reflection.

	level 11.2 : Brain

Recover the grain of sand from Colussus in the memory window. Use the impulse wagon to propel Blount.
1) To the shore of the lake of vision (throw in the grain of sand).
2) On the bubble suspended in mid-air.
3) On the fish that appears when the bubble bursts.
Make the plant grow using the growixer and put Fulbert on it.
Use the decoy on the auditory pavilion, then on the fence and finally on the puddle of dreams. Put a fat hen on the grains of the monolith.

	Level 12 : Gods

Throw the sacret score in the spring. Use both hands to empty the basin. Give each musician his own score. Tie the notes with the time yarn.

This is the complete solution to play Gobliiins 3 out
hope you've done it.
greetz CYBORG !!!



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