MechCommander 2

                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ

                         by Kasey Chang

                    released August 30, 2002

0    Introduction

0.1   A word from the author

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
of software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.

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0.4    Other Notes

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After
all, it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is offer some

PLEASE let me know if there's a confusing or missing remark... If
you find a question about this game that is not covered in the
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0.5   The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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To decipher this, simply read the first letter off each word
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0.6   Disclaimer/ Copyright Information

MechCommander 2 was created by FASA Interactive, and published by

This FAQ was not in any way endorsed or authorized by any of the
companies mentioned.

0.7   Revision History

30-AUG-2002         Initial release

0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me MechCommander 2 (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What are the control keys?
A: See the manual's back cover. Or try looking in the game
options under hotkeys.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: This game did not need any patches.

Q: What is that "circle" on the map?
A: Sensor range, probably.

Q: I got attacked by mechs that don't show up in the sensor
A: Those mechs have ECM devices installed. You can buy those
mechs also.

Q: Why can't I repair at the repair bay?
A: Move the mech that just finished repairs AWAY from the repair
bay until the repair bay "retracts". THEN the repair bay is ready
for the next mech.

Q: Why do my mechs move when attacking a certain target?
A: The mechs move to their "optimum range" before attacking. In
the mechlab, clicking on the mech will tell you its weight,
speed, optimum weapons range, and jump distance. A long-range
mech will move away from the enemy, while medium and close-range
mechs may back up or close-in depending on their current range.
If you don't want them to move, issue to HOLD command.

Q: What is the maximum stat a mechwarrior can have?
A: 80 in Gunnery and 80 in Piloting. They won't go any higher.

Q: How do the stats increase?
A: See [4.1]

Q: How do I use the editor?
A: I have no idea.

Q: How do I cheat?
A: The only "cheat" is to jump to a specific mission, but that's
pretty useless. If the game's too hard, play at an easier
difficulty level (yes, you can switch in the middle of a
campaign). See final section.

Q: How do I contact you for corrections, compliments, updates,
comments, etc.?
A: See [0.5]

1    Game Information

1.1   What is Mech Commander 2

Mech Commander 2, sequel to Mech Commander, is a real-time
tactical combat simulation using battlemechs from FASA's
Battletech universe.

This game is now fully 3D instead of isometric 2D in the original

You control a mercenary outfit with contracts on Carver V, where
House Steiner, House Davion, and House Liao are locked in a
struggle for supremacy, and your loyalty is to the highest
bidder... Or is it really?

Instead of an in-cockpit simulation like Mechwarrior, you are
hovering overhead, giving orders to the mechwarriors under your
command. Move here, attack that, and so on.

As you will be constantly outnumbered, doing less with more is
part of your motto... Use ECM-equipped mechs to disable sensor
nets. Use minefields to slow enemy down. Use artillery to soften
enemy positions. Use jumpjet-equipped mechs to capture
facilities. Call in air strikes on stubborn targets. The choice
is yours.

You will be able to outfit your mechs with the latest in
battlemech weaponry in an even more simplified version of the
"MechLab". You can salvage and sell mechs from the previous
battle. You will enjoy video briefing of various missions from
your employers.

Ultimately, you just need to survive...

1.2   What is the background?

The Clan invasion has been defeated. However, the alliance
between House Steiner and House Davion is dissolving... Kathrine
Steiner-Davion, sister of the rightful heir to the throne, has
taken over the court and declared herself ruler of Federated
Commonwealth. She enjoys support from House Steiner. Prince
Victor Davion-Steiner, leader of the invasion that broke the back
of the Clans, rallied his followers (mostly from House Davion),
and this resulted in civil war in the Federated Commonwealth.
Each planet's factions fought for dominance, and former units
based at the same location suddenly found themselves at each
other's throats...

Business is great for mercenaries... That's where you come in.

On the planet Carver V, the Steiner and Davion factions have NOT
fought yet. House Liao is also on the planet... Colonel Renard
(Steiner) and Major Kelly (Davion) have marked their territories
very carefully and things are quiet... Until bandits started
raiding Steiner fringe bases. Who are these bandits and who is
helping them? Do you even care as long as you get your paycheck?
What about the people?

1.3   Game Requirements

From the Microsoft website:

--Multimedia PC with a Pentium II 266 MHz equivalent (400 MHz with
MMX or 3D Now if no hardware acceleration)
--SVGA 2D video card with 8 MB of video RAM
--64 MB of SDRAM
--400 MB of available hard disk space for a typical install;
additional 200 MB of hard disk space for swap file
--Quad-speed or higher CD-ROM drive
--DirectX 8.0 or later API
--Windows 98, ME or Windows 2000

1.4   Patches, Sequels, Expansions, etc.

There are no patches for this game.

There are no sequels or expansions to MechCommander 2 at this
time. There may be some user-created campaigns out there. Try

Related games would be the Mechwarrior series, or the prequel,
MechCommander, published by MicroProse.

1.5   Known Problems

Some people seem to have problem with copy protection scheme used
on the CD. A new CD drive or updated firmware seems to cure that

Occasionally there has been reports of certain mechs don't show
up on sensor. This has not been completely confirmed.

1.6   Where to get

You can get Microsoft games in your local store, or via the
Microsoft web store at

As of 28-AUG-2002, the price is $19.95.

Try a demo first at

If you want to know more about the mechs and so on, download the
"MC2 Encyclopedia" from the Microsoft MC2 site. It's a 60 meg
download that contains the same encyclopedia included with MC2,
detailing the stats for each mech, vehicles, and so on.

1.7   Commentary

The game relies on trigger points (very similar to Mechwarrior
3). If you don't do certain things, the enemies do not react, and
you can repair/reload to your heart's content.

This "flaw" was partially compensated by making some damage
permanent (destroyed weapons cannot be repaired) and making
repair tracks and repair bays exhaustible. The important events
are also made into mission objectives.

2    Your Weapons

Knowing what you have to work with is the key in getting the most
out of them. Please see your MC2 encyclopedia for the exact
listing. I won't repeat them here.

2.1   Ballistic

Ballistic weapons are large in size, do lots of damage (compared
to energy weapons), but they can run out of ammo (if you have
turned off "unlimited ammo", that is). You can get reloads from
the repair track or mech repair bay. They also have low heat
(compared to energy weapons).

In general, the longer the weapon range, the lower the weapon can
do damage. The only exception here is Gauss Rifle, which does a
LOT of damage and have a lot of range. Of course, it also has
very slow reload time.

2.1.1     Short Range   Machine Gun Array (MGA)

It has nice firing rate, but doesn't do much damage. It's mainly
junk.   Heavy AC / Ultra Heavy AC / Clan Ultra Heavy AC

Extreme amount of close-range firepower, but takes up a LOT of
space (only Long Tom surpass it in amount of space taken)

2.1.2     Medium Range   Medium AC / Ultra Medium AC / Clan Ultra Medium AC

The medium family of AC does reasonable damage (3 times the
damage of "light" AC) with decent firing rates. Ultra fires
faster, Clan Ultra yet faster.

2.1.3     Long Range   Light AC / Ultra Light AC / Clan Ultra Light AC

The light AC family has long range, but lousy damage. It has fast
firing rate though.   Gauss Rifle / Light Gauss Rifle / Clan Gauss Rifle

The gauss rifle family does a lot of damage at long range, but
has some of the slowest reload rates. It also takes a LOT of
space.   Long Tom

The Long Tom cannon does a TON of damage (more than any other
ballistic weapon), but takes up TEN spaces internally, generate a
LOT of heat, and have horrendous reload times. In fact, for the
price of a Long Tom, you can buy a light mech.

Call in an artillery piece would be more useful. Of course, Long
Tom mounted in a mech will be mobile, but the price you pay for
it is too much, IMHO, for the benefits it can bring.

2.2   Energy

Energy weapons don't need ammo. They are lasers, PPCs, and
flamers. With no ammo to store, energy weapons are also "smaller"
and take less slots.

On the other hand, energy weapons produce heat, meaning you can't
mount too many of them. Energy weapons do less damage compared to
the ballistic or missile weapons.

The only "odd" weapon in the group is PPC, which is sort of a
ballistic weapon behaving like an energy weapon.

2.2.1     Short Range

Laser, Pulse Laser, Clan Pulse Laser, Clan Heavy Laser, Flamer   Laser

Laser is your basic energy weapon... Small, decent damage,
relatively low heat, low cost.   Pulse Laser and Clan Pulse Laser

Pulse laser does slightly less damage but has a higher firing
rate and slightly more heat, so overall they do more damage. The
Clan version fires slightly faster. They come in both regular and
large sizes, though the regular version is short-range.   Clan Heavy Laser

More damage than even Large laser, but the slow firing rate may
not be worth it. The heat is almost as high as large laser. It
takes only one space though. There's both regular heavy laser and
large heavy laser.   Flamer Array

Universally regarded as JUNK. Minimal damage, point-blank range.

2.2.2     Medium Range

ER Laser, Clan ER Laser, Large Laser, Large Pulse Laser, Clan
Large Pulse Laser, Clan Heavy Large Laser, PPC   ER Laser / Clan ER Laser

ER Laser is basically your normal laser with slightly longer
range (and price, and heat, and size).

Clan version has a faster firing rate.   Large Laser

Large Laser is essentially a double-sized laser doing not-quite-
double damage.   Large Pulse Laser / Clan Large Pulse Laser

Large Pulse Laser has slightly less damage per shot, but MUCH
higher firing rate... And heat. The Clan version has slightly
higher firing rate than the regular version.   Clan Heavy Large Laser

The highest damage from an energy weapon, but very low firing
rate... And EXTREME amount of heat...   PPC

This particle beam weapon has high heat and slow firing rate, in
return for high damage. Only clan heavy large laser can exceed
the PPC in damage per shot.

2.2.3     Long Range

ER Large Laser, Clan ER Large Laser, ER PPC, Clan ER PPC   ER Large Laser / Clan ER Large Laser

The ER version adds a bit more damage, but 50% more heat. Whether
it's worth it is up to you. The clan version fires slightly
faster.   ER PPC / Clan ER PPC

ER PPC and generates a TON of heat (second only to Clan Heavy
Large Laser), but a lot of damage (again, second to Clan Heavy
Large Laser)

2.3   Missile

There are only three missile families in MC2: SRM, LRM, and T-

2.3.1     SRM family

The SRM family is composed of Streak SRM and Clan Streak SRM

The Streak SRMs require lock-on and are seeking missiles. The
Clan version fires slightly faster.

2.3.2     LRM family

The LRM family has LRM rack, Clan LRM rack, and finally, Swarm
LRM rack.

The LRM rack is the normal version.

The Swarm LRM is identical to regular LRM except it fires Swarm
LRM rounds, which are like "shotgun" rounds. Swarm LRM causes
more "leg" damage if it lands near you. Keep moving if you
encounter Swarm LRM shooters.

The Clan LRM fires nearly twice as fast and costs twice as much
for double the heat. They don't have a Swarm LRM version.

2.3.3     Thunderbolt Missile

The T-Bolt missile is a medium-range missile that does a LOT of
damage, but takes up EIGHT spaces.

T-Bolts cannot be intercepted by mech-mounted anti-missile
systems. Since no one has AMS in MC2, T-bolts are relatively
useless. You'd be better off adding several LRM racks and

3    Your Mechs

These are the mechs in the game and you can acquire any of them
through salvage. Note that many of the mechs are ONLY available
for purchase when you are employed by the respective houses.

Please see your MC2 encyclopedia for the exact listing. I won't
repeat them here.

3.1   Light

Light mechs range from 30-35 tons (no 20 ton wimps here). They
move really fast and have minimal armor. Use their high speed to
avoid heavy fighting.

These are listed in alphabetical order, not order of encounter.

3.1.1     Anubis

Primary User: Liao

Generally a scout / long-range support mech, use the high-speed
and jump capability for "raids". Shoot, run. Shoot, run. Those
LRMs can be pesky if used right.

3.1.2     Cougar

Primary User: Clan

Heavy firepower power for a light mech, but quite a bit slower,
and no jumpjets. This Clan light mech is a potent fighter if you
keep it on the fringes of battle. Has good laser arsenal in

3.1.3     Fire Ant

Primary User: Bandit

This mech is cheap because it's JUNK. You can only 'peck' the
enemy to death with MGAs and Flamers, and you have no armor to
survive point-blank engagements. It's KAMIKAZE mech.

3.1.4     Hollander

Primary User: Steiner

Hollander is a gauss rifle with legs. It can't jump. It moves
slowly (for a light mech). It has only ONE weapon. In a group, it
can peck the enemy to pieces. Otherwise, it dies quickly.

If you are using, one, keep it as far back as possible on a flat
terrain or on top of a hill with your LRM shooters.

3.1.5     Raven

Primary User: Liao

Raven, as you can see from the equipment list, is a SCOUT. Don't
use a Raven in direct combat. Its advanced sensors and ECM suite
will be wasted otherwise. Use it to penetrate enemy sensor range
and "raid" those turret control buildings and such.

3.1.6     Razorback

Primary User: Steiner

Razorback is a decent mech that's quite balanced with medium and
short-range firepower AND jumpjets. With intermediate sensors, it
can even be a decent scout.

Forget the MGAs. Those are junk. Replace with lasers ASAP.

3.1.7     Uller

Primary User: Davion / Clan

Clan name is Kitfox. This mech is VERY versatile with decent
armor, speed, AND weapons, and only 30 tons. It can probably kill
most light mechs by itself.

3.1.8     Urbanmech

Primary User: Bandit

EXTREMELY slow, but with jumpjet. The MAC and 2 lasers are not
that good. You need heavier punch... Easily killed if you engage
one at a time. Can be trouble if you encounter a pack of them.

REALLY STUPID TRICK: Empty the mech and put in an HAC. Should be
a deadly surprise for someone expecting MAC... But it would work
only once.

3.1.9     Wolfhound

Primary User: Davion

Wolfhound actually have a laser arsenal large enough to do some
damage. It also has respectable speed and jumpjets, and some
decent armor. Replace MGAs with something more useful.

3.2   Medium

Medium mechs have decent speed, more armor, and better firepower,
making them more versatile.

3.2.1     Bushwacker

Primary User: Steiner

Bushwacker is one of the better Inner Sphere multi-role designs,
with MAC, LRM, PPC, and misc. weapons. Replace the MGA with
something more useful, like lasers, or more LRM and armor.

3.2.2     Enfield

Primary User: Davion

Enfield is a medium-range mech with UMAC, and loads of armor. It
carries a potent laser arsenal as backup.

3.2.3     Hunchback

Primary User: Steiner

Think of it as Enfield that traded in the UMAC and Pulse Laser
for a HAC and jumpjet. With the HAC it can be quite deadly close-
up. However, it must survive getting into range. Try hiding them
behind ridgelines and lure the enemies to them.

3.2.4     Men Shen

Primary User: Liao

Literally, "god of doorway" in Mandarin Chinese, Men Shen is the
ultimate scout. It has high speed (for a medium mech), advanced
sensors, ECM suite, AND a potent laser and LRM salvo. It also has
plenty of armor. You could hope for jumpjet, but that's

3.2.5     Ryoken

Primary User: Clan

Known as Stormcrow in the Clans, Ryoken has a medium/long-range
arsenal, with SRMs, Large Pulse Lasers, ER Lasers, AND LRMs. It
also has some of the heaviest armor in medium mechs.

3.2.6     Sha Yu

Primary User: Liao

The name means "Shark" in Mandarin Chinese. A bit light for a
medium, it is FAST, and it is jump-capable. Of course, this also
means it's a bit light in armor. The sensors mean it can be a
decent scout if you want to use it that way, but it's a pretty
weak one with minimum cover radius.

3.2.7     Shadow Cat

Primary User: Clan / Davion

This Clan mech is another multi-role mech. it is pretty fast, AND
it's jump-capable. It also has Gauss Rifle and lasers, giving it
a good long-range punch. It is NOT a slugger though. Stay back
from the fighting.

3.2.8     Starslayer

Primary User: Liao

Starslayer is a pretty decent mech for short-range combat, being
jump-capable and nicely armored. It is perfect for capturing
bases, defenses, and so on.

3.3   Heavy

3.3.1     Catapult

Primary User: Liao

Catapult is NOT a general-combat mech. It is a fire-support mech
ONLY. Don't use them in direct combat! Its low-speed will doom

Normal config is filled with regular LRM launchers. There's also
"Catapult Elite", which you encounter near the end, that is
filled with Swarm LRM launchers.

You can add some heatsinks and replace regular LRM with Clan LRM,
doubling the firing rate.

To kill Catapults, get into point-blank range first. Their LRMs
can't fire at targets that are too close.

3.3.2     Jagermech

Primary User: Davion

With 4 ULACs, this mech has a lot of long-range firepower... But
nothing else. This makes it similar to the Catapult: a fire-
support mech. With low speed, it's simply not that survivable.

Again, you can kill one by getting very close.

3.3.3     Lao Hu

Primary User: Liao

The name means "Tiger" in Mandarin Chinese. It's a very nice mech
at close range... LOTS of firepower. It also has respectable
speed AND jump jets. Assign Short-range specialist to this mech,
and let this one do the jumping if you want to use the default

It can be refitted as a long-range mech by switching to large
lasers and LRMs.

3.3.4     Mad Cat

Primary User: Clan / Davion

Known as Timberwolf in the Clans, this baby has a LOT of weapons
and able to serve multiple roles. It is a bit weak in short-range
firepower though. This is like THE Clan Mech... LRMs of a
Catapult (nearly) but still enough direct firepower to kill
without LRMs.

3.3.5     Shootist

Primary User: Steiner

Shootist, with the HAC, is a short-range mech. Give it some cover
to hide in so it can unleash the firepower at close range, and it
can do a LOT of damage. Just watch out for the low speed.

3.3.6     Thor

Primary User: Clan / Davion

Another Clan mech, this is a short/medium-range shooter with
jumpjets. The PPC gives it quite a bit of long-range firepower,
so watch out. The UHAC and SRM give it short-range bite also.

3.3.7     Vulture

Primary User: Clan / Davion

Vulture is like a smaller cousin of the Mad Cat, with more
missiles and less guns. It's still a bit weak in close-range
combat. Think of it as a "better" Catapult.

3.4   Assault Mechs

Assault mechs are heavily-armored slow-moving behemoths that deal
out plenty of firepower.

3.4.1     Atlas

Primary User: Steiner

Atlas, the quintessential assault mech from the Inner Sphere, has
a TON of armor and quite a few weapons. The default loadout has
HAC, LRM, Laser, and Streak SRM... That's a lot of weapons.
Consider simplifying it somewhat, like 2 HACs, 2 PPCs, 6 large
lasers, and so on.

3.4.2     Blood Asp

Primary User: Clan / Davion

A Clan mech featuring the "heavy lasers" AND gauss rifles, this
mech has both long and short-range firepower. You can refit it as
a variety of uses, such as a 6 PPC blaster, and so on.

3.4.3     Cyclops

Primary User: Liao

This mech is NOT an assault mech, at least not in the traditional
sense... It's a very "large" scout... The Cyclops sensor is the
best sensor available (in this game). The weapons are more like

Note: only Liao sells Cyclops. Make sure you buy at least one
when you're fighting for House Liao, preferably two if you can.
You can lose them on missions.

3.4.4     Highlander

Primary User: Steiner

The heaviest mech available to you with jumpjets, this mech is a
short-range killer. Jump in and blast the enemy to pieces. This
is a great mech to capture things with. You can fit two of the
larger weapons on these.

3.4.5     Zeus

Primary User: Steiner

This is the lightest "assault" mech available, and it's a bit
light on the armor and weapons. Think of this as a "heavy" mech.
It has PPCs and LRMs to hit you at long range AND lasers and
pulse lasers will pound you close in. Still, armor is quite

4    Your Mechwarriors

As the ratings of your mechwarriors will change, I don't see any
reason to list them all here. I'll just go over a few
observations on how the ratings change and what do all the medals

4.1   Pilot and Gunnery ratings

I suspect the gunnery rating is related to the number of kills,
but I can't confirm it. In general, the pilots with the "kill
medals" get the highest gunnery rating gains.

I haven't figured out what causes pilot rating gains. It appears
any mechwarrior that participated in the mission gains at least 1
pt, but I have no idea what causes additional increases. That
seems to be gaining VERY slowly.

The maximum gain per mission seems to be 4 pts.

The maximum for both ratings is 80 pts.

4.2   Promotions

The mechwarriors are promoted when their skill levels improved to
a certain point. This appears to be directly related to their
"average" skill rating, which is simply the average of their
pilot and gunnery ratings.

The FIVE ranks are green, regular, veteran, elite, and ace. Only
the first four are listed in the manual.

Mechwarriors with average of low 40's are green, low 50's are
regular, low 60's are veteran, low 70's are elite. Any higher and
you're ace.

4.3   Specialty Skills

Every time a pilot gets promoted, they can choose one of the
specialty skills listed below for their specific rank.

Most of the skills are pretty obvious. Please see your manual,
pages 66-69 for more discussion on what do those skills actually
mean. I think the "bonus" is somewhere around 20% though I'm not
positive about it.

The bonuses from the specialty skills are cumulative. For
example, if you have a medium autocannon specialty AND medium-
range specialty, you get BOTH bonuses when firing a medium
autocannon at medium range.

A mechwarrior can only gain four skills total, so make them
count. Most will gain only three.

4.3.1     Skills sorted by Rank

Regular: Light mech // lasers // light autocannon //
medium autocannon // SRM // small arms // sensors // toughness

Veteran: Medium mech // pulse lasers // ER lasers // LRM //
scout // jump jets

Elite : Heavy mech // PPC // heavy autocannon // Short-range //
Medium-range // Long-range

Ace : Assault mech // Gauss // Sharpshooter

4.3.2     Skills sorted by area

Chassis Specialties: Light mech // Medium mech // Heavy mech //
  Assault mech

NOTE: Chassis specialties, as the manual says, decreases the
chances of being hit. HOWEVER, it would make sense for this to
work much better for LIGHT mechs than for larger mechs. After
all, it wouldn't make sense for an assault mech to "nimbly dodge
shots" like a light mech would. So forget about chassis
specialties... Unless you want your Mechwarrior to specialize in
light mechs.

Weapon Specialties: lasers // light autocannon //
  medium autocannon // SRM // small arms // pulse lasers //
  ER lasers // LRM // PPC //  heavy autocannons // gauss

Other Specialties: sensors // toughness // scout //
  sharpshooter // jump jet

4.3.3     Consider heat combinations

As heat is always a problem, you should combine weapons that have
no heat with weapons that does a lot of heat. That way, you can
put in weapon that complements the mechwarrior AND still fits in
the mech.

High-heat weapons: PPC, ER laser, laser, pulse laser, LRM

Low-heat weapons: SRM, LAC, MAC, HAC, gauss, small arms

For example, you should combine PPC with LAC, LRM with gauss,
laser with MAC, and so on.

And don't be afraid of adding heatsinks. At 4 pts per heatsink,
you can add heatsinks to counteract the heat buildup, and often
still have spots available for other things.

4.3.4     Consider range combinations

Match the range of weapons. For example, you do NOT want HAC,
which is a short-range weapon, combined with LRM, which is a long-
range weapon. You want the range to overlap. You want the range
to match because you can then apply the "range specialties" to
further enhance the damage.

Note that some weapons can be short, medium, or long range,
depending on actual size.

Short-range: Laser, Pulse Laser, Small Arms, HAC, SRM

Medium-range: Large Laser, Large Pulse Laser, ER Laser, MAC

Long-range: PPC, large ER Laser, LRM, LAC, Gauss

4.4   Medals

Here's a list of medals and ribbons that can be won. Note that
you can only win each medal "once".

4.4.1     Campaign Ribbons

There are three campaigns, one with each of the 3 houses. Each
pilot who participated in at least ONE mission in the campaign
will get a campaign ribbon.

If the pilot participated in ALL missions in the campaign, s/he
also gets a "ribbon with honors".

4.4.2     Purple Heart

If the pilot was wounded in battle, s/he gets this medal.
Usually, this is due to ejection.

4.4.3     Valor or Uncommon Valor

This is won for destroying 3 or 7 mechs in a single mission.
Vehicles don't count.

4.4.4     Other

Some special missions may award special medals in service to
certain house, usually for a very dangerous mission. All
participants will receive it, not just the starters.

4.5   Some management tips

Mech kills seems to be the key to gain gunnery skill points. Give
every participant at least 5 kills per mission. Don't let one guy
hog all the kills. Spread them out so everyone gains 10 pts and
advance the ranks. Getting valor medals, on the other hand, seems
to help as well.

Mostly, this means the guys with the heaviest mechs get the
kills. So rotate the heavier mechs around, or go in with a bunch
of nearly equivalent mechs.

Piloting skills are very hard to increase. Gunnery skills are
much easier to improve. So if you want "Ace" ranked troops, you
need to start with high piloting skills.

5    Your Support Units

With resource points (RPs), you can summon a variety of support
units to perform special functions.

5.1   Air strike

RP Cost: 7000

Air strike can take out a single enemy structure (well, maybe) in
one pass. If you need to take out something and you can't do it
with your mechs, this may work.

On the other hand, this is a bit of a waste of RPs. This is "one
pass, haul ass". You only get one "shot".

You really need a direct line of sight to the target for maximum
precision of the airstrike (i.e. do the most damage). Don't
bother to target something moving. Best used against specific

You can issue this ANYWHERE on the map. Most support units
require line of sight, so this one (along with sensor probe) is
an exception.

Air strike does a LOT of damage. One hit can destroy a mech if
close enough. If you drop in the middle of a pack... Expect
multiple cook-offs.

5.2   Fixed artillery

RP Cost: 8000

You call down a fixed Long Tom at the spot you requested. It
fires plenty of shots, and you can target your shots as well.

On the other hand, it doesn't move, and sooner or later it will
run out of ammo (if you did NOT select "unlimited ammo" option).

Fixed arty is good for a "defensive" position where you need to
defend a spot. It can also be used just outside the enemy weapon
range to pound enemy defenses.

Of course, since you can't move it, it's only good for limited
engagements. You may be able to lure enemies back into its range,
but that's not very convenient.

5.3   Minelayer

RP Cost: 4000

Minelayer can be used to drop a minefield around a designated
path to lure enemies into an ambush. The minelayer is
exhaustible. Once it runs out of mines, it self-destructs.

Mines are somehow ONLY effective against mechs, and then only
medium and above. They don't seem to affect light mechs.

If you know the enemy will take certain paths, drop a minefield
ahead of them is a good way to avoid a lot of fighting. On the
other hand, some people seem to have trouble using minefields.
They often ended up walking their own mechs right through it.

5.4   Repair

RP Cost: 6000

Most often, you will summon a repair track to keep your mechs in
fighting shape. The repair track is exhaustible. Once it runs out
of repair material, it self-destructs.

As you can't really repair under fire (the repair vehicle can be
destroyed easily) you will need to secure the immediate area
before commencing repairs.

It's best to capture repair bays and use them instead of your RPs
for repair vehicles.

5.5   Salvage

RP Cost: 10000

Field salvage of mechs cost a lot of RPs, and the end result is a
barely functional mech. Still, this can be further repaired with
a repair vehicle or repair bay. And an extra mech is always
good... You can sell it later.

While ANY mech left on the field (i.e. not blown up into bits)
can be salvaged in the post-battle debrief, that cost $$$. It's
better to use field salvage on the mechs you really want, saving
C-Bills for other uses.

5.6   Sensor Probe

RP Cost: 2000

Pick a spot anywhere on the map and someone will drop a sensor
via parachute to that location. You can't tell what type of
enemies, but you can tell how many. The sensor picture will go
away as the sensor drops from the sky, smaller and smaller...
Until there is no more.

Sensor Probe can be useful if you don't want to invest in a scout
and you have some "odds and ends" RP left over.

5.7   Scout Chopper

RP Cost: 2000

Provides you with a scout chopper. This one has no sensors and
relies on line-of-sight to spot enemies, so don't let it get too
close to enemy units. You can command it like one of your units.
It has no weapons so it's only good to spot targets for the other

6    Your Enemy

Please see your MC2 encyclopedia for the exact listing. I won't
repeat them here.

6.1   Mechs

The enemy has just as many types of mechs as you do... But they
generally have the default config, not the custom configs that
you have.

6.2   Vehicles

The vehicles are lower to the ground and some of them can carry
pretty hefty weapons and armor.

Armored car: MGA only, wheeled

Centipede: large laser, hovercraft

Drillson: bunch of SRMs, heavy hovercraft

Harasser: some SRMs, small hovercraft

Hetzer: HAC, can be dangerous if you get close

Hunter: LRM launcher with armor

Infantry: MGA

Legion: 2 Gauss, 2 laser, SRMs. This is a SUPER heavy tank

LRM carrier: LRM racks, wheeled

Partisan: 4 LACs, looks like a ZSU-23-4 but pretty large

Powered Armor: Laser/SRM, basically advanced infantry.

Scimitar: flamers, hovercraft that are nearly useless.

Storm: 2 PPCs, respectable tank, can be dangerous

Swarm LRM carrier: same as LRM carrier, but red and shoots Swarm

Vedette: MAC, like a light version of Partisan

6.3   Fixed defenses

The Fixed defenses you will encounter includes:

AC turret: 2 MACs

AC camo turret: 2 MACs, pops out of the ground when you get close

Gauss turret: 1 gauss rifle

Large Pulse Laser turret: 2 (?) Large pulse laser

Long Tom turret: 1 Long Tom cannon, can be dangerous if you don't
keep moving.

LRM turret: 4(?) LRM racks

Camo LRM turret: 4 (?) LRM racks

SRM turret: 3(?) Streak SRM racks

Camo SRM turret: same as SRM except they pop out of the ground
when you get close

In general, you would want to take out the generator or turret
control that powers/controls the "local group" of defenses
instead of the individual weapons. Taking out the head or the
heart is far more efficient.

If you've captured the turret controls, you can always retreat to
the protection of the turrets and let them help take out the

6.4   Air threats

Air threats in general move very fast, but have VERY light armor.
If you can hit one, they go down. The problem is hitting them.

Aerospotter: technically NOT an air unit and unarmed, but calls
in air strikes. Kill one ASAP.

Attack chopper: LAC only

Heavy chopper: MAC or LAC?

Scout chopper: MGA only

Shilone Bomber: cluster bomb payload, don't see them that often
unless enemy calls in air strike on you. Don't believe they can
be shot down in MC2.

7    Tactics and Strategies

7.1   Pre-mission choices

7.1.1     Read the Briefing First!

The briefing will tell you what needs to be done. Study the
objectives first, THEN choose the mechs best fitted for those
jobs, or customize the mechs you got to fit the job.

7.1.2     Use all the carry weight

You need every advantage you can get. You are always outnumbered
and outgunned. Don't give the enemy an even easier time than they
should. Of course, this would mean you get the right mechs to

7.1.3     Balance the need between firepower and protection

In general, the more mechs you bring, the more firepower you
have. This also gives enemies more targets to shoot at, and you
can move faster in general.

On the other hand, having a lot of small mechs means you have
less firepower individually and are vulnerable to defeat in
detail since each has weaker armor. You also need to micromanage
more. It also spreads out your "kills" so advancements of each
mechwarrior will be slower.

It has been in my experience that a few heavier mechs are more
survivable than many lighter mechs. Your mileage may vary.

7.1.4     Keep at least one "jumper"

You need at least one jump-capable mech in your lance to capture
buildings and such behind walls and to perform surprise attacks.
A jumper usually can take over a fort much easier than a runner.

7.1.5     Use specialized mechs ONLY when needed

Sometimes, you will need a certain mech to perform special
functions. On the other hand, that special mech will be pretty
much useless for other tasks, using up weight that could be used
for other purposes.

Or in other words, don't be "married" to a specific "favorite"
mech of yours that you tried to use it every mission no matter
that the tactical situation dictates.

On the other hand, there is an exception: a scout with good
sensors (Men Shen, Cyclops, etc.) is very useful in giving early
warning or to locate the last enemies on the map. Definitely
bring a scout if you have an objective that requires you to
destroy all enemy units.

7.1.6     Stay away from wimpy weapons

Wimpy weapons like Machine Gun Arrays and Flamers are so weak,
they are worthless. If you get them as standard weapons on some

7.1.7     Stay away from the exotic weapons

The exotic weapons like Long Tom and Thunderbolt are just that...
exotic. They don't have high enough of damage to space ratio.

7.1.8     Redesign the mechs to fit the mechwarrior

Repeating a previous tip: Redesign the mech for each user so you
can exploit that mechwarrior's specialties. If he's good in
medium range combat, give him medium-range weapons. If he's good
with LRMs, give him LRMs. And so on.

7.2   Combat Tactics

7.2.1     Find the enemy first

This generally means use sensor-mechs like Cyclops, or capture
the enemy sensor net, or use a sensor probe or scout chopper.
Then you know where the enemies are, and how to approach them.

7.2.2     Take the high ground, literally

MC2 awards a BIG bonus for shots fired from higher-up. This
increases the number of shots that lands on the upper part of the
body, including the head, and that can result in headshots. If
you score a great headshot, you can salvage the mech with minimum

7.2.3     Go after biggest threat

In combat, neutralize the biggest threat first. Usually, it would
be a mech, but often it would be LRM/ Swarm LRM launchers and
related vehicles. Neutralize that, THEN move down the list.

7.2.4     Fight OUT of THEIR range

If the enemy fights medium range, use long-range mechs. If the
enemy fights short range, use medium range mechs. And so on.

Basically, "make them play your game, don't play their game".

7.2.5     When to use "targeted shots"

Targeted shots will miss more often, so you should reserve
targeted shots for "less intense" combat situations, when you can
AFFORD to miss. Don't use targeted shots in a heated battle!

7.2.6     Use "hold position" to create your combat formation
     waiting in ambush

Your mechs will move via any path they deem usable, so the only
way you can get them in a particular formation is by using the
"hold position" (i.e. STOP) command. In general, you want the
ones with heavy armor up front, and those with long range weapons
to the sides a further back. The front will act as "spotters" for
the LRM shooters in the back. The LRM shooters then do NOT need

Remember to use "hold" command to keep the formation.

7.3   Fighting AI opponents

7.3.1     Tease them out of cover

In general, enemy mechs are pretty stupid and will react to your
presence if you get close enough. So if you want to organize an
ambush, keep your larger mechs back, and send a smaller mech to
"tease" the enemies forward into your kill zone.

7.3.2     Use help when you got it

If you have captured turrets, tease enemy out of their cover into
the range of your weapons... Then join in when they're

If there are no turrets nearby, look for something that explodes.
Fuel tanks, ammo depots are all good. Lure the enemy next to
them, then blow them up. Boom! Cooked enemy.

7.3.3     Concentrate fire

This may be obvious, but it's worth repeating. Concentrate fire
to take out one enemy mech at a time.

7.3.4     Capture ANY resource buildings or resource trucks you

You will need those resource pts, and you can use them to save
you C-Bills later.

7.4   Organization

How to keep the battle organized.

7.4.1     Keep the range separate

If you have multiple mechs optimized for separate combat ranges,
keep them separate. One group would be close, another medium,
another long. Then you can line them up in the right range
easily. LRM and gauss guys in the back, AC's in the middle,
lasers and HACs in the front.

7.4.2     Keep the support units separate

Support units should be kept separate from the main group. Those
vehicles aren't armored and therefore should not be anywhere NEAR
combat. Keep them WAY in the rear, maybe in that base that you've
taken over or something.

7.4.3     Keep the heavily damaged units separate

If a mech was heavily damaged, separate that unit and move it to
the rear so s/he is out of combat. That way, you only need to
repair, not replace that mech.

7.4.4     Keep jump-capable mechs separate

Consider keeping the jump-capable mechs separate from the other
groups, as this group will be called to do different types of

7.4.5     Keep fast units separate

You sometimes need some mechs to run around really fast, like a
scout or a runner who are going for captures. Keeping them with
the slow assault mechs will cramp its style. Keep fast and slow
mechs separate.

Of course, you could have designed a lance that moves at about
the same speed.

7.5   Base Assault

You will need to assault PLENTY of enemy bases in MC2, so here
are a few tips.

7.5.1     Scout the place first!

Send in aerospotter, sensor probe, ECM-equipped scout mech,
capture sensor control, whatever. You need to see the enemy
layout BEFORE you approach.

7.5.2     Pick a route that has less defenses

Look at the enemy layout, note the doors and walls, and location
of the turret control and turret generators. Pick a direction
that can be penetrated easily, and use that as your attack point.

7.5.3     Attack "the head" and "the heart" of defenses

The fixed defenses have two vulnerabilities: the turret control
building, and the turret generator. If EITHER were destroyed, the
turrets go inactive. If you can CAPTURE the turret control
building, the turrets will do YOUR bidding.

If you do capture the turret control, you may need to defend it,
or the enemy will recapture it.

7.5.4     Use fast or jump mechs to capture turret control

If there are no enemy units near the turret control building, use
a fast mech or a jump-capable mech to capture it.

Jump mechs are the best. Stop JUST outside the jump range, then
jump right next to the building. As you're in the air, keep right-
click the building (capture) and you should nab it in mid-air,
saving you about 2-3 seconds.

7.5.5     Fixed firepower

If the enemy fixed defenses are not Long Toms, bring in your own
Long Tom fixed artillery to pound them into scrap is definitely
an option.

7.5.6     Don't STAND on those doors!

One of the dumbest ways to get the mech destroyed is STANDING on
the door when it's recessed into the ground. When the door rises
out of the ground again, the mech goes BOOM, even Atlas. So don't
do it!

7.6   Post Combat

7.6.1     Salvage ALL the mechs you can

They can be sold for MORE C-bills in the beginning of next

For example, typical salvage cost of a Fire Ant is like 17500 C-
Bills. However, every one you salvage can be sold for 23500 C-
Bills. That's 5000 C-bills in profit, or almost 1/3 of the cost,
and that's PER mech, on the CHEAPEST mech. The bigger the mech,
the more profit you generate.

7.6.2     What skills to pick?

If your guys get promoted, you need to pick a skill.

You start with 2 sensor guys, 1 laser guy, and 2 MAC guys (and a
toughness guy). So you need another laser guy ASAP. You get a lot
of lasers. Worry about ER lasers and pulse lasers later.

When you start getting veterans, I'd start picking pulse laser or
ER lasers depending on your style. I would NOT mix lasers on the
same person. I'd add them to the MAC and sensor guys.  MAC is a
medium range weapon, so pick lasers to complement it (yes, you
can pick a lower skill too). If you already have laser, pick LRM
to match. Almost all mechs can/should carry LRMs.

When you get to Elite, pick the "range" specialties that best
complements your existing skills. Pick one that fits the
weapons you already know how to use. If you picked lasers and
LRM, pick long range. If you picked pulse lasers and MAC, pick
medium range, and so on.

When you get to Ace, you really want sharpshooter and nothing

7.7   Mechwarrior Management

7.7.1     Don't "spread" the kills

One of the mistakes rookies make is they think of the mechwarrior
roster as an equal-opportunity establishment... EVERYBODY can
participate. This is a great way to produce a lot of people with
a bit of experience, but it also "spreads" the kills around too
much so no one will get to be Ace.

Instead, pick your best candidates and let them fight most of the
battles, and rack up the kills, and pick up the improvements and
promotions for those specialization bonus skills.

Do NOT overdo this either. Once the pilot made ace, use someone
else, until you have many aces.

7.7.2     Don't need specialists

Scout guys and jumpjet guys are not really necessary. The bonus
they get can be easily offset by having better sensors. On the
other hand, sensor guys can tell you what TYPE of contacts you
would be expecting, instead of just "an object". Ever better if
you put them in mechs with good sensors.

7.7.3     Decide on your fighting style

Are you the kind that likes to mix things up close and personal,
or are you the long-range type that rains LRM and gauss shots
from a distance? Design your mechs to fit and "groom" your
mechwarriors to fit as well.

7.7.4     Redesign the mechs to fit the mechwarrior

REPEAT: redesign the mech for each user so you can exploit that
mechwarrior's specialties. If he's good in medium range combat,
give him medium-range weapons. If he's good with LRMs, give him
LRMs. And so on.

7.8   Resource Management

7.8.1     Don't destroy your income source

Try NOT to blow up the enemy mechs completely... If you do that
you got nothing to salvage, and even Fire Ants are worth some
money salvaged. You can always make 10-30% on salvage mechs. If
you used RP to salvage them instead of paying the salvage fee,
you'll make even more.

7.8.2     Use ALL your resource points (RPs) at end of mission

As the "RPs" doesn't carry from mission to mission, you should
use as much of it as possible in each mission.

7.8.3     Search out the Resource buildings and Resource Trucks

There are usually several on each map, and each one that's
captured is worth RPs that can be redeemed for useful stuff.

In the walkthru I'll try to list every single resource building I
found and how to get to each.

7.8.4     Salvage Mechs before the end of mission

Before you reach extraction point or finish the final objective,
you should spend your RP to salvage any good mechs you
encountered. As the mech will be mobile after salvage, you can
just send it to the extraction point.

You can decide whether to sell them or keep in the beginning of
next mission. You don't even need to repair them. They are
automatically repaired when you see them in the mechlab.

7.8.5     Salvage every mech you can afford

Any mechs left on the field (not salvaged by you) can STILL be
salvaged, by paying a salvage fee for each.

While this doesn't sound like a bargain, it actually is, because
the salvage fee is only like 70% of the sell value. So you get a
30% profit from each mech salvaged should you choose to sell
them. It's NOT as cheap as salvaging it yourself (thus saving
that 70%) but it's still money.

In a big battle, where you can salvage 10-20 mechs, you can earn
the cost of several assault mechs easily and have millions of C-

7.8.6     Capture Weapons Facilities!

Weapons facility contains new weapons that you can use! NEVER
destroy any! After you capture each one, your weapons tech will
tell you what you got.

8    Campaign 1 / Steiner

You start the first mission with 75000 C-Bills, and 3 mechs: 2
Bushwackers and 1 Razorback.

The Steiner campaign is relatively easy as it introduces you to
the basics of combat without too many tricky missions. You can
learn a lot of the tricks like blow up fuel tanks, blow up ammo
depots, and so on in this campaign.

Steiner mech availability is quite good. You usually see 8-12
mechs available. Though most are low-end models. High-end assault
mechs are limited to a handful only.

NOTE: the C-bills earned at end of each mission was listed for
the REGULAR level. If you play at any other level the numbers MAY
be different.

8.1   Scouting Patrol (1)

Mission: You have been contracted by House Steiner's Colonel
Renard to take care of the bandits raiding Steiner bases. You are
to scout this abandoned airfield. Suspicious activities have been
spotted nearby. You have license to kill... Destroy all bandits
you encounter.

RP at start: 22000       Tonnage limit: N/A, preset lance

Suggested lance: none, this mission is preset

Objectives: (max payment = 48000)

  *    Investigate abandoned airfield

  *    Destroy hangar

  *    Destroy bandit patrol

  *    Repair your units and proceed to north island

  *    Locate and destroy all bandits

  *    Move all mechs to extraction point

PREPARATION: None, this mission starts immediately.

NOTE: This mission is very simple. It's almost impossible to lose
unless you purposely screw up. This mission is preset. You have 2
Bushwackers and 1 Razorback.

ENEMIES: Mostly tanks/hovertanks, a couple LRM launchers, some
Urbanmechs, 1 Starslayer

You start just southwest of the airfield. Head northeast into the
airfield. Destroy the hangar as requested.

Continue north. You should see two objects moving to the
northeast. Those turn out to be two hovercrafts. Beyond them are
2 LRM launchers. Take them all out.

Go northwest to the northern island. You'll see a few Urbanmechs
and a couple more hovercrafts and LRM launchers on the other side
of the forests. Take them out.

When the comm ask you to salvage a mech, don't. Ignore that for
now. You can salvage a better mech later.

The only tough fight you'll have is near the end, when 2
Urbanmechs and a Starslayer come at you, plus a couple LRM
launchers and 2 more tanks. Stay at longer range (use RUN) and
pummel them with your LRMs, then go in for the kills.

Salvage the Starslayer. It's much more useful than the Urbanmechs
you find lying around.

8.2   Reacquisition: Base Gemini (2)

Mission: Col. Renard wants you to take back one of the bases
taken over by the bandits. Terminate with extreme prejudice.
Expect more Fire Ant and UrbanMech (i.e. junk), though LRM
launchers and hovertanks are expected to be around.

RP at start: 6000        Tonnage limit: 170

Suggested lance: 2 Bushwackers and 2 Razorbacks, or 2 Buckwackers
and 1 Starslayer if you grabbed it.

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 50500)

  *    Captain resource building

  *    Destroy all bandits at Gemini South

  *    Capture Steiner Sensor Control

  *    Destroy all bandits at Gemini North

  *    Capture Steiner HQ

PREPARATION: Decide if you want to salvage and/or sell any of
those Urbanmechs you wiped out. You're keeping the Starslayer, so
fix it up. Replace those MGAs on the Bushwackers with lasers. In
fact, match up the weapons on the mech with the pilots. The
Buckwackers have MAC, so assign those MAC specialists to them.

NOTE: Watch out for more resources... There are plenty of them
around. One is your objective. Another one is near the south
base. There's another to the west of that. There is another one
to the northwest of the north base.

Just head north and capture the resource building first.
Basically, run in there REALLY fast and capture the building.

Start heading west. You should spot Gemini South, surrounded by a
couple defensive positions, each with its own turret control and
SRM turrets. Best way is to stop outside SRM range, then have the
jump-capable mech (you did bring one, didn't you?) jump in there
and nab the building before the turrets can fire.

Repeat until you destroyed all enemy units in Gemini south, then
capture the sensor control as well. Now you can see where the
enemy is... Chase down those trucks that move around also...
Anything that shows red, blast it.

Note where you destroyed any enemy mechs. You'll need to remember
them later when you salvage.

Capture the two resource buildings to west/southwest of Gemini
south. Send in a repair track if you need one, as now is a good
time to do quick repairs.

After you're cleaned out Gemini south, call in a repair track and
repair all the mechs.

When ready, head north to Gemini north. This one is tougher as
it's an enclosed position, with ONE road leading in, covered by
enemy defensive positions.

There are two approaches... If you like fixed arty, send one down
and use it to pound those turrets, then the door and any units
that decided to come out and play. Else, just use LRMs on your
mechs to do long distance pounding. Some of the mechs and
vehicles will come out after you. Destroy them one by one, our of
the SRM turret range. THEN jump in and capture the gate control
and turret control. Do NOT capture the Steiner HQ yet.

Destroy all enemies around. Then have the jump-capable mech move
to the west and capture the two resource buildings by jumping
island to island.

Now this is why you need to have remembered where the mechs have
fallen. You should have 50000 RPs left, as you should have
captured FIVE Resource Buildings. Salvage five mechs (those
Urbanmechs and Fireants) with those 50K RPs. You can sell them
later for more C-bills.

After you've salvaged 5 mechs, capture the Steiner HQ, and the
mission should end.

8.3   Ambush & Acquire: Mobile HQ (3)

Mission: Renard is happy... You've been doing a great job. Here's
another one. The Bandits are retreating, and one convoy with
mobile HQ is moving. Capture it, and destroy everything else.

RP at start: 16000       Tonnage limit: 190

Suggested lance: Shootist, 2 Bushwackers, or 2 Bushwackers,
Starslayer or Hunchback, Razorback

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 58000)

  *    Destroy fuel tanks and turret generators

  *    Destroy enemies at checkpoint

  *    Capture HQ vehicle

  *    Capture weapons facility

  *    Defeat bandit counterattack

PREPARATION: Salvage ALL the mechs that's left on the field. Then
sell off those Urbanmechs and Fire Ants in the MechLab, and you
can easily DOUBLE your money to almost 300K C-bills. Now you can
afford that Shootist heavy mech that just became available, as
well as maybe a Hunchback.

Watch the briefing as you're supposed to take out those storage
tanks. Those blow up really good.

Move north-northeast just behind that hill, near the fuel tank.
Move a little so you are southeast of the tank. When the enemy
forces approach the fuel tank, blow up the tank from long range,
and boom! They are all dead. That would also take out the
generators, rendering the turrets useless. Kill any one that's

There are two resource trucks to the west, capture both of them.
Clear out the checkpoint of any further enemies, and you're done.

Now you need to prepare for the next step... Ambushing the
convoy. Put the mechs on top of the hill where the road turns
west. Wait there and tell them to stay put... They'll shoot LRMs
from long range. You'll see a few tanks, a few mechs, then the
mobile HQ and the resource truck. Kill all defenders and capture
both. Looks like House Liao may be behind these attacks...

NOTE: if you did not capture the mobile HQ/resource truck, they
stop at the checkpoint any way.

How is a good time to ship in a repair track and get your mechs
patched up. Move northeast a bit and you'll find another resource
truck (hidden among regular trucks), then further over, there is
a resource building (with a few tanks nearby). Capture both for
more RPs.

Now is a good time to salvage a few mechs. Get everyone repaired
and ready to go.

Go west-northwest. You want to approach that weapons facility
from the NORTH side, where there are no defenses except the few
mechs. You can stay on top of the hill and just blast the mechs
below with long-range fire. In fact, this is the easiest method.
If you want, bring down a fixed arty on top of the hill and let
it help. After you've cleaned out the mobile defenders, you can
breach the walls and rush in. Remember to capture the turret and
gate controls. Do NOT capture the weapons facility yet!

When you've taken care of everyone, repair again. You need
everyone in tip-top shape for the bandit counterattack.

When ready, send a fast mech over to capture the weapons
facility, while the rest move to the hills just west of the
entrance. Then move that lone mech next to the turret control,
keep that mech separate.

The enemy mechs and LRM launchers should be counter-attacking.
Take out the LRMs coming over the hill first, then the Fire Ants
and Urbanmechs. Use the turrets to help you if necesary. Finally,
a Starslayer will come by... Blast them all, and you win!

Debriefing: that weapons facility you captured contains pulse
lasers. You get a full supply now.

8.4   Search & Destroy: Bandit Convoy (4)

Mission: Apparently House Liao is behind these attacks... They
are linked there somehow... So perhaps it's time for some
payback. Another convoy is escaping, may be heading across the
border into Liao territory. Destroy them all, but do NOT cross
over the border UNLESS Renard authorizes you to do so.

RP at start: 16000       Tonnage limit: 205

Suggested lance: Zeus, Shootist, Starslayer, or Shootist,
Bushwacker, Starslayer/Hunchback, Razorback

Objectives: (total C-Bills =62500)

  *    Move to convoy's last known position

  *    Destroy convoy

  *    Capture weapons facility

  *    Extract all surviving mechs

PREPARATION: Salvage ALL the mechs that's left on the field. Then
sell off those Urbanmechs and Fire Ants in the MechLab. You may
not make much money here, but you can easily make back any money
you spent buying those heavy mechs. You got some pulse lasers
now, but you have no one specialized in pulse lasers yet, so
don't outfit anyone with those weapons yet.

There are THREE resource buildings in this mission. Along with
stingy RP spending (1 repair only) you should be able to salvage
4 mechs...

Start by moving up to the bandit convoy's last position... And
start blasting any enemies. The convoy immediately starts moving
out, while its escorts try to engage you. Take out the escorts,
let the convoy run for now. Catch it when you can, and don't
dawdle. Capture the resource building nearby. The convoy escapes
across the border into Liao territory...

When you get close to the border, Liao forces send message that
you are intruding and there are no bandits in the area, when it's
clear that the convoy went across the border...  Renard
authorizes you to pursue the bandits across the border, AND take
out any Liao forces in your way.

As you approach the border you come across this "fort". A mech or
two (Anubis or Sha Yu) should jump out to engage you. Pull back
and take them out. Then charge in and take out the generator at
the fort, which should disable it. Continue in, take out
attacking forces (some hovercrafts and LRM launchers) and take
out the other fort. There is a resource building to the north,
another further to the south. Destroy the convoy if you haven't
done so. Do NOT capture the weapons facility yet! Salvage any
mechs now.

If you want to get more kills, repair everybody now (even if you
need to salvage one less mech). Then have one light mech capture
the weapons facility. That will trigger the enemy response. A
bunch of attack choppers will approach from northeast. Kill them
all. THEN a group of mechs and tanks approach from southwest.
Kill them all, then run for the extraction point.

If you do NOT want kills, run everybody except one fast light
mech to the extraction point. Then let that light mech capture
the weapons facility, and run for extraction.

8.5   Night Ops: Liao Raid (5)

Mission: Renard wants you to rescue one of his "agents" (spies)
from Liao prison. Capture everything else nearby while you're at

RP at start: 7000        Tonnage limit: 220

Suggested lance: Zeus, 2 Bushwacker, Razorback/Anubis, or 2
Buckwacker, Hunchback, 2 Razorback/Anubis

Objectives: (total C-Bills =79000)

  *    Destroy fuel tanks

  *    Capture weapon facility

  *    Capture repair bay

  *    Capture prison complex

  *    Extract all surviving mechs

  *    Capture resource trucks (SECONDARY)

PREPARATION: Salvage ALL the mechs that's left on the field. Then
sell off the lousy mechs. You may want to bring a mech with
sensors, like Anubis. It can be useful here.

NOTE: This is a NIGHT mission, so visibility can be a problem.

NOTE: You can complete the objectives in any order, though the
original order is fine.

Go northwest and take out the fuel tank. Take out the one in the
corner and the whole tank farm should go boom, and hopefully take
out a few of the defenders. You'll see some tanks and

Continue northwest to the weapons facility and capture it. You
may see a couple more hovercrafts and such.

Continue north until you see the road leading west. Follow it and
you come to the "gate". Use long-range weapons to take out the
autocannons guarding the gate. Retreat if enemies come out. Take
out the enemies, then go back in and take out the autocannons,
then the gate itself, and run inside to capture all the enemies.
Take out the 2 LRM launchers to either side also.

Continue to northwest and take out the defenders around the
repair bay. Now you can relax as you can do a lot of repairs
here. No repair track is needed.

Go northeast from the repair bay and you'll see the resource
truck. Capture it.

Go southwest until you see the LRM turrets and the turret control
on top of the hill. There are some defenders next to it. Kill
that defender (I think it's a hovertank?) then capture the turret
control. You can use them to take out the defenders of that fort.

If you're damaged, send that mech back for repairs at the repair

Approach the fort until you see the enemies, then retreat to your
LRM turrets and watch them take out the enemies. Help out if you
like. Repeat as needed.

You can go in either east or west side of the fort. The west side
has a fuel tank you can use to "open" the door (blow up the
walls). Walk in and capture everything EXCEPT the prison. Run
southeast from the prison and you should see 2 more resource
trucks (could be just 1). Do NOT take out the generators next to
the trucks... That powers the turrets you captured in the fort
for the west side.

Use your RP and salvage the best mech you see now. I think
there's a Starslayer earlier if you didn't blow it up. Else, take
a Sha Yu or Anubis. Send that mech to be repaired. Then bring him
back to the fort. Wait near the prison.

Now capture the prison, and you should get a notice about enemy
mechs powering up. Then you see this some mechs approaching the
west side. Take out the approaching mechs.

You can run for extraction point once that threat is gone.

DEBRIEF: Mechwarrior Steel joins your outfit.

BRANCH: Colonel Renard gives you a choice of 3 different
missions, so consider your choices. [8.6] is the hardest of the
three, so you may want to take the other two first, then come
back and do the defensive counter.

8.6   Defensive Counter: Base Aries (6)

NOTE: this mission is one of the three available after 8.5. You
do NOT need to do them in any particular order. This one is a bit
tougher than the other two, so you may want to do those first.

Mission: Liao forces appear to be on the way to attack sector
Fetters, home of Base Aries. Control Sensors and Turret control,
and destroy all attackers.

RP at start: 25000       Tonnage limit: 260

Suggested lance: Atlas, Highlander, Shootist (if you finished 8.8
first), or Highlander, Catapult, Bushwacker, Starslayer

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 69000)

  *    Protect base HQ

  *    Destroy all Liao forces

  *    Capture Sensor Control (SECONDARY)

  *    Capture turret control at checkpoint (SECONDARY)

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.

NOTE: Don't rely on your sensors. Many Liao mechs have ECM.

SITUATION: Turret control is far to northeast, while sensor
control is in the middle of the map. Base is to the south,
completely with 2 repair bays. You start just northeast of the
base. Enemy attack from two routes: northeast and northwest. If
you bring a scout, you probably don't need the sensor net. On the
other hand, sensor net gives you a sense on how long do you have,
giving you more reaction time.

NOTE: Pick the mechs you want to salvage quickly and call in the
salvage craft, as the mission ends immediately after the last
attacker has been destroyed.

Send a mech to the center and have it clean out the sensor
control and capture it.

The rest stay on the road, a little back from the tank farm. When
the enemy comes by... Should be some Starslayer, Sha Yu, and some
Catapult mechs, and quite a few vehicles. Blow up the fuel tank
and boom! That should take care of many enemies. Destroy the
rest. Capture the resource trucks near by.

Send your fastest mech north and capture the turret controls, and
have it dig around for some resource trucks nearby while you're
at it.

NOTE: This is a good place to call in a minelayer. Call in the
minelayer at the turret control, and have it travel south, lay a
set of mines ALL The way south on the road itself and on either
side. Just make sure when you bring that mech back, it doesn't
trigger any.

Now move west and find that repair bay in the base, and repair.
Then wait for the next wave.

When next wave arrives, take them out. Can't be that many that
survived the minefield. Should be some Starslayers, Sha Yus, and
some Catapults, and quite a few vehicles.

Next wave is coming from northwest again... This wave is smaller,
more mechs, less vehicles.  After they pass, send the mech you
sent to northeast westward and look for a resource building.
Quickly salvage any mechs you want from northeast and send them
to the repair bay to be refitted for your service. When they
reach your lines, help the turrets defend your base.

Finally, another wave from the northeast. This one splits into
two groups. Doesn't matter if they recapture the turret controls.
You can always send that lone mech back to recapture it. Shift
your main group east and stay inside the perimeter. Blast all
attackers, let turrets do most of the work. When you destroyed
this last wave, you win!

DEBRIEF: Pick from the remaining mission(s). When you finished
two of the three missions, 8.9 becomes available. You can skip
the third mission, or do the third mission before going taking on
the final Steiner mission.

8.7   Sector Occupation: Garrison (7)

NOTE: this mission is one of the three available after 8.5. You
do NOT need to do them in any particular order.

Mission: Colonel Renard wants you to take over sector Garrison,
which is Liao territory. Capture the Liao HQ (Base Leo) and
destroy the chemical plant.

RP at start: 6000        Tonnage limit: 200

Suggested lance: Highlander, 2 Bushwackers, or if you prefer
lighter lance, 2 Shootists and 2 30-tonners (Anubis/Razorback)

Objectives: (total C-Bills =69000)

  *    Capture Liao HQ

  *    Destroy Chemical Plant

  *    Extract your mechs

  *    Destroy all enemy units (SECONDARY)

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual. If
you want to fulfill the secondary objective, bring a scout, or
salvage one of theirs.

Instead of heading to the HQ right away, go northwest instead.
Stay on the hills, and you should see this resource building
inside one set of walls. Capture that resource building, and take
out the few defenders around. Watch out for 2 minelayers...
They're laying a minefield, so watch out for those spots on the
ground. Go around the minefield.

Continue northwest and take out defenders. When you're almost to
the edge, you'll see another resource building. Two Catapults
will attack here. To the north of that is another resource
building and the chemical plant. Blow the fuel tank and the
chemical factory should go with it.

Try not to use a repair track, since there is a repair bay on the
enemy base. However, that 6000 pts isn't going to do you any good
unused either.

Go east, and stay on top of the hill. You should see the base. On
the southwest corner of the base is a large fuel tank, so get
close there and wait for enemy mechs to come in. Two Men Shen
will approach. Blow up the tank when they're close, then take out
the other defenders. Go southeast and capture the repair bay.
Capture any turrets as you see fit.

Repair all mechs now. Salvage the Men Shen as you will need a
scout or two to locate the remaining enemies. Salvage the
Catapult if you want to. You should have enough to salvage 3
mechs. Get them all repaired.

Now it's a matter of hunting down the last enemies. Head back
southwest back toward that initial resource building. They may be
a few LRM launchers on the way. The scout will help you find
them. Take them all out and that should be all of them. If not,
run around a bit as you may have missed a patrol or two.

You can extract when the primary tasks are done.

DEBRIEF: Pick from the remaining mission(s). When you finished
two of the three missions, 8.9 becomes available. You can skip
the third mission, or do the third mission as well before going
taking on the final Steiner mission.

8.8   Combat Rescue: Claymore (8)

NOTE: this mission is one of the three available after 8.5. You
do NOT need to do them in any particular order.

Mission: You need to rescue Task Force Sig-9, which was ambushed
by Bandits and Liao forces. Mechwarrior Claymore was the sole
survivor. Find him and bring him back, and finish the job.

RP at start: 0      Tonnage limit: 160

Suggested lance: Highlander and Shootist

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 69000)

  *    Destroy air traffic control tower

  *    Link up with Claymore's Atlas

  *    Destroy air traffic control tower BETA

  *    Extract all surviving mechs

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.

NOTE: there are FOUR resource buildings around, so you can
resurrect a few mechs. No repair bay though. One of the resource
buildings needs a jump-jet mech to get to (that's why Highlander
is preferred).

You start on the western edge of the map. Start heading north,
follow the road, advance slowly and take out any patrols. You'll
see hovertanks and light mechs.

When you get to about half-way up the map, head east until you
see the "coast". You should see an island to east. On the island
is a resource building. Send the Highlander over and capture it.
Jump back and head back west to the road, and continue north.

You come to this "pass" on the northern edge, where there's a
resource building on top of a "mesa" next to turret control. Stay
at the bottom and take out the few patrols. Jump the Highlander
up to capture the turrets, then the resource building.

If you need some repairs, go ahead, but try to use no more than
one repair track for the whole mission.

Now work your way east slowly, and follow the road into the
airbase. Work slowly toward the control tower. You probably want
to work on the southern edge first, by taking over a few turrets
and let them help you take out the defenders. Then work your way
into the airbase, capturing turrets here and there, and take out
the tower. There's a resource building north of the tower you can
capture. Now is a great time to repair if you haven't done so.

Come south and follow the road to this flooded base (nav 2), take
out a few defenders if any. When you get close enough, Claymore's
Atlas will join you. Add him to your group 1.

Head east and follow the road. There is another tower you need to
take out (at nav 3), but it's best to work at it from the "back
door" instead of going through that "pass". So head east until
you almost hit the eastern edge, then head north. You see this
resource building and turrets. Capture it, and take out the few
defenders. Then work your way north, capture more turrets and
take out more defenders. This place should be nicely defended,
with Ravens, Urbanmechs, and Fire Ants. Take them out, and you
got the backdoor to the airbase open. Work west a little and take
out those turrets covering that "valley".

Now work north, take out defenders, and pass that bridge. Head in
there and blast those defenders. Stay on the east side so those
turrets won't target you. With 3 heavy/assault mechs you can wipe
out everybody easily, even Starslayer and other mechs. THEN move
in and capture the turret control, and take out the other control

Use any remaining RPs to salvage mechs. Raven, Urbanmech, Fire
Ant, Starslayer... Doesn't matter. Salvage the best there are,
then extract.

DEBRIEF: Claymore and his Atlas joins your outfit. You can pick
from the remaining mission(s). When you finished two of the three
missions, 8.9 becomes available. You can skip the third mission,
or do the third mission as well before going taking on the final
Steiner mission.

8.9   Breach: Bandit HQ (9)

NOTE: This mission becomes available after you complete two of
the previous three missions.

Mission: Bandit HQ has been found... The main Steiner forces are
out keeping the bandits busy. It's YOUR job to destroy the HQ...
Renard says you're too good so he needs to conclude your business

RP at start: 30000       Tonnage limit: 300

Suggested lance: Zeus, Shootist, Highlander, Men Shen

Objectives: (total C-Bills =90000)

  *    Destroy fuel tanks

  *    Capture weapons facility

  *    Eliminate bandit leader at HQ

  *    Destroy bandit HQ

  *    Extract

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.
Bring a pretty heavy lance as you will be doing quite a bit of
fighting. Scout is useful but not essential.

SITUATION: Enemy has swarm LRM launchers. Keep moving or take
severe leg hits.

You start in a little valley. If you go northwest you have to go
by enemy defenses. Instead, go south, THEN west out of the
valley, and bypass the defenses. Then move northwest and come to
the first resource building. Take out the defenders (mostly
vehicles) and capture it.

Now come EAST and you've circled around the defenses. Capture the
turret control, then east to find the refinery (nav 2). Your best
bet is stay near the turrets, and send one mech in to "tease" the
defenders out, then retreat back to the turrets. The turrets will
help you kill them all. After that, move in and blast the fuel

There is a resource truck slightly to southwest.

Head northwest, and you'll find your extraction point in a "wadi"
(depression) with 2 vehicles defending. Kill them and take the
resource truck there as well.

Head back to the resource building you captured. You can summon a
repair track now if you need it.

Go northwest and capture another resource building, take out the

Head northeast to the weapons facility. However, stay on the hill
and let the enemy come to you. By coming in from southwest you
avoid most of the static defenses. Do NOT shoot the ammo depots,
as there is a resource truck next to it. When you've cleared out
the area, capture the resource truck, the resource building (to
east), and the weapons facility.

You're almost ready for the final push, but not quite. This fight
will be hard as you don't have a chance to repair. Repair all the
mechs now. Salvage a few that are in decent shape and repair
them. You should have killed a couple Starslayers earlier. You
need them for this big fight.

Western side of the Bandit HQ is well protected by AC turrets. I
would suggest you circle around all the way to the southeast.
Consider putting down a fixed artillery or two and retreat to
them so they can help you take out the approaching enemy.

Bandit leader himself is in a Lao Hu, which is 75 tons with
jumpjets, nicely outfitted. He has several Starslayers and
Urbanmechs around, plus other vehicles. He's on the ridge just
above the spaceship wreck nose section. Take out the Lao Hu
first, then the rest as you retreat behind the hill. The vehicles
are easy to kill but you don't want to fight them and the mechs
at the same time. Take out the defenders that approach you one at
a time.

Head down the mountain to capture the turret controls, then blow
up the HQ section of the spaceship. This is a good time to
salvage. If you extract, you won't get to use those RPs. You
should salvage that LaoHu, then Starslayers, Urbanmechs and some
Fire Ants.

After all your salvage is done, head for the extraction point.

DEBRIEF: That concludes the Steiner campaign. Everyone who
participated in this mission get a special medal. And guess who
your next employer is...

9    Campaign 2 / Liao

Mandrissa Cho and her son Jason already know of your
reputation... It was you who reduced their forces. Still, that
serves as an excellent calling card... You serve the highest
bidder, and Liao pays good money.

On the other hand, Liao's mech market has only a few mechs, and
mostly of their own designs. Don't expect many assault mechs
here. However, Liao mechs tend to have ECM and sensors. The best
scout mechs are from Liao, including the Cyclops.

Liao also tends to send you on UNSUPPORTED missions, meaning you
have minimum or no RPs to call on.

Liao campaign has only EIGHT missions.

9.1   Liberate: Gulag (10)

Mission: Renard has herded Liao loyalists into a prison, known to
Liao as the Gulag. Secure the prison. Renard may send
reinforcements, so be careful. Capture the Steiner HQ if you can.

RP at start: 6000        Tonnage limit: 280

Suggested lance: Zeus, Lao Hu, Bushwacker, Shootist

Objectives: (total C-Bills =80000)

  *    Destroy Gulag defenders

  *    Destroy Steiner Reinforcements

  *    Destroy airfield defenders

  *    Extract

  *    Capture Steiner HQ (SECONDARY)

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.

Right at the start, Renard told you he will blast the prison so
that no one will escape. You need to hurry a little if you want
to save any one... Unfortunately, you're on the wrong side of
this lake. Run east and blast the defenders (some LRM launchers,
and a defense outpost with some SRM turrets). You can ignore the

Curve around the lake and head north, blast the few Hollanders
and Razorbacks and Bushwackers and other mechs around the prison.
A Zeus will charge down from the west. Take it out and salvage
it. Quickly send in a repair track and use it.

Renard ordered a counterstrike, and the choppers are coming in
fast. Head to the hills above the prison to the EAST, as Baxter
said he's scrambling a convoy to evacuate the prison from the

Send your lightest mech west to capture two resource buildings
next to the Steiner HQ, and another resource building southwest
of that. Capture the Steiner HQ also. Order it back as soon as
you got all the resource buildings.

Before the convoy gets here, the attack choppers will arrive, but
your mechs should have no problem with them.

After that's done, head SOUTH to the valley's opening, so you can
"close the door" when that convoy gets here. The convoy would be
blue, friendly, on the map.

The enemy mechs including Hunchbacks, Hollanders, and so on will
arrive soon. Blast them all and the convoy will be safe.

Now there's another thing to do... Head NORTH to the airfield.
You have two choices to get in... East, or west. If you approach
from the west, you run into an Atlas. If you go east, the turrets
are in your way. If you have at least 2 assault mechs, I would go
west and just take on the Atlas. Salvage that if you take it out.
Then run down there and capture the turret control. That will
help you take out the few hovertanks inside the airport. Then
capture the other turret control and you're done.

There is a resource truck on the airfield, look for it. Salvage
any mechs if you haven't yet done so. When all defenders are
gone, run east for extraction.

DEBRIEFING: Nice job. You know get a choice between the next two
missions to do first...

9.2   Facility Assault: Hijack (11)

Note: This is one of the two missions you can choose the end of

Mission: Mandrissa Cho wishes to hasten the war between Steiner
and Davion in sector Jacksen... The Davion base is weaker, so
take it over, and salvage the Davion mechs. Then use them to
attack the Steiner base.

RP at start: 0      Tonnage limit: 160

Suggested lance: Men Shen, Bushwacker, Hunchback or Starslayer

Objectives: (total C-Bills =80000)

  *    Capture Davion Weapons Facility

  *    Capture Steiner Facility

  *    Captain Steiner HQ

  *    Extract

  *    Capture Resource buildings at Davion base (SECONDARY)

  *    Salvage Davion mechs at salvage yard (SECONDARY)

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.
You need an ECM-equipped mech to get through the sensor net, so
Men Shen or Raven is mandatory. Men Shen is better.

You start on the edge of the sensor envelope... Do NOT move your
mechs EXCEPT the one with ECM. Send the ECM mech north and blast
the sensor tower. Then head north again and destroy the second
tower. Now your mechs are free to move about.

NOTE: If you let the enemy sensor net see your mechs, all the
enemies will be alerted.

NOTE: If you want to be REALLY sneaky, head up and "dodge" the
facilities and defenders, then head to eastern edge. Move north
until you're just east of the enemy base. Blast a section of the
wall and capture the sensor control.

Now that you are free to move about, use the jumpjet-equipped
mech and take both of the islands. There's one set of enemies
just north of your starting position on the island, guarding a
resource building. Another set is to the west on that isthmus
guarding some resource trucks.

Head north and capture the turret control facility on top of the
hill. Use that to take on the Jagermechs and Enfields patrolling
just north of the peninsula. Use the scout's sensors to sneak
past the patrols.

Head northeast and capture each defense outpost one at a time,
taking out any mechs in your way. Use the turrets to your

When you get to the base, the southern perimeter is well covered.
However, the eastern side or western side can be entered...
Circle around, then get in there and blast the few Enfields and
Jagermechs on guard. Capture turrets as applicable. Then capture
the resource buildings there, and the weapon facility.

Exit to north and you'll see the depot, with 5 mechs: a Shadow
Cat, 2 Jagermechs, and 2 Enfields. Salvage all of them. Repair at
the repair bay if needed. Now it's time to cross the river...

NOTE: there are THREE places to cross the river: the northern
route (next to the salvage yard), the central route, and the
southern route. The central route is mined, and southern route is
near defenses. Northern route is probably the simplest.

Cross and head south immediately to avoid the turrets. You will
find that the Steiner base is huge... And it's covered by mines
to the north. It extends ALL the way south to your extraction
point, and the side facing the Davion base has plenty of turrets,
and a couple heavy mechs including Highlander, Bushwacker, and

You may want to head south all the way until you can circle
around to approach the base from the south-southwest side, from
your extraction point. Enter slowly and methodically, capture one
thing at a time. Take turret controls first, then gate controls.
Use fuel tanks and ammo depots to help you take out heavier
mechs. Clean out the base, capture the weapon facility, and the
HQ, and you can get out of there.

9.3   Mobile Intercept: Killdeer (12)

Note: This is one of the two missions you can choose the end of

Mission: We need to destroy reinforcements heading to the Davion
base. You don't need to attack the base itself.

RP at start: 0      Tonnage limit: 210

Suggested lance: Any combination of 2 55-ton and 2 45/50-ton
mechs. One good combo is 2 Bushwackers and 2 Starslayers. If you
want to play with Liao mechs, try 2 Jagermechs and 2 Sha-Yus.

Objectives: (total C-Bills =89000)

  *    Destroy Convoy A

  *    Destroy Convoy B

  *    Destroy Convoy C

  *    Destroy Convoy D

  *    Extract

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.
This one can be difficult as you don't get too much repairs done.

SITUATION: If you do this wrong, the mission is VERY hard and
you'll lose most of your mechs. If you do this right, this
mission is NOT that hard. You will need at least two jumpjet-
equipped mechs.

You start on the shores. Send one mech to east and take the
resource building. This should probably be the scout so you can
use it as an early warning system. Send another north and take
the OTHER resource buildings.

Send two jumpjet-equipped mechs to island-hop to west. Take out
the choppers and the few vehicles nearby, and capture the turrets
and the gate control.

RUN north and capture the other defense point to the north, or
use the mech you sent north.

Gather your 3 mechs (not the scout) there, or send them forward
to the scout. The scout should now be engaged. Use it to snipe at
the front runner, then pull it back.

You should now have 50000 RPs, so drop 2 fixed artillery to help
you. Put them behind the wall next to the turret control to
northwest (north of the main base). Save the rest for a repair

Don't hit the convoy itself. That fort you captured will take
care of them. Take on the defenders instead. Retreat to the fort
if you need to.

Just hold this northern fort against all comers. There will be
FOUR convoys, each contain tougher mechs. First one has
Razorbacks, then you get Enfields, then Jagermechs... Stay back
and let the turrets help out. The enemy mechs will be going after
the turret control building, so push your mechs forward and don't
let them shoot the control building. The final convoy includes a
Vulture, a very good mech.

If you need to, retreat all the way to the main base and use its
defenses to help you kill all of them.

Once you kill all of them, salvage some good mechs with your
remaining RPs, and extract.

9.4   Remote Assault: Eclipsed (13)

Mission: Mandrissa has ordered you to Carver V's moon to take out
the HPG transmitters in order to confuse the Steiner and Davion
forces. Mandrissa will give you first rights to any weapons
acquired here at the weapon facilities.

NOTE: This is on the moon, so NO SUPPORT. No salvage, no repair,
no nothing.

RP at start: 0      Tonnage limit: 230

Suggested lance: Highlander, Lao Hu, Vulture (or whatever else
fits), or Atlas, Lao Hu, Bushwacker. You MAY want to bring a
scout (like Men Shen) and try to keep everyone at nearly the same

Objectives: (total C-Bills =92000)

  *    Destroy both HPG transmitters

  *    Destroy Weapons Facility A

  *    Destroy Weapons Facility B

  *    Destroy Weapons Facility C

  *    Destroy Davion dropship

  *    Extract

PREPARATION: Sell off the excess and outfit properly as usual.
Bring heavier units as you have NO support units on call for this

NOTE: there are TWO repair bays on this map, one in the eastern
corner, one to southeast of your starting location near the
Davion dropship and facility C.

The map is the desolate moon with nothing else around. However,
patrols dot the landscape and mini-forts with gauss and
autocannon turrets are everywhere. The trick here is capture
turrets as you go, and use them to help you kill patrols. Then
tease out the defenders and kill them with help of the forts.
THEN you can claim your prizes.

You start on the western edge near your dropship. Your closest
objective is the Davion dropship and weapons facility C to the
southeast. There is also a repair bay there, so it's a good

Approach it and you'll see a "ramp" up to the mesa. Forget the
sensor circle. Make for the tanks near the dropship ASAP and try
to approach it from the northwest side. When you see the
defending mechs come to you, BLAST THE TANKS and let the
explosion kill the mechs. Else you'll need to kill Thor and
Ryoken, both are tough Clan mechs. There may be some other

Destroy the Davion dropship (should be nearly dead from the
explosion) and repair your mechs at the repair bay (capture it
first, of course). There is also the sensor control and the
weapons facility C to capture. Kill any one in your way.

In subsequent attacks, if one of the mechs is heavily damaged,
retreat to the repair bay and get it repaired. Generally you
should be pretty safe as the enemy will concentrate on disabling
or capturing the forts instead of firing on you.

Now that you have the sensors, you can see the enemy patrols a
lot, and many of them are small scouts.

Now you're ready to go after facility B, but watch for the
patrols around facility A. You don't want them to see you yet.
Dodge around them.

Pick your fastest heavy mech with jumpjets (Lao Hu is good) and
use that crater to northeast as cover to sneak up on the 2 forts
on the south side of the crater holding facility B. Run in there,
jump, and capture each fort. If you got hit hard, retreat to the
repair bay and repair, then repeat.

When there are no more patrols, send a mech into the crater to
tease out the few defenders inside, and kill them the same way
(with the forts). Now the crater is clear and you can capture
weapon facility B.

Use the crater itself as cover and capture that fort to the east
of the crater. Again, use that to take out patrols if any (Ullers
and Enfields). Head to the eastern edge of the map.

Send your fast mech north to capture that fort on the eastern
edge with the repair bay inside. Capture the turrets is easier if
you go in from the east side as the turrets are on the west side.

Send the rest of the mechs in and get repaired, and take care of
any patrols that come visit.

There should be one more Enfield inside that northeast crater.
Send a mech in to tease it out, then use the fort to get rid of

Destroy the two generators in the northeast crater. Those power
the turrets protecting each HPG transmitter. So if you take them
both out, they go poof. On the other hand, you can try to capture
the turret control building at the end of the "ditch", and that
can help you kill the Storm tanks that will attack.

Now you have access to the primary crater by heading down that
"ditch" to southwest.

Any way, destroy any defenders in the main crater, and take out
both HPG transmitters. Now just one thing is left... Capture
weapon facility A.

Head south out of the crater, and capture both forts to the
south. Let the patrols see you and attack you. Wipe them out.
Tease the escorts out from that last crater and kill them also.

Now just head down and destroy another tank, and that's it.
Capture that last resource building and you can extract.

Don't bother with the forts to the north. They are worthless.

DEBRIEF: Those who participated in this mission get a special
Liao medal.

BRANCH: Now you get to choose between the next THREE missions. We
suggest 9.5, then 9.7, and finally, 9.6. You must complete all
three to continue.

9.5   Covert Ops: Orbital (14)

Note: this is one of the three missions that can be chosen in ANY
order from 9.4.

Mission: We are running a covert op deep in Steiner territory...
Meet the Liao operative, and take out the FOUR orbital guns in
the area. There are some secondary objectives you can fulfill as

RP at start: 0      Tonnage limit: 75   (yep, ONE mech)

Suggested lance: Lao Hu

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 89000)

  *    Capture meeting hall to meet Liao operative

  *    Destroy Orbital Gun Alpha

  *    Destroy Orbital Gun Beta

  *    Destroy Orbital Gun Gamma

  *    Destroy MOBILE Orbital Gun Omega

  *    Extract

  *    Capture sensor control (SECONDARY)

  *    Destroy fuel tanks at resupply depot (SECONDARY)

  *    Capture relay station (SECONDARY)

  *    Destroy all enemy units (SECONDARY)

Lots of things to do, so get started.

First, head north and capture the town hall. You will then get
the list of the rest of the assignments.

The easiest one to do is to the northwest, sensor control (A).
Capture that, and you'll gain a lot of situation awareness. The
airport is ringed by a few miniforts, but by now you should be
comfortable with capturing forts... Judge the distance, jump in
and land next to the control building, hit capture... You should
get it before you land. Capture all the miniforts and repair at
the repair bay there. Use the forts to take out the few defenders
there. Then capture the sensor control.

Move north into town slowly. Retreat to the forts if needed and
take out the enemies. Take out the fuel tanks there for secondary
objective (B), and explore east a little until you see the road.

On that road, you'll run into the mobile orbital gun (5). Kill it
and the escorts. Repair as needed.

Now head east, then north and you'll find the base holding
Orbital Gun Alpha (2). Approach it from the east, jump in and run
for the turret control. Use that to help you defend against the
mechs and vehicles inside and outside.

Now capture all the turrets around the base, and the repair bay.
Repair as needed, and take out the orbital gun alpha (2).

Go northwest and capture the relay (C).

Now you can cross the river at that crossing just to the south
and head up that hill and take out orbital gun gamma (4).

Now it gets a bit tougher. Work slowly south and capture one fort
at a time. Work your way northwest until you see this fuel tank
on the corner of the base. A Hollander and some other defenders
may attack here. Back up to the fort and use it to kill the
Hollander and any other attackers. Blow up the tank to open a
hole in the fort, then move in to capture the gates, the turrets,
and finally, another repair bay. Use it if needed.

Now the final target... orbital gun beta, which is on top of a
hill and heavily defended... Except from the north. AC turrets
cover the gate to the east, but you're not going there. Jump in a
bit to the west and locate ammo dump. When the Hunchback attacks,
blow up the ammo dump next to it. Boom! No more Hunchback.
Capture or destroy the turret control as needed, then head up
there to kill the final orbital gun.

Now you can extract.

DEBRIEFING: If you've completed all three, you go on to 9.8.
Else, you need to complete the other two missions.

9.6   Facility Assault: Legion (15)

Note: this is one of the three missions that can be chosen in ANY
order from 9.4.

Mission: House Steiner may be developing a secret weapon... a 100-
ton tank known as "Legion". Take out the manufacturing
facilities. Baxter and his partisans may be participating.

RP at start: 6000        Tonnage limit: 320

Suggested lance: Atlas, Cyclops, Lao Hu, Men Shen, or Cyclops, 2
Catapults, 2 Starslayers

Objectives: (total C-Bills =69500)

  *    Destroy all Legion tanks

  *    Destroy all three industrial complexes

  *    Extract

  *    Destroy relay station's power generator (SECONDARY)

  *    Destroy 2 medium factories (SECONDARY)

  *    Rendezvous with Liao operative (SECONDARY)

NOTE: This one will be tough if you play it wrong. You really
need a scout as the terrain is quite hilly and you don't want to
be surprised by enemies.

The partisans are attack up the middle, and you start in the
southeast corner. Get in there and help out the partisans. You
can kill quite a few mechs here, as they tend to shoot the rebels
instead of you. There are quite a few vehicles here, so be

After that, head north and clean out the defenders from that
factory complex. Capture the 3 resource buildings and blow up the
medium factories. Salvage some mechs here or summon repair track.

Now head south and then west and head for the Liao Operative. He
tells you that the Legion tanks are vulnerable to the rear.

Once you get that, head for the western edge then north. You'll
run into the aerospotter and its escorts. Take them out. KEEP
MOVING or lose mechs to airstrikes.

You don't want to be in that valley heading north. It's mined,
and stop-gapped by LRM turrets. Instead, bypass them. You don't
need to attack them at all.

There's a fort about half way up that has a repair bay. However,
it has a LOT of defenders, including mechs and vehicles. Attack,
then start backing up and keep firing, so you force the enemy to
attack you one at a time. Clean them out. Capture the repair bay
and repair all mechs

Head to the northwest corner. Now attack the generator at the
relays to complete that, and take out the few defenders that come
to engage you. Repair again if needed.

The Legion tanks are in the town to the east with the industrial
complexes, and they are tough. However, if you use the right
trick it can be much easier. The trick is... Fire support. Yes,
this is where having the artillery units can be good. Put them on
the hills overlooking the town or in that fort where the repair
bay was. I assume you did capture the two turret controls, right?
Engage the Legions, and LURE them back to your fire support units
and turrets.

Another possibility is run into town and use the close range to
your advantage. The Legions cannot shoot short-range, so if you
close to point-blank like in a town, you can shoot it with
impunity. Using two groups of mechs can also help you reach its
vulnerable rear armor.

Once you clean out the Legion tanks, take out the 3 factories.
Salvage any mechs you want to keep, and extract.

DEBRIEFING: If you've completed all three, you go on to 9.8.
Else, you need to complete the other two missions.

9.7   Acquisition: Base Hermes (16)

Note: this is one of the three missions that can be chosen in ANY
order from 9.4.

Mission: Capture Base Hermes and destroy Major Kelly's

RP at start: 16000       Tonnage limit: 320

Suggested lance: 2 Highlander, Shootist, Lao Hu.

Objectives: (total C-Bills =78000)

  *    Capture Sensor Control

  *    Destroy all defenders

  *    Destroy all reinforcements

  *    Capture Davion HQ

  *    Extract

  *    Capture all turret controls at main base (SECONDARY)

  *    Capture all gate controls at main base (SECONDARY)

NOTE: There are TWO groups of reinforcements, one from the south,
and the other from the east. You need to enlist the help of
turrets to help out.

Immediately head north and capture the sensor control, and take
out the few defenders near by. Then RUN east to the turrets and
capture it. Take the resource building also. The group of enemies
will be making a U-turn to the east and come at you. Stay near
the turrets and take them all out. You'll run into Mad Cat,
Vulture, and so on... definitely try to salvage them later.

When the southern foes are cleaned out, RUN northeast. You need
to cut the enemies off at the bridge. The enemy will be forced
into single file while you can stand on the banks. Also capture
the set of turrets to the west while you're at it. Wait for and
take out this second set of reinforcements coming from the east.

A Shadow Cat patrolling at the main base to west may come out to
meet you. Destroy it too with the help of the turrets.

There is a resource truck with the eastern reinforcement group.
If so, try to capture it. The AC turrets will destroy it if you
just let it pass. You can use the extra RP.

Once both sets of reinforcements are gone, that is that.

Send a mech east and capture the two resource buildings. You need
the points to salvage the good mechs.

Once that's done, come west-southwest, north of the sensor
control, and capture the base with resource building and repair
bay. Repair mechs now, and salvage those you want by sending a
mech there to establish line of sight. Definitely pickup any Mad
Cats and Vultures you find. There will also be several Shadow
Cats and Uller/Wolfhound around.

Continue north and clean out the base of all defenders. Approach
from the southwest side, and the enemies will come out to meet
you. You'll see Uller, Vulture, and lots of vehicles. Just stay
on top of the hill and let your superior position and firepower
go to work.

CAPTURE the gate buildings and turret buildings using jumpjet
mech, then capture the HQ to complete the capture of the base.
Use the repair bay in the middle of the Davion base for more

Extract all mechs and that's it.

DEBRIEFING: If you've completed all three, you go on to 9.8.
Else, you need to complete the other two missions.

9.8   Honor Guards (17)

Mission: Mandrissa is most pleased with you, but displeased with
Jason, who managed to squander the forces against Davion... She
has ordered Jason to negotiate with House Steiner, and you will
escort Jason Cho to meet with Renard.

RP at start: 0      Tonnage limit: 350

Suggested lance: 2 Lao Hu, Shootist, 2 Catapult or 2 Vultures.
Alternately, try 2 Atlas, Lao Hu / Mad Cat (2)

NOTE: Bring at least one jumpjet-equipped mech. A scout would be
nice but is not required. Configure one for close-in work and max

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 0)  (Nope, you don't get paid for
this one)

  *    Escort Jason Cho to rendezvous  (AUTOMATIC)

  *    Destroy all enemy forces

  *    Move into Steiner base (SECONDARY)

NOTE: Configure mechs for CLOSE-RANGE assault except the LRM fire
support units.

This is a nasty mission. As the mission starts... Your objective
is accomplished, then Jason Cho negotiated a truce with Renard...
The price is YOU.

As soon as the cutscene stops, RUN for that Steiner base to the
east. EVERYBODY MUST RUN. Don't walk, RUN! Jump inside, take over
things, and DEFEND. Even in an Atlas running at a lowly 54 kph,
you can make it to the base LONG before the enemy does.

Note that ammo dump inside the base. Remember it. Use it to take
out the biggest mechs that come in.

If one of the mechs were heavily damaged, RETREAT that mech
immediately. Those repair bays can repair a LOT of damage as long
as there's something LEFT to repair.

A ton of enemies will attack. Get BETWEEN the enemy and the
turret control buildings as you need those turrets! Kill that
first wave. Repair at the two repair bays in the base. The first
wave has 2 Zeus and a Highlander, plus misc. smaller Steiner

When you beat off the first wave, Jason wants to lead the attack
himself and he got the mechs from Renard... So no mercy for him
either. When he comes up the hill in his Cyclops, toast him, and
everybody else.  Repair as needed.

Now you got Mandrissa mad... So she sends HER forces after you...
Baxter then offers you sanctuary, but you need to hold on a bit
longer. Stop a THIRD wave, this time of Liao forces.  You'll see
Anubis, Men Shen, Sha Yu, Lao Hu, and other Liao mechs. Repair
again as needed.

A fourth wave is on the way, but Baxter's forces are ready. RUN
for northeast corner of the map and with Baxter's help (a lot of
vehicles), toast the final attack wave of Lao Hu, Raven, Sha Yu,
and more.

Once the final mech is toast, you win.

10   Campaign 3 / Davion

The bitter betrayal of House Steiner and House Liao leaves a
bitter taste in your mouth... At least Jason Cho is on his way to
meet his father... in hell. Still, the alliance between Liao and
Steiner is going to be hard to break...

House Davion and Baxter are nice to work with. Major Kelly and
Baxter hand you the tough jobs but advanced mechs are plentiful.
Pay does lack somewhat. Baxter gives you some emotional
incentive. Diaz WAS right... morality doesn't pay well. Still,
revenge does count for something.

There are only seven missions in Davion campaign.

Note: you will be engaging mainly Steiner forces. Kelly will NOT
engage Steiner forces until much later.

10.1  Defensive Counter: Bannikburg (18)

Mission: Liao and Steiner forces have attacked and seized most of
Bannikburg. You must recover the city and destroy any

RP at start: 16000       Tonnage limit: 320

Suggested lance: Definitely heavy mechs... Figure 90/70 toners
and some 80 tonners. Cyclops is a good mech to use here, as are
Zeus and a Thor if you got one.

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 96000)  (The secondaries are worth a

  *    Defend Bannikburg from enemy forces

  *    Destroy all Liao and Steiner units

  *    Recapture Davion HQ (SECONDARY)

  *    Recapture Power Generator (SECONDARY)

  *    Recapture Sensor Control (SECONDARY)

NOTE: The objectives are slightly misleading. The first one is an
ongoing objective. When you destroy all enemies, you fulfill the
first objective as well.

SITUATION: You start in the southwest corner. As you recapture
things, two enemy forces will approach from the north... The
chokepoints are the bridges. If you can hold the bridges. you can
bottle up most of the enemy easily. And there are forts on each
side you can use to your advantage.

Watch out for airstrikes. There's an aerospotter north of the
river, next to the tank farm. It has escorts. If you see it,
blast the tank and it'll take out the escorts. Then you just
dodge the airstrikes and take out the spotter.

Head northeast to capture the Davion HQ. Then clean out the area.
There aren't that many defenders.

Now you should capture the power generator. Head east again, then
use your fastest mech as bait and lure the enemies toward your
main force. There should be a resource building in between.

Head north and capture the fort overlooking the "central" bridge.

Sensor control is nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. If
you want it, send your fastest mech (preferably one with
intermediate sensors or better so it can avoid the enemies) and
capture the sensor control. Then you would know when the enemy
will attack. The sensor control is lightly defended and should be
taken cared of even by a Shadow Cat. There are some resource to
the east and west you can nab with that lone mech.

Main force should move west along the coast and come to the
western bridge. Head across and capture the other fort. Capture
the resource building. There's a repair bay on the south side you
can use and another resource building.

Now the trick is holding the bridges. Run between the two bridges
and just setup carefully. Drop an artillery or two near each
bridge and set to constant barrage on the bridge. When enemy is
on one side, run to that side and setup. When enemy is attacking
the other side, come back. Leave the lightest mech on the other
side to make sure the enemy doesn't recapture the forts. A Men
Shen will attack the western bridge fort. Then the other mechs

Run between the two, repair in the lull. When you destroyed
everybody, you win.

DEBRIEFING: The people thank you. You now get to pick among the
next THREE missions. You must complete at least TWO before
advancing to 10.5.  Recommended order is 10.4, then 10.3, and
finally 10.2.

10.2  Mobile Assault: Mt. Cho (19)

Mission: Liao and Steiner forces have attacked and seized most of
Bannikburg. You must recover the city and destroy any

RP at start: 12000       Tonnage limit: 330

Suggested lance: Atlas, Cyclops, Lao Hu, Catapult

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 125000)

  *    Destroy one-third of all enemy forces

  *    Extract

  *    Destroy two-thirds of all enemy forces (secondary)

  *    Destroy all enemy forces (secondary)

  *    Capture Liao HQ (secondary)

  *    Destroy all 3 generators at Liao base (secondary)

  *    Destroy both industrial complexes (secondary)

  *    Destroy all 5 Slayer bombers (secondary)

  *    Capture the weapons facility (secondary)

NOTE: This mission is hard to do really well, but quite doable if
you just want to do the bare minimum. You can do this mission in
ANY order you like. Rack up all the secondaries for a big payoff.
Leave the HQ (C) for last...

NOTE: Remember, as long as you kill 1/3 of enemies, you can
extract at any time. However, if you do kill everything, the
paycheck is pretty big.

Do the north or east side first.

Go west and take out northern Power Generators first. AVOID the
cluster of rocks as there are camo turrets there. You will need
to take on the base and its defenders. Attack from east and
retreat to draw out the defenders. Then head in and take out the
generators (D). Do it from the south side so you don't have to
blast the LRM turrets to the north. Alternatively, capture the
turrets from the north and use it to help you combat the
defenders. Capture resource building on the western side.

Now come back east and take out the Industrial Complexes (E).
There will be some vehicles there and some mechs patrolling the
roads north to south. Don't get TOO close as you'll activate the
hidden defenders early! After you toast both complexes, wait for
the counterattack, and defeat it.

Head south to the airport along the eastern edge. There will be
heavier mechs there. Run in and take out both aerospotters, then
run back to the hill. Stay on top of the hill and start backing
up so you take on ONE mech at a time with all your mechs. After
you clean them out, capture all the resources, and take out the
bombers and air control tower.

Weapons facility is next... Again, take the eastern edge south
and approach it from the south. Kill the enemies when you get
there, take them one at a time. You should have killed 1/3 of
enemies by now. So you can extract if you want. If you want to
take them ALL, continue.

Repair now and salvage any good mechs you see. You can use all
the help you can get in that big fight. There are two ALTERNATE
ways onto the western island: one in the southwestern corner of
that island, and one in the north. They are actually "fords" that
are slightly underwater. Vehicles can't get through (except
hovercrafts), but mechs can make it if you designate a midpoint
IN water (on the ridge), THEN click on land. If you just click on
the island, your mechs will try to use that bridge to the
northeast. That is BAD.

Make your way onto the island, and take out a few mechs and
vehicles that come to visit. If you are damaged, retreat to the
other side of the river and repair, then go back in. Capture the
resource building when you see it. You can capture the turrets or
just destroy the generators, but it's better to save them for

Line up your lance all repaired and be ready for a big fight.
Send a fast mech up to the Liao HQ and retreat. The Catapults at
standby will activate. CLOSE ASSAULT them and lead them to your
turrets and blast them all. Retreat to other side of river and
repair now if necessary. Now you can capture the HQ.

Now you need to head north and you should see the repair bay and
another resource building. Again, stay on top of the hill, send a
fast mech down to lead the enemies back to you. Take on ONE mech
at a time. Keep backing up to maintain proper range.

Go north again and notice the 3 resource trucks almost to the
shore. Some enemies may be patrolling to the east. Take them out
when they come in (Sha Yu and Lao Hu). Capture the trucks. You
should be at 2/3rd killed already, but you don't see the last

Head back across the river wit that southern underwater bridge.
Now move northeast... On top of that ridge line. If you have a
scout, you should see them... Blast them, and they should be ALL
dead. Now you can extract.

10.3  Combat Recovery: Dropship (20)

Mission: One of Major Kelly's dropship was damaged and forced to
set down in Sector Pierce, Liao territory. Destroy the orbital
guns covering the area, then evacuate with the dropship.

RP at start: 12000       Tonnage limit: 320

Suggested lance: Heavy and assault mechs only... Think Mad Cat /
Zeus. A scout like Men Shen or Cyclops can be useful if you want
to hunt down the final enemies. Some are patrolling about and can
be hard to find without sensors.

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 99000)

  *    Move to Davion Dropship

  *    Rescue dropship crew from prison

  *    Destroy Orbital Gun

  *    Destroy Mobile Orbital Gun A

  *    Destroy Mobile Orbital Gun B

  *    Extract

  *    Destroy all enemies (secondary)

You start on the southwest side of this island with two lakes
that lie in the middle of the island. Try to preserve your mechs,
as repairs are pretty rare.

There are two ways to do this: go for the ship first and leave
the stationary orbital gun for last, or go for the fixed gun
FIRST (get the repair bay), then slowly wipe out the rest. Or you
can just go in the order the objectives are listed...

If you go for the dropship first, head northeast slowly and take
out any patrols. When you get to the drop ship, capture the
resource just to the north of it as well, and some resource
trucks nearby. Then plan for enemy counter attack. Stay there and
fight off the attackers. Repair if needed (call in repair track).

Now continue east and stay near the prison. Patrols will come,
then some captured Davion mechs. Take them all out. Repair again
if needed.

Head west and stay near the coast. You should run into the mobile
gun B and its escorts. Take them out.

Follow the island to northeast and take out that mobile gun
sitting in the middle of this town. You'll have to deal with
quite a few escorts, both mechs and vehicles. Take the resource
trucks there.

Now you can head to the southeast corner of the map and take out
the defenders there. Look for Anubis, Men Shen, Zeus, and some
Swarm LRM launchers, among turrets and such. Once you're in,
capture the repair bay, and take out the HQ and the orbital gun.
Then you can extract.

If you want to go for the stationary gun first, just head
straight east and take on the defenders. Get the repair bay, then
work your way north to the mobile gun to north, then south to the
ship and prison, then west to the patrolling mobile gun, and
finally to extract.

DEBRIEFING: You get some veteran mechwarriors after this mission.
The Davion troops will join you, and many of them are quite good.

10.4  Night Ops: Scorpio (21)

Mission: Steiner sector Ramses has somehow left a gap in their
orbital gun deployment. We are dropping you in for a quick raid,
just cause as much damage as you can. This is strictly timed, as
the dropship must leave before the orbital gun comes back. There
are LOTS of secondary objectives you can go for...

RP at start: 23000       Tonnage limit: 200

Suggested lance: Something that can move FAST. Men Shen, Mad Cat,
and Thor is a good combo.

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 110000)

  *    Extract before the dropship leaves

  *    Destroy Ammo Dump Alpha (secondary)

  *    Destroy Ammo Dump Beta (secondary)

  *    Destroy Power Generator Alpha (secondary)

  *    Destroy Power Generator Beta (secondary)

  *    Capture weapons facility (secondary)

  *    Destroy Industrial complex (secondary)

NOTE: There are only ONE resource building and TWO resource
trucks in this entire mission. So try not to get damaged. You
would barely have time to get repaired.

NOTE: There is a STRICT time limit of 18 minutes. You need pretty
fast mechs. Figure 86 kph or faster. A scout is helpful to help
you AVOID enemies. You're playing guerilla warfare here.

SITUATION: Basically, you need to do a VERY good hit-and-run. Use
one mech to lure the defenders ONE way while you attack from
another direction, or just run really fast and attack really
fast. All objectives CAN be done if you move fast enough. Do NOT
be locked into a mech-to-mech duel or you'll lose most of your

Start running east and take out the industrial complex (F). Run
away from the defenders to south. You do NOT want a fight.

Turn east and avoid the defenders. Make your way over to Ammo
Dump Beta (B). Destroy ALL THREE GROUPS of four dumps each. It
helps if you bring some long range weapons like gauss or PPC. One
shot into each group quickly should take out each dump group. Do
it fast enough to so the explosions catch the defenders inside.
Nab the resource trucks to the north if you can. RUN from the
defenders. Don't wait around.

Once you took out Ammo Dump Beta, head west again. See that base?
Start from the SOUTH. Blast one hole in the corner corner. Leave
two mechs (without jumpjets) out and do a running retreat.  The
other mech (jump-capable) jumps inside from the west and blasts
the generators, and captures the weapons facility on your way.
There are only a few vehicles around the weapons facility.

Go north again and get the other generator, and RUN AWAY from the
Atlas and heavy mechs! You can outrun them! Time is running
short. You should be down to like 3 minutes now.

Now just RUN to the northeast and BLAST those ammo dumps. You can
do this part even if you just have ONE mech left. Blast both
groups and there should not be anything left. Once you got that
done, RUN for the extraction point. You SHOULD have at least ONE
minute left.

10.5  Baxter's Gambit (22)

Mission: We must break this Liao-Steiner alliance immediately...
You get the tough mission... You must take on the Liao Elite
Guard and destroy the Liao palace.

RP at start:16000        Tonnage limit: 380

Suggested lance: Heavy or assault mechs only. Cyclops, 2 Atlas,
Highlander. If you like Blood Asp, you can buy some now. Then try
Cyclops, 2 Blood Asps, 2 Bushwackers

Objectives: (total C-Bills = 95000)

  *    Destroy the Liao Elite Guard

  *    Destroy the Liao Palace

  *    Extract

NOTE: Include AT LEAST ONE jump capable mechs. You will need
them. Include a scout if you can. You can use the coverage.

NOTE: This one is quite tough, mainly due to the number of
enemies. Definitely SALVAGE good enemy mechs that are not too
damaged. Lao Hu is good, as is Catapult equipped with Swarm LRM
launchers. You have A LOT of RPs you can capture and use if you
look for them. Most towns have 2-3 resource trucks. Try following
the roads and see where they lead you.

You're in the southwest corner of the map, next to the walls...
There are TWO sets of fixed defenses, AND gates, and plenty of
enemies inside and outside. What you need to do is disable or
capture the northern defenses. THEN use that to get out to
capture the eastern defenses. Blow holes in the wall if you want
to help the other mechs get out. The gates are within LRM range
of some launchers to east.

Once you disable the northern and eastern turrets, enemies will
start moving in. If they don't, send out a "teaser" and tease
them into your turrets' range. Multiple patrol groups of Ravens,
Menshens, Sha Yu, Anubis, Bushwacker, and so on will start
approaching. Blast them one at a time, retreat and repair if you
need to. If you use the corner they won't bother you. Beware of
ECM equipped mechs like Men Shen and Raven moving in without
showing on your sensors. When they stop coming, it's time to get

Go northeast, and head for the center town. Use the tank farm to
the south to blow up some mechs. Some Anubis and Lao Hu and other
mechs will attack from both north and south. There is also a
Highlander and an Atlas somewhere in there. If needed, retreat
all the way back to your turrets. Make sure you capture
EVERYTHING, the trucks and buildings, and the all-important
repair bay. Keep repaired.

Now it's time to attack north and take on the fort protecting the
bridge. Use a jump mech to capture it. Then move in your mechs.
Line them up in FRONT of the turret control building facing the
bridge, the close-range guy on the road, the rest next to him. In
FRONT if them, if you have the resources, drop some fixed
artillery. BLOCK the bridge completely as there is another way in

Send in something that'll attract attention. A jump-capable mech
is good. An almost-depleted repair track would work too. Send the
guy half-way across the bridge and retreat. Notice the 4 camo AC
turrets? Activate them and retreat. Then wait for the enemy mechs
(several Lao Hu and Catapult) to respond. Blast them with help of
the turrets and your fixed artys.

[If you don't have fixed arties, it can be done with mechs alone,
but you'll suffer more damage.]

If you have good sensors like a Cyclops, you should see the Swarm
LRM launchers shooters, originally lined up on the eastern hidden
crossing, start to patrol. Send in a mech to tease the turrets,
and some of the Swarm LRM launchers come after you. You can blast
them with the standard package.

Now head south, out of the fort, then east and move to the
eastern crossing. That's the one with 2 ambulances on the other
side. Get in there, and the Liao Elite guards will attack. You'll
see Lao Hu and Catapult with swarm LRM, several of each, plus the
remaining Swarm LRM launchers. The trick in beating Swarm LRM is
KEEP MOVING. Get the Lao Hu's first, then the LRM launchers and
Catapults. You may see a White/Green Cyclops in the distance, who
may join the attack. That's the guard leader, and he's pretty
GOOD. You may lose one or more mechs here. If they aren't too
damaged, salvage and repair them with more repair tracks across
the river, then attack again. If you can capture one of those
Swarm Catapults, that's even better.

When you defeat all the mechs and swarm LRM launchers, that's all
the Liao elite guard. Toast all 3 sections of the palace, and you
can extract now...

10.6  Starport (23)

Mission: Renard has taken over the Starport and is trying to
starve the planet. He has also fortified the place.
Unfortunately, the only way to beat him is to play his game.

RP at start: 36000       Tonnage limit: 300

Suggested lance: Heavy or assault mechs only.

Objectives: (total C-Bills =147000?)

  *    Destroy all Steiner units at starport
*    Destroy Steiner reinforcments
*    Capture sensor control (secondary)
*    Destroy Steiner power generators (secondary)
*    Destroy Steiner dropshisp (secondary)
*    Capture mobile HQ (secondary)

This one is a true slugfest if you do it WRONG. If you do it
right, it is quite simple. The trick is to PREPARE a proper
reception for the reinforcements BEFORE they arrive.

The airport has plenty of stationary LRM launchers and many
different mechs guarding the area. Tease the mechs out and you
can defeat them a few at a time. Use the scouts to avoid the
other defenders. LEAVE the LRM launchers alone for now. The
rebels probably can't destroy the LRM launchers while you're at
it. That gives you all the time in the world to plant the mines.

Start by heading southeast and slowly take out the few patrols
and the LRM launchers on the ridge. Stay on the ridge to gain
height advantage.

Continue southeast until you reach the town, and clean it out.
There should be only a few tanks and choppers in your way. Though
you'll have to battle a few mech patrols. Get the resource trucks
south of the town. Clean out any further patrols.

Sensor control across the river is QUITE difficult if you do it
wrong. LRM and Long Tom turrets cover the bridge quite
effectively. HOWEVER, there is a small "ford" to the south. Use
it to get in, and blast the south wall and "tease" the defenders
out. THEN run in there and capture the sensor controls and the
turrets. Return to town. Continue taking out patrols.

Continue south and capture the mobile HQ. There should be a
resource truck with it. THEN capture the turrets. Else the
turrets will destroy the resource truck and the HQ.

Call in minelayer and lay mines both ON and ALONGSIDE the highway
to the west from that fort. Use waypoints and lay the mines ON
the road and beside it. You may need more than one minelayer.

While the mines are being planted, you can assault the starport.
Approach starport from the south side by going east and trigger
the defenders, mainly lighter mechs, but heavier ones will join
in. Look for the tank farm and use that to take out a few mechs.
Blast them all while backing up to draw them into your range and
spread them out. Retreat and call in repair if you need it.

Continue moving along southern edge of the starport. Engage mechs
as you see them. You will see the dropships soon. As soon as you
fire on one dropship, its defenders (one assault and one light
mech) start up. Back off and take out both mechs, then the
dropship. Repeat as needed but LEAVE ONE DROPSHIP ALONE. Do NOT
APPROACH. Instead, capture the two repair bays near the

It's likely that your rebel friends have not yet had a chance to
take out the various LRM launchers hidden in the airport (2 per
terminal arm). In that case, use that time to lay mines around
the entire WESTERN EDGE of the starport, mainly to the NORTHWEST,
but some to the west and north. Leave a clear path for yourself
to go to that minifort to southwest.

When ready, place artillery pieces (2 to northwest and one to
southwest). When the minelayer is used up, put it slightly
forward (in the minefield, maybe?) as "bait" and spotter. Use at
LEAST two minelayers for the northwest corner. Use waypoints to
make your job easier.

Once you like the perimeter, destroy that dropship and its
defenders now, and repair at the two repair bays. Now move the
mechs to northwest corner INSIDE the minefield, and put them on
"hold" (i.e. don't move around when shooting). Line them up in
accordance to range.

Use one mech to destroy any remaining LRM launchers in the base.
That should trigger the reinforcements. That "road of death" in
the south should have a LOT of broken mechs on it to the
southwest... But the north is going to be interesting. Some
snipers like Hollander will snipe your artillery from afar, but
if you move your mechs near they'll go after mechs, thus your
fixed arty can pound them, and they'll destroy themselves in the
minefield. Just take care of any leakers. When all reinforcement
mechs are gone, you've won, even if there are enemy vehicles left
on the perimeter.

10.7  Operation Goliath (24)

Mission: The grand finale... With starport freed and supplies
captured, the rebels are mounting a full attack on the Steiner
HQ. All other sources have been committed to keep the other
Steiner units away. A group of rebels will aid you in breaching
the HQ walls. You must go in, destroy Steiner HQ, and eliminate

RP at start: 10000       Tonnage limit: 450

Suggested lance: Cyclops, then 4 Blood Asp or Highlander. This
map will be hilly terrain so configure for medium or close-range
combat. Highlander HAC boat can be useful. Remove the gauss
rifles on the Blood Asps for something closer. If you add some
heatsinks, Blood Asp can hold 4 ER PPCs plus some lasers or LRMs.

Objectives: (total C-Bills =205000)

  *    Destroy Steiner High Command

  *    Kill Renard

  *    Extract

NOTE: This game cheated. They gave Renard a JUMP-capable Atlas
(yep, no kidding).

As you start, the partisans started their attack on Steiner High
Command on the EAST side, and you start on the SOUTH side, facing
the main gate.

Do NOT assault the main gate. The group of multiple heavy mechs
and Long Tom turrets will make mince meat of you. Instead, RUN to
the east (stay out of range of those turrets) and follow the
rebel Jagermechs and Urb
anmechs in from the east. Their job is to get you through the
defenses. The rest is up to you.

Once you've breached the walls, you have two choices... blast
everybody else first, THEN take out the HQ and Renard, or just
RUN up there and toast HQ and Renard before the rest of the
defenders arrive from outside the compound.

If you want to toast everything (best done at RECRUIT level),
move slowly and take out defenders. If you hear the gates move
and you didn't do it, enemy reinforcements are coming back in.

If you have some good sharpshooters, go for HEADSHOTS on the
mechs coming back in from the main gate. There are some heavy
mechs there you will want, like Highlander and Shootist.

Capture the resource buildings (there are at least 6 of them in
the base) and use them to salvage good mechs you can use. The
ones to the east are relatively lightly defended. However, Legion
tanks and mechs coming in from the west protect the ones to the
west. Still, it can be quite doable. Capture turrets and lure
them toward your turrets.

When you're ready, continue to HQ assault below.

If you want to assault the HQ, get started. Blow the light gates
and get in there. Head up the hill, and blast the "white/blue"
Steiner Elite Guard mechs.

Then you need to take out a bunch of power armor guys as you
approach the promenade. Blast the main HQ building and the two
wings. When that's accomplished, Renard should be coming down the
mountain. When his squad shows up, you'll see 4 Highlanders and
Renard's customized JUMPJET Atlas, with HAC and Gauss... Blast
Renard is the most important thing, so do that first. He'll
probably just jump down. BLAST HIM! If you just RAN up there, the
enemies that were patrolling outside the gates should be coming
back. Your rebel friends can't hold them for long. Once Renard is
dead, RUN down the west side and head for extraction, ignore all
other enemies. As long as ONE mech reaches the extraction, you

11   Multiplayer

Here are some tips about multiplayer in general. Perhaps later
I'll add some tips on specific MP game types.

11.1  Scouting

Newbies often ignore scouting, which is often why they lose.
Scouting not only gives you time to react to enemy attacks, it
also allows you to avoid enemy patrols and strike at his

Scout chopper is one of the least used support you can call upon.
While the range is limited (visual range only) it can be moved
around. Its counterpart, the limited-duration large-area sensor
probe, can be used to give you a quick snapshot of the situation.

11.2  Surprise

Surprise can work to your advantage. Most players are not very
good multitaskers and may rely on AI or the minimap for their
plans. If you use the ECM-equipped mechs (Raven / Men Shen) you
can often SNEAK by and capture objectives before they know what
hit them.

Even just a SINGLE ECM-equipped mech can be quite potent if it
can draw off the enemy mechs so the rest of your lance can reach
the objective relatively unimpeded.

11.3  End-run

Most players simply defend the direction they expect you to come
from, which is usually the direct route. If you go around the
other side, you may be able to breach before they can bring the
defenders over.

11.4  Height

Remember, height advantage is one of the most important thing you
can get. Retreat UP a hill, not down the other side. The ability
to score more critical hits will work wonders for your attacks.
Hold the high ground!

11.5  Use waypoints and patrol routes

See your manual on how that's done. Sure saves a lot time on NOT
micromanaging the units.

12   Misc Info.

12.1  Editor

There is an editor available for download from Microsoft.
However, it is quite complicated and this is hardly a tutorial.

12.2  Cheat codes

There are no cheat codes for MC2. However, there is a "mission
cheat". You can jump to any mission by adding a specific command-
line parameter. If you don't know what is a command-line
parameter, please look up the reference at

The command line parameter is "-mission mc2_xx" where xx refers
to the mission number (the number in parentheses)


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