Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight Expansion
                  Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                    by Kasey Chang ([email protected])
                     released November 30, 2001

0    Introduction

This is an UN-official strategy guide and walkthrough for the game
Mechwarrior 4: Black Knight expansion from Microsoft. This document
covers the single-player campaign in detail (how to approach each
mission), with discussion on weapons, mechs, and tactics.

0.1   A word from the author

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life of
software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have (and exist, at the time of this document's release).

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among many others.

0.2   Terms of Distribution

This document is copyrighted by Kuo-Sheng "Kasey" Chang (c) 2001, all
rights reserved excepted as noted in the disclaimer section.

This document is available FREE of charge subjected to the following

1) This notice and author's name must accompany all copies of this
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4) If you used material from this, PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE the source,
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5) The author hereby grants all games-related web sites the right to
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0.4    Other Notes

There is no warranty for this unofficial strategy guide. After all,
it depends on YOU the player.  All I can do is offer some advice.

To ALL readers: if you actually DO have a question about this USG,
chances are it's already answered, but you are NOT reading the latest
version. The latest version of the FAQ is at So please
look there first. Otherwise, PLEASE let me know if there's a
confusing or missing remark... If you find a question about this game
that is not covered in the USG, e-mail it to me at [email protected].
I'll try to answer it and include it in the next update.

0.5    The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like what
I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for XCOM,
XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander 3, Wing Commander 4, Fade to Black,
Spycraft, 688(I) Hunter/Killer. Mechwarrior 3, MW3 Expansion Pack,
and Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, and many others... Look for
them on

Most of them should be on, the biggest FAQ site around.
You can also find some of them on my KC Game Nexus website at

If you need to write me, send e-mail to [email protected]. (Any spam will
be reported to respective authorities).

0.6   Disclaimer/ Copyright Information

Mechwarrior 4 is a trademark of Microsoft. Mechwarrior and Battletech
is licensed from FASA.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Microsoft and FASA. The
information compiled in this USG has been gathered independently
through the author's efforts except where noted.

This guide includes strategies and tactics of approaching each and
every mission. If you need just a little help, don't read the rest!

0.7   Revision History

30-NOV-2001    Initial Release

0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me Mechwarrior 4 : Black Knight?
A: Get lost, you leech!

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: You have it and don't realize it, do you?

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual, please!

Q: What's the latest version?
A: BK itself doesn't have a patch. It does patch MW4 to V2.0.

Q: Does Black Knight require the original MW4?
A: Read the box!

Q: Can I play the original MW4 campaign with the new mechs/weapons?
A: Nope.

Q: Is there a map editor? Mods? Inventory editor? Any hacks?
A: is working on a map editor. It should be available now.

Q: How about more multiplayer maps?
A: Go to the official Microsoft MW4 website. At least four are
available.'s site should have more as they get more maps
up and running.

Q: Will there be a Mechwarrior 5?
A: Who knows?

Q: Are there any cheat codes?
A: No working cheat codes has been found. Previously listed cheat
codes appears to only work in the DEMO, not the real game.

Q: How do I get past mission X in the single-player campaign?
A: See the specific campaign mission walkthrough.

Q: What if I spotted something missing or more tactics?
A: Feel free to submit anything that can benefit this guide's
readers. However, make sure you have the LATEST version of this guide
(check, as chances are someone beat you to it. If not,
my e-mail address is [email protected]. Submissions will be included with
your name attached unless you specify otherwise. I reserve the right
to edit the wording or the reject entries. Feel free to submit your
favorite mech config as well. Please specify purpose/role and some of
the reasoning behind the config.

1    Game Information

MW4: Black Knight is an expansion pack to MW4: Vengeance. You are
Eric McClair, recently discharged from FedSun military. You joined
the Black Knight Legion, led by Colonel Lawhorn, and you will do the
dirty fighting... as long as you get the paycheck.

1.1   What do I need to run MW4: Black Knight?

From the box
  *    300 MHz or faster CPU
  *    Win98, WinME, or Win2K
  *    64 megs of RAM
  *    650 megs of HD space, plus 125 megs for swap file
  *    8X CD drive
  *    Mouse or compatible pointing device
  *    DirectX 8
  *    DX8 compatible sound card, Direct3D 8 compatible video card
  *    Speakers or headphones for audio output
  *    SVGA 16-bit color monitor or better

Multiplayer further requires:
  *    96 megs required for Win2K
  *    28.8 Kbps modem or LAN with TCP/IP or IPX protocol
  *    Narrowband hosting is limited to 8 players, broadband is limited
     to 16 players
  *    Internet access required for internet play and is your
  *    Microsoft play needs IE4 or Netscape 4 for initial

Typical install takes about 550 megs. Original MW4 CD is required.

I personally recommend at least 400 MHz CPU and a good video card
with at least 16 megs of RAM, and at least 128 megs of RAM.

1.2   How is MW4:Black Knight different from MW4?

You get five new mechs: Uller, Wolfhound, Ryoken, Sunder, and Black

You get more weapons (Cluster Bomb Launcher, AC20, Ultra 10, Clan
Ultra 10, Ultra 20, Clan Ultra 20, X-Pulse Lasers in Small, Medium,
and Large sizes).

You get an all-new single-player campaign with "black market", which
allows you to trade unwanted mechs and weapons for mechs and weapons
that you do want

Inventory is now "persistent". Destroyed weapons and mechs are
removed from your inventory. Crippled and damaged mechs can be
repaired though that will take time (one mission's worth of time).

You get more game modes in multi-player

You get more maps to play on and some new terrain types

1.3   Is there a campaign tree? How about different endings?

There is still minimal branching, and only one ending.

Sometimes within an operation you can choose from several different
missions, and doing one will affect the starting conditions in the
other. How much of an effect is unknown.

2    Weapons

This only discusses the new weapons (or categories with new weapons).
For discussion of old weapons, please refer to the original MW4:
Vengeance Guide.

2.1   Ballistic Weapons

Ballistic Weapons gets the most upgrade this time around, as we get
AC20, Ultra 10, Ultra 20, Clan Ultra 10, Clan Ultra 20, and Cluster
Bomb Launcher.

Cannons are rather heavy even though their hardpoint is rather small.
Get the Clan version if available, as they are lighter and produce
more damage.

The cannons need ammo. While ammo is available, you can pump out a
lot of firepower, but when you're out, you're left with nothing. On
the other hand, cannons don't produce much heat.

Ballistic weapons only fit in ballistic hardpoints (yellow in

2.1.1     LBX Scattershot

No Change. LBX has always been a potent short-range killer.

2.1.2     Machine Gun Array

No Change, useless as ever.

2.1.3     Gauss Rifle

No Change

2.1.4     Autocannon

Usefulness: A- / B+

With the advent of AC20, the regular AC's finally become actually
useful, as they are a good compromise between the range of ultra and
close-in shotgun of LBX.

2.1.5     Ultra AC

Usefulness: A- / B+

Finally, with the availability of Ultra 10's and Ultra 20's, long-
range firepower does not rely upon Gauss Rifles any more. Ultras can
be quite deadly if you aim carefully.

2.1.6     Long Tom

No Change

2.1.7     Cluster Bomb

Usefulness: D+

Cluster Bomb is basically a Long Tom that fires a shot that breaks
into a cluster bomb. Like the Long Tom, it is VERY difficult to use
properly. Maybe it can be of use as a defensive weapons, when you
jump on top of a structure and lob the shots down upon enemies, but
it has no place in melee combat.

2.2   Energy Weapons

The only new weapons were the X-Pulse Lasers, which comes in small,
medium, or large sizes.

2.2.1     Small Laser

No Change

2.2.2     Medium Laser

No Change

2.2.3     Large Laser

No Change

2.2.4     Small Pulse Laser

No Change

2.2.5     Medium Pulse Laser

No Change

2.2.6     Large Pulse Laser

No Change

2.2.7     PPC

No Change

2.2.8     Bombast Laser

No Change

2.2.9     Flamer

No Change

2.2.10    Small X-Pulse Laser

Usefulness: F

Any small laser is worthless.

2.2.11    Medium X-Pulse Laser

Usefulness: B-

Medium X-pulse lasers produce great medium and close range firepower.
However, they're extremely heavy (for their class), and generate
intense heat. Doubt the tradeoff is worth the heat.

2.2.12    Large X-Pulse Laser

Usefulness: B

Large X-pulse laser is generates extreme amount of heat and weighs a
lot, in exchange for generating more damage than a regular Pulse

2.3    Missile Racks

No Change

2.3.1     SRMs

No Change

2.3.2     MRMs

No Change

2.3.3     LRMs

No Change

2.3.4     Streak SRMs

No Change

2.3.5     NARC Beacon

No Change

2.3.6     T-Bolt

No Change

2.3.7     Flare Launcher


2.3.8     Artillery Beacon

No Change

2.3.9     High Explosive

No Change

3    Equipment and Armor

No new equipment or armor

4    Your Enemies

Know your enemies to best understand ways on how to defeat them.

4.1   Ground Vehicles

Several new enemies will oppose you. Please refer to section 3.3.1 of
your BK manual for actual references.

Demolisher II can be quite hard to kill and require heavy firepower.
Two PPC hits may not kill one.

MODL takes a LOT of firepower to kill, and it has a TON of self-
defense lasers. Kill the tread units (aim low) to stop it so you get
more time to really kill it later. Then just hit it from beyond MLAS
range and whittle it down.

You get encounter first-hand static defense forts, which are armed
with missiles, Ultra AC's, AND gauss rifles. Not exactly fun to take
on, but they are huge and they don't move.

4.2   Air Threats

You see two new air threats: the Nightwind attack chopper, and the
Stiletto bomber. Please see section 3.3.2 of your BK manual for
detailed data.

Nightwind is armed with LRMs and that makes them deadlier than those
pesky Peregrines.

Nightshade fighters and Stiletto bombers will now fire missiles and
perform low altitude strafing runs.

4.3   Naval Threats

No new naval threats.

4.4   Dropships

No new dropship threats.

4.5   Light Mechs

The new light mechs are Uller (30 t) and Wolfhound (35t).

Both are quite good in combat. They tend to be armed with energy
weapons as they use hit-and-run tactics. Get in some hits, run away
to cool down and recycle, repeat.

4.6   Medium Mechs

The new medium is Ryoken (55t).

Usually armed as a smaller version of Vulture, Ryoken is a general
purpose Clan mech.

4.7   Heavy Mechs

There is only one new heavy mech, the Black Knight (75t).

Black Knight has two Omni racks and can be adapted to various
situations. The default all-energy loadout makes it similar to a Nova
Cat, with slightly less heat problems.

4.8   Assault Mechs

The new assault mech is the Sunder (90t).

Sunder was originally designed to emulate the Clan Thor, though IS
has to increase the tonnage significantly to fit in similar
equipment.  The result is a very respectable assault mech.

5    Lancemate Management

Nothing really new to say, as the lancemates don't make THAT much of
a difference.

6    Your Mechs

Here's some discussion on each of the new mechs available, as well as
some recommended configs for your mechs.

In general, you want mechs that delivers knock-out blows rather than
"death of a thousand cuts". You usually don't have time to fight over
and over.

For each mech, the weight is listed, then the hardpoints (E=Energy,
M=Missile, B=Ballistic, O=Omni). The number right next to the
hardpoint is size. For example, 2x2E means there are TWO 2-slot
Energy hardpoints.

6.1   Light Mechs

There are only two new light mechs, Uller and Wolfhound.

6.1.1     Uller

30 tons        2x2O, 1x2E, 2x1M

Available:     ECM, Light Amp, LAMS

Uller, known as Kit Fox in the Clans, is a good light mech with
tremendous flexibility, with fully 50% of its weapon mounts as Omni

6.1.2     Wolfhound

35 tons        1x3E, 2x2E, 2x1E

Available ECM, AMS

Wolfhound, in the default config, is under-armed, and with only
Energy mounts available, it's doomed to use up more tonnage to fit in

6.2   Medium Mechs

Ryoken is a decent though not spectacular medium mech.

6.2.1     Ryoken

55 tons        2x2O, 2x2E, 2x2M

Available BAP, Light Amp, Jumpjet, LAMS

Ryoken is basically a slightly smaller Vulture. Known in the Clans as
Stormcrow, beware of all the LRMs it packs.

6.3   Heavy Mechs

The only new mech here is Black Knight, and it's a pretty good one.

6.3.1     Black Knight

75 tons        2x3O, 1x1E, 2x3E, 1x2B, 1x2E

Available ECM, BAP, Light Amp, Jumpjet, AMS

Black Knight's most interesting attribute is its omni racks. With 6
Omni slots available, you should use them to balance out the energy-
heavy loadout. The wide variety of equipment also allows easy
customization to most purposes.

6.4   Assault Mechs

Sunder is a very respectable assault mech, even better with limited
omni racks.

6.4.1     Sunder

90 tons        1x3M, 1x4E, 2x3E, 1x4O

Available ECM, Light Amp, AMS

Sunder is one of the heaviest IS mechs with Omni racks. You should
try to fit some ballistic weapons in there to help with the heat
dissipation problems.

7    Campaign Tactics

With persistent perishable inventory and availability of the black
market, inventory management changes quite a bit from MW4.

It is best not to use a damaged (yellow) mech as some parts will
remain damaged.

The standard advice of stripping all the mechs you don't plan to use
still stands. You may also want to set its color to none, to tell
them apart from the mechs that you do want to keep.

Keep a few machine guns and lasers around to "round out" the

Black Market is NOT always available, and even if it is available
availability of certain items will vary. When you see the right item
come along, get it now! It may not come back again.

Here's a tactic I used... I called it "in your face". Basically... I
load up my mech with close-range weapons, preferably LBX20's and
maybe MRM's or T-Bolts, but any heavy weapon would do. You go FULL
SPEED at the enemy mech, then when you make contact, fire RIGHT INTO
center of mass. The enemy gets confused when you're this close and
can't do you serious damage. Repeat attack (just keep bumping into
him) until the enemy center is flashing damage. Engage reverse, and
get back to at least 75m, then keep firing. If you stay too close
you'll be damaged in the "cook-off". This is only useful against AI
as humans will get away as fast as possible.

8    Campaign Walkthru

This walkthru was created based on the RECRUIT level. The exact count
of enemies may vary depending on difficulty level you have chosen and
therefore may not match your situation completely.

8.1   Operation 1 : Watch Dogs

Colonel Lawhorn has the legion chasing some pirates for the Corvatti
Corporation. Black market is not available in this operation.

8.1.1     Op 1, Mission 1 Missing Miners

Investigate the Corvatti mine for pirates, and destroy all bandits.

At the beginning, you get an Uller, a Cougar, a Raven, and an Osiris,
and 2 mechwarriors.

Primary: Neutralize any pirate threat

Primary: Sweep all nav points and investigate nav Gamma

Primary: Eliminate Pirate Tanks at Alpha

Difficulty rating: 2 (it's the first mission!)

As you move up to Nav Alpha, you run into 5 Bulldog tanks. Keep your
distance and nail them.

At Nav Beta, you'll see one Osiris. When you kill it, another Osiris,
and one more after you kill that one.

At Nav Gamma, you'll run into 3 missile turrets controlled by 2
missile controllers. Destroy the turrets or the controllers and you

8.1.2     Op 1, Mission 2 Stranglehold

You are the bait to tease the pirates out of their base. Take out
their water and oxygen processors, then run for alpha lance, which
will be waiting in ambush.

You will be going solo on this mission. Pick the best mech you got
(probably Cougar).

Primary: Destroy Water processor

Primary: Destroy Oxygen tanks

Primary: Enemy mech reach Gamma

Difficulty rating: 2 (you don't really have to fight any one except
the tanks)

Move up to Nav Alpha. On the way, you should see three Bulldogs, take
them out.

Once at Nav Alpha, move to top of the hill, and hold. On far right is
the water processor next to prison barracks. Zoom in, take aim, and
fire. You'll need a lot of missiles to blow that one. Turn left, aim
at one of the oxygen/fuel tanks, and shoot, then run for Nav Gamma.
If you have jumpjet, jump over the hill in your way, otherwise just
run around the hills. You may notice a Mad Cat and a Thor chasing you
from the base.

Primary: Destroy enemy mechs at Gamma

Once you made it to Nav Gamma, Alpha Lance will power up. First
victim is a Hellspawn from one side of hill, then another Hellspawn
from the other side, then finally the Thor and Mad Cat. Help Alpha
lance take them all out and you win.

8.1.3     Op 1, Mission 3 Safeguard

Escort Corvatti convoy carrying the crystals to the base.

You get two lancemates on this mission, and you should get some
medium mechs. You should take one with jumpjets. Take Uziel with
jumpjets if available.

Primary: Escort convoy to base

Primary: Destroy pirates around Nav Beta

Difficulty rating: 4 (escort is tough)

When you arrive, the other lance should be leaving. Let them.
Immediately order "form on me" and charge toward Nav Alpha, leave the
convoy behind.

As you reach Nav Alpha, a Cougar will attack from the to top of the
hill, and in a minute another Cougar will arrive. Use jumpjet to get
up the hill and take out that top Cougar, while your lancemates take
out that second Cougar. Get off the hill immediately as four Vedettes
will be attacking as well. Take out the Vedettes quickly by running
into them. That clears Nav Beta.

As you approach Nav Gamma, you'll see a Shadow Cat in the distance.
Kill it.

Nav Delta and Nav Epsilon are clear.

When you arrive at Epsilon, you get a new primary objective.

Primary: Protect Mining HQ from enemy assault

The attack comes in two waves. First wav is 4 Vedettes, then 6
Hellspawns from the opposite direction. You'll get some Stiletto as
air support, and the HQ is well endowed with missile turrets and
laser turrets. Just move around, lure the enemy into range of the
turrets, and shoot when you can. You should wipe them all out with no

8.1.4     Op 1, Mission 4 Seek and Destroy

Time to break the pirate's back once and for all... Make sure they
don't escape.

You get a third lancemate on this one.

Primary: Scout all nav points

Primary: Destroy all enemy mechs

Difficulty rating: 4 (your performance doesn't really matter THAT

When you start, there's a Swiftwind in front of you. Kill it, then 3
Bulldogs power up. Kill them and you should be almost at Alpha.

Two Ravens between Beta and Gamma.

When you get to enemy base, you'll run into enemy Thors and Lokis,
plus missile turrets and laser towers. Take out the turret controller
(mobile track) to stop the turrets.

After that, new primary objective:

Primary: Kill as many cargo pods as you can

One shot of PPC or LLAS at each pod should be sufficient to blow it
up. On the other hand, it doesn't really matter how many you kill.

Once all the pods are gone or were destroyed, the Hrothgar dropship
takes off... Then a new dropship blows it out of the sky. Carissa
Dupree of the Lyran Alliance is here to discuss new terms... With two
new mechs for free, a Sunder and a Ryoken. The Legion is getting a
new contract on Kentares IV.

8.2   Operation 2 : MODL Hunt

Steiner has hired you to attack Kentares IV, and you're to scout the
area, destroying the MODLs so the rest of the Legion can land.

The Black Market becomes available after you finished O2M1.

8.2.1     Op 2, Mission 1 Breakout

You've been smuggled in and you need to break out of the spaceport

You can take three lancemates, and there should be enough medium
mechs to give one to everybody.

Primary: Escort convoy out of port

Primary: Disable/destroy Dresari dropship

Difficulty rating: 5 (takes time to wipe out the dropship while you
need to wipe out the calliopes)

Nav Alpha is the dropship, which is covered by several LRM and SRM
launchers. You need to destroy the two APUs before you can take out
the dropship itself. Two Ravens will power up and try to stop you.
Don't dawdle though. The convoy vehicles will head straight for the
exit, and you need to destroy the two calliopes before they get

Once you took out the calliopes and broken out of the port, you'll
run into some tanks (Demolisher 2 and Myrmidon) beyond the exit. Take
them out.

By then, a Dresari Patrol of Ryoken and Hellspawn should be attacking
from Nav Delta, so you'll have to divert to nav Epsilon.

Primary: Escort Convoy to Epsilon

Primary: Destroy/drive off Dresari mech patrol

If you can, destroy the mechs. Otherwise drive them off (the
Hellspawn may run off) and accompany the convoy to nav Epsilon.

You get to choose among the next three missions, and the black market
becomes available.

8.2.2     Op 2, Mission 2 Clear the Skies

Attack the local airfield and wipe out the control tower and the

You can choose among O2M2, O2M3, and O2M4, though you need to
complete all three to get to O2M5.

You get only 2 lancemates on this one.

Primary: Destroy Mech Patrols

Primary: Destroy control tower and aircraft hangar

Difficulty rating: 4 (annoying choppers but not THAT deadly)

As you start, you'll start to see 4-6 Peregrine and Nightwind
choppers, followed by a few Nightshade fighters. Then they are
followed by mech patrol of Wolfhound, Raven, and Osiris. You can kill
them easily.

Once you get close to the base, you'll see the second mech patrol,
with heavier mechs Ryoken, Uziel, and Catapult. Don't get close to
the base though, it has a lot of calliopes. Just wait behind the
hills, wait for the patrol to come to you. Then kill them.

Now assault the base. The base has several calliopes, along with
guard towers and laser turrets. It also has a mobile repair base (the
red frame with yellow cover type). You can take out the turret
control tower, which will silence the calliopes. Then just shoot the
laser turrets and guard towers. Several other choppers will take off
and harass you, both Peregrines and Nightwinds. Take them all out
except one, and order your team to hold fire. Then repair yourself,
and your team. That one chopper can't do you much damage. Then kill
the hangar and the control tower.

Once the base is toast and all defenders gone, you get a radio order
about KFA needing help at nav Gamma. This is strictly optional, as
you CAN just head back to nav Beta.

At nav Gamma, you see three Dresari mechs, a Bushwacker, an Osiris,
and Ryoken (?) attacking a KFA Bushwacker piloted by Damon Squire.
(Those who played MW4 should recognize the name.) Kill all attacking
mechs, save Squire, and you win.

8.2.3     Op 2, Mission 3 `Mech Heist

"Borrow" some mechs from the local arsenal.

You can choose among O2M2, O2M3, and O2M4, though you need to
complete all three to get to O2M5.

You get two lancemates on this one, and some good medium mechs, maybe
even one heavy now.

Primary: destroy communications array at nav Alpha

Primary: destroy mech patrols

Primary: protect tech convoy

Difficulty rating: 4 (5 if you help the rebels, as you don't have
time to repair)

When you start, two Nightshade fighters will buzz your position, but
if you have large lasers you should take them out with no problems.

Right after that, Osiris and Uller attack your positions, but they're
no match for your mechs.

At the comm array, there's only two turrets, though when you start
attacking a Hellspawn and an Uziel (?) powers up. Kill array first,
then the mechs.

A Cougar runs in, kill it. Then you get the call about Rebels at nav
Beta needing some help.

When you get there, you'll find Cougar, Ryoken, and Wolfhound
attacking KFA Osiris. Save the KFA unit and continue to Gamma.

When you reach Gamma, the base is ringed by missile turrets. Don't
hit them. Two Ravens will attack, kill them AWAY from the missile
turrets. Then snipe the turret control tower to stop the missile
turrets. Several LRMs and Condors will attack, and you'll need to
kill Demolisher tanks within the base perimeter. Kill the light
vehicles from long distance while the tech convoy moves in to rewire
the controls. Then call comes in at Nav Delta about more Rebels need

Primary: Rescue Rebels at Nav Delta

Helping rebels is optional. If you don't head there ASAP after
getting the option, they'll be destroyed in no time, and then you
don't need to go.

Once the fate of rebels has been decided, the mission ends.

8.2.4     Op 2, Mission 4 Canyon Ambush

Take out the convoy and mechs in the canyon.

You can choose among O2M2, O2M3, and O2M4, though you need to
complete all three to get to O2M5.

Primary: Remain undetected until enemy convoy reaches spot

Primary: Destroy all enemy mechs

Difficulty rating: 6 (3 versus 6 is not exactly easy)

The main trick in this scenario is stay undetected. Go passive, then
do NOT MOVE. Wait until you can see the enemy convoy moving. Your
should also get a radio message saying so.

Once you see enemy convoy start moving through the gap, start your
attack and wipe out the mechs. You'll have to destroy SIX mechs,
including Uziel, Cougar, 3 Ryokens, and Catapult. Just wipe them out
and you're done.

8.2.5     Op 2, Mission 5 MODL

Intercept and wipe out the MODLs.

You get all three lancemates on this one, and you'll need them. Take
the heaviest mechs you can.

Primary: destroy vanguard patrol

Primary: Destroy both MODLs

Primary: Destroy all guarding mechs

Difficulty rating: 6 (lots of enemies)

Initially, a Nightshade will buzz you. Kill it if you can.

After that two mechs (Ryoken and Hellspawn) show up. Kill them all,
then head down the road to wait for the MODLs and escorts.

Now comes the tough part. Two MODLs approach, 3 mechs escort each.
You'll see Argus, Ryoken, and Catapult at each MODL. First shoot out
the treads on each MODL. One pass should do it if you have enough
firepower. Then concentrate firepower on one mech at a time to kill
them. Once you take them all out, head toward nav Zeta and wait for
mission to end.

Now the Legion has landed, things will get interesting...

8.2.6     Op 2, Mission 6 Kill Casey

Kill Casey Nolan, the "court jester", at the local Mech Academy.

If you play MW4, you should recognize this name as well...

You would be going alone on this mission. Pick a heavy mech with
close-in firepower. No black market starting from now, unfortunately.

Primary: Kill Casey Nolan

Difficulty rating: 7 (you would be slightly damaged, fighting a fresh
assault mech)

When you move in, you'll be far away from the enemy. Just move up to
the nav point until they "make" you. Then start blasting all the
Osiris's you run into, as well as any cadets that get in your way.
You'll have to kill at least two Osiris's, and maybe one or two Cadet
Cougars. If you are damaged, there's a mobile repair base to the west
you can use next to the turret control tower. Cadet mechs will stay
away from you if you go for the MRB.

Sgt. Pearson will come along in a Thor to attack. Damage or kill him
ASAP. In a minute or two Nolan will power up in a Mauler (90t) and
approach. Kill Pearson as he'll join the attack if you don't kill
him. Then it's just a matter of killing Nolan and you're done.

8.3   Operation 3 : Clean Sweep

You and your lance are patrolling the Cascade Mountains while Colonel
Lawhorn plans the assault.

8.3.1     Op 3, Mission 1 Flank Guard

You are supposed to patrol the base as flank guard.

You get one lancemate on this mission. Pick heavy stuff, as big as
you can.

Primary: Scout all nav points

Difficulty rating: 9 (extremely chaotic, quick kills are required,
expect to retry this 5-10 times)

Right at the beginning, the Legion was betrayed. Steiner forces mount
a major attack on your base. The Colonel was killed when his Black
Knight took a head hit. You MUST head directly for Nav Beta, ignore
all other nav points.

Primary: 4 of the vehicles in the convoy MUST reach Epsilon

Two Catapults will chase you from your right. You MUST take them out
BEFORE you break into the hills. If you don't, the hovercrafts from
the lake will attack en masse and you will lose the convoy.

Once you took out the Catapults, run for the next nav point and start
shooting at the hovercrafts in the lake. You'll have to kill 10-12 of
them. The faster you take them out, the better. Stomp them (walk over
them) if you can. Kill all of them FAST before they hit the convoy.

As you follow the lake, you'll see another hovercraft in the distance
to your right. Do NOT go after it. It's bait to lure you away from
the convoy. Two Ullers are hiding in the hills, powered down, on your
left. Kill them before they shoot up the convoy.

After that, there are no more enemies and you make your escape, and a
thirst for vengeance.

Dupree had cut a deal with Dresari. Dupree land troops to wipe out
the Legion, thus saving her the hiring fee, while Dresari won't have
to deal with us. Unfortunately for them, the Legion is still here,
and while the setback is great, the Legion does not forget...

You can choose from O3M2 or O3M3 next.

8.3.2     Op 3, Mission 2 Mountain Depot

We'll take what we need to rebuild the legion from Dresari forces.

Take all the mechs you got. You wouldn't get much left after that
mess, so take all of them.

Primary: Secure Factory

Primary: Secure Ammo

Primary: Secure Mech repair facility

Difficulty rating: 5 (air attack can be annoying)

As you approach Alpha, one Thanatos will attack, followed by a swarm
of Nightshade fighters (6-8). Then another Thanatos will attack as
you approach the base between you and Alpha on the hill. Just go in
there and nail the turret control tower to stop the turrets.

Continue to Beta, Gamma, and Delta and you'll notice several walled
structures protecting the turret control towers. Just charge in and
let your lancemates worry about the enemy mechs. You'll have to get
in medium range and just shoot the tip of the towers. Order your
lancemates to attack the enemy mechs while you take out the turret
controllers. Another Thanatos will attack, as will two Shadow Cats.
Try not to destroy any structures. During the attack you'll get hit
by more Nightshades, but just take care of the mechs and your mechs
will take care of the fighters.

Once you wiped out all opposition you get the base... And the Black
Knight mech.

8.3.3     Op 3, Mission 3 Prison Break

Rescue surviving Black Knight Legion personnel from the prison, and
maybe pick up some Kentares Free Army people as well.

Primary: Secure Prison at Alpha, Beta, and Gamma

Difficulty rating: 5 (killing the Shadow Cats quickly can be a

As you approach Alpha, a Thor may approach you, while the turrets are
beyond the hills. Stay behind the hills and engage the Thor. When you
killed that one, another one will approach. Kill that one too.

When ready, go to top of hill and take out all the turret control
towers you can reach (should be two of them). An Awesome will power
up in the distance. As you approach, you'll notice the third turret
control tower. Kill the third tower will trigger the rescue choppers.
Kill the Awesome to make sure the rescue is unimpeded.

You'll get a request to free the prisoners at nav Delta. Two Shadow
Cats will attack. Just kill them and you win.

You've freed Carl Soontag (another MW4 character). It's time to break
out of the Mountains...

8.3.4     Op 3, Mission 4 Mountain Assault

Destroy the firebase at exit and make your way to the city...

Primary: Destroy static defenses in Alpha

Primary: Destroy tower and hangars at Beta

Primary: Destroy helipads at Gamma

Difficulty: 6 (ammo conservation is very important)

Bring lots of long-range weapons, like ER LLAS, and so on. You'll be
doing a LOT of anti-air and you'll need the lasers. It's also best to
take out the control towers and static defenses from a distance.

When you start, you'll see a Loki or two. Kill them. Move directly
north to go through the gap discussed in the briefing and turn west.
You'll have to destroy 2 groups of 4 Quadpanzers each.

Another Loki will attack as you head to second gap, then a couple
more Quadpanzers. Then you need to take out the two fixed
emplacements guarding the pass. Those are nasty... lots of long-range
weapons, but they don't move. Just keep firing at it with long-range
weapons and they'll be toasted in no time.

Now things get tough. As you go up the slope, the calliopes will get
you, then Mad Cat Mk II is coming down too. You can take out the
turret control tower first, then concentrate fire to take out the Mad
Cat Mk II. Then run for the helipads, and nail as many choppers as
you can. They'll be taking off ASAP, so the more you can catch on the
ground, the better. Then just kill kill all the choppers in the air.
They can't do you much damage.

By now all the fighters and bombers should have taken off... And
they're coming after you.  Approach Beta slowly, and take out the Mad
Cat Mk. II that's guarding them, and the remaining turret control
tower. Then just run all over the place, avoid the bombs, take out
the control tower and hangars, while your lancemates shoot them out
of the sky.

After all that, it's time to visit Dresari...

8.4   Operation 4 : Reprisal

You've broken out of the Cascade Mountains into Kentares City... and
you will deal with the people who betrayed the Black Knight Legion...
such as Ian Dresari himself.

You have plenty of Black Market access, and you should have
accumulated several lighter mechs you don't need. Trade them in for
an assault mech or two and all the weapons you need.

8.4.1     Op 4, Mission 1 Staging Grounds

You need to do a recon-in-force to locate a good spot for the Legion
to set up shop...

Primary: Clean up Alpha

Primary: Investigate Beta

Primary: Investigate Gamma

Primary: Destroy EECM Jammer

Primary: Locate HQ site for Legion

Difficulty rating: 4 (simple fight)

As you arrive you'll see a pitch battle of several tanks and a Mauler
fighting several lighter mechs. Get in there and save the rebels.

When you move to Beta, you'll see the ECCM Generator (looks just like
a Comm Array though). You'll fight an Uziel and several tanks and LRM
launchers. Nail them all.

When you reach nav Gamma, you'll hit the checkpoint with some missile
turrets, another Mauler, and an Uziel. Take them all out.

Once the area is cleared, you called in the convoy... When suddenly
you detect more mechs coming in.

Primary: Destroy Dresari reinforcements.

Hellspawn and Cougar charge in, but you should have plenty of
firepower to deal with them. Once you take care of these two the
mission is a success.

8.4.2     Op 4, Mission 2 Checkpoint Checkout

Destroy all guards at the four checkpoints

Primary: Clear Alpha

Primary: Clear Beta

Primary: Clear Gamma

Primary: Clear Delta

Difficulty rating: 6 (lots of fight, extremely close quarters, no

At Alpha, there are several turrets (gauss rifle), Demolisher II's
and Myrmidon tanks, and two Mechs (Ryoken or Argus and Thor). Take
out the turret control track, then the mechs.

Same setup is at Beta. Repeat the process.

Same setup again is at Gamma, just repeat the process.

While on your way to Delta, you run into 4 Demolisher II tanks and 1
Myrmidon tank. Take them all out with concentrated fire.

At Delta, you were informed of two assault mechs joining the defense.
However, as you approach, Damon Squire joins your attack in his
Daishi. The defense is composed of Argus, Thor, 2 Maulers,  some
tanks, and more turrets. Kill everybody should be easy with Squire's

8.4.3     Op 4, Mission 3 Lion's Mouth

Attack Lion Base, the Dresari stronghold in the city, to drive them
back into palace grounds...

Primary: Destroy Lion Base

Difficulty rating: 4 (you have lots of help on this one)

Just move down that wide street in front of you. Two mechs will
attack (usually Uziel and Ryoken), and 4 LRM tracks. Take them all

Another Uziel and a Mad Cat will attack, but in a few moments they'll
run away. You can shoot them from the back, they won't matter.

You'll have to take out several calliopes on the rooftops as you
approach the park.

When you get to the park, the rebel assault lance should have killed
just about all the defenders. You just go ahead and toast the HQ and
the mech hangars.

You then get a notice about Dresari assault lance approaching
(Sunder, Mad Cat Mk. II, Daishi), but the Rebel assault lance should
have engaged them already. Just join in and toast all of them, and
you win.

8.4.4     Op 4, Mission 5 Revenge

You're attacking the Dresari palace... (nearly same as the final
mission in MW4)

You can take three lancemates and all the heavy stuff you want.
Daishi should be available in the black market now.

Trade for all the mechs and weapons you want now, because you don't
get access to Black Market in the next operation except the initial
mission. Get at least two more assault mechs for backup in case your
current ones are damaged or destroyed.

Primary: destroy Dresari Mechs

Primary: find Ian Dresari

Difficulty rating: 6 (easy fight, esp. with repairs)

When you start, no one attacks, but then you'll soon be in range of 3
calliopes, then 2 Vultures, a Mad Cat, and a Awesome will join in.
Kill them all.

As you move up to nav Alpha, you'll be attacked by Mad Cat and a
Thor. Kill them.  There is a repair bay to west of nav Alpha (the
same one back in MW4's Endgame, in fact) you can use.

When you've taken cared of all the other guards, move up to Nav Beta.
Ian Dresari will show up in a Daishi (with X-Pulse lasers) with Jules
Gonzales in a Sunder.

Primary: Destroy Ian Dresari and Jules Gonzales.

Take them both out, and Kentares is free, and you'll be settling the
score with Major Dupree...

8.5   Operation 5 : Pay Day

Dresari is dead, but Major Dupree remains... And the circle of
vengeance is not yet closed... You are landing on Voltrat 3 to finish
the job.

8.5.1     Op 5, Mission 1 Final Countdown

Land on the rock, take over the missile base, shoot the missiles at
the other base, and evacuate.

Primary: Destroy all patrols of missile base

Primary: Protect the tech team as they rewire the missiles

Difficulty rating: 7 (the reinforcements coming from two directions)

As you attack, you'll run into a few light and medium mechs, mainly
Hellspawns and Cougars. Destroy all of them.

Continue approach and you'll see a group of Quadpanzers (4). Take
them all out, and you should be at Alpha.

Continue approach and take out all the turrets you see. You should
see the choppers (two Peregrines parked next to satellite control).
Use Zoom mode to take them out before they take off. Continue
approach and blow all the turrets. When you do that, the chopper
should come in and start rewiring the controls.

You then get a visit from six mechs... First ones are from the east
(?). You get a Mauler. When you kill it, you get a Mad Cat Mk. II,
then an Atlas. When the Atlas arrives, three MORE mechs arrive from
the opposite direction (west?), Mad Cat Mk II, Mauler, and Hellspawn.
Kill them quickly, as you need to be able to get back to Alpha. You
then get a warning about incoming missiles in 1 minute.

Primary: make your way back to nav Alpha to avoid the incoming

Once you reach nav Alpha, you should see some of your missiles taking
off in a cutscene, and the mission is a success!

At completion, you can choose between O5M2 or O5M3...

8.5.2     Op 5, Mission 2 The Gauntlet

Take out the mechwarrior school to cut off any reinforcements.

You can choose to do O5M2 or O5M3 first. This makes the first mission
a little easier and the next mission somewhat more difficult.

Primary: destroy `mech defenders

Primary: destroy enemy base at Beta

Difficulty rating: 7 (lots of enemies, esp. in the beginning)

You start alone. Immediately order "form on me", and go full throttle
to nav Gamma. You'll see a Vulture. As you go, a Thor and Catapult
will power up beside you. These guys are deadly... Don't fight them.
Instead, run past them and join up with the rest of your lance. With
the rest of the lance they are a piece of cake.

If you ordered "form on me", there may be three Vultures following
them. Take them out as well when you take care of the first three.

In the meanwhile, Hammer lance at Epsilon is getting hit hard, but
you can't get there in time unless you have a VERY fast mech (they
are more 4 klicks out). Even then you can't really affect the outcome
by much. So you will have to leave them to their own devices.

Primary: assist Hammer lance at nav Epsilon

Continue on and you'll pass the next nav point, as you continue to
head for Beta. On the way, you'll encounter a Thanatos and more
Vultures and maybe a Loki or two. Take them all out.

When you reach nav Beta, the base, it should be undefended. Take out
the barracks and the hangars (anything that shows RED in the target
reticule) and you should accomplish that objective. Then repair
yourself at the repair base. Order repair for other mechs also.

Now it's time to head over to nav Epsilon and see what you can do...
When you get there, whoever survived Hammer lance (one or more
assault mechs, usually a Sunder) should be easy pickings for your
assault lance.

8.5.3     Op 5, Mission 3 Pillage

Capture the supplies and mechs at this outpost.

You can choose to do O5M2 or O5M3 first. This makes the first mission
a little easier and the next mission somewhat more difficult.

Pick something fast, like a Mad Cat Mk. II. You'll have to run pretty

Primary: Destroy base defenders

Difficulty rating: 7 (lots of enemies, then the time limit to kill
the barracks)

When you start, turn LEFT and pick your way through the lava fields.
THEN turn right toward the enemies. Sunder, Atlas, and Mad Cat Mk. II
will attack you, along with quite a few tanks, including LRM
launchers, Demolisher II's, and Myrmidons. Concentrate fire and take
out one at a time. When there's one left, move to the nav Point. As
you battle them, you'll get radio message about the enemy
mechwarriors scrambling from the barracks, so you have to take the
barracks out quickly.

Primary: destroy the Barracks

As you approach the base, a static defense fort, then FOUR calliopes
will engage you. Use your firepower to take out the fort, then take
out calliopes in your way and send your other mechs in to occupy the
rest. You must concentrate fire on the barracks. If you fail to take
out the barracks in time, you'll have to fight FOUR MORE assault
mechs (2 Atlas, Daishi, Mad Cat Mk. II, etc.) and that is going to be
a real pain in the rear, so do it right!

Do NOT hit the warehouse next to the barracks even if it shows
"hostile" (aim carefully!). The warehouse is explosive and it'll blow
up really big, and take out one of the idle Atlas.

Once you took out all the calliopes, the tech team will come in. This
is a good time to use the mobile repair base as nothing will happen
for a while. By this time, your people should have reached the mechs
and should be powering up. On the other hand, the Steiner
reinforcement should be arriving as well... Six assault mechs aren't
friendly, but you should outnumber them by this point.

Primary: Destroy Steiner reinforcements

Head down the way you came up on with the whole lance, and engage the
Steiner forces. You'll be facing no less than 4 Daishis, a Mad Cat
Mk. II, and a Mauler. However, with the newly gained firepower you
should take them out easily.

Once you take them all out you win.

8.5.4     Op 5, Mission 4 Pay Day

The grand finale... Assault on Dupree's base.

Primary: Destroy enemies at Alpha

Primary: Destroy enemies at Beta

Primary: Destroy enemies at Gamma

Primary: Find and Destroy Major Carissa Dupree

Difficulty rating: 10 (that final duel is a real killer unless you
use the ramming tactic)

When you start, 4 Myrmidon tanks will charge you, followed by 2
Shadow Cats, then 4 Peregrine choppers.

At nav Alpha, you'll see 2 Awesomes and 2 Sunders trying to guard the
spot. Take them out and you've secured nav Alpha.

Between nav Alpha and nav Beta, 4 more Peregrine choppers will
attack, though they will fall before your lasers and PPCs.

At nav Beta, 2 Mad Cat Mk II and 2 Vultures attempt to guard the
spot. Destroy them.

As you approach Gamma, you will see 1 Atlas and 2 Sunders trying to
guard the spot. Take them out.

Continue approaching the base. You will see a row of 5 calliopes on
the hills, the Steiner HQ and factory, the launch gantry, and 4 mechs
hiding beyond the gantry. They should be 2 Mad Cat Mk II's and 2
Vultures. There should also be 2 mech repair bays nearby. Repair
yourself first. Those four mechs may shoot at you but they'll mostly
ignore you, and those calliopes are too far away unless you get

When your mech is repaired, start shooting at the 4 mechs, while
staying out of range of those calliopes. Kill all the mechs, then the
calliopes. You may need to climb the hill to shoot those effectively.

You get the cutscene about something's powering up near you... Then
all your lancemates blow up one at a time, and Dupree shows up in a
blue Mad Cat Mk. II. She is a GOOD shot... If you're damaged you
won't last very long, and she uses jumpjets like a maestro. Beat her
and you win...

Okay, you thought you won... Then comes the next surprise... It's
Dupree again! She's in an escape pod taking off!

Primary: Destroy escape pod

Turn around and head for the red dot immediately, and open fire with
all weapons! If you don't toast that pod (though one FULL salvo of
LRM20's should do it) you lose.

Addendum: I beat her was with a shotgun Daishi. I ducked into the
repair bay to get repaired first. Then when she comes around (within
100 meters), I exit the repair bay at max speed, ran into her, and
pumped all weapons right into her POINT-BLANK cockpit-to-cockpit.
Repeat until dead. You'll get damaged, but that's not a big deal.

8.6   The End

Well, looks like you won. The Legion is now yours, Colonel.

9    Multiplayer

In multiplayer games, odd configurations designed to exploit AI
weaknesses would not work as well, as you are playing against humans.
On the other hand, surprise can be interesting. Imagine you run into
a Mad Cat Mk. II armed with LBX cannons and Streak SRM6's!

Here are some notes on the new multiplayer modes...

9.1   About Absolute Attrition

As the tonnage is factored into the score, you need to pick heavy but
very hard-hitting mechs. Nova Cat or Black Knight are deadly in
"laser boat" configurations, and can move at a very good speed. Mad
Cat Mk. II can be surprisingly fast without the jumpjet, but is a bit
too heavy. Thanatos can be a good substitute.

You will need a variety of weapons but keep at least two large energy
weapons when you run out of ammo.

9.2   About Strongholds

Both defense and offense are required. Usually, you need mediums and
heavies to attack, while assault mechs will "hold the fort". It's
better to keep a mix of mechs for both offense and defense, however.

The attacking lance should use long-range weapons. The smaller faster
mechs can try to outflank the defenders and sneak-in a few long-range
shots via jumpjets. LRMs, ER LLAS, ER PPC, and gauss rifles are
excellent sniper weapons. Lighter shooters like Shadow Cat or Uziel
can lead the way.

9.3   About Siege Assault

Defenders will need excellent short-range firepower coupled with long-
range accuracy. Figure LBX20's along with PPCs and LLAS.

Attackers would seek to occupy the defenders while lighter jump-
capable mechs bypass the defenders and go after the HQ.

9.4   About Goliaths

Medium mechs actually DO have a chance, if you pick the right ones.
Cougar and its bigger cousin, Uziel, have excellent combination of
speed and firepower. Cougar is extremely hard to hit in a distance,
while its LRMs and ER LLAS will peck you to death.

Assault mech, on the other hand, should drop some of the armor for
speed. A Mad Cat Mk. II can be extremely fast when it needs to be.
While you won't outrun the smaller mechs, you can stretch them out
and let you pick off one at a time. Make sure you don't get caught in
the blast!

9.5   About Clan vs. Inner Sphere

One can go on for days about the relative merits of Clan mechs vs. IS
mechs. While Clan mechs are more advanced technically, they are also
more prone to heat and catastrophic damage, while IS mechs are more
durable but carry less firepower. It's a trade-off, just like all
things in life.


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