Blue Ice Notes, Game Glitches and Partial Walkthrough


I suggest making yourself familiar with the game controls before starting
play as they are quite fiddly and it takes a bit to get used to them.  Or
if you just can't seem to grasp the controls, you can always run the game
in a window by pressing the letter T on the keyboard after the game has
commenced.  The way through the game in this walkthru is the route I have
chosen.  There may be a shorter way.  The five colours of life may be
solved in a different order other than what is presented here.

If you are looking for the solution to the video screen or keys puzzles the
answer isn't here.  Nor have I been able to figure out what to do about all
the numbers strewn about the game.

I was also unable to determine the significance of Hope shouting out the
names of colours:

Hall - red/orange              Cellar - orange/yellow

Diningroom - yellow/violet     Drawingroom - violet/orange

Chimney - orange/indigo        Library - orange/yellow

Music room - red/indigo        Pond - red/green

Mouth - red/blue

Be sure to click the magnifying glass on the ? in each scene.  In some
scenes it may be cleverly hidden but it is there.  Click the hand icon and
magnifying glass on each person in every room.  When the game requires you
to drag an object, the object itself will remain stationary, only the
hand/fist will move.

As you pick up various objects you can find more information about them on
the Eye screen.  Just click the object on the info icon.

Information on liquids, powders, plant life and insects may be found in the
Library.  The appropriate book will flash.  Click the magnifying glass on
it to read.

Hints may be found at the top of the screen under the Blue Ice icon and in
the law scrolls, also located at the top.

The five colours of life you must discover are: love(Amor), food(Cibus),
nature(Natura), music(Ars Musica) & art(Artes).  As you complete each one
there will be a dove inside the fireplace chimney.  The red law books on
the table in the Library will turn green (Edward is reading the one on food).

Their names are:

Red book                          Green book

The Laws of Art      becomes      Art of Colour
The Laws of Love        "         Joy of Love
The Laws of Nature      "         Nature of Icia
The Laws of Music       "         Music to Your Ears
The Laws of Food        "         A Feast of Food

Room Keys

To find out which room a key will open look at the grandfather clock in the
You can never carry more than one key at a time.  While playing this game I
picked up a key forgetting I already had one in inventory.  The inventory
key disappeared and I was unable to get it back.  I suggest you use a key
as soon as you find it.

Here is the list of keys, where they can be found and what room they open:

Pond - hand icon on fish - housekey

Hall - magnifying glass on Edward - library key

Hall - magnifying glass on Mrs Scraggend - pantry key

Library - magnifying glass on Edward - music room key

Music room - magnifying glass on Edward - drawingroom key

Pantry - magnifying glass on Mrs Scraggend - diningroom key

Diningroom - magnifying glass on Mrs Scraggend - kitchen key

Kitchen - magnifying glass on Mrs Scraggend - bedroom key

Bedroom - magnifying glass on Mrs Scraggend - first garden(cow) key

1st Garden(cow) - magnifying glass on Olly - loo key 

Library - magnifying glass on Mrs Scraggend(curtain on the left)- lab key 
1st Garden(cow) - magnifying glass on Pollyanna - bathroom key

Audio clues (?)

Eye - At twice midnight I give you life.

House - A key cannot unlock a door which is locked by ice.

Pond - A warm maggot helps catch a cold fish.

Sky - A glass may hold more than wine.

Sun - If you can see me, I'm watching you.

Hall - In time you will find the right door.  Be patient.  Think about it.

Pantry - Rotten smells which often repel can sometimes attract.

Library - One drink which can quench the thirst, at another time may knock you

Drink - Be careful not to slip on grease or you'll look a pretty picture.

Music room - If music blows you away, you have found its secret.

Loo - Indigestion caused by raw food can have embarassing after 

Diningroom - I shall draw you in to make a toast.

Mousehole - A collection of food can create a jam.

Kitchen - Mind your manners.  Give a drink before you take a drink.

Cellar - To make one you must find six.

1st garden(cow) - Spilt milk spreads easily.

Secret garden - A few cockles might help to melt her heart.

Flower - For whom is death more sweeter smelling than life.

Drawingroom - It is in my nature to bring you colour.

Painting - Reach for the stars but don't burn your fingers.

Stairs - A secret is mapped out here.

Bedroom - You may catch this without harming a hair on it's head.

Bathroom - To see clearly is not a mystery, just a laborious task.

Mouth - The sky's the limit if you can stand the heat.

Lab - Colours can sometimes be a grind.

Attic(spider) - Fruit can provide a small sweet meal.

Video - Press all the right buttons and you'll find the answer.

Win - Nothing is as it first appears.  To look is not to see.  The beginning 
      is carried by the moon and your journey follows through tears.

Game Glitches:

The 6 Pieces of Paper

During the course of the game you will pick up six pieces of paper (you can
only carry one piece at a time).  You may dispose of them by burning them
in the fireplace or by placing them in the book on the floor in the Library
(for later retrieval and burning).  However, if you choose to place them in
the book there is a problem retrieving the 6th piece of paper.  I recommend
you burn each piece as you find them.


At one point in the game you will be required to combine two different
substances in the beaker to cook them down to a powder.  The first cooking
produces a blue powder, further cooking produces a white powder.  If you
collect either of these powders and dump them out in the pantry there seems
to be no way to retrieve them nor are you able to find more of one of the
substances to make another batch.

Partial Walkthrough:

At the Eye screen click the hand icon on the King (bottom) to get his
crown.  Set both clocks to midnight and enter the game through the centre
of the eye using the pointer icon.

You will find yourself standing in front of a House.  Use the hand to get
the paper airplane and the sun from the sky.  Use the sun on the Pond to
melt it.  Enter the Pond by using the pointer.

Once inside the Pond use the hand on the fish located at the top centre of
the screen to get the key.  Pick up the coins for later use.

Exit the Pond and use the key to unlock the House door.  Use the pointer to
enter the House.  First thing to do in the Hall is to start collecting
keys.  See above Notes on keys.  Once all the rooms requiring a key have
been opened other rooms will open up as you solve puzzles.

In the Kitchen collect the salt shaker, knife, match (light it on the match
box) and bottle.  To get the bottle, place the hand on the bottle, depress
your left mouse button and when the hand becomes a fist drag it toward Mrs
Scraggend.  This may take a few tries.  Use the knife on the bread to get a

First order of the day is to make breakfast.  The menu can be read by
clicking the magnifying glass on the Diningroom table.  Return to the front
of the House.  Empty the wine bottle into the Pond and refill it with pond
water.  You can also get water from the Loo or the Bathroom.  Click the sun
on the flower bud to bring it to bloom.  Pour the water on the flower to
get a green berry.  Use the sun on the berry to ripen it. Using the hand,
pick the ripe berry.

Go to the Library and place the berry in front of the Mousehole(the mouse
will pop out and pick it up).  Bring two more berries to the Mousehole
using the same procedures as above to grow and ripen them (you can only
carry one berry at a time).  After getting the last berry, refill the
bottle of water.  Interesting note:  if you double click the sun on the
flower bud, it will die.  Wait a few seconds and a new one will grow. 

Once there are 3 berries inside the Mousehole, enter and pick them up.
While there pick up a piece of cheese for later use.  Take the berries to
the Kitchen and place them in the saucepan.  Add water.  Go to the Pantry
and click the salt shaker on the sugar (top leftside of shelf).  Get a
pickled onion (they're beside the sugar) for later use.  Add the sugar to
the saucepan in the Kitchen.  You now have blackberry jam.

Go to the Bedroom.  Click the hand on Mrs S head to get the net.  Click the
hand on her Mouth to open it then use the pointer to enter.  Pull out her
gold tooth(use hand) and go to the Music room.  Enter the Loo by using the
pointer on Venus' backside.  Put the gold tooth in the plus or minus sign.
Feed Olly the onion and when he breaks wind use the hand on his backside to
collect a puff of air (this may take a few tries, but you have to get
another onion each time).  While here pick up the toothbrush for later use.

Go to the Drawingroom and use the lit match on the candle.  Take the
candle.  Use the hand/fist on the coal bucket to empty it into the
fireplace.  Use the candle on the fireplace and quickly use the puff of air
on the flames.  Now use the slice of bread on the fire.  You have toast.
Take it to the Diningroom and place it on the small plate.

Go to the 1st garden(Olly & cow).  Click the hand/fist on the cow's teat
and drag it down towards the bucket.  Do this until the bucket is full.
Learn this milking technique as you will have to milk the cow a couple more
times later in the game.  Use the empty bottle on the bucket to get milk.

Go to the Kitchen, use the bottle of milk on the churn (top left of screen)
to make butter.  Use the knife on the churn.  Now take the buttered knife
to the Diningroom and use it on the toast.  Return to the Kitchen, use
knife on the saucepan, back to the Diningroom.  Put the knife on the
buttered toast.  You have made toast, butter and jam.  You can find out
your breakfast progress anytime by clicking the magnifying glass on the menu.

Back to the Kitchen.  Clicking the magnifying glass on the lower right
screen brings up the recipe for cheese sauce.  Go to the Pantry and fill
the salt shaker with salt (it's on the second shelf).  Return to the cow,
milk it again and fill the bottle.  If you didn't pick up the cheese
earlier, go to the Mousehole and get it now.  Add cheese, salt and milk in
that order, to the saucepan.  Click the knife on the saucepan.  Return to
the Diningroom and click the knife on the silver jug.  At this point you
have made Cheese of Edam sauce but it will not show up on the menu under
current status.

Go to the front of the House and use the hand on the moon.  You now have a
sickle, very handy for cutting.  Fill the bottle with water.  Return to the
cow and use the moon to cut a leaf from the branch in the upper left
corner.  Take the leaf to the Diningroom and put it in the teapot.  Go to
the Lab and click the hand on the switch on the left side to turn on the
gas.  Use the lit candle on the Bunsen burner.  Pour the water in the
beaker.  When it comes to a boil, fill the bottle.  You can also boil the
water right in the bottle by holding it over the fire in the fireplace.
Back in the Diningroom, pour the boiling water into the teapot.  You have
made Yerba de Mate tea.  Use the hand/fist to drag the teapot to the cup.
To get Royal Yerba de Mate tea add milk and sugar in that order to Edward's
cup.  Drag the cup to Edward and he will drink.  Smoked Tiger Eel cannot be
made until other parts of the game have been completed. 

Go to the front of the House and "grow" another ripe berry.  Don't pick it.
 Wait a few seconds and a fly will appear.  Quickly use the net on the fly.
 If you miss it use the hand on the berry and another fly will appear.  If
you miss it a second time you will have to grow another ripe berry.

Enter the Mouth.  Use the pointer on the Attic door(spider door) at the
left.  You must have a lit candle in your inventory before this room will
be lighted.  Place the fly in the upper right corner of the web.  The
spider will appear on the left side of the web.  Move the spider along the
strands which have no water droplets until you reach the fly (wait a few
seconds).  You will get your 1st piece of paper.  Burn it in the fireplace.
 Tip:  The spider can only move to one junction at a time.  Click on the
first junction where you want it to move to, then click on the second
junction and so on.  If you wait too long before moving the spider will
jump back to the previous junction.  It will keep doing this until it is
back at the start so it is best to map out your route before you start.
Before removing the paper from the web look at it with the magnifying
glass.  Already removed the paper before reading this?  Just put it back in
the web to view it.

Return to the Diningroom.  Use the pointer on the right door to go to the
Cellar.  Be sure to have the lit candle in your inventory.  Use the
magnifying glass to view the 2nd piece of paper located just above Hope's
head.  Pick up the paper.  Burn it.

Go the Bedroom.  Use the empty salt shaker on the ZZZ mug to get the
sleeping powder.  Go to the Library and use the sleeping powder on the
wineglass in Mrs Scraggend's hand.  Use the hand/fist to drag the bottle
from the floor to the glass.

Go to the Bathroom (through the "mirror" in the bedroom).  Pick up the pig
sponge and use it on the foggy window.  It clears the window temporarily so
another method will have to be found.

Go to the Loo.  Use the empty bottle on the plus or minus sign to get oil
of vitriol.  Off to the Lab where you pour the oil into the beaker and add
the coins (in that order).  The first cooking will give you a blue powder
(the Library says it will dissolve in water, it's ornamental, made from
copper and much sought after).  I could find no use for this powder, but
that doesn't mean there isn't one.  Let the powder cook a little longer
until it turns white.  Collect it in the salt shaker(see Lab under Game
Glitches).  Return to the Bathroom and use it on the window.

Return to the 1st Garden and use the pig sponge on Olly's arm.  This opens
up the Secret garden.  Click the pointer on Pollyanna.  Pick up the stick.
If you don't have the moon in your inventory, go and get it, then use it to
cut a leaf from the upper right corner.  Take this leaf to the Lab and
place it in the mortar.  Use the toothbrush on the blue paint.  Go to the
Drawingroom and use the toothbrush on the blank canvas in front of Edward.
You now have the first of three colours.

Go to the Loo and use the net on the plant above the sink.  Take the fly
and place it in the mortar in the Lab.  Use the toothbrush on the red paint
and then on the blank canvas in the Drawingroom.  You have the 2nd colour.

Off to the front of the House now.  Click the stick on the tree to get a
walnut.  Take the walnut to the Lab and place it in the mortar.  Dip the
toothbrush in the yellow paint and then use it on the blank canvas in the
Drawingroom.  You have the 3rd colour and thus have completed the art
portion of the game.  If you look inside the Drawingroom chimney there will
be a blue dove and the star at the top glows a little brighter.  One of the
books in the stack sitting on the table in the Library has turned green and
has been renamed.

Back to the Loo.  Use the hand on the toothpaste tube, then the toothbrush
on the glob of toothpaste.  Put the toothbrush on Olly's face to get him to
brush his teeth.  Go to the Secret garden and this time cut a leaf from the
upper left bush.  Toss this leaf into the bathtub (remember you can only
carry one leaf at a time).  Fill the bottle with bath water.  You now have
lavender water.  Return to the Loo and click the magnifying glass on the
scroll to read and then the hand to pick it up.  Take it to the Bathroom
and drop it in the tub.  Return to the Loo and pour the lavender water on
Olly.  Back to the Bathroom, read the scroll then take it to the Loo and
click it on Olly.  You have brought Pollyanna and Olly together and
completed the love portion of the game.  There is a red dove up the Chimney
and another book in the Library has turned green and changed its name.

Return to the Secret garden and use the pointer to enter the second red
flower from the right.  You will see the lovers about to share their first
kiss.  Back out to the Secret garden and use the hand on the fly which is
flitting from flower to flower, to get it to land on the entrance to the
Flower room (second red flower on right).  When it lands on the correct
flower, use the pointer to enter.  Once inside use the net to pick up the fly.

Take the fly to the Pantry and place it on the meat (bottom shelf). Pick up
the maggot from the meat.  Take the maggot to the Hall and place it on
Olly's lips.  He will blow on it to warm it up.  Enter the Pond, use the
maggot on the upper most fish.  It may be a bit resistant but keep trying,
you'll eventually get the fish.  Leave the Pond and lay the fish at the
edge of the water.  When it has finished flopping around, pick it up and
re-enter the Pond.  Click it on the fish in the lower left corner.  You
will get an eel.  Before leaving use the moon to cut a reed for later use.
Use the hand/fist to open the shell, then the magnifying glass to read the
paper within.  Open the shell again and take the 3rd piece of paper.  Burn
it.  You will also find after catching the eel the nature portion of the
game is done. (yellow dove)

Go the Drawingroom and enter the fireplace.  Use the eel on the bright star
at the top of the Chimney.  Go to the Diningroom and place the eel on
Edward's plate.  Use the hand/fist to drag the pitcher of cheese sauce to
the eel.  Click the magnifying glass on the menu.  Exit the menu and wait a
few seconds.  You have now completed the food portion of the game. (light
orange dove)

Enter the Mousehole, pick up some cheese.  Return to the Library and place
the cheese in front of the Mousehole.  When the mouse appears, use the hand
to pick him up.  If you miss him, get more cheese and try again.

Go to the Kitchen and dip the knife in the butter churn.  Now head off to
the Music room.  Place the mouse on the wall shelf.  Use the buttered knife
on the trombone to unstick it.  Use the puff of air to blow the trombone.
While it is extended, blow the tuba, then blow the trombone again.  Pick up
the cat.  Place him on the cello and keeping the left mousebutton
depressed, run him along the length of the cello.  He should stretch out
the entire length.  Place the reed in the clarinet.  You have completed the
music portion of the game.  (green dove)  At this juncture you can take
Edward up the Chimney but if you do so you will not be able to read the law
scrolls in rooms that open up after this point.

Go to the front of the House and click the pointer on the smoke coming out
of the left chimney.  You have now entered the Sky room.  Place the
hand/fist on the bright star in the upper left corner and drag it to
another star.  If it won't connect, try dragging it to another star.
Keeping using this method until you have formed the big dipper with the
gray planet inside the saucepan part.  The planet will then rotate to its
brown side.  This opens up the Drink in the Bedroom.

Go to the Bedroom.  Use the pointer on the wineglass then the hand on the
ice cube at the bottom of the glass.  Take the ice cube to the Lab and melt
it in the beaker.  Pick up the 4th piece paper as soon as it appears.  I
was not able to read this paper.  Take it to the Drawingroom and burn it.

While in the Drawingroom enter the remaining black and white picture.
Click the paper airplane on the Painting within, wait a few seconds and
take the 5th piece of paper.  Burn it.  I was unable to read this paper.  

Go back to the Sky room.  Click the pointer on the bright star on the right
side of the screen.  You have entered the Sun room (this room can only be
accessed after the 5th paper has been found).  Go to the Pantry and fill
the salt shaker with sugar, return and pour the sugar on the sun.  Eight
candies will appear.  

Head over to the Mouth.  Click the hand on the screen over the door.
Listen carefully.  I am unsure what is being said here.  I think it is
something about being hot.  And I'm even more unsure what it all means.
Now click the pointer on the screen and enter the Video room.  Click the
hand on all 16 buttons and they will begin to flash.  You are on your own
here.  I have no idea what is supposed to be done.  

Now you may return to the Chimney and go to the Win room.  Use the
magnifying glass on the post to view the pieces of paper you burned.  After
you are finished in this room go to the Eye screen and place the crown on
Edward's head.  He won't refuse it now.

Go to the Library and use the hand on the book laying on the floor and you
will get the 6th and last piece of paper.  Burn it.

Return to the Win room and look at the post again.  Here all 6 pieces of
paper are assembled and they still don't make any sense.

Go to the Stairs.  Use the magnifying glass on the map.  The translation of
the motto on the right is:  "To find the prize you must open your eyes".
Now look at the map.  The place names with a red dot and connected with a
yellow line are anagrams of face parts:

Horfeade - forehead
West Hecke - west cheek       Lamor - molar
South Hinc - south chin       Trilson - nostril

The map itself is the wrong way around.....the west is on the wrong side.  
And that's all I could determine on the Stairs.

Head off to the Mousehole.  Use the hand/fist on the bag of cats' heads to
drag a "tear of hope" to the fish head on the left.  Use the bottle on the
tear.  Pour the bottle out by clicking it on any part of the room.  You now
have what I call "sparklies" swirling around the room.  Collect another
tear and pour it out in the next room.  Continue to do this until every
room has sparklies swirling in it.  You will have to go back to the
Mousehole each time to refill the bottle.  There is a "one time only" tear
in the Win room.

Interesting note:

You may pour the sparklies out before Edward has found all five colours of
life but they won't swirl.  They only do their little dance after he has
gone up the Chimney for the first time.

Now study the swirling sparklies carefully.  They are tracing out a letter
in the air.  The audio clue from the ? in the Win room says to click the
moon on the spot where the letter starts and where it ends.  That's the
tricky part...determining where it starts and ends.  As each room's letter
is discovered, letters will begin to form a quotation under the law scrolls
 (if the letter is necessary in the quotation).  You are given Y and A to
start you off.  Finding the rest is up to you.  

Here is a list of the rooms, their letters and the quotations in each.
As there are 28 rooms (not counting the Win room) and only 26 letters in
the alphabet you will notice that three of the rooms use the letter W.

Eye - O - The child is the father of the man

House - N - Some stars fell like a falling tear

Pond - F - Everything flows and nothing stops

Sky - C - So many worlds so much to do

Sun - W - Stolen sweets are best

Hall - L (sparklies trace it out as l)- Why this is hell nor am I out of it
Pantry - Q - Doth not the appetite alter

Library - T - Why art thou silent

Drink - R - Drink to me only with thine eyes

Music room - I - Silence is the virtue of fools

Loo - H - She is Venus when she smiles

Diningroom - W - O tempora O mores (with time old habits change)

Mousehole - A - Mehr licht (more light)

Kitchen - B - One should eat to live not live to eat

Cellar - J - Birth and copulation and death (the letter J does not appear
in                any quotation)

1st garden (cow) - K - Oh she is the antidote to desire

Secret garden - Z - And a heaven in a wild flower

Flower - V - My love is like a red red rose

Drawingroom - M - Time quietly kills them

Painting (tiger) - D - It is clever but is it art

Chimney - E - After all tomorrow is another day

Stairs - S - Oderint dum metuant (let them hate me so long as they fear me)

Bedroom - U - Dream your dreams away

Bathroom - P - She walks in beauty like the night

Mouth - X - Into the mouth of hell

Lab - Y - Falser than vows made in wine

Attic (spider) - G - Man fears only the stroke of death

Video - W - Think too little talk too much

Win room (haven't figured out what's happening here) - BUZXEFREP

By now you must have noticed the gaping big holes in the Drawingroom,
Library and Video room.  Use the pointer to enter each one.  This is the
keys puzzle and I have not yet figured out what has to be done.  You can
type on the keys themselves and then turn it but to what end?????  Noodle
around in here and maybe you will come up with something.

And we come to the end of the game, at least for me, as that is as far as I
could solve it.

If you have any questions, or come up with puzzle solutions for the video,
keys or any other puzzle I may have missed, feel free to email the author
of this walkthrough at [email protected]

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