Jetfighter IV: Fortress America

                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ

                      Edited by Kasey Chang

                     released June 24, 2002

0    Introduction


This is a just a strategy guide and FAQ. You won't learn how to
play the game with this document. That job is for the manual. If
you bought the cheap Globalstar Jewelcase version, the manual is
a PDF file in the JetfighterIV directory. Otherwise, you should
have a printed manual.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that exists.

This primarily covers the single-player campaign. If you need
multiplayer, install Gamespy Arcade and check lobbies. Maybe
signup for a few squadrons over at the Talonsoft web forum.

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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Jetfighter IV was developed by RD Software and Mission Studios,
published by Take 2/ Talonsoft.

This FAQ was not in any way endorsed or authorized by any of the
companies mentioned.


25-MAR-2002         Initial release

06-APR-2002         Revised release

24-JUN-2002         Second revision, some clarifications, more
                    FAQs, updated address


Thanks to StingUSA on Talonsoft JF4 forum for most of the info

Q: Can you send me Jetfighter IV (or portions thereof)?
A: You can't afford $10? (Which is how much I paid for it)  Maybe
you shouldn't be playing.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No. It's on the CD if you bought the jewelcase version.

Q: Where is the manual exactly?
A: If you have the Talonsoft (2 CD) version it's on CD#1 in the
file named. JetFighter IV Manual English.pdf. If you have the
Global Star (1 CD) version it's available as an install option
when you install JF4.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual (see above)

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don't include stuff that's already in the manual.

Q: Is your FAQ free?
A: Yes, it is free. However, donation of $1.00 is appreciated.
See end of [0.2].

Q: How many releases are there of JF4?
A: Three (3). The initial Talonsoft release (2 CD's), the initial
Globalstar release sometimes called GS1 (1 CD, with note about
second CD NOT included), and the second Globalstar release (1 CD,
equivalent to both of Talonsoft's CDs), called GS2.

The Talonsoft version (TS) comes in a box.

The Globalstar initial release (GS1) comes in jewelcase only, no
paper manual. It also has an inserted note that says "hi-res CD
not included". The jewelcase has Globalstar logo.

The Globalstar second release (GS2) comes in jewelcase only, no
paper manual. The jewelcase has Globalstar logo.

Q: Does JF4 support WinXP?
A: GS2 version does. Get the JEWELCASE version with the
Globalstar logo on it. Please also read the WinXP checklist:

Q: I downloaded one of those WinXP updates and JF4 stopped
A: Some of them have been known to kill JF4. Specifically, patch
Q319580 and Q313484 seem to do this. If you have downloaded these
updates, remove them with Add/Remove programs. They are others.
[NOTE: this does NOT apply to Win2K]

Q: Does JF4 support Win2K?

A: Yes. Install it normally, then open JF4.INI and change
simUseLoaderThread to 0. It probably says "1". Save the file and
try to run the program.

Q: Does JF4 support Win9X and WinMe?
A: Yes. No changes are needed. You may want to secure latest
video drivers. If you have problems with WinMe and JF4, please
see the WinME checklist at

Q: Why can't the game find my CD?
A: Please install the game from your HIGHEST drive letter. Also,
if you got a "Cannot Find CD" error, you may have installed the
older Patch 4 on the Globalstar version (which is PATCH 5). The
only way to fix it is uninstall and reinstall.

Q: I got an error about FRONTEND.DLL
A: There is a known problem with ATI video cards 7000-8500 series
with JF4 on WinME or Win9X. A fix for all except the 7000 has
been developed. Go to the Talonsoft ubb for the fix. Also see the
WinME checklist at

If you are NOT using an ATI video card, please go to the
Talonsoft UBB for more help.

Q: I got an error about D3D_INVALIDMODE
A: You set your game resolution too high. Adjust it in JF4
Options/Graphics. Set the resolution to match the setting in
Windows/Display/Properties (1024x768) is about optimum.

 Q: What are the patches for JF4?
A: Latest is update 5, which adds XP compatibility. However, it
is NOT available for download. The GS2 version already has the
update applied. Just install and go. If you got the Talonsoft
version, get patch 4 from their website. [If you have the GS2
release, do NOT apply patch 4! If you do, you'll get a "CD not
found" error and you'll need to reinstall!]

Q: Can I create my own JF4 missions? Campaigns?
A: You can use the built-in random mission generator, but you
can't edit your own campaigns.

Q: Does JF4 support force feedback sticks?
A: Yes it does. However, there have been some reported problems
relating to USB peripherals. Try it first.

Q: Why is my plane moving by itself?
A: Please calibrate your joystick and try again.

Q: Why I can't get my joystick to work?
A: Controller ID must be #1 for JF4 to recognize it. You may need
to disconnect any other controller and reassign the controller

Q: Why is my throttle stuck at 100% when I keep pushing 10%, 20%,
and so on?
A: Make sure you set your throttle to KEYBOARD control. Most
joysticks nowadays have throttle control and that will override
the keyboard settings if you left it on "joystick" throttle.

Q: The war isn't finished at the end of the campaign. Is there
A: A campaign disk and a "platinum" re-release were planned for
May 2002, but was apparently cancelled. Mission Studios, the
creator of JF4, was disbanded in 2001.

Q: How about new "skins" for the fighters?
A: The skins are in \JetFighterIV\Simdata\TEXTURES\TEXFULL or
TEXHALF. There are several for each fighter in TGA (Targa)
format. Find an editor and/or converter that can convert TGA to
something your editor can handle. Remember to make a backup
first. [Thanks to Grimm-USA and]

Q: Where is this "second CD" that supposedly contained higher
resolution textures?
A: There are THREE different releases. The original Talonsoft
release (TS) has 2 CD's. The first Globalstar release (GS1) has
just the first CD with a note about "2nd CD not included". This
version does NOT work with the 2nd CD from the Talonsoft release.
The SECOND Globalstar release (GS2) managed to fit all of that
onto a single CD with optional install of the "hi-res textures".

Q: Where's a list of keyboard commands?
A: See page 95 of the manual.

Q: Are there difficulty levels?
A: No, just turn on some or all of the "cheats" if the game's too

Q: Can I install both versions (Talonsoft version AND Globalstar
A: Yes you can, just install them in separate directories.
However, please patch your existing version before attempting to
install a new version.  [Thanks to]

Q: What if I have MORE problems?
A: Please see the JF4 forum at

1    Game Information


The Jetfighter series had a long history of being a "sim-lite".
It has not much of flight model, but always phenomenal graphics.
If you want to watch the planes and stuff blow up, this is the
game to watch. The original Jetfighter came out back in 1989,
when EGA was around. The successive versions keep improving the
graphics. Then came Jetfighter II, Jetfighter III, Jetfighter:
Full Burn (a cinematic version of JF3). Later there were
compilation releases of JF3.

Jetfighter IV is the latest version in the series. Basically,
America was invaded by the "Coalition" of Russia, North Korea,
and China in a well-coordinated surprise attack on multiple
fronts, and you are one of the few defenders on the mainland
ready to repel the invaders...

The game features excellent graphics (still measures up today)
including nearly photographic textures of the entire San
Francisco Bay Area with all the noticeable landmarks, including
Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica Building, and more, all the way
up to Lake Tahoe and Nevada region.


The modern equivalent to JF4 would be the Novalogic sims, which
is also "sim-lite", heavy on graphics, light on flight model and
weapons. The series includes Comanche (helicopter gunships)
series, MiG-29, F-22 Lightning 3, and F-16. The last three are
also available together as "Jet Pack".

EA's USAF is also a decent title if you like "sim-lite". You also
get to fly EIGHT different planes, not just 3, and with improved
flight models and such.

Supposedly the upcoming Falcon 5 will also be a sim-lite, but
have options that will turn it into a true sim so it'll serve as
all things to all people... We shall see.


The force feedback reportedly doesn't work, though this may have
been fixed by the patches.

Network play... Could be better, as there's no lobby or play
matching service, unlike the Novalogic games. However, you CAN
still find players. Visit the Talonsoft forums and you can find
some "squadrons" recruiting.

The game isn't that stable. Several times I was dumped back to
desktop with some unknown error. At other times the game started
behaving strangely.

The campaign is a bit on the boring side, with just text
briefings with voice-over.

The missions are a joke with no relation to reality. In reality
an EWACS would never allow any bogey to get within 100 miles of
it. At range of 150 miles they would be squawking for help and
their dedicated CAP (escorts) would be already engaging the
bandits. In the missions, you can find UNIDENT bogeys as close as
50 miles from friendly aircraft.

Weapons are way off, either too powerful or too weak. Mavericks
can sink cruisers, while a bomb may or may not destroy a


A lot of people using USB joysticks or throttles have MAJOR
problems with the game, esp. while using USB throttles. There is
no fix at the time.

If you are getting an error about frontend.dll, please get the
latest patch.

Those of you with WinXP should buy the GlobalStar version, NOT
the boxed Talonsoft version. The GS version has XP specific

There is a list of multipllayer bug. Please see's

If you have WinXP problems, read the WinXP checklist at

If you have WinME problems, read the WinME checklist at

Checkout the JF4 forum at

2    Craft Review

To be blunt, the 3 crafts in JF4, the F-14 Tomcat, the F/A-18
Hornet, and the F-22 Raptor are virtually IDENTICAL in flight.
The only difference is their carrying capacity. Each craft has 3
different loadouts, which are listed here:

2.1   F-14 TOMCAT

F-14 is primarily air-to-air, and carries the famous Phoenix
missile. Strangely, it also has the biggest bomb load of any
plane in the game in air-to-ground mode...

2.1.1     Fleet Defense

4 Phoenix, 2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder

2.1.2     Air-to-Air

2 Phoenix, 4 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder

2.1.3     Multi-role

2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder, 2 Mavericks, 4 GBUs

2.1.4     Air-to-ground

2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder, 2 Mavericks, 2 Mk 82, 2 Mk 84, 4 GBU

(This is COMPLETELY unrealistic, because F-14 Tomcats don't have
a bombsight, much less carry more bombs than the F/A-18!  Some F-
14's have been refitted with HUD symbology that helps in some
bombing, and were known jokingly as "Bombcats".)

2.2   F/A-18 HORNET

Hornet is mainly air-to-ground though it can do well enough in

2.2.1     Air-to-air

4 AMRAAM, 4 Sidewinder

2.2.2     Air-to-ground

2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder, 2 Maverick, 2 Mk 82, 2 Mk 84, 2 GBU

2.2.3     Multi-role

2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder, 4 Maverick, 4 GBU

2.3   F-22 RAPTOR

Raptor is sort of in-between but carries less air-to-ground
ordnance than the Hornet.

2.3.1     Multi-role

2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder, 4 Maverick, 2 GBU

2.3.2     Air-to-air

4 AMRAAM, 4 Sidewinder

2.3.3     Air-to-ground

2 AMRAAM, 2 Sidewinder, 2 Maverick, 2 Mk 82, 2 Mk 84, 2 GBU


Air-to-air: take Tomcat, maybe Raptor

Ground-attack / wild weasel: take Hornet (maybe Tomcat if you
have MANY targets)

Both air and ground: take Hornet or Raptor

3    Weapons Review


3.1.1     Maverick (Mav)

Maverick is a guided missile that can be used against a variety
of targets, though usually against vehicles and ships.

In JF4 you can use Mav to kill ANY ship. Just require ONE hit.

Keep in mind that in JF4 the range of a Mav is LESS THAN 6 miles.
Do NOT shoot until you get the IN RNG signal.  If you are going
against tanks, try to attack from the sides.  Do NOT fire if you
see a ridgeline between you and the target. The missile is dumb
enough to hit the ridgeline.

3.1.2     MK-82 bombs (Mk82)

These free-fall bombs are simple to use: put the circle on the
target, hit the release button, climb out. The problem mainly is
accuracy. If you miss by a little, you may not kill the target.
Use it against buildings and ships (though Mav is much better on

3.1.3     MK-84 bombs (Mk84)

The MK-84s are 2000-pound bombs, with a bigger blast radius. You
can ensure destruction, and all sorts of things around it. It's
also quite heavy. Use it exactly like the Mk 82's.

Use it against a GROUP of buildings, or big ships.

3.1.4     GBU-82 (GBU)

GBU-82 is a Paveway laser-guided bomb. You should drop it at
about 2.5 miles out and watch the bomb hit the target... Beware
that this may NOT always hit. Stabilize, THEN drop helps
somewhat. Use LANTIRN for best results. Remember GBU is NOT
powered (like a Maverick) so you need to drop it nice and smooth
to get a good hit.

3.2   AIR-TO-AIR

3.2.1     Guns (LCOS)

Your Vulcan cannon is a point-blank weapon. You need to be VERY
close to score any hits. Try LESS than half mile.

LCOS stands for "Lead Computing Optical Sight". In other words,
just put the sight on the target, and press the trigger, and the
bullets will go where you are aiming.

3.2.2     AMRAAM (AM)

The AIM-120 AMRAAM is the most advanced missile in US arsenal,
and has earned the name "Slammer" in Desert Storm. You shoot, the
enemy get slammed and goes boom. Doesn't work quite THAT well in
this game.

AMRAAM is a radar-guided self-guiding fire-and-forget missile.
It's usable range is like 12 miles. Remember NOT to shoot until
you're IN RNG (when you get a red X in the target).

3.2.3     Sidewinder (SW)

The AIM-9X advanced Sidewinder is the latest version of the
Sidewinder that had been in service since the 1950's.

Sidewinder is IR guided fire-and-forget missile. It's usable
range is like 6 miles. Remember, do NOT shoot until you get

4    Common Tactics


To be honest, LANTIRN isn't that necessary. You can almost always
find your target by pressing T several times. In the game, your
craft ALWAYS have LANTIRN without loading a LANTIRN pod.

You WILL need LANTIRN, however, when you don't get the targets
when you press T several times. In that case, get within 10-20
miles of the target and use zoom to locate your target. When you
get it, hit T to designate it. Then you can hit it with your
guided weapons.

Any know what the "Shift-D" and "D" mentioned in the manual is


There are two schools of thought on SAM avoidance: very high, or
very low.

The very low people prefer nap-of-earth flying... Down among the
trees, under 500 ft if you can. The SAM sites have problems
locking on if you fly that low. However, AAA becomes a problem,
and IR-homing SAMs can still get you.

The very high people want to fly at over 10K. There would be no
AAA. SAMs usually don't fly that high, but the radar-homing types
do... And you CAN get hosed by SA-2's.

When you see a warning of a missile, look at the radar map (to
your left). A white dot should be coming toward the center of the
circles. If it's not, you can ignore it. When the dot gets close
(half way between the center and the inner circle), turn toward
it QUICKLY and drop chaff or flare (depending on which type of
missile, chaff for radar-guide missile and flare for heat-seeking


Basically, you have to perform the modern equivalent of dive
bombing. Go in at 5000-10000 ft. When you are 6 miles to target,
start a shallow dive, and try to align the pipper (the circle) on
the target. Give the plane a second or two to stabilize, THEN
drop the weapon and pull away. If you don't stabilize, the
weapons have a greater chance of missing the target.

Also only release when the speed stabilizes, or you will end up
overshoot or undershoot your target.


Your wingman seems to be a lot better in air-to-air than you can
be. Send him against bogeys in the air. He'll take them down in
no time, even fully loaded with bombs and stuff.

Even in ground attacks, your wingman can distract the SAMs giving
you a chance to strike. He's not too shabby in ground attack


You don't want to fight both threats at the same time. Instead,
locate an empty spot with no enemy SAMs so you can take on the
fighters without being bothered.


You CAN just go back to base once the mission is complete (i.e.
you've destroyed all the targets you need). However, landing is
easy enough in JF4 you can do it yourself.

Basically, let the autopilot take you all the way to RWY
(runway), when you should be directly lined up on the runway.
Slow to 30% throttle and watch your speed. When it's under 300,
drop gear and flaps. Then aim for the end of the runway and try
to control your speed to about 180, use airbrakes if you need to.
When you're pretty close (under a mile), start pulling up and
increase throttle to 40%. You should still be going down but your
nose is above the horizon. When you hit the ground, cut throttle
to none (the tilde key) and hit the brakes again. And you've

Landing on a carrier, however, is a something else entirely.
Remember, you're landing on a "postage stamp" (essentially, when
compared to the rest of the ocean). You don't even need to "call
the ball" or "go in marshall" (circle around in the pattern).
It's still VERY difficult. Just autoland on the carrier...


You can tell how many times the cheat was "needed" at the end of
the mission. You can leave it activated and just keep playing as
if it's not active. Then see how many times you really needed
it... If you needed the cheat MANY MANY times even if you played
your best, that mission was just too hard. If you only needed the
cheat once or twice, maybe you could have done without it.

5    Campaign Missions

I'll use some abbreviations like NKSF (North Korean Special
Forces). I may not explain them all, but if you actually READ the
briefing, you should know what I am talking about.

And no, this is not a walkthru. If you can't hit broadside of a
barn, this guide won't help you. Do the training missions (it's
another "campaign") first.

In general, just follow all the waypoints and you should be okay.
When in doubt, head toward the next waypoint.

5.1   BOMBING 101

You're completing your bombing training and use of the LANTIRN

OBJ1: Drop test bomb on WPT4, the bull's eye target, must kill
bull's eye without damaging more than 2 other spheres.

OBJ2: Drop on simulated substation between WPT7 and WPT8 without
destroying any surrounding spheres using guided bomb.

OBJ3: (hidden) fly back to base

Take an F/A-18 with air-to-ground loadout.

OBJ1 is simple enough. Follow the waypoints on autopilot. When
you get close enough, go at 80% throttle, nose down slightly so
you can put the piper on the target. Release when you got it

OBJ2 is a bit tougher, as you must use GBUs, and you need to use
LANTIRN to target properly. Of course, first you must FIND the
target. Once you found it, designate it and then turn around and
drop a GBU on it.

When you're done, go back to base, and notice all the burning
buildings. You're now at war.

[NOTE: you don't get "mission accomplished" until you fly all the
way back to the base.]


North Korean Special Forces are escaping. Destroy them before
they get away.

OBJ1: Destroy the Humvee and the Tanker Truck located in the
mountain pass near WPT3.

OBJ2: Destroy the 747 on the airport runway near WPT4.

OBJ3: Destroy the bomb plant and the three warehouses located
near the airport.

Take an F/A-18 with air-to-ground loadout.

Take off when ready. Follow the waypoints. Note all the smoke on
the ground. When you get close to OBJ1, your wingman will abort.
It's all up to you now.

The tanker and the humvee should be killed with Mavs.

When you get close to the airport, you'll run into a lot of flak
and SAMs. Drop the appropriate countermeasure when they get
close. Drop a Mk 82 on the 747 sitting on the ground, then drop a
Mk 84 on the factory. With any luck, one bomb can take out all
four buildings. If not, follow up with smaller bombs. RTB when


Apparently some tanks and APCs stolen from National Guard armory
are moving toward Reno. Destroy them.

OBJ: Destroy 3 tanks coming up I-80 approaching Reno.

Take an F/A-18 or F-22 with multi-role loadout (Mavs and GBUs).

Take off and follow the waypoints.

You'll notice a lot of targets on the air-to-air radar. Start
interrogating them (switch to them). You'll notice some remain
UNIDENT while others show aircraft type. Target the closest
UNIDENT, and send your wingman after it (ALT-G). They will be a
bit far away, so just get there when you can. Several friendlies
will be shot down when the Russians (Su-37's and MiG-44's) start
to run wild. Help your wingman and friendlies take out the

Continue toward target area, which is I-80 in the hills. You will
encounter some SAMs. Drop GBU or Mav on each tank until all three
are dead. RTB (return to base).


NKSF are entrenched near Lake Tahoe with SAMs. Support the effort
to eliminate them by removing their power.

OBJ: Destroy the occupied cabin and the power station at the
shore of Lake Tahoe

Take an F/A-18 with air-to-ground loadout

Take off, but do NOT follow the waypoint. Instead, head 110 and
make gradual right turns, stay to "left" of the waypoint route.
This way, you'll avoid most of the SAM.

If you do follow the waypoint, you'll run out of chaff and flares
before you get to the target, and while you try to avoid the SAMs
the MiGs will get you.

At about half-way to the target, two MiG-44's start getting close
to you. If you have stayed away from the SAMs, find a good place
to jump them and destroy them. You should be able to take on
both, even without your wingman.

Continue to the lake. The two targets are in the valleys, but
watch out for SAMs and flak. Cabin is easy to hit with Maverick,
while the substation must be hit with a bomb (Mk-84 if you got
one). You have to approach the substation from the lake side as
it is VERY difficult to see.

RTB when complete.


Help destroy the NKSF base near Yosemite, but first you must take
out the SAM sites...

OBJ1: Destroy the guerilla camp located near the head of Yosemite
Valley (WPT4).

OBJ2: Destroy the two SAM sites located on mountain peaks near
WPT5 and WPT6.

Take an FA/18 with Multi-role loadout (4 Mavs and 4 GBUs).

Take off and follow the waypoints.

When your wingman peels off start doing NOE flying into the
canyon in front of you. You'll see a lot of flak, but just keep
flying through the canyon, dodging flak and missiles. When you
see the HQ, you'll only be 3 miles away. Shoot the Maverick and
pull up.

Even if you missed, you have to keep going. There are 3 MiGs in
the air coming after you. Send your wingman after them and help
him out with your missiles while flying away from the SAMs. When
you take out all 3, take out the HQ if you haven't done so. Then
climb away from the SAMs and go after the 2 other SAM sites that
you need to kill.

After that, RTB.

This mission can be EXTREMELY difficult as you'll be surrounded
by SAMs and you need to fight some air threats as well. Use the
invulnerability cheat if you need to.


Kill anything that's not ours.

OBJ: Conduct fighter sweep of designated waypoints

Take F-14 or F-22 loaded with max AA missiles. F-14 would be a
better choice here.

As you get close to WPT2, you'll start noticing some UNIDENT
targets. Lock it up. As soon as you get HOSTILES DETECTED, let
your wingman loose. You'll be shooting 3 separate waves of bogeys
in groups of 2 each, both Su-37's and MiG-44's. One of the waves
will be coming from the North, where Delta wing in F-22's should
already be engaging. Help them if you can.

When you're done, RTB.


Coalition forces have taken over the old Moffet field and here's
pay back. Destroy all the Coalition planes on the ground (bombs,
lots of bombs).

OBJ: Destroy the enemy planes at old Moffet field

Take F-18 with air-to-ground loadout. You need the Mk 84's for
big damage, and some guided weapons.

When you get close, you run into some bogeys... Some Chinese H-
6's and MiG-42's. Send in your wingman and help him out.

When you get to the target, some of the planes you need to shoot
have taken off. Take them out (send your wingman in F-22). Then
use LANTIRN to designate the aircrafts and use one Mav or GBU on
each. Or if you can, drop one bomb between the contacts. Feel
free to wipe out the rest of the planes, including a 747 in
takeoff position, some H-6 bombers, and so on. Wipe them all out,
then RTB. The flak is not that dangerous.

Feel free to use "reload munitions" cheat as you may not have
enough to get good hits on all the targets you want.


NKSF have taken over Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.
They may have taken the nuclear material cached onsite. You are
authorized to BLAST THEM ALL to make sure NKSF don't get it.

OBJ1: Destroy the cargo carriers on the airport tarmac at WPT5.

OBJ2: Destroy the vault on the grounds of the Lawrence Livermore
National Laboratory.

OBJ3: Destroy all enemy aircraft that vector to you after
attacking the Laboratory.

Take F-18 or F-22, multi-role loadout.

Take off and follow the waypoints. You may have to take out a MiG
or two. Send your wingman to do it.

When you get close to the airport, flak should open up. Target
the RadMatrl and you should see the APC targeted. Shoot a
Maverick at it. Then continue to take out the Vault with a GBU.

Feel free to circle back to the airport and take out the towers
and the H-6 on the ground.

Circle the area and engage any air threats you see. Some MiGs
should join the party.

When the waypoints are cleared, head toward WPT7. You should see
2 Su-37's pop up. However, the F-18's acting as escort should
have caught up by now. Help them take out the Sukois and you can

5.9   D-DAY

Coalition forces are landing on the West Coast. We must bleed
them quickly.

OBJ: Destroy at least 6 of the vehicles or ships near the beach
between WPT3 and WPT4.

Take off as usual. You will be joined by beta wing, with more
Hornets and Raptors. You get another section of Raptors (total of
8 aircrafts), but you can't control them.

As you get close and you start noticing enemy planes on the
radar, you'll see many Sukhois and MiGs (total of 6-8). Beta
should peel off and go after their targets. Send your wingman
after them, closest first. You can take care of the few that gets
through him.

After that, it's steady bombing of the landing ships. You should
see like 5 lined up in a row, plus a few APCs on the beach
itself. Slow to like 50% throttle and start launching Mavs as
soon as you're in range. You can nail 2 in each pass before you
need to dodge SAMs. The three that are marked are easy. Use
LANTIRN to mark the two ships that are NOT automatically
designated and shoot them too. When you run out of Mavs, drop
GBUs (you'll need to get closer).  After that, use LANTIRN to
check the land near the ships, you may spot some K-60 landing
crafts. Take them out too.

If you prefer going after ships, follow the Bay Bridge (the gray
bridge) and you'll see two MORE landing ships. Bomb them too and
you should get six hits easy. Beware that ships can launch SAMs,
and there may still be MiGs in the area.

Once you got all six and used up all your AG ordnance, RTB.


Surprise enemy air attack. Scramble!

OBJ: Destroy all enemy aircraft found within a 20 NM radius of
the airfield.

Take any craft, air-to-air loadout.

This one is NOT fun. You start on the sides and you have to find
the runway to take off. If you just hit full throttle you'll
never take off as you can't go above 100 knots on the ground (in
real-life, you'll rip out your gear first). So go forward slowly,
turn onto runway, and take off quickly.

Once you're up, go after the multiple MiGs and Sukhois (6-8 of
them altogether) that are over your airfield. Once you've got
them all, the mission is over.


Coalition forces are still on the move. Take out the power plant
to slow them down.

OBJ1: Destroy the power plant and power substations located at

OBJ2: Destroy any air resistance.

OBJ3: Follow any orders given by AWACS in the air.  Its orders
override all others.

Take F-18, air-to-ground loadout, as you'll need some Mk-84's to
bomb the powerplant. On the other hand, if you want to "exploit",
then take an F-14 (yes, F-14) with Air-to-Ground loadout (see
that it has the max number of weapons?)

Take off and go 100% throttle. When you see an UNIDENT contact,
tell your wingman to engage it. They are too close to the AWACS.

On the way to the target, you'll run into an Ivan Rogov-class
landing craft. Take it out with a Maverick as it'll be close to
your target and you don't have time to mess with it while you're
bombing. The 3 substations and the plant are widely separated so
you need to drop one bomb on each. If you have the GBUs (and with
F-14, you should) drop one on each. Fly straight at it, and hit
release as it passes below your nose. Use LANTIRN to confirm the

When you take out the ground targets, and if the AWACS is still
alive, you'll get orders to take out some slow lumbering
targets... 3 troop transports (shows as GETC when you lock on)
escorted by 3 MiGs. Send your wingman after the MiGs and you go
after the transports use your missiles to kill them quickly.
After you take care of all of them, RTB.


Locate one of the two Coalition Carrier Groups near the West
Coast... Then make it to our CVN alive.

OBJ1: Fly within 12-15 NM of a Coalition carrier group AND
receive the message "Carrier task force identified."

OBJ2: Reach the safety of the CVN George Washington task force
(within 2 NM).

Take F-14 with air-to-air loadout. You'll need a LOT of missiles.

Take off normally. You'll be joined by your wingman in F-22. Just
keep flying your waypoints. If enemy fighter comes close, kill
it. Otherwise, just keep flying as you get close to WPT6. You can
zoom in to see an oil rig or two as the brown dots. Use LANTIRN
to watch them.

If you have radar in 20-mile range, you should see 2 brown dots
close together. If you don't, keep flying toward WPT7. When you
do find it, and see the enemy fighters, turn RIGHT 45 degrees.
Somewhere in front of you is the enemy carrier task force with a
whole SLEW of ships (a BIG blob of brown dots, and I mean MORE
THAN A DOZEN). When you can see that blob on radar, and get the
message "Carrier Task Force Identified", it's time to "get out of
Dodge". By this time you'd be dodging SAMs left and right, as two
to three ships will be shooting at you, PLUS incoming MiGs and Su-

Turn toward an empty sector and hit zone 5 afterburner (AB5) and
dive to 500 ft or lower and just fly AWAY as fast as possible.
Your job is to GET AWAY.

When the fighters catch up with you, turn and fight. Then keep
running away. If you take out 2-4 fighters you should be clear.
Then just follow the waypoints to the CVN... Get close enough,
and if you want to chance a carrier landing, go for it. Else just
end the mission.


Alpha strike is ordered on the Chinese Task Force. Hit them now
while you have the surprise. Reduce the SAM ships so the next
wave has a chance of punching through.

OBJ: You and your attack group must destroy at least 3 SAM-
equipped ships.

Basically, go after cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. Bring
Mavs. GBUs don't seem to hit ships that well.

You'll see a lot of oil platforms, tankers, container ships, and
even replenishment ships. Do NOT shoot those. They are there to
waste your missiles. Instead, look for the Jianhu frigates and
the Kirov cruiser, and whatever destroyers you see. They look
different from the rest. They also shoot SAM at you. Designate
them and shoot ONE Maverick at each. Somehow, ONE Mav is enough
to destroy a cruiser in JF4. Keep designating targets until you
run out of Mavs. Let the F-14's deal with the air threats, but
beware of any one who got past them. You can't dodge SAM and
fighters at the same time.

You can try dropping GBUs on targets of opportunity, but I can't
seem to get a hit with GBUs. Consider coming at the ships LENGTH-
wise so slightly short/long drop will still hit.

Once you're out of ammo and you got the required ships you can go


The task force is weakened, time to finish the carrier off. You
must use Mk 82 or Mk 84, as the lighter bombs won't penetrate the
flight deck (never mind the Intel!)

OBJ1: Score a hit on the Coalition aircraft carrier located near

OBJ2: Reach the safety of the CVN George Washington task force
(within 15 NM).

Well, as you can guess, this sounds simple, but is not. Before
you can within 30 miles of the enemy carrier, you see a SLEW of
enemy fighters in a pincer movement, coming in from left, right,
and front, both MiG-42's and Sukhoi-37's. Your wingman will
probably "buy it" as you try to break through.

The carrier itself has 2 escorts hugging its sides, and they will
hose the sky with AAA AND launch SAMs. Send your wingman in if
he's still there. Dive and arm Mk 84s. Dive at 70% throttle with
brakes should put the pipper JUST below the nose cross hair. When
you're close enough, drop and climb out (brakes off). Then run
for it.

Two more MiGs will probably appear behind you and chase you. Get
away from the escorts, take out the MiGs, then you're home free.


The carrier has left (wounded), but enemy ships remain in the
area. Expect enemy air cover.

OBJ: Destroy the minelayer before it reaches the shipyard.

Pretty simple mission. Your wingman is in a Tomcat, so let him
take on the MiGs. And you'll see quite a few MiGs. 2-3 MiG-44s to
start, plus some Su37's over the target area. You just find that
minelayer and put a Maverick into it. Two (2) Rogov's and 2
Jianhu's (all of them shoot) will escort it.

When you do that, feel free to put additional Mavericks into the
other ships if you want to chance it, otherwise, just end the


Escort Beta and Delta flights on their strike routes.

OBJ1: Ensure survival of Beta and Delta throughout the flight

OBJ2: Delta's target at the shipyard near WPT3 must be destroyed.

OBJ3: Beta's target of a hidden base at WPT4 must be destroyed.

Take F-14, air-to-air loadout. All your threats are MiGs and
Su37's. There are a few SAM shooters, but they can be dodged.

Take off and rendezvous with Beta and Delta flights at WPT2
(you'll see a few SAMs on the way). Just shoot any MiGs that show

As you approach WPT2 you'll see 2 S37's suddenly pop up at 10
miles as they take off. Kill them immediately. Then send your
wingman against any one that pop up at 20 miles to north and
northwest. Epsilon flight to your west is engaging other bandits.

Just keep shooting bandits until you nail all that are in Beta
and Delta's path. Once Delta made its Mav runs, you can pretty
much ignore it. Beta will then go after its target. Once they're
both done, you can end the mission.


US Ground forces attacking north from Southern California have
met stiff resistance. Take out this tank column that's holding
them up.

OBJ: Destroy all tanks in your targeting computer near WPT2.

Take Raptor with multi-role loadout.

Take off normally. While on the way, you'll run into 4 fighters
in 2 groups of 2. Split them with your wingman. Then take out a
bomber (H-6) and a recon (Tu-126 Moss) in your way.

There are actually FOUR tanks you need to take out. Use both Mavs
and GBUs if you got them. Send your wingman in if you need to.

You'll need to take out two MORE fighters if you want to fly your
way back. You may be short on missiles, so learn to use your

Land at Castle AFB for your next assignment.


To cut off Coalition supply routes, the two landmark bridges must
be destroyed. (What a pity.)

OBJ1: Destroy the San Mateo Bridge at WPT4.

OBJ2: Destroy the Golden Gate Bridge at WPT5.

Take F-22 with multi-role loadout.

San Mateo Bridge isn't that well protected, but you'll run into a
few fighters here and there, and quite a few SAMs.

Golden Gate Bridge however, is covered by 2 S37's and 2 MiG44's.
You need to be VERY stingy with your missiles as you send your
wingman after the fighters. Split them when possible. One
Maverick into each bridge is enough.

After you take out the GGB, you'll see more fighters. Kill them
and land, or just end the mission.


The damaged Coalition carrier is back... And here's your chance
to finish it off.

OBJ: Score a hit on the Coalition aircraft carrier located near

Take F-18 or F-22 with multi-role loadout.

You'll have a hard time making your way to WPT6, as the area is
CRAWLING with SAM sites and there are fighters all over the
place. When you get close to WPT6 you'll see 4 fighters flying
CAP. When you finally get there, you can send your wingman after
the others while you make a full throttle run on the Chinese
carrier, the CVN Zhang (listed as Zhang on the target). Shoot a
Mav at it and scoot. You'll need to dodge additional fighters
getting away so you may just want to end the mission here.


The enemy recon flight found us. Two strike groups are inbound,
but there's a gap between them. If you kill them quickly, you can
land, rearm, and relaunch before the second group arrives...

OBJ1: Destroy all Coalition aircraft encountered.

OBJ2: Protect major U.S. task force ships from damage.

Definitely take the F-14 or the Raptor, load up on the best
missiles (AMRAAM or Phoenix). I prefer the Tomcat as you can
carry Phoenix missiles. Tomcat with Fleet Defense loadout is
probably the best combo.

Launch as normal. Then you get within range (say, 20 mph), send
in your wingman, and start ripple launch the Phoenix. Target,
shoot. Target, shoot. Ripple off all four, then switch to AMRAAM,
send your wingman against a fifth, and wait for the result. You
should get two hits out of four, if not more. Then kill the
leaker with your wingman. Then land quickly, rearm and take off
again, and repeat the performance.

You'll need to kill everybody in the wave or the mission won't
end. Chase down the leakers if you need to.


Need to take out some SAM sites south of San Francisco that has
been hindering operations.

OBJ: Destroy all four SAM sites in your targeting computer
between WPT5 and WPT6.

Take F-18 with multi-role loadout.

Take off. Do NOT engage the closest fighters. Instead, go maximum
speed and fly the waypoints. If the enemy comes too close, kill
it. Otherwise just fly the waypoints and let Beta flight (4 F-
18's) to kill the MiGs for you. If MiGs get close, hit the

When you're close, pull up so you can see the SAM sites, then
slow down and put one Mav into each while using your wingman on
others. If you miss, reattack with GBUs. When you take out all 4,
you can go home or try to kill any MiGs still in the air. If you
attack MiGs early, you can lose your wingman.


Ground strike against targets in Richmond (NE of SF).

OBJ: Destroy the three targets listed in your targeting computer.

Take F-18 or F-22 with multi-role loadout.

Take off normally and follow the waypoints at 60% or 70% speed,
let Beta flight clear the path of fighters. Your wingman, in F-
22, is having a bad day and he won't respond to commands as you
get close to the target. When you get close, target the closest
structure you need to hit (hint: it's NOT the first one), then
shoot a Mav. You may be able to hit all three before you need to
pull away if you slow WAY DOWN (and hit the brakes). After all
three are done, just land.


Rescue CAP... Destroy enemy fighters harassing our Rescue

OBJ1: Destroy all enemy air power on your way to WPT2.

OBJ2: Ensure the safe return of the Sea King helicopters located
at WPT2.

Take F-14 with Fleet Defense or air-to-air loadout.

Take off and fly the waypoints. You'll see 6 enemy fighters in 3
groups of 2 each. Shoot all of them down, and wait for the Sea
King to report it is back to the carrier, and that's it!


Raid on SFO, which is now a major Coalition airbase with lots of

OBJ: Destroy the 3 targets scattered at the airport.

While the briefing says to take Mavs, don't. Instead, take the
air-to-ground loadout. You need Mk84's to kill all the targets in
ONE pass.

You'll see a TON of fighters on the way. Take F-22 with air-to-
ground loadout. Fly your waypoints at 90% speed, which should be
just behind the F-14's that'll be flushing the target area.
However, more will be taking off constantly. Send your wingman
against the closest ones that got past the 2 Tomcats. Fly in at
5000 or higher, dodge SAMs, and drop both Mk 84's into that big
terminal that you see, try to spread them out a little, one on
each side. That should be enough to take out all 3 targets. Then
just get the heck out of there or you'll be dead before you know


Destroy docks to further limit Coalition supply routes.

OBJ1: Destroy the dock by WPT5.

OBJ2: Destroy the shipyard by WPT6.

Pretty simple mission, take a Raptor with multi-role loadout.

You'll have 4 wingmen (only one you can control though). Just fly
your waypoints. Your wingmen knows when to engage. Send the one
under your control against any leakers. You just shoot those Mavs
where they belong. The dock can be a bit hard to kill with Mavs.
Shoot them from higher up. Shipyard can be easily killed with a
GBU if you're out of Mavs. Then go back and land on Castle AFB.


The target is downtown San Francisco... Where the Coalition have
established a HQ.

OBJ: Destroy the Coalition command and control center listed on
your targeting computer.

Take off and join the group. Try to set your throttle at about
70% to pace the rest of the group. Then the leader says split,
afterburners, shoot the Mav at the target when in range, then
RUN! You'll be surrounded by MiGs (at least 4). As soon as you
hit the target, end the mission!


Escort another raid at SFO.

OBJ: Ensure the safety of the F-22's as they destroy the
remaining infrastructure of the San Francisco International

Take F-14 or F-22 in air-to-air loadout.

Take off from the carrier, and you'll see a group of enemy planes
attacking. Take them out immediately so the attack group can take
off. Then immediately full speed to WPT1 (when you get the
message) and destroy any other enemy aircraft in the area. The
other F-22's will take off and make their Maverick runs on the
target. Then the mission should be over.


Fighter sweep over San Francisco Bay Area, kill anything that's
not ours.

OBJ: Destroy all enemy fighters.

F-14 with fleet defender or air-to-air loadout is god.

Just launch and fly through all the waypoints. You should see a
bandit at about 30 miles out, send your wingman after it, and
kill its wingman also. Then follow the rest of the team into a
huge furball. You will get like 6 kills if you have enough
missiles, others will get quite a few kills also. Remember to
designate enemy for your wingman. When coast is clear, you can


CVN Teddy Roosevelt drove off the other Coalition task force with
a surprise strike. This is our chance to finish off this task
force once and for all.

OBJ: Destroy the remaining Coalition carrier.

Take F-22 with multi-role loadout.

As you take off, you'll meet up with the other F-14's and F-18's.
Kill any aircraft you see. Some of them, esp. S37's, are on
attack run to the Teddy. Just kill everything in the sky, sending
your wingman into the action.

Once you've cleared the sky of enemy fighters, make your run on
the enemy carrier. You only need to land ONE Mav to win.


Destroy the Coalition frigate, and destroy any incoming cruise
missiles (no, it's not in the briefing)

OBJ1: Destroy the Coalition frigate anchored in the Bay.

OBJ2: Destroy all missiles threatening the task force.

Take F-22 with multi-role loadout. You don't get a wingman, so
you have to take the AG weapons yourself.

Take off and take out the fighters in your way, but save at least
TWO missiles.

Approach the frigate at maximum speed. Shoot the Mavericks off in
range, and you should get message about the cruise missiles
taking off from the frigate. Make sure the frigate is dead. You
should see two cruise missiles (and the message will also say
so). One of them may hit the bridge. Just shoot any that are left
with your missiles. When the frigate and 2 missiles are gone,
you're done.


Coalition non-fighter crafts are all leaving. Destroy them before
they get away.

OBJ: Destroy all large, non-fighter, aircraft.

NOTE: If you destroy ALL the enemy planes here, you win directly,
and don't see the next mission.

Take F-14 with fleet defender or air-to-air loadout.

You'll see a TON of enemy aircrafts, mainly TU-126, H-6, A501,
and other big lumbering planes... And they actually have flares.
Shoot them from a distance, as they do try to dodge you if you
get too close, and it's easy to overshoot. There are 10-20 of
them, a lot more than you have missiles. Some will probably get
away. Get your wingman into the fight ASAP, and try to fly
THROUGH them to force them to turn back so the other fighters
have a chance to catch up. They don't shoot back, so you just
need to worry about SAMs. Just kill as many as you can.


Coalition forces are slowly giving ground and their air cover is
shrinking. This is the final push.

OBJ1: Destroy all enemy aircraft.

OBJ2: Destroy any ground vehicles targeted in your targeting

OBJ3: When the stand down order is given, land triumphantly at
San Francisco International Airport.

Take F-22 with multi-role loadout. Not that many enemy left.

Take off and take out any fighters in your way, kill a few ground
targets, a few more air cover... Then land at SFO, and you've

6    Multiplayer

As each "squadron" would have different rules, it's pretty
pointless to list them.

JF4 uses Gamespy Arcade for lobby and game matching.

Visit the Talonsoft UBB and see which squadron is hiring.

Any one has suggestions for this section?

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