To all people playing Elvira 2:

As someone who has suffered from making fatal errors in playing this game,
let me warn all others not to do the same.  
You may or may not have noticed that there are sometimes more than one way to
solve a problem or mix a spell.  This freedom adds to more realism in the game.
However, it also causes problems if for example you use an item for an 
ingredient for a spell and then realize later that you should have used 
something else because you need that item.  Therefore, at the end of this
article I have listed some spells and the items you should use for them.
But first, 2 warnings!

1) In studio 2, when you find Frankenstein you may want to animate him,
and you need to to finish studio 2.  However, don't get too ambitious,
you need to be at least level 9 before you can animate him.
I won't spoil anything, so I'll just say, "DO NOT CLICK ON HIS HEAD WHEN 
YOU ARE HOLDING THE WIRE CUTTERS!"  If you do wind up doing this and get 
to view his face (full-screen), you have made finishing the game impossible.
So do not do this until you are level 9 and after you animate him!
(For complete info, see below)
2) In studio 1, before you start going up to level 2 and above, make sure
you turn the elevator on and have the radio with you! (for more info,
see below)

Spoilers below


#1-Franky- To animate Franky you need to get the copper rod from the
basement(in the office) and put it on the roof to act as a lightnig rod.  
Then you need to cast Summon Storm to call lightning (hence you need to
be level 9).  Then go back downstairs to Franky's room.  Now if you move the
left lever down and the right lever up, Franky will begin to walk towards
you.  After he's taken a few steps, then click on his head (actually, the
wires leading to his head) to cut them.  You must have the wire cutters
from elvira's car.  If you cut the wires at the right time then you can open
the door behind him.  If you take too long to cut the wires, he will kill you.
If you cut the wires too quickly, you can't open the door.  THIS IS THE
PROBLEM....if you previous clicked on his head, the you have already cut the
wires and Frank won't go anywhere!  And you will never get into the room
behind him....I had to replay the entire game because of this.

#2-Studio1- To get to level 4 of studio1, you swing across a gorge.  There
is no swinging back.  But on level 4, after casting the telekinesis spell,
(ingredient=radio) you can get an elevator key from the wallet that a webbed-
man has.  Then you can access the rest of level 4 from the otehr side of the
elevator.  Make sure you lose all elevator doors behind you!  Otherwise you
can never use the elevator again.  You can still get out of studio 1 the long
way, but who wants to?

You need to following item, so don't use it for a spell!
Small silver Cross (you start the game witn it)

Spell Ingredients: (some spells are not listed because I never used them)
ANTIDOTE=yellow flask from Franky's room or a red mushroom
	(To get a red mushroom from studio1, kill all the creature in the
	room.  Don't get impateient, you have to kill them all within 
	one entry of the room.  i.e. if you leave, you need to start all 
BIND DEMON=rope and Scroll of Binding
BREATH UNDERWATER=I used the cakes from the cafeteris
BUOYANCY=fish bones from studio 3(catacombs)
COURAGE=I used the gin from the director's room, wine will probably also work.
CURE WOUNDS=holy water in test tube
DETECT TRAP=I used the glass ashtray from the director's room
FIREBALL=notes, letters, postcards, calendars...anything combustible
GLUE=the glue you find in the kitchen (I think that's where it was)
HOLY BLAST=Gold cross and silk from church
LIGHTNING BOLT=blue quartz from studio1 and candelebra from dining room
MINDLOCK=book from 2nd floor office (I forget which room) and padlock from
	studio 2 (desk in fishtank room)
RESSURECT=the father's bible (found in pulpit), the brain from Franky's head,
	the heart in the jar, eggs from the kitchen
SUMMON STORM=barometer from foyer of studio 2
TELEKINESIS=radio from 2nd floor of offices
TURN UNDEAD=brain in jar of Franky's room

Good luck everyone!

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