Personal Nightmare

The village of Tynham Cross, nestled in the hills of Woldshire, holds many
memories for you.  Brought up a vicar's son, life was very quiet in this sleepy
little village.  In order to pursue a more interesting career opportunity you
left home many years ago and lost contact with your parents.  consequently a
letter from your mother came like a bolt from the blue.  The letter troubled you,
you didn't know why but it seemed to be trying to tell you something.  On the
surface it was just an ordinary letter form a mother trying to re-establish
contact with her son but underneath there seemed to be something wrong, very wrong.
Perhaps it was the reference to your father's strange behavior.  According to your
mother, your father, the local vicar, has started behaving very strangely and has
developed a keen interest in the life story of James Hyatt, vicar at the Church of
St. Anthony some three hundred years earlier.  Your memories of this particular
character remain pretty vague but you do remember something about him being
killed by his own parishioners, apparently in some bizarre ritual to rid the
village of some devil or the other.  Of course such events were fairly common in
those times for it was during that period in history that the great witch hunts
were going on, and even something as simple as failed crop usually resulted in
some poor woman being burned at the stake or drowned in the village pond. 
Anyway, the tome of the letter seemed to beg you to come home and you have made
preparations to visit as soon as possible.  A second letter received only the
day before your visit alarms you even further.  More a message than a letter, it
came form your father advising that he had made arrangements for you to stay at
the local inn.  The Dong and Duck, as he was having the house redecorated and
didn't think that the work would be completed in time for your visit.  He had
added that your mother's sister, Alice, had been taken ill and was currently
bedridden and that your mother had gone to visit her in Campbelthrope, hoping to
return in time for your visit.  He also enclosed a brief brochure about the inn. 
You have taken the train and during the long journey have fallen asleep.

IBM instructions:

1. Insert Disk 1 in A Drive.
2. Type A: and then press return
3. Type install and answer the questions.  The install program will create a
   directory on C: called Horror.
4. Type PN while in the C: sub-directory Horror and the program will run.
5. From floppies, put Disk 1 in A drive and then type PN
6. A mouse maybe used.
7. The number key pad will move in the general direction of the key, ie. 9
   will move you to the right at 45 degrees.
8. 0=the left hand mouse button.
9. +=the right hand mouse button.

The object of the game is to defeat the power of the devil that has taken over
the lives of some of the residents of the village.  You will need to identify who
these characters are and then, by presenting the village policemen with evidence
of their horrific crimes, have them arrested.  You will also meet and have to
deal with one or two little pets belonging to the devil and in case you get bored
there are one or two people who need rescuing before they are used at some rather
unpleasant rituals.

The game can be controlled by use of the mouse, although on some occasions it
will be necessary for you to input some commands via the use of the keyboard. 
The game may also be played entirely by the use of the keyboard.  The main area
on the screen will graphically display the location you are in and the events
taking place within it.  The right hand panel is the command window.  The left
hand panel is the movement window.  The window directly beneath these is the text
response window and the bottom line is the text input window.  If you wish to
examine something on the screen, then the examine command should be selected from
the right hand window, by use of the mouse pointer.  You will notice that the
word examine has appeared in the text input window.  Alternatively, just type in
the word examine by pointing to the object or the character person displayed on
the screen and pressing the left hand mouse button.  Again, you will notice the
name of the object or person displayed in the text input window.  Your text input
window will now read something like examine bugle, this can now be selected by
either pressing the right hand mouse or alternatively by pressing return on the
keyboard.  The description, or appropriate response of the person or object will
be displayed in the text response window.  Should you wish to pick up an object
from the action window, then select the pick up command from the right hand
window and then select the item on screen.  Alternatively, if the item can be
picked up, then when the left hand mouse button is held down the mouse pointer
will change to a hand and by dragging the item to the inv box the item will be
placed in your inventory.

To display your inventory select the inv icon with the mouse.  The screen will
display icons of the objects that you are carrying.  Some of these objects may be
containers.  To view the contents of them, double click the icon of the container
object and the contents will be displayed.  These objects can be removed from the
container by selecting them with the mouse and dragging them to the inv icom.  To
exit the inventory mode select exit form the line displayed above the icons.

It is also possible to list the visible takable objects in any location by
selecting the icon marked room.  This will display on screen icons representing
all the items that can currently be removed from that location and again by
holding the mouse over the item required and then pressing the left button until
a hand appears, it is possible to transfer these item to your inventory.  

Similarly, should you wish to drop an item you will have to either select the
drop command from the right hand panel or the inv icon from the left hand panel. 
Once the inventory screen is displayed, then the item to be dropped is picked up
with the left hand mouse and place into the room icon.

Should you wish to examine an object you are carrying then just select the item
from the inventory with one click of the left hand mouse button and the items
description will be displayed in the text window at the bottom of the screen.  To
move around the game you may select any of the lit compass points or up and down
arrows in the left hand panel.  This will result in your moving to the location
in that direction.  Movement in that direction is prevented by someone or
something e.g. a locked door.  Movement is also possible by selecting, with the
mouse, any visible door on the action screen.  If the door is locked and providing
that you have the key, the door will be unlocked.  A second selection of the door
will open it and a third will allow you to pass through it.

Other commands you may find useful are:

Ask (character) about (character).
Ask (character) about (object)-Be careful with this one as it may have unfortunate
Ask (character) about (event).

In order to complete the game it is necessary to show various pieces of evidence
to the policeman.

Some of the characters you will meet in your Nightmare

Mr. Roberts-Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Jimmy Blandford-A professional Photographer who enjoyed a good drink.
Susan Blandford-The pretty wife of Jimmy Blandford.

Michael Williams-A City type who has only recently moved into the village.

Mrs. Jones-Wife of Mr. Jones-Landlady of the Dog an Duck.

Tony Donaldson-A young lad who lodges with the Jones.

Sgt. Jefferson-The Police Sergeant in charge of the law and order in sleepy Tynham

Peter Mason-The owner of the local Garage.

Mr. Jones-Landlord of the Dog and Duck for the last 20 years.

The lives and movement of all these characters will help you to unravel the
mystery of Tynham Cross.

To save a game:
Type save or pick the save icon in the right box.

Personal Nightmare Hints

1.  Early In The Game-accidents do happen and require close examination.
2.  Keep Getting Killed In Your Sleep-In the heat of battle a piecing sound was  
    heard and all arms were lost.
3.  Cat a Nuisance-Playful creatures aren't they?
4.  Keep Getting Your Neck Bitten-Fresh breath confidence, perhaps the gardener  
    would have been better employed elsewhere.  On reflection this may lead to   
    other problems.
5.  Witch A Problem-Stealth plays it's part in silent world at one's feet.     
    Remember Dorothy from Oz.
6.  Can't Develop The Film-David Bailey you are not, be sure not to miss        
7.  Having A Problem With A Dog-An old chestnut this one, first thought for a    
    vampire perhaps.
8.  Haunted?-Don't get angry, stay cross.
9.  Registry Office Locked-A drinking partner perhaps, watch his every move.
10. Gardener Seems Over Zealous About His Duties-Patience is a virtue.
11. Can't Get Into The Garage-Search a wreak.
12. General Advice-The policeman is an arresting officer.  Being recognized at   
    gatherings can be bad for your health.  Seek and ye shall find.  Be sociable, 
    talk to people.

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