=                       Walk-Thru for Star Control II                       =
=                     by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III                      =
=            Walk-thru written by Scott Reisig and Mark Allen               =
=              Copyright 1993 by Scott Reisig and Mark Allen                =
=                             Date: 6/04/93                                 =

=                                INTRODUCTION                               =


Scott and I would like to congratulate the game designers/programmers, Fred
Ford and Paul Reiche III, on a game that is completely fascinating and 
totally engrossing.  We spent nearly 70-80 hours on the game; some in 12 hour
marathon sessions that we called off due to sleepiness.  While this walk-thru
will allow you to solve the game and find most of the artifacts in the game,
it does not have all of them in it.  Apparently a cloaking device does exist
(its listed in a picture on page 37) in the game somewhere, but it is well
concealed.  We have not found this device, but we hear it is located 
somewhere in Ur-Quan space and is shielded against Energy scans. So if you do
ever find this item, please email Scott or myself and tell us where the heck
it is. We'd like to know! :)

We would like to thank everyone who has sent us tips, comments and pleas for
more help.


By using a little DOS magic, you can convert the Earthling ships into Kzer-Za
or Kohr-Ah ships.  Copy the Ur-Quan ships and simply rename them.  Make sure
you make a copy of them all first though, because you might want things
restored for the Melee.

Also, there is a problem with having RAM disk cache programs in memory.  They
will corrupt your save files!!  Therefore, it is extremely prudent to disable
or remove them before you start playing.  Accolade is looking into the 
problem, but in the meantime...

A bug in the game will allow you to sell back more landers than you possess. 
This of course is a cheater way to play and extremely unethical. But, we'd 
just thought you'd like to know about it.


Mark can be reached through any of these methods:
Internet: [email protected]
GEnie: M.ALLEN15

Scott can be reached through:
Internet: [email protected]

If you don't have email, you can snail mail us at:
726 University Place #21
Evanston, IL 60201
Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for a reply.

We guarantee a faster response time with email than with anything else.
By the way, I only check my GEnie account about twice a month.  However, both
of us check our internet accounts daily.

=                             ALIEN HOME WORLDS:                            =

Perhaps the most useful item in the walkthru is below.  This is a list of 
each alien homeworld, minus the Kzer-Za or the Kohr-Ah. 

Arilou                          QuasiSpace (see map)
Chenjesu & Mmrnmhrm             Procyon II
Druuge Trading World            Zeta Persei I
Ilwrath                         Alpha Tauri I
Mycon                           Epsilon Scorpii I
Orz                             Vulpeculae system
Pkunk                           Gamma Kreugar I
Shofixti                        Delta Gorno system
Slylandro                       Beta Corvi IV
Spathi                          Epsilon Gruis Ia
Supox                           Beta Librae I
Syreen                          Betelgeuse I
Thraddash                       Delta Draconis I
Umgah                           Beta Orionis I
Utwig                           Beta Aquarii I
VUX                             Beta Luyten I
Yehat                           Gamma Serpantis I
Zot-Fot-Pik                     Alpha Tucanae I

A note about the Melnorme:  They are located where ever there is a supergiant
star.  So somewhere in that system they will be around.  Of course if you 
have either caster, then you can call them.  We liked to use the Melnorme as
"in-flight" refueling.

A note about the Ur-Quan:  This is the collective title for both the Kohr-Ah
and the Kzer-Za.  The Kohr-Ah are the black ships that want to kill everyone
in this part of the galaxy.  The Kzer-Za just want to enslave everyone.  They
are the green ships.


There should be a Quasi-Space Map (in GIF format) included with this 
document.  We advise you to print it out and keep it handy.  You will be
refering to it alot.

We apologize for the first GIF enclosed with this document.  It was somehow
corrupting during the upload.  We have fixed this problem are including a
full sized map.

=                             TASKS TO COMPLETE:                            =

(Tasks in UPPER CASE are essential to complete.  The ones in lower case will
add more enjoyment to your game.)


Crystal Spindle
The Pkunk have this item and will give it to you willingly if you visit their

Aqua Helix
The Thraddash have this item.  You need to gain the trust of the Thraddash
before you go to get the item which is on Zeta Draconis I.  You gain the
respect of the Thraddash by killing several of them (try about 20) and then
visiting the homeworld. Don't go to the Homeworld first, as the kills you 
make there will not count for anything.  After you steal the Aqua-Helix, the
Thraddash will be mad about this.  BUG OUT OF THE SYSTEM...It saves a lot of
time and trouble. 

Rosy Sphere
The Druuge have this item on their trade planet.  Unfortunately, the Druuge
only trade in slaves.  The price for the Rosy Sphere is 100 crew members, so
be sure to have more than that on hand in the other ships you carry.  Hans
Lie ([email protected]) told us that you can also trade a Mycon Egg
Case to the Druuge for the Rosy Sphere.  (There is an extra one on Gamma
Brahe I).

The Supox have the Ultron on Beta Librae.  Put all of the other parts into 
the Ultron by 'use'ing them from the Device Manifest.  Take the Ultron to the
Utwig on their homeworld.  They will provide you with the bomb to destroy the
Sa-Matra.  The bomb is on Zeta Hyades VI (2nd moon).  When you arrive there
will be 5 Druuge ships.  They should be relatively easily to kill if you 
have the Hellbore cannons and the ATS systems.

(A tactical tip from [email protected]:

The best way to kill Druuge ships is with the Earthling Cruiser.  As long as
you are able to keep your distance (not too difficult, since the Druuge
Mauler also has pretty poor acceleration), you should be able to take it out
with a few nukes.)

If you do this in a timely manner, the Utwig and the Supox will attack the
Kohr-Ah, providing you with additional time to defeat the Ur-Quan. (Between
9-12 months.)


Prove that the Mycons destroyed Syra by going to the former Syreen homeworld
at Beta Copernicus I and getting an "egg husk" of the Mycon Deep Child. Get 
the Syreen ships out of the vault at Epsilon Camelopardalis Ia. Travel to the
Mycon homeworld and tell them of the new planet to take the Deep Child.  
Travel to Beta Brahe I when the bulk of the Mycon fleet is gone. You will 
still have to fight 5 Mycon ships though.  Obtain the Sun Device from the
planet surface.  To tell the Syreen about Syra you must do one of two
things: a) buy the information from the Melnorme, or b) (from Hans Lie again
(thanks Hans! ([email protected])) you can visit a shattered world and
ask the Mycon why shattered worlds are only in their system.  (Gamma Brahe
has a shattered world -- for example)

Spathi Tasks:

Clear the Spathi homeworld of the biological life forms that feed on the
Spathi. Tell them about your deed by traveling to the moon of the homeworld.
Force them to send their ships to Earth.  Eventually they will construct 
thier own slave shield, but on the moon they leave behind the Umgah Mind
Caster.  Be sure to pick that up.  Use the Caster for three things.  1) You 
can call the Melnorme in HyperSpace to come to your ship.  2) You can
comminicate with the Chenjesu and the Mmmmhrmmr. 3) You can fool the 
Ilwrath into thinking that Dogar and Kazon are speaking directly to them.

If you don't want to wait for the Umgah Caster, you can get the Burvixese
Caster which is located at Arcturus Ia.  We only recommend this if you have 
the Portal Spawner though, because of the time involved getting it otherwise.

Arilou Tasks:

In Alpha Pavonis on a blue planet there is a wreck of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought.
Salvage the wreck and pick up the Ur-Quan warp pod.  Later, in Columbae a
portal to QuasiSpace opens every month on the 17th and stays open for a few
days.  Visit the Arilou homeworld in the far upper right hand corner of
QuasiSpace.  Provided that you have the Ur-Quan warp pod, they will fit your
ship with a Quasi-Space Portal Spawner, which will save you much time and 
fuel. Since there are 15 "holes" back to HyperSpace, it is a little daunting
to find which hole leads where.  This is an important device to have because
of the time you will save.

(Be sure to see the map included in this archive.)


The important thing to remember here is: DON'T KILL HIM!!  Go to Delta Gorno.
Converse with him -- actually -- insult him. It's the fastest way.  He thinks
that you are Ur-Quan and will attack. Continue to converse with him by using
your emergency warp.  After he realizes who you are, he will become quite 
happy to help you in anyway possible.

In order to bring the Yehat back from the Queens clutches, you need to
repopulate the Shofixti race.  Of course, you need to have females to do 
this.  A VUX admiral named ZEX (ha ha) on Alpha Cerekov I has several 
Shofixti women.  But in order to get them, you need to find this creature he
wants.  It is located on Delta Lyncis I.  It is easily found by the fact
that it's huge and is very aggressive.

Return the creature to Admiral ZEX.  He will want to capture you, but the
creature will escape, killing him and allowing you to go to the planet 
surface and get the Shofixti women.  Travel back to Delta Gorno and give them
to Tanaka. Two months later, you can get a Shofixti ship. Another benefit is
that crew cost is lowered to 3 instead of 5 due to the Shofixti volunteers. 
Buy one and carry it with you to Yehat space.  Show the Shofixti to the 
Yehat.  Unfortunately, you will start a civil war, but it can't be avoided.
Later the Yehat can give you some ships if you need them.

Zot-Fot-Pik Tasks:

Visit thier homeworld.  They will eagerly join up with you and provide you 
with the designs for their ships. These guys will also provide you with some
important reconaissence information, such as the location of the Sa-Matra, 
and also information about who is winning the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah war.  We
liked these guys the best (except for the Umgah -- har har har).  Both of us
want to know about Frungy...

Slylandro Tasks:

Have you noticed how annoying those Slylandro probes are?  If you visit thier
homeworld, they will provide you with a self-destruct sequence code for the
exploration probes.  Later, the Slylandro reprogram a probe which has 
returned to their world to broadcast the destruct sequence; this will
dramatically lower the population of probes.  The Slylandro give you
information about the Precursors.  Apparently the Rainbow Worlds have some
great role in relating the fate of that ancient race.

The rainbow world align into an arrow formation pointing toward the galatic
core.  (Hmmm, setting up for a sequel maybe??!) :)

(This complete list brought to you by Eric Yung ([email protected]) and Hans Lie
([email protected]))

Beta Pegasi I
Epsilon Draconis I
Epsilon Lipi I
Beta Leporis I
Gamma Aquarii I
Groombridge I
Alpha Andromedae I
Gamma Reticuli I
Gamma Kepler I
Zeta Sextantis I

But other than the fact they're worth 500 credits from the Melnorme, there is
nothing else to them.


The Umgah have an Ur-Quan "talking pet" which is actually a Dryanni. You need
to get the Taalo Pyshic Shield device on Delta Vulpeculae IIc. (Be nice to
the Orz!) If you travel to the homeworld and ask about secrets, the Umgah
will tell you that it is undergoing surgery.  If you leave and come back, the
creature has taken over the minds of the Umgah.  The creature will try to
send you to your death by making you attack an Ur-Quan armada; if you have
the Taalo physic shield device, it will protect you from the tricks of the
Dryanni.  After you are attacked by 10 Umgah commanders, the Dryanni will
surrender.  Return to the planet.  The Umgah will give you some important
information about the Mycon; and also 500 units of biological data that you
can sell to the Melnorme; as well as four ships.  Being great joke lovers 
they will proceed to attack you...just warp out and leave the system.  (PS: 
For a good laugh sometime, come back...maybe you can be Honorary King!)

Ilwrath Tasks

When you enter the Ilwrath home system, use the Caster to trick the Ilwrath
into choosing a new target.  It will be the Thraddash, so be sure that you
have the Aqua Helix before you send them off on their rampage.  They will 
pack up and leave Pkunk space.


After the war was over, the Chenjesu and the Mmrnmhrm decided to be enclosed
on one planet.   Use the Sun Device from to accellerate the "process" of the
combination.  The Chmmr will do three important things for you.  You will
recieve unlimited RUs; they supply the designs for the Chmmr Avatar -- easily
the best overall alien ship (other than your own.); and finally, they enhance
the bomb with their crystal technology.


The Chmmr transport you back to Earth, two weeks later...the bomb has been
loaded into your flagship.  We recommend the following configuration (since
you only have six open slots due to the bomb mechanism):

Hi-Effiecency Fuel System
5 Crew Pods.

We also recommend that you buy 10 Chmmr Avatars and save two of your Pkunk

(Another tactical tip from [email protected]:

The Avatar is definitely NOT the best ship to fight the Ur-Quan and Kohr-Ah.
The Utwig Jugger is far better at this -- an Ur-Quan ship has absolutely no
chance against a Jugger, and a Kohr-Ah ship is only a small challenge.  An
Chmmr Avatar has only a slight advantage over either of these baddies.  An
Avatar can take out one, maybe two Ur-Quan/Kohr-Ah ships before biting it,
but a decent Utwig pilot can hold out almost indefinitely.)

Use your portal spawner to put you near the Crateris constellation, and
proceed to Delta Crateris V.  Around the planet is the biggest group of
nasties we've ever seen.  Use your Dryanni to distract the orbiting fleet.
Once you're able to enter the "planet" screen (the blowup of just the planet
and the Sa-Matra), save your game!!  Proceed to the Sa-Matra, where you will
be attacked by 3 Kzer-Za and 3 Kohr-Ah ships.  Take them out with the Chmmr
Avatars (or don't).  But don't worry, the ships you lose here will be replaced
with Yehat Terminators and Pkunk Furies.  After the Ur-Quan toadies are
destroyed, the Dryanni will tell you about the configuration of the Sa-Matra.
It has been our experience that Pkunk ships -- surprisingly -- do rather well 
against the shield generators.  This is due to thier speed and broadside
capabilities.  Once the shield is down, concentrate your attacks on the
green blotches and the fireballs.  Once you kill them, then fly your
flagship into the opening, and win.

Congratulations on solving the game.

=                               END OF DOCUMENT                             =

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