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  ³     Game - ºº Star Control 2              ³³ Disply/Snd - ºº MCGA/SB     ³
  ³  Release - ºº Save Game/Hints             ³³  Solved By - ºº Lord DCD    ³
  ³   Rating - ºº (10) One of the best ever!  ³³ Game Notes - ºº RPG/Arcade  ³

                              Star Control 2
                           -Save Game and Hints-

       *Release Notes*

        This game is awesome!  The graphics are basically the same 
        for the melee part of the game but the sound effects are 
        incredible, and the music soundtrack is the best I've heard
        of in a game yet (of course you need a Soundblaster to enjoy
        this part of the game!).  I wasn't even going to write a solve 
        for it until I played it once and got hooked (and it took
        two days to solve).  Other than that, this game was pretty
        tough to solve since I suddenly found out that there is a time 
        limit and had to reload one of the earlier saved games to finish
        it quicker.  This solve is an easier way to finish the game, we 
        might put out a solve that will tell you how to finish it BEFORE
        the genocide starts
                                - Lord DCD

        Some basic hints with the game:

        1.  Try to find the Trader early on.  He will have most of the info
            you need and can give you many improvements for the game.  Once 
            you find him and get the umgah caster from the Spathi then go
            find two rainbow planets.  One is to the SW of Delta Corvi (the
            star system in the top left corner) in one of the two blue stars
            in the Pegasi constellation.  The other I found is at Beta 
            Copernicus - I.  With these two you will get 1000 credits and
            spend everything on technology.  There is also one supposed
            to be orbitting a large white sun, but I never found it.

        2.  When fighting the two Ur-Quan ships, you will find that the
            Spalthi ship is the best until you can get your ship fully 
            powered up with the most powerful weapons and weapon-tracking
            devices.  As for the Mycon ships, the best is the Arilou since
            it can keep teleporting and make the Mycon plasma balls hit the
            Mycon ship!  Stay away from the Yehat, you can beat them, but they
            seem to take too much of a toll to be worth fighting.  The 
            Thraddash and Vux are both easy to beat with a Spalthi.

         3. You don't have unlimited time to finish the game.  The genocide
            starts around the beginning of 2059 and the game is over anywhere
            between November 2059 to February of 2060.  I think it is possible
            to finish the game before the genocide starts, but you will have to
            wait till later if you want the solve for the harder way to finish 
            the game.

         4. You don't need to buy more than one type of each ship, if you lose
            then just reload your game!  This way you save money, have all
            the ships and you can chose the one best for the enemy.

         5. Get the warp device from the Arilou then use Quasispace as much as 
            possible, since it will save you enormous amounts of time and fuel.

         The Alien Races

         1.  Thraddash - Draconis system (approx. 250:835)
         2.  Umgah     - Orionis system (approx 170:590)
         3.  Arilou    - go to 43.8:637.2 between the 17th to 20th of the month
         4.  Supox     - Librae system (approx. 740:910)
         5.  Utwig     - Aquarii system (approx. 860:860)
         6.  Ur-Quan   - Delta Crateris (620.0:593.5)
         7.  Zoqpov    - Alpha Tucanae (400.0:543.7)
         8.  Orz       - Gamma Vulpeculae (371.3:253.7)
         9.  Vux       - Alpha Cerencov (422.1 198.6) - the Admiral
        10.  Yehat     - Gamma Serpentis (492.3:29.4)
        11.  Ilwrath   - (approx. 38:163)
        12.  Pkunk     - (approx. 80:20)
        13.  Druuge    - Zeta Persei I (946.9:280.6)
        14.  Chmmr     - Procyon (74.2:226.8)
        15.  Mycon     - Beta Brahe (639.5:231.2)
        16.  Syreen    - Betelgeuse (412.5:377.0)
        17.  Spathi   - (241.6:368.7)
        18.  Shofixti  - Delta Gorno (just west of the yehat)
        Once you find a system then it will show up as a big circle (depending
        on the influence of the alien race) on the star map.

         The first thing to do is fly to Earth and talk to the base commander.
         They won't be able to communicate well till you go to Mercury and get
         some radioactives.  Once you bring them back then you can buy fuel and
         build up your ship.  Head out to Pluto and scan the surface for energy
         and then land to find the Spathi.  Make it talk till it gives you the
         coordinates for its home planet.  Head there and make friends with the
         Spalthi to gain some of their ships.  Eventually they will shield 
         their planet and abadon you but you will get an Umgah caster to call
         the trader anytime you are in hyperspace.        

         Alpha Tucanae
         The Earth base will eventually tell you about the Zoqpov that are
         asking for help.  Go to the coordinates they give you and then to
         the Zoqpov home at Alpha Tucanae (400.0:543.7).  After they join you
         then the next thing to do is go to the crashed Ur-Quan ship at
         Beta Corvi and scan the planet for energy.  Land and get the warp pod.
         Then travel to 43.8:637.2 and wait for the 17th to the 20th of the

         When the green hole in space opens up, go through it.  Travel to the
         the planet in the northeast corner and talk to the Arilou to get the
         warp device enhanced.  You should use quasispace for all long distance
         travel in the future.  I've included the quasispace map by Beamer so 
         that it may help you.

         Delta Corvi

         The probes are originating from the 2nd or 3rd gas planet in this
         system.  Talk to the gas being living there to get the self destruct

         Go to the Vux Admiral at Alpha Cerencov (422.1:198.6) to hear about
         the creature he is seeking.  The creature can be found at the Lyncis
         system (top north to the west of the Supox) on one of the yellow star
         systems.  Stay on the planet until a large monster comes out and then
         shoot it till it is stunned.  Make sure you have the protection from
         alien creatures from the Trader or else you will die!  Take the 
         creature back to the Vux Admiral and get the Shofixti maidens.  Go
         to Delta Gorno (just west of the Yehat) and find Tanaka.  Keep
         insulting him and then pressing ESC everytime you fight.  Eventually
         he will realize you are not the Ur-quan and the Shofixti will be 
         reborn (Kayieee!).

         Now is the time to get the Ultron device from the Supox.  After talking
         to the Utwig race, go to the Supox and get the Ultron.  You will have
         to rebuild this if you want the Utwigs to join.

         Rebuilding the Ultron

         The Ultron has three parts, after you aquire each part choose manifest
         and choose device, select each of the three parts and the Ultron will
         eventually be fixed.  Here are the steps to find each of the parts:
           1.  Go to the Pkunk and get the clear spindle (very easy and 

           2.  Go to the Thraddash.  You will have to find them about 10 times
               until you can be their master.  Then go to Zeta Draconis and
               tell them you want to see their artifact.  Take the ruby piece
               and get out of there (they will be pissed!).
           3.  Ok, now I hear there is another way to do this but I did it the
               the easy way.  I waited till the genocide started and then got
               the last piece from the Druuge at Zeta Persei I (946.9:280.6).
               I hear you can get rid of the Druuge and Mycon by finding the
               egg on the Mycon planet and taking it to the Syreen!

           4.  Once you get the third piece take the rebuilt Ultron back to the
               Utwig and they will join you!  Get the bomb from Zeta Hyades
               VI - B after scanning for energy.

         Beta Brahe

         Go to the Mycon planet (again I waited for the genocide to make it
         easier) and get the flower looking object in the system at 639.5:231.2.
         Once again use scan for energy on the first planet.

         Ilwrath Gods (22.9:366.6)

         Go to the first planet and use the Umgah caster to move the Ilwrath to
         attack the Thraddash.  After the Ilwrath have left, go to Procyon and
         use the flower object to destroy the red shield.  Talk to the Chmmr 
         and they will give you some of their awesome ships.  Before they will
         power up your bomb, you must go the Ur-Quan home base at Delta Crateris
         (620.0:593.5), and then you must pick up the talking pet at Beta
         Orionis (Umgah territory).  BUT you can't get the talking pet until
         the genecide has destroyed the Umgah (at least as far as I know).
         Once you have done both of these, then return to Procyon and the
         Chmmr will make the bomb more powerful.  After they return you to
         the Earth base, get as many Chmmr ships as possible and also a Pkunk
         ship (the only one that really worked for me on the last part).

         Ur-Quan Central

         Go to Delta Crateris (620.0:593.5) and choose manifest and device and
         then pick the talking pet.  He will move the shield away from the 
         planet.  Then go to the planet and enter the Pre-cursor battle ship.
         After fighting six Ur-Quan ships you will have to shoot a very hard
         to kill ship.  Enter the center of it and watch the ending!  Can't
         wait till the sequal!

         * Thanks to Icebreaker for a few tips with the game...

           : Look for more of our QUALITY solves Coming Soon! :

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