Morgan Schafer (HWA), 12/18/92

                             Star Control ][
                         Role Playing Game Guide

Note: There is no clear way to finish this game, but this is the most logical
      order we can think of, so boot up and listen close!

                            Table of Contents

                   I. Starting Off in the Solar System

    Ok, you appear at the edge of the solar system and now you start your
adventure. Here you go:

       A. Steer your ship towards earth (the third planet) and enter it. Now
       listen to the probe's stuff.Go to the starbase and listen to the
       Commander tell you of their problems. As he says, you gotta get

       B. Leave Earth and fly to Mercury (the innermost planet) and enter
       orbit, scan, and land to pick up everything on there, now, go back
       to Earth, enter the Starbase.

       C. Now you have to go out and most likely fight the Ilwrath ship (use
       the Earthling ship) then proceed to the moon, land and touch the base on
       there, and kill off the probes if you wish.

       D. Next Proceed to Pluto (the outermost planet) and enter orbit,
       scan for energy, land, touch the Spathi, SYMPATHIZE with him. Once
       he is on your side, you are ready for the next step. Write down the
       co-ordinates Fwiffo gives you of his homeworld.

                        II. Dealing with the Spathi 

    Now, you have to get the Spathi as a people to join your cause, heres how:

       A. Once you go to Spathiwa, and talk the ships out of attacking you,
       go to their homeworld and talk to the High Council, ask them everything
       you can, the last thing being to join you. By the way, the Spathi live
       on the moon of their homeworld.

       B. As the council instructed, go to the planet and rid it of all bio
       life forms. Mine it if you wish, then go back to the moon, tell them
       you did what they wanted. Then tell them to join you. They will say
       come back later (GO back immediately), convince them to join, be
       aggressive. (say you still got the "Evil Ones" in suspended animation).

       C. After completing several other steps, the starport commander will
       will say communication was lost with the Spathi, proceed to their
       homeworld's moon, here you will get the Umgah Caster, you will need it
       later, plus you can call the Melnorme trader from anywhere in
       Hyperspace with this.

                   III. Encounter the Zoq-Fot-Pik at Rigel

    Here you gotta meet the Zoq-Fot-Pik and make them your allies.

       A. Proceed to the Star System RIGEL (approximately 210.0 x 210.0).

       B. You will see their ship flying around, if not, go to each planet,
       and they are most likely in orbit. Talk to them, be freindly. They'll
       tell you to go to ALPHA TUCANAE (400.0 x 543.7), their home star system.

       C. Once you are at Alpha Tucanae, enter planet one, yer there! Now
       talk them through, see what they say, be careful though, Ur-Quan's
       hang around in this area. Get them to join you, and to give you their
       ship designs. Then it is safe to go back again, in fact anyone you
       talk to, go back twice. Unless they are hostile.

                    IV. Meeting the Melnorme Trader

    Now you will meet the Melnorme Trader, you will buy important technology
from him to improve your ship, as well as fuel and information.

       A. You will now proceed to go to Alpha Centauri (approx 150.0 x 100.0).
       B. You will see the Melnorme ship flying around, approach it, talk with
       him, and to get credits look at our list of Rainbow Worlds at the end
       of the guide, also collect Bio data. You will be able to find the
       trader at any Super Giant star.

       C. In the future, be sure to buy up the Melnorme's technologies, they
       come in handy.

                           V. Orz Territory

     Here, you will talk to the Orz and also get all the items you need from
this area.

       A. Proceed to Delta Vulcupulae (approx. 372.1 x 261.9).

       B. Talk to the ships thuroughly (do not ask about the Androsynth).

       C. Explore the planets until you find what the Orz describe as their
       special place (in the same star system). Convince them to let you land
       and go to the energy spot and pick up the Taalo Shield.

       D. Proceed to Epsilon Vulcupulae, Planet II, this is the former
       homeworld of the Androsynth, land and touch several ruins until
       you pass through them.

                      VI. The Arilou and Quasi-Space

     Here you will meet the Arilou and also start using Quasi-Space for faster
(and cheaper) travel.

       A. Proceed to the top star in the Circini star cluster (43.8 x 637.2).
       Move above the star a little. Stay in Hyperspace and wait until the
       17th of the month, you will see what appears to a Giant Star on your
       display, fall into the portal. By the way, it only lasts 3 days every
       month (17th-20th).

       B. You are now in Quasi-Space. Look at the starmap, plot to the Large
       star off to the right, this is the Arilou homeworld, explore everything
       you can by talking to them thouroughy. Every other star in Quasi Space
       map leads to a certain spot in Hyper-Space, look for the list at the end
       of the guide.

       C. Plot course to the spot in Quasi Space closest to the Arilou home
       world. Enter it, you are back in Arilou space.

       D. Proceed to Alpha Pavonis (approx 55.0 x 800.0). Planet VII.
       Then land and go to the energy spot and from the Ur-Quan wreckage
       get the warp pod from the ship.

       E. Go back to the entrance to Quasi Space on the 17th, once your in go
       to the homeworld and the Arilou will install the Portal Spawner on
       your ship. From now on when you use this you can call a portal to
       Quasi space from anywhere in the galaxy.

                   VII. Getting Rid of Those Annyoning Probes

    When your traveling through space, you encounter those annoying Slylandro
probes, and are forced to fight them, heres how you get rod of them.

       A. Make your way to Beta Corvi (30.0 x 975.0). Go to the Gas Giant (yes,
       to thw GAS GIANT itself), here you will talk to the Slylandro gasbags.
       B. After chit-chatting about the past, ask them about the probes, they
       will tell you about them, you have to prod them about the probe's
       program and the replication ability. After you ask them to tell you
       about the program's priority table, it is obvious what to say. Make
       sure you dont leave without them giving you the self-destruct sequence
       dont worry, you wont see it yerself, but you know it.

             VIII. Meeting the Pkunk and Getting the Clear Spindle

     Here you will travel to Pkunk territory and meet them and get the clear
spindle, which you need to complete the Ultron.

       A. Travel to Gamma Krueger (51.0 x 55.0) by whatever means, Hyperspace
       or QuasiSpace. Proceed to the first planet of the system.

       B. Converse with them and ask them all the questions, dont insult them.
       Dont call them a fruit loop until its the last question.
       C. Continue talking to their ships and planet until you have acquired
       4 of the pkunk ships and more importantly, the CLEAR SPINDLE.

                       IX. Get the Burvix Caster

       A. Proceed to Arcturus (965.0 x 577.0), by whatever means.

       B. Now, once you are in the system, go to the first planet, and land
       on it, explore the cities until you pass through them meaning your
       scientists have nothing more to say.

       C. Now go to the planet's moon, and once in orbit, go to the energy
       source, you've got the Burvix caster, you will need this shortly.

                    X. Meeting and Dealing with the Druuge

        A. Proceed to Zeta Persei (898.0 x 275.0).

        B. Talk to a ship or preferably the first planet, once you explore
        everything they have to say, making sure you have 150 crew (hehe),
        trade them the 100 crew for their ROSY SPHERE, and buy nothing else
        from them, they are now of no further significant use.

                    XI. The Thraddash and the Aqua Helix

       A. Proceed to the Zeta Draconis (275.0 x 875.0).

       B. The first thing you must do is win the respect of the Thraddash,
       to do this, you have to first talk to them, they will attack you,
       once you defeat that battle group, keep clearing out a few groups, 
       like 15 ships, and then talk to them again, see if they praise you.
       Ask them all throughout about the Aqua Helix, then go to the planet
       and ask them if you can look around the surface, then take the aqua
       helix, and leave.

                       XII. The Suppox and Utwig

       A. Proceed to Beta Librae (get from Nightfire). 

       B. Go to the first planet, talk to the Suppox until they tell you
       about the Ultron and eventually they give it to you.

       C. Then once you are outside their planet, in space, go to your list
       of devices, click on the Clear Spindle, then the Aqua Helix, then the
       Rosy Sphere. This will make the Ultron repaired.

       D. Proceed to Beta Aquarii (get from nightfire).

       E. Then go to the first planet, ask them everything you can, once you
       do that, make sure you heard their whole sad story about the Ultron.
       Then, tell them you have fixed the Ultron, after their first skepticism
       they will take it and be all happy.

       F. Also tell the make sure the Utwig are on their way to fight the
       Kohr-Ah. Talk to them after they come back from fighting, to get
       their ship design, if they didn't already give it to you.

       G. Proceed to Zeta Hyades (get from nightfire).

       H. Go to the sixth planet of the system, get the energy reading, the
       very powerful bomb, you need it at the end of the game. You might have
       fight a couple Druuge ships if they got there already to get it, but
       they shouldn't be any trouble.

                        XIII. The Shofixti and the VUX

       A. Proceed to Delta Gorno (285.0 x 025.0), Planet II.

       B. Here talk to the Shofixti ship, he will mistaken you for an Ur-Quan,
       everytime he attacks you, choose your main ship and warp out from the
       battle. Then talk to him again. He will become your freind after several
       times. Use the insults in talk and he will become convinced you are not
       an Ur-Quan.

       C. Proceed to Delta Lyncis (570.3 x 979.5), Planet I.

       D. Scan for Bio and kill everything, you will encounter a ferocious 
       beast, shoot him until you have him catpured. Then go back to the ship.

       E. Next, proceed to Alpha Cerenkov (422.1 x 198.6), Planet I.

       F. Here you will meet Admiral ZEX of the VUX. You will find that he
       has a collection of beutiful beasts. Ask for the maidens but dont insist
       once he speaks, and you have an option to say you have the beast he
       wanted, insist about twice for a direct exchange and then givin.
       The beast will get loose in his base and kill him. Then land and
       get the shofixti maidens.

       G. Proceed Delta Gorno (285.0 x 025.0). Talk to the Shofixti again and
       give him the maidens. He'll go do his "work".

       H. Let a couple weeks pass by wasting time in the Sol vicinity, then go
       to starport. Unload anything, and then buy a couple of the Shofixti

                              XIV. The Yehat

       A. Proceed to the Serpentis star cluster (c. 500.0 x 040.0).
       hang around in Hyperspace until you are encountered by the Yehat.

       B. Talk to the Yehat, do not make them attack you. Then tell them
       that you have a Shofixti, choose to send the shofixti ship you have
       over to them. A revolution to overthrow the Queen will now start and
       they will give a couple Yehat ships.

       C. Be careful though. Alot of the Yehat are still loyal to the Queen
       and will attack you.

                              XV. The Umgah

       A. Proceed to Gamma Orianis (192.3 x 587.8).

       B. Find the Umgah homeworld in this star system. Activate the Taalo
       shield to prevent the Talking Pet (Dynarri) from commanding your mind.

       C. He will send the Umgah Armada after you, after you easily kill them.
       Go back to the talking pet and he will join you. Leave him alone until
       the end of the game.

       D. Talk to him every so often if you wish, dont ask him about his
       personal background though.

                            XVI. The Ilwrath

       A. Proceed to Alpha Taurii (022.9 x 366.6).

       B. Once you are in the system, use the Umgah Caster. Command the
       Ilwrath to attack the Thraddash.

                      XVII. The Syreen and The Mycon

       A. Proceed to Betelguese (415.0 x 375.0).

       B. Go to the first planet and and talk to the syreen, explore their
       whole sad story. Once you listen to it leave.

       C. Proceed to Beta Copernicus (600.8 x 263.1). The first planet.

       D. Land on the shattered world and pick up the Mycon Eggshell

       E. Proceed to Beta Brahe (639.5 x 231.2).

       F. Continue to talk to various Mycon ships, until they tell about
       "The Deep Children". Continue escaping battle until they tell you.

       G. Proceed back to Betelguese, talk to the Syreen about how you know
       about the Mycon attacked her former world, and give the Eggshell as
       proof. Then she will send you to get their ships.

       H. Proceed to Epsilon Camelopardalis (593.7 x 393.7).

       I. Go to the first moon of the first planet of the system. Land and
       let the Syreen science team unlock the vault.

       J. Go back to Betelguese. She will be pleased you got ther ships back
       and will show you "proper gratitude". She will tell you where to tell
       the Mycon to go.

       K. Go back to Beta Brahe. Here talk to the nearest Mycon ship, and tell
       them to proceed to Organon for breading, they will.

       L. Proceed to the first planet. Land, you will have to fight 5 Mycon
       podships. Once you defeat them. Pick up the Sunray device from the

                           XVIII. The Chmmr

       A. Proceed to Procyon (074.0 x 226.8).

       B. Go to the first planet. Use the Burvix Caster to talk to the Chmmr
       once you are in orbit. Find out the situation from them. Then stop
       talking to them.

       C. Use the Sunray Device you got from the Mycon world. This will free
       the Chmmr shield and complete their process.

       D. Go back to starport and by abour 2 Chmmr Avatars.

       E. They have equipped your ship to destroy the Sa Matra. You are one
       step away from the end.

                           XIX. The Sa-Matra

       A. Before leaving to destroy the station, make sure you have 2 Utwigs,
       3 Chmmrs, and 1 or 2 Yehats.

       B. Proceed to Delta Crateris (620.0 x 593.5). 
       C. When your in the system, talk to the Talking Pet. He will let you
       know what the plan is.

       D. Once all the Ur-Quans and Kohr-Ahs surrounding the planet move. Enter
       the planet.
       E. The Sa-Matra is there for the taking. Attack it, you will have to
       a couple Ur-Quans and Kohr-Ahs, no problem!
       F. Now you have to attack the Sa-Matra itself. Choose a ship you
       are good with. Watch out for the fireballs that will chase you, and
       the green balls, which bounce you away from the battle station.

       G. You have to knock out the 8 generatoes surrounding the sa-matra.
       H. Once this is done, escape with your present ship and re-enter with
       your main ship. Then enter the Sa-Matra through the opening created
       by destroying the Generators.

       I. You have WON. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the whole movie
       and credits at the end, they are really cool.

                      XX. Convenient Things to Know

       A. Here is a list of the Quasi Space exits to make your travel
        Quasi Space               Hyper Space             Descrip
       컴컴컴컴컴컴             컴컴컴컴컴컴            컴컴컴
       448.0 x 504.0             565.7 x 971.2            Delta Lyncis
       458.0 x 492.0             860.7 x 015.1            Unimportant
       466.0 x 514.0             230.1 x 398.8            Spathi Space
       468.0 x 464.0             921.0 x 610.4            Arcturas
       476.0 x 458.0             409.0 x 774.8            Ur-Quan/Thraddash
       476.0 x 496.0             611.6 x 413.1            Ur-Quan Space
       488.0 x 538.0             973.5 x 315.3            Druuge Space
       492.0 x 492.0             005.0 x 164.7            Ilwrath Space
       502.0 x 460.0             318.3 x 490.6            Zoq-Fot-Pik Space
       506.0 x 474.0             190.9 x 092.6            Sol Vicinity
       516.0 x 466.0             567.3 x 120.7            Mycon Space
       520.0 x 514.0             011.1 x 940.9            Slylandro Space
       520.0 x 540.0             589.9 x 621.3            Heart of Ur-Quan
       530.0 x 528.0             775.2 x 890.6            Supox Space
       544.0 x 532.0             036.8 x 633.2            Arilou Space
      *500.0 x 500.0             043.8 x 637.2            Arilou Entrance

       B. Here are the Hyper Space co-ordinates of all worlds where you need
       deviced from.

       Planet Name             Co-Ordinates               Why
       컴컴컴컴컴             컴컴컴컴컴컴           컴컴컴컴
       Alpha Pavonis VII       056.2 x 800.0           Ur-Quan Core
       Arilou Homeworld        043.8 x 637.2           Portal Spawner
       Beta Libre I            775.2 x 890.6           Broken Ultron
       Delta Lyncis I          570.3 x 979.5           VUX Beast
       Beta Orianis            197.8 x 596.8           Talking Pet
       Zeta Draconis I         277.6 x 867.3           Aqua Helix
       Zeta Hyades VI          850.0 x 937.2           Utwig Bomb
       Beta Copernicus I       600.8 x 263.1           Mycon Eggshell
       Zeta Persei I           946.9 x 280.6           Rosy Sphere (Druuge)
       Gamma Kruegar I         052.2 x 052.5           Clear Spindle (Pkunk)
       Alpha Cerenkov I        422.1 x 198.5           Shofixti Maidens (VUX)
       Delta Vulpeculae II-C   372.1 x 261.9           Taalo Shield (Orz)
       Beta Brahe I            639.5 x 231.2           Sunray Device
      Epsilon Camelopardis I-A 593.7 x 393.7           Syreen Vault
       Delta Crateris          620.0 x 593.5           Sa-Matra

       C. Here are a few Rainbow World to help you ge Creds with the Trader.

           World                   Co-Ordinates
       컴컴컴컴컴컴               컴컴컴컴컴컴
       Beta Pegasi I               039.5 x 745.8
       Zeta Sextantis I            468.1 x 091.6
       GroomBridge I               996.0 x 904.2
       Gamma Aquarii I             853.4 x 879.7
       Epsilon Draconis I          283.6 x 785.7

       D. Here are a couple of World rich in Bio-data for even more credit.
           World                   Co-Ordinates
       컴컴컴컴컴컴               컴컴컴컴컴컴
       Delta Vulpeculae I          372.1 x 261.9
       Beta Mira I-D               367.8 x 192.6
       Zeta Centauri I-A           146.3 x 077.9
       Organon I-A                 685.8 x 057.7
       Zeta Libre I                783.3 x 908.3
       Beta Corvi I                033.3 x 981.2
       Alpha Wolf 4-D, 4-A         160.1 x 174.6
       Gamma Caeli 2-A             284.4 x 078.7

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