SHIVERING ISLES (Extension pack for Oblivion)


RPG by Bethesda Softworks



A solution by Lu Richardson




The product:


Shivering Isles takes you out of the realistic world of Oblivion and into the weird one of Morrowind: full marks for imagination and superb art work. This is a very original game all round, you get interesting puzzles and new hazards: it is not an easy ride. I frankly enjoyed it in spite of the bugs (crashes, freezes, slo-mo, etc.).



General tips:


Since you must have Oblivion before you can play this expansion pack, I will assume that you've already played the main game and you know what's what. The only thing I can add is that, from the start, you should collect a sample of each of the new plant/animal materials you will come across in the new setting - you'll find out why later.


Perhaps I ought to explain that at the end of Oblivion I was pretty well advanced, had great weapons and, most important of all, I had enough armour and accessories with the "Chameleon" enchantment to make me invisible. This was invaluable to explore around without having to fight every time - I just walked past the monsters... or killed them before they knew I was there. Of course, when I needed to be seen in order to talk to people, I had to put on non-chameleonic armour.


I started from an Oblivion saved game; no doubt you will, too. Since you have to wait 24 hours before Shivering Isles kicks in, you might like to spend that time gathering some things you will need, for instance: 5 flawless pearls, 2 sweetrolls, as much skooma as you can find, tongs and callipers and, above all, make sure you have the Telekinesis spell. This will save time later on.


Once the 24 hours are over, and though you needn't rush over there if you are not ready, you get the new quest - namely, the one that allows you to play Shivering Isles.


Please bear in mind that I'm assuming you've played Oblivion and that you are familiar with the format. I mainly intervene when I had difficulties and suppose other people had them too.












Make that your active quest and bring it up to click on Map. You need to go E of Bravil so go to the nearest spot and swim to the isle and around it to find the path up to the strange door. Talk to the people you'll meet there. Just watch what is going on and eventually you'll get an invite to go through the strange door. In, sit down, talk to Haskill and, when he leaves you to make up your mind (as if you had a choice having bought the game!), wait until it is daylight (say, 9.00 am) before you agree to go through the other door. Once you do so, watch what happens. Stand up and step forward, looking down to your left to find the path.





Go along the path, have your first fight, and continue until you see two men talking. Speak to Shelden and, at the end, run after the guys to witness something. Talk to Felas and you will find out that someone wants to kill the Gatekeeper.


Go back to the village. On the way you will see a survivor running away, don't bother talking to him. Go into the first house on your left and talk to Nanette - she is a mine of information. Leave and go across to the Wastrel's Purse, talk to Dredhwen. Go upstairs and talk to Relmyna. Out, wander right to Jayred's house. Talk to him: if he is not in, go looking for him around here. Sometimes he goes to the Wastrel's Purse. At any rate, do a deal with him, follow him, pick the lock, go in and help him with the fight. He'll get some bones and tell you to meet him later.


Explore the whole area but be sure to be near the Gatekeeper around midnight. Watch what happens then. Pick up the handkerchief, find Jayred to get the bone arrows (tell him to follow you), equip your bow and the bone arrows, use Relmyna's tears and go kill the Gatekeeper. When you have done so, talk to Jayred and get the keys from the dead body. Haskill appears - pump him for info.


Go up the stairs here and enter through the Mania door (I don't think it really matters, but this solution is written for this choice of entrance). Wait in the tunnel till morning so that you can see where you are going.


Look at your map to see which road to follow and "discover" places along the way without entering them or straying too far from your path. It will be worth your while to enter Crucible, go all the way up the stairs and find the Museum of Oddities. Get the tour and inquire about Oddities. This sets up this quest nice and early in the game. There are 12 oddities in all, but youll never find them all. A few are always in the same place (e.g., go to Long Time Camp and just walk down the road, looking to your right for a Deformed Swamp Tentacle; the Mute Screaming Maw is in a corridor in Corpserot Prison), but the rest are randomly distributed. This is the complete list:


Blind Watchers Eye (it is not marked thus, just Watchers Eye)

Deformed Swamp Tentacle

Pelagius Pelvis

Dins Ashes

Two-headed Coin

Soul Tomato

Mixing Bowl

Hound-tooth Key

Friendly Dagger

Disrobement Ring

Mute Screaming Maw

Sheogorath-shaped Amber


Keep your eyes peeled!


Anyway, you can now head for the Palace.





There you have a strange conversation with Sheogorath, who will give you some items. At the end, read the manual and talk to Haskill. Leave and look for Xedilian on your map. Fast travel to Blackroot Lair (if you have discovered it; if not, to the Gates) and then walk to Xedilian.


Go in and start exploring - look inside urns and chests - and kill everyone you meet taking whatever you need from their bodies; look out for push buttons which open doors. Be very thorough and consult your map often to make sure you haven't missed any rooms. These rules, by the way, will apply to every other site you visit in the game.


The shamans here carry Crystal Staffs which are, in fact, the Focus Crystals you need. You should find a matrix (there are more matrices around elsewhere); taking it gives raise to the quest THE ANTIPODEAN HAMMER. Collect them all, if you can, as well madness ore and amber.


Presently you will find the first Judgement Nexus - use it.


Carry on exploring and look for a push button; this one is red and you drop into another section of Xedilian.


You know what to do. When you place the last Focus Crystal a door will open behind you and you can go to the Resonator (a series of grey obelisks at the top of the stairs). Once you've attuned that you should go back to Sheogorath. In principle.





Actually, as you use the teleporter in the room to your right, you wind up in the dungeons and Kiliban talks to you. At the end, go the only way you can to the observation room and wait for the adventurers to assemble (you'll hear a noise when they are ready). Look to your left and to your right and you will see the buttons - you've read the manual so you know what to expect. Take your choice; push one of them (I chose the ones on my right every time). Watch and wait for the message to proceed to the next observation room. Go to the next available pad.


Do exactly the same in the other two rooms. At the end, talk to Kiliban and do as he says. You should end up with a manual and a curious weapon; read the manual and help yourself to the contents of the chest.


However, as you make to leave, obelisks pop up everywhere and you are attacked by Knights of Order. Fight them and make sure you get the Hearts of Order they carry. When the fight is over, talk to Kiliban. Now you can leave.





Have another crazy conversation with Sheogorath, do as he says, find out what you must do. Turn around: the door to the left leads to the House of Dementia. Go through the door to your right to the House of Mania. Find Thadon and talk to him. Any line will do. He wants the Chalice of Reversal; when he has done talking rubbish, find Wide-Eye and talk to her. Be sure to bribe her to get her on your side and then keep questioning her till you get all the info. Talk to Gundlar while you are about it. Consult Haskill about everything and go to Dunroot Burrow.





Outside you'll see an Elytra. Kill it and get the Felldew - you'll have to eat it in order to enter. A word about this: there is only so much of the stuff to find, so hang on as long as you can before you take the next dose. Obviously, you'll have to kill every Elytra between you and the Chalice; search the ones with a green outline for Felldew. You might like to do a "dry run" first, i.e., save, find out which way you must go even if you die. Reload and head straight for where you need to be. Do this for the next level, too, and you will have a better chance than if you just wander around getting lost and getting weaker.


Observe these first tunnels well because all the rest are just the same. Look out for flat roots/trunks that reach from the ground up or down another level. Consult your map often and try to follow the red/green triangular marker on your compass. Hollowed stumps, by the way, contain items. Watch out for pairs of goblet-like plants, green below and orange on top and don't come too near them. Equally, avoid clusters of about four, small, green, round plants with a spike in the middle. Collect all the amber you can - the stumps which contain it are easy to spot.


When you approach the door with the map red marker on it, you'll find your way barred by some roots so you'll have to turn around and keep left. Eventually you'll reach that same door from the other side of the barrier. Get exploring. The place is full of Felldew addicts, but the Chalice is just up the stairs. Grab it and it will heal you. Have a look around here and go straight outside - unless you want to explore the tunnels further.


If you come out through the door you will see ahead of you an obelisk. You could save, knock out the priest and deactivate the obelisk by using your three Hearts of Order on it - when deactivated, not only you can really kill the priest (and get a lot of Hearts of Order) - you can get the items inside de obelisk.


Or you could leave it alone and take the Chalice to Thadon. Up to you.


Anyway, when Thadon takes the Chalice you are made a Courtier of Mania. Now for the other half of this quest.


Go to the House of Dementia and talk to Kithlan (bribe him) to find out how to see Syl. If you use the "Rumours" option (which you should, always) you'll probably get the quest BRITHAUR. Let's leave it for later and stick to the present one.


The Lady of Paranoia



Talk to Anya and then to Syl (they should all be in the throne room - if not, wait till they are). When you have spoken to her, go find Herdir. Talk to him and say you are the Inquisitor. He says you must go to Crucible and he'll come with you. Go to Crucible, find and talk to Ushnar. He won't want to talk, so after "Conspiracy" use the "Liar" line. Herdir does his stuff and Ushnar talks. Off to find Anya. Do as with Ushnar and she'll point you to Ma'zaddha.


Go to Crucible to find him. He won't talk, though, even after the torture. Consult Herdir and he will suggest you get some evidence by talking to other people. Find Bhisha and make him talk. Now go somewhere convenient and ask Herdir to "Wait". Go to Ma'zaddha's house, get into sneak mode and wait till he comes out - follow him around till he meets with Nelrene (or follow Nelrene instead). Hide behind the boxes and listen. Go and get Herdir, go to Ma'zaddha's house and confront him. Agree to him getting you the names and wait 24 hours outside. When you go in he'll be dead: get his keys, go upstairs and get the evidence from the cupboard. Find Nelrene and confront her.


Now for Muurine. Confront her and then go to Syl. Join her in the Torture Chamber and watch. She will make you a Courtier of Dementia and give you a bow. Report to Sheogorath to complete the full quest. You'll get a new one. As ever, get all the info from him and from Haskill.





Make your way to Cylarne. Talk to Chuna (the Golden Saints are your lot). Go through the door, listen to the conversation and talk to Aurmazl and to Mirel. Enter the Underkeep and sneak around to have a look-see. Sneaking or not, you'll meet Ulfri at the Altar of Despair. Just say you were sent by Sheogorath and you'll be OK. Carry on exploring until you get the message to report to Aurmazl. Do so and persuade her to use the Underkeep passage. Follow her and then run ahead of her towards the Altar of Despair and see if you cannot do some damage with your spells. Make sure all the dark ones are dead and talk to Aurmazl (you might need to find her). She will sacrifice herself at the altar.


Go to the courtyard and step into the green flame (look at your map). Go to Crucible and to the Sacellum Arden-Sul. There Dervenin will ask you to light the Mania side. Go along with that. Step onto the circle beside him and press the space bar. Talk to Dervenin.





Sheogorath is sitting on one of the pews and will clap at your success. You have another crazy chat. Back to Dervenin: he tells you how to get rid of Thadon so that you can replace him. Talk to Arctus, too. Talk to Sheogorath and choose Thadon.


Ritual of Mania



Go to the House of Mania and find Wide-Eye. Talk to her (bribe her first) and find out her routine. Wait till about 11.00 a.m. if you need to, locate her, get into sneak mode and follow her at noon. At one point you will be told to watch what she does. Still sneaking (Invisibility is a good spell to have here), follow her into the place she has opened, consult your map and head for the green marker. When you get there, use the Greenmote Pile in the centre of the room to collect a couple of doses.


Head back to the House of Mania and find the kitchen. Locate Thadon's meal and Thadon's wine and "use" them to put the Greenmote in. Go to the dining area and wait till 8.00 p.m. Watch. When Thadon drops dead, click on him to get his tainted blood. Click on him again to get his belongings. Now go to Sallecum Arden-Sul and click on the bowl at the altar. Dervenin will declare you Duke of Mania. Speak to Sheogorath. Syl turns up. Watch. Talk to Sheogorath again.





Get yourself to the Gates, enter the Fringe, find Aurig and talk to her. Let her be in charge, ask for a few minutes, heal everyone, get your strongest spell ready and talk to her again. Stand between her and the spire and let fly when the knights turn up. There will be several waves. When it's over, talk to Aurig. Heal everyone, pick up all the Hearts of Order off the dead knights if you need them.


Find your way to Xeddefen and enter. Following the marker, get to the spot of trouble. Feed the obelisk Hearts of Order till it overloads. Unfortunately, the place begins to collapse around you - worst of all, you meet Shelden. Talk to him and get him out. Don't hang around. Run! Talk to Shelden when you get out.


Go to Aurig, lend a hand and talk to her. OK, go to the Gates and, from there, to Sheogorath. You will notice he doesn't sound quite so crazy. As ever, consult Haskill.





Get yourself to Xaselm. Expect some nasty surprises. In, follow the red marker. If you run out of places to go, consider climbing piles of rocks to access other corridors. Find Relmyna and talk to her - she'll tell you what to do. So leave, go to the Gates and to the Gardens of Flesh and Blood. Run in through the second door quickly or you'll be hit by falling masonry. Go to your right, then left and scramble up the rocks. You'll find your path barred by some branches. Click on the Pull Pod on your right.


From here you are on your own. The tunnels twist on themselves, your way will be totally barred at times and you'll get a lot of hassle altogether. Just keep chasing those markers to get all the ingredients. If you've reached a green map marker and there is nothing there it's because you need to be in the same spot but on another level. So be patient and keep exploring. When you get a door which "opens elsewhere", turn around and you will see a button on a platform with a chest on it. Inside, the blood liqueur (look for two light green oval thingies and click around there). You should have all the ingredients now, so back to Relmyna.


Go to the Gates and to Xaselm Secret Entrance. Talk to Relmyna but don't tangle with her by mentioning "Victims"; listening to her might tempt you to throttle her. Just find out what you must do, go to the room behind you and take your pick. When you've done, take the bits to her and follow her. Do as she tells you and watch. You can then stick around to enjoy the show. You'll find that Falas has indeed gone over to Order. You'll also get a new spell. Now you can go to Sheogorath. Talk to him and to the messenger.





OK, travel to Pinnacle Rock. Talk to Adeo. Go in fighting and find your way to Dylora. In this room, find the Chime and click on it to shatter the obelisks holding her. Question her closely. As you go through the next door, something nasty happens to her. Click on the Chime to shatter the blockage. With the help of your trusty map, find the Wellspring. Once there, creep up on the knights and get rid of them. Click on all the Chimes in this room to free the Wellspring. Now you need to talk to Dylora.





Guess what? You have to go to Sheogorath. Sigh. Talk to him and watch. Now talk to Haskill. At the end, leave and go to Knifepoint Hollow. You'll find it easy to get to Dyus. Have a real chat.


Go to the Howling Halls sneaking. As you come in you will see an Apostle - try talking to him. A little further on, you will see some robes on a table - take one. On, listen to a conversation. Continue and you will meet Ra'kheran who will tell you to put on the robe and asks for your help. Give it. Put on the robe and start searching for the Apostle daggers. In a glass display you'll find Pelagius's Pelvis - take it. You will find only two daggers (or at least I did) so go back to the entrance and kill the first Apostle you saw, take his dagger. Take all three to Ra'kheran and follow him.


He'll meet with his buddies. Follow them all and stand by as they kill Ciirta. All you have to do is collect her eye and get out. You can talk to Ra'kheran first if you like.


Now for Milchar. The most difficult part here is to find the way in - you have to get under the gigantic tree stump's roots to gain access. As you enter, go to your left and you will find the Blind Watchers Eye by two huge green mushrooms and a cluster of flame stalks (remember its marked Watchers Eye). Enter the Nexus and drop through a hole. Walk around and you will see a push button on a wall which doesn't work. Find the standing stone and click on it - defeat a copy of yourself (who carries a very nice weapon, make sure he drops it so that you can get it when he bites the dust). Click on the Tree of Shades. That's it. You can now use the push button to reveal a teleporter: this takes you near the exit. Back to Knifepoint Hollow.


After you speak to Dyus you might like to search this place for fun in a sort of chapel a green push button on the side of a column opens a secret panel and, behind it, you'll find Gadeneri's skull. Take it. This and other named skulls free the ghosts in the Hill of Suicides; Erver in Deepwallow will reward you if you free his sister Gadeneri (although this is not regarded as a quest).





Back at the palace you find that there is something wrong with the font behind the throne. Talk to Haskill. Afterwards, go behind the tree and enter the Fountainhead. Pause immediately to watch a tame gnarl open a door. Start exploring and look for things hanging from the ceiling that resemble huge bells with teeth all round: they are gnarl chrysalis and if you click on them will produce a tame gnarl. You need these guys.


You'll come across pools with obelisks in them - kill the priest and get the shard of order he carries. This will open sealed doors when there are no tame gnarls around. At the pool of Dementia there are three priests, all of whom you must kill. At the pool of Mania you will find the three regulation priests plus Syl - after you deal with the priests, talk to her and she will attack you. Kill her (get her weapon) and move on. Go back to the palace and use the font.

Before you can catch your breath, a Golden Saint comes with a request for help. Well, honestly, not a moment's peace.





Make sure you best weapon is fully charged and you are ready for battle. Talk to the Captain and ask her to attack, go out through this door. Your first priority is to rush to the obelisk, knock the priest out and start using Hearts of Order. While you are deactivating one, another one appears. Deal with that one too and Jyggalag himself will appear. Go for him and, when you knock him down, he'll give up. Listen to him.





Talk to Haskill to finish the main quest. Now you might like to explore the castle further. Have you noticed how all your achievements have been commemorated around the throne room? You can use the Dukes Quarters as your own to store stuff and so on.





Might as well start in New Sheoth with the very first.





Go to see Dumag at the Missing Pauldron in Bliss and Cutter in Crucible. This is an open-ended quest because I guess you should find the matrices to make special weapons and armour, so all you have to do is keep a look out for them. Obviously you will also need sufficient amber and madness ore. Knotbone Chamber is a good source of amber plus one of the pieces is sometimes an Oddity.


Since we are in Crucible, we might as well do the next quest we already know.





Go to see Earil to find out what he wants. Ignore his ravings. Find Brithaur and talk to him - give him 5 flawless pearls and you can go to Earil to complete the quest.





You will be approached by Hirrus, who wants to see you after dark. Go to where he says and listen to him. He wants you to kill him - this is such a nutty game, you might as well go for it. When you have a minute you'll find him at night, at the top of the stairs leading to the Palace Grounds. Talk to him and push. Go downstairs to get his key from his body, visit his house and get the ring and will from his jewelry box. Read the will. That's it.


Now you have to talk to everyone you can to get more quests. I don't suppose the order matters very much. USHNAR'S TERROR: he wants you to get rid of Bhisha. All you have to do is talk to Bhisha and give him 100 gp to leave. Ushnar rewards you with a doggie. You are stuck with it until it gets lost or killed.





Go to Sickly's Taphouse and talk to her. Help her by going to Knotty Bramble. Nothing special save that after you've collected the liquid you might like to explore the lost crypt: blast with a shock spell the second dormant zealot guard so that he falls on the ground and uncorvers a button. This gives you access to another named skull, but youll have to fight the guards and their minions.


Take the liquid back to Sickly to complete the quest. If you come back later, she'll ask you to go for more: don't bother if you don't want to.



Go to Things Found and speak to Ahjazda. She asks for three items. Visit the Museum of Oddities and steal the Ring of Desiccation. Go to Bliss, find Fimmion - he will give you the Calming Pants in exchange for a sweetroll. For the last item you need the Telekinesis spell. Go anywhere near the red marker on your map and when you walk to it you'll find the entrance to Milchar, Tieras. Careful, it's a dangerous place. Search around till you find an urn named Diligence Crux. Go behind it and up the stairs. Cast Telekinesis on the torch you'll see in the brazier and take it down to light the braziers either side of the door, then back up the stairs to light the main one again. You can now open the urn and get the amulet. Take everything back to Ahjazda.





Take to Una all the oddities you can find. At the end of the game ask for a tour!



OK, I think that's about it in Crucible. You can give Caldana all your skooma and get a whole lot of rubbish in return, though you do get some tongs and callipers - it's not even a quest, but it is fun. Time to go to Bliss and talk to everybody.





You'll no doubt come across Amiable creeping around. Talk to him. Talk to Fimmion and in return for a sweetroll he'll point you to Uungar and will also give you some glass grapes. Talk to Uungar, give him his grapes and persuade him to switch beds with Amiable. He will agree, so all you have to do is to tell Amiable. Quest over.





Find Big Head (usually in his house) and talk to him, he'll give you a charm. Go to Crucible and find Bolwing. He'll tell you about the fork. Look at your map and go to Longtooth Camp. The fork is up the stairs, in a jewelry box on the floor though if there is a fight going on, youll have to wait till its over. Take the fork to Big Head.





Find Tove - he wants tongs and callipers. You just go on selling them to him till he doesn't need any more.



That about completes the Bliss quests. Next, Highcross - talk to the inhabitants, avoid Runs-in-Circles if you can, and find Mirili.





Bribe her so that she tells you about her research. Study the list she gives you. You have to give her all those things. You probably have them all - I was missing the Hunger Tongue and the Shambles Marrow but I went to Ebrocca and I found plenty of both.


Once you have given her everything she needs you could try to help her with her bestiary though I wouldn't advise it. It means buying a Command spell from her, locating a Baliwog (a plain Baliwog), casting the Command spell on it and getting it to follow you all the way to Mirili, recasting the spell as and when it runs out. This drove me nuts, plus afterwards she wants an Elytra, a Gnarl and a Scalon. Note that they have to be the plain beast (i.e., not an Elytra Matron, for instance). Up to you.





Go to Hale and talk to Pyke. He wants a medallion. Go to Fetid Grove and get to the Encampment. The medallion is in a chest - take it to Pyke to complete the quest.





Go to Fellmoor and talk to Kishashi (bribe her) and she will give you a spoon. Talk to Ranarr-Jo; again, bribe him. He wants you to do something about Cindawne. Locate her house, wait till she comes out (at around 10.30 a.m.) pickpocket her notebook (read it) then enter her house and start casting shock spells (for instance) to shift her stuff until you get a message that the place is untidy enough. Go to Ranarr-Jo to complete the quest.





Find Horkvir the Maniac, who will ask you to kill all the Dementia doubles. Agree. Wait till night and go around killing them (make sure they are your targets, look for the markers on your map). Wait till morning and talk to Horkvir.





I don't know quite how I got this quest, I was walking around near Highcross. Never mind, go over there (it is roughly way SW of Xedilian). When you arrive you will see that ghosts are fighting each other and that the entrance is sealed. However there is another entrance to Vitharn Sump to the SE of the sealed one. You have to get under the roots of the gigantic tree stump to find it.


Once inside, kill any Ghost Fanatics you find. From the Sump you enter the Reservoir. You'll see a door to the Bailey but that's also sealed so keep going till you see the door to the Keep. Go in and you'll meet Count Cirion's Ghost. Have a chat and find out what's going on. OK, find the door to the Bailey and talk to the ghosts of Desideratus, Hloval and Althel (you have to climb a mound of earth to reach her, she's above Hloval).


Go back in and start searching: the items you are looking for are ghostly blue. Talk to Bat, the Warden of the Armoury and ask for Althel's arrows. He'll let you take them, so walk around to the door, pick the lock, go in and get the arrows. Continue looking. In the next room you'll find a doll on a bunk - take it. You'll come to a chapel where you'll find Anglor's Ghost. Talk to him. When you've finished talking, turn your back on him and go and press the green push button you will see ahead of you. This opens a panel behind you, so turn your back on the button, turn to your right and leap into the secret room; to your right, on the shelves you'll find a dagger - get it.


Now go out to the Bailey and use the brazier with the bluish flame. The doll gets burned. Talk to Desideratus, give the dagger to Hloval and the arrows to Althel. If they get killed while you are trying to do that, just wait till they come to. Once you've done it, wait a few waves on invaders until a message tells you that there is only one Fanatic raider left. Go into the Keep and speak to the Count - he will give you his helmet and you'll have to fight for him. Go and face the door to the Reservoir; look out for the guy who is not as transparent as the others and go for him. When you kill him, the curse is lifted and the quest is over.


That's it, you've covered all the quests. There are other things to do, though:


The named skull non-quest: youll find the other three skulls in Cann, Rotten Den and Milchar, Xetrem. When youve got them all, go to Suicide Hill and click on each of the five ghosts.


While you are exploring all the other sites in search of oddities or matrices, find the tragic lovers in Dire Warren (read their journals).


Ebrocca is fun, too. In order to enter Sepechra, try the door (locked), look behind you and in a newly opened panel youll find a chest with the key. Go in, blast the guy in blue and the panels around this chamber will open. Go in and start exploring. It is worth searching every single coffin, sometimes they contain and oddity. Press the two buttons you will find on the wall, one at each end of the corridor, and then you can really kill the guy in blue and get what hes carrying. Also in Ebbroca, move some leather shields to uncover a button. This lets you into the Chrematorium and you can get Dins Ashes from one of the urns.


You could spend the rest of your life walking over every inch of this realm but when you have done all you are prepared to do, you can start again and this time take the Dementia side.


Anyhow, have fun!

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