OOO        OO           OO    OOO     OO     OOO     OOO     OOOO     O
      O OOO       OO           OOO    OOO    OOO    OOO      OOO    OOOOO    O 
     OO OOO      OOO           OOOOOOOO      OO    OOO       OOO    O  OOO   O 
    O   OOO      OOO          OOO   OOO     OOO   OOO        OOO   O    OOO OO 
  OOOOOOOOO     OOO           OO      OO    OO    OOO       OOO   OO     OOOO  
 OO     OOO     OOO     OO   OOO     OOO   OOO     OO      OO     O      OOO   
                       ALBION Walkthrough Version 0.90
                         By Lung Kwan A.K.A Draglung
                         ([email protected])

a)Toronto                   -- The Begining
b)Nakiridaani               -- The Land of the Iskai
c)Gratogel                  -- The Celtic Civilisation
d)Maini                     -- The Iskai and Human Conflict
e)Dji Cantos                -- The Secret Society?
f)Umajo                     -- City of the Metalmakers
h)Toronto Again!            -- The Bitter Truth
i)Kenget Kamulos            -- The Hunt for the High Knowledge
j)Equipment Makers in Umajo -- Finding the Scroll of Metal Magic
k)Dji Cantos & Toronto      -- "The Seed" and the destruction of Toronto

2.Shop Prices

3.Shop Wares

4.Item Lists
a)Close-Ranged Weapons
b)Long-Ranged Weapons
l)Spell Scroll and Magic Wares

5.Goddess's Flowers Location


7.Magic List

8.Tips & Tricks

9.Monster List
Albion is an RPG game incorporating 2D and 3D gameplay. The battle system is
turn-based. You can choose close ranged, long ranged or magic as your weapon
and the spells have a proficiency system which makes training for spells a
necessary and fun process. You get to choose from 9 characters and finally you
can form a 6 member party to confront the final boss, which is an impossible
fight. Anyway, the story is an enriching one and the various sections are
linked together nicely. It is certainly a game worth playing over and over
again(I played it 3 times!).

22/7/2004: The walkthrough v9.0 is finally completed. All there is left to do
is fill in the monster chart and attempting to kill the A.I housing! I hope to
complete all hanging details and make a final v1.0. 
a)Toronto -- The Begining
You begin in your room in Toronto. When you gain control, search the cupboard
on your left(4 Stimdrinks,Boots,Gold Ring and 5 Ration). After you are done
with exploring, go out and talk to Christine.

Head East along the corridor and enter the first Southern room. Search the 
cupboard near the door(Stimdrink).Enter the next room to the east and search 
the open drawer in the restroom(10 Ration).Now go back onto the corridor and
head North when you reach the end.

In this big area, you will meet Rainer Hofstedt, your new companion to the
"Nugget". He will approach you and speaking to him is imperative for your
takeoff. Go West to see 2 tables. Grab the cups on the tables. You should 
notice that one of the cup is elongated and is metallic in colour. Keep this
and discard the rest, its worth 25.0 G on the next island. If you are unsure,
grab all items with the name "Cup".Now continue West until a path leads off to
the North. Follow this path and turn East.

By this time,you should at least hear the announcement urging you to go once.
Ignore it for the moment.

In the second Northern room, the system will tell you that it was Inspector
Beegle's room. Search the left cupboard(12 Rations) and Northen cabinet(11
canisters).Leave this room and continue East then South back to the large area.

Continu East and enter the first room to the North.This is the crew's mess room
. Go extreme North and talk to the girl,Anne Dorbeck, at the counter. Take the
free chocolates(2 Rations) and end the talk. Repeat the process 6 times to get
12 Rations.Exit the mess room altogether to the south.

Walk east until you are told that Joe lives in the North corridor. Go South
first and search the cupboard you can see(2 lockpicks). Now go North and turn
East until you find Joe's room. Talk to him and comment on the security forces.
Then express your interest in the COM room and agree to go.Joe will give you 
the password "1042".

The COM room will be where you will go. Enter the room North of Joe's and find
the access ladder. Key in the code "1042" and enter. From now on, you will not 
receive irritating announcements in the service level.Go North and the door
will open.Step on the four floor plates in this new room to open the West door.
When you go through the door, you will notice two alcoves beside the door.Go
there to press a switch in each alcove before you head through the West door.

In this new place, you will find a service robot moving through the doors.
Follow it as it open up the doors till you reach North-West room. Find the
switch at the North-West corner and press it, then enter the room to the East.
Keep going East pass another door and follow the corridor around. Press the
green switch to open the door.Ignore the wall cabinet for now and proceed on 
and press the red switch near the other door and go through. Navigate your way
to the door at the end of this large corridor and key in "1042" and exit from
the service level via the ladder.

In the COM room, examine the devastated console to find a Pistol and 8 
cannisters.Search the East drawer(2 Stimdrinks) and climb back down the
service level. DO NOT at all cost go through the door where the securities
are.You would'nt want to be found carrying weapons, do you? Remember the wall
cabinet? Yes, hide your Pistol and cannisters in it and enjoy a level up.
Now you can safetly walk past the securities outside the COM room.

After you are searched and free to go, go back down the service level through
the room North of Joe's and go to the room with the wall cabinet. Do not press
the red switch near the door or else you will be forced to repeat this process.
Grab your stuffs in the cabinet and retrace your path back to the room North of
Joe's (You get what I mean by do not press the red switch?)

Now wait for the annoucement for the flight and launch it. Watch the cut scene
and welcome to the world of the Iskai.

b)Nakiridaani                -- The Land of the Iskai
When you gain control, search the drawer(5 Torch, Large Dagger, Dagger, Short 
Dagger & 12.0 G), the cupboard(3 Stimdrink & 25 Rations) and the chest(Rope & 
Stab)North-West of the room. Exit the room to the south by manipulating the 

After Gira tells you that the Sebai wants to see you, go through the West door
and head North-West to a bridge. Cross it and you will be lead to the Sebai.
During the conversation, the Sebai will request that you give him your shuttle
metal. Agree for if you don't, you will be thrown out of the Hunter's Clan and
will not receive the Hunter Clan's Key. When you end the conversation, you will
get the Hunter Clan's Key which allows free access to this building--and its

Leave the Sebai's room and you will be in a large room with a fountain. Walk
to the West of the fountain and you will see a wooden table. Grab the Kitchen
Knife on it and head North then down the stairs (The Kitchen Knife is light, 
has a good damage of 4 and is worth 0.8 G!).

In this area, enter the first West room and search the chest(12.0 G). Leave
this place by going upstairs and back to the fountain. On the East of the
fountain and South of the Sebai's room, you will see a wooden table too. Grab
the yellow Cutlery (7.5 G) and cross the south bridge. Turn West at the first
opportunity to enter the kitchen. Take the Kitchen Knife and leave.

Now go south after you exit the kitchen and enter the room with many chests.
Search all of them(Double Stab, Iskai Knife, Small Axe, 3 Torch, Iskai Dagger, 
Iskai Stiletto, Iskai Leather Cap, Rope, 3.0 G & 17 Rations). Now enter the
room South-East of this room with the Hunter Clan's Key. Search the chest to
find some useless Empty Bottle, Pillow and Rags plus some useful wares (Small
Iskai Shield, 3 Torch and 25 Rations). Before your curiosity brings you down
the cellar, store all your not equiped inventories, gold and rations in the 
chest. Bring along your Stimdrinks, Lockpicks, Torches and equipments.

In the cellar, it will be dark. Use 1-2 Torches depending on your preference
and search the Southern pots(20 Rations). To the North of the pots, there will
be more pots(14 Rations). Enter the East room and search the chests (Small Axe,
Iskai Stiletto, Torch, Throwing Dagger, Stab & 8.5 G). Then manipulate the 
trash in the North-West corner of the room and take only the Sword and Knife(
The rest are pretty useless as red-herrings).Exit this room and head South.

You will end up in a room with the shuttle's remains shown up as trash. Try
searching the remains near the middle to find a Clock and retrieve 10 Rations
from a pot to the East wall. Activate the Clock and now you will be able to 
keep track of time!

When you are ready, enter the passage to the South and follow it. Enter the 
North passage immediately when you can. Search the first wreakage to find 10 
Catridges. Go furthur North and search the North-West chest(6 Turquiose Healing
Potion & Iskai Chest Plate). Go to the alcove East of this place and search the
wreakage(4 Stimdrink), two of the pots(38 Rations) and three of the chests
(pickaxe, Iskai Shield, 4 Green Healing Potion, 10 Arrow, 71.4 G & 20 Rations).

Alert: the next section will be fraught with danger and you might want to go
out to the city for some combat training and equipments. However, you can
survive alright with much difficulties. You might want to use the Pistol as it
greatly increase your long-ranged combat ability and hits heavy. 

Now head back and enter the passage leading East that you haven't explored.Then
the wall will collaspe suddenly and you will be attacked by 3 Skrinns. As this 
is your first fight, it will tend to be more difficult. Try placing Tom and 
Rainer in the last row near the edge so that the Skrinns will have a harder 
time closing in. After you win, you will have to kill another 2 Skrinns. When 
you have cleared the area of Skrinns(or flee because you can't win), go back to
the place where the cave-in occured. If you have the pickaxe, Tom will remark 
about the cracked wall. Use the pickaxe on the cracked West wall and a passage 
back will be created. Escape via this path if you did not manage to kill the 
Skrinns to continue with the next part and then come back later.

To continue with this section, enter the large space to the East (kill the 2 
Skrinns) and then into the room in the South. Observe carefully the wall to the
West and use the pickaxe on a cracked wall. Well, you will have to fight 
another 3 Skrinns. After the battle, find the cracked wall to the South West of
the room and break it. Search the South trash(Iskai Dagger, Leather Shield, 
Heavy Short Sword, some rubbish, 6.8 G & 5 Rations) and the West trash(Iskai 
Dagger,Iskai Knife, Iskai Leather Cap, Studded Cap, Leather Shield, more 
rubbish & 2.5 G).

Now head back to the previous 2 rooms (the room which you broke through the 
West wall and encountered some Skrinns, the room South of the large space).
Look carefully at the South wall and break the cracked one. Dispatch the 2
Skrinns and follow the passage to the end. Break the cracked wall. Oops, its
the Krondir. This will be a hard fight if you did not train up as this guy has
longer health and harder hits than the Skrinns.

Now follow the passage and search the 2 trash heaps(Fire Ring, Green Healing 
Potion, Red Potion, useless stuffs & 13.4 G). Thats all for this cellar, now
leave this place altogether. As you emerge from the cellar, the Sebai will give
you 3 Green Healing Potions if you tell him you are injured. 

I suppose thats all for the Hunter Clan. Its about time you see the outside 
world. Now retrieve all the stuff you stored in the chest before you enter the 
cellar. From the cellar, walk South-East then in an Easterly direction and you
will see a door leading outside. Use the Clan key on it and you will take your
first glance of Jirinaar. A guard will approach you and offer to take you to
the Sebainah. Agree because a timed event will be triggered. After you talk to
her, leave her room and explore the place. In the first East room, you will
find 5.8 G in the South-East cupboard. Leave this room and then leave the 
building by the doors East of the room. 

Activate your automap by pressing TAB, use the shiny checkpoint named "House of
the South Wind Clan" to go back to the Hunter Clan. From there walk around the
city using the map below.

Heres the map to show the city of Jirinaar:    Key:
 ______    __    _       _     _ ____ 
/  XX  |__|  |__| |__.__| \___| |XOXX/|___     (1)House of the South Wind Clan
| XXXO            _               (2)     |    (2)Weapon Smith
|  XX(10)  XXX     XX_XX (1)      ~~~   X |    (3)Battle Trainer
 )        XX   ____XX XXXO   XX   ~~~   X |    (4)Tavern "House of the Winds"
|      XX    _/         XX            ____|    (5)Mixed Goods
 )     XX___/               XX       |____     (6)Food Shop
|     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  XX      __|    (7)Council Building
~~||~~~~~~~~       ~~~  (7)   ~~~    XXO|      (8)City Gate
~~||~~~~~~~~~   XXXXXXXXXXX    ~~~ (3)_/       (9)Dji-Kas Guild(Magicians)
|       ~~~~~~  XXXXXOXXXXX    ~~~~| |~~~~    (10)Dji-Fadh Guild(Formers)
|         ====     ~| |~~    ~~~~~~| |~~~~     
|             ~~~~~~| |~~~~~~~~~       ~~~      O  : Automap checkpoints
|  XX              [] []      XXO XX (5)|       ~  : Waters
|          XX   ___     ___    (4)  X  O|       X  : Building
|   XX     XX  |XXX|   |   |  XX   (6) X|       |  : Walls
|___  (9)     / XXX|(8)|   \   X  XXO   |
    |  O  ___/------OO-/    \___ _____ _|
 __/  XXX |                 |       |
|  __  X  |                 |  XXX  |
 \|  |____/                  \______| 

First, find the Weapon Smith building. There will be an Iskai wandering outside
.Talk to him (Rabir) and ask him the word "Wares" and offer him items. This guy
offers 110% for goods you sell which is highest around this place and Wania
whom he's working for offers 80% only. Sell him all the expensive stuffs and
try not to flood his inventory with cheap stuffs since you will have much to
sell. Sell him goods above 10.0 G and those Krondir's body parts you just got
from the cellar. Remember to keep Iskai stuffs for the new member who's going
to join soon. If you have a lot of cheap stuffs, flood Wania instead.

Next stop, Wania's Mixed goods. Go there and try to manipulate the chest in
an alcove(the one you first see when you enter). Agree to pay 45.0 G for the
stuffs cause they are really worth it. Then talk to Wania and buy the Compass
, 10 Torch for the next dungeon, the Blue Music Crystal, all the Lockpicks and
the Iskai Shoes.

Now I suppose you are broke or unable to afford any of the stuff I recommend.
Well, lets go earn money. Firstly, you can become a thief. Go to Wania's shop
and look at the table behind the counter. There's a Rope and 2 Torch beckoning
you to steal them. Run towards the counter from a small distance and 
right-click on the item you want to steal. If you manage to click on it, it
will allow you to take it. Practise a few times and then go to the Weapon Smith
. Do the same and grab 3 weapons and an armour nearby. 

Secondly, If you are averse to such despicable acts, then go begging. Find the 
Dji-Kas Guild on the map and go there. When you enter, turn West at the first 
opportunity and enter the room. Theres a healer called Rejira so talk to her. 
Quickly end the conversation and there will be two possible outcome. She either
thank you for the talk or give you a Blue Healing Potion worth 18.3 G at 
Rabir's. Do it continuously with great patience and you will be able to buy the
entire town's wares including the best Iskai equipments. 

Lastly, the hardest way to do is the most honourable way to earn money. Go out
and hunt creatures like Krondirs and Warniak for their body parts. Skrinns do
not give stuff so don't bother unless you want the experience. Kill like a few
hundred monsters and you will have the riches(Krondir's Trii are worth 9.1 G at
Rabir's so if you kill like 100 Krondirs and survive, you will have 910.0 G!).
However, I suggest if you really want to do it this way, you can wait till
Drirr or even Sira to join so they can level up too and you will have more
help on your side.

After you are satisfied with the gold you are now carrying, go spend them on
whatever you like. A good place to spend is the Battle Trainer. Whenever your
characters have excess training points, train them in combat abilities so they
hit more often. I suggest training both Tom and Rainer in close combat first
since the weapons you find now are mostly close-ranged ones(Don't train Rainer
if you don't like it because Rainer has a maximum CLO of 40- a very low score -
and he is virtually useless as a fighter). Its 2.5 G per point only -- cheap!

After 2 days of waiting, try entering any building and Tom will tell you its
time to go to the festival. You will watch a cut-scene of a murder and after
that, Drirr will join you. Ask Frill about some details of the murder and then
leave the room. You will trace the murderer automatically to the Dji-Kas guild.
When you regain control, go down the stairs to the sleeping room at the East
wing and use 2 Lockpicks(or try lockpicking. If you fail, then repeat until you
succeed.) on the locked cupboard(21.0 G) and the locked chest(Iskai Sword & 
Iskai Leather Cap). Theres nothing else to loot so leave and a Stiriik will 
inform you of the Murderer's hideout. Lets do some investigation.Go to the 
Dji-Fadh guild and enter the North wing. Search the chest(Dagger,10 Arrow & 
Small Bow) and the locked chest(4 Green Healing Potion & Turquoise Healing 
Potion) in the first room. Grab the Green Healing Potion lying on the table in 
the second and last room. When you see Bradir, the leader of this guild, talk 
to him(common diplomacy isn't it?). Now go to the West wing and enter the first
North room and open the locked chest(6.3 G). Grab the Iskai Knife lying around
in the second North room. Now leave the building altogether. 

Alert: Have you started noticing Drirr? He is a strong warior and can use his
tail as a third hand as all Iskai do. I realise that he is able to wield Iskai
weapons on his tail provided that it is light enough. Try it out by unequiping
his tail but make sure he is equiped on his hands. Then put Iskai weapons on
him. In any case if you are using two handed weapons, Drirr can still equip a 
shield if you unequip his tail.

Before you set off to the Former Building, you may want to make sure you did
the following things:
1)Outfit Drirr with the best he could.
2)Stash away all unneeded and heavy stuffs.
3)Bring about 20 Rations for each guy(dump Rations later if you get too heavy).
4)Put Drirr and Tom in the first row and Rainer behind(If you gave all the good
equipments to Tom).
5)Start collecting Meat to feed traps later.
6)Buy lots of Torch if you want to explore slowly.
7)Find Vrik near the Fountain of the city. Ask him about "fruit" and buy 5 
purple fruits for 40.0 G if you want to feed man-eater flowers(throwing
away burining Torch will also deactivate the flowers if you want to scrimp).
8)Stay close to town and fight monster to gain a few level. Try getting Drirr
and Tom's close-ranged combat up to about 60 or above for a breeze through the
dungeon. Spending 1-2 days in town will regenerate the monsters.

When you are ready, leave Jirinaar and cross the West bridge.If you talk to the
cattle herder, he will give you directions. Head North-East until you reach the
back of Jirinaar. Continue in a Easterly direction while bypassing the plant 
walls and then head North when you can. You will eventually reach a bridge.
Cross it and walk a bit North and enter the plant building.

In the building, put Drirr in the lead as Iskai have better eyesight in the
dark. Light 1 Torch and head South until you see a trash after you defeat a
Krondir. Search it(Iskai Short-Sword, Big Iskai Dagger, Iskai Metal Cap & 4.5 
G). Continue South and fight some Skrinns and follow the passage till the end,
where you have to beat a group of Skrinns and Krondir. Search the nearest trash
pile(10 Throwing Dagger, 2 Lockpicks, broken Decorative Sword & 44.0 G). Head
back to the entrance and walk East and search the trash (broken Light Chainmail
, Big Battle-Axe, Heavy Short Sword & 1.4 G). Return to town and repair the
broken stuffs then come back.

From the last searched trash, walk into the South passage and follow it till
you see a snapping plant. Fight the Skrinns and feed it the purple Fruits if 
you bought it from Vrik or throw the burning Torch away. When the flower stops,
sneak into the room and open the locked chest(Big Iskai Shield, Iskai Sword & 
1.8 G).Back out of the room and light a Torch again. Continue along the passage
unitll Drirr remarks that the floor lights up when you stand on it. In this
large area, you should see 2 rainbow bush glowing.

Alert:To get some statistic bonuses now, walk from one of the rainbow bushes
in a straight line to the other to make a glowing path and you will be told
that an opening has appeared. Go to the wall on the West and enter the new
passage. When you are blocked by a plant, manipulate it and it will walk away.
At the end of the passage, you will see 2 glowing shape. Don't use them yet.
The South one raises everyone's Stamina by 10 and the Northern one raises 
everyone's Speed by 10. A third one can be found if you break a cracked wall
on the South wall of this passage(the exact location is directly South of the
snapping flower if you look at the map). This one raises Strength of every
party member by 10. I recommend you use these bonuses after you get Sira. If
you wish to wait till you get all the 6 party members before you use it, its
also fine but thats after a very long period of time by which the bonuses are
less useful. Furthurmore, by that time, you would have neared the end of the
game and would not enjoy the benefits for long.

Walk East to the other exit in this room to continue. In this place, you can go
either North or South. Kill any monster you see and head South. Touch the 2
plants blocking your way and enter the room. The trash piles here contain
nothing except for one in the South-West corner. Kill all the monsters in this
area and loot the trash(cursed White Ring, Sword & Large Dagger).

Alert: Have you already equiped the White Ring by accident? Cursed items
will incur statistics and/or skills penalties on its wearer. Quickly run back
to a healer(Rejira is one in Jirinaar) to remove it if you are equiping it. But
by doing so, the healer will take the item away forever. Not a problem since
cursed items are usually worthless in shop(except for some really good ones). 

Go back to the room where you can choose to go North or South. Head North now.
Feed them Meat to shut them up or you will have to carefully avoid stepping on
them. Walk South-East to enter another room with even more hungry mouths. Go
North and search the East trash(Bow, 8 Arrow, Iskai Shield & 2.5 G). Head back
to the room full of mouths and navigate to the South exit. This one is guarded
by a mouth so feed it a piece of Meat. In the next room, there are snapping
flowers again. Going West yields no treasure except for some Skrinns to kill so
head East. Use the same old trick to get past the flower(Fruits or lights out).
Search the first trash(Short Dagger & 2.4 G) and enter the Northern passage.

Follow the pulsating passage in a Northernly direction untill you see some
glowing and a green crystalline structure. The glowing moving ones will make
humans get the Intoxicated status. Do not touch the green structure with a
human character in the lead as he will be Intoxicated,Irritated and damaged. 

You will also be asked whether to attack the structure. If you do so, you will 
fight Argim who always attack with Frost Splinter. One blow will easily
destroy it but the entire building will be lifeless after you do so(yes, the 
mouths, the flowers and the pulsating walls will stop).Another peaceful and
more acceptable way is to have Drirr touch the thing and chat with Argim's
consciousness. Tell him you are searching for a man who came and Argim promises
to move the structure away. End the conversation and Argim will request for a
Blue Music Crystal before he moves away. Agree to his request and he will tell
you the secret of the stat bonuses. Its alright to agree since he would'nt
snatch the crystal even if you have it. Disagreeing has also no effect except 
that Argim will plea you for it everytime you talk to him. To give the crystal
to him though, you have to engage him again and offer him the crystal. Don't 
waste money on this thing and give the crystal away because it has absolutely 
no effect on the story and no rewards for being kind. Save the crystal for 
exchanging for a good weapon later unless you want to buy another crystal on 
the next island.However, if you heed my advice and ignore Argim's plea, Drirr 
will reprimand you on the way to the next island but that doesn't hurt, does 
it? Its all your choice, save money or be true to your honour.

Anyway, move into the room that Argim blcoked just now and search the corpse(
Fine Iskai Dagger) and the trash behind it(Mini Bolt Thrower, 39 Bolt & 44.0 G)
. If you choose to go deeper, you can search the most Eastern trash(Axe, cursed
Red Sword & 5.2 G) and go South to access a locked chest(Round Shield, 7 Arrow,
Studded Cap, Leather Vest, Boots & 35.0 G). Now return to Jirinaar.

Rmember Bradir? Go to him in the North wing of the Dji-Fadh guild. Confront him
by showing him the Fine Iskai Dagger you got from the murderer's corpse. Bradir
will attack. His not a problem and dies in a few blows. Just rob his stuffs(
Bradir's Stiletto, Iskai Chest-Plate, Ration & 2.0 G) and equip the Bradir's 
Stiletto on Drirr's tail. After the short cut-scene where you get to enjoy more
of the story, Sira will join. Leave the council building. Do not talk to 
Sebainah and request to go yet. You will not be coming back for a long time.
Find Bradir first and end the conversation to receive 100.0 G and the Fine
Iskai Dagger(You loved it don't you). Now find the Dji-Kas guild and find
Fasiir in the room West of the fountain. He gives you a Crystal Dagger(green)
and will offer to teach Sira spells whenever you talks to him.

Now you can leave this place. But to maximise the benefits, do the following:
1)Buy loads of Trifalai Seeds for Sira(or harvest them from special bushes).
2)Train Sira to level 12 and let Fasiir teach her all the spells for free(Else
you have to wait a long time till you get to Srimalinar and pay or wait till
you can come back).An easy way to do so is knock out Rainer and Tom so that
Sira and Drirr can have more experience points.
3)Carry about 50-100  Blue Healing Potion to the next island---they sell for 
more over there.
4)Get the Goddess's bonus in the Former's Building.
5)Train all your characters in the field you like--Its more expensive if you
train them later and the next island can train only close combat.
6)Sell all cheap stuff on this island and bring along expensive goods to earn

c)Gratogel                  -- The Celtic Civilisation
Once you land and gain control, go to the largest hut North-East and talk to
Tharnos, the king of Klouta. Talk to him about the metal ship and he will
instruct you to find an amulet for him. Now leave Klouta and go South-East to
cross the bridge. Beyond the bridge, walk East and then North-East by following
the mountain range. When you find yourself in a spacious area, continue a short
distance East before heading North and find the village. Look for the shops
and see Winion, the mixed goods shop keeper. Sell your stuffs here to raise
money cause she offers the highest around here. Try to have around 3000.0 G.
Now go North following the path on the ground to reach a small hut, enter it
and after the scene, Melthas will join you.

Alert:If you have the Blue Music Crystal from the last chapter, proceed on.
Otherwise, follow the next paragraph to buy a Red music crystal before going on
from here. Now from the Druid's hut, go furthur North to see a man guarding a
tree. Talk to him and offer any Music Crystal(Blue or Red) for a Crystal
Throwing Axe, a very useful long-ranged weapon.

From Winion's shop, head South to find a pass in the mountain(the pass is 
obvious as it disrupt the continuity of the mountain range).Enter it and follow
the path. On the way, you might be ambushed by bandits when you pass obscured 
areas. They give goodies which sells good but beware, some of them are quite 
strong. Eventually, you will clear this area of bandits and you will not 
encounter any more ambush if you kill them many many times (Are they afraid of 
you or perhaps they are wiped out?). When you emerge from the pass, follow the 
tracks on the ground South-West to a small bridge, then continue on the track 
South after crossing it. Find Rifrako who sells mixed goods. Buy the Monster
Eye(A must!!450.0 G), Dream Shield(Best shield for only 750.0 G), Protection
Amulet(Adds 10 to defence and is extremely useful for Drirr if you give him the
Iskai Lance)& Red Music Crystal(If you gave the Blue one away).The Fireblade is
good too but its too expensive at 1250.0 G but buy it once you have the money 
as its worth the price and can be sold at higher prices elsewhere.

Alert: Not enough cash? Get the Bandits to donate some. Fight them until they
no longer appears. Sell their stuffs at Winion in Vanello to get the best price
but try not to flood her inventories with super cheap stuffs. If you brought
along those potions from Jirinaar, then cash is not a problem. Spend your money
wisely on the wares at Rifrako and any excess on Tamno the weaponsmith(also
found in Vanello).Remember to find Ferina and talk to her, she can teach you
in close-ranged combat only and charges 4.0 G per point. You can find her in
the Northernmost hut in Aballon when you visit Rifrako. Don't worry if you
still cannot raise enough funds, just proceed on the game and you will get more
money by looting the forbidden area of the Druids. Try not to splurge except on
necessity and never attempt to buy the Fire Ring, its too expensive! Buy a rope
for the dungeon too.

When you are all ready and have harvested all the Trifalai seeds on the island
, go to the Druid's hut, Arjano. If you want to skip walking down to the 
library, ask Melthas to bring you there by talking to him. Otherwise, if you
enjoy a trip aound Arjano. Go underground and enter the first room where
Makaio the healer lives. Grab all the healing potions on the table and bring
along a bucket found on the ground. The next room is Ouktero's room where
Melthas can learn new tricks for a small sum. However, you can learn some
spells at a much cheaper price if you buy spell scrolls in the library. The
next room is occupied by Torko who identifies your item. Just save your game
and identify whatever you want and then load game again. From Torko's room,
walk East and enter the second room in the North(without a door, the sign says
General Workroom). Take whatever you want and go the room West of this(the one
you ignored just now and says this "To the hall of books"). Go down the stairs
and find a old guy called Roves and buy all necessary spell scrolls. (In case
you bought the Thunderstorm scroll, this is for Khunag, the next character you
get on the next island). Go to the South-East end of the library to enter the
forbidden area of the Druids. Once down there, fill your bucket with water
using the sink. Go through the door and head South,following the corridor along
to the rows of fire. (In case you stepped on the stone floor plate just now, 
just extinguish the flames that appear and then step on the floor plate that 
has popped up.) Extinguish some of the fires with water to make a path
through the rows of fire.From the rows of fire, go North-East and enter the 
door. Step on the stone plates from left to right to lower the knives. The 
lever nearby resets the stone plates. Enter the Northern alcove and activate
the switch. Go back to the rows of fire and go North into a room through a gap.
Search the East chest(Silver Chain, Small Leather Shield, Bow, 14 Arrow, 2 Long
Arrow 24 Rations & 25.0 G)and the West chest(4 Turquiose Healing Potion, 8
Poison Antidote, 5 Insanity Antidote, 3 Sickness Antidote, 6 Red Potion, 5
Violet Potion, 6 Blue Potion). From this outside of this room, head Easterly.
Pick up the broken lever on the ground. Now head South and find the 3 by 3
stone plates. Step on them to make a cross shape:
     OXO       O-Unpressed
     XXX       X-Pressed
After you have done that, step on the single plate on the East to lower the
knives. Head North and pull the switch. Notice that the knives North of the 9
stone plates have lowered. Go there and pick up all the items and search the
chest(2 Jewel) before returning to the corridor to the East. At the end of this
corridor, slot the lever into the hole on the wall and pull the switch. Go down
the stairs.

This place will be a 3D dungeon so lights on and appoint an Iskai leader. Head
North and look carefully at the East wall for a small orange button. Press it
and enter the new corridor. Activate the switch near the bend and search the
trash(Silver Chain, Small Axe & 8.0 G) at the end. Go back to the entrance and
enter the West corridor where the portcullis has retracted. Follow the corridor
to reach a room with moving flames. In addition to the flames, there are 9
floor plates on the ground. Step on all of them and enter the Sout-West room
that appears. Search the East trash(Lockpick) and the locked West chest(Heavy
Short Sword, 4 Arrow, Jewel & 14.0 G). Now go back to the room with the plates
and the flames. Enter the North corridor and follow it till you reach a
fountain. From the fountain, head East and turn North when you can. Pull all 3
switches behind the flames and the portcullis will rise. Open the locked chest
in the room beyond(2 Jewel & cursed Crystal Dagger). Go back to the fountain
and then enter the South passage. First turn West and enter the room. Avoid the
flames and search the Southernmost trash(Jewel & Crystal Dagger). Exit this
room and head East, turning South at the first opportunity. Extinguish the
flame blocking the way and go down the stairs behind the door. In this room,
step on the green floor plate twice and press an orange button in the gap on
the wall. Enter the room that appears in the West wall and search the locked
chest(Helmet with Crystal & Sun Dagger). Give the Sun Dagger to a weak
character so that he/she can sometimes deal a critical blow. Return to press
the green plate until the gap opens over the South corridor. Use a rope over
the gap to go down to the floor below. Enter the corridor North-East and
manipulate the first portcullis. Fight the Warniaks and then activate the
switch at the end. Enter the North room and open the chest for a Door Key. The
second portcullis holds no treasure but you might want to fight for experience.
Search the trash(Decorative Sword) behind the third portcullis. Now go back
upstairs by 2 ways. One is to climb back up with a rope and the other is using
the door North of where you fell now that you have the key. Procceed through
the South door with the key.

Avoid the fireball and follow the corridor, entering the first large area to
North. To get the chest in the centre, press a button on the North-West corner.
Search the locked chest(Sun Dagger). Find another button on the South-West wall
and press it. Enter the corridor that appeared in the South-East and pull the
switch. When you reach a place with many alcoves, search the trash in the third
one(Small Leather Shield, Leather Shield & 5.5 G). Continue North and go East
when you reach a split. Open the door and enter the room. Pull the switch in 
the small room in the North-West and follow the corridor that becomes unblocked
.When you walk over 3 plates on the floor, fire will shoot out of them,
blocking your way back. Continue and manipulate the portcullis, fight the
Animal 1 and finally go down the stairs.

In this room, you see a red and a green floor plate. Choose the green one of
course, unless you enjoy fighting and want to search the trash(Round Shield,
Boots & 5.5 G). In the large room in the South with many caged monsters. Try
to step on the green plates only, since the monsters are very strong. When you
have stepped on all the green plates, enter the passage in the North-West. When
you see two rooms guarded by red and green plates, step on the green one to
search the chest(Silver Ring & Ring with Gold) and step on the red one and open
the locked chest with a lockpick because its booby trapped(Leather Shield,
Small Axe, cursed Blue Dagger & 2.5 G). Continue along the corridor untill you
end up in a room with a blue floor plate. Drirr will try to step on the blue
plate and you will fall below. Extinguish the flame in this room and press the 
button. If you don't have water, head West and then South to reach a fountain. 
Do not walk into the new corridor, instead head West and North to seach the 
locked chest(4 Green Healing Potion & Turquiose Healing Potion). Now go South 
to refill your bucket. 

Alert: To watch a very touching scene, do the following which is not neccessary
. From the place where you fell down from the blue plate, go East into the room
after 2 portcullis. Search the trash(3 Pick-axe) and step on the green floor 
plate. Step on the red plate in the next room and fight the  monsters. Then,
pull the switches in the North and South. Observe that there is a switch at the
end of the corridor protected by a force field. Run into the field to disable
it and pull the switch. Go into the North passage and follow it to the series
of force field. Drirr will feel guilty for landing everyone here and offer to
run through the field, which of course will knock him out if you agree to let
him do so.

Now you can enter the new corridor that appeared when you push the button.
Manipulate the portcullis and extinguish the flame. Continue West until you go
upstairs. Pull the switch behind the second flame and go out into the room with
the blue plate and use the stairs in the South. Notice that there are fireballs
moving around the corridor. Hide in the alcoves whenever a fireball is about to
pass. When you reach the end, turn West. Search the West trash(4 Red Potion &
Violet Potion) behind the first North door. Back in the corridor, continue West
to the end and fill your bucket from the fountain. Break the cracked East wall
and enter the room. Search the trash(Throwing Dagger & Sword). After that,
break the cracked North wall. Pull the switch to make the green wall dissapear,
then pull the switch previously behind the green wall. Enter the passage now
cleared and use the water on the flame. Break the cracked wall behind the flame
and break the East wall. Find the button on the South wall and press it to open
a portcullis in the next room. Go to the room South of the flame you
extinguished. Do not pull the switches for they releases Animal 3s(this is for
people who did not find the button that opens the portcullis). Go West when you
enter the corridor and enter the room behind a portcullis. Step on the floor
plate and seacrh the chest(6 Blue Staff). Stand and fight all the monsters when
you step on the red plate because they give good experience you need. Remember
not to save on the potions which recovers SP for Sira so she can use Frost
Splinter/Avalanche or even Snare(The spell you use must have a high enough
proficiency or the Animals will deflect them). If you have Banish Demon with
almost 3/4 proficiency, then those Animals will stand no chance. After the hard
fight, search the locked chest(Lugh's Dagger, 6 Jewel & 450.0 G). With the blue
staffs, head all the way East to a room full of holes. Lower yourself down if
you have a rope an search all the trashs(4 Rope & 2 Turquiose Healing Potion)
and the chest(41.0 G). Now find a hole nearest to the North and climb back up.

When you enter the North passage of the room with holes, use 3 blue staffs on
the first 3 fields you come across. After the third field is destroyed, push
the button right behind it on the East wall. Enter the passage that appears and
take the Power Amulet from the locked chest. This thing increases a character's
strength by 50! Use all remaining staffs on the force fields when you return to
the corridor and go down the stairs. Head North-East and eventually you will
reach a door. Beyond the door lies Bero, the missing druid, who will give you
a Strength Amulet that you need. Now go back to Tharnos and show him the amulet
in exchange or a permit. After that go to the hut West of Tharnos's and talk to
a sailor(sometimes he will be outside) when you have 200.0 G to pay him.

d)Maini                     -- The Iskai and Human Conflict
When you first step foot on Beloveno, you will be forbidden from going out of
the city, so do a bit of exploration.

Heres a map of Beloveno:                      Key:
  ___    ________    ______    ________       
 /XX \__/      XX-OO-XX    \__/        \      (1)Residence(Normal)
| OX    XXXX  X   (2)   XX             |      (2)City Gates
| (1)              XX   XO (3)  /XX\   |      (3)Healer
 \XXX    XX  X                  XXXX   |      (4)Mixed Goods
 |  X        X   XX   XX         XX    |      (5)Council House
/        __ __   XO(4)                 |      (6)Marketplace
 X  XX  | (5) |      XXX  XXX  XXXX   X       (7)Khunag & Kariah's House
|       | XOX |  ~~  XXX  XXO(9)XXX    |      (8)Hotel
 X  XX  - XXX -(6)O  (7)  XXX    XX   X       (9)Inn
|   XX  |XXXXX|      OXX  OXX          |     (10)Armorsmith 
\       |X| |X|  XO  XXX (8)X          |     (11)Weaponsmith
|   XX           X(11)        XXX      |     (12)Residence(Normal)
|   XO(10)            OX   XXXXX       |     (13)Siobhan's House
|             OX  XX  X(13)  XXX       |     (14)Harbour
|           (12)  XX                   |      O -Checkpoints
|                    O(14)             |      | -Walls
|    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   ~~~~~~~~~      ~ -Waters
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~      X -Building

Now you can get a new character. You can choose a female warrior called Siobhan
or a magician called Khunag.To hire Khunag, you have to ask him about
"Important" and tell him that he "You look like a scholar of magic", then allow
him to join. To hire Siobhan, just speak to her and she will volunteer her
service. To find out more about the characters, go to section 6,Characters.

Alert: This quest is a hard one. If you fail to save Herras in time, not only
will you be reprimanded by Kariah, you will also cause the lost of a good
president of the Council of Just and hence lose a hefty reward. The key is not
to trigger the assassination storyline when you have not warned Herras.

After you got your new character, do some shopping and we shall get serious
business done. Remember to keep one Jewel for a later quest. Go to Siobhan's
house and enter her cellar, search the chest near the end for 34.6 G. Go talk
to Herras and Perron in the council house for more information on Beloveno.
After have done that, you will be able to leave the city. However, don't do
that, go visit Kariah. Ask her about "Yes" and listen to her. Then ask her
about "information". Now leave the city and we shall go to Kounos. First follow
the path from the city gates and follow the East path when the road splits.
Follow it till you see a sign then walk all the way West till you see a vine on
the cliff behind another sign. climb up this vine and then another vine to see
a broken path on the floor. Head North following the broken path untill you
enter another screen. You should see a hut in this new screen. Walk North and
climb up a vine to reach Kounos. Enter the hut North of the most South-East hut
. Find the man in red and talk to him(he is Melthas's friend). When you leave
this hut, Sira will comment on the situation. Now enter the hut South of this.
There will be a battle trainer who teaches close(4.7 G), long ranged(5.8 G) and
critical hit(950.0 G!). He appears between 8-9 A.M so wait patiently if you
want to train. Otherwise, approach the guard at the Southern end of this hut
called Nodd(350 LP). Fight him to get good stuffs(Sword, Bow, 50 Arrow, Round
Shield, Heavy Chainmail, Studded Cap, Boots, 2 Rations & 25.0 G) but you could
always do without violence if you want(choose the conversation in this order:
2-2-4-2-1).Climb down no matter what you do.

Move into the West door and search the barrel in the South-West corner(5 Red
Potion & 12 Green Healing Potion). The far East door resides Kontos, whom we
will visit later on. For now, take the North exit on this corridor. In this
room, open the South-East door and another door, then step on the first blue
floor plate and retreat and then run across the 3 floor plates to open the door
. In this area, you will fight some Rinrii. They run away once you kill their
companion so focus on one of them and kill it. Continue through the North-West
door to enter a room with coloured floor plates in front of a coloured wall.
Step on the plate to make the walls this order.
Blue   Blue   Pink
Yellow Green  Yellow
Search all the trash for a total of 60.0 G.
Go through the North door and turn West into the fake wall right before the
passage leading to the stairs. Keep going West until you reach a room with a
door and a chest(Power Amulet). Now go back through the fake wall and enter the
stairs. Find the switch on the East wall in this level and pull it. Enter the
gap in the South and choose the West door. Open the chest(Jewel Chain, Color
Map& 26.5 G). Now enter the East door. Go South and open the South door,
ignoring the passage that leads off to the East. Manipulate another 2 doors in
the South then one in the West and finally one in the North. Search the chest(
Document Part & 14.0 G). Now feel free to open other doors to find a trash(4.8
G) and a chest(Sickness Antidote, Insanity Antidote & 3 Rations). Go back to
the passage that leads off East that you ignored just now. In this room, you
a pink wall and rows of blue wall. The purpose now is to use the pink wall to
deflect fireballs and break the blue wall. But first, go through 2 East door to
search a locked chest(Sickness Antidote, Speed Amulet, 6 Torch, Blue Healing
Potion & 18.0 G). I normally give Sira the Speed Amulet so she can freeze the
enemy before they can do anything! Retreat back one room and you should see a
switch on the West wall beside the pink wall. Pull it and a fireball will
appear. When it hits the pink wall, it will shift. Do this 5 times and the wall
will be in the middle of the room. Now go back to the West room with blue walls
. Find the switch on the West wall and pull it. Similarly, a fireball will
emerge and hit the pink wall, pushing it back. However, the fireball will not
disappear but deflect off to the blue wall and destroy it! This should create
a gap for you to enter the South passage. Enter it and open the South door. In
this room, search the first chest(Danu's Collar,2 Jewel, 2 Blue Potion & 3
Turquiose Healing Potion) and the second chest(Protection Amulet). Now return
to the stairs. For some minor treasures, go East after you come out from the
gap in the South(Start from the stairs, enter the South passage but dont go
into the doors like you did just now). Head East to a place with many trash.
Search the trash(Each contain 0.4 G). Now backtrack to Kontos' room and speak
to him.

To get to Srimalinar, climb down the vine from the North-West hut in Kounos.
Then head North and turn West when you can. Climb down the vine and go South to
climb down another 2 vines. Then head North and follow the path till you see a
sign saying "To Srimalinar--North over the bridge". Do so and head West after
crossing the bridge.

Alert: To find a hidden treasure, head East from the bridge leading to
Srimalinar. Follow the shore until you reach a waterfall. Examine the second
plant on the left of the waterfall and you will find 4 Jewel, Silver Chain,
Jewel Chain and 322.0 G. However, you can have more fun by buying a treasure
map and ignoring my advice here. Buy the map from a drunk(Aurino) in Beloveno's
inn after the assasination(or after you prevent it). Its priced at 175.0 G but
you can haggle it till he sells it for 125.0 G.

Map of Srimalinar:             Key:
  _____ ____________ 
 /  (1)|            \          (1)Residence
/    XOXXX      XX   \         (2)Inn
|      X    X   X    |         (3)Guild of Magicians
|___X      XXX   X___|         (4)Mixed Goods
|   X       X    XX  |         (5)City Gates
|       XX  (2)      |
|___XX  XX XOXXX     |         X - Building
|   XX  (3)    (4)   |         | - Wall
|       OXXXX  XOX   |         ~ - Waters
|    X  XXX      XX__|         O - Checkpoint
|                XX  |
\      ~~ (5)    ~~  /
 \_______| OX |_____/

Go to the inn and find Edjirr the tavern keeper, he will now sell you
information for 80.0 G. Find Arrim in the residence North of the city and speak
to him, asking him about rumors. When you end the conversation, Melthas will
want you to speak to his friend(the man in red in Kounos). Search a chest in
this house(7.8 G).Do not speak to Melthas friend in Kounos immediately, go
back to Beloveno and now that you have Edjiir's information, approach Herras
and ask him about "Assassination". Now find Melthas' friend to trigger the

Back in Beloveno, Herras will thank you for saving him(if only you told him
about the assassination. Ask him about "Reward" and he will give you Herras's
Key. The treasury of the council is in Herras and Perron's room. Open the door
and the chest(4 Jewel & 521.4 G) with Herras's key. Now head over to Srimalinar
. Talk to Edjiir and ask him about "Evidence" and you will receive another
document part. Use any one of them and you will piece them together. Now you
can go stop Kontos and his evil plans. To get to the Iskai shrine, go onto the
path that leads to the bridge to Srimalinar. Instead of going North-East this
time, follow the path South-Westerly. Eventually you will see Fears roaming
around. Approach the corwd in front of the shrine and watch the cut scene. Then
follow Kontos into the shrine. Go underground and search the North-East chest(
23.0 G). Enter the North room and search a chest(56.0 G). Enter the room East
to the entrance and go through the South door, search the chest(22.5 G). Now
go back up the stairs. Kontos(600 LP) will be waiting for you. He gives Clothes
, Shoes, Protection Amulet, 3 Jewel, Luck Chain, 4 Rations & 250.0 G.

Now you have 2 choices. You can carry on to the next chapter to get a permanent
character first or visit a treasure cave.The details are in the next chapter.
To leave, go to the inn in Beloveno and let Frill the Iskai talk to you, agree
to leave. Melthas and Sira will leave for a very short while and you will get 
them back soon. They will offer their equipment but don't bother.

e)Dji Cantos                -- The Secret Society?
When you finish the conversation, find Drannagh to recharge magical items and
learn new spells for Harriet. Find Birrh for healing. Head South and open the
door. You should see some waters. Head in a South-West direction and go through
the West door. Continue all the way South to the end before antering the West
door. Talk to Althea and ask her "Magic Scrolls". Buy all that you want from

Alert: There are Goddess's Flowers which boosts your stats permanently on this
island. Go to section 5.Goddess's Flower Locations for more information.

When you are all done, head into the North passage in the large room where
everyone are in.  Walk into the light to teleport to a place of your choice. It
is wise to get Sira and Melthas from Srimalinar. Choose Maini, in the South of
the Great land to get to Beloveno or Maini, in the North of the Great land and
head West to reach Srimalinar. The two lovers are in the inn, just talk to
Sira and let them join. Now go to the South of Kounos where you are below the
cliff and can see the Southernmost huts(Follow the broken path but don't go
North and climb the vine). Keep heading East till you see a waterfall and a
cave. Enter the treasure cave.

First head all the way South and search the locked chest(3 Torch, Poison
Antidote, Turquoise Healing Potion, 2 Red Potion, Jewel & 4.8 G). Now go into
the passage North-East and jump down the hole(if you have a rope that is). Jump
down the hole that is beside you. From the place you land, go West and turn
North, then down the hole at the end of the passage. Search the trash(80
Rations & 4.0 G) after you fight some Kritahs. Head West and then South and
turn East and down the hole. Go all the way South and search the trash(42.0 G).
Go back to the hole and go West. Pillage the chest(cursed Shadowsword, violet
Potion, Blue Healing Potion, 3 Red Potion, 7 Torch, Rope, Silver Torque, Chain
with Gold, Large Dagger, Iskai Knife, Blue Potion, Ice Ring, 10 Arrow & 10.0 G)
. Area cleared, now climb back up. From here climb up the nearest hole. Go East
and climb up the hole. Go East again and drop down the hole. Search the trash(
20.0 G). Go South, climb up the hole. Search the chest for a light staff. Go
East and climb up the hole. Go West and search the trash(8 Ration). Continue
West then South down the hole. Search the chest(20 Rations & 9.0 G). Backtrack
by up one hole, down 2 hole, up 1 hole. Go East and enter the passage. Climb up
1 hole at the end of it. Go South and down the hole. Go South, Ignoring the
first hole and search the trash (12.0 G). Then go South and down the hole and
search the locked chest(Jewel, 8 Red Potion, 25 Ration & 38.0 G). Now backtrack
to the hole you ignored and jump down. Go North and down. Search the chest(4
Green Healing Potion, 3 Red Potion, Violet Potion & 12.7 G). Head West and then
North down the hole. Go South and pillage the locked chest(Lugh Hand's Helmet &
20 Rations). Backtrack up one hole, then go all the way South. Climb up at the
end of the passage. Go South and climb up the nearest hole. Follw the passage
and search the chest(19.8 G). Backtrack and go down the hole to the East where
you came from. Go West and then North to jump down. Go down the hole on this
level. Go South ignoring the first hole up. Follw the passage until you see
many trash on the map. Take all 18 Herbs from all the plants. Return to the
hole you ignored and up you go. Continue along the passage and climb up the
nearest hole. Search the chest at the end for a Fire Ring and 8 Rations. Now
go back down one hole and continue exploring the passage. At the split, go East
for a chest(Crystal Throwing Axe, 5 Torch, Red Sword, Poison Antidote & Silver
Ring). Go East and up the hole. Climb up one more hole and follow the passage.
At the split, go East and climb up. Search the chest(2 Torch, Fire Ring, 5
Rations & 38.2 G) to the West. The hole beside this chest leads to an exit to
the cliff near Beloveno. Backtrack to the split by going East down a hole from
the chest. Don't go West, instead return to the North hole and go down. From
here down one hole, and then go all the way to the Noth hole down. Go up and up
then up again. Go to the hole beside the chest and down. From here go up twice
and you will resurface at he entrance level. 

Nope, we are not done with this cave. Go East from the chest on this level. Go
down 2 holes. Go South this time and down the hole. Go up a hole, and then
another 2. You will find yourself in a cave full of crystal. Search those that
appear as trash, 4 in total for Jewels. Go back by down 3 holes, up 3 holes and
leave this cave.

Alert: Have you noticed that the Shadowsword is cursed and drains many stats?
Never mind, it is still a good weapon for Drirr as its high damage compensates
for its negative effects. Decide for yourself whether to use it or not!

f)Umajo                     -- City of the Metalmakers
Use the Goddess's cave to access Umajo. When you first step on the desert, you
will see the city on the left. The gate's over at the North.

Heres Umajo's map:                          Key:
     ________________  _________________ 
    /                O|X|               |    (1)City Gates
 _  |   XXXXX       (1)    XXX          |    (2)Miner's Guild
|O|_|   XXXXO(3)     X     OXX  XXX     |    (3)Ore Mine Inn
|(2)      XXX        X    (8)   XXX     |    (4)Weaponsmith
|                 XXXXXO    XXXXXX      |    (5)None Shall Pass
|  XX             XXXXXX(4) XXX (5)     |    (6)Food
|  XX            |__  X                 |    (7)Mixed Goods
|         ~~               XOX    XX    |    (8)Equipment Maker's Guild
|~        ~~   XX   XXX    XXX    XX    |    (9)Diamond Polisher's Guild
|~~            XO   XXO    XXXXX        |   (10)Residence 
|~~~~         (6)    (7)   XXXXX     _  |     | - Wall
~~~~~~~~~~~       XXXXX(10          | |/      ~ - Water
~~~~~~~~~~~~________________________|         X - Building
                                              O - Checkpoint

Alert: Theres a jail to the extreme North-West of Umajo. At 11.00 A.M, a guard
will leave Umajo to go there. Follow him if you want to see. First you need to
prepare for the trip. Go find Merger in the Equipment Maker's guild and ask him
about "Porenoil". But some from him(Each cost 15.0 G and last for 8 hours).
This drink prevents dehydration in the desert. The guard walks all the way to
the residence to get food first. He leaves the residence around 1.00 P.M and 
start leaving Umajo at 2.00 P.M. There are Sand Divers who will attack you
suddenly. The prison is locked and you can't enter. I lost the guard in the
night when i can't see. Hmm, will the guard open the prison?

The Diamond Polisher's guild has few place of interest. First a merchant called
Mykonou sells chains and jewels. If you find Coskon and speak to him, ask him
untill he says he will tell Kemilo to teach you. Then find Kemilo in the
polishing room with many machines. He will teach lockpicking(15.5 G). Go to
the residence to get a free Turquiose Healing Potion on a table. Then shop to
your heart's content(This place offers the highest price!). To leave and find
the Toronto, you need to talk to Konny, or listen to me. To find Konny, go to
Ore Mine's Inn nd talk to a girl seating near the middle top. Ask her about
"Guide" and promise her not to tell anyone. She tells you to find Ohl in the
mines at 12.00 P.M sharp. So go to the Miner's Guild and find the mines. Ohl
will appear at 12.00 P.M and stay for an hour. Tell him Konny sent you and
agree to the payment of a Jewel. Wait for him outside the gates from 6.00 to
7.00 P.M. If you have the Jewel, he will lead you. However, if you feel that a
Jewel is too much to ask, read the next paragraph.

To walk without Ohl the guide, go East from the gates passing 1 large stone and
go North-East past 2 large stones. Continue East passing the large stone on
your North. Keep walking till you see the waters. When you hit the edge, go
South. Walk behind the large stone that is squarish in shape near the waters.
Then continue South passing a large stone on your left to reach a squarish big
stone with a sand mushroom on the right. Go East now behind that stone and you
should see the goddess's eye on the wall. Get any character to manipulate it.

Inside, Head South and ignore the first East exit. When you see the chest, just
reach across the gap to search it(Iskai Armor, Big Iskai Shield, Jewel, 22 Blue
Healing Potion, 9 Blue Potion, 32 Rations & 64.0 G). Leave through the South
exit and head South for the cut-scene.

h)Toronto Again!            -- The Bitter Truth
Wait patiently after you regain control for Joe have to take some time to
rescue you! In 9 hours time, you would be able to leave. When you go out of the
door, head East all the way then South. The first room on the East has a chest
which contains a notebook with "1001" written on it. Leave the room and
continue South and then East. Use the code "1001" on the panel when Joe says so
. Search the chest beside the stairs for a Green Code Card. Enter "1712" on
the service panel door.

In the service level, follow the passage till you see a flashing plate in front
of a door. Go North and find a service robot in an alcove. Activate it and
follow it till it opens the door. Look through the metal grating and observe
the light. When it is green, press the switch to open the grating. Go South and
then go North-East to a switch. Press it and quickly run to the North-West
corner to press another switch before the red lights go off. A passage appears
and search the cupboard for Code-Note Part 1. Go South into a passage from East
to West with switches on both ends. Press the West switch and quickly run to
the East one and press it before the lights turn off. If you do this timed
event fast enough, a passage appears on the East wall. Enter it and follow the
passage, ignoring the North room. Go East into the maze and navigate first
South Easterly and then North following the passage to a small room with a
switch on the wall and 9 plates on the floor. Press the switch and observe the
pattern. Enter the North room you ignored just now. Create a pattern on the 9
floor plates similar to the one you saw just now. If you make a mistake, press
the switch on the plexiglass on the left to reset.
XXX  O--Lighted
OOO  X--Unlighted
If you have done it correctly, also press the switch to raise the plexiglass on
the walls of the 4 corridors. Press the switch beside the East door and quickly
press all 4 switches in the 4 corridors. The East door should be opened. But,
now go to the switch in the 4th alcove. It is unpressed. Press the switch and
enter the room. Take the Code-Note Part 2 from the wall cabinet. Go through the
East door now.

Follow the passage to a large room. Release all the service robots by pressing
the sitch on the plexiglass. In the 3rd room from the left in the South, step
on the unlighted floor plate to open a room. Get the Code-Note Part 3 from the
wall cabinet and return to the large room. Now wait till the doors on the East
open as the service robots do their jobs. Beyond the 3 doors, there is a
security pad in the next room's exit. Enter "4312" as written on the Code-Notes
in reverse. Enter this large room eand exit through the large open door to
access the reactor room. Walk straight North to see a U-shaped console. Examine
it and agree to let Joe do his work. Watch the cut-scene and you will return to
Dji-Cantos island and get 1500.0 G! The next chapters can be done in any order,
but i recommend Kenget Kamulos first because you would want to enjoy powerful
items longer, right? If you want to go Kenget Kamulos now, be sure to get
Khunag for you cannot enter without him.

i)Kenget Kamulos            -- The Hunt for the High Knowledge
Go to Maini in the North using the Goddess's cave. Go East till you see 2
guards. Speak to the right one and tell him you came to make a deal. After
you regain control, go out of the East door. Open the South-East door and go
onto the passage. Head West untill Khunag says that you are in the cells of the
Novice. Go North and turn East at the end. Enter the first East room you see
and wait till 8.00 A.M. The person there will then leave the room. Then search
the cupboard for a Thief's Amulet. Manipulate the fire beside the cupboard to
reveal a secret passage. Enter it till the path splits East and West. Go West
first and search the chest(6 Violet Potion, 8 Red Potion & Big Iskai Sword).

Alert: There will be an endless battles in the next paragraph which will be a
chance to get ultra rich. Rewards Double Battle-Axe(583.3 G), Long-Sword(358.3 
G) and Bolt-Throwers(516.6 G) per battle. Sell this at Umajo for 130% of normal
prices. But, try to keep to Bolt-Throwers as they are 516.6 G per kg but Double
Battle-Axes are 47.8 G per kg and Long-Swords are 71.7 G per kg. It all depends
on whether you have the strength or space. Anyway, heres a trick for fast and
lasting fight. Bring many Violet Potions as they are easier to find than blue 
and more efficient than red ones. Train Sira's Frost Avalanche and
Fungification to maximum. Train Khunag's Thunderstorm to maximum. Put Drirr in
a position where he can hit all the magicians if you advance party. Now enter
the endless battle by not surrendering. Have Sira wear the Speed Amulet and do
a Frost Avalanche. Drirr should attack the Magician 1 and Khunag cast
Thunderstorm. The Kledo Kamulos 1 and Magician 1 will fall. Advance and have
Drirr attack Magician 2. Now have Sira cast Fungification on Magician 3 for 78
damage and Khunag still casting Thunderstorm. All the rest will die and the
battle will end. Sort all your booties and repeat till you are satisfied. Of
course, you have to use your potions to restore SP. But think, at most 2
Potions per battle exchanges for a Bolt-Thrower. Its a 22.0 G(If you buy
unlimited but more expensive Violet Potions in Umajo) for 516.6 G(If you intend
on only Bolt-Throwers, which you should). I had 50 over Bolt-Throwers and had 4
characters' backpack used up -- thats enough to train all my characters in
critical hit, buy the Bolt-Rifles, many Poison Bolts, and many Violet Potions

Now walk all the way East and you will eventually be discovered. There will be
Magician 1,2 & 3 and Kledo Kamulos 1,2 & 3 attacking you if you do not
surrender. If you want to fight, there will be endless supply of battles. Tips
are written above.

After you surrender and is brought to the prison area, you will be robbed of
all your gold. Khunag will open the cell door during the cut-scene. Manipulate
the door and leave. Go East all the way and turn North. Open the door and kill
the Kengets. Search the chest(Blue Healing Potion, Blue Potion, Red Potion &
Dungeon Key) left of the door. Leave the room and go South, using the Dungeon
Key on the locked gates. Beyond the doors, go East into the passage first.
Enter the first South door and search the chest on the left(146 Rations). Then
go North-East and enter the room for some battles. Else, if you wish to avoid,
go East and then into the South passage. The first South room and the first
North room has some battles but no treasures. Search the second South room for
a chest(5 Turquiose Healing Potion, 4 Blue Healing Potion & 6 Violet Potion).
Leave this room and enter the North passage. Keep on going and enter the door
at the end. Search the chest(Gaze Of Kamulos, 2 Light Staff & 8 Torch) in the
middle of the room. Leave this area by going into the hall where you left the
prison to the South(through the door opened by the Dungeon Key). Now go West by
the arch in the South-West and open the door in the North. Khunag will remark
that you have reached the defense facilities. Enter the stairs there.

In this 3D dungeon, enter the East room. Step on the plate in the North in
front of the flame. Quickly run to the red floor plate beside the East door
and wait till the fire comes after you. As it hits the plate, go through the
East door that will be opened. In this room, the North and South walls have
holes which will shoot fireballs. Step on the plates beside both walls and hide
between the columns in the middle of the room. When the fireballs all hit
the columns, the door will open. In the next room, go North. Turn West at the
end. You will eventually come to a large area with curtains after you kill
some Kengets. Animal 2, 3 and Fear 2 resides in the curtains so you might want
to avoid them. Anyway, go into the passage South-West and follow it North. At
the end are 2 stairs. Choose the left one first.

On this level, go South and take the right path first. Manipulate the switch
near the top of the flag(Try clicking around the top part of the flag). Do the
same for the left path. The door in the South is now open, go in there and
search the West locked and booby trapped chest(6 Blue Healing Potion, 3 Fire
Rain, Poison Antidote & 6 Torch). Similarly the East chest(Fire Ring & 3 Light
Staff) is locked and booby trapped. Equip the Thief's Amulet to make things
easier. Now go back upstairs and go down the other staircase.

On this level, go North through the door. The small room South-West has only
some Magicians to fight, so go East into the room with chests. Open the locked
North chest(42 Torch & 114 Rations) and the locked South chest(52 Rations).
Leave and go through the North-East door. In this large area, you should see
3 corridors with portcullis and coloured floor plates. Go South and you should
see a small room. Go to the back(West) and press an orange button. The
portcullis will rise. Go to the front and step on the floor plate. The doors of
the room will be raised and the fires will chase you. Run quickly to the first
corridor and run to the end, hiding behind the orange floor plate. As the fires
follow you and hit the floor plate, they will distinguish. After all fires
dissapear, you are safe to enter the small room and pull all the switches on
the walls. Repeat for the other rooms for the green and blue flames. Heres a
summary of what to do:
1.Go to the back of the room and press the orange button.
2.Step on the floor plate in front and run to the respective corridor.
3.As the 3 coloured flames follow you to the corridor and hit the floor plate 
  of the same colour, they will distinguish.
4.Finally, return to the now safe and open room and pull ALL 4 switches on
  the wall.
If you did everything correctly(pulled all the switches), the door in the South
-East will open. Go through and into the gap in the North-East. Follow it to
the South to a floor plate in front of a portcullis. Stand on it for a while
and the portculis will raise. Search the most North-Western trash(Lugh's Hand
Helmet) and the most North-Eastern trash(Frostbringer). Now bactrack to the
room where you entered the gap on the North-East wall and go through the North
door. In this large area, there are many rooms with curtains. Monsters lurk
inside most but one contains treasure. The 3rd room from the left contains a
chest(6 Turquiose Healing Potion, 4 Blue Healing Potion, Poison Antidote,
Sickness Antidote, 3 Light Staff & Iskai Long-Sword). Now head through the
passage in the South-East. There will be fireballs shooting out. Try to avoid
the fireballs and quickly go West. You should then go to the stairs at the end
of the passage.

Go South and confront the Monsters. Step on the floor plate at the entrance of
the next room. Wait as the torches light up. When all torches light up, leave
the floor plate and go through the door. Welcome to the Beastmaster's level.
From this hall, go through the North-West door to search a chest(6 Violet
Potion, 2 Blue Healing Potion, 2 Blue Potion & 2 Light Staff). Now go through
the East door and follow the passage till you see a pile of trash before a door
. Search it of course(4 Blue Potion, Personal Protection & Sickness Antidote).
Now go through the door. There are many cells in this place with Monsters to
fight. But to find the Beastmaster, Go East to the end of the corridor from the
door, then South to the 3rd room(It is the second door and the last room you
will see). He is accompanied by 2 Magician 3s. He only has 250 LP. Use Thorn
Snare for him since he is immune to Frost spells. He drops Beastmaster's Key,
Heavy Chainmail & Shoes. After the fight, you will still need to kill his
Minions. Return to the hall South of the stairs. Go through the North-East door
and then into the North-East room. Fight the Magicians and then go through the
South door. Search the locked chest(Ice Ring). Return to the hall again. The
ramain unexplored doors contain Monsters. Go open all the doors you can find
and slay all of them for experience. When you finish the massacre, go East from
the hall and unlock the door with the Beastmaster's Key. Follow the passage and
use the stairs at the end.

At this level, you will see 3 fireballs shooting at you. Wait behind the torch
till the fireballs hit the torch, then run South and turn into the East gap in
the wall. If you are agile enough, you will avoid a serious burn. First
navigate your way to the East door. Open it and kill the Storms. Press 2
buttons on the North wall close to the East side(one near the centre pillar &
another near the corner). Go to the North door and kill the Fears. Press the
button on the North-East corner and another to the South-East corner. Now go
back to the room with magma. You should see 2 rooms in the North and 2 rooms
South without doors. Go to the North-West one. You should notice that a
fireball will periodically appear. It will either fill the ground with magma or
if the ground already has magma, it will remove the magma. You just have to
wait till the fireball removes the magma and quickly step on the blue floor
plate. Once you have done that, all fireballs and the magma it creates will
dissapear. Do the same and step on the blue floor plate in the North-East
, South-West and the South-East rooms. Now its safe to enter the gap between
the North and South door in the magma maze. Follow it till it splits North or
South. Go South first. At the end is a room with giant flames chasing you.
Avoid it and go to the North-West corner and press the orange button on the
West wall. Then run and use the stairs at the alcove to the East. At this level
, step on the floor plate and wait till the fire extinguishes. Follow the
corridor and do the same for another flame except that there will be a fireball
coming towards you. Wait till the fire goes out and strafe to the side by
pressing ALT to avoid it. After that just go North and pull the switch on the
West wall. Go back upstairs and now backtrack to take the Northern path. Press
a button between the 3rd and 4th arch from the split and an opening will appear
. Don't go in yet. Come back later and now go furthur North to a place with
many portcullis dividing the area. First use the South-East portcullis to
search a trash(2 Violet Potion, 3 Blue Potion & 4 Light Staff). Then go South
twice and search the trash(Turquoise Music Crystal & Speed Amulet). Go South
once more then go East and open the door, go down the stairs. Go North to
reach a large area with green flames. You can go to a South-East passage for
some fights and a chest containing a Kenget Note(Go get it if you are curious
about what it says) but it is useless. Go down the South-West passage and pull
the switch in the East alcove. Go back upstairs and leave the portcullis area(
Go North,East,North twice). Find the passage that appears on the West wall when
you press a button in the North passage. Go in there and down the stairs. Go
South and down another stairs.

Go through the South-East gap on this level. You will see grey floor plates in
this room. Walk on one of the plates and the flames on the orange square will
move. Go South to another similar room with grey floor plates. You have to walk
in a path similar to the path the flames took. Use the map and follow the
orange path mapped out by the flames. If you do it wrongly, you will fall
through the plates. Go to the North-East door to go back upstairs. When you are
safely across, go East and then North. Press an orange button behind the flag
in the North-West corner. Return South and go West this time. Step on the
floor plate and wait till the portcullis raise. Go through and head East to
search a locked chest(Flame Bite, Fire Hail & 5 Torch). Go into the North gap
where fireballs are shooting around. Go North and step on the floor plate
beside the torch to make the torch move South. When the fireballs hit it, they
will dissapear. Go South and step on the lighted plate to move the torch North.
Repeat till all the fireballs have dissapeared. Now you should have noticed the
2 unlighted floor plates in the middle. To turn them grey, let the torch move,
step on them and wait till the torch stops again. After both turns grey, go
through the North opening. Head West and follow the passage till it collaspe
and you fall through.

Head North from your location to reach a junction. Go North first and open the
locked North-West door(it can hurt you if you pick it). Search the South middle
trash(4 Violet Potion, 2 Blue Potion, Remove Trap, Lightning Trap, 2 Poison
Antidote & Insanity Antidote). Go back to the junction and head West. Go South
in the large room and open the door. In the next room, use the South door. You
should see a portcullis and a door. Go into the door beside the portcullis
first. Use the South door and go search the chest in the North-West alcove
for a cursed Blackstone Helmet. Now step on the floor plate to raise the
portcullis. Go South untill you see a door and a passage leading South. Use the
door first and search the trash(8 Green Healing Potion, 6 Turquiose Healing
Potion & Lightning Trap) and the locked chest(green Crystal Dagger,
Thunderstorm & 5 Light Staff). Go outside and go South till you see another
door. Use it and search the North trash(4 Blue Healing Potion, 2 Steal Life, 2
Steal Magic & 8 Torch). Go outside and then South and through the portcullis.
Go East through another portcullis. From here, go East all the way till you get
past another portcullis. Go through the North door in this room and follow the
passage till you can go North. Do so and use the North-West door for some
fights but go North to continue. Search the trash(Sickness Antidote, 5
Turquiose Healing Potion & 5 Blue Healing Potion)in the North-West corner.
Backtrack one room to the South and go East now. Navigate your way through the 
maze till you emerge before 3 doors(You will return here later). Use the
middle door to get to a large room. Go to the North and exit to another large
room. Go search the trash(5 Violet Potion, Sickness Antidote, Insanity Antidote
& Poison Antidote) in the North-West corner. You are almost done. Return to the
3 doors(Go South into the large room and then South again). Go to the East door
and turn around the bend. As you walk into the South passage, the door closes.
As you continue furthur South, A flame will appear to chase you. Retreat as far
as possible and wait as the flame comes closer. Then the floor will collaspe
due to the flames. Jump down the hole.

You will leave the 3D dungeon now. Go North and use the East door for some
fights. Else go through the West door and go West. Turn North when you can(
There are fights in the rooms on both side). Go through the door at the end and
then another 2 North doors. Khunag will comment that the High Knowledge is
beyond so go all the way North and open the North door. Enter it and watch the
cut-scene. After that, you will fight Kamulos(650 LP). He can attack 2 times or
cast Kenget Kamulos spells. The trick is use Thorn Snare on him and attack. He
leaves behind the High Knowledge and total of 3000 Exp after being defeated.
You will be escorted out of Kenget Kamulos. Congratulation, you finished this

j)Equipment Makers in Umajo -- Finding the Scroll of Metal Magic
Now sell all you booties and buy new equipments. Go train some more, then
proceed on to Umajo. Find Merdger in the Equipmetnmaker's Guild and ask him
about "key". Go to the Miner's Guild and find Zebenno in the room with the mine
shafts. Tell him Merdger sent you and that you want to enter the test chamber.
Ask him about "Test Persons" and tell him you wish to test the mechanisms for
him and that you will be careful. You will then get the Equimentmakers' Key.
Enter the mineshaft on the extreme left. Once you get in, you must not be seen
by anyone else. If you are discovered, you will be thrown out. Do not be
mistaken if Tom is chased out and he claims to know the secret word--it is a
fake one! Hide in the alcove on the right once you enter. The man in red will
go North, stop, South, North, then South again and stop again. Sneak behind his
back to the North and hide in the alcove on the left. Wait and the man in red
will come into sight, then walk out of sight to the North. Wait a little while
and he will double back for a final check before going North. Follow him now
and quickly sneak into the final alcove on the right. Wait till a third guy
comes and seat before the fire and the ceremony will begin soon. After the
ceremony is over, you would have heard the secret word: "Umajo Danu" and Tom
will retreat out of the shafts. Now go to the place where is labelled "None
shall Pass" on the map of Umajo in the previous part of the walkthrough. Talk
to the guards and they will now let you in. The chef in the South-West corner
gives free Ration. You can find Sojesko in the main hall and he will assist you
on your quest. Ask him about "Kossotto" and then "Location". Now you can find
him by going to the Equipmentmakers' Guild and use the key you got on the door
North of the room where Merdger is in. Go down the stairs.

From here, go North and follow the passage where you can see a switch and
knives on the ground. There is a locked door East of the switch. From here, 
ignore both the switch and the door and go North all the way till the path goes
West and you can't go furthur North(You should have skipped 2 side branches).
Follow the West path to eventually reach a room with knives on the ground. Take
Bucket and Hammer lying around and return to the place with the switch and
knives on the floor. Enter the passage heading West a little North and follow
it till the path splits North and South. Go South first to a room with knives
surrounding a chest. Ignore the chest first and pull the switch behind. Go back
to the first switch(to the West of the locked door) and pull it. The knives can
now be hammered in. Go get the chest that you ignored by hammering the knives.
It contains Door Key, Lockpick, Metal Helmet, 35 Bolt, Axe, Cellar Map, 1
Ration & 18.4 G. Use the Door Key on the locked door you found just now. You
should find yourself in a room with 3 switches. To make the switches to be down
,up and down as shown in the picture behind, do the following.
1. Pull the single switch to the North.
2. Pull the middle switch of the 3 switches to make 2nd and 3rd switch down.
3. Pull the North switch again.
4. Pull the leftmost switch of the 3 to create the desired positions. Leave the
room and go North. Remember the place where the path split North and South and
you took the South path to reach the chest room? Go there and take the North
path now to reach a large room with the Equipmentmaker's symbols on the floor.
The North-West chest is locked. We shall go get the keys to it now. Leave this
room by the North. You will reach a junction that goes East or West. Go East
and search the chest(Chest Key, 2 Lockpick & 24.5 G). Go back and unlock the
locked chest with the Chest Key to get a Door Key & 16.7 G. Now leave through
the North again and go West this time. When you reach the room with a fire and
green plates, use the bucket of water on the fire and step on the luminous
green plates in the dark. When you end the path in the North-West, you should
have stepped on the stone plate and make a chest appear. Use a light source to
illuminate the area and search the chest(Silver Ring, Gold Ring, Jewel Chain &
29.0 G). Go West from the chest till you reach a split to the North and East.
Go East and use the yellow Door Key on the door. Wait till 8.00 - 11.00 A.M and
a switch will appear so pull it. Return to the split and go North. When you
reach another split, go South first and pull the switch in a room behind an
open door, then go North. Beyond an open door to the North, you should find a
mine shaft so go in.

From here, go down one stairs. Go North and ignore the door to the left. Go
East and open the South door. Go in and then follow the passage to the 
South-East to a place with many doors. The 3 doors to the North cannot be
opened, so enter the first South door. Go South and open the door to the West.
You will eventually reach a room with Kossotto. Talk to him and tell him the
magic word. He will give you the Metalmagic Scroll. Search the chest in this
room for a Sun Dagger & 40.1 G. The magic field in the middle of the room can
be manipulated to heal yourself. Now backtrack to the stairs of this level. Go
to the door to the North which you ignored and enter it. From here, go South
and go up the stairs. Go up another stairs. Climb down the hole on this level.
You will land in a room with a spinning wheel. Go out of the North door. Search
the chest(Crystal Staff, Ring of the Goddess, Blue Dagger, Gold Torque, Ring
with Gold, 10 Torch, 5 Ration & 8.0 G) on the table. Use the Crystal Staff on
the flames to turn all of them blue. The North door opens so go through and
head East. Follow the passage South to a closed door. Pull the switch North of
the door. Continue furthur East and pull the switch on the South wall (beside
the pink wall). Now go West from the door where you came from the room with
blue flames. Pull the switch on the wall and enter to search the trash(
Turquiose Healing Potion, 3 Violet Potion, Jewel, 21 Ration & 38.7 G). Go into
the South passage and search the trash(10.0 G), then open the East door. Search
the trash in this room for 55 Ration. Leave and find the switch on the North
wall somewhere West from the room with blue flames. Pull it and return to the
room with blue flames and press the orange button on the West of the door. A
gaping hole will appear on the ground in front. Climb down. Follow the passage
and search the first barrel (Blue Potion, Red Potion). Continue going to the
end and use the stairs again which leads to the room with the spinning wheel.

When you end up on the spinning wheel again. You should notice that the opening
has shifted to the East. Go through and walk past the magic curtain. Continue
along the East passage and go North to a large room. Pull the switch on the
North wall. Return to the magic curtain and stand in the middle of it. The
North door is open so go through, use the hole in the room with blue flames and
make your way back to the spinning wheel room. The opening is South now so go
through. Head all the way South till you are between 2 "Special" icons as shown
on the map. The "Special" on the West is a fake wall so walk into it and make
your way to the South, then go East. Enter the first door you see to search a
chest for 36 Ration. Go back out and search the trash to the East for 20.0 G.
From the trash, go North all the way and pull te switch. Backtrack to the room
South-East of the spinner room(It is the room North of the chest with 36 Ration
). Go through the magic curtain and make your way back to the spinner room via
the hole. Go through the West door now. You should see a blue floor plate.

Alert: The blue floor plate summons 16 Animal 3 which will attack you. An
advice is place all character in the last row and have Melthas cast Demon
Exodus. They gives 5760 exp in total which means 960 exp for every member for a
6 people party! Use this place to gain level till 50. Drink Violet Potions for
SP refill. If some characters have maxed out their level, knock them out so
they would not share in the exp.

Go South and search the chest(Stone of Visions, 8 Ration & 48.7 G) and the
trash(38 Arrow(Horizontal), 3 Lockpick & 28.7 G). Look at your map, go to the
West wall below the room West of the blue plate. Walk into the wall where the
pattern changes from brick wall to wall with green vines. Search the trash(
Turquiose Healing Potion, Staff with Serpent & 18.0 G). You are done so make
your way out using the magic curtain, the hole in the room with blue flame and
out of the mineshaft. Then use the cellar map to navigate out of the guild.

Alert: To see the effect of the Stone of Visions, go to the Jeweller's Guild
and enter the front gate. You should see a large circle with a red circle on
the top-right. Use the Stone of Visions on it and the stone enlarges. It can
heal you if you manipulate it. If you show it to the Coskon before you set it
into the ornament, he will exclaimed and doubt its authencity. Well, true
enough, it really doesn't allow you to read someone's mind as the real one

k)Dji Cantos & Toronto      -- "The Seed" and the destruction of Toronto
Now, the final confrontation shall come. First, go to Dji-Cantos and watch the
creation of "The Seed". You will receive the seed and video footages. You can
now get Joe to join by kicking someone out. Go and deposit all unwanted stuff
and retrieve your Pistol and catridges(if you have any left). Please be
reminded that if you don't have Joe, there will be lot more battles to fight
later. When you are ready, you should return to Toronto via the path which
leads to the cave East of Umajo(The cave that Ohl led you to). Enter it and
make your way to Toronto. Once on it, there is no return. 

Anyway, go South and open the door. Continue furthur South and examine the
console. Then go through the South door and turn East. Follow the path until
you see a table with a screwdriver like thing. Take the Special Screwdriver.
Go to the console to the East and manipulate it. The ships security forces will
attack you after you upload the documentary. Dispatch them and go through the
South door where they came from. You will eventually reach a door which leads
to the service level. Key in "1712" as the code.

Once below, go through the South door. You should fight for your first time
Service Robots. They are really tough so be careful. Turn West first and walk
up to a place with lasers. Look to the East wall and use the screwdriver on it.
Have a character manipulate it(Whenever you have to manipulate electricity, you
need Joe. Otherwise, you will get a nasty shock!). Look at the plexiglass on
the North-West wall. Press the switch on the plexi-glass when the light on the
right turns green. Go through quickly. As you head South, you should see a
small room. Go there and step on the floor plate in front of the door. A
service robot will appear. It will follow you so quickly run to the other side
of the laser field so that the robot will crash into the laser, destroying
itself and the laser. Enter the door. Follow the passage to the end and use
the screwdriver to reveal the circuit, then manipulate it. Return to the place
where you headed South from the ladders that lead to this level. Head East now
and take the Southern split. You should see a pattern on the wall. Now take the
Northern split. Keep going till you reach a large room with some robot fights.
Reveal the circuit on the East wall and manipulate it. You should see a
revealed circuit in the South beside a door. Have Joe repair it if you have him
. Otherwise, go through the East door. Find the circuit on the North wall and
do the usual(reveal it then manipulate it). Beware, now you should press the
switch on the plexi-glass which triggers many robots to battle. You will fight
106 Service Robots in 13 battles. Alternatively, lure the robots into the large
room and avoid them, making your way to the plexi-glass switch East of the
small room to escape into the new passage. Try using Goddess's Wrath for easy
fight. Anyway, go East and turn North when you can to find lasers going on and
off in intervals. Make your way carefully through. You will find another
similar laser field and so make your way through this one too. Go through the
East door and fight the AI Body 2. After you win, go through the East door and
head South. Follow the passage and go through 2 North doors.You should see a
door to the North with a codecard reader and 1 to the West. Head through the
West door untill you reach a laser field. Go South and go into the middle of
the field. At the North end, manipulate the circuit. Head back South and go
through the gap that appears on the West of the laser. Look at the pattern in
the 2 U-shaped alcoves. Backtrack and use the North door with the card reader.
Go through an East door to find some plates which lights up upon walking over.
Press the switch on the plexi-glass and enter the gap that opens up in the 
South-West corner. The last sequence is shown. Make the patterns you see just
now. Or if you want to skip going back, do this:
[ ][O][ ][ ]      [ ]--Off
[ ][O][O][ ]      [O]--Lighted
[O][ ][ ][O]
If you make a mistake or completes the pattern, press the switch on the plexi-
glass on the East of the plates. If you do it correctly and pressed the switch
, a large gap will appear in the South. You will see AI Bodies standing guard.
Charge in and fight! After you kill a group of 4 AI body 2 and 2 AI body 1, you
will get the Red Codecard. Use it on the cardreader beside the South door. Go
through another door at the end to reach a large room. Enter the open door in
the middle of the room. You will be confronted by Colonel Priver. If you say
offensive stuff, you will be attacked by 15 Secu 2. However, to avoid this
unneccessary fight(which the items you get are useless as the final boss is
immune to weapons), say the following:1,2,2,1,2,1. Then, the security forces
will retreat. Anyway, Tom will lead the party to the reactor and be attacked
by the AI housing. AI has 4500 LP and is immune to all weapons. You can use
spells but they do 1 damage only. It is immune to frost spells. Trap it with
Thorn Snare if you want to try to kill it. Hoever, to end the game, just let
the AI kill one of your character and do nothing. Then Tom will throw the seed
.....Enjoy the ending.

2.Shop Prices
*Jirinaar*                                  *Aballon*
Rabir              :110%                    Rifrako            :100%
Wania--Mixed Good  : 80%
Snird--Weaponsmith :100%

*Vanello*                                   *Beloveno*
Winion--Mixed Good :125%                    Riolea--Mixed Good
Tamno--Weaponsmith :100%                    -Buy               :100%
                                            -Sell              : 75%
                                            Bagga--Armoursmith :100%

*Kounos*--Never sell your wares here!       *Srimalinar*
Women--West Hut    : 38%                    Nadje--Mixed Good  :100%
                                            Peddler--Inn       : 60%

*Umajo*--Best place to sell!
-Buy               :130%
-Sell              :130%
Zeibe--Mixed Good  :130%     
Mykonou            :130%

Prices of shops listed are selling prices. Buying prices are 120% of selling
prices. E.g Gaze Of Kamulos sells for 2500.0 G (100%) at Tamno but goes for as 
high as 3250.0 G (130%) at Jeros. However, if you do sell it for 2500.0 G, you 
need to pay 3000.0 G (120%) to buy it back.

3.Shop Wares
Rabir                    |Qty| Price   |Snird(Weaponsmith)       |Qty| Price
Big Iskai Dagger         |  1|   4.4 G |Iskai Short-Sword        |  3|  22.0 G
---------------------------------------|Big Iskai Stiletto       |  3|  68.0 G
Wania(Mixed Goods)       |Qty| Price   |Iskai Sword              |  3|  64.0 G
---------------------------------------|Big Iskai Saber          |  2| 140.0 G
Green Healing Potion     |  1|   3.6 G |Iskai Long-Sword         |  2| 380.0 G
Rope                     |  2|   3.0 G |Iskai Lance              |  1| 750.0 G
Torch                    | **|   0.6 G |Iskai Chest-Plate        |  3|  40.0 G
Pick-axe                 |  3|   6.4 G |Iskai Metal Plate        |  4|  65.0 G
Compass                  |  1|  68.0 G |Light Iskai Armor        |  3| 150.0 G
Blue Music Crystal       |  1|  88.0 G |Iskai Armor              |  3| 520.0 G
Lockpick                 |  5|   8.0 G |Big Iskai Sword          |  1| 410.0 G
Crystal Dagger(green)    |  1| 120.0 G |Small Bow                |  3|  32.0 G
Light                    |  1|   2.0 G |Bow                      |  4|  80.0 G
Fragrant Water           | 50|   1.6 G |Arrow                    | **|   0.7 G
Iskai Shoes              |  5|  11.2 G |Small Iskai Shield       |  2|  19.0 G
---------------------------------------|Iskai Shield             |  4|  50.0 G
                         |Qty| Price   |Big Iskai Shield         |  3| 250.0 G
---------------------------------------|Iskai Leather Cap        |  3|  40.0 G
Trifalai Seed            | **|   1.5 G |Iskai Metal Cap          |  3|  95.0 G
                         |   |         |Iskai Metal Helmet       |  2| 450.0 G

*Aballon*                               *Vanello*
Rifrako(Mixed Goods)     |Qty| Price   |Winion(Mixed Goods)      |Qty| Price
Poison Antidote          | 20|   9.0 G |Short Dagger             |  1|   1.5 G
Violet Potion            |  4|   8.5 G |Boots                    |  6|   6.8 G
Trifalai Seed            | 30|   1.5 G |Green Healing Potion     | 99|   5.6 G
Fireblade                |  1|1250.0 G |Rope                     |  8|   4.7 G
Dream Shield             |  1| 750.0 G |Fire-Ring                |  1| 625.0 G
Crystal Dagger(green)    |  1| 150.0 G |Torch                    | **|   1.0 G
Protection Amulet        |  1| 380.0 G |Lockpick                 |  4|  12.5 G
Rope                     | 11|   3.8 G |Turquiose Healing Potion |110|  10.0 G
Pick-axe                 |  6|   8.0 G |Poison Antidote          | 15|  11.2 G
Red Music Crystal        |  1| 125.0 G |Insanity Antidote        | 12|  17.5 G
Light Staff              | 45|   3.5 G |---------------------------------------
Sleep Spores             |  1|  20.0 G |Tamno(Weapon Smith)      |Qty| Price
Blinding Spark           |  1|   8.5 G |---------------------------------------
Monster Eye              |  1| 450.0 G |Sword                    |  4|  45.0 G
Insanity Antidote        | 15|  14.0 G |Two-Hander               |  1| 180.0 G
Sickness Antidote        | 20|  20.0 G |Double Stab              |  3|   9.5 G
---------------------------------------|Throwing Dagger          | 48|   5.0 G
                                       |Axe                      |  5|  80.0 G
*Arjano*                               |Small Battle-Axe         |  4|  80.0 G
---------------------------------------|Battle-Axe               |  1| 220.0 G
Roves(Magic Wares)       |Qty| Price   |Bow                      |  4|  80.0 G
---------------------------------------|Arrow                    | 50|   0.7 G
Berserk                  |  8|  11.0 G |Long Arrow               | 50|   1.2 G
Banish Demons            |  9|  34.0 G |Round Shield             |  5|  62.0 G
Demon Exodus             |  6|  90.0 G |Big Shield               |  1| 250.0 G
Magic Shield             |  4|  30.0 G |Framed Shield            |  1| 420.0 G
Banish Demon             |  4|  14.5 G |Leather Cap              |  4|  14.0 G
Thunderstorm             |  1|  77.0 G |Studded Cap              |  4|  42.0 G
                         |   |         |Leather Vest             |  5|  44.0 G
                         |   |         |Studded Leather          |  2| 190.0 G
                         |   |         |Light Chainmail          |  2| 250.0 G

Riolea(Mixed Goods--Buy) |Qty| Price   |Porsch(Weapon Smith)     |Qty| Price
Torch                    | **|   0.8 G |Knife                    | 46|   1.0 G
Boots                    | 18|   5.5 G |Short Dagger             | 22|   1.2 G
Shoes                    | 25|   1.2 G |Dagger                   | 18|   2.5 G
Knife                    |  9|   1.0 G |Large Dagger             |  6|   3.5 G
Rope                     | **|   3.8 G |Short-Sword              |  1|  12.0 G
Blue Healing Potion      |  2|  20.0 G |Sword                    |  2|  45.0 G
Violet Potion            |  9|   8.5 G |Two-hander               |  3| 180.0 G
Red Potion               | 36|   5.0 G |Lugh's Dagger            |  8| 900.0 G
Green Healing Potion     | **|   4.5 G |Danu's Light             |  4|2250.0 G
Turquiose Healing Potion | 12|   8.0 G |Double Stab              |  5|   9.5 G
Blue Potion              |  6|  16.0 G |Heavy Short-Sword        |  3|  12.0 G
Jewel                    |  2|  28.0 G |Decorative Sword         |  2|  78.0 G
Silver Ring              |  2|  12.0 G |Long-Sword               |  2| 430.0 G
Ring with Gold           |  3|  19.0 G |Small Battle-Axe         |  2|  80.0 G
Bolt                     | **|   2.5 G |Big Battle-Axe           |  2| 390.0 G
Bow                      |  6|  80.0 G |Double Battle-Axe        |  1| 700.0 G
Arrow(Vertical)          | **|   0.7 G |Battle-Club              |  2|1100.0 G
Bolt                     | **|   2.5 G |Battle-Hammer            |  2|2000.0 G
Bolt-Thrower             |  3| 620.0 G |Bolt-Thrower             |  2| 620.0 G
---------------------------------------|Long Arrow               | **|   1.2 G
Riolea(Mixed Goods--Sell)|Qty| Price   |Bolt                     | **|   2.5 G
---------------------------------------|Poison Bolt              | **|   8.0 G
Sword                    |  1|  33.7 G |---------------------------------------
Red Potion               |  3|   3.7 G |
Bagga(Armour Smith)      |Qty| Price   |---------------------------------------
---------------------------------------|Woman                    |Qty| Price
Small Leather Shield     | 34|  23.0 G |---------------------------------------
Leather Shield           | 18|  41.0 G |Round Shield             |  1|  23.5 G
Round Shield             | 11|  62.0 G |---------------------------------------
Big Shield               |  4| 250.0 G |
Framed Shield            |  2| 420.0 G |*Srimalinar*
Metal Shield             |  2| 850.0 G |---------------------------------------
Leather Cap              | 22|  14.0 G |Nadje(Mixed Goods)       |Qty| Price
Studded Cap              |  8|  42.0 G |---------------------------------------
Metal Half-Shell         |  3| 220.0 G |Iskai Shield             |  3|  50.0 G
Metal Helmet             |  1| 380.0 G |Big Iskai Shield         |  2| 250.0 G
Leather Vest             | 17|  44.0 G |Big Iskai Stiletto       |  5|  68.0 G
Leather Armor            | 10|  86.0 G |Iskai Short-Sword        |  1|  22.0 G
Studded Leather          |  6| 190.0 G |Iskai Sword              |  2|  64.0 G
Light Chainmail          |  3| 250.0 G |Big Iskai Saber          |  1| 140.0 G
Heavy Chainmail          |  1| 680.0 G |Iskai Long-Sword         |  5| 380.0 G
Boots                    | 12|   5.5 G |Iskai Lance              |  3| 750.0 G
Shoes                    |  8|   1.2 G |Big Iskai Dagger         |  5|   4.0 G
                         |   |         |Iskai Short Stiletto     |  1|  30.0 G
                         |   |         |Big Iskai Sword          |  3| 410.0 G
                         |   |         |Iskai Metal Cap          |  5|  95.0 G
                         |   |         |Iskai Metal Helmet       |  3| 450.0 G
                         |   |         |Iskai Armor              |  1| 520.0 G
                         |   |         |Light Iskai Armor        |  3| 150.0 G
                         |   |         |Iskai Shoes              |  8|  14.0 G
                         |   |         |Violet Potion            | 24|   8.5 G
                         |   |         |Blue Potion              | 17|  16.0 G
                         |   |         |Blue Healing Potion      | 21|  20.0 G
                         |   |         |Turquoise Healing Potion | 20|   8.0 G
                         |   |         |Torch                    | 40|   0.8 G

*Dji Cantos Island*
Althea                   |Qty| Price   |                         |Qty| Price
Fireball                 | 25|  10.0 G |Regeneration             | 12|  30.0 G
Banish Demon             | 34|  34.0 G |Lifebringer              | 11|  58.0 G
Demon Exodus             | 10|  90.0 G |Goddess's Wrath          | 20| 150.0 G
Panic                    | 11|  50.0 G |Thunderbolt              | 15|  35.0 G
Magic Shield             | 10|  30.0 G |Thunderstorm             | 12|  77.0 G
Frost Avalanche          |  8|  60.0 G |Big Lightning Trap       |  4|  42.0 G
Blinding Storm           |  9|  46.0 G |Big Lightning Mine       |  4|  40.0 G
Heal Paralysis           | 14|  10.0 G |Steal Life               | 11|  11.0 G
Heal Blindness           | 12|  10.0 G |Steal Magic              | 10|  13.0 G
Fungification            | 15|  72.0 G |Personal Protection      |  7|  38.0 G

Jeros(Weapon Smith-- Buy)|Qty| Price   |Zeibe(Mixed Goods)       |Qty| Price   
Poison Bolt              | **|  10.4 G |Heavy Short-Sword        | 26|  15.6 G
Bolt                     | **|   3.2 G |Two-Hander               | 20| 234.0 G
Arrow                    | **|   0.9 G |Sword                    |  8|  58.5 G
Long Arrow               | **|   1.5 G |Double Stab              | 54|  12.3 G
Bolt-Rifle               |  3|3640.0 G |Longbow                  |  6| 442.0 G
Large Arrow              | **|   0.9 G |Bolt                     | **|   3.2 G
Arrow(horizontal)        | **|   1.0 G |Green Healing Potion     | **|   5.8 G
Throwing Dagger          | **|   6.5 G |Turquiose Healing Potion | **|  10.4 G
Two-Hander               | 10| 234.0 G |Blue Healing Potion      | 68|  26.0 G
Long-Sword               | 30| 559.0 G |Red Potion               | 50|   6.5 G
Battle-Axe               | 50| 286.0 G |Violet Potion            | **|  11.0 G
Big Battle-Axe           | 21| 507.0 G |Blue Potion              | 38|  20.8 G
Double Battle-Axe        |  5| 910.0 G |Boots                    | 25|   7.1 G
Battle-Club              |  8|1430.0 G |Rope                     | 25|   4.9 G
Battle-Hammer            | 15|2600.0 G |Fire Ring                |  1| 650.0 G
Heavy Short-Sword        | **|  15.6 G |Torch                    | **|   1.0 G
Double Stab              |  8|  12.3 G |Pick-Axe                 |  3|  10.4 G
Metal Shield             | 25|1105.0 G |Arrow(Horizontal)        | **|   1.0 G
Metal Helmet             | 30| 494.0 G |Lockpick                 |  1|  13.0 G
Heavy Chainmail          | 25| 884.0 G |Jewel                    |  1|  41.6 G
Crystal Dagger           |  1| 195.0 G |Jewel                    |  1|  37.7 G
Crystal Throwing Axe     |  1|1950.0 G |Framed Shield            |  8| 546.0 G
---------------------------------------|Light Chainmail          | 18| 325.0 G
Jeros(Weapon Smith--Sell)|Qty| Price   |Hammer                   | 40|   0.1 G
Stab                     |  1|  10.4 G |Mykonou(Diamond Polisher)|Qty| Price
                         |   |         |---------------------------------------
                         |   |         |Jewel                    | 15|  32.5 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    |  8|  41.6 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    |  9|  36.4 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    |  6|  31.2 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    | 12|  67.6 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    |  5|  39.0 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    | 14|  37.7 G
                         |   |         |Jewel                    |  3|  67.6 G
                         |   |         |Luck Chain               |  1| 325.0 G
                         |   |         |Protection Amulet        |  1| 455.0 G
                         |   |         |Silver Chain             | 18|  49.4 G
                         |   |         |Jewel Chain              |  4| 104.0 G
                         |   |         |Gold Chain               |  3|  84.5 G
                         |   |         |Chain with Gold          |  9|  58.5 G
                         |   |         |Silver Torque            |  3|  19.5 G
                         |   |         |Gold Torque              |  2|  58.5 G
                         |   |         |Silver Ring              |  5|  15.6 G
                         |   |         |Ring with Gold           |  6|  24.7 G

4.Item Lists
How to use the list: E.g
                       (Weight) (Users)   (Damage) (Price--Cursed & Useless)
Red Sword* {--(Name)   |  2000|T,D,Sb,M      |  2|  (C)U|Str -25,CLO -25
                       |      |              |   |      |Firehail(3/4)
            (Can activate Firehail, 3 Charges maximum & 4 recharges maximum)
~Spells & Missiles~
Spells Available    (*)
Requires Arrows     ({)
Requires Bolts      (-)
Requires Cannisters (=)

Tom     (T),   Rainer (R),   Drirr  (D),    Sira   (S),   Melthas(M),
Siobhan(Sb),   Khunag (K),   Harriet(H),    Joe    (J),

~Attributes~               ~Skill Bonus & Tax~               ~Prices~
Strength        (Str)      Close Ranged Combat  (CLO)        Cursed  (C) 
Stamina         (Sta)      Long Ranged Combat   (LON)        Useless (U)
Speed           (Spd)      Lock-picking        (Lock)        Vital   (V)
Luck           (Luck)      Critical Hit         (CRI)        Unknown (-)
Dexterity       (Dex)
Intelligence    (Int)      ~LP-max & SP-max~                 ~Others~
Magic-Talent    (M-T)      Max Life Point   (LP)             Protection  (Pro)
Magic-Resistance(M-R)      Max Spell Point  (SP)             Damage      (Dmg)

---------------------------a)Close-Ranged Weapons------------------------------
Type: Close Ranged Weapon
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Dmg|Price |Modifiers/Spells
Iskai Knife           |   100|All           |  1|   5.4|
Knife                 |   300|All           |  1|   0.8|
Iskai Dagger          |   150|All           |  2|   6.6|
Short Dagger          |   300|All           |  2|   1.0|
Red Sword*            |  2000|T,D,Sb,M      |  2|  (C)U|Str -25,CLO -25
                      |      |              |   |      |Firehail(3/4) 
Big Iskai Dagger      |   260|D,S           |  3|   3.3|
Stab                  |   300|All           |  3|   6.6|
Dagger                |   400|All           |  3|   2.0|
Kitchen Knife         |   120|All           |  4|   0.8|
Iskai Stiletto        |   380|D,S           |  4|   7.9|
Large Dagger          |   550|All           |  4|   2.9|
Iskai Short Stiletto  |   300|D,S           |  5|  25.0|
Small Axe             |  3000|All           |  5|  20.8|
Double Stab           |   200|All           |  6|   7.8|
Fine Iskai Dagger*    |   450|D,S           |  6|     V|Str +10,CLO +10
                      |      |              |   |      |Sleep Spores(12/15)
Iskai Short-Sword     |   800|D,S           |  6|  18.3|
Short-Sword           |  1200|All           |  6|  10.0|
Flame Bite*           |   400|All           |  7| 150.0|Fireball(20/20)
Bradir's Stiletto*    |   420|D,S           |  7| 208.3|CLO +8
                      |      |              |   |      |Frost Crystal(15/15)
Big Iskai Stiletto    |   850|D             |  7|  56.6|
Crystal Dagger(Green)*|   250|All           |  8| 125.0|Lightning Strike(8/8)
Iskai Sword           |  1100|All           |  8|  53.3|
Heavy Short-Sword     |  1800|All except D,S|  8|  10.0|
Sword                 |  2300|All           |  8|  37.5|
Small Battle-Axe      |  2500|All except D,S|  8|  66.6|CLO -2
Decorative Sword      |  2200|All except D,S|  9|  65.0|
Axe                   |  4500|T,D,M,J,Sb    |  9|  70.8|CLO -5
Sun Dagger*           |   800|All           | 10| 533.3|CRI +2
                      |      |              |   |      |Blinding Ray(12/12)
Big Iskai Saber       |  1500|D             | 10| 116.6|CLO -3
Battle-Axe            |  5500|D,Sb          | 11| 183.3|CLO -7
Two-Hander(2-H)       |  7000|All           | 11| 150.0|CLO -5
Crystal Dagger(Orange)|  1200|All           | 12|  (C)U|Str -20,CLO -30
Lugh's Dagger         |  3200|All           | 12| 750.0|Pro +4,Str +10,CLO +15
Long-Sword            |  5000|T,D,Sb,M      | 12| 358.3|CLO -10
Big Iskai Sword       |  1800|D             | 13| 341.6|CLO -4
Iskai Long-Sword      |  2100|D             | 13| 316.6|CLO -5
Big Battle-Axe        |  6800|T,D,Sb        | 13| 325.0|CLO -10
Fireblade*            |  1800|All except D,S| 14|1041.6|Thunderbolt(15/10)
Frostbringer*         |  2400|All except D,S| 14| 725.0|Frost Splinter(50/15)
Danu's Light*         |  2500|All           | 14|1875.0|LP +10,Spd +20,CLO +15
                      |      |              |   |      |Pro +5 
                      |      |              |   |      |Lifebringer(10/10)
Shock Staff           |   500|All           | 14|     -|
Double Battle-Axe(2-H)| 12200|Sb            | 15| 583.3|CLO -15
Blue Dagger           |  1500|All           | 16|  (C)U|SP -30,M-T -50
Battle-Club           |  5800|Sb            | 17| 916.6|CLO -15
Iskai Lance(2-H)      |  2500|D             | 18| 625.0|CLO -6
Battle-Hammer         | 12000|Sb            | 20|1666.6|CLO -20
Shadowsword*          |  1500|All           | 25| 250.0|LP -30,Sta -50,Lock -30
                      |      |              |   |      |Steal Life(30/20)
Gaze of Kamulos(2-H)* |   500|All except D,S| 26|2500.0|Kamulos's Gaze(6/5)

----------------------------b)Long-Ranged Weapons------------------------------
Type: Long Ranged Weapon
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Dmg|Price |Modifiers
Stone                 |   200|All           |  2|     U|
Poison Stone          |   200|All           |  5|     U|
Throwing Dagger       |   300|All           |  5|   4.1|
Small Bow({)          |   800|All           |  5|  26.6|
Bow({)                |  1200|All but K,J,H |  8|  66.6|
Mini Bolt-Thrower(-)  |   400|All           | 10| 133.3|LON +10
Longbow({)            |  1600|T,D,Sb,S      | 11| 283.3|
Crystal Throwing Axe  |  1200|All           | 12|1250.0|
Bolt-Thrower(-)       |  1000|All           | 14| 516.6|LON +15
Bolt-Rifle(-)         |  3500|All           | 18|2333.3|LON +20
Pistol(=)             |  2600|T,R,J         | 30|     U|LON +60
Heavy Firearm(=)      |  1000|T,R,J         | 40|     -|LON +80
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Dmg|Price |Ammo Category
Cannister             |    10|All           |  0|   6.6|Cannister
Arrow(Vertical)       |    50|All           |  0|   0.5|Arrow
Bolt                  |    80|All           |  0|   2.1|Bolt
Arrow(Horizontal)     |    60|All           |  1|   0.6|Arrow
Long Arrow            |    80|All           |  3|   1.0|Arrow
Large Arrow           |    50|All           |  4|   0.5|Arrow
Poison Bolt           |    80|All           |  4|   6.6|Bolt

Type: Normal(Clothes & Overall)/Armour
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Pro|Price |Modifiers
Clothes               |  1000|All but D,S   |  1|   2.0|
Overall               |  1100|All but D,S   |  1|   2.9|
Iskai Chest-Plate     |   800|D,S           |  2|  33.3|
Leather Vest          |  1800|All but D,S   |  3|  36.6|
Iskai Metal Plate     |  1200|D             |  4|  54.1|
Leather Armor         |  2600|All but D,S   |  5|  71.6|
Light Iskai Armor     |  2100|D             |  6| 125.0|CLO -2
Studded Leather       |  3500|All but D,S   |  7| 158.3|
Iskai Armor           |  3800|D             |  8| 433.3|CLO -4
Light Chainmail       |  6500|All but D,S   |  9| 208.3|CLO -3,LON -3
Heavy Chainmail       | 12500|All but D,S   | 11| 566.6|CLO -6,LON -5

Type:Magical Item(Serpent Staff)/Shield
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Pro|Price |Modifiers/Spells
Small Iskai Shield    |   300|D,S           |  3|  15.8|
Small Leather Shield  |  1500|All but D,S   |  3|  19.1|
Iskai Shield          |   900|D             |  4|  41.6|CLO -3
Leather Shield        |  1800|All but D,S   |  5|  34.1|
Round Shield          |  2200|All but D,S   |  6|  51.6|
Big Iskai Shield      |  1400|D             |  7| 208.3|CLO -5
Big Shield            |  4500|All but D,S   |  8| 208.3|CLO -3
Serpent Staff*        |   500|S,M,H,K       | 10| 150.0|LP +10,SP +25     
Can equip W 2-H weapon|      |              |   |      |Regeneration(10/15)
Framed Shield         |  5200|All but D,S   | 10| 350.0|CLO -6
Dreamshield*          |  2500|All           | 12| 625.0|Sleep Spores(20/20)
Metal Shield          |  6800|All but D,S   | 12| 708.3|CLO -8

Name                  |Weight|Users         |Pro|Price |Modifiers
Leather Cap           |   900|All but D,S   |  2|  11.6|
Iskai Leather Cap     |   370|D,S           |  3|  33.3|
Studded Cap           |  1500|All but D,S   |  4|  35.0|
Iskai Metal Cap       |   600|D,S           |  5|  79.1|
Metal Half-Shell      |  2000|All but D,S   |  6| 183.3|
Iskai Metal Helmet    |  1500|D,S           |  7| 375.0|
Metal Helmet          |  2800|All but D,S   |  8| 316.6|
Helmet with Crystal   |  1900|All           | 15| 250.0|M-R +25
Blackstone Helmet     |  3000|All           | 16|  (C)U|LON -20,CRI -20,CLO -30
                      |      |              |   |      |Str -20
"Lugh's Hand" Helmet  |  2500|All           | 20|1166.6|Luck +35

Type: Shoes
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Pro|Price |Modifiers
Shoes                 |   340|All but D,S   |  1|   1.0|
Iskai Shoes           |   240|D,S           |  2|  11.6|
Boots                 |  1100|All but D,S   |  2|   4.5|

Type:Magical Item(Danu's Collar)/Normal(Strength Amulet)/Valuable(Silver Chain,
Chain with Gold, Jewel Chain, Silver Torque, Gold Torque)/Amulet
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Pro|Price |Modifiers
Danu's Collar         |  1200|M             |  0| 500.0|LP +40,SP +30,Luck +25
Luck Chain            |   170|All but H     |  1| 208.3|Luck +30
Silver Chain          |   300|All but H     |  1|  31.6|
Speed Amulet          |   310|All but H     |  1| 258.3|Spd +30
Chain with Gold       |   350|All but H     |  1|  37.5|
Thief's Amulet        |   350|All but H     |  1| 208.3|Dex +30,Lock +30
Strength Amulet       |   360|All but H     |  1|     V|Str +10
(Give to Tharnos)     |      |              |   |      |
Jewel Chain           |   450|All but H     |  1|  66.6|
Power Amulet          |   500|All but H     |  1| 450.0|LP +25,Str +50
Silver Torque         |   400|All but H     |  2|  12.5|
Gold Torque           |   650|All but H     |  3|  37.5|
Goddess's Amulet      |    50|H             |  8|     V|Luck +15
Protection Amulet     |   380|All but H     | 10| 291.6|M-R +30

Type:Valuable(Silver Ring, Ring with Gold, Gold Ring)/Magical Item
Name(R--right hand)   |Weight|Users         |Pro|Price |Modifiers
Fire-Ring(R)*         |    80|All           |  1| 416.6|Fireball(20/16)
Ring of the Goddess(R)|    80|All           |  3| 291.6|SP +40
Ice Ring(R)*          |    80|All           |  4| 350.0|LP +15
                      |      |              |   |      |Frost Splinter(20/16)
Silver Ring           |    80|All           |  1|  10.0|
Ring with Gold        |    90|All           |  1|  15.8|
Gold Ring             |   100|All           |  1|  20.8|

Type:Specified beside the name
Name                  |Weight|Users         |Price |Effects/Spells
Hammer(Tool)          |  3500|All           |     U|Hammer knives on the floor
Torch(Normal)         |   110|All           |   0.6|Lights up area (~3 h)
Fragrant Water(Normal)|   100|All           |   1.6|Repel biting insects
Light Staff(Torch)    |   300|All           |   2.9|Lights up area (~6 h)
Rope(Tool)            |   450|All           |   3.1|Climb up or down holes
Pickaxe(Tool)         |  1500|All           |   6.6|Break cracked walls
Crystal Staff(Magical |  1600|All           |  83.3|Light(50/5)
Item)*                |      |              |      |
Porenoil              |   250|None          |  10.0|Supposed to prevent     
                      |      |              |      |dehydration. Can't use.

Name                    |Weight|Users|Price |Effects
Stimdrink               |   450|All  |     U|Recovers LP
Green Healing Potion    |   350|All  |   3.7|Recovers 25% LP
Turquiose Healing Potion|   350|All  |   6.6|Recovers 50% LP
Blue Healing Potion     |   350|All  |  16.6|Recovers 75% LP
Red Potion              |   300|All  |   4.2|Restore 20% SP
Purple Potion           |   300|All  |   7.1|Restore 40% SP
Blue Potion             |   300|All  |  13.3|Restore 60% SP
Poison Antidote         |   350|All  |   7.5|Cures "Poison"
Insanity Antidote       |   350|All  |  11.6|Cures "Insane"
Sickness Antidote       |   350|All  |  16.6|Cures "Ill"

---------------------------l)Spell Scrolls & Magic Wares-----------------------
Name       :Trifalai Seed 
Type       :Magical Item
Weight     :5 g
Users      :Sira
Effect     :Used to cast a Iskai/Dji-Kas Spell
Price      :1.2 G

Type       :Spell Scroll
Weight     :100 g
Users      :All 
Name                  |Price |Name                  |Price  |
          *Iskai*            |*Dji-Cantos/Enlightened Ones* |
Light                 |   2.1|Regeneration          |  25.0 |
Blinding Spark        |   7.0|Lifebringer           |  48.3 |
Heal Paralysis        |   8.3|Goddess's Wrath       | 125.0 |
Heal Blindness        |   8.3|------------------------------|
Sleep Spores          |  16.6|      *Kenget Kamulos*        |
Blinding Storm        |  38.3|Lightning Trap        |       |
Frost Avalanche       |  50.0|Remove Trap           |       |
Fungification         |  60.0|Fireball              |   8.3 |
-----------------------------|Steal Life            |   9.1 |
       *Celts/Mahinos*       |Steal Magic           |  10.8 |
Berserk               |   9.1|Thunderbolt           |  29.1 |
Banish Demon          |  12.0|Personal Protection   |  31.6 |
Magic Shield          |  25.0|Big Lightning Mine    |  33.3 |
Banish Demons         |  28.3|Big Lightning Trap    |  35.0 |
Panic                 |  41.6|Thunderstorm          |  64.1 |
Demon Exodus          |  75.0|                      |       |

5.Goddess's Flowers Location
On the Island of Dji Cantos you will find the flowers of the Goddess which will
boost the party leader's stats by 3 if you stand on them for one game hour.They
are  usually blue and glows in the dark,so looking for them at night will be a
good choice. Examine them to confirm before standing on the flowers as some
flowers are decepting.They will recharge after sometime so keep going back to
boost your stats until they run out!

1.Magic Resistance
From the Dji Cantos building, walk right across a small bridge. Walk South-East
until you see a table with a book on it.From that table, walk directly south
and then east when you reach the edge. Head North when you see an alcove with a
clump of flowers glowing.Go stand on those flowers.

From the Dji Cantos building, walk left now and go across the bridge. Head West
then North-West until you reach a large bridge. At the junction, go North and
then east and find the Goddess's flowers near the cliffs.

3.Magic Talent
From the luck flowers, go south from the junction and follow the path south 
until you reach a pavilion. Turn right immediately to the edge till you see a 
fish swimming.Look for the blue Goddess's flowers near the cactus like plant.

From the Magic Talent flowers,rejoin the Southern path and follow it and you 
will cross a bridge. Continue down the path and down a stairs and keep 
following until the path turns East. Now leave the path by going south and you 
will see a large stone in the middle of the way down. Keep going south till you
reach the end of the land where you can see a waterfall. Bingo,the flowers are
right under your feet!

From the strength flowers, head a little North till you see a stone block and a
tree. Turn left and scrutinise carefully. The Goddess flowers are right where 
the edge of the leaves are touching!

Now join back the path going east where you left just now to get your Strength 
flowers. Follow it and you will see a fallen bough. Cross it and head North all
the way until you see flowers between two trees and a fish swimming. There you 
are, the Dexterity flowers.

From the Dji Cantos buiding, walk south and down the stairs. Turn left and walk
to the edge of the piece of land jutting out on the left and find the patch of 
flowers. You can see a waterfall there.

From the Stamina flowers, walk South-East till you see the Bard and the table. 
Head East all the way till the edge where you can see a fish swimming. Look for
the Goddess's flowers there.

There,the location of all 8 flowers. There should only be 8 flowers 
corresponding to each stats.


Tom Driscoll                                    Rainer Hofstedt
Strength    :42/70                              Strength    :28/70
Intelligence:50/90                              Intelligence:76/90
Dexterity   :40/90                              Dexterity   :80/90
Speed       :20/50                              Speed       :11/50
Stamina     :32/65                              Stamina     :35/65
Luck        :10/25                              Luck        :15/25
M-Resistance: 0/20                              M-Resistance:10/20
M-Talent    : 0/ 0                              M-Talent    : 0/ 0

2-Attacks per round :20                         2-Attacks per round :??
3-Attacks per round :30                         3-Attacks per round :??
4-Attacks per round :40                         4-Attacks per round :??

Drirr                                           Sira
Strength    :30/45                              Strength    :39/45
Intelligence:40/90                              Intelligence:55/90
Dexterity   :60/70                              Dexterity   :58/70
Speed       :56/99                              Speed       :59/99
Stamina     :30/50                              Stamina     :35/50
Luck        :20/33                              Luck        : 8/33
M-Resistance: 5/30                              M-Resistance:20/30
M-Talent    : 0/85                              M-Talent    :85/85

2-Attacks per round :10                         2-Attacks per round :16
3-Attacks per round :15                         3-Attacks per round :24  
4-Attacks per round :20                         4-Attacks per round :32

Melthas                                         Siobhan
Strength    :39/90                              Strength    :60/90
Intelligence:60/80                              Intelligence:45/80
Dexterity   :22/70                              Dexterity   :50/70
Speed       :43/50                              Speed       :45/50
Stamina     :43/90                              Stamina     :50/75
Luck        : 5/25                              Luck        :10/25
M-Resistance: 5/40                              M-Resistance: 5/20
M-Talent    :80/99                              M-Talent    : 0/35

2-Attacks per round :40                         2-Attacks per round :??
                                                3-Attacks per round :??
                                                4-Attacks per round :??

Khunag                                          Harriet
Strength    :35/60                              Strength    :35/50  
Intelligence:60/90                              Intelligence:55/99  
Dexterity   :20/40                              Dexterity   :33/60  
Speed       :20/70                              Speed       :42/50  
Stamina     :30/55                              Stamina     :30/55  
Luck        : 5/25                              Luck        :20/25  
M-Resistance:12/40                              M-Resistance:28/55  
M-Talent    :99/99                              M-Talent    :75/99  

2-Attacks per round :18                         2-Attacks per round :25
3-Attacks per round :27                         3-Attacks per round :36
4-Attacks per round :36                         4-Attacks per round :48

Joe Bernard
Strength    :45/70  
Dexterity   :80/90
Speed       :40/50
Stamina     :60/65
Luck        : 8/25
M-Resistance: 0/20
M-Talent    : 0/ 0

2-Attacks per round:??
3-Attacks per round:??
4-Attacks per round:??

Note: Maximum character level is 50.


Tom Driscoll: A pilot from the ship Toronto who is supposed to launch a flight
to investigate the "Nugget", whom the natives call Albion. He is quite Ok in
combat with a maximum of 70 for close-ranged. He is able to use guns which
makes him a good character to use in the last stage. He is the main character
in the game and will never leave the party. He gains multiple attack at high
levels since he levels up the most(because he is always in the party).

Rainer Hofstedt: A Xenobiologist from the government department to regulate the
Toronto expedition. He is really weak and has a low comabt abilities(40 
maximum for both long and short ranged). However, if you let him  use the
Pistol, it will be sufficient to make him a sharpshooter. Totally unskilled in
magic like all characters from the Toronto makes him a good-for-nothing in
fighting but he really have the brains. Lucky for you, he leaves the party in
mid-game to make space for Harriet, who s as useless in combat but at least
have good spells to use. I never train him up high enough to know his level at
which he gains multiple attacks. Don't waste time train him.

Drirr: A Stiriik for the Iskai city of Jirinaar. Joins you in investigation and
will not leave unless you request so. The best fighting character you can ask
for besides Siobhan with 99 for combat abilities. The Iskai's special ability
to wield weapons on their tail makes him the hardest hitting character in early
game. He gains multiple attack very early in level and is an indispensable help
in your party.

Sira: A Dji-Kas mage who left her father's guild(Dji-Fadh) in search of her
interest. She is well versed in Iskai magic which works wonder in combat. Her
unique Frost and Thorn Snare skills render the most horrible creatures helpless
and immobile. Her close-ranged combat is not impressive but at least her long
ranged reaches a maximum of 70 which can be enhance by certain weapons. The
greatest weakness of her is her low defence because of her light armour and
shield. She therefore should perform her spells from the back row coupled with
long ranged attacks. Another drawback will be that Iskai magic require a
Trifalai seed per spell but fortunately the seeds are cheap.

Melthas: A dumb druid witha special ability to communicate through the Iskai's
trii! He and Sira fell in love and will always leave together whenever you want
any one of them to leave. He has high enough combat abilities but the drawback
is you cannot train him anywhere except Jirinaar. Even if you train him, he
gains multiple attacks very very late. However, he compensates this with good
spells ranging from damage, healing, to demon exorcising. His Demon Exodus is
extremely useful on powerful monsters and is the key to raising a character's
level to a maximum of 50 in the late game. He saves you trouble when fighting
Animal 3's who are powerful and critical hits often with his Demon exorcising
spells.(Please note that the dumb here is not scolding him stupid! In fact he
has a high intelligence score.)

Siobhan: The most powerful warior in the game! Being a natural warior, she has
a base damage of 4, almost parallel to the Iskai tail weapon idea. She gains
multiple attacks quickly and has a high strength. Her comabt abilities max out
at 99 , hence being very accurate. She is able to wield heavy weapons with high
damage, but these are normally 2 handed and reduces accuracy. But, when you get
into Kenget Kamulos and grab the 2 handed sword called Gaze of Kamulos, you
will make her into a power house. This sword can only be used by humans, incurs
no penalties and have a power of 26 damage. Only Siobhan's high accuracy can
utilise the power of this sword to its maximum.

Khunag: A magician from the Kenget Kamulos order who seeks revenge on his order
. He will not leave your party before the Kenget Kamulos act and if you ask him
to leave after the Kenget Kamulos act, he will never return. His combat skills
are mediocre but his spells pack more damage then weapons. The drawback is that
it consumes SP and his spells take time to build up. However, you can teach him
Steal Magic which makes his spells sustainable. You have to bring Khunag for
the Kenget Kamulos scenario so it will be a good idea to train him up.

Harriet: A replacement for Rainer and is from the Dji-Cantos order. She helps
to save Albion by joining the party. he will never leave since she is the only
mean of teleporting from one place to another through the use of Goddess's
caves. Her spells are useful too. Her Recuperation removes the need to rest and
consume food and her Lifebringer is a source of good healing. Whats more is her
Goddess's Wrath which destroys all enemies at high proficiency. The drawback is
the large SP consumed. She is weak in combat and hence exist only for the
purpose of casting spells.

Joe Bernard: A technician from Toronto. You get him very late in the game right
before the last stage and will have plenty of levelling to catch up with. You
have to sacrifice a charater to make space for him. His benefits include the
ability to wield guns so that he and Tom will have a good time firing away on
the Toronto when the guards drop the guns and ammo. Another benefit is that he
is good at electrics and will not be hurt when doing such jobs. Furthurmore, in
one scene on the Toronto, he can repair broken electrics to allow a shorter and
easier way to the reactor room. If you did not take him along, you will have to
fight waves and waves of robots to force a way through(Its no joke, the robots
are tough and there are many of them around!).

7.Magic List
Proficiency is the level of mastery of the spell. This is shown by the bar
beside the spell's name in the magic list. If the length of light is longer,
the level of proficency is longer. At maximum length, maximum proficiency is
reached and no more advancement can be made. Proficiency is linked to the
ability of some monster to deflect the spell. The higher the proficiency, the
less likely the spell will be deflected. Furthurmore, some spells have varying
effect depending on level of proficiency.

Name(I-Item only)  |lvl|SP |Proficiency      |Effect
Blinding Spark     |  3|  5|-                |Blinds an enemy.
Blinding Ray       |  5|  8|-                |Blinds a row of enemies.
Blinding Storm     | 10| 12|-                |Blinds all enemies.
Frost Splinter     |  4| 14|Dmg,Turns freezed|Freezes one enemy.
Frost Crystal      |  7| 20|Dmg,Turns freezed|Freezes a row of enemies.
Frost Avalanche    |  9| 30|Dmg,Turns freezed|Freezes all enemies.
Fungification      | 15| 24|Dmg              |Cause damage, can fade enemy away
                   |   |   |-                |if heavily damaged.
Hurry              | 10| 12|Turns in effect  |Double no of character's attacks
Heal Blindness     |  5|  7|-                |Cures "Blinded"
Heal Intoxication  |  5|  7|-                |Cures "Intoxicated"
Heal Poisoning     |  5|  7|-                |Cures "Poisoned"
Light              |  3|  4|Hours in effect  |Lights up a dark dungeon/cave.
Light Healing      |  3|  5|LP recovered     |Recovers character's LP.
Remove Trap        |  8|  3|-                |Remove trap on a tactical square. 
Sleep Spores       |  4|  6|-                |Causes an enemy to fall asleep 
                   |   |   |                 |until awakened by attacks.
Thorn Trap         |  8|  8|Dmg              |Set a trap on a tactical square.
Thorn Snare        | 12| 16|-                |Trap one enemy,making it unable 
                   |   |   |                 |move,attack or cast spells.
View Of Life       |  4|  5|-                |See LP of all enemies.

Goddess's Wrath    | 22|160|Number destroyed |Destroys enemies.
Healing            |  6| 20|LP recovered     |Recovers a character's LP.
Irritation         |  8| 18|-                |Prevent spell from be cast.
Lifebringer        | 13| 60|LP recovered     |Recovers every character's LP.
Map View           |  5|  8|NPC details      |Shows details of 3D dungeon map.
Quick Withdrawal   |  5| 15|-                |Everyone withdraws from combat.
Recuperation       |  4| 10|LP & SP recovered|Rest without sleeping & food.
Regeneration       |  6| 30|LP recovered     |Heals LP & conditions
Teleport           | 10| 12|-                |Teleport a character to a square
                   |   |   |                 |in last 2 rows.

Banish Demon       | 10| 20|-                |Destroy one demon(Animal, Plague,
                   |   |   |                 |Fear or Storm 1,2,3).
Banish Demons      | 15| 45|-                |Destroy one row of demons.
Berserk            |  7| 12|Turns in effect, |Reduce LP by 20% to increase 
                   |   |   |stat bonus       |combat stats(Str,LON,CLO,CRI).
Boasting           |  4| 15|-                |Strike fear in one enemy, causing
                   |   |   |                 |it to flee.
Demon Exodus       | 20| 70|-                |Destroy all demons.
Healing            |  5| 10|LP recovered     |Recovers a character's LP.
Magic Shield       |  8| 25|% increase, hours|Increase M-R and Pro by %.
Panic              | 12| 32|-                |Strike fear a row of enemies.
Shock              |  8| 25|-                |Strike fear in all enemies.
Small Fireball     |  5|  6|Dmg              |Deals damage.

*Kenget Kamulos*
Big Lightning Mine |   | 35|Dmg              |Place mines in a row.
Big Lightning Trap |   | 55|Dmg              |Place traps in a row.
Fire Hail(I)       |  -|  -|-                |Deals damage to all enemies.
Fire Rain          |   | 14|Dmg              |Deals damage to a row of enemies.
Fireball           |   |  6|Dmg              |Deals dmg to an enemy.
Kamulos's Gaze(I)  |  -|  -|-                |Destroy an enemy.
Steal Life         |   | 15|LP stole         |Steal LP from an enemy.
Lightning Mine     |   | 35|Dmg              |Place a mine on a square.
Lightning Strike   |   | 10|Dmg              |Deals damage to an enemy.
Lightning Trap     |   | 20|Dmg              |Place a trap on a square.
Steal Magic        |   | 15|SP stole         |Steal SP from an enemy.
Personal Protection|   | 35|% increase, hours|Increase M-R and Pro by %(self).
Remove Trap        |   | 12|-                |Remove trap on a tactical square.
Thunderbolt        |   | 22|Dmg              |Damage a row of enemies.
Thunderstorm       |   | 35|Dmg              |Damage all enemies.
Note: Boasting, Panic & Shock's effectiveness depend largely on the damage
already sustained by the enemies.

8.Tips & Tricks

~Secret Weapon~
Searching Inspector Beegle's room should yield some Catridges. Hmm, what good
does these do? Well, you can get a Pistol and more Catridges from the COM room
where the explosion took place. Do not get past the security guards with the
weapon though. They will confiscate it.


~Unlimited Cash!~
Find Rejira in the Dji-Kas guild and talk to her. End the conversation and she
will sometimes give a Blue Healing Potion to you. Sell this at Rabir or best at
Umajo for great cash.

~Statistics Bonus~
Go to the Old Former Building and walk in a straight line from one rainbow bush
to another in the room with floor which glows with each step. Enter the opening
to find 2 Goddess's light and break a wall for the last one. They boosts Speed
,Stamina & Strength respectively by 10!

~Magic Training~
Train your non-combat spells by sleeping in the cities. Then go outside and use
all your SP in the nearest battle before going back to rest in the inn. Works
for all spell casters and is an extremely fast way to build up spells.


Kill bandits in the mountain pass for good items which sells good. Good for
boosting cash flows to buy Rifrako's stuffs.

~Cheap identifying~
Find Arjano's artificer Torko who will identify your items cheaply. Save your
game to find out what you want and then load. Else just use the item guide here

~Preventing the Assasination~
To make the process shorter do the following:
1. Speak to Herras in the council.
2. Talk to Kariah and ask "Yes" and "Information".
3. Go to Kounos and find Melthas's friend and Kounos. Take the document part 1.
4. Go to Srimalinar and buy Edjiir's information. Then speak to Arrim.
5. When you are asked to find Melthas's friend again, go back to Herras instead
   and ask him "Assasination".
6. Find Melthas's friend.
7. Find Herras again and get your reward.
8. Go to Srimalinar and find Edjiir for document part 2.
9. Go to the Iskai shrine, enter it and go down the stairs.
10. Come back up and slay Kuonos.

~Secret Treasures~
A treasure map can be bought from the drunk called Aurino in the inn after the
assasination. Otherwise find the reference in the walkthrough. Similarly there
is another treasure cave below the cliffs of Kounos near the waterfall. Refer]
to the relevant walkthrough. Don't miss this one because it is pulsating with


~Goddess's Flowers~
There are Goddess's Flowers on the island which will boosts your statistics.
Refer to the entire section on the Goddess's Flowers for more information.

*Kenget Kamulos*

~Easy Money~
Get into the unlimited battles in Kenget Kamulos and get as many Bolt-Thrower
as possible. Sell them at Umajo for great money! See the walkthrough for more


~Easy Experience Gaining~
In the Equipment Maker's cellar, there is a room with a blue floor plate.
Stepping on it will summon a group of 16 Animal 3s. Use Melthas's Demon Exodus
nearing full power for easy experience.

~Secret Staff~
Serpent Staff is a good shield which can be equiped along with 2 handed weapons
. It is found in the room with the blue floor plate which summons Animal 3s.
Go through the illusion wall on the West to access the secret room with the


~Utilising your firepower~
If you don't have Joe, you will need to fight waves after waves of service
Robots. Feel free to use your guns against them. Similarly, start using your
catridges after you get them since you would not need them for the final boss
and you will never be able to finish spending them once you kill the A.I bodies
--they drop a lot of catridge.

~Killing the freak~
The A.I Housing is an absurbly powerful foe. If you use Thorn Snare on it, you
will be able to stop it from attacking. It will however be faster and hopefully
will not kill Sira before she can cast the spell. Now, it is time to try to
bring him down. Frost spells and Death spells fail against it so don't bother.
Weapons don't hurt it. The only thing that do are spells like Small fireball,
Fungification etc. Unfortunately, these spells do 1 damage. You have to deal
4500 damage to kill it! Bah, just escape from battle if you can't take it and
now end the game in its correct way.

*General Tips*

~Map & 3D Navigation~
Did you know TAB is a shortcut to your map as well as ALT for strafe? Well, if
you don't know that checkpoints provide instant teleportation to a location,
you will be wasting time walking around in towns.

~Cheapest Magic Learning~
Sira   : Fasiir in the Dji-Kas guild teaches free spells.
Melthas: Buy spell scrolls in the library of Arjano.
Harriet: Drannagh in the Dji-Cantos building teaches for free.
Khunag : Pick up free spells in the Kenget Kamulos.

~Day & Night~
Do not go out of town to explore near nightfall. Do so early in the morning so
you would not be caught in the cover of darkness. If you left town very early,
you can take a rest by night time and need not wait pointlessly for dawn to

~Monster Slaying~
For monsters escaping, don't try to kill them or pursue them. Escaping monsters
also yield experience. However, if you want items, then kill the monsters.

~Critical Hit?~
Critical hit cost 950.0 G per point so you might be deterred by the price. But,
considering your most accurate characters like Drirr, Tom & Melthas (Sira had
her maximum score), you would be able to make the most use out of critical hit.
It saves me much time when killing the waves of service Robots in Toronto.

~Gold or items?~
0.1 gold weighs 2 g. In this way, 1000.0 G weighs 20 Kg! So plan your inventory
carefully and decide whether you want to carry gold, or other portable forms of
inventory etc Iskai Lance from Jirinaar as a store of value then sell it at
Riolea for a higher price to change it back to money.

9.Monster List
Name        |Exp   |LP |Hits|Items
Skrinn 1    | 39.00|  8|   2|- 
Skrinn 2    | 60.60|   |   3|- 
Krondir 1   |180.00| 32|   1|Meat, Krondir Trii
Krondir 2   |      | 75|   2|Meat, Krondir Trii
Warniak 1   | 60.00| 15|   2|Small Warniak Sphere
Warniak 2   | 66.00| 28|   3|Small Warniak Sphere
Warniak 3   |      | 45|   4|Large Warniak Sphere
Animal 1    |      |   |    |-
Animal 2    |279.00|100|   2|-
Animal 3    |357.00|125|   2|-
Fear 1      |      |   |    |-
Fear 2      |150.00| 75|   2|-
Fear 3      |      |100|    |-
Plague 1    |      | 25|   1|-
Plague 2    |      | 55|   1|-
Plague 3    |      |   |    |-
Storm 1     |      |   |    |-
Storm 2     |      |   |    |-
Storm 3     |      |   |    |-
Rinrii 1    |      |   |    |-
Rinrii 2    |      |   |    |-
Rinrii 3    |      |   |    |-
Bandit 1    |      |   |    |
Bandit 2    |      |   |    |
Bandit 3    |      |   |    |
Sand Diver 2|      |   |    |-
Sand Diver 3|      |   |    |-
Kizz 1      |      |   |    |-
Kizz 2      |      |   |   2|-
Kizz 3      |174.50|   |   2|-
Kritah 1    |      | 50|    |-
Kritah 2    |      |   |    |-
Kritah 3    |      |   |    |-
Brogg 1     |      |   |    |Some Stone
Brogg 2     |      |   |    |Some Stone
Brogg 3     |149.25| 60|   2|Some Poison Stone
Kledo Kamu 1|134.40| 60|   1|Sword, Leather Armor,Round Shield, 2 Ration, 2.5 G
Kledo Kamu 2|223.20| 80|   2|Long-Sword, Leather Armor, Boots, 6 Throwing
            |      |   |    |Dagger, 2 Ration, 2.5 G
Kledo Kamu 3|314.40|100|   2|Bolt-Thrower,some Bolt, Studded Leather, Double
            |      |   |    |Battle-Axe, 2 Ration, 2.5 G
Magician 1  |144.00| 80|   1|Dagger, Clothes, Shoes, 1 Ration, 2.0 G 
Magician 2  |224.00|120|   1|Dagger, Clothes, Shoes, 1 Ration, 2.5 G
Magician 3  |300.00|155|   1|Large Dagger, Leather Armor, Shoes, 4 Ration,4.0 G
Secu 1      |      |   |    |Shock Staff, Overall, Shoes
Secu 2      |      |   |    |Pistol, Overall, Shoes, 13 Catridge
AI Body 1   |252.00|100|   1|Pistol, Overall, Shoes, }10 Catridge
AI Body 2   |396.00|160|   2|Heavy Firearm, Overall, Shoes, }10 Catridge 
Servce Robot|174.00|   |   1|-

Skrinn 1: Fast and accurate in early game. Turns into harmless kitties once you
get Drirr and some good armors.

Skrinn 2: Even faster and tends to tear your items oftenly. Higher level armors
stop them from hurting you.

Krondir 1: One hit can easily knock you out in early game. Tends to diminish in
power after Drirr get multiple hits which kill these beasts before they can hit

Krondir 2: A late game monster with good poweful slashs. Can critical hit you.
They will no longer be a threat after you lay your hands on powerful weapons
such as Shadowsword.

Warniak 1: The Warniak families tend to cause status ailment. This guy is slow
and easily surpassed by your character's speed with the speed bonus in the
formers' building.

Warniak 2: Faster than its previous version and cause status more often.

Warniak 3: This guy is annoying because of its high speed and multiple hits.

Animal 1: Hard hitter and can critical like all its family members. Its power
is easily surpassed by Animal 2 and 3 because of its low LP and speed which
will eventually be overcomed. Its magic resistance is low and susceptible to
Frost and Banish spells.

Animal 2: An upgrade of the previous. High speed can still be overcomed and
its magic resistance can be offset by middle proficiency of spells.

Animal 3: Indisputedly the fastest monster and no character gets to hit before
it do. Tends to kill easily through critical hits. Only way to survive is Frost
, Thorn  and Banish spells.

Fear 1: The Fear family can cast spells in addition to its attack. They use
Boasting to force a character to escape or range with Small Fireball. Good
attack but slow.

Fear 2: Faster but still susceptible to spells.

Fear 3: The fastest among its family and has a good magic resistance. Hard
hitting and critical enabled.

Plague 1: Can cause Irritation and Sickness. Its low SP means a good ranger can
easily take out this guy.

Plague 2: Like all Plagues, its low SP makes the job easy. However, it can use
Plague breeze and Poison Breeze!

Plague 3: Upgraded with critical abilities. Similarly annoying in terms of
status causing breaths.

Storm 1: Slow and innocuous among its family. Can use Thunder spell.

Storm 2: Fast and casts Thunderbolt. Damaging to weak characters.

Storm 3: Extremely fast and always tend to cast Thunderstorm before any one
can fall it.

Rinrii 1: Timid but deals heavy damage. Runs away once any companion is fallen.

Rinrii 2: Same as Rinrii 1 and hits harder.

Rinrii 3: Can critical hit but still a timid monster.

Bandit 1: A good source of money. It is dangerous to the unarmoured though.    

Bandit 2: Stronger than Bandit 1 and requires Frost spell to keep it in check.

Bandit 3: Deadly to all characters. Hard to defeat when accompanied by other
Sand Diver 2: Fast and ranges with Stones.

Sand Diver 3: Faster and ranges with Poison Stones. Even Sira with Thief's
Amulet cannot pre-empt it.

Kizz 1: All Kizz have extremely high magic resistance.

Kizz 2: Powerful and often appear in numbers.

Kizz 3: Deadliest due to its high evasion and LP.
Kritah 1: Useless little creatures which are easy to kill. Runs away after
several of its companion are dead.

Kritah 2: More powerful but still an easy kill.

Kritah 3: Hits hardest and has a high SP.

Brogg 1: Broggs normally ranges from afar but are capable of close ranged
attacks with claws.

Brogg 2: Dangerous for weak characters hiding behind.

Brogg 3: Very dangerous due to it high power and multiple attacks.

Kledo Kamulos 1: Weak and attacks with close ranged weapons. Easily defended by
powerful front row characters.

Kledo Kamulos 2: Can use Throwing Daggers which makes it a threat to back row

Kledo Kamulos 3: Can range with a Bolt-Thrower and is a menace to low defence

Magician 1: Uses Fireball oftenly but can cast Lightning Strike.

Magician 2: Uses Lightning Strike, Thunderbolt & Fire Rain. Luckily, he does
this less often.

Magician 3: Can cast Steal Magic, Thunderbolt & Firehail. However he changes
posittion often enough to waste his turns.

Secu 1: Can be deadly if attacking in swarms but a simple Frost Avalanche can
get them all.

Secu 2: Fires away with a Pistol and is dangerous.

AI Body 1: Uses Pistol too and can knock out unaware characters.

AI Body 2: Uses Heavy Firearm and do not underestimates its power.

Service Robot: Attacks with an electric shock which can be very damaging. Its
high SP makes it a long process trying to kill it. I would rather use Goddess's
Wrath on them or try to critcal hit them.

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