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   I recently played 'Betrayal at Krondor' from Dynamix. It *knocked* me out !
What a great masterpiece ! But in this game You must disturbingly often solve
puzzles (Moredhel Wordlocks) to aquire some needful stuff. I hereby decided to
give a full solution for all those puzzles (I sure hope it is complete).
I won't spoil Your fighting.  :-)

So here it is :

DAY NIGHT   The light one breaks but never falls.
             His brother falls but never breaks.
HANGMAN     Swollag, the famous moredhel craftsman,
             guarantees his work until the end of time.
FIRE        The chill of its death, You may soon mourn. But though it dies,
             It cannot be born.
RAIN        You see it about in field and town, It cannot get up,
             But will oft fall down.
THE DEAD    They feel no pain, No sorrow, no greed. They have no anger,
             No hatred, nor need.
SMOKE       Though easy to spot, when allowed to plume, It is hard to see,
             When held in a room.
EYES        Be you ever so quick, With vision keen, By your eyes, We are
             never seen. Unless, perchance, It should come to pass, You see our
             reflection, In a looking glass.
RING        A precious gift, this, Yet it has no end or beginning,
             And in the middle, nothing.
SHADOW      Silently he stalks me, Running as I run, Creeping as I creep.
             Dressed in black, He disappears at night, Only to return with
             the sun.
GLOVES      Buckets, barrels, baskets, cans;
             What must you fill with empty hands?
ARROW       It flies without wings, Strikes without beak, teeth, or talons.
             It has no eyes in its pointed head,
             but it can kill birds in flight.
STAIRS      Up and down they go, but never move...
CANDLE      He gets short when he gets old. He goes out then it gets cold.
WIND        The strongest chains will not bind it, ditch and rampart will not
             slow it down. A thousand soldiers cannot beat it,
             it can knock down trees with a single push.
BLOOD       Moredhel brothers, make it rain, Kingdom rivers, crimson pain!
RIVER       An untiring servant it is, carrying loads across muddy earth.
             But one thing that cannot be forced,
             is a return to the place of its birth.
SWORD       With sharp edged wit, And pointed poise, It can settle disputes,
             Without a noise.
ICE         Power enough to smash ships and crush roofs.
             Yet it still must fear the sun.
ALCOHOL     Today he is there to trip you up, And he will torture you tomorrow.
             Yet he is also there to ease the pain,
             When you are lost in grief and sorrow.
DELEKHAN    Death to our Enemies! no Living adversary shall
             Escape the new King of these isles.
             He will lead usto glory And provide Newlands for our people!
TREASURE    Moredhel And Pantathian, Guarding Our Lid,
             Did Close Her Ever So Tightly.
HOLE        It can hold you, But you cannot hold it. And the more you remove,
             The bigger it will get.
RUST        It can pierce the best armor, And make swords crumble with a rub.
             Yet for all its power, It can't harm a club.
VICTORY     With this one thing alone, you will have defeated
             even the strongest foe.
EYE TO EYE  Three fools did once sacrifice, To win a contest long ago.
             Dobe Oyle, a Kingdom lad, gave his blood to start.
             A goblin man, Ethorat, hacked out his dying heart.
             Sou Oyle, Dobe's sister, won, she cast away her soul.
THORN       He got it in the woods and brought it home in his hand because
             he couldn't find it. The more he looked for it the more he
             felt it. When he finally found it he threw it away.
HOLES       A barrel of rainwater weighs twenty pounds.
             What must you add to make it weigh fifteen?
HAIR        Kingdom fools are born without, A lot of this, there is no doubt.
EGGS        They go up white, but come down yellow and white.
NOTHING     We love it more than life. We fear it more than death.
             The wealthy want for it. The poor have it in plenty.
KNOCKER     It asks no questions, but demands many answers. Don't knock it until
             you are ready to see what waits on the other side.
CHEST       At last you may solve this.
MILK        You can spin, wheel and twist. But it can turn without moving.
BARD        Who works when he plays, and plays when he works?
DIE         Prince Arutha, from his lofty perch, Will find our troops without
             a search. His men will fall, his castle too,
             And then what will Prince Arutha do?
SILENCE     Names give power. Magic to control. But what is broken,
             by naming it?
WRONG       The language of men, can be mastered.
             But what Kingdom word is always pronounced wrong?
CARDS       Brought to the table. Cut and served. Never eaten.
PEACE       Widows and orphans, Parents and kin.
             This is disturbed most by riots and war.
SHADOW      It can move over water, But cannot fly.
             It can move under water, But stay quite dry.
WAGON       Has tongue, But cannot talk. Runs, But cannot walk.
SAWS        We don't need wine, We don't need meat.
             We have sharp teeth, But cannot eat.
TABLE       It stands while others sit. It groans when it is too full.
             It has four legs, but cannot run.
WALL        It goes past gates, but asks no one's leave.
             It runs clear around castles, without taking a step.
SUNSHINE    Never resting, never still. Moving silently, hill to hill.
             It does not walk, run or trot, All is cool where it is not.
NAME        Passed from father to son, And shared between brothers.
             Its importance is unquestioned, Though it is used more by others.
NOISE       What goes with a wagon that doesn't benefit the wagon,
             but the wagon cannot move without?
COFFIN      The one who made it, didn't want it. The one who bought it,
             didn't need it. The one who used it, never saw it.
COLTS       What has a mare, That the cow has not?
OUTSIDE     This side of a wolfhound has the most hair.
CANDLE      Its orange eye blinks. The burning tears flow.
             But what its sorrow is, None may ever know.
BARROW      Two legs it has, And this will confound:
             Only at rest, Do they touch the ground.
ONION       She has tasteful friends And tasteless enemies. Tears are
             often shed on her behalf, Yet never has she broken a heart.
SPIDER      In all the world, none can compare, To this tiny weaver,
             his deadly cloth So silky and fair.
BREATH      You can see it in winter, never in summer. Even though it is
             as light as a feather, the mightiest moredhelin the North
             can't hold it for long.
YESTERDAY   Every creature in the world has seen it.
             But to their dying day they'll never see the same one again.
BOTTLE      Kingdom soldiers will look like it, When the headsman gives them
             a lop. For then, like it, they'll have a neck,
             But not a head on top.
GAUNTLET    What is the thing with fingers long,
             That grips our deadly swords so strong?
HORSEMAN    Six legs, two heads, two hands, one long nose.
             Yet he uses only four legs wherever he goes.
COALS       Black when bought. Red when used. Grey when thrown away.
SECRET      It is too much for one. Two it is meant for.
             But it no longer exists, When the two become more.
FUTURE      It never was before. It is not now. Fools wait for it forever.
THOUGHT     What ranges far and cannot be confined, yet stays in one spot?
             The correct one will open this chest.
PADDLE      Held firmly in the hands, Like a sword it cuts deep.
             Bloodless strokes, all, Then forward we leap.
SNAIL       Bloodless and boneless it travels about. Yet it never leaves home.
BELL        You hear it speak, For it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe,
             For it has not a lung.
SHOE        Has a tongue, But never talks. Has no legs, But sometimes walks.
STOVE       You seek it out, When your hunger's ripe.
             It sits on four legs, And smokes a pipe.
MATTRESS    Has feathers but can't fly. Rests on legs but can't walk.
SQUARE      One pace to the North. Two paces to the East. Two paces
             to the South. Two paces to the West. One pace to the North.
SNOWFLAKE   It flies without wings, Drops without fear, But held in warm hands,
             It will soon disappear.
FLEAS       When they are caught, They are thrown away.
             When they escape, You itch all day.
THISTLE     He stands beside the road in a purple cap and tattered green cloak.
             Those who touch him, curse him.
BROOM       All about the house, With his Lady he dances.
             Yet he always works, And never romances.
PATH        All across the countryside, to front doors he travels.
             But you never invite him in.
KEY         Axes and swords, Will not help you through. Yet it and a little
             push will do. Some in the road would have fought and soon died,
             Were it not close at hand, to let them inside.
SURF        Pounds all day, Beats all night, Never rests.
WATERFALL   This old one runs forever, But never moves at all.
             He has not lungs, nor throat, Still, a mighty roaring call.
DICE        You can count on them, though some would rather curse them.
             You can speak dear to them, though well all know 'tis just in vain.
LOGS        They have not lips nor tongues, Yet lead them green to the pit,
             And as they die you will hear, Them sputter, hiss and spit.
FARRIER     There is a shoemaker in the dell.
             Makes his shoes with steel and nail. Although his goods last
             right well, Folks need two pair, without fail.
BRIDGE      When it is stout, People gladly tread. When it is thin,
             People walk in dread.
MIRROR      Look in my face, I am somebody. Look at my back, I am nobody.
SNARES      The bones of the dead, Can be used to trap the living.
TROLLS      Say away fom these hideus beasts, they kil our females and chidrens.
BOOK        It is a journey whose path depends,
             on another's vision of where it ends.
BLADE       Blessed are the first. Slow are the second. Playful are the third.
             Bold are the fourth. Brave are the fifth.
ASHES       After the final fire, the winds will blow. And these,
             which are already dead, will cover the ones who have yet to die.
ORANGE      Men seize it from its home, tear apart its flesh,
             drink the sweet blood, then cast its skin aside.
ICICLE      You see me oft, In woods and town.
             With my roots above, I must grow down.
GRAVE       A strange earthen house, That brings nought but disdain.
             And yet those who stay there, Never do complain.
EYES        Twins on either side of a ridge that smells.
             They shall never see each other directly.
RAIN        With flashing sword and booming cry,
             With darkness staining land and sky,The army comes,
             prepared to die. Soldiers fall in glistening dress,
             As battles are joined without egress,
             Save comfort in the earth's caress.
STARS       The wheel is steered,Despite the night.
             They prefer our lead,More than the light.
SADDLE      When it is down, It is lower than a horse's belly.
             When it is up, It is higher than a horse's back.
SPONGE      Holes at the top. Holes at the bottom.
             Holes in the middle. But still it holds water.
BRIARS      Claws like a cat, Crooked as a snake's hiss.
             Patch together your guesses, You won't guess this.
SIEVE       Round as an apple, Deep as a cup,
             All the Bitter Sea, Can't fill it up.
DRUM        Although my cow is dead, I continue to beat her.
             What a racket she makes!
BUTTON      Flat as a leaf, Round as a ring,
             Has two eyes, But can't see a thing.
TRADE MARES Two brothers wanted to race a course, To see which had the slowest
             horse. Since neither wanted to spur his mare,
             What must they do to make it fair?
WALNUT      A box beneath a tree, Inside some tasty meat.
             Kept for a month or more, It still tastes just as sweet.
PIPE        Its tail is round and hollow, Seems to get chewed a bit,
             But you'll rarely see this thing, Unless the other end is lit.
DOOR        It doesn't live within a house, Nor does it live without.
             Most will use it when they come in, And again when they go out.
STAKE       Although lower than a fence, And thinner than a rail,
             It can still be used to hold a horse; Hooves, mane and tail.
BOOK        Though not a plant, has leaves. Though not a beast, has spine.
             Though many wouldn't need this thing, 'Tis more valuable than wine.
PLOW        Four legs in front, two behind.
             Its steely armor scratched anddented by rocks and sticks.
             Still it toils as it helps feedthe hungry.
BULL        In the fields a frightful thing, Watch it and you will find,
             It has a pitchfork in the front, And a broom back behind.
PROMISE     Our valiant leaders will keep this.
             But only after they have given it.
DEATH       What is this thing that having it, You can no longer give it away,
             But lacking it, for the moment at least,
             You can give it to those who must pay?
DISPUTE     Whoever has it is angry, Whoever loses it is angrier,
             Whoever wins it has it no more.
MUSIC       This wondrous thing, though notan herb, can help comfort the weak
             and the dying. It can even be used torally the troops,
             or make one start laughing or crying.
BUBBLE      This sparkling globe can float on water, and weighs not more
             than a feather. Yet despite its weight ten giants could
             never pick it up.
ROPE        Ten troll's strength, Ten troll's length,
             One troll can pick it up, No troll can stand it up.
OCEAN       A shimmering field that reaches far. Yet it has no tracks,
             And is crossed without paths.
SHOES       You tie these things, Before you go.
             And untie them, After you stop.
DARKNESS    This engulfing thing, is strange indeed.
             The greater it grows, the less you see.
LIFE        Don't grow too attached to this thing. Without it you will never
             even know it is gone. But be careful friend, it is much
             easier to lose on Kingdom soil.
EQUALS      What is it of yours that you see every day, but our Leader
             sees only rarely?
GLAMREDHEL  Where once there were three, Now only are two, Ancient kin ours,
             Whom we sent to their doom.
JACKET      Neck, but no head. Arms, but no hands. Waist, but no legs.
SAWDUST     A carpenter left some wood, Would not take it back.
             I saw some dust where he left it, But couldn't find his stack.
NOOSE       Once alive, but now twisted 'round. It is used by moredhel and men
             to punish their own kind.
EGGS        No visible flesh, Nor blood, nor bone, But given time,
             They will walk alone.
FIRE        Put into a pit. Locked behind a steel grate.
             Guarded all through the night, still it goes out.
ECHO        Answers its caller without being asked. Responds within seconds,
             and speaks all languages with equal ease.
ALPHABET    This marvelous thing, Though it sounds absurd,
             Contains all our letters, But is only a word.
PRIEST      This Kingdom fool has married many women.
             Yet he has never been married.
TOWEL       This odd thing seems to get wetter, The more it dries.
CANE        Though blind as well, Can lead the blind well.
MOUSER      What goes down to the cellarwith four legs,
             but comes back with eight?
TEMPER      You must keep this thing. Its loss will affect your brothers,
             For once yours is lost, It will soon be lost by others.
HONEY       Though a tasty treat, Made in spiral towers,
             Rarely will it be eaten alone.
WATER       This great thing can be swallowed, But can also swallow us.
HASTE       Inside a burning house, This thing is best to make.
             And best to make it quickly before, The fire's too much to take.
WEARY       Plow and hoe, reap and sow, What soon does every farmer grow?
ADVICE      Everyone offers this thing. But few will take it
             when it is offered by someone else.
STRANGER    You will invite him into your house, Yet you know him not.
             Once you get to know him, This thing he will no longer be.
LAKE        I saw him where he never was, And where he could not be.
             And yet within this place,I saw a wavering face,
             Staring back at me.
SPURS       We travel much, yet prisoners are, And close confined, to boot.
             Yet with any horse we will keep pace, And always go on foot.
GALLOWS     When people come for me to meet, They come to me with heavy feet.
             The one I hold, When I get my chance, Will turn and spin,
             And start to dance.
FOG         When it comes in, From sea to shore, Twenty paces you'll see,
             No less, no more.
BARK        Like dogs shouting at the moon, Or armor worn by the trees.
             Like a sharply spoken command, Or a tiny vessel upon the seas.

 Happy adventuring ! And don't forget to BUY the game !

   Supplied by V&D
   November,  1993

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