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  ³  07/21/92  ºº     ÛÛÛÛ       ßßßßßßßßÛÛÛÛ       ÛÛÛÛ      ºº   - IST -   ³
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                           D U N G E O N   M A S T E R
                                  Helpful Hints

  (* Release Notes *)

         This game is an old favorate of mine I solved on my old Apple IIGS.
      The IBM version is not as good (graphics wise), but it appears to be
      pretty much the same as the GS/AMIGA version. This file is by no means a
      complete solve/walkthrough. That sort of solve would be almost impossible
      to write up, because of the game's complexity. So what I've done is put
      together the solutions to most of the hardest puzzles found in the game.
      I used mostly my own experince and some hint files I hade from my GS.
      If your not comfortable with 3-D dungeon RPG's (Eob II/MM3) I'd advise you
      not to even play this. Anyways, if that didn't discourage you, here's some
      hints to help out if you get stuck.
                                                                       DS' IST

    - SPELLS -

 o A (General)

           LO YA ............... Increases Stamina
           LO VI ............... Increases Health
       LO VI BRO ............... Antidote to all poisons
       LO YA BRO ............... Magic ForceField
  LO YA BRO DAIN ............... Increases Wisdom
  LO YA BRO NETA ............... Increases Vitality
   LO OH BRO ROS ............... Increases Dexterity
   LO FUL BRO KU ............... Increases Strength
    LO ZO BRO RA ............... Pure Mana
          LO FUL ............... Magical Light
           LO ZO ............... Antimater Spell to open doors
     LO OH EW RA ............... Magical Sight
    LO OH EW SAR ............... Hides you from Monsters
     LO OH IR RA ............... Makes room brighter
   LO DES IR SAR ............... Makes room Darker
   LO ZO KATH RA ............... Frees Power Gem {- !WARNING!
                                           NB Caster must have a free Hand!
                                               Once Power Gem is dropped,
                                                 In can't be RETRIEVED!


       LO FUL IR ............... FireBall
      LO DES VEN ............... Bolt of Poison
       LO ZO VEN ............... Poison, (Used by Throwing)
       LO DES EW ............... Antimater Spell to kill Non-Material Beings
       LO OH VEN ............... Cloud of Poison
   LO YA BRE ROS ............... Leave Poisonous FootPrints
   LO OH KATH RA ............... Lightning Bolt


       LO YAR IR ............... Magical Forcefield (Protects Party)
 LO FUL BRO NETA ............... Magical FireShield (Protects Party)

 - HINTS -

o (Level 1)  - Hall of Champions -

    For the BEST starting party choose the following...

           Stamm ............. Journeyman Fighter
            Halk ............. Journeyman Fighter
          Mprhus ............. Journeyman Priest
           Tiggy ............. Journeyman Wizard

    Get the Torch, WaterSacks and all the other misc objects. Go down the

o (Level 2) - Find the Keys! -

    You basicly need to find 2 keys and a coin to pass this level. They keys
    are alittle hard to see, (one Iron and one Solid) but they are on the ground
    in the room after the 3 preasure plates. Throw the Copper coin into the
    fountain that accepts one wish to open the gate by the fountian.

o (Level 3) - Choose your Path! -

    Look on the left wall of the hall your in when you walk down the stairs.
    There's a secret button. Push it and get the cloths and the compass. Time
    yourself, to get past the forcefield. It might take a few tries.

 Chamber of the Guardian : Get the chest. Keep pressing all the buttons
                           Until it comes out. Use the mirror on the other
                           wall to open a secret door.
               The Vault : To open the door across the pit cast LO ZO. To cross
                           The pit throw an object on the preasure plate on the
                           otherside of the door.
              The Matrix : Follow the passage until you reach a entrance. Before
                           You is an never-ending passage. Turn right and go
                           down the next passage or your left. In the second
                           alcove there is a button. Press it. Carry on left and
                           a secret passage has opened with a key in it.
  Time is of the Essence : Drop ALL the objects you have to make your wieght
                           less. Then try to press the buttons and get past the
                           traps before they catch you. Get the key at the far
         Room of the Gem : Place an object on the pressure plate to keep the pit
                           closed. Too kill the monsters, get them to follow you
                           back to the pit and when they stand on it, reopen it.
                           Get the Gem and the Key.
         Creature Cavern : This one sounds easier than it is. Kill all the
                           Monsters and get the key.

o (Level 4) - Find the Key -

    This one is pretty straightforward. You need one key to get past it. Find
    and that's about it.

o (Level 5) - Pits and Fields -

    In the room with the pit just walk around until the pits open allowing you
    to get pass the exits. In the forcefield room, when you step out, go
    right, then back, forward, left, right and back. You will now be at the

o (Level 6) - Riddles -

    In the Riddle room you need a bow, mirror of dawn, blue gem, and gold coin.
    The slot in one of the rooms is also for a good coin. Get 4 Keys from this
    level and proceed.

o (Level 7) - RA! -

     You need to get the firestaff from this level, but not yet. You'll first
     need to get some other keys from the further levels. You should have one RA
    key by now. Use it on the door. You'll need 3 more RA Keys & a Ruby & Master
    Key. There is also one RA key on this level. Once you've got all these keys
    you'll need to come back up here and get the firestaff. Look for skeleton
    key's and locks. There is a skeleton passage way shortcut from most of the
    lower levels to level 7 or 8. If you find it, you'll save alot of time, but
    their hidden quite well. If you find the skeleton locks try to save the keys
    so you can open doors on the levels have the greatest distance between them
    (ie open one of the locks on level 8 and on 12), then you can go back and
    forth from level 7 and 13 quickly.

o (Level 8) - Ghosts -

    Use the LO DES EW spell to kill the non-material ghosts. Also have a fire
    bomb or spell ready for the thieves. There are two keys on this level, one
    of them is on the Arena floor. Don't give up, things aren't as bad as they
    seem at first.

o (Level 9) - Riddle door -

    To open the riddle door, lighter than air place the Carbamite. In the room
    where the wall fires fireballs, go to the first pressure pad, place a
    object on it. Backstep one and sidestep the fireball. Now you can stand
    on the pad without seting it off. Repeat until your at the far end.

o (Level 10) - ZOOM -

     When you come out here go forward then turn left. Go forward once more,
     then around the last block and forward until you get to the last exit on
     your left. Take it then go south once more. Go around the bottom block
     agian and through the left exit. You are in a room with two doors. In
     between them is a key. Use it to open the right door. Step on the pad ZOOM
     and make a step off to the right of the forcefield. Pick up the objects and
     step back onto the pads. Every so often a passageway appears, timing is
     needed here to make an exit.

o (Level 11) - ClockWise -

     The Clockwise Room : If you go around a corner and turn back, you are in a
     different place. Poison trap. When you pick up the just stand still till
     the poison cloud disperses. Turn around and walk forward one step at a
     time, releasing the poison traps harmlessly, and wait for them to clear.

o (Level 12) - Invisible Pits -

      When you emerge from the passageway turn left, get the objects through the
      door. Enter the large hall. The passage across the hall leads into a
      network of passages. The monster than can turn invisible are really tough.
      They only attack when they're whole, however you can him them then. When
      they are non-material you can use the LO DES EW or the vorpal blades.
      When you've been into all the passageways return to the room where you
      first emerged. In that room there are invisible pits, only faintly
      outlined on the floor. To close them agian, stand on the plate. Go to the
      other passage and explore all the rooms. One has a button that opens the
      door in the big hall. The best way to kill the knights is to get them to
      follow you to the invisible pit and open the pit when the stand over it.
      One of the Knights has a key you'll need so kill them all.

o (Level 13) - The DarkLord - 1st Visit

      This level is easy if done correctly. First use the Vorpal blade or LO DES
      EW spell to kill the fire pit monsters. Then go down the northern passage
      and round the corner. The monsters do not follow you byt they stand at the
      exit. Now you can use magic safely as every time they cast a spell at you,
      you can dodge around the corner. When all are dead, go to the one of the
      pits. You need the FireStaff to kill the Dark Lord so use the rope and
      enter the next level down of the pits.

o (Level 14) - The Dragon -

      You need to kill the Dragon! He's strong, but slow. Keep circling around
      him and hitting him, but down walking to a fireball. If you need
      health/stamina go up the stairs and rest. Use all your magical boxs on him
      but one. Keep at him until he dies, this takes forever. When you kill him
      get all the dragon steak. Then find the PowerGem. Use the ZO KATH RA spell
      to free the gem and place the FireStaff on the Gem. Now you can use the
      firestaff's built in spells. You'll need the Flux Cage and Fuse. It a real
      powerful weapon. Go back up to the next level. When you see him use the
      magical box on him (you must do all this VERY quickly) and cast a flux
      cage against him, the whirl around the other side of him and cast another
      as it only does one side. He should be between two flux cages, now use the
      FireStaff's Fuse spell and trap him. That's about it. Sit back and watch
      the endding.


      o All material things can be killed with swords
      o When you kill something, always check the remains
      o Make sure Armor/Weapons you find aren't Cursed
      o Make sure you've got enough water and food. After
        Level 5 or so there aren't very many fountains.


       Well that's about it. I wish I could explain in greater detail, but with
     This game it's quite impossible. Anyways looks for more great IST releases
                                                           - Digital Slayer

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