Beta's Dungeon Master/CSB/DMII Spell List      7Aug95 [email protected]

 Power:     LO  UM  ON   EE   PAL MON
 Element:   YA  VI  OH   FUL  DES ZO
 Form:      VEN EW  KATH IR   BRO GOR

 ("*" = not active in DMII, P = Priest spell, W = Wizard spell)
 DM/CSB Spells 

 YA           P Stamina Potion
 YA IR        P Shield (Party)
 YA BRO       P Shield Potion
 YA BRO ROS   P Footprints              *
 YA BRO DAIN  P Wisdom Potion
 YA BRO NETA  P Vitality Potion
 VI           P Healing Potion
 VI BRO       P Cure Poison Potion
 OH           W Confusion (?)           *
 OH VEN       W Poison Cloud
 OH EW RA     W See Through Walls       *
 OH EW SAR    W Invisibility
 OH KATH RA   W Lightning Bolt
 OH IR RA     W Strong Light
 OH BRO ROS   P Dexterity Potion
 OH GOR KU    ? (?)                     *
 OH GOR ROS   ? Blinks Hidden Doors (?) *
 OH GOR DAIN  ? (?)                     *
 OH KATH SAR  W Monster Confusion
 FUL          W Light/Magic Torch
 FULL IR      W Fireball
 FUL BRO KU   P Strength Potion
 FUL BRO NETA P Fire Shield
 DES VEN      W Poison Bolt
 DES EW       W Dispel/Weaken/Harm Non-Material Beings
 DES IR SAR   P Darkness
 ZO           W Open Door
 ZO VEN       W Poison Bomb Potion      *
 ZO KATH RA   W Create Plasma (ZOKATHRA) Object  *
 ZO IR NETA   ? (?)                     *
 ZO BRO RA    P Mana Potion

 Spells New to DMII:

 YA EW        W Magic Marker (Replaces ZO KATH RA & can be seen on map)
 YA IR DAIN   P Spell Shield
 OH EW KU     P Aura of Strength
 OH EW ROS    P Aura of Dexterity
 OH EW DAIN   P Aura of Wisdom
 OH EW NETA   P Aura of Vitality
 OH KATH KU   W Push
 OH IR ROS    W Accelerate Party
 ZO EW KU     P Summon Attack Minion
 ZO EW ROS    P Summon Porter/Carry Minion
 ZO EW NETA   P Summon Guard Minion
 ZO BRO ROS   W Reflector (Reflects enemy spells)


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