Warrior Dragon Quick-FAQ v1.0 FINAL
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*** The Quick Nitty-Gritty Walkthrough ***
   You start in Dracoburgh.  Hmmm, a dragon's son has gone missing and a cave in
the forest?  You can't go there just yet, so buy a Dagger with the money given
and fight some monsters until you're at least level 6.  Buy some armor, potions,
and a Boost before you brave the Forest Cave; you can get there by entering the
forest and taking the southwest fork at the first intersection.
   The Forest Cave seems hard with your limited light, but is easy enough to
navigate.  The chests here contain 100g and an Exploder.  Somewhere on the east
side of the cave is the missing child from Dracoburgh, but a guardian monster
(Snake Grunger) stands in the way.  That Exploder won't have any effect, so use
your Boost, heal when neccessary, and hope for the best.  Talk to the dragon
child to return him home.
   After a while, you should be able to reach the town of Dragonfield Park.
This time, a dragon's daughter has been taken, presumably to the Abandoned Mine
in the forest to the south.  DON'T buy the Iron Armor or Shield (you'll find
some soon enough.)  Prep yourself, and talk to the dragon just east of town;
keep talking to him until he offers you a brownie.  Say Yes and you'll bite down
on the Copper Key baked inside!  Now head for the Mine; by taking the south
branches at each intersection, you'll find the entrance.
   The Abandoned Mine is twistier than the Forest Cave, but is still easy to
find your way through.  There are three chests here containing 200g, an Iron
Shield, and some Iron Armor (hopefully you didn't waste your gold earlier
buying said items.)  The dragon's daughter is near the NE corner of the Mine,
but you'll have to fight the guardian monster (Grunger King) to save her.
This may be a tough battle, and you may have to buy the Diamond Edge in Prestia
to win the day.
   Whatever it takes, talk to the dragon child afterwards, and make your way
towards Prestia.  Stock up on Elixirs here, and don't get the Magic Shield.
Go southeast towards Allegard; the dragon there will give you the Gold Key if
you've saved both dragon children.  Head southwards from here to the Desert
   You'll be going up and down stairs here.  You can find four Elixirs, a Magic
Shield, a Boost, a Weaken, a Super Exploder, and 500g in the chests.  Some
tunnels here fork and rejoin themselves.  Just keep in mind that when you find
the 500g, you just have to head north to reach the exit.  After that, it's just
a ways north to reach the Dragon Slayer's Lair.
   The enemies here are quite tough, especially the Sorcerers and Gold
Pegasuses (Pegasusi?)  The Dragon Armor can be reached by walking between the
two red banners with the yellow symbol; it's just a little past the entrance.
You can get the Dragon Flame by walking through one of two secret passages in
the NW corner of the first big room.  The Dragon Shield is at the end of the
passage near the NE corner of said room.  Finally, you can gird your loins, for
the Dragon Slayer waits at the end of the long hallway.  Say Yes to his
question and get ready for the last battle!

*** Weapons ***
Dagger:  +4 ATK (25)
Short Sword:  +6 ATK (60)
Steel Sword:  +18 ATK (400)
Diamond Edge:  +58 ATK (4000)
Dragon Flame  +98 ATK (----)
*** Armor ***
Cloth Armor:  +2 DEF (30)
Leather Armor:  +6 DEF (80)
Studded Armor:  +12 DEF (300)
Iron Armor:  +15 DEF (1500)
Magic Armor:  +30 DEF (4000)
Dragon Armor:  +55 DEF (----)
*** Shields ***
Leather Shield:  +3 DEF (50)
Copper Shield:  +6 DEF (100)
Iron Shield:  +12 DEF (500)
Magic Shield:  +25 DEF (2000)
Dragon Shield:  +45 DEF (----)
*** Items ***
Small Potion:  (10)  restores up to 20 HP
Medium Potion:  (30)  restores up to 80 HP
Elixir:  (60) restores all HP
Boost:  (12)  increases ATK power for one battle (*)
Weaken:  (80)  decreases enemy's ATK power (*) [*]
Exploder:  (8)  causes damage to enemy [*]
Super Exploder:  (100)  causes more damage than Exploder [*]
Copper Key:  (----)  opens the gate in the Abandoned Mine
Gold Key:  (----)  opens the gate in the Desert Cave

(*) effects are not cumulative; for example, using two Weakens on a monster will
    NOT weaken its ATK power twice, only once
[*] does not work on guardians or the Dragon Slayer

*** Town Item Store Listing ***
   Dracoburgh          Inn - 6g
Cloth Armor      Copper Shield   Small Potion
Leather Armor    Dagger          Exploder
Leather Shield   Short Sword     Boost

   Dragonfield Park          Inn - 20g
Studded Armor   Iron Shield    Medium Potion
Iron Armor      Steel Sword    Boost
Copper Shield   Small Potion   Weaken

   Prestia          Inn - 35g
Magic Armor    Boost
Magic Shield   Super Exploder
Diamond Edge   Weaken

*** Level - Experience Chart ***
01 - 0      06 - 200    11 - 1200    16 - 3250    21 - 7200
02 - 10     07 - 300    12 - 1300    17 - 3950    22 - 8100
03 - 30     08 - 425    13 - 1700    18 - 4700    23 - 9050
04 - 60     09 - 575    14 - 2150    19 - 5500    24 - 10000
05 - 120    10 - 775    15 - 2650    20 - 6350    25 - 12500

*** Bestiary ***
               EXP   gold                         EXP   gold
Blue Slime       1      1          Evil Monk       23     65
Yellow Jacket    1      2          Steel Hornet    23     35
Wood Grip        2      3          Stone Grip      28     35
Blubbo           3      5          Hunter          35     40
Spider           3      7          Pegasus         35     65
Crawler          4      6          Goblin          40     75
Grey Slime       4      8          Dark Preacher   45    135
Tunneler         6     11          Great Pegasus   48     90
Hornet           6     16          Snake Grunger   50     75
Tree Claw        8      9          Fighter         50    120
Super Blubbo    11     15          Sorcerer        62    165
Metal Spider    14     20          Gold Pegasus    82    175
Parasite        18     34          Grunger King   100    180

*** Legal Stuff ***
Warrior Dragon is Copyright 2000 by Lumental.  Liked the game?  Then contact
  them at [email protected]
This Quick-FAQ is Copyright 2000 by M. I. Orikasa ([email protected])  Do
  not post this document anywhere without the writer's consent, and give credit
  where it's due!

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