By Greg Burns


Act I is very linear, so the walkthrough will be a step by step description.
After Act I the walkthrough will be more modular in its explanation.

Act I

I.  Starting Location:

After meeting your DeathKnight exit your cell.  Just to the left you will
find a club and 4 keys on a corpse.  The cell to your left is locked.  The cell
straight across from your cell will open and may have an item.

Moving to your left you encounter a guard.  The guard will drop 2 more keys.
One of the keys will now unlock the cell just to the left of your cell where
you fight a skeleton.

Continue to the left and find the exit is locked from the other side.
Continue a little further and you will fight another guard.

Edmond’s Quest:

Head North past the dead guard and open the cell to your right; you will fight
a ghost.    Read the manuscript in that cell and click on the north wall to
open a hole.  Enter the hole and talk to Edmond for a quest – Prove he is dead
(also check him for training).  Go back to East-Central cell and kill 2 rats –
one drops a leg bone to complete Edmond’s quest.

Continue - Starting Location:

Exit the cell and go straight west.  Open a cell and find a blanket covering
a hole (do not enter the hole yet).  Continue on the next cell to the North.
Open the cell there and fight a skeleton (find 20 normal arrows and a short bow

Continue North and enter the next cell on your left to find a Mad Prisoner.
Leave his cell and head East.  The Mad Prisoner will run past you and drop a
manuscript as he leaves (manuscript seems unimportant).  Continue East and
check the broken barrels to your left (find another club there).

Enter the Hole that you found in a cell that was covered with a blanket.
Move through a small dungeon, check barrels, and get a rope from a dead imp’s
body.  Continue forward, fight a skeleton, and be prompted to use the rope that
you found (climb the rope).

II. Citadel, Level 1:

    Head east and fight a guard, then enter the first room to your right.

Strange Skull Quest:

Talk to the Strange Skull for a quest to kill Fergus.  Open the door on the
East wall of the room and fight Fergus.  Click on the portrait on the North
wall of Fergus’ room then find that another small room opens up on the south
wall (there is a chest inside with a Permanent Survival Potion).  Fergus also
dropped a skill book, a key, and a weapon.  Take the Barrel of Coal in his room
for a quest later.  Take the Hunting Knife on the table in the room (not bad
stats).  The Skill book unlocked Identify skill.  Go back to Strange Skull to
complete a quest.  Pick up the helm that drops when the Strange Skull
disappears (Use the helm for quite a while, it is pretty decent).

Continue – Citadel, Level 1:

Go East through Fergus’ room to next room, then North to a small room with
some levers (the code to use the levers is in the desk).   Use the 4 levers
first, then after a cut scene use the single lever on the West wall.  Go to a
room just South and kill a couple of rats and gather items.  There is a locked
Chest here.  Now go through the door that the levers opened and fight another
guard.  The Imp who was with the guard will run away.

Go East into the next room and pick up some items.  Go further east into the
next room and pick up a few items.  Go East again into the next room and you
will fight 2 guards after a cut scene where they block the door leading further
East (There will be a key in this room).

Go back 2 rooms to the West and open a door on the South wall.  Enter the room
to the South and there are 2 levers on the North wall.  The lever on the West
side of the door opens another door to the West (the kitchen).  The lever to
the East of the door opens the door to the next room to the East.  Enter that
room and fight 4 guards (take out the Rangers last).  There are a lot of items
that drop as well as a key.

Go West, then North to open another locked door on the North wall.  Enter the
now open door and follow the curved corridor until you fight 3 guards.  Look
around after the fight and find items and 2 keys.  Go to the end of the hallway
and find a Metal Rod, another key, and a potion.

Go back to the beginning of the corridor and find 2 levers.  The lever on the
left opens the first door you see to your right.  Enter there and fight a Ghost
(make sure you save the game first, the ghost is level 5).  Now back to the 2
levers.  The one on the right opens the next door down the corridor.  Enter the
room and read the writings on the North wall (“Go down please help us”).

Continue down the hall towards the East.  The 3rd door will be open.  Enter
the room, fight another guard, and find a couple of items.  Continue East to
the next room and fight another Ghost.  Continue East to next room and give the
prisoner water (you should have picked some up along the way).  Listen to what
he says, especially “block the…”  He also dropped another skill book (avoid
Trap Detection).  Move East to the next room and fight another Ghost.  Move to
the East end of the corridor and enter the room.  Fight 2 Spiders (a tough
fight – if you can’t beat both spiders you can run into the room and use the
Metal Rod on the gear mechanism to stop a cage from opening) and find a key in
the spider’s lair to your left (in the straw).  Drop down into the pit in the
center of the room to enter Citadel Level 2.

III. Citadel, Level 2:

Go North and fight 2 Skeletons.  Enter a room to the West and get a quest from
the Imp.  There are lots of items to grab here and sell back to the Imp.  Also
his dying brother is a teacher and can train you after the quest is done.

Imp’s “Tooth” Quest:

After getting the quest go East then North into a room with 2 beds.  Find a
key and open a chest to get a bedroll.  Go East to another room and find some
items.  You will kill several skeletons in this area.  In the room to the East,
with the Statue of the Damned One, move the pile of boxes to find a lever.
Also in that room is a Book of Raanaar Language (that helps you read the
Raanaar language.  Moving the lever will move the statue and reveal a hole.
The hole leads to a secret sanctuary of the Raanaar.  I found nothing there but
a book that disappeared when I picked it up.

Go West then South and look for a lever on wall to your left.  That lever just
locks and unlocks the already open door near it (You can us it to enter the
next room to the East which is locked).  Split your party so that each team
member can operate the levers independently and allow you to proceed.   Go East
(clear out any rooms you pass to the North), then enter a room to East.  Blow
out the lit torch to enter room with a Spider.  Kill the spider and grab the
Tooth that it drops.  Go back to the Imps to complete the quest and get a
reward (a Summoning Doll).

Continue – Citadel, Level 2:

Go further South to end of corridor (past where you had to split party to get
to Imp Tooth Spider) and find another lever to your right (it opens the door
straight ahead of you).   Go into room and to next room to south and find a key
in the table to your left inside that room (key opens a room to West).  Click
on lever near table and enter a room to North to find stairs.   Go down the

IV. Citadel, Level 3:

Talk to an Imp in the room, then go East and through the center door at the
East end of the room (the right and left doors are trapped) you will get exp
for choosing the correct door.

Go Southwest and the corridor will turn to the West, then North.  Fight 2
Skeletons along the way and then 3 Gargoyles at the end of the corridor (a
tough fight).  Go back to where you exited the middle door and go Northeast
then West to find 2 Levers on a wall.  Use the left lever, then go East, North,
and West to find an open door and a lever.  Use the lever to open an inner door
into a room where you will fight 4 Skeleton Mages (another tough fight).  Get
an item from a statue after the battle.

NOTE:  If you are running low on potions go back upstairs and visit the Imp
(who gave you tooth quest) a time or two to buy more.

Go back to the 2 levers (where you used the left one) and go West to first
corridor going North.  The North Corridor is trapped (read the writing on wall
– “Two burning lights, but you still don’t see…” – a clue to a hidden passage
to pass the traps).  Hug the left wall as you go down North corridor and you
will see a thin bypass past the traps (two burning torches are close to the
bypass entrance).   At the end of the bypass there is more writing on the wall
(“Bring on darkness and you will see…”) blow out the torch in the bypass and
you see an exit back to the corridor just past the traps.  Continue North in
corridor and it turns East.  At end of corridor is a door (an illusion) when
you touch the door a Skeleton Mage appears – kill it.  Head back to the start
of the corridor you are in (to the wall writings – make sure you use the

Follow the corridor West, South, West, South, and East (fighting a few
skeletons along the way.  Check a short corridor to the north (a chest), then
proceed South, then East into a large room (the room is trapped – use your
summoning doll to trigger the traps).  Move along the North wall to more wall
writing (“You’ll never find the key!”)  On the East end of the North wall is a
lever – Use the lever.  Follow the East wall to the South to find the room
exit.  Head East, South, West to clear a small corridor Click on a statue to be
teleported to a maze like area to the East (Read writing on the wall – “You
will never leave this dungeon alive…”) and clear the maze area for some exp
(there is a trap a short way to the South).

You will come to a door with 2 levers; use the left lever to open the door.
Inside are 2 more levers and a locked door.  Use the right lever to open the
door and enter.  Inside the room is the exit to Citadel Level 4 (look around
for a crystal before using the exit).  Go through the exit and you are
teleported to an area where you are asked to help a woman… it is a trap; you
will be attacked by some thugs.

V. Citadel, Level 4:

After beating the thugs you are teleported to another small area.  There is a
hole in the floor that has a poison trap and some items.   You will find a
lever on the West wall (use the lever), a teleporter in the large room, and
another teleporter in a small room to the Northeast. Use the teleporter in the
small room to go to another Citadel level 5.

VI. Citadel, Level 5:

Exit the starting room and go East then North to clear a small corridor (you
will fight several skeletons and a skeleton Mage).  Now go West from the
starting room and follow the corridor.  You will pass through another door
along the way with a skeleton (a tough fight).  On the wall is more writing -
“You’ll die – all of you!”    Pass through another door and you will come to a
door leading into a large room.  The large room is trapped with poison gas.
There is a hidden lever in the Southwest corner of the room that turns off the
gas – use it.  Go to the door at the West end of the room and pass through it.
Follow the corridor to the exit to Citadel level 6 (you will fight 4 skeleton
Mages – very tough – try luring one or two away from the group and ambush
them).  You come to a large room with some chained skeletons.  Insult them to
have them open the exit.  Go through the exit to Citadel level 6.

VII. Citadel, Level 6:

Read the Holy Book (a clue to solving the next room – means to use levers
from high to low – but that is for a bit later).  Grab the Battlefield key #1
and use it to visit the battlefields.

Act I Battlefield, level 1:

Now is a good time to sell items, stock up on potions, get some training, and
gain a few levels in the battlefield before continuing on with the main game.
When I first visit the Battlefield, I clear the surface up to the first
dungeon, then complete that dungeon, then clear the remainder of the whole
surface area and mark the location of all locked dungeons on my map.  You
should gain about 3 levels before returning to the main game.

Return From Battlefield, Level 1:

  Go up the stairs to the North.

VIII. Citadel, Level 7:

Look at the 6 rooms and note the position of the levers on the pillars.  The
pillars have spines, and you want to activate the pillars in the order of
highest to lowest lever (like water flows – normally you start with the lever
in the Northeast corner and go counter-clockwise).  If done correctly the rock
in the middle of the pentagram will disappear, revealing a ladder going down.
Use the ladder into a treasure room and gather the items (the gold chest is
trapped).  Use the lever in the treasure room then use the ladder again to
exit.  A cut scene will show that the center exit is now open, so use it.

IX. Citadel, Level 8:

You appear in a room with a Crystal bag, 3 keys (fight some gargoyles when
getting the keys – If you do not want to fight the Gargoyles get the middle key
only), and use the Piramid.  You are teleported back to the 2nd part of
Citadel, level 2.

Part 2 of Citadel, Level 2:

Open the door to the room to the East and enter.  There are stairs in that
room (you could visit the Imp who gave you the tooth quest for some potions
first if needed).  The stairs take you back to the Citadel, level 1 (the part
you have not finished yet).

There is a lever and another set of stairs in the room.  Use the lever and go
through the door to the West.  If you forgot anything on this level now is the
time to finish, you will not return here.  Go back to the room to the East and
use the stairs on the right to go to Citadel, level 9 (the Barracks area).

X.  Citadel, Level 9 - The Barracks, Level 1:

Kill the guard in the room you appear in and put on the armor he drops (a
disguise).  Also get the key and other items he drops, then head through door
to the West to the 1st intersection.(when you encounter Deathknight guards you
can try to sneak by them, but the exp is worth fighting them instead).  Clear
around the pillars at the intersection, but do not go further West yet.  Take
the passage to the East and get Battlefield Key #2 in the small room at the end
of the passage.  You can now continue in the main game, or go to the
Battlefield again (battlefield for more levels is advisable).

Act I Battlefield, Level 2:

Just do the 2nd dungeon which will be opened now.  Then return to the main
game.  Remember to switch back to your regular armor while in the Battlefield,
and back to the guard’s armor when returning to the main game (do not sell it
by mistake).

Return From Battlefield, Level 2:

Exit the small room and go North into another small room.  There are 3
levers, move them all down once and then up again to open a door to the East.
Go to that door now and enter the room.  Inside there is a room to the South.
Enter the room and read the 4 scribe scrolls to summon a Ghost.  Kill the ghost
then go to the room just to the North of where you are.  That room is a
classroom with an instructor named Captain Brainwash (just talk to him and
gather a few items in the room).  Now move to the room just to the North of the
classroom.  This is the Armory and you can grab a few arrows only here.  Talk
to the Weapons Master, he can teach Sharpen level 5 if you need it.

Exit that whole area and go back to the 1st intersection (West, South, West),
and follow the corridor to the West and then North, to clear a couple of small
rooms (do not enter the doors at the end of the North corridor yet).  You will
run into one trap along the way, but nothing that will kill you.  In the North
corridor you will encounter a Hiding Soldier in a room to your left.  You can
kill him for exp.  After clearing the corridors go back to the 1st intersection
and take the corridor going North.

Heading North you will encounter one strong trap and a DeathKnight.  When you
come to a door, enter the room.  Move barrels and crates and you will find a
Sapphire Key and a Chest.  Open the chest and a Ghost appears, kill it for
items and exp.  Clear the hallway around that room and to the North a bit
further is another door.  Enter it.

Talk to the guard, then go past him and enter a door that leads East, then
North.  Enter the door at the end of the corridor and find a Military Merchant
there.  Gather all the items in his room and sell them back to him.  He also
gives you a quest to get a book from General Bram.  Exit that room and enter
the room to the West (a room full of beds), then go into the next room to the
West to find a Medical Officer.

In the Medical Officer’s room look of Sulfur on a table in the Northeast
corner… take it for use later.  Also grab the key on the table.  His cupboard
remains locked at this time.  The Medical Officer gives a quest to find a book
about “Poisonous Creatures”.  Exit the room and go back to the 1st intersection
again (all the way South) and follow the corridor West and then North (you were
already here when you killed the Hiding Soldier) and enter the door at the end
of the corridor into a very large room.

Go left inside the large room and gather items and arrows.  Talk to the
Archer’s Contest Imp.  You will hear some dialogue from the Champion Archer,
ignore it for now.  Look for Rupert in that area and talk to him and he tells
you that he thinks the Champion is cheating.  Talk to the Imp again (threaten
to tell the Master), the Imp will tell you that he helps the Champion cheat.
Go back and talk to Rupert to complete his quest.

Go into the small room in the Southwest corner of the room (do not use the
lever inside yet), and gather items.  Talk to Ounox the Imp and he tells you
about a secret Chamber (after you find some words to make him remember).  He
tells you correct info about some levers, but that comes later.  Exit this room
and visit 3 other rooms, one in each corner and gather items – do not use the
levers yet.  You will be stopped by 5 soldiers asking who you are – the correct
answer is “Chaos led me”.  A wrong answer means you fight them all.  There is a
lever outside the small room to the Northeast, use it to open the door to the

You can now speak to Laurel if you want to try the Parcours.  There are
several traps and not much gain for doing this part (except some exp).  It is
easy to use your Summoning Doll to trigger all the traps.  When you complete
the Parcours find Laurel again (he wanders a lot) and get about 11,664 exp.

There is a locked exit door in the Northwest area of the room you are in.
Click on the door and select “Examine the door mechanism closely…”.  It tells
you there are 4 wires, 2 leading North and 2 South.  These are the levers in
the 4 small rooms you already visited.  But, they must be done is a certain
order so that they spoken words will be “Beware of the Traps”.  The order is
Northwest, Southwest, Northeast, and Southeast.  Use all 4 levers now.  A cut
scene will show the door opening.

The corridor inside the open door leads West then North.  It is heavily
trapped and all the traps are instant death.  Take one character at a time
through the corridor.  To avoid the traps, this is the safe path:
  1.  Hug the North wall and stop just before 3 spider webs.
2.  Go straight down to the South wall and hug it until you come to a
portrait on the North wall.
  3.  Go straight up to the North wall and hug it.
  4.  Move just past 3 more spider webs then move to the South wall again
5.  Move until you are just past the barrel at the corner and go North.  Hug
the East wall after you pass the barrel.
  6.  Follow the same directions for your other character.

Now enter the door at the end of the North corridor.  Go though the 2nd set
of doors just to the North and fight 5 guards (an easy fight).  If a
DeathKnight appears and casts Disease on you it is easiest to exit to the
Battlefields until it wears off then come back and fight him.  There is a lever
in the Southwest corner of the room, use it now.  Now just clear the area
around the outside of the room you are in, and then enter the opening in the
wall to the East.  Go through the next doors to the East into another room.
There are 5 levers inside the room.  The lever to the East will bring one or
more Gargoyles and a fight.  Use the 4 levers (or 5 for the extra exp).  Go all
the way West to the door that will take you to the next level of the Barracks.
Keep going West until you enter a room with a set of stairs.  Use the stairs to
Barracks level 2.

XI.  Citadel, Level 10 - The Barracks, Level 2:

You appear in a tiny room, go East through the door.  The room to your left has
a key behind a picture on the wall.  The room to your right has a guard inside.
Check out all the rooms in this area, then head North in the corridor (fighting
guards along the way, and a DeathKnight in the corridor).

Take the first corridor to the East (trapped) then North.  Again you can use
your Summoning Doll to trigger the traps (I found 3 traps).  You will fight 2
Weapons Room guards through the next door.  Exit the room and take the corridor
leading West (not North).  Check a small room to your left along the way.

At the end of the West corridor, and to the north you find another room –
enter it.  Get the bottle of White Rum for a quest later on.  Talk to the guard
and help him with a chess game (Knight D3 to E5).  There is another room to the
West – enter it.  There are a lot of nice items in this room and 3 locked
chests.  Take all the loot you can carry now.

Take the corridor leading South from the area you are in.  You will see a cut
scene of some soldiers outside the kitchen.  Go inside that room.  Talk to the
Cook for a quest to find an Imp who was to kill some rats.  Take the barrel of
salt in the Northwest corner of the room for use later.

Cook’s Quest – Kill the Rats:

Exit the Kitchen and go South in corridor.  Check a bath room on your right,
and then go a little East to another bath room where the Imp is hiding.  Talk
to Rashax the Imp, and agree to kill the rats for him.  Go back to the room
next to the kitchen and kill the rats.  Gather items inside as well.  Go back
and talk to the Imp again (nothing important).  Tell the cook that his problem
is solved and get some exp.

Continue Citadel, Level 10 - The Barracks, Level 2:

Go back to the room with the Imp, and head South, then East until you get a
cut scene of 2 guards asking you for your papers.  Kill them then go South in
that corridor.  You will see Kegan, a guard.  Talk to him and when the dialogue
mentions White Rum you can give it to him (you will end the dialogue and talk
to him again to give him the White Rum).  Kegan drops the key to General Bram’s
room.  Pick it up and enter the room (also check the room just to the West).
Find a key in Bram’s room that opens a cupboard.  Move the packages to the West
and reveal a door – enter that room and go down the hatch inside to go to a
dungeon area.  In the 3rd cell you will find the book that the Merchant on
Barracks level 1 wants.  When you touch the book 3 ghosts appear.  Kill them
and one drops a skill book.  Pick up the book that the Merchant wants and bring
it back to him a bit later.

Exit General Bram’s room and check out another room to the East.  As you move
North from Bram’s room you will see a lever on a wall just to the North – Use
it. Then go North a little further and you will see a door.  That door leads to
one of the 2 exits from Act I to Act II, but there is a better way to end Act
I.  Go into a corridor to the East leading to another room.  There is one trap
in that corridor, but it is not usually deadly.  Go into that room and you will
see a Gong to the East.  I took the hammer and did not ring the gong.  If you
ring the gong several guards will come, but you will fight them now anyways.
Go into the room to the East and fight the guards (a tough fight).   The stairs
in that room will take you to Samuel’s chamber.  But first, this is a good time
to run back to the Merchant on level 1 and complete his quest, then gain a lot
of exp by wiping out everyone in the barracks area.  So work your way back to
the Merchant on level 1 and remember the deadly traps just before you get there.

Once you complete the quest for the Merchant you have 2 choices: 1) go back
and end Act I, or 2) replace your disguise armor with your normal armor and
fight your way back for a good deal of exp.  Since these guys are all Chaos
soldiers, my choice is to whack them all.

The Merchant and Medical Officer will drop their entire inventory; the
Medical officer will drop a key to his cupboard and a skill book inside.  After
killing all the guards make your way back to the room with the Gong and the
stairs to Samuels Chamber.  It is time to face Samuel for the first time and
then move to Act II.  Use the stairs to Samuel’s chamber and be ready for

XII.  Samuel’s Chamber:

After killing the 4 guards gather all that they dropped, make sure you get
the 2 keys.  Move North then East into a room; take the loot, a Sapphire Key,
and the 3rd Battlefield key.  Now move West to another room and get the loot
and the key to Samuel’s prison (you will not use that key, but will exit
another way).  Now go south and exit Samuel’s Chamber.  Go west in the corridor
until you come to a locked door on your right.  Open the door and inside you
will see the stairs to Act II – Do Not use those stairs.  Go back to the
corridor and continue West, then North.  Look on your large map; you want to go
to the very Northeast point of the map, not far from the armory.  There is a
door here, and if you open it you will just see total darkness inside.  This
will be the end of Act I, but… you now have the 3rd Battlefield key, and this
is a good time to use it and finish that last dungeon (you will not be able to
retrieve any items that you leave in the Battlefield after going to Act II).

Act I Battlefield, Level 3:

Finish the last dungeon and gather any items that you have stored in the
Battlefield, you will not return here.

Return From Battlefield. Level 3 - and End of Act I:

On returning from the battlefield enter the door that shows only a black
area.  You see a cut scene of a Weapons Smith in his Forge.  You will blow up
the forge now and end Act I and go right to Act II.

First drag the barrel of salt you have over the barrel of Coal that you have.
They combine and now you drag the Sulfur that you have over that new barrel.
They combine into an explosive.  Now enter the forge, (you already have the key
from Samuel’s chamber) and kill the Weapons Smith.  Go to the center of the
North wall and pass your curser over the area to find “forge lava”.  Take the
explosive out of your inventory and drop it on the “forge lava”.
Congratulations, you have completed Act I, and will appear in Act II.

Act II

I.  Outside Samuel’s Prison:

NOTE: If you are encumbered at this time you can find a tree trunk to the
East and a little North of your location.  Use it like a chest to store items
and retrieve them after you set up a camp in the Battlefield again (you will be
there soon).

Clear the East and North parts of the map first.  There is a Mage to the West
who will probably kill you at your current level, so save her for later.  You
will encounter 2 drunken guards fighting Mutants along the way.  Just kill the
Mutants they are fighting for exp.  You will then encounter a Deserter who can
train you in 1-H melee skills (level 10) only.  If you plan on using 2-H or 1-H
with Shield the training may not be worth buying, but it is cheap and can’t
hurt to buy it..  When you reach the Northwest limit of the map turn South and
look for a building.  The building is a small prison and you want to visit

Enter the prison and you will fight a guard.  The guard drops a key you need.
Go West and the first cell you find is empty.  Go North at the first
intersection and fight another guard.  You will then come to a dining area with
a key on the table – pick it up and continue.  You will turn East and enter
another cell where you will fight a guard.  Continue East to the next cell and
use a lever on the wall to unlock the door.  Kill the Prison Monster inside the
cell.  Continue East to the next cell and use a lever again to unlock the door
– kill another Prison Monster inside.

Open the next cell (you have the key) and find the Imp Taxlehix – talk to him
and get a quest to free another Imp.  Continue East, and then turn South, then
West.  Enter the first cell on your right, fight a guard, and get a key from
the desk inside.  Open the next cell to the East (you have the key) and fight a
tough Prison Monster.  The Prison Monster drops Battlefield Key #1.  This would
be a good time to set up camp in the new Battlefield and gain some exp – you
are going to need it.  You will free the other Imp when you return from the

  Act II Battlefield #1:

This battlefield is a little different.  There are 6 dungeons and you will
find tougher monsters on the surface, some quite close to the vendor’s area.
Use barrels to store your gear until you can get some chests from the first

Be aware that some of the barrels are linked to other containers in the first
dungeon.  This means that you may find a container in the dungeon that also
contains all the items you stored at the vendors.  Leave them alone, and if you
mark their location, you can actually drop additional items in those containers
and they will also be in the barrels at the vendors (saves you a trip back to
the vendors to unload items).

Check the vendors for training, quests, and any items you may want to
purchase at this time.  If you stored any items in the tree trunk outside
Samuel’s prison, this would be a good time to retrieve them and return to the
battlefield again.  The first Dungeon is usually to the Southeast, not far from
the vendor’s area.

Return From Battlefield #1:

Go West, past the stairs to the 2nd cell and open the door (you have the
key), and rescue the Imp.  Go back to the East and exit the prison.  The Imps
will take you to the Imp Village, and then to talk to the Chieftain.  When you
exit the Chieftain’s home you will talk to the Chieftain’s son, and he will
give you a “Cure the Plague” quest.  You may want to go back across the lava
and get a little more exp from clearing that area.  Make sure that you talk to
Muro the Tibar Hunter – he trains trap skill if you want the skills, but it
really is not worth investing in.

You will probably be summoned by a Necromancer at this time.  He is also a
trainer and a merchant so you can check what he has to offer.

Summoning Quest #1:

You are sent to a cell with a Witch.  Listen to her story and ask her about
training.  Use the lever on the wall to unlock a door and enter it.  Use
another lever and another door opens, enter it.  Kill a Paladin and gather loot
in the room.  Go through the unlocked door, and then a 2nd door.  Gather more
loot (there is a key to the locked chest in the alcove to the North) and enter
the room to the West.  Use a lever in the room and get a Sapphire key from the
large table (it opens a chest near the West wall.  Enter the room to the East
and grab a couple of items, then go through the door to the North.  Grab more
items then use the stairs to the North.

After going up the stairs go to the room to the East.  There is a key hidden
in the boxes to the East (it opens a Weapons Closet in the room to the North).
Go outside and clear the whole area around the building for some exp and items
(you will find a lot of very heavy items, so store them in the Weapons Closet
for later).  Go across the courtyard and enter the door to the West and begin
clearing the whole building, leaving the center room to the North for last.

One room will have a locked chest and a key under a rug.  The large room to
the North will have a key on the large table.  Do not enter the center room to
the North until you finish clearing the other side of the building.  Before
going into the center room load up all the stored items that you can without
becoming encumbered (you enter from a locked door to the West you have the
key).  Pick up the Crystal Fragment and put it in your pack, a Paladin (Sir
Achim) will come and talk to you.  He is also a trainer with some very nice
skills, check them out.  You will be asked to help kill the Witch.  Go back
downstairs and kill her (you will fight some Stone Gargoyles along the way).
Load up on all of the loot that you have stored until you cannot carry any
more, then go back and talk to Sir Achim again.  You will be teleported back to
the Necromancer.  Sell your loot to the Necromancer or trade for some charms
before letting him teleport you back to the Imp Village.

Return From Summoning Quest #1:

  You appear in a different spot in the Imp Village.

Rescue Imp from Well Quest:

You will be given a quest to climb down a well and rescue an Imp.  Do that
now.  Kill a monster, and then get some nice loot and Battlefield key #2 in a
chest.  The Imp you want to rescue is right next to the rope exit – wake the
Imp and use the rope to exit.

Find the 2 Pyramid Teleporter Stones:

Next we will get the 2 Teleporter Pyramids.  Go North until you come to a
road.  Follow the road Northwest into an area with black dirt.  Look right near
the entrance to that area and find a chest in a semi-circle of rocks.  Walk up
to the chest until you bump into it and you will fall into a hole.  An Imp will
ask you to pay gold to get out of the hole – refuse to pay.  Another Imp
appears in the hole and gives you one Pyramid.  To get the other one you have
to use the pyramid and be teleported to it (of course you should expect a
fight).  After the fight grab the 2nd Pyramid and then go Southeast to get back
to the village.  You will be stopped along the way by a talking mushroom
wanting your gold – refuse of course.  This would be a good time to go to the
Battlefield again and complete the 2nd Dungeon.

Act II Battlefield, Level  2:

Clear the 2nd Dungeon and all of the surface area if you have not already
done it.

Return From Battlefield #2:

Go Southeast back to the Chieftain’s House.  Follow the road South /
Southeast to an Imp Merchant’s house.  There is a locked hatch and a lever
inside.  You cannot open it yet, that comes next.  Exit the house and go West
to another Merchant’s house and get a quest to find a box in the other
merchant’s cellar (the hatch).

Finding the Box:

Go back to the 1st merchant and try to use the lever.  He will tell you to
leave it alone.  Talk to him again and tell him to look outside.  When he goes
outside use the lever and enter the hatch.  Go East and find a small room with
a lever inside.  Leave your Hero in that room and move the DK into the room
just to the North  and stop at the 1st locked door inside.  Have your Hero use
the lever in his room and then move the DK into the now open room with another
lever, use the lever, then move out of the room and go West to a now locked
door.  Have your Hero use his lever again so the DK can pass through the door.
Have the DK go South and enter a room just past the Hero, and then West one
more room to find another lever – use the lever.  Now have the Hero use his
lever again so he can exit his room, and have him enter the room just to the
South, then go south through another open door, and East to another lever – use
the lever.  Move the DK East then North to find the box you are looking for and
grab it, then send the DK back to the lever he was at before getting the box.
Move the Hero out of the rooms to the exit of the cellar.  Have the DK use his
lever and send him to the exit as well.

Now, the box you have will be turned into the 2nd Imp Merchant, but if you
open the box your DK will turn pink and stay that way for the remainder of the
game.  So if you want a pink DK open the box, if you do not then just take it
to the 2nd Imp Merchant.

Now go around the town and enter all the buildings, and mark them on your
map.  Each important area is listed below.  Do not enter any of the forest
areas outside the city yet.

Tatourix House:  Tatourix gave you a quest to find a lost key.  The chest is in
his house when you find the key.

Altoflix House:  Altoflix solves the Imp Illness quest.  After talking to him
find the Chieftains son (he will be close to the Chieftain’s house).  The
Chieftain’s son will give you another important quest – Find the Alchemist for
a cure.  He marks the location of the Alchemist on your map.

Xantsirax – The Flooge Herder’s House:  He will give you a quest to kill a
monster that is killing his Floogefrogs.

Mafnirx – The Mushroom Farmer:   This house has a bottle of Mushroom Extract on
a table (put the Mushroom Extract in your inventory for use later) and a
“Strange Chest” inside.  There will be no one in the house until you use the
“Strange Chest”, and then the owner will appear after a psychedelic mushroom
trip.  He gives a hint to the Alchemist’s disappearance.

Imp Ghost:  He is found in a small graveyard, and gives you a quest to find his

Imp Hero’s Wife:  She gives you a quest to tell the Imp Hero to come home when
you find him.

Anourax – The Spider Ranger:  He gives you a quest to find a lost spider and
bring it home.  Pay attention to what he says about his problem mixing up
“right” and “left”.  Also he tells you to get rid of your stench.

The Alchemist’s House:  Before entering the Alchemist’s house, talk to any Imps
in the vicinity of the house.  One of the Imp’s (his name is just “Imp”) will
ask you to help him get a special potion (called “Emu Eartes Sues”) from the
Alchemist’s house – agree to do this.  Now tell the guard you want to look
inside the Alchemist’s house, and that the Chieftain’s son told you it is ok.
You will find  4 bottles of Unknown Cream inside.
The White one removes your stench – use it.  The Blue one says it makes you
feel more agile than ever, but I found no stats that changed after using it.
The Yellow cream attracts a bunch of rats.  The Black one burns your skin.

In the cellar there are 4 Special Potions, 2 yellow and 2 purple.  Mix one
yellow and 1 purple and they disappear; do the same thing with the other 2
potions and they will turn into a “Potion” (the Emu Eartes Sues potion) – take
that potion to the Imp outside the house to complete the quest and receive 25k+
exp and an item.  There is a Silver Key in the herb garden behind the
Alchemist’s House, grab the key and move the packages on the East side of his
house to find a locked chest that the key opens.

Azarnarixa and Parrixa‘s House:  These are the Imp Ghost’s girl friends, and
will be the solution to the Imp Ghost quest a bit later.  NOTE: there may be a
bug sometimes when talking to these two, so talk to Parrixa first, and then
talk to Azarnarixa.

Shaman’s House:  DO NOT touch the locked chest.  It is a deadly trap.  Grab the
Sapphire key inside the house but you cannot use it without dying.  However, I
did find that if you pick up the “Alchemy Material” and put it in the inventory
of your strongest player you may be able to open the chest with only some
damage.  You cannot enter the Shaman’s cellar at this time.


Finding the lost spider:  Go West from the Imp Hero’s Wife’s house and follow
the stone wall you come to.  Go North along the wall and you will find the
spider.  Tickle him on the “Left” side between the 2nd and 3rd leg and take him
back to the Spider Ranger.

Go North into the area where you found the 2nd Pyramid and clear the area.  On
the Southwest side you will find a Demon named Winkorr.  Kill him and get the
3rd Battlefield key.  You will also find an Imp who says he is an Elf.  Bluff
him so that he leaves, then grab a “Rare Mushroom”.

Rare Mushroom Quest:

When you are finished with this area you can go back to the Mushroom Farmer’s
house for another small quest.  Look for an Imp named “Mushroom Farmer” (not
Mafnirx) outside the house and on the West side of it.  Talk to him and he will
ask you to find a rare mushroom (you have it already).  End the dialogue and
click on him again to complete the quest.

Flooge Herder’s Quest:

When you get close to a cave the DK will tell you that he smells something.
Enter the cave.  Kill some baby spiders and then the Flooge Killer. Finish
clearing the area then head back to the Flooge Herder to complete the quest.

The Imp Hero & The Spider Forest:  Go East from Altoflix house into the Spider
forest.  Follow the wall to the West and North and you will find the Imp Hero a
little ways into the area, he wants you to kill a giant spider for him. Go
North a little further and you will kill the giant spider.  Get the leg the
spider drops and go back to the Imp Hero.  After rewarding you he will run off,
but we will find him again later for his wife’s quest.  Finish clearing the
spider forest area.

Keep following the stone wall North and West.  You will find a wooden chest
that is locked, but it will open if you click on it.  A little further North
you will see a cut scene of a girl trapped in spider webs – this is of course a
trap.  Try to save her and fight 4 spiders – check the webs for loot.  Continue
following the wall as it turns East and you find a ruins with some spiders
performing a sacrifice – fight 5 spiders.  Keep following the wall to the East
and South, moving around enough to uncover the entire dark areas of your map.

You will come to a cut scene of an Imp Patrol who wants you to kill the Mummy
Spider.  As you move Northeast, just past the Imp patrol notice a strip of lava
on your left and a tree and some spider webs to your left.  The Spider queen
cannot pass this spot, so draw her to this place and use any ranged weapons to
kill her without a fight – she drops a Spider Poison Cure and a Summoning Doll.
Continue clearing the rest of the Spider Forest.

You will find some rocks with a lot of spider webs an them.  There is an Imp
corpse there – use the Spider Poison Cure on him, and pick up the piece of
Queen Spider’s Web beside him for use later on.  You will come to a ruins with
some baby spiders – save your game, there is a trap in the ruins.  There is a
broken barrel and a spider cocoon with 1 item in it – that is trapped.  You can
get the sword if you split your characters and have one character at the
entrance to the Hermit’s House and the other character at the cocoon.  Go into
pause mode and have the character at the cocoon open it and take the sword.
While still in pause mode switch to the character at the entrance to the
Hermit’s house and have him click on the entrance (both characters will end up
in the Hermit’s house and you will have the sword – “Flamestinger”).

Just to the East you will encounter another Demon “Octorr” – Kill him (he
drops a sword “Wavestinger”.  You will come upon a Spider Poet – just listen to
him and move on.  Near another ruins you will find an “Old Spider” – he has a
quest for you to kill some vandal spiders.  The vandal spiders are just a few
feet to the Southeast.

Just Northeast of the entrance to the Spider Forest there is a small ruins
that you can enter.  Enter there now.  You find a Hermit there, and he teaches
Shaman Hammer level 5 (possibly the best spell in the game).  He gives you a
quest to find an amulet in a nearby cave.  The cave is very close to the
Northeast behind a pile of rocks – it looks like a hole in the ground.  You
will find the amulet in a chest to the west side of the cave.  Go back to
Hermit and get reward (Holy Water I am pretty sure).

You will find the Imp Hero along the road between the Chieftains House and
the 1st Imp Merchant’s House to complete his wife’s quest – tell him to go
home.  Go back to the Imp Wife and get an item (I got 2 stone bottles – not
much of a reward).

NOTE:  After the Spider Forest is a good time to visit the Act II
Battlefield, Level 3 to sell items and complete dungeon #3.

Find the Murderer (Imp Ghost) & The Mushroom Forest:

Follow the road West from the Alchemist’s House and enter the Mushroom Forest
and clear the whole area.  If you head Southeast you will find a chest with a
key right in front of it (some decent items inside).

Rescue the Imp Farmer’s Wife:

You will find an Imp Farmer’s House and get a quest to rescue his wife (mark
the location on your map).  A little to the South you will find 2 ghosts who
have the Farmer’s wife.  Kill them and go back to the Farmer for a reward (I
got a medium Air Crystal).

You will find an area with flashing mushrooms.  There is a pillar there that
contains a skill book, and a gravestone (read it).

There is a Demon named “Kirgorr” near a gold chest.  Kill him and take the
“Strange Mushroom” from the chest.  Click on the Strange Mushroom and gain +3

You will come upon a very large mushroom and some “unconscious” Imps lying
around it.  You will find a note telling you how to make an antidote to cure
them all.  You need Mushroom Extract and a piece of the Queen Spider’s Web… you
already have both already.  Drag the Web over the Extract and you will have a
bottle of “Spores Antidote”.  Click on the Imp near the note and he recovers –
then talk to him.  You have 5 more Imps to cure before the quest is done, just
click on each of them – then talk to each one.  When you finish curing the last
one they will stop saying “Free others, quick”.

You will see a cut scene of 4 Tibars leaving an Imp body.  There is a book
beside him about identifying Poisonous Mushrooms – I took the book.

Look to the Southwest carefully and find a hidden entrance to an underground
passage – mark it on your map.  The passage will lead you to the Tree of
Realization.  Enter the passage and go to the other end of it.  You will fight
several Fire Elementals along the way.  At the other end of the passage is a
rope hanging down.  Use the rope and you will appear at the Tree of
Realization.  The tree will talk to you and grant you one wish.  I suggest
taking the gold, since all other options are meaningless to you.  Gather all
the loot around the Tree and open the chest to find your gold.  Now exit the
area through the passage again and continue exploring the Mushroom Forest.

An Imp will approach you towards the North of the area and offer you a ring.
Take the ring and go a bit further along the area boundary towards the
Northwest to find 2 Raanaar ghosts.  The ghosts want the ring – give it to them
and grab the armor they drop.

You will see a cut scene of a Mutant finding something shiny.  You will find
a cave in the center of the area and a bit North.  Enter the cave.  Just to the
West of the entrance you will see a statue – pick it up (you need to find 2
more statues).  There is a Lich in the room – talk to him, kill him and get
some loot.  To the East side of the room you see wall writing “Don’t trust your
eyes” – meaning there is a hidden passage somewhere.  Go East to the next room
and find a Lich there – talk to him, say you don’t believe him, kill him and
get the Permanent potion he drops, then grab another statue in that room.  Go
South into another room, you will see another statue and 4 empty pentagrams –
leave the statue there for now, you will return here later.  To the South is a
locked door so go West into another room with another Lich – talk to him, say
you don’t believe him, kill him and get an item, and find the last statue in
the Southwest part of that room.  Go back to the room with the pentagrams and
the statue that you left alone.  Put 1 statue in each of the 3 outer pentagrams
– leaving the center pentagram empty and a key will appear in the center
pentagram.  Use the key to open the locked door to the South and enter the room
with the last Lich.  He will tell you to take the key, but will then attack you
- kill him.  Look around the room, and near some bones you will find the Lich’s
Diary which is proof that Parraxa killed the Imp Ghost – take the diary.  Go
North out of the Lich’s room, and then take the path to the West.  Walk along
the East wall, hugging it as close as you can.  You will find a hidden passage
that leads into the center area of the cave (it is black on your map at this
time).  In that hidden room is the 4th Battlefield key – grab it.

If you have cleared the whole Mushroom forest area go back to the Imp Ghost to
complete the quest and get an item (I got a charm).  You also have the Lost Key
now, go back to Tatourix and complete the quest (you have a choice – open the
chest and get a few items, or give the key back for about 30k exp and gold – I
gave the key back for the exp).

NOTE:  Before going to the final area, this would be a good time to go to the
Act II Battlefield, Level 4 and complete dungeon #4.

Find the Alchemist & The Burned Forest:

There is an entrance to the last forest area just East of the 1st Imp
Merchant’s house; it is time to clear that area.  When you enter the area a
Tibar will approach you and will turn into Samuel’s pet ghost.  One smack and
he is dead.

Going Southeast you will find a small ruins – this is the Alchemist’s Cave.
Visit him now.  Grab a Sapphire key in his room (it opens the locked closet in
his room), and talk to Alchemist who will ask you to bring him 3 components
(they are in your quest log now).  Exit the cave and go West then South to find
the Blue Larakiri Root on the ground.  Go back to the Alchemists cave entrance
and then go South then East and you will see a cut scene and your DK will tell
you there will be trouble.  You will see several “Odd Looking Gems”, they are
of no use but you might as well pick them up, and then head North.  You will
fight a Fire Elemental and a Fire Demon and there is the Grey Quisirisi Fruit
on the ground – pick it up.

Now head South, then West, then South again.  You will fight a Fire Demon and
a Fire Elemental at a square stone platform – go across the platform and keep
going across another platform and be ready for a hard fight with 4-5 Fire
Elementals.  You will see 3 “Strange Candles just before a stone gate – if you
had used the candles before fighting the Fire Elementals one would have died
for every candle, but then you would have lost all the exp you just got.

Go through the stone gate and you will end up heading East until you fight
another Fire Elemental and Fire Demon.  In that area you will have a cut scene
asking if you want to move a large rock – you want to move it and enter the
dungeon underneath it.  The dungeon is mostly just a bunch of Mutants.  Go East
when you reach an intersection and keep your “Alt” key depressed – you will see
a golden key, but you cannot grab it because it is inside an enclosure.  Go to
the East side of the enclosure and more the 2 barrels that are there – this
opens a false wall and you can get the key (the chest is all the way across the
West side of the dungeon level.  Notice there is a locked door just to the
South of where you got the key – that comes later.  Go West and find the chest
now (it is in an enclosure with another false wall, but you do not have to move
anything to get in there.

After opening the chest go back to the intersection and head North until you
come to stairs leading downward – use the stairs.  The stairs collapse – no big
deal just head South. All the way to the South you will find the Yellow
Bafflimiri Mushroom – grab it.  Clear everything that you can to the East side
of the dungeon, and if you look at your map you will see a room in the
Southeast corner that you cannot get into because of locked doors.  Inside that
room is the ladder to exit the dungeon, but there is more to do here first.
Clear all the area to the West and you will find a Crystal Fragment – put it in
your inventory and you are summoned by the Necromancer again.  Remember that
you can trade and train with the Necromancer before going onward.

2nd Crystal Fragment Summoning Quest:

You are teleported to an Inn in the Dark Forest - enter the inn and talk to
the Inn-Keeper (Mr. Pickle) until he gives you the key to Sir Patrick’s room
(make sure you ask about the other guests).  Go upstairs and loot all of the
open rooms, and unlock your room.  Now go back downstairs and talk to Lady
Moreena if you can before you are attacked by other guests, or talk to her
after you kill them.  Report the attack to the Inn-Keeper then find Lady
Moreena’s room (upstairs).  You will be attacked by 3 ghosts, kill them then
open the chest in Lady Moreena’s room.  Another ghost will appear and demand
his gems – give them to the ghost and receive about 30k exp.  The Crystal
Fragment remains in the chest – grab it and head downstairs (you will not get
there before being teleported back to the Necromancer.  When you return from
the summoning you will be back in the dungeon inside the room that you could
not open before.

Back to the Alchemist and the Burned Forest:

The lever in the room just opens both locked doors, but you have done
everything in the dungeon so use the ladder to exit to the top level, use the
lever there, and exit the dungeon the way you came in.

Outside the dungeon head South again.  You will fight another Fire Demon and
Fire Elemental then appear to be at a dead end blocked by small strips of lava.
Take one of your Pyramids from you pack and drop it at your feet, then drop the
other one on the other side of the lava strips.  Now click on the pyramid that
is at your feet and you will cross the lava – pick up only the pyramid that you
“threw” across the lava, leave the other one where it is so you can get back
across the lava a bit later.  Just to the West there is a small ruins entrance
– enter there now.  Clear the dungeon and make sure that you pick up
Battlefield Key #6  way to the South.  You will encounter an Imp looking for
treasure – I just share the treasure with him.  When done exit the dungeon (or
just use the pyramid that you still have in your pack.  Remember to pick up
your other pyramid.  Now head North, then Northeast Until you come to a
triangular teleporter – Use it now.  You are teleported to another triangular
teleporter on a small island – Drop one of your Pyramids here, grab any loot,
and use the triangular teleporter again.  You are back where you started so use
your other pyramid to take you back to the one that you dropped on the small
island.  Pick up your pyramid and use the large teleporter again.  You are now
on another small area with another large teleporter – grab a key on the ground
and grab any loot you find, then use the large teleporter again.  You are back
where you started – go West and fight the Demon “RunKarr” who drops a sword
“Mudslinger”.  You see a Meteorite, gather loot around it (there are some
poison traps).

NOTE:  This would be a good time to go to the Act II Battlefield, Level 5 & 6
and complete the last 2 Dungeons there and sell off all the loot that you will
not be able to carry to Act III (do this before you talk to the Alchemist

Now head back to the Alchemist to complete the quest – make sure that you
have plenty of healing potions and are not using a Shadow weapon, you will soon
have a very difficult battle.

The Alchemist will take the ingredients and make a cure.  Ask the Alchemist
about a secret entrance into the Imp Village.  He will take you to the Shaman’s
cellar – be prepared for a tough fight when you get there.

When the Shaman is almost dead the Chieftain’s son will appear and stop the
fight.  But, the Shaman will teleport you to his world to finish the fight –
search the dungeon that you appear if for the Shaman.  After killing the Shaman
pick up the loot and a key – the Key will open a door to the South.  In the
room to the South grab another key and read a book that helps you decipher the
Raanaar alphabet.

Go back to the room where you killed the Shaman and head West through another
door.  You will come to 2 locked doors – look on the West wall for a lever and
use it.  Enter the door to the South and free the Imp Sage.  Now go through the
other locked door (it is unlocked now).  Find the Crystal Fragment and pick it
up.  You will be teleported back to the Shaman’s cellar, and then after some
dialogue you will be summoned by the Necromancer again.

3rd Crystal Fragment Summoning Quest:

Clear the area that you are teleported to for exp and loot.  You will find 6
children in the village – talk to them.  When you uncover a Stone Well the
children will enter it – follow them into the well and kill a Mutant who drops
a Crystal Fragment – pick up the fragment.  One of the children (Arnie
Mastersen) will then talk to you – he wants you to save the other children, do
that now (there is a Mineshaft Entrance to the West in the room you are in –
use it.  Clear the lower dungeon and free all the children then exit to the
town.  You can talk to all of them and finish looting the homes if you want to
(in Cassandra’s house you will find a Skill Book).  If you move out of town you
will be teleported back to the Necromancer and complete the summoning quest.

Back to the Shaman’s Cellar:

Upon your return you learn from the Imp Taxlehix that Samuel visited the Imp
Village and wiped out most of the village.  The Imp knows the way to the Temple
of Raan (so he claims) and will show you where it is.  Tell him that you are
not ready to go yet – you can gather loot throughout the town first.  Also,
make sure that you gather everything from the Battlefield because you will be
going to Act III when you follow the Imp.  Go North to the cellar exit and
return to Taxlehix when you are prepared to go to Act III.

After looting all the houses in town and cleaning out the Battlefields return
to the Shaman’s cellar – tell Taxlehix that you are ready to go (btw: Taxlehix
will train to level 10 in Pickpocket).  He takes you to the Mushroom forest
and…  oops someone is coming (it will lead you to the next act).

When an invitation to visit Asmodheus appears accept it and you will go to
Act III.


When you meet Asmodheus play his game and answer the riddles (You have to end
the dialogue and click on him for each question).  The answers are Mushroom / A
Horse / Hunger.  Click on Asmodheus again, it looks like you have been screwed,
but not really.  Click on him again and you will receive another Summoning Doll
– pick it up and click on Asmodheus again.

You are teleported to an area with 5 star-shaped teleporters.  Only one is
active at this time – select it and use it.  Go North and enter a large
compound area.  You will see a Billboard and a Temple Commoner – talk to the
Temple Commoner.  He will give you directions and mark them on your map for 10
gold.  Go into the building on your left and talk to the Keeper of Ranks – you
want to enter the contest.  When you look at the ranking book you are the
lowest contestant.  You need to be the highest (2nd highest actually, but that
comes later).  Now go outside and click on the Billboard several times and get
all the quests that it will give you.

NOTE:  If you are carrying a lot of items from the Battlefield grab a barrel
to store them near the Billboard (not a chest because some of the chests may
have a bug that causes them to become invisible).  You should get 4 quests.
You will do them after clearing the town area on your map (I start by going
straight to the West and work my way around the town wall – keep your alt key
depressed to find several crystals along the wall).

You get a cut scene about 2 Assassins – you will get a quest later.  Enter
the Temple Tavern and grab some loot. (ignore another cut scene of two
complaining commoners).  Next, enter the Temple Fighting Arena and loot
everything you find inside.  Just to the Northeast of the Temple Fighting area
is a small graveyard where you will find a Cursed Man.  Talk to him and get a
quest to cure him.  Next, enter the Temple Magic Merchant building and loot
what you can then talk to the Merchant.  Enter a small building (Cassandra’s
home) just East of the Temple Fighting Arena and grab the “Bat Guano” for a
quest later – mark this location on your map.  Enter the next small building to
the East (Sigurd’s House – mark it on your map) and get a quest from the
assassin inside.

To the North of Cassandra’s home is a small building with 2 guards outside.
This is the Temple prison – mark it on your map.

North of the Temple prison is a large graveyard.  Check around the
gravestones and find a grave with 1 item inside – open it and get Battlefield
Key #1.  The Crypt and the Temple Church are not open at this time, and won’t
be until you are about to go to Act IV.  To the East of the Temple Church is
another graveyard – find Brother Raze there and talk to him and accept his
quest.  The crypt, in that graveyard, is unavailable at this time, but look
around and find a crystal in the Northeast section, and a Mirror close by in a
grave (it is an important quest item so keep it).

NOTE: somewhere along the way you will have a kid who starts following you –
ignore him, he is just a kid.  Also the Raanaar writings that you will see are
relatively unimportant at this time, but will be very important in Act IV, so
you need to learn to read them.

Enter the Temple Merchant’s building and talk to Daniel the Merchant and the
Weapon Smith (grab any loot also) – Daniel gives you a quest to find an amulet
in the crypt (that comes much later).

Enter the Temple Barracks and grab some loot.  To the West of the Temple
Barracks is an area with large green crystals – find a silver key in there.
South of the Barracks is a Stone Well – come back from time to time and a boy
will come here with a quest – get his ball from the well (it is inside a Flooge
in the well).  Note:  The boy does not always show up; he only showed up for me
once in 4 games.

Enter the small building West of the area with the green crystals.  Kill 3
guards inside and grab a key one of them drops that unlocks a hatch – enter the
hatch to find Groblar the assassin.  He tries to offer you a deal, but refuse
(you will kill him now or later anyways, and get exp if you refuse his offer).
Grab loot and return to Sigurd to complete the quest (on the way out find a
note in Raanaar writing – it is called “The Portal of Rixx” and explains the
Seeing Stone which is a quest a bit later on.  If you can’t read it you can
carry it with you and read it later.

In a small building just south of Groblar’s house you will find Cytha – get a
quest from her to find the Book of Twilight.

The small building just West of Groblar’s house is locked, but will open now.
Grab a little loot and move on.  In the area just to the West of that small
house you will see a cut scene with 3 people talking about something – not
important, they just don’t like Tibars.

In the Southeast part of town there is a Temple Warehouse, you have the
silver key that unlocks the door.  Go inside and fight a guard and grab any
loot.  Make sure that you grab the “Old Cheese” for a quest later.  Also grab
the “Raanaar Urn” in a room to the Southwest for a quest later.

In the center of town there is a tall monument with a bird statue (just North
of the Billboard, look around that area for an npc named Crazy Barnabus and
talk to him for another quest.

After completing the quest for Sigurd go back to the Keeper of the Ranks and
check you status – you are now #8 or 13.

Find the Missing Holy Relic:

Exit the town and go East.  Just as the wall of the town begins to turn to
the North, go a very short way South and run your curser over the ground until
you find a “pit” with one or more items inside.  Open the pit and grab a
Raanaar Statue.  Someone will run up to you and demand the item back – refuse
and kill him (and probably an Air Elemental close by).  Go East and a little to
the North and kill Stit when he attacks you – He drops a Skill book.

Go back to the Pit and then go South until you find a wagon, then go West
until you find a Traveling Merchant fighting an Air Elemental.  Kill the
Elemental and talk to the Merchant for a quest to find him stolen goods.  Go
directly East and a little to the North and find the cart and Mutants fighting
an Air Elemental.  They offer to share the goods with you – refuse and kill
them all.  Go back to the Wandering Merchant and complete the quest.

Go South and your DK will alert you that you are about to enter a dangerous
area.  This is the Ash Forest, and the Holy Relic is deep in the area.  You
will now be approached by a Raanaar patrol – talk to them.  When you enter the
Ash Forest hug the western wall and work your way southward.

You come upon a bard named Kyrill – he gives you a quest to kill a Fire
Elemental.  The Fire Elemental is a very short distance to the Southwest – kill
it and return to Kyrill to complete the quest.  Continue hugging the Western
wall and go South.  If you turn West you will enter another area and fight a
Crystal Gargoyle and 2 Demons – you do not want to be in this area yet so move
back East a bit and find the wall again and continue following it to the South.

You will encounter 2 Crystal Gargoyles – Kill them and continue South.  Look
just to your East and a little further south to find a cave.  Enter the cave.
To the Northwest side of the cave you will find “Exotic Ore” – take it for a
quest later.  There is a gold chest near the ore and it is trapped – do not
open it yet.  Send one of your party to the ladder that exits the dungeon and
have him wait there.  With the other character close to the chest go into pause
mode and open the chest, grabbing the contents, then stay in pause mode and
switch to the other character and have him exit the dungeon while still in
pause mode.

On your mini-map you see a ruins just to the South.  That is where the Holy
Relic is – go there now.  Enter the ruins.  Go South and when you enter the
next room you will fight 9 ghosts.  In the next room to the South there is a
trapped gold chest – the trap is not very strong – open it.  Now head North and
fight 3 more ghosts – then go more North and find the Holy Relic (there is also
a gem in the eye of the statue in that room).

You may have noticed that you are getting beaten up a lot.  The areas here
get harder so this is a good time to take the relic back to town, give it to
Brother Raze, check your standing with the Keeper of Ranks, and go to the
Battlefield to set up camp and get some exp.  To get back to town (if you have
not left a pyramid there) just go Northeast and look for a teleporter not far
from where you are.

You are now #6 in the Book of Ranks.  Remember to transfer any items that you
stored from the barrel to the Battlefield.

Act III Battlefield, Level 1:

Set up your camp, transfer your items there, clear the surface areas of the
battlefield, and then complete Dungeon #1.  You will find that Elkar sells
Shaman Hammer level 6, and Wizard spells up to level 10.  Brian will train
Sharpen level 9.  Olaf trains Melee specialties level 10, Crossbow level 8, and
Bow level 10.  Annabelle trains Alchemy level 4.  Return to the main game after
you have gotten all the battlefield exp that you can.

The Book of Twilight & Zandalor’s Amulet Quests:

Go back and finish clearing the rest of the Ash Forest area, there are some
side-quests to do there and the Book of Twilight.

You will find a Wizard (Zandalor from Divine Divinity) near a ruins.  He
wants you to find an amulet in the ruins; agree to find it for him.  There are
4 large pillars in the ruins, each asks a question you have to answer.  The
answers are:
  Cold as your heart, my cruel friend = Stone
  Food for the fire, my solid friend = Wood
  Shiny like the sun, my greedy friend = Gold
  Sparkling like your eyes, my beloved friend = Crystal

Now enter the ruins.  Use all 3 levers in the first room, then go North to the
next room then West though a door.  Kill a monster there, then go East through
another door and use all 3 levers there.

Go to the next room to the North, then through a door to the West – use all 3
levers in that room also.  Now go to the room to the East and kill another

Go to the next room to the North, and then trough a door to the West and kill
another monster (It will drop Battlefield Key #3).  Now go East to another room
and grab some nice loot from a chest inside.

Go to the next room to the North and use the stairs down to the next level.
A Gargoyle named Riddler is in that room; talk to Riddler and answer his
question (the answer is Hate).  You can talk to him again and trade with him.

Go South then east into a room with a lever.  Use the lever and go to the
next room to the South, then West, then North.  Kill a monster there and use
another lever.  Go South and West into another room with a lever.  Kill a
monster there, grab some loot, use the lever and go East, then South into a
room with only one door going East.  Enter that room, then East again into a
room with another lever; kill a monster there and then use the lever.  Now go
West, then South to find stairs to the 3rd level of the ruins; use the stairs.

On the 3rd level go to the room to the North, then West.  Kill a Mutant and
use the lever in that room, then go East and kill another Mutant and use
another lever.  Now go to the next room to the North (the door will be open).
Kill a Mutant and a couple of Water Elemental and find Zandalor’s Amulet.

Leave the ruins and find Zandalor.  It is no surprise that all is not what it
seems.  Kill Zandalor.

Just to the East there is another ruins (the Raanaar Library) that contains
the Book of Twilight.  Enter the ruins and move East until a Raanaar librarian
asks what you are looking for; tell him a special book.  He will give you a
quest to solve the problem with bad smelling lava.  Exit the ruins and go to
the East boundary wall and follow it South.

You will fight several Crystal Gargoyles, then see a cut scene of an Imp
telling you about a problem with teleporters.  Do not go further East yet, but
continue going South and a little bit to the West and find “Bathing Demons”
fighting a Gargoyle;  there will be some dialogue between them, then they will
attack you – kill them.  Now return to the Raanaar Library.

Once inside the library again leave one of your characters at the stairs and
move through the library with the other character.  Talk to the librarian again
and he will tell you to talk to the head librarian (he will be all the way
East, then North – talk to him about the book.  Go all the way South, then West
into a room containing the Book of Twilight.  The book is on a table with a
Raanaar guard on each side of it.  Go to the book, take the book, enter pause
mode immediately, switch to the character waiting at the library exit, and exit
the ruins (otherwise you have to kill the Raanaar librarians).

Finish uncovering the rest of the Ash Forest area.  A little South of the
Bathing Demons you will be attacked by “Yrev” – kill him for a skill book.  If
you start seeing large crystal rocks to the South you are entering another area
– do not go there yet.  Once you have cleared the uncovered the entire area,
look on your map for the teleporter and use it.  Take the Book of Twilight to
Cytha then go back to the Keeper of Ranks and check your status – you should be
4th in rank now.

The Book for Crazy Barnabus:

Exit the Temple area and uncover the map along the wall going West, then
North.  Just as the wall turns North look a bit to the West and find a “Seeing
Stone”; mark it on your map for use later.  Stay close to the wall when it
turns East (behind the Temple compound) and take care with the Blood Knights
you will encounter – they can be very tough.  You will find the book a very
short way after the wall turns East, about half way between the temple area
wall and the Northern area boundary – it is just laying on the ground.

If you are able to handle the Blood Knights then uncover the rest of the
Northern part of the map and work your way East then South, then back to the
Temple entrance and give the book to Barnabus.  Otherwise go back the way you
came and give him the book.  Right behind the Temple about half way along the
wall you will see a rockpile.  If you pass your curser over it you will notice
a locked entrance – mark it on your map as the Staff of Power location – that
comes later.

Along the Northern area boundary you will be attacked by “Looc” – kill him
for a skill book.  Crazy Barnabus wanders around a lot so look for him near the
small building just to the East of the center monument in town.

When you check your rank with the Keeper of Ranks you will be #2 and Kiya is
#1.  She will challenge you to a duel and you will have to defeat her.  You can
fight her now or later.  Might as well do it now.

Fight Kiya to Become Rank #1 & Amulet for the Merchant Quest:

Go to the large Temple in the North-Central part of town.  There is a crypt
in the graveyards on both sides of the Temple; you want the one on the West
side; enter it now.

Go to a large room to the East and meet Kiya again.  You will have to kill a
lot of Mutants in that room.  Notice 4 Skeleton Guards near a Sarcophagus along
the North wall.  After killing Mutants, so that there are none around you, open
the Sarcophagus and a ghost Raanaar appears.  If you say that his daughter sent
you, then you get the Amulet without a fight.  Clear the large room and the 2
small rooms to the South, then head into the room to the North.

After killing Kiya grab a Sapphire key and any other items that she drops.
Loot all the containers in the room then go one more room to the North (the
Sapphire key unlocks the door) and get a Crystal Fragment; you will be summoned
by the Necromancer again.

4th Crystal Fragment Summoning Quest:

You are teleported to the Salt Mines area (the Wasteland from Divine Divinity).
Begin uncovering the map until you see a cut scene asking what you are doing
there.  After the dialogue finish uncovering the map and loot all the
containers.  Make sure you mark the location of the locked hatch in one of the

Enter the Salt Mines and uncover the map until an Imp (Zaknadrix) , far to
the West, talks to you.  Exit the Salt Mine and talk to Murray again; ask about
the Crystal.  Ask him if you can see the Crystal and then enter the hatch; you
will fight the miners in the cellar (if you are quick on the pause key and
leave one alive for a bit, you can loot them before being teleported back to
the Necromancer).

When you are teleported back to Kiya’s crypt exit by the stairs in front of
you and talk to the Messenger at the top of the stairs.  You can give the
amulet you got in Kiya’s tomb to Daniel, the merchant, now and complete that

Note: You have the option to tell him about the curse on the amulet, or not
tell him.  You get the same exp either way, but get some items if you do not
tell him.  You do not lose any reputation for not telling him either.

Do not talk to the Bishop yet, there are still several quests and some
battlefield dungeons to complete first.  This is a good time to visit the
Battlefield and complete Dungeons #2 and #3.

Act III Battlefield, Level 2 & 3:

Clear 2 more dungeons, then return to the main game.

Talking Tibar Quests:

Exit the Temple compound and go South, and a little bit East and you
encounter a Tibar (probably fighting an Air Elemental).  He gives you a quest
to have Cassandra lift a curse from him.  He gives you a curse scroll and tells
you that you also need a Smelly Cheese and Bat Guano for the scroll to work
(you already have both items).  Go back to the Temple compound and talk to
Cassandra.  She will not lift the curse so cast the curse.  Talk to Cassandra
again and she will give you the cure for the Tibar – go back to him and
complete the quest.  You get an item and 40k exp.

Missing Monks & Cursed Man Quests:

Look on your map and you will see a red flag that says “Imp Cave”, that is
the next place to go.  The area that the cave is in is the Crystal Forest.
Enter the cave and find a Sapphire key to the East of the ladder.  There is a
closet with a locked chest on top – the key opens the locked chest.  Do Not
open the closet – it is trapped.  You can use the same trick that you used in
the Raanaar library to get items from the closet and exit the cave without
getting killed.  Now go back inside the cave and talk to Xanaxil, the Black
Imp.  He tells you that the Cursed Man is sick because of crystal shards – go
back and talk to the Cursed Man.

The Cursed Man remembers that he was in the Crystal Forest and asks you to
investigate some more.  Go back to the Crystal Forest, but this time clear the
map along the Western area boundary and go South.

Just as the Western boundary turns South you will see a cave – enter it now,
grab some loot, exit the cave and mark it on your map as “Merchant Cave”

Continue to head South along the Western edge and you will be attacked by a
Mage and a DeathKnight.  Kill them and they drop 2 notes and some disguise
armor – you will use the items soon.  A little ways North of where you were
attacked the DeathKnight will tell you to use the disguise armor – put it on
and continue North and you see a wall and a gate.

The guard at the gate will ask to see your papers (you have them now) and
will let you pass beyond the gate.  Inside, and to the East you find a
merchant.  Continue to uncover the area and General Bram will talk to you – he
gives you a quest to investigate the merchant.  Talk to the merchant and you
have a choice to turn him in or let him go (I turn him in).

There is a ruins in the center of the camp – enter the ruins, grab some loot
and exit the area.  If a Mage shows up while you are in the cave you will have
to kill him and the General and his troops will attack you when you exit the
ruins (you could just kill them all now anyway, they are of no further use to
you).  Leave the area, change back to your normal armor and continue following
the Western boundary Southward.

Just to the West of the wall and gate you just left there is Battlefield Key
#3 laying on the ground (this is actually the 2nd Battlefield #3 key that you
have found).  Continue onwards.

A little further South you will be attacked by “Era” – Kill her and get
another skill book.  Continue Southward and you will find “Raven” – talk to her
about the Cursed Man.  She needs 3 herbs to make a cure (Eagle’s Crest,
Foxfairy, and Purple Turnips).  Keep your alt key pressed and head Northeast
for the 1st herb, Then Southeast to find the 2nd herb, then Southwest to find
the 3rd herb.  Take the herbs back to Raven and she will make a poultice to
cure the Cursed Man.

Before returning to the Cursed Man enter a ruins to the South of Raven and
clear it out.  The Earth Demon inside will drop a key to open the locked door
to the West.  You will find the Missing Monks in that room – now return to the
Cursed Man and cure him.

Restore the Altars Quests:

Now return to the Crystal Forest and finish uncovering that portion of the
map.  There are more quests to complete in that area.  You will find a burning
wagon, and a note on two of the dead bodies – The note in the Raanaar Language
shows that the Raanaar had ambushed the wagon to deprive the Chaos cultists of
their supplies.

You will encounter an Orange colored crystal that talks to you about
restoring 4 altars.  The altars are found in a circle around the crystal (they
will be marked on your map).  The riddles are:
  You walk upon it…it drinks…but is always thirsty = put earth on altar
  You fear it…but use it… it eats but is never full = put wood on altar
  It’s all around you = blow on the altar
A cloud is my mother, the wind is my father, and my children are the fruits
of the land = spit on the altar

Go back to the Orange crystal and complete the quest and get a permanent
survival potion as a reward.  Finish uncovering the area, but make sure that
you do not leave the Crystal Forest (there is an exit to the East for another
quest you will receive in a little while.

Oren & the Imps Quests:

You will find “Oren” (probably fighting a gargoyle) who has an artifact.  To
get the artifact you have to do a quest for him to kill some Imps that are
hunting him.  The Imps are to the South.  The Imps tell you that Oren burned
their village and ask you to find a weapon in a cave.  The cave is right next
to the camp to the West.  Explore the cave and find a “Scythe Defender –
Unique”.  Talk to the Imps again and they offer to let you keep the weapon if
you kill Oren – do it.  Talk to the Imps after killing Oren for some exp.

Crystal Forest South:

Further South a Mutant will tell you that you cannot pass – bribe him with
gold.  You enter a new area to the South – the Southern Crystal Forest.  Make
your way to the East boundary of the new area and head South – make sure that
you don’t leave the Crystal Forest (you will get a warning from a Raanaar when
you are about to enter a new area), you will enter that area soon.

Cave Monsters Quests:

In the Southwest part of the map you will find 4 Cave Monsters who give you a
quest to kill a Demon who have stolen their cave – do it.  The Demon drops a
Demon’s Bane Gem that you will need later on.  Go back and talk to the Cave
Monsters and get some exp and an item (I got Shadow Leggings).  Look to the
Northeast of the cave and find Battlefield #4 key hidden in a large crystal

Raanaar Patrol and Raanaar Quests:

In the Southeastern part of the map you will encounter some Raanaar who are
in trouble fighting a bunch of monsters.  Help them kill the monsters and they
will ask you to join them - agree.  The entrance to their camp is straight
South and is now marked on your map – enter the Raanaar camp now and talk to
the Rebel Elder.

 Raanaar Urn Quest:

A Raanaar rebel tells you that his brother was killed in the Temple of the
Black Ring and his ancestral ashes were stolen.  He wants you to get them back.
You already have the Urn, so end the dialogue and then talk to him again to
complete the quest.

Raanaar Kill the Monster Quest:

A Raanaar rebel wants you to kill a nearby monster that has been attacking
the Raanaar.  Just go to the Northwest area of the camp to find a cave – enter
the cave and kill the monster.  Go back to the rebel to complete the quest.

Raanaar Totem Statue Quest:

A Raanaar rebel wants you to retrieve a totem statue that was buried in the
vicinity of the Temple area.  You already have the statue (you found it in a
pit).  Just end the dialogue and then talk to the rebel again.

Raanaar Disable the Seeing Stone & Red Dragon’s Bane Sword & Serrick Tower &
Wayward Pupil & Fix the Teleporter & Raanaar Lost Party Treasure Quests:

A Raanaar rebel wants you to find a way to disable the Seeing Stone near the
Temple (you have already marked the location on your map).  You can complete
the Seeing Stone quest and the Wayward Pupil quest at the same time so first go
to the Seeing Stone and click on it (use the teleporter north of the Raanaar
camp to get there).  As you leave the camp the Rebel Elder will give you
another quest – Red Dragon’s Bane Sword quest.

First pay a visit to the Smith and tell him that you need a special sword
with a gem socket.  The Smith tells you that he needs a special ore to make the
sword (you already have the ore).  End the dialogue, then talk to the Smith
again – he makes the sword for you.

Now go to the Seeing Stone and click on it (you marked it on your map).  The
Seeing Stone cycles through several locations on your map – one of them is the
location where you will find the Wayward Pupil.  Look on your map and you will
see a red flag marked “Serrick Tower” – go there now (through the Ash Forest
then West).

When you get to the door of the tower, take the small mirror out of your
inventory and drop it on the ground right in front of the door.  Now enter the
tower by talking to the guard outside .  Talk to the Raanaar “Markanther”
inside and have him swear an oath not to reveal the Raanaar magic to anyone –
the quest is completed once you return to the rebel who gave you the quest.

Loot the lower level of the tower and find a Golden Key on a bookcase in the
Northwest part of the room.  Now go upstairs and loot that area as well, then
talk to Serrick – he gives you a quest to repair a malfunctioning teleporter in
the area.  Be prepared for battle, you will have to find the Earth Elemental

As you move South you will be teleported around the area at various times and
places.  Eventually you will be teleported to the Earth Elemental King.  Try to
kill the Earth Elementals as fast as you can, before they start their
earthquake spells.  You will also encounter some Raanaar who cannot leave the
area because the teleporter is broken – agree to help them.

Note:  I was teleported to the Earth Elemental King while going South, near
the lower-central part of the map.

Talk to the King and have him give you the a Gem, then kill him.  Go North a
little ways and click on the teleporter – then use the gem on the teleporter.
The quest for Serrick is now complete, you will go back and talk to him again
soon.  But first find the Raanaar and tell them that the teleporter is fixed
now so they can leave – they will tell you of a treasure cave at the very
Southern part of the area – loot it, it is marked on your map.

Just North of the teleporter there is a circular area that you cannot enter
because it is surrounded you small strips of lava.  Use your pyramids to get in
that area and grab some loot.  Inside the chest is Battlefield key #4 (this is
the 2nd Battlefield key #4 you have found).

Go West from the area where you found the Battlefield key and you will find a
locked chest near the Western area boundary.  Look for a small tree just West
of the chest and find a key inside.  Open the chest for some items and a lot of

Now return to Serrick and complete his quest.  Then go back and click on the
Seeing Stone again – that will disable it.  Now return to the Raanaar camp and
complete the Wayward Pupil, Disable Seeing Stone, and Red Dragon Bane’s Sword
quests.  If the Rebel Elder does not take the sword you might have to drop the
gem on the ground and pick it up again, then he should take the gem and sword.

At this point in the game you should have all quests completed except the
Black Bishop and restoring the doll.  This would be a good time to visit the
Battlefield and complete another dungeon.

Act III Battlefield, Level 4:

Complete Dungeon #4 and start selling off items that you do not want to take
to Act IV.  You will return to the Battlefield again before you go to Act IV.

The Black Bishop:

Go to the Temple now and talk to the Black Bishop.  Kill some ghosts and grab
any loot you can find before talking to him.  He gives you a quest to open a
sealed entrance.  You have to talk to a prisoner in the prison (you marked it
on your map earlier – do that now (talk to the guard outside the prison to open
the door).

The prisoner tells you to get the Staff of Power – it is in a cave to the
North of the Temple compound (you marked it on your map earlier).  You will
find the chest at the East end of the cave – open the locked chest there for
some loot.

Go back and talk to the Black Bishop, then click on the locked entrance to open
it – use the entrance now.  Move South to stairs leading down – use the stairs.

Go South into a large room (you will have a test by a Raanaar ghost) and then
go to a small room to the East and use a lever in that room.  Go all the way
across the large room to another small room to the West and use a lever in that
room.  Now go North in the large room and find another small room, enter it and
use another lever in that room.  Now go South across the large room and enter
the small room to the East side to find Battlefield key #6.  The remaining
small room (the one just to the West of you) will take you down to level 3 – go
there now.

Uncover the entire level 3 area on your map, but save the small room all the
way to the South for last (that room will take you to the next level).  Another
Raanaar ghost tells you not to take anything that does not belong to you – so
do not loot in this level (except what monsters drop).  As you get to the last
rooms to the South, there is a lot of gold on the floor – do not take any.
After you get dialogue from the Raanaar ghost that you understood the lesson,
then you can go back and gather all the loot on the level (actually you could
probably loot everything except the gold with no problem, but why risk messing
up the quest).  No go to the South room and you can enter level 4.

Another Raanaar ghost will tell you to pick one way, but choose wisely.  The
correct way is straight ahead, up the middle.  You enter a room with 4 chests
and 4 keys.  You can only take 1 key, and open 1 chest.  The contents in my
game were:
  Wooden Chest = Ent Wood wand (not very good).
  Stone Chest = 2-handed Battle Hammer (decent, but not very good)
  Metal Chest = Full Plate Armor (not very good)
  Gold Chest = 5000 gold (probably the best choice)
I then went back and cleared the entire level.  The small room all the way to
the South has the entrance to level 5 – use it now.

On level 5, work your way South clearing all the side rooms along the way.
You will find “Catacombs Armor” in the middle of the floor of one room.  When
you pick the armor up the Black Bishop will come and you will have to kill him.

You will come to a room with another Raanaar ghost.  You will be asked to
find the 3 symbols of the domain and bring them back to the ghost.  The symbols
are War, Honor, and Wisdom.  The War symbol is in the room to your East – get
it now.

The room to the West is the entrance to another level of the catacombs (a
teleporter stone on the floor) – go there now and get the symbol of Wisdom.
Move North to the end of the corridor.  You can go East and clear another
corridor (I found a gold charm in a container in that corridor), then come back
to this spot and go West.  You will see a gold chest to your left – It is
trapped and deadly (best to ignore that chest).  Continue East then go South.
At the 1st intersection you will find a book of the Raanaar alphabet to the
West – use it.  Keep going South (do not take the East corridor yet until you
have looted anything to the South.  Now backtrack to where you found the
Raanaar alphabet book, and take the East corridor.  At the end of that corridor
you can get the “loose” symbol that is on the wall and you will be teleported
back to level 5.

Back on level 5 move one more room South and enter either of the side rooms
to the East or West.  There are stairs to another level of the catacombs where
you will get the Honor symbol – use the stairs and head North on the next
level.  There is a Statue in the North room, when you approach it the statue
will speak and drop the Honor symbol – grab it.  Now go back to level 5 using
the stairs you came down.

Now you have a choice to make.  The normal plot line for the game is to go
back Northward to the room with the Raanaar who wanted the 3 symbols and she
will lift the curse on the Raanaar Summoning Doll – this is the preferred
method.  If you do not talk to her again the Doll will not be restored and you
keep it, but you will still be able to finish the game.  The choice is yours,
but again, the preferred method is to have the doll restored.  Make your choice
and then you will move to the room to the South.

In the room to the South you will be asked to bring the fully assembled
crystal to that room.  There is a crystal fragment there and you know what that
means by now.  Do not take the crystal fragment yet!!!

This is probably the last opportunity you will have to visit the Battlefield
and clear out the last 2 dungeons there, and grab all the items that you want
to carry to Act IV – do that now.

Act III Battlefield, Level 5 & 6:

Complete dungeons 5 & 6, then get all the items that you want to take with
you to Act IV.

Return From Act III Battlefield, Level 5 & 6:

Now that you are done with the Battlefields and are prepared to go to Act IV,
grab the crystal fragment.  You will be summoned and sent to a swamp where Ian
gives you a quest to stop the swamp from continuing to grow.  Head Northwest
from the farm until you find the Lizard King.  Talk to the King, then continue,
heading towards the South. When you come to a cave, enter it.  Kill the
Priestess and grab the crystal fragment.

Find The Assembled Crystal Quest:

You are teleported back to the Necromancer and he wants you to watch while he
assembles the crystal.  Kill the Necromancer and grab the assembled crystal.
You will be teleported back to the Temple and Elder Anlokam will talk to you.
The Elder will open a rift for you and that will take you to ACT IV.

Act IV

Just before being teleported from the Temple you will see a cut scene of
Samuel and Asmodheus arguing.  Then you are teleported to an area just outside
the Raanaar Academy.  Move Northeast and when you see a cut scene pay attention
to exactly what a Raanaar says to open the Academy door.  Move to the door and
click on it.  A ghost will appear and demand 500 gold to pass – agree to pay.
Click on the door again and select the correct words to be spoken (the top one
works).  The door opens and you can enter the Academy.

Academy Level 1:

Right in front of you is a corpse with loot.  Go through the door to the
North and meet a Raanaar ghost “Donhoram”.  Listen to his dialogue and he tells
you to read the “16” rules on the wall.  Ask him if there is a drug problem at
the Academy, and the click on each of the runes on the wall and remember the
rules.  Notice that there are only 15 rules, the 16th rune has been broken.

Find a Raanaar corpse near the door to the Northwest of the room – get a key
from the body.  The key opens a cupboard just North of the body – unlock it and
take the bottle of fine black, greasy powder.  On the West wall is another
cupboard with a rusted door – use the powder on the cupboard (just click on it)
there is a book or Raanaar Magic inside – take it.  Now exit the door to the
North and stop outside it.  Notice the door to your left has a strange lock –
you will open it later.  To your right is a Raanaar vase that you can drag into
the hallway and store your items if you are overloaded.  Mark it on your map so
you can find it when you are ready to go to the Battlefield for the first time
in Act IV.

Go North and enter the first unlocked door on your left (you will see a cut
scene of 2 students near the door).  There is another book of Raanaar magic
hidden in a book pile on a desk to the West side of the room – take it.

Test of Knowledge:

Enter the door to the North and answer the 1st question (use portal stone on
the far left).  Answer the 2nd question (use the portal stone to the far
right).  Answer the 3rd question (use the 2nd portal stone from the left).
Answer the 4th question (use the Portal stone on the far right).  You have
finished the first test.

Go back to the corridor and continue North, then turn East.  You will see
another cut scene of 2 students – enter that door.

Test of Endurance:

Use this order:
1.  Enter the rift and bring the Imp out of the room
2.  Enter the rift and bring the chest out of the room
3.  Bring the Imp back into the rift and bring the Golem out of the room
4.  Enter the rift and bring the Imp out again

Before leaving that room, loot the closet on the West wall and find
Battlefield Key #1.  Also notice the North wall when you run your curser over
the crumbled part of the wall – that comes later.

Test of Endurance:

From the Test of Endurance room, go East then South until you see another cut
scene of 2 students – enter that room.  Read a note on the desk before going
into the room to the North.  Use these steps for the next few rooms:
1.  Do not kill the Imps, let them live.  Take the rubber duckie.
2.  Do not kill the DeathKnight.  Take the Guitar.
3.  Say yes to add their lifeforce to yours.  Take the teddy bear.
4.  You did not fail… take the hourglass and go through the door (do not cheat
and take the broken wall).

You have completed the 3 tests.  Now go to the Chamber of Evaluation (it is the
large room in the center of your map).  Grab the 3 reward items from the tables
inside the room and check for any more loot.

Act IV Battlefield, Level 1:

Since you have no pending quests at this time, it is a good time to visit the
Battlefield and get some additional exp (you will need it).  Remember to take
any items that you stored.  Try to uncover the entire surface area and complete
the 1st Dungeon.

Return From Act IV Battlefield, Level 1:

Exit the Chamber of Evaluation and return to the room where you took the
Patience Test (the one with the crumbling wall).  Just inside the door is a
Raanaar corpse that has a pickaxe.  Put the pickaxe in your inventory and click
on the crumbling wall – be prepared for a fight.  In the room you can enter now
there is a book of Raanaar magic to the West, and a pool of water to the East.
In the pool of water you will get a Star Amulet – it unlocks the door with the
star-shaped lock, open that door now.

Inside the room is a mirror, when you click on it you will see some text.
The text is written backwards, so reading it is easy.  You have to find a
Diamond ring in the tunnels to free the prisoner in the mirror.

Go back to the Chamber of Evaluation and notice that there are 4 small rooms
to the South.  Enter the room open room to the East and find a key on the table
inside.  You will see a lever on the wall as well.  Leave one of your party at
the lever and send the other member to the room that is to the West.  Now use
the lever in the East room and a door will open for the member at the West
room.  Have your party member enter the room and an Imp appears to take the
Duckie from you.  He will drop a Sapphire key.  Have the DK exit that room now
and use the West room lever.  Now the party member in the East room can enter
another room, unlock a cupboard, and find a Diamond ring.  Now exit both rooms
and reform your team.

Go back to the room with the prisoner in the mirror and click on it.  Select
[ Lean against the mirror and try to enter it… ] and you will enter the mirror.
Look around inside the mirror room and find a book of Raanaar magic (written
backwards of course).  Take the book and any other loot you can find, then exit
the mirror.  You have to click on the mirror again to escape.  When you return
to the correct side of the mirror the prisoner will drop a key for you and you
get some exp.  Now go to the room in the Southeast corner of the level you are
on and find stairs leading downward.  Use the stairs now.

Pipes, Level 1:

You appear in the pipes and talk to the Imp Taxlehix.  Go North until you
come to a wall, and walk right through the wall to find a lever – use the
lever.  Now go East into another room and kill a monster there.  Take the 2 red
gems on the ground.  There is another lever in this room – use the lever.

Now go West (again walk through a wall) and talk to the Imp Nixfix.  He wants
you to kill a monster, tells you how to get to the next level, and will not
help you get into the locked room to the West (not yet anyways).

Exit the room heading North and go to the large room that is just across the
corridor to the North also.  Several monsters appear and when you play your
guitar they all die.  In the Northeast corner of that room walk through another
wall and you will find a key inside a vase – take the key.  Now go back to
Nixfix room and open the locked chest with the key.

Exit the room to the East and take a corridor leading South (to the room you
started in), then head West.  At the 1st intersection use the lever to the
North, and then go South into an now open room.  Inside the room is another
lever (use it before leaving the room) and a hole.  If you click on the hole
you can reach down inside and grab something.  Sometimes it will be a bone;
sometimes a gem.  Keep trying until you get 2 Yellow gems from the hole.  Use
the lever and leave the room, then head West at the intersection.  Enter the
room at the end of the corridor.

Read the note on the floor for a clue on using the statue in the room.  Click
on the statue and put one red and one yellow gem in the window, then close it.
Now you can get the Gem near the dragon to the West.

Leave the room to the North then go West at the intersection.  Use 2 levers
and take the mushroom on the ground.  Exit the room and go East, North, East,
and North again.  At the next intersection use a lever to your left, then
continue North into another room – use a lever in that room.

Leave the room and head South back to the intersection then go West.  A
Raanaar ghost will appear and asks for his gem.  You have the gem from the Imp
statue room, so give it to the ghost.  Continue to the West.  You come to a
door, but after opening it you find that it is a false door.  The wall to your
left is a false wall as well; walk through the wall heading South, then West
and through another false wall.  Just to the South in that room is another
lever on the other side of a partial wall – use the lever.

Now go to the room just to the North and find stairs going up, and stairs
going down.  Use the stairs going up now.  You are back on Academy level #1.
Look in a locked closet for a skill book.  Go back down to the pipes level #1,
go back to where you gave the gem to the Raanaar ghost and continue East.  You
pass through 3 doors (the levers you used opened these doors) and into another
room with stairs – use the stairs now.  You are back on Academy level #1.  You
find a teleporter in that room which will take you to Academy level #2.  Use
the teleporter now.

Academy, Level 2:

In the room you will find a rope hanging in a hole in the floor.  That takes
you back to Nixfix room in Pipes level #1.  Use the rope to take a look, and
then use the rope again to come back up to this room.  Exit the room (South)
and talk to Ankhumar and he will tell you to visit the Priestess in her
sanctuary to get the blessing of the Goddess.

Exit the room and go West.  In the next room you find a Map Stone that will
add all of the important areas to your map.  Look on your map and go to the
room marked “Priestess of Raan”.

Rakoham, the Priestess of Raan, will talk to you about the blessing and the
drug problem in the Academy (she tells you that Elder Ansukar must deal with
the drug problem).  Talk to the pink statue near the North wall and answer the
question (War, Wisdom, and Honor).  Click on the statue again and grab the
amulet of Raan’s Blessing.

1st Summoning Test:

Exit the room and go the room marked on your map as the “First Summoning
Hall”.  Talk to the Instructor who tells you that you need to summon an
informer.  You will be given a key that lets you unlock a door to access the
Eastern part of the level (that is why he says you will need the key to
progress further), and told not to forget the protection rune.

Go to the room marked on your map as “Library”.  Your first goal is to find
the book about summoning.  At the library talk to Elder Antopar and ask him
about the drug problem and the book about summoning.  He tells you to read the
book “Dangers of Drug Addiction” and then opens the door to the books area.
Get the Book of Basic Summoning from a closet near the North wall.  After
reading all of the books and notes in the library leave the room.  The DK will
stop you before you exit and ask if you understand what creature you have to
summon (the answer is an Imp).

In the Book of Basic Summoning you see that 3 ingredients are needed:
Feynur-Potion, Kohar Root, and a Spider leg.  You also need a Wisdom Protection
Rune.  Go to the room marked on your map as “Component Clerk” for the
ingredients.  Talk to Belehran, the Components Clerk, who tells you to get the
spider leg from the Room of Specimens, that he has no Kohar Root (the Imps have
not delivered it), and that his last Feynur-Potion was given to Markunthar.
Ask the components clerk about the drug problem, then go to the room marked on
your map as “Summoning Component Storage”.  As you start to exit the room you
get an important clue about Markunthar (praise his intelligence).

Outside the door to the Summoning Component Storage room you will be warned
by Dolehar that the creatures inside have broken free (pay him the 500 gold for
the key).  Ask Dolehar about the drug problem, then enter the room for a
battle.  Grab a spider leg that the spider drops and a platinum key on the

Exit the room and go North, West, and North again until you come to a door.
Enter the room and talk to Elder Ankusar.  Ask him about summoning, protection
runes, spell components, and the drug problem.  Ankusar gives you a quest to
find out who is selling the drugs.  Open the closet on the West wall and get a
key (look in the window closely, the key is hard to see).

There is a merchant in the next room to the West, grab some loot in that room
and talk to Bexhanar, the Merchant.  Ask him if he sells drugs and get a clue
(another merchant somewhere in the Academy).  Also ask him about a riddle and
he gives you a quest to solve a riddle in the laboratory of Makrunthar then
tell him the solution.

In the next room to the West you will find the protection runes.  Look for a
Raanaar named Xepatar near that room and talk to him.  He gives you a quest to
kill demons in the room he is guarding, and tells you that Dolehar is addicted
to drugs and was talking to an Imp recently.  Before fighting the Demons, enter
the room on your map marked as “Protection Runes”.  It is best to start at the
Northeast corner and enter all of the rooms to grab all of the runes (you get
some loot and exp this way).  So enter all 12 rooms, kill the monsters, grab
the loot, and pick up the runes last.  In the 5th room you will find a gold
chest with Battlefield key #3.  In the 6th room you rescue a Raanaar from a
Shadow monster (the Raanaar teaches Summoning Doll skills level 10).

Now that you have all the protection runes, enter the room marked on your map
as “Summoning Tests” and kill the Demons for Xepatar.  You will find a Raanaar
Summoning Doll in the Northwest corner of the room – grab it.  Find Xepatar and
complete the quest.

Move South to the room marked on your map as “Laboratory” (you will open a
locked door with the gold key that you found in Elder Ankusar’s room).  Near
the Laboratory door you will find a Raanaar named Dojuram – talk to her and
tell her to praise Markunthar’s intellect.  Dojuram will take Makrunthar to her
room where she can praise his intellect a little more, leaving the room opened
for you.

Enter the room and read a book on a table to find a golden key.  Then open a
small, mildly trapped, locked closet to find a ring and a Sapphire Key.  Now
open the large locked closet to find a skill book and the Feynur Potion – grab
them.  You will find a strength rock also, but there seems to be no use for it
– grab it just in case.  Pass your curser over the bookcases on the North wall
and notice that one of them will flash.  Move that bookcase out of the way to
reveal 4 colored buttons.  Press the buttons in this order:  Red. Green,
Purple, Orange (4,3,1,2) to open a door.  Enter the now opened room and find 4
chests.  Open the closets from left to right and select the colors in this
order:  Red, Yellow, Blue, Green.  You get some loot and 4 permanent stat
potions from the closets.

You are still missing the Kohar root.  You know that an Imp was supposed to
deliver it, but has not done so.  Go to the room marked on your map as “Storage
Room” and use the rope to go back to Nixfix.  Ask him about drugs, then ask
about the Kohar-Root.  Nixfix tells you to bring mushroom for his flooge – you
already have the mushroom.  Talk to him again (if he will not recognize that
you have the mushroom go outside of his room, drop the mushroom, then pick it
up again and talk to him).  Now you have all the components for your 1st
summoning test.  Go back to the instructor in the 1st summoning hall and take
his test.

Talk to the instructor and he will tell you that you have all the components.
Place the spider leg, Kohar Root, and Feynur Potion in the summoning circle,
then read the book on the table.  An Imp is summoned and you complete the test
after some dialogue.

2nd Summoning Test:

Go to the room marked on your map as “Second Summoning Hall” and talk to the
instructor.  You have to find proof that you know about summoning strategies.
You will find the proof on level 2 of the pipes, but first you have to talk to
Dotharhar who you will find in the room marked on you map as “Component Clerk”
to find out who has the book.

Go back to Nixfix room and ask him about the book of summoning strategies.
Nixfix will not help you, so talk to Taxlehix.  Taxlehix will tell you that
Hoxplox sold drugs, and will give you the key that you need (you will use it
soon).  Now go to the room in the Northwest corner of the map (there is a flag
on your map labeled “Stairs Down”) and use the stairs down to pipes level 2
(use the lever outside Nixfix room to open the locked gate leading West).

Go East and at the 1st intersection you will find a locked door to the North.
Leave the door for now and go South.  At the next intersection gather some
arrows to the West, then continue South.  At the next intersection go West
until you find a locked door and 2 levers (the levers seem to have a mind of
their own – play with them a bit and if you get the one on the right in the
down position, and the one on the left in the up position the door will open).
Inside the room is another lever – use it now and a Sewer Well on the floor
becomes active.  Open the sewer well and grab a Strange Mirror for use later.
Use the lever again to open the door and exit the room.

Go South, then West and enter another room.  Read the note on the floor, then
click on the well and a Monster appear – kill it.  Exit the room and go South
to find Battlefield key #3 hidden behind a package (this is the 2nd Battlefield
key #3 you have found).

Go North, East, South and West and you will find a pedestal with a gold key
on top.  You get a message that saye “[ There are four locked doors and only
one key… too bad there is no way to duplicate this key ].  Well, there is a way
and you can do it now.  Take the key from the pedestal and open your inventory.
Click on the Strange Mirror that you picked up and “use Key”.  You now have 2
keys, and with some luck you can try it again and get another key – do that now
(I only got one duplicate key made before the mirror broke, but some people
have gotten an additional one).  Use the key(s) to open one of the 4 locked
doors.  Make sure you open the one with a ring and amulet on top of the coffin,
which is the best loot.

Go North until you come to an intersection that you can take to the East
(where you looted some arrows earlier) and go East.  You find a locked door and
the lever is on the inside out of your reach.  You will open that later.  Go
back up to pipes level 1 now and go to Nixfix room.  Use the key that Taxlehix
gave you to open the door to the West of Nixfix room.  Use the stairs going
down to pipes level 2.

Exit the room and head South to the end of the corridor then go West and kill
a Mutant.  Go back North and take the 1st corridor to the East.  In a room at
the end of that corridor you find the drug dealer and the book of summoning
strategies on his corpse.

Go West, North, East, and South (and through another false wall) to find a
Where a ghost named “Mat” appears – kill him.  Go back North, East, and North
again until you get message about a foul stench from the North – keep going
North and kill a Mutant (there was a lever just to the East when you got the
message, but it just locks the door so you don’t have to fight the Mutant).  At
the end of the North corridor turn West and find a lever – use it.  Now go
South and take the first corridor to the West to find a locked Stone Chest –
mark it on your map for later.  Go back East then South and take the next
corridor to the West to find the lever that unlocks the door that you could not
get past earlier – use the lever, then go East and South to the stairs up to
Nixfix room.

Go back up to the Academy level 2, and talk to Ansukar about the drug dealer
to complete his quest (he improves one of your skills – a skill book).  Next go
West and talk to Bexhanar about the riddle you solved and that quest is
complete.  Now go back the the 2nd summoning hall (but read the book of
summoning strategies first).

When the monsters appear you must touch the pedestal that corresponds to
their type of attack then kill the monster.  A crystal will drop from each
pillar – grab those.  When you have killed all 4 monsters you can go to the 3rd
Summoning hall.  However this is a good time to visit the battlefield and
complete 2 more dungeons – you have some tough fights coming up and should get
all the exp that you can.

Act IV Battlefield Level 2 & 3:

Complete Dungeons #2 and #3.  Get your gear charmed and ready for some
difficult battles, then return to the Academy.

3rd Summoning Test:

Go to the 3rd Summoning Hall for your last test.  After passing the test you
are ready to go to the next level.  Go back and talk to Elder Ankhumar and he
will open the door for you.  Go South to the stairs and enter the next level of
the Academy.

Academy, Level 3:

When you arrive at the level 3, Elder Anbenktar will speak to you.  In the
same room talk to Elder Anfegar, the Raanaar Philosopher, who gives you a quest
to find the ultimate answer.  Go to the room just to the East and find an empty
cradle that is crying, and a Wooden Chest.  Mark the chest on your map; we will
return here a little later.

Now go to the room just to the North and find an Imp on a table who is
dreaming.  Click on the mirror to enter his dream. The maze you enter is pretty
simple.  Make sure that you ask the rat what the answer is (the ultimate
answer).  Kill some skeletons, then a spider, then exit in a room that looks
like a big Rubix Cube.  Go back to the Philosopher and tell him the ultimate
answer (What is the question).

Go to the room in the Northeast corner of this level and a Raanaar ghost will
attack you.  Kill the ghost then enter the room.  There is a locked cupboard in
the room, and a note near it is a clue to finding the key.  Mark the location
on your map.

Go to the room in the Northwest corner of the level.  There are books and a
note in the room.  Read the note and find a combination for use later
(3-1-5-2-4).  Talk to Begurar, the Raanaar Merchant, in the room.  He gives you
a quest to find an amulet.  Come back to him later when you find the amulet.
(It will be in the room with the Raanaar Water Pool after you add the Fairy
Dust to the water pool).

Go South to the next room and enter it.  He wants you to enter a rift to
travel back in time and retrieve a Bone of the Founder.  As a reward you can
ask for one of several choices – it really does not matter what you ask for as
you will soon find out.  I select “teach me”.  Go through the rift, kill 2
Raanaar guards, grab the “Bone of the Founder” and some loot, then return to
the rift.

Go South to the next room and find a “Raanaar Water Pool”.  Mark this
location on your map.  Now it is time to talk to some ghosts and do some

Level 3 Trials:  Note – the order you do these quests is not important

Outside the room and to the East find an npc labeled as “Ghost” (Elder
Anbassam) and talk to him.  He will teach you about concentration.  After he
teleports you, talk to him again.  Go South and, although there is really no
big hurry, try to get through this dungeon as fast as possible.

At the end of the 1st corridor you enter a room with statues.  To the East of
the door is a lever.  Use the lever to see the beam traps in the room.  The
trick is to stay out of the beams.  You will have to take one party member at a
time through this room.  Use this method:
1.  Enter the room and face West
2.  Move West a little bit until you are just past the statue on your left
3.  Go South to the wall, being careful not to touch a beam
4.  Hug the wall until you pass the next beam
5.  Go North to the wall, again avoid touching any beam
6.  Hug the North wall and move to the West wall
7.  Hug the West wall and go South to the gate.
8.  Move your other character along the same path.
9. Reform you party and exit the room and continue West

You will see 2 rooms on your right and 2 levers on the wall.  You have time
to loot the chests, but the loot is not much.  Continue West, and then turn
North.  You will find 5 doors on your left, and a lever inside each room.
Remember the combination you found (3-1-5-2-4) and use the levers in that
order.  That opens a teleporter across the corridor from the 5 rooms.  Don’t
use the teleporter, just go North and grab a Sapphire key in the room.  Open
the door to the North and continue that way.

You are faced with a maze at this point.  You have 5 levers to use.  The order
of the levers (according to their location in the maze) is:
1.  West-center
2.  Northeast
3.  Northwest
4.  Southwest
5.  Northeast (just a little below lever #2)
It is easiest to get around in this area if you click the location you want
to go on your mini-map.

Using all 5 levers will open the exit to the East – go there now, then head
South, West, then North into the room with the rift.  As soon as Samuel enters
the room run for the rift.

Now find an npc labeled “Cave Ghost” (Elder Anrauzam) and talk to him.  The
Labyrinth test is a tough one with a lot of Shadow Creatures.  Make sure that
you do not step on any teleporter stones yet.

Leave the room and go South, then West, then North and you will find a gold
key – grab it.  Now go South, then East.  Just over half way along the Eastern
Corridor you will find a Battlefield key #5 hidden in a pile of skulls to your
left – grab it.  Now reverse direction and head West just a tiny distance until
you see a corridor leading North – go North in that corridor.  Just after you
pass a rope in that corridor go West into an area with arrows and targets.  To
the West of you is a Sapphire key – grab it.  Now work your way to the
Northeast area of the labyrinth (you will have to go East and then North along
1 corridor before the East boundary wall) until you come to a laboratory area
with dead Imps on the floor.  There is a tiny candle on the large table in that
room.  If you light the candle the room will fill with green smoke, and when
the smoke clears the Imp bodies are gone.  There will now be a skull and bones
on the floor – get a silver key from the skull.  Use the key to open the locked
door in that room.  The Gold key you found will open the Wooden chest in that
room, and you can also open the middle chest.  I have yet to open the chest on
the left.

On your mini-map you should see some red dots to the Northwest.  You want to
go there now (the room you want is actually the Northern most room in the
Labyrinth.  Grab all the loot in that room, including a Sapphire key.  Now just
open up the rest of the map and loot what you can find.

To exit the Labyrinth you want to use the teleporter in the very Southeast
corner of the map – do that now.

Now find an npc labeled as “Truth Ghost” (Elder Anbotar) and talk to him.
After he teleports you talk to him again.  Ask the first golem “Will the other
golem answer “yes” if I ask it if the left door leads to the safe way” Ask the
other golem if the left door leads to the safe way:
  If the first golem told the truth the 2nd is lying
  If the first golem lied the 2nd golem is telling the truth.
The left door leads to the safe way.  You can pick up a gem in the left room
and fight a Water Elemental, then enter the rift.

Look for another ghost labeled “Ghost” (Elder Anguram) and talk to him.
After he teleports you talk to him again.  Go South and enter the next room.
You have a choice to blow out one of two candles, either one you choose will
free one prisoner and kill the other.  Do nothing at this time, just continue
South into the next room and find 2 monsters fighting.  Watch them until one
dies and the other attacks you – kill the one that attacks you.  Now go West
into the next room and listen to the 2 kings.  Give the shield to the second
king.  Go North into the next room and listen to the guard and prisoner.  Since
you do not know all the circumstances just exit the room to the North (if you
press the small button on the North wall the guard will die and the prisoner
will turn into a demon and attack you).  In the next room to the North you find
a large lever on the floor – use the lever and it releases both prisoners that
had a candle in front of their cells.  Go North then East and talk to the ghost
again to complete the quest.

Talk to the Raanaar Instructor to complete your trials.  He opens the door to
the North that leads to Academy level 4.  Go to the Northeast room on your map
and unlock a closet to find a Magic Carpet and Fairy Dust.  Now go to the
Southwest room and drop the Fairy Dust into the Raanaar Water Pool.  You will
see green smoke in the room.  Then go to the room with the crying cradle, and
put the teddy bear in it.  Now use the stairs to go to Academy Level 4.

Academy Level 4:

Note:  You will have the 2nd hardest battle in the game on level 4.  If you do
not feel that you are strong enough yet, then you should visit the Battlefield
and complete dungeons #4 and #5 at this time.

When you arrive at level 4 Elder Anlokar will speak to you.  Exit the room
that you arrived in to the South and into a large central room.  Go directly
East into the Eastern most room.  Talk to the Instructor and he will tell you
to go to the Western most room to find your wand (make sure that you are ready
for battle and have a LOT of potions).

After killing Samuel grab the Summoning Staff and any other loot that
dropped, then go back and talk to the instructor again.  The instructor gives
you a Coordinate Book and asks you to open a rift, enter it, and come back.

1St Summoned Rift:

Go to the room just to the North and click on the Summoning Wand in your
inventory.  Enter the rift that you summoned.  You appear in a room that
appears to have no exit.  Click on the North wall and break through it.  Pull
chains 2 and 4, and five skeletons will appear.  You have a limited time to
loot the crypts (you will be prompted to turn your hourglass) so you can loot
real quick and run to the rift, or you can loot at your leasure nad kill the
five skeletons when thy attack you.  Now enter the rift again, and talk to the
instructor.  Ask him how to close the rift, then go back and close it (click on
the rift and select “close the rift”).

When you exit the Instructor’s room you will see a cut scene of Damian
killing Elder Anlokar.  Go to the Southern most room to find him and talk to
him (he is not quite dead yet) and listen to what he says.  Also read a note on
a table in that room.

In the room you are in use a door on the East wall and enter another room.
Read the note on the table.  On the North wall is a Raanaar Stone – move it out
of the way and find a teleporter.  Use the teleporter now.  Read the 2 books in
that room and then get a Wooden Key from the table, and a permanent potion from
the Raanaar Symbols on the North and West walls.  Use the teleporter again now.

You have reached the end of the game, but there is one quest that should be
done before going to the final battle.  You will be doing a little running
around to open a series of chests.  This is the order:
  Get the Wooden Key (you just got it)
Go to Academy level 3 and open the Wooden Chest to find a Stone Key (SE
  Go to pipes level 2, open Stone Chest, find Silver Key (North center corridor)
  Go to Academy level 2, open Silver Chest, Find Gold Key (West center room)
  Go to Academy level 4, open Gold chest, Find Battlefield key #5

Now it the time for your last visit to the Battlefield.  Finish all the
dungeons, sell off all your items except what you want to keep for playing
after the game, and put all the items that you want to keep in your inventory.
Do not leave anything on your DeathKnight that you want to keep, including
gold.  Unlearn any skills that you will not be using in combat and reassign the
points to combat skills.  Make sure that you have MANY potions (100 – 200
healing and mana).  When you leave the Battlefield this time there will be no

Final Battle:

Go back to the room where Elder Amlokar was killed, then go through the door
to the West.  Summon a rift with your Summoning Rod.  SAVE YOUR GAME.

When you step through the rift you will fight the toughest enemy in the game.
Make sure that you are ready to use your pause key and your potions.  When you
are ready step through the rift.

After-Game Play:

You can now continue to play in the Battlefields as long as you want to.  You
will have to select the option:  “Enter Battlefield” from the game main menu.
The Battlefields will get extremely difficult, and the experience level is very

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