Made by: Dr. Laiho ([email protected])
Date: 19-06-2001
Version: 1.2


0.3: First version, all character info and walkthru for 3 first levels, more is 
on its way…

0.5: Added walktroughs for levels 4-8, used one day fully on writing… I don't 
want to let   down my fans, if I got any… Added also the lines between the level 
WThrus. I´m planning to get ready WTs to level 15 in couple of days.

0.7: I managed to keep my timetables! The WTs for levels 9-15 are ready. I also 
made a couple of little corrections in WTs for levels 4 & 6, and fixed some 
wrongly-typed words.
My next task it to get ready the WTs to level 20 in next week. (My date is 13-

0.9: Looks like my watch precedes! Well, it´s just good. WTs for levels 16-20 
are now available. The rest of this WT is ready sometime in this week, I´ll give 
ya my word.

0.95: I didn´t mean to make this version at all, but then I noticed a LOT easier 
way to take out the last two men on level 8 (check the level WT). I also 
corrected some wrongly-typed words and mistakes I made. Well… the WT for level 
21 is also there. 

1.1: My job is done. The walktrough is finished, but you can still send me feed-
back if you think there´s a better solution for a certain situation. 
I afraid also some of you maybe missed the version 0.9 because gamefaqs messed 
up with my and molotov´s (who is also writing a WT for this game) faq and 
"updated" it over his document. (I´m sorry molotov, it wasn´t my idea). I hope 
they´re doing something for the situation soon. 
Anyways, here it is. A bit over 100K document, hope it´s helpful.

1.2: I said I still keep updating if I get enough feed-back. There are some 
alternative solutions I´ve found by myself or someone has supported me. (I´ve 
credited each supporter before the trick he/her is sent.) I´ll give the credit 
to whom it belongs…     

This walktrough is made by Dr. Laiho, and it´s made so, that I´ll give you a 
complete solution with only in spots that are extremely hard to understand. In 
other spots, I´ll just give you a little hint what to do (e.g "just use your 
knife and you´ll be fine"), because I don´t want to completely spoil your gaming 
experience (or perhaps I´m just lazy). I´ll also try to give you some 
alternative solutions in some points to do it good. 

AND ONE MORE THING: I´m REALLY sorry if I use bad grammar sometimes. 


All of your characters can walk, run, chrouch, climb ladders, ride a horse, jump 
to a horse from balcony, roll´n´shoot (little differences). Everyone of them 
(except Mia) also  carries a some kind of firearm to be used in hot spots. It´s 
extremely sure that you use a right person in right spot. (Running in middle of 
a enemy group and trying to take ´em out with your Colt doesn´t never beat a gas 
flask thrown from a right spot…) 

The enemies can walk, run, climb ladders, ride a horse, shoot… They can also but 
see, but also HEAR you. So wise desperado walks instead of running and telling 
so where he is.

The civilians can walk, run, see, hear, and go and tell to enemy where you are. 
You can´t kill them (Mission Failed). But you can knock ´em out and tie ´em up 
if you see any, sometimes you even must to.

The animals can see and hear you, and make noises so enemies come and check out 
what´s going on. But don´t worry, this doesn´t happen too often. 
The horses are apart from other animals. You can control ´em when some of your 
heroes are riding ´em. But you can´t ride an unsaddled horse. (You must saddle 
it first with Cooper.)


There´s something else but just your heroes and their controls. There´s also 
several little things that give you info about current level. I´ll tell you 
something here: 

Map shows you the useful spots what´s on the level you´re on: The marks mean:
Green dot: One of your heroes
Red dot: Enemy 
Dark red dot: Dead enemy
Blue dot: Civilian
Yellow cross: Something some of your heroes can pick up/use (saddles, equipment, 
Green arrows: Walls you can climb with Cooper
Blue area: Area that´s totally shadowed (you can´t be seen while standing there)
Red area: Area you can cultivate someway

Quick Action:
This is most coolest feature in whole game. If you first click the watch in left 
corner (you can record quick actions when the watch turns red).  For example: 
Cooper´s hiding inside a house. In front of the house there´s enemies standing. 
You order Cooper to walk out and then you carry on the quick action. Cooper 
blows the guys automatically.

Viewing range:
The viewing range tells you where the enemy or civilian sees and in what mood he 
currently is. The colors are:

Green: There´s nothing wrong, everything is okay. Nice day, huh? 
(He hasn´t seen you or anyhing else that´s suspicious)

Yellow: Did I see something? Is there something wrong? I´ll better go and check. 
(He´s seen you a very short time or he´s seen something you´re left on stage or 
he´s heard something weird)

Orange: Who the heck is he? We´ll meet in hell, buddy! 
(He´s seen you and is going to shoot you!)

Pink: Oh-la-la Senorita! How about it, darling? 
(He´s seen Kate playing with her garter)

Black: What the heck? Where are they? Why are they shouting "don´t shoot, don´t 
shoot?!" I´ll shoot ´em anyway! 
(Mia has hit him with blowpipe)


In this part I will tell you about weapons and special skills of your team. The 
level number after name tells you from which level (tutorial level) you can take 
control of this person. 

John Cooper (level 1):

Cooper is a leader of your team. He´s the only one you will get control in every 
mission (except the tutorials, except his own, oh, sorry.)

Cooper´s weapons:

1. Colt: 
Cooper´s weapon of choice and because he shoots faster than his shadow, (oh 
well…) it should be counted in "submachine guns". Six shots, then reload.
Range: Medium 
Accuracy: Medium

2. Fist:
Only weapon that can´t be taken off from him in any moment. It doesn´t kill 
anyone (or kills, if you use it in same victim too many times), just sends him 
off to take a little nap.

3. Knife: 
Knife is the best weapon Cooper has. It can be used several ways: You can just 
simply stab an enemy, or even more better, throw your knife to kill an enemy 
from distance. But if you throw from too far, it loses its effect. It works more 
far away in daylight than night. You can also "sabotage" a horse with your knife 
by cutting its saddle belt. If you or any enemy tries to mount  a "sabotaged" 
horse, the saddle will fall off, and no one can ride with it unless you pick up 
the fallen saddle and saddle the horse again. The knife can also be used in 
several special situations, like cutting down hay bales, life boats, or docs 
from hangmans nooses :-).

4. Musical Watch:
This is some kind of decoy. Enemies inside a particular range will come (in 
well-planned ambushs) and check out what´s playing the melody. 

Cooper´s special skills:    
Cooper is only one who can climb up rocky walls (these are marked as green 
arrows in map), or saddle horses. Cooper can also carry around dead or 
unconcious bodies. (Sanchez can also perform this.) 

Samuel Williams (level 3):

Sam is Cooper´s old friend and this fella sure has it with explosives. Also, 
Sam´s interest in women gets him in trouble more than once.

Sam´s weapons:

1. Winchester:
Sam´s basic firearm has longest range in normal firing mode (only Doc´s sniper 
beats it).
Holds 12 shots, but every time you shoot there´s a little moment when the rifle 
reloads. These moments may cost your life, so don´t plan starting any major 
firefights with Sam.
Range: Long
Accuracy: Medium

2. Dynamite:
Sam´s true weapon of choice. Kills anyone near enough, and knocks out in 
particular range. Great with clearing large groups, but some enemies will also 
run away or kick the stick away if they see it. There´s also something with 
throwing: it doesn´t land there where you throw it, it keeps going couple leaps 
longer and blow then. Longer range is just a good thing. 

3. Rope: 
You use this object as tying up unconcious civilians and/or enemies. You don´t 
have to tie up an unconcious enemy every time, you can also kill him if you 
want. But remember: if a free enemy sees his tied up mate, he sets him free and 
it´s alaaarm!!

4. Rattlesnake:
Sam´s way to perform a practical joke: if enemy/civilian or some other your team 
members goes near this sack, the snake jumps out and bites him. Really effective 
when hidden behind corners or front on enemy buildings. It´s also a silent way 
to scare a horse. 

5. TNT Barrel:
You´ll get this item only in particular levels, when you have to do a major blow 
for clearing a way or distraction. After you have set the barrel down, Sam makes 
a powder trail wherever you guide him. This fuse can be lit by Sam himself or 
Kate can light it with her mirror. You can also shoot the barrel and it blows. 

Sam´s special skills:
Sam (like Sanchez) can control gatling guns in particular levels.  

Doc McCoy (level 5)

Doc is also an old friend of Cooper, and works as doctor of the team. He´s a bit 
cynical, but Cooper and others can fully trust him in any moment.

Doc´s weapons:

1. Buntline: 
Doc´s revolver is apart from Cooper´s Colt. It  holds 6 rounds like Cooper´s 
weapon, but it has a longer barrel and its range is only a bit shorter than 
Sam´s Winchester. 
In sniper mode, There is no limit in range as long as there´s no objects in way. 
But you´ll have to wait sometime while aiming at enemy to get a clear shot. You 
know that you will make a score when the crosshair is totally clear and there´s 
a red outline around your target. Of course, there´s limited ammo in sniper 
mode. Somehow, in sniper mode Buntline is also more silent.   
Range: Long
Accuracy: Good
In sniper mode:
Range: Unlimited
Accuracy: Perfect

2. Gas flask:
Now this is good… Doc´s true ace in his sleeves. This is an extremely silent way 
to take out really large bunch of enemies at once.  Wherever this falls, every 
person (hero, enemy or civilian) goes unconcious in two meters range. Only 
problem is how to get near enough to throw these… but there´s a way… bladder 
balloons Doc carries with him can be used to bring even more range in these 
little knockers… anyone of your team (also Mia) can use his default firearm to 
pop the balloon above a nice and happy group of enemies.

3. First Aid:
Doc is the doctor of the team… it can be heard even in his name… Anyways, Doc 
carries several medical items that can be used to restore health if any of your 
heroes are wounded. Of course, Doc can also heal himself, too. Restores about 50 
hit points. (If your hero is all all right, his hit points are 100.)   

4. Scarecrow:
This item, known also as "Double Doc", if an enemy sees the scarecrow, he thinks 
it´s a foe and begins to shoot at it. This may bring even more enemies at stage, 
and they will begin shooting at it too… you got anything that clears groups..?  

Doc´s special skills:
If any of your team members goes out cold (angry enemy fist or poor throwing 
with gas flask), Doc will wake him up in no time. (If Doc himself is knocked 
out, he can´t of course wake himself.) Also Doc is a real burglar, with his 
skeleton key, he is able to pick locks in doors that are well… locked. Some 
doors beat even Doc, so sometimes you must find an another way to get the door 
open (major blow or alternative route). 

Kate O´Hara (level 7)

Kate is a professional gambler but she can´t keep her hands off from aces she´s 
hidden in his sleeves. This gets her often trouble in no time. 

Kate´s weapons:

1. Derringer:
Kates basic firearm: holds too small magazine (3 shots), gots a really short 
range, but it´s pretty silent. If  a lone enemy is far away from others, there´s 
no worry to drop him with Derringer.
Range: Short
Accuracy: Good

2. Queen of Hearts:
This pack of cards is Kate´s decoy. Trail of cards in enemy´s path and he 
follows the cards right into a well-planned ambush.

3. Garter:
True womans weapon: If enemy sees Kate while she´s playing with her garter, his 
line of vision turns pink and he will walk in front of her, and there´s a good 
spot put him out of action with a well-placed kick or a knife-throw from behind. 
Just don´t stand there too long: even dullest enemy understands what´s going on…

4. Mirror:
If Kate plays with her mirror, the range of enemy´s sight of vision goes off, 
and you can get near him without getting seen. Nice thing if you want to get 
past guard. Also sets on TNT fuses. Doesn´t work if you´re standing in shadow or 
it´s night.

5. Kick:
Similar to Cooper´s punch: works also faster and is more effective. Kate´s way 
to perform a silent kill: Kick him until he dies.

Kate´s special skills:
In some missions you can use Kate as a spy: steal dress from clothesline and 
Kate can move freely around the level. Kate also only person who can move 
totally silent in any kind of terrain. This creeping ability is good if you want 
to kick someone out from behind. 

Sanchez (level 14)

Sanchez WAS most fearsome bandito leader in New Mexico, but then he met Cooper 
and his gang…

Sanchez´s weapons:

1. Shotgun:
Sanchez´s standard weapon, is sure most messing up firearm in your team. It 
holds 2 shots, but everthing that stands on its shooting range is surely wiped 
up in no time. If you plan starting on major firefight, make sure he´s in front, 
because shot from shotgun wipes absolutely everything.
Range: Short
Accuracy: Perfect 

2. Tequila:
This mexican liquor can be used to make certain enemies easier to kill. An enemy 
that drinks tequila, will occasionally come drunk, and start stagger around and 
his line of vision goes dizzy. And if he shoots, he hits anywhere but pure luck.

3. Siesta:
Works like Kate´s garter. Enemies come near "sleeping" hero, and can be  killed 

4. Swipe:
Like Cooper´s punch and Kate´s kick, this is Sanchez´s way to send an enemy to 
the Dreamland. But even better, Sanchez wipes out everyone who stands near him, 
not just one person at time.

5. Stone: 
Another way to knock out an enemy. Can be thrown like gas flasks, but knocks out 
only one person at time. Stones can be picked up after use.             

Sanchez´s special skills:
Sanchez, like Cooper, can carry dead/unconcious bodies around. But Sanchez is so 
strong, that he can carry TWO persons at time. Sanchez is also only one who can 
make buildings habitable. If there´s 3 or less enemies in a house, Sanchez 
throws ´em out when you enter there.
Sanchez is so strong, that he can move heavy objects (like statues) out of your 
way to open routes. Those are anyways unaccesible. Like Sam, Sanchez also has it 
with heavy weapons. You can control gatling guns, so good that you´ll get it 
with you and can walk around with it in your hands. Useful when you must kill 
all enemies in little towns.

Mia Yung (level 20)

Mia is a little chinese girl. She´s only 18 years old, but when bandits killed 
her father, he joined in Cooper´s posse. Mia can´t actually kill anyone alone, 
but she is really useful while creating distractions and…

Mia´s weapons:

1. Blowpipe: 
Mia´s basic weapon. It´s looks much for nothing, holds only one shot, but it´s 
extremely silent, and when it hits, it´ll make a MESS. If you hit an enemy with 
it, he goes totally crazy because of poison in the dart, and he doesn´t care who 
he´s shooting then, friend or foe. One more thing, if, you´ve hit anyone, find 
cover and FAST.

2. Flute:
Works like Cooper´s watch. Useful luring enemies into ambushs.

3. Firecracker: 
Blinds like Kate´s mirror. But makes same effect for many enemies in time.

4. Mr. Leone:
You think this fella needs his own topic..? Well anyways, while Mia lays some 
peanuts in trail, you can use this little monkey to go dancing in there. Works 
like Doc´s scarecrow, nobody just shoots him. You can also distract enemy by 
sending Mr. Leone dancing around him. No nuts needed.

Mia´s special skills:

Mia is small, but she´s pure pepper. She can hide in empty barrels, and these 
make great hiding places for her in ambushs.       


To the main thing, huh? I´m going to give you full report about anything that I 
thought a bit longer time. In other ways, it´s basic stuff and easy to find out 
anyways, but if there´s something that I haven´t paid attention and you think I 
should have, mail me. I´ll try to add it in. 
Level 1: An Old Friend

Level ranking: Tutorial

This level is Cooper´s tutorial, so just do what Big Bill says and you´ll be 
…So, he robbed you and did a runner?  Find him (in northeast corner of map), set 
his viewing range on and crawl past front of him and run to knock him out. Then 
pick up saddle, saddle the horse and when you mount it, the level ends.
Level 2: Southern Comfort

Level ranking: Easy

In this level you´ll meet first member of your gang, Sam Williams. After the 
short intro, you get into business. A careful knife-thrower clears the nothern 
part of this level in no time, remember also hide bodies inside houses. After 
there´s no one left, but those two guys front of barn, hide Sam in one of the 
shacks and go inside the barn. Climb to upstairs and cut down the hay bale with 
your knife. Go out and stab the guys with your knife. 
Now is time to do some shooting. There´s a hay field in western side of the map. 
No one sees you on these fields if you keep your head down. You see those two 
enemies standing near the fence? Walk to the hay field and get crawling. After 
you´re so near you can get, is time to record your first quick action. Select 
quick action, select Colt, and order Cooper to shoot those two guys. Now stand 
up and press {SPACE} you have soon two bodies laying there. Chrouch and wait 
that third man sees the bodies. Shoot him too. 
Now is time to kill the fella patrolling on eastern side. Hide in hay field and 
wait him to pass by. Knifes are flying low today… Okay, go and hide in south of 
the field and shoot into air. Shoot everyone who comes to check the situation… 
Fetch Sam and hide him near the yardhouse and throw knife in guy front of it. 
Now do this:
Throw knife to the guy patrolling in front of the villa so the guy near stable 
won´t see him and let it be. Try to sneak behind him from right and give him a 
punch. Bring Sam near the stable and Cooper wakes him up. Mount the horses and 
just ride north-east past the guard on front gate. He won´t do anything… 
Level 3: Smoke signals

Level ranking: Tutorial

Sam´s tutorial. Just follow the instructions and you´ll be fine. …BTW, when you 
get to use the gatling gun, shoot the wagon, there´s something inside… 
Level 4: Hang ´em High

Level ranking: Easy/Medium

In this mission you must free Doc McCoy, who´s neck deep in trouble… 
When the level begins, there´s a priest on horseback in same place than you are. 
Punch him with Cooper and tie him up with Sam. Drag him behind the bush there.
Almost rest of the level is basical moving around, kill the enemies and hide the 
bodies around the town by using Cooper´s abilities, knife, punch, watch… BUT 
DON´T FIRE A SINGLE SHOT. After there´s enemies nowhere but hanging plaza, 
there´s couple of things to do. First ready your escape: Fetch the saddle that´s 
on front of the barn in western end of the town. Saddle the black horse that´s 
on the stable in western end of the main street. Then fetch the priest´s horse 
and park it on same place where´s the brown one is on main street. Now you´re 
backed up your escape. 
From here nothing goes how you´re planned…
Now it´s time to make a major blow. Send Cooper standing near the northern 
entrance of the plaza. Set the TNT barrel next to Doc´s wagon, lay a fuse and 
light it. Now send Sam in hiding to the house opposite the wagons in western 
side of the hanging plaza. There´s now two enemies left in the plaza. Run near 
enough and throw the knife at sheriff who´s walking around Doc. Now sneak behind 
the guy in front of the stairs and knock him out. Pick up your knife from 
sheriff´s body and cut Doc down. Now send both –Doc and Cooper inside the 
sheriff´s office. Pick up Doc´s coat and hide into the cell block. (Don´t care 
about the sissy sleeping there, he runs out, but doesn´t alert anyone. 
Thingy supported by Samuel Reinwalds: The fella MIGHT go and get some help on 
your heels, so you might want to knock him out. But drag him to the cell, 
otherwise he gets seen.) Hide there until the plaza is empty, then run into the 
house Sam is hiding. Wait there until there´s no one on the main street, then 
run to the stable, where the black horse (well…) waits for you. Wait until 
there´s absolutely no one around, then mount the horses in stable and on the 
main street, and escape same way the priest came.
Level 5: Doc McCoy´s cabin

Level ranking: Tutorial

Doc´s tutorial… just follow orders, and so on… 
Here´s a some kind of in-joke supported by TK-47: When you get to set up the 
scarecrow, go and set it on the pier next to Doc´s cabin and watch what happens… 
weird, huh? 
Star Wars seems to be on everywhere…
Level 6: High Stakes

Level ranking: Easy/Medium

Now it´s turn to rescue Kate O´Hara, beauty of your team. After the intro, nice 
way to get you a fourth horse, BTW, wait in darkness until things have quitened 
down a bit. Don´t worry about fellas borrowing your horses, they´ll return ´em 
same place where they took ´em. Someone might even run just past you… knives 
flying around?
Alternative way: Noted that guns are forbidden? We already have the sheriff and 
his deputees on our heels, so why don´t we cheat? I mean: start a firefight. 
You´re standing in a dark spot, no one will see you even if you shoot, so fire 
into air and shoot anyone who gets in front of you. 
You must reach the steamer from west. (I haven´t tried the east side , mail me 
if you think it´s easier or otherwise funnier to try there). Kill the fellas 
(note that in night you must be REALLY close of your target before your knife 
kills) around until you reach the western street. Kill the guy walking around 
the table with knife and knock out the civilian walking there. There are two 
enemies on balconies in left and right. Let the fella on the balcony in right 
be. But you must sneak inside the house where the left one is without getting 
seen. (Walk, don´t run.) When you get inside go out to the balcony and kill the 
guy. (There are sniper bullets there, but drop it. You got no use for ´em). 
Now go more north. There´s a fella in front of a house, kill him and hide the 
body and your heroes in the house. 
You´re almost there, kill the one walking around, (you might also want to knock 
out those civilians) and you´ve reached the pier. 
Now comes the hard one.
There´s a small outhouse in left, send Doc and Cooper there. Let Sam be, you got 
no use for him. Kill the guy who stands on pier in left and drag him to the 
outhouse. Then, go and drop Cooper´s watch just in front of the outhouse and set 
timer in 15 seconds. Now go and RUN to the pier in front of ship, and then 
return fast to the outhouse. An enemy should hear your steps and come and check 
out what´s going on. When the watch begins to play, he naturally checks it out. 
Now step out and throw your knife. One less around the place… 
Repeat the trick until there´s no one coming to you. 
Now it´s time to board the steamer. There´s a pile of logs near the bow of the 
ship. These are your stairs. Pick up the extra gas and hide Doc behind the 
crates in nothern side of the ship. (There´s a small niche, you can put him 
laying there.) Now send Cooper crawling near the stairs, and when you get there, 
RUN up the stairs but don't go inside, go all way to the stern. No one should 
come there, but if comes, use your knife. 
When the things have quietened down, crawl near the life boat, and wait until 
there´s four or five men in a group under it, then cut the rope and you should 
take ´em all out. 
Hide back in stern section, and wait again. Now it´s time to repeat same thing 
with Doc. Crawl to the stairs and run up, but send Doc inside. Switch to Cooper 
and keep your knife ready, someone might find him. After the things have 
quitened down again send also Cooper  crawling inside the ship. Pick the lock 
with Doc and cut Kate free with Cooper.
The rest is Doc´s show. You should find out a way to take out everyone near the 
ship from ladders to the pile of logs by throwing gas flasks. (Sorry, but can´t 
give excact orders, because the places of enemies are various.) After everyone 
is off to a little nap, you should simply walk out via the log pile and same way 
you came right to the horses in south. Mount ´em and ride away. 
Level 7: A Woman´s weapons

Level ranking: Tutorial

Kate´s tutorial. Just follow orders. BTW, check out Sam when you´re changing 
clothes for fun… he ain`t gentleman… Only thing that gave me some wits was the 
dazzle section, you must run just after your friends, not stand there and wait 
that they´re in safe.     
Level 8: Into the Lion´s Den

Level ranking: Easy

Now when your gang is back in business, it´s time to pay a visit for the 
Marshal. Too bad he isn´t so eager to see you. In this mission you can´t kill 
absolutely anyone. It´s mission failed if any of these gunmen losts his life. 
In fact basic moving around this level is next: Kate moves in field of vision 
and starts to entice the enemy. Enemy staggers to Kate, Kate kicks him out. Sam 
runs to place and ties the buddy. Cooper comes and hides him. Use this trick for 
all of the fellas whose outside the hacienda walls (also the guy on horseback), 
except those two who are other side of the bridge in northwest corner of the 
Okay, let´s begin. Use the normal phase (the trick I explained) to take out the 
guy in front gate and the one who´s on horseback. Hide ´em in the shack that´s 
on front gate. You might want to hide the horse in west so no one mounts it when 
he gets suspicious. Then run to the west side and same again for guy in front of 
the house and then the fella patrolling there. 
Those two men in northwest can be taken out two possible ways: You can simply 
throw a gas flask in there but if you want to save ´em, do next: Send Kate and 
ONLY Kate, walking over the bridge, she´s the only one who can do it without 
getting noticed. Store a running kick quick action to the guy in right. Next 
sneak by them, and kick the first one. Both of them fall, but one in the right 
stands up in no time. So carry on the quick action right after the first kick. 
Both of them won´t wake up. Bring Sam in and tie.
Now it´s time to take out the guards in front gate. Normal way. Hide ´em in 
shack that´s on main gate. The right one sees more left than the right one. Take 
him out first. BUT: There´s a fella who will make alarm everytime he sees 
someone´s lost. So you must wait until he calms down everytime you´ve taken 
someone out. You got the ones on the gate, right? Now its time to take on the 
alert-maker. Lay a trail of cards from front gate to the shack door. And wait 
him to come investigate. When he looks around on the door, rush out and kick him 
out. Go and put one more card so the guy who´s in front of the gate to the inner 
courtyard will see it. Take him out same way as the last one. 
Take out the one sitting on the bench of the frontyard usual way. There´s one 
deputy inside the house in left, so hide him inside the right one. The one on 
the other side of the gate to the backyard is simple. When looks through the 
half-open gate, he will see Kate. 
Now, as you can see, the one patrolling around will usually go and talk with two 
others near the western wall. Pick up the extra gas in front yard and send Doc 
to the other side of the wall and when they´re in group, throw a flask over. 
Fourth one will come and wake up his buddies, simply throw another bottle before 
he manages to do it. Go in and tie ´em up. Now you must entice the one 
patrolling near the stables, but do it so he won´t notice his tied up friends. 
Almost there… Now you must entice the one sitting on the bullet box. Then just 
simply sneak behind the one sitting on the TNT barrel and kick him out. 
Ok, time to do a major blow. Go and set the TNT on gate to the inner courtyard 
and lay a fuse to the door of the house in right side. But before you light the 
fuse, set Cooper standing next to the door in left. Light the fuse, and send Sam 
inside. Switch to Cooper and when the guy will rush out, punch him out. 
Now it´s time to clear the inner courtyard. The first one will be taken out by 
usual way, rest is Doc´s job; crawl there where the extra gas is. Now throw a 
flask to the nearest guy. Crawl there and throw flask to take out the one behind 
the nearest pillar. The second one will note this. Throw another flask when he 
comes to wake up his friend. Throw one more bottle to the guy who´s remaining. 
You tied ´em up and now you noticed there´s two deputees left behind a table 
THIS one´s tricky: You noticed the chandelier above ´em? Store a quick action 
with Cooper and his Colt for it. Then step to the doorway and carry on the quick 
action, FAST. OR: You can find a spot in the yard from where you can snipe it 
down with Doc. The chandelier falls down and takes ´em both out! Nice, huh? (I 
haven´t seen THIS trick anywhere around the web.)  
Alternative way: You can throw in a stick of dynamite so it lands in front of 
the table. The guys usually run out, but if get it going right, they will just 
stand there and the blow will take them out. After you´ve tied ´em up, make any 
of your heroes enter the marshal´s office and the chapter ends.        
Level 9: Like A Thief in The Night

Level ranking: Medium

This level was really hard to me when I played it first time. In fact it´s 
fairly easy, only in beginning you´ll need a bit of luck with you. 
There´s also couple of other things that you MUST do to accomplish: 
Always WALK, never RUN. DO NOT use firearms (or anything what makes noise, e.g 
dynamite). And watch out for those fat fellas in blue jacket, they are extreme 
cowards and will go to tell the leader if they see ANYTHING suspicious. 
Into work then; start by walking over the river and kill the guy patrolling near 
the sleeping one with knife. The white-shirted guard should become suspicious –
kill him too when you got a change. Stab the sleeping one –now you will need a 
bit of luck –that man patrolling bit northwards, sometimes he will become 
suspicious about his friends –sometimes not. If he comes to check out, try to 
kill him with Cooper if you get a change. If he lets the whole thing be, take 
Kate on. Go to the woods, and try to get him more southwards, so you can kick 
him out without getting seen. Now you have those two who are chatting over there 
left. –Note that other of them is blue-coated coward. Entice the one looking 
southwards, kick him out and throw knife to the coward´s back. 
First area clear. Let´s move on. Send Kate and Cooper behind the rock near the 
second river. Let Kate lay trail´o´cards from THIS side of the river so that it 
goes past the rock. An enemy should see this, and when goes past you, throw 
knife to him with Cooper. Drag the body behind the rock and set one more card, 
now to OTHER side of the river. This should get two more enemies to knife-
thrower´s range. Then, entice the pink-shirted fatso patrolling there without 
letting the blue-coated coward see you, get him to the other side of the river 
and knock him out. Then RUN towards the coward with Cooper and punch him. Take 
him away. 
Ok, bring Doc to the stage. Now you have to be FAST. Make Doc and Cooper go to 
the dark area just behind the two guys standing on the path. Use your only gas 
flask to take out those two and switch to Cooper. Go and get the blue one out of 
there, because the two guards more south will soon find out what´s going on. 
Drag both of them into the darkness. Now you have three more left. Two on the 
path and one in the tower. I suggest you to take out the one in the tower first 
(because he makes an alarm if sees his mates missing). Slip past the guards in 
path and go southeast from tower, in viewing range of the tower guy. Now let 
Kate do her stuff, and you have one more kicked enemy around the place. Same 
trick with those two on the path –they should be easy.        
Now send Cooper to the horse pen, but kill first the one patrolling on the road, 
and hide his body into the valley. 
Cut the rope and saddle four horses so the pink-shirted fella patrolling near 
the hostage won´t see you. Now bring all of your heroes to the pen and let 
anyone of them mount a horse and take an unsaddled one in a lasso. Now take the 
horses in the valley(, watch out the guard). Repeat same phase three times with 
a different character. OK, now you got all of the horses in valley oh, and one 
more thing: cut the saddle belt of the horse Cooper was riding and saddle the 
one he kept in lasso, mount it and park it. If you don´t do it the horse could 
wander out of the valley, and it means trouble. 
Take Cooper near the pen, and when anyone of the guards isn´t watching, walk to 
the soldier and cut him free, punch him out and drag him to valley. (You´ll need 
a PERFECT timing, so it might take few tries, save, save often!)
Then this mission is good as done. 
Level 10: Lullaby for Four Aces

Level ranking: Medium

This level is fairly straightforward, there´s just some things to do different.  
In the beginning, dazzle the nearest guard so you can all run safely to the 
Now send Cooper climbing up the wall. You´ll end up above one pueblo. Throw 
knife from here at the guy patrolling around and climb down. Stab the sleeping 
one. Let the three other ones be. Now throw knife at the drunk one level lower, 
and stab the sleeping one here too, and hide inside. Now, this is STRANGE. 
Suddenly there runs a suspicious guard somewhere but he doesn´t seem to go over 
there where you´ve done your stuff. WHAT did he see? Anyways, no big deal, he 
runs near the front door of the pueblo, he´s an easy kill… Now throw knife at 
the one sitting on a barrel in the front of the pueblo door. The one in bit more 
left, near another door is also an easy kill… 
Before you can open the door for your buddies, you need a bit help from Doc. Use 
the sniper to take out the guards in both sides of the gate. But the gate isn´t 
still clear. The one sitting on the crate near the stables will see you if you 
get in in wrong time. Turn on his field of vision so you can know when it´s safe 
to enter and hide in one of the pueblos. 
Time to start killing; there´s one who sees almost the whole yard near the 
stairs, he also looks to have it with women… an easy task. Use same trick with 
one who sees the gate. On a roof you got in with Cooper in there´s three men in 
a group near the door. Do this: Put Cooper near the ladder leading to the roof, 
and set Kate on a roof with the sniper bullets and the sleeping guy. Do the 
garter trick. One will see you, but when he starts to climb the ladder, Cooper 
throws his knife (you can also wait that he gets to Kate, and kick him out). Two 
remaining ones are simple… 
You will also find a way to take out all of the sleeping ones around with 
Cooper, and take the sniper bullets with you. 
Now take Kate and Cooper to the house that´s in very left near the stairs. Lay a 
trail´o´cards past the door so the pink-shirted guy patrolling around on one 
level up will see it. 
NOTE: Here´s a cheap trick to take out almost half of the enemies in this stage… 
He will not come and look for himself, but he hails someone around to go and 
check. When the guy walks past the door, he´s an easy prey for Cooper. Now go 
and pick up the card what´s on pink-shirted guy´s viewing range, but throw it 
there again… everytime he notes a "new" card, he will hail a new fella to check. 
Repeat this until there´s no one him to hail… or he goes and gets too much help 
from inside… BTW, if you get bored and want to try this on your own, you can 
entice him (NOW he comes) and try to find separate ways to clear the place. 
(BTW, if you know any separate or otherwise FUNNIER ways to do this, mail me.)
There should be now about 5 or 6 guys left… and some inside the houses… OK, time 
to clear the place for good, Rambo style. Take your heroes in a group (I 
recommend to set them standing in line) somewhere that looks a good spot e.g 
under stairs, behind corners… and shoot into air. Everyone who will come and 
check the situation, will meet his maker…     
Ok, now it´s time to pay a visit for Sanchez. Be careful, there might be one or 
two guys left, but they shouldn´t be too hard to handle. 
After you got to the door of Sanchez´s cabin, it´s time to do several things, 
and fast. You will need everyone of your team to get this done. You´ll need to 
knock Sanchez out. Use Kate, Cooper is way too slow. Store a "running kick"-
quick action for Kate, and "tie up" 
Q-action for Sam. Ok, let Doc pick the lock. Then, wait until Sanchez is so near 
the door he can be, and let Kate go. Now Lady Fortuna will decide who is faster, 
Kate or Sanchez. (Usually it´ll be Kate.) Send Sam to tie Sanchez up.
Mission accompl… UH-OH… Some trouble just arrived! Make Cooper to pick up 
Sanchez and hide everyone in the stairs in Sanchez´s room, fast! 
(A trick supported by aflorin: If you set your snake right in front of the front 
gate before knocking Sanchez out, all of the enemies arriving on horseback will 
be knocked out. I still think it´s more funnier to do as suggested below, but 
this sure makes the mission lot easier. Thanks!)
Now… from here, level is way too fun to tell exactly what to do… 
Just to give you a start;   when the patrolling guy visits the cabin take him 
out with Cooper. Pick up everything Sanchez gots in his cabin. Dash out with 
Cooper and shoot (you got me, SHOOT!) the guy guarding the door. Get back inside 
for cover. Now crawl out with Sam and shoot the one patrolling up there. Now 
you´re on your own. BUT: you don´t have to save your dynamite sticks or gas 
flasks! Kill (or at least knock out) everything with on your way with ´em for 
good. After there´s no one alive on roofs and you´ve killed the gatling gunner 
(I recommend dynamite), send the sniper in work. Snap anyone you can. Now there 
should be three or two guys left, simple job to you´to take ´em out somehow. 
(Shoot, find cover, shoot more…) After there´s no one left, carrying Sanchez out 
of the main gate ends this level.  
Level 11: Ambush in Snake Pass

Level ranking: Medium

In this level you´ll just have to repeat all the tricks you´ve learned in last 
ones… get going, desperado! Also, there´s some kind of ruins in northwest corner 
of the map, where you will find TNT barrel and some extra sniper bullets.
Let´s begin by clearing the eastern side of the canyon. Lay a trail´o´cards so 
the one going up and down the slope will see it and come walking past you. 
Cooper & knife, what else do you need? After you´ve dealt with him (hide the 
body near the horses), someone might find out he´s missing and find the cards 
too. No problem. Okay, continue by sending Kate to the hill so no one sees you. 
Fire into air with Derringer (reload). It´s so silent that only one or two guys 
should come running. Now go up the hill with Cooper and throw knife at guy 
standing behind the rock. Don´t care about those two looking down the canyon 
right now. There should be one patrolling around in other side of the bridge. 
Entice him… Now you must clear those two looking down the canyon. Take Cooper 
and Kate so near ´em you can and do next: store a kick as a quick action to 
another, and throw knife to another. When other fella sees his dead buddy, Kate 
must kick him out before he has time to react. The one sitting on a rock in 
other side of the bridge is a coward. You must blind him with mirror so you can 
get to knife-throwing range. 
OK, from here you better move to the western side of the canyon. Forget the guys 
more forward for a while, they´re in too large group to take on by now. 
In western side, it´s basical moving; just use familiar trick (Kate entices, 
Cooper stabs) to take out most of the fellas around and "knife and kick"-trick 
to take on the men watching the canyon. And after you´ve killed two first ones 
(the fella walking up and down the slope and the one in top of it), climb up the 
rocky wall to take out those two here.   
After some enticing and stabbing you´ve reached the area in the western side 
which is before the ruins, right? There are four men watching the canyon and one 
walking around. Let´s begin with the one walking around. Familiar style. Use 
same way take out the one who goes back and fourth to the ruins gate. The one in 
most north looks a bit around. So it shouldn´t be hard to entice him. Then 
choose a spot for the watch so the guy in most south will only hear it. Then 
take Kate in same place as the watch. May I have this dance, senor? Use same 
trick to the next one.         
OK, only one left. Time to do some shooting. Take Kate back to horses and bring 
Sam and Doc in. As you´ve noted there´s a little altitude difference between the 
area you´re on and the ruins. Go there and crouch down so you can´t be seen from 
the ruins and shoot the last guy watching down the canyon. The shots should 
bring some more enemies to check the situation. 
Say hi to the Devil… 
Ok, only one guy left in the ruins and another on the gateway. Just stand up and 
shoot the one on the gate. Then rush in and shoot the second one too. Now pick 
up the TNT and precision bullets. If you haven´t noted there´s a gatling gun on 
the other side of the bridge. Take out with sniper (you should have 5 bullets) 
anyone who might be threat on your way to the gun… OK, take Sam over the bridge, 
climb to the gatling gun and give some lead candies to anyone you can…  After 
this, there should only one or two left… an easy task to handle… 
After everyone on this stage is dead meat, just send Doc and Cooper back to the 
horses. One more thing- you noted that wrecked wagon there in the canyon? Watch 
out, there´s a gatling gunner inside. Make Sam go near the wagon so you can see 
him. You should get a clear shot at him. OK, one more thing to do- set the TNT 
down to the pile of rocks blocking your way in north, lay a trail and blow it 
up. Mount Cooper, Doc and Kate on the horses and take in lasso Sam´s horse and 
of course -Sanchez. (You think he can ride alone with his arms tied?) Bring ´em 
to Sam so he can get on horseback too. After all of your heroes have ridden past 
the open blockade, the level ends.          
Level 12: Escape from El Paso

Level ranking: Medium

You´ve killed about half dozen guys around New Mexico and Louisiana, and now 
you´re suspected for ONE murder! How weird can this get? 
First time I got through this level, I needed just a bit of luck and a plenty of 
improvised shooting… But there´s a better way, and I tell it here.
Anyways, as you have noted you have only Cooper to control –you´ll get your gang 
members available when you warn them –one by one. Sam is in northwest near the 
fortress, Doc is in cemetery behind the church in north, and Kate is in a yard 
in southeast corner of the map. 
First you need to hail Sam. Climb down the first ladder and throw knife at the 
sheriff walking down there when you get a change. Drag him in the house near the 
medipack. You can get to the western street via this building. Now you must kill 
the guy talking with a civilian on the other side of the street by well… 
throwing your knife. Watch out for the soldier patrolling a bit south. Take the 
body with you and warn Sam. Hide the body in the building behind Sam and hide 
Sam there too. Then go and kill the cowboy who patrols in upper level. Don´t 
worry about the soldier on top of the fortress -he can´t get anywhere from there 
and he doesn´t actually see anything!  
Now run into the barn in more south so no one will see you. When the soldier 
patrolling there will come and check the barn door –shoot him! This should bring 
some more enemies to stage (about 2-4), shoot ´em too and hide the bodies inside 
the barn. Now clear the yard with three horses in south. Wait behind the wall -
when the first one patrolling around comes past the gate, throw your knife, and 
get it fast back –but don´t move the body itself. This should bring another 
soldier to check out. Kill him too. Let the bodies be and sneak behind  the next 
soldier –throw your knife. The last cowboy on yard will note it –but shoot him 
when he comes near. Now run fast inside the house, a one more soldier will come 
to stage. He will check out the bodies but he won´t make an alarm, so let him 
be. Hide the bodies. Now bring Sam to stage where Cooper is. Now your next task 
is to get in the northest buiding (you got me) that's on the right side of the 
street. You think those two guarding the fortress gates will surely spot you? 
Don´t worry, noted that there´s wagons which will drive along the street in 
regular times? Just walk by them –you won´t get noticed. 
OK, there´s one patrolling in church side near the house you´re hiding. Step out 
and kill him with Cooper when he walks past the building. Now kill the one 
standing in front of the church and hide his body –of course. Now walk past the 
church and go to get Doc.
Make Doc to pick the lock in church´s side door –then make him open the front 
doors also from inside. Go and kill the one by the fountain with Cooper. 
I´ve gave a whole bunch of cheap tricks this far in this walktrough –but now I 
will give you a grandmother of all of the cheap tricks. It´s goes like this: 
bring Sam to the church. Note that there´s sniper bullets in church tower. (Has 
anyone played the demo?) Anyways, first shoot the three soldiers on the church 
yard with Doc and sniper-revolver(!) from the tower.        
There´s a water reservoir near the tracks. Make Sam climb the ladder to the top. 
Crouch down when you get there and set your snake in front of the ladder. Now 
shoot into air. This makes an enemy one by one to climb the ladder but don´t 
worry. Our scaly friend will take care of that he won´t get change to shoot. (Or 
you can shoot him by yourself) Shoot into air everytime there´s an enemy near 
the reservoir. AND: this takes more than a half of the enemies in this level out 
of order. After you´re absolutely sure no one will come to say hi to you and the 
snake, climb down. (There will be only about 10 or more or less enemies left on 
whole town). 
Now it´s time to stop the train on this station. Note that everytime a train 
stops, the engineer will step out and go to the common toilet that´s right from 
the railroad. Just wait there with Cooper and when the engineer comes to make 
his makings, simply punch him out. BTW, if there´s enemies left near the toilet, 
shoot ´em, or the one on the roof is still there, shoot him with sniper. Now 
walk trough the little alley and kill the guy talking with a civilian on it with 
knife, and another in the southern end of it. Now run to the yard and hail Kate. 
OK, rest you need to do is simply run around the town for horsies and shoot 
anyone who comes to yer way. After there´s no one left in the courtyard of the 
railway station, simply walk in there, send your buddies to take their ones from 
south and saddle your horse and mount it. Get them all into the south to the 
western street, and you´ve Escaped from El Paso!        
Level 13: The Walls of Fortezza

Level ranking: Hard

This level is not actually SO hard, but it holds some really frustrating spots 
to be tried over and over again… You´ll be happy when you get this level thru. 
Anyways, let´s begin. (How many times have I said that?) Note that it´s night, 
and against you is a whole fortress full of trained cavalrymen. So even a single 
kill might need couple of tries before you succeed. 
Start by killing the soldier who walks past near you with… Cooper and knife. 
Then walk a bit southwards, so you can get to the route of the fat guy with two 
dogs. Kill him too when get a change. Now you must kill the soldiers in small 
pen southeast. Start by throwing your knife into the soldier who´s sitting near 
the shack. It´s obvious you don´t get your knife back just now, so try to get by 
crawling in very front of the gate so you won´t be seen.       
The second soldier will stand just behind the gate (he won´t see you if you lay 
so the gate is between you. You must get him moving towards you. Set your watch 
in same place you are. When he walks past the gate to investigate, you must fast 
stand up and knock him out before he manages to react (this might take you 
couple of tries). Fetch your knife and hide the bodies in small shack. Call Doc 
and Sam there and pick up the extra gas and TNT. 
As you can see, the fortress itself can be divided in three different areas. The 
front yard, the stable area and the prison area. Now it´s time to storm in and 
take out the officers. But as you can see, there´s way too much soldiers for 
just Cooper to handle. 
So we must perform… you got me again –a cheap trick. Start by taking Cooper and 
Doc near the eastern wall. The spot you can get in is a spot where three men 
stand guard near a skyline. Position Cooper on the wall, but don´t climb up –
yet. Throw a gas flask and those three will be knocked out. Now climb up with 
Cooper and stab them all. Now crouch and position yourself near the skyline. OK, 
this one´s cheap! Shoot into air and hide inside the skyline. Switch to Doc. A 
whole bunch of men will come running and they will find the bodies. After 
there´s about 10 men on the place, throw in first gas flask so they will fall. 
More is on its way. They will run to the stage and start to wake up their 
unconcious mates. Throw in second flask. Now you should have twenty something 
knocked out guys laying there. Switch to Cooper, get up from your hiding place 
and simply stab them. With a bit of luck, you have now killed everyone on the 
front yard except the officers. (There´s usually one or two guys left, but don´t 
worry, they´re easy to handle.) 
OK, time to take out the officers. Walk down the stairs and hide in the shadowed 
spot right side of them. Just wait. The first officer will walk JUST past you. 
He´s an easy meat…
If there´s soldiers left on the yard, take out them before killing the second 
officer, who stands in front of the HQ. 
The third one is tricky. As you can see, he patrols in prison area with his men. 
But he will stand past the gate to the front yard at regular times. If that fat 
guy is still there guarding the gate, (usually he gets killed with others during 
our little trick) kill him first by stepping behind from corner and throwing 
your knife at him and hiding him into the house. 
BUT: the guard in left watchtower will see you if you try to kill the officer in 
wrong time. Turn on his field of vision, hide behind the corner and wait the 
officer to come.  
When he walks past the gate, and looks southwards, you must step from the corner 
and throw your knife. You CAN´T run, and you got about three seconds of time to 
perform this, or you get seen (I don´t have to say you´ll fail in this a couple 
of times). When you succeed, don´t go right there and try to drag him away, wait 
for the guy in the watchtower to look away (he won´t see his dead superior, but 
he will see YOU), then walk there and get him and your knife. PHEW!
Now it´s time to do a bit with Kate. The soldier patrolling there, go and entice 
him near the horses and kill him with kicking.
You thought that killing the officer was hard. You were wrong. Now it´s time to 
do a hardest trick in this game for good. You´ll need a perfect timing, strong 
nerves and a HUGE amount of luck. You must blow up the front gate to get Doc and 
Sam inside. Begin by setting the scarecrow somewhere to right from the front 
gate, and send Doc standing about same way to left. Set the TNT on its place and 
light the fuse. Send Sam to hide and switch to Doc. About fifteen soldiers will 
rush out. Eventually they´ll spot the scarecrow in right, get in a group and 
begin shooting at it. Doc should be behind ´em. Run to a flask-throwing range, 
and throw fast! (They´ll spot if you just stand and think for too long.) If you 
were lucky, you got all of them. If you weren´t, there´s one or or two guys 
left. Then you must play the old game "the-one-who-will-first-catch-the-bullet-
loses", and I don´t recommend that. After they´re all off to a little sleep, 
simply shoot ´em. One by one. 
Alternative way supported by Jeffrey Bertiger:
Get Doc ready by placing the scarecrow slightly left and south of the main 
gate.  Ready Sam with the TNT barrel and gunpowder trail.  Light it, and get Sam 
the heck out of there.  
THEN just as the barrel explodes Doc runs straight up the pillar on the right of 
the gate, then gets on the wall and crouches.  From that vantage point you will 
have no trouble gassing all the guards that come running.  At most you'll have 
one left, that you can easily gun down with Doc from above.
OK, now you´re all inside the fortress (what a mess!) Go and fetch some 
dynamites near the stairs in northeast. Cooper should still be in the house 
where you left him after killing the officer number three. Take Doc and Sam 
inside and switch to sniper in order to kill the two in the watchtowers. Couple 
of soldiers in prison area should note this, and when the first one of them 
climbs up the ladder, dash to place with Cooper and throw knife at him. Pick 
your knife and hide the body. Wait for the second one to repeat same.  
Your next task is to clear the stable area. Get all of your men to a building 
near the stairs in stable area. Then go and set your watch in front of the 
horsies so only the one patrolling back and forth there will hear it. Then wait 
by the stairs with your knife ready, and when he will come to investigate, 
throw. Go get your knife back and return in same place. He will soon be missed, 
and a second soldier will get there. Same way. Hide the bodies. Then set your 
watch so the one in the tower to left from the horses will hear it. Do the same 
thing one more time. Then sneak up and kill the one in the southwest tower. Go 
and pick up the extra gas. Then crawl along the wall and go kill the one guard a 
bit south with your knife. 
There´s still some fellas left in prison area. Time to get rid of them. Go and 
set the scarecrow near the pile of crates in front yard, and then return behind 
the fence of the stable area. Shoot into air. Everyone left in the fortress 
should run and spot the scarecrow. Throw a gas flask over the fence while 
they´re shooting at it. If someone remains, shoot again into air and he/they 
will come and you can easily shoot ´em. 
The unconcious guys –you can whatever you want to ´em. After all, there´s no 
others left in the fortress. 
Then just walk to the middle prison cell, pick the lock and free Sanchez. Then 
order Kate to bring the horses in lasso by the western wall and and after 
everyone of your heroes is on horseback, the level ends, and you´ll be dang 
Level 14: They called him Grizzly

Level ranking: Tutorial

Sanchez´s tutorial. It´s all simple here. Well… you must be fast with the siesta 
Level 15: Dance with the Devil

Level ranking: Medium

You begin this level with Kate and Sanchez. Your first goal is to get Kate to 
steal the dress, but you have several other things to do with her before that. 
Begin by kicking the one taking a siesta by the wall. Drag him behind the corner 
with Sanchez and kick him until he dies. Now you must clear a way for Doc so he 
can get to the hacienda gate and pick it open. 
Take Sanchez and sneak behind the guy in front of the door and SHOOT him. This 
should bring some soldiers on place, but don´t worry. Make it so they SEE 
Sanchez, but don´t get time to shoot, because when they´ve spotted you, you must 
dash in the door behind you. This will  make ´em to follow, but when they enter, 
Sanchez will throw ´em right out. After they´re all taking a siesta on the 
street, step out and make sure they won´t wake up again with shotgun. This could 
bring more soldiers to place, you know what to do. After there´s no guards 
around the bank, or either on the bank roof, call for Doc and pick the lock to 
the courtyard. Now make Kate enter the couryard wait for the guy wearing a black 
outfit is near the clothesline, sneak there and kick him out. Then entice the 
one near the gas bottle, let Doc pick it up (pick up also the bullets on a roof 
of the house nearby) and hide bodies with Sanchez. 
Time to turn attention to Cooper. Time to do some knife-throwing. Start killing 
the one who patrols near the gate in left. (Don´t worry about the fat mama here, 
he will do anything.) Drag the body to the house in right. Then kill the one in 
the south under the tree. Hide his body in same place. Then go and kill the one 
taking a nap in front of the house. Wait for the blue-coated guy to note that 
he´s missing and kill him when he comes to investigate. Now hide behind the bar 
corner and wait for the black-suited fella comes in throwing range, and drag him 
over (might need some timing). Now you must just walk in the yard in south 
where´s that one fella sits happy with no one notice you. Kill the guy when you 
get there and wait for the pink-shirted guy to visit there, and take him out 
Now we must take out the enemies near the place where Sam is hiding. 
There´s a small fence near them in south. Send Cooper crawling behind it and 
wait there.        
Now take Kate, Sanchez and Doc behind left corner of the house. Wait until the 
one patrolling there will come to talk the one near the door and throw a gas 
flask near them. 
Now send Kate to kick out the one in right near the archway, use Cooper to drag 
the body away and let Sanchez clear the house. Now you must throw a gas flask to 
those three civilians in south (you got me), because if they see the bodies, 
someone of them will go and call help. Let Sam tie ´em up and stab the 
unconcious enemies. Hide the bodies inside the houses. 
Now it´s Kate´s turn. Go all the way back to hacienda, wear the dress and walk 
to the courtyard of Carlos´ saloon. After some blah blah blah you should see 
Kate dancing on the stage and the number of enemies around the saloon is 
smaller, and it´s an easy job to take ´em out. 
Start by clearing the ones on the roof. There are four of ´em, and you have 4 
precision bullets… does it get more obvious? You have a clear shot from the roof 
of the bank, but be fast! If you stand there aiming for too long, they will 
alert Carlos. (DON´T begin by shooting the pink-shirted fella, if you shoot him 
where he is, the body will be spotted from below.)  
There´s two guys patrolling around the saloon left. Make Sanchez to pick up the 
tequila near Cooper´s starting point and drop a one bottle on a place where the 
black-suited fella patrolling around the saloon will see it. After some 
staggering around he´ll go and take a nap somewhere. Go and stab him with 
Cooper. Use same trick with guy who´s left. Now go and clear the courtyard with 
Cooper. There´s two guards whom watch Kate´s dance through windows. Deal with 
them by throwing your knife. Hide all the bodies around.
Now it´s time to visit Carlos´ office. Go and pick the lock with Doc. Then take 
distance from door, because Sam is going to drop in front of it something that´s 
about 0,5 meters long and hazardous. Enter the door (with Sam, of course) and 
walk back out, ´cos one fella will come automatically when you enter. Pick up 
the snake, and drag the body further. Then set the snake back and run the stairs 
up once. This will get another enemy to come out. Don´t worry, your little 
friend will take him out too. Pick up the snake and send Cooper in. Kill the guy 
in bedroom with your knife. Punch out also the ladies in there when you meet 
´em. One more guy left, in the office. Simply run in when looks away and punch 
him out. 
Make all of your men to enter the office and let Doc open the safe. After you´ve 
done it, this mission is over.         
Level 16: A Fistful of Dollars

Level ranking: Medium/Hard 

I´ve never met so many differences to get the mission thru like on this level. 
Anyways, I´m telling here a best way to get it thru (in my mind). 
Start by hiding all of your men in the house a bit south from your starting 
point. From here you must take out the guy standing next to the house with 
knife. Drag the body away and wait for the fella who patrols around there gets 
in same place and kill him too. Then wait for the third guy who gets suspicious 
and kill him when you get a change. 
Now you must get rid of the civilians in front of the church. Simply run in 
middle of them with Sanchez and a little swipe, they´ll be no problem. Hide ´em 
inside the church. 
The soldiers guarding the bank will move in pairs. We must take these pairs out, 
all of them. Hide all of your men in church.
When four soldiers will meet near the church, get out with Doc and throw a gas 
flask at ´em. Now go and stab them with Cooper. Leave the bodies there. The 
other pairs will soon get suspicious and eventually they will find the bodies. 
When they´re in group inspecting the bodies, all of them, throw in second flask. 
Stab those fellas too and hide ´em in church. Watch out for the pink-shirted guy 
patrolling around, he´ll see the bodies too if he happens to come there in wrong 
time. Throw a stone at him if he spots the bodies. 
Now go more north with Sanchez and Cooper. There´s a guy sleeping next to a 
tequila bottle. Stab him with Cooper and make Sanchez enter the house and clear 
it. Stab the other guy too and hide ´em in the house.
Now you must take out the fellas in the yard in south by doing next: first, 
throw a stone at the buddy on the roof so no one will notice it (might take 
couple of tries). Then you must "forget" a bottle of tequila on the viewing 
range of the buddy in front of the door. BTW, you might encounter problems while 
trying to get away from his line of vision in time, so store a "siesta" quick 
action and get it executed right after the bottle is on ground. The guy will 
come and take the bottle but he lets "sleeping" Sanchez be. He will soon stagger 
away (but returns after some time). 
Alternative way: Do not kill the soldiers patrolling around the bank. Instead of 
that go and throw a one gas flask in middle of the fellas in yard. (If you 
manage to throw it in right place, you take out the most southern one, the 
patrolling one and the one on the roof and the one in front of the door just by 
using only one flask.)
AFTER you break into the bank and take out the guards in there, go out via 
tunnel with Cooper and Doc and now take out the soldiers patrolling there 
(because now you have enough gas).  
Now you must come and kill the man who´s left with Cooper. Now make Sanchez 
enter the building. He clears the place and Cooper stabs the bodies. Hide all of 
them in the building. Also, you must kill the guy who stands in shadow in front 
of the other house in right. Sneak behind the palm tree with Cooper and kill the 
guy by simply walking in front of him and stabbing him. Hide the body in same 
house as the others (there´s too much enemies in other houses). Now you must 
take out the guy walking up and down on the street. Do it next way: go in the 
small yard opposite Kate and his "friends" in south. Set Sam´s snake behind the 
small fence and then set Cooper´s watch somewhere in yard where it will be 
heard. Just wait… Remember to pick up the snake first before moving the body so 
it won´t bite Cooper. Now it´s time to free Kate. Wait until the guy who runs 
past the place at regular times is also there and  move in flask-throwing range 
with Doc and after there´s four err… FIVE unconcious persons in there, cross the 
street with Cooper and Doc and stab the bodies with Cooper and wake Kate up with 
Doc. Now Cooper and Doc must run back into their hiding house, because you DON`T 
have time to hide the bodies! After some "Hey!"´s and "Who-did-this"´s the 
things will return to normal.
Now send Kate in bank. As you can see, every guard in the bank turns his eyes at 
her. Position her so anyone will see through the door leading in the room in 
right side ´cos that´s where your tunnel ends. 
Now you must fight your way to the park. There´s two ways to get in there –
either through the front gate or via the hacienda yard in northwest. This sounds 
odd, but I recommend the front gate. You must get there via the yard in east. 
Start clearing the building right from the bodies so you can make it your new 
part-time HQ. After you´ve killed the fella and knocked out the girl in there, 
turn attention to the yard. The soldier by the right wall might be asleep –or 
not. If he´s awake, soften him a bit with a bottle of tequila. He´ll eventually 
drop sleep and you can kill the other guy. You might also want to knock out the 
lady, he MIGHT go and get some help. Then kill the man who walks forth and back 
near the gate in left. Then stab the soldier who at least NOW should be asleep. 
Hide all of the bodies. Kill now the blue-coated one in other side of the fence, 
and then the one near the building door a bit north (watch out the soldier who 
patrols there) and then the soldier I did mention. Now let Sanchez make the 
building habitable and call all of your men (except Kate, of course) there. Now 
go and kill the soldier patrolling near the gate with Cooper so the guards in 
front of the gate won´t see a thing. Now sneak behind the fella guarding the 
gate in right and stab him. Then throw the knife to the left one. Drag both of 
the bodies just a bit right, no one will note ´em there. Now you must kill the 
one patrolling just behind the gate. Throw your knife through the gate at him 
when you get a change and call Doc in, I guess you want your knife back, right. 
BTW, take the body too. Now kill the one wearing black nearby. Drag him to same 
place as the others. Now hide inside the bush labyrinth by chrouching there and 
wait for the third one to get past. Move the body away. Now go and kill the one 
in bit north looking away. One bandit left, he´s in right from the bush 
labyrinth. After he´s a goner, get all of your men to the statue and let Sanchez 
push it over. Now go down the hole and end up in bank. Get Doc there, take the 
extra gas and position yourself in the doorway. Throw a bottle in middle of the 
group. Not hard at all. 
Wake Kate up (again) and make sure everyone else won´t. Then crack the safe 
door, get the loot inside (Cooper takes one sack and Sanchez takes two). But 
there´s one more thing: you must get out through the front door(!) There are two 
guards there, and one will patrol around. Send Doc back via the tunnel, and then 
hike all way back to the starting point. When the patrolling one will stand to 
talk with the guards, throw a gas flask in there. Now simply walk out from the 
bank with all of your heroes to the starting point, and you´ve succeed!
Level 17: To the Last Bullet

Level ranking: Easy/Medium

There´s no complicated things to do like planned or long ways to walk around for 
one objective, you just have to mess up with thirty something enemies on a small 
area. If you´ve got this far, without walkthru or not, you should have all the 
abilities to take out the fellas who have stormed this place, one by one. Entice 
´em, sneak behind and stab ´em, shoot ´em, you´ll find out how to kill one after 
one or all on one time. Good Hunting!
Level 18: The Magnificient Six

Level ranking: Medium

I have no idea why this level is called "The Magnificient Six" because you can 
use only four men throughout the mission (well… you CAN use Kate too, but it´s 
not a very good idea because of Mia sticking by her, but you don´t need her, so 
never mind) 
You start in a hard situation on the station. If you move, you´ll get shot, if 
you try to pull out weapons, you´ll get shot. So we must use and master the 
quick action perfectly. First click the quick action and then click your hero´s 
main weapon. 
You must do next: Cooper shoots the three standing on a platform in front of him 
(first the fatso, then guys in left and right). Sam shoots the one on left roof, 
and Doc the one on right roof. Sanchez clears the fella sitting on crates in 
right. After all of your quick actions are stored, it´s time to carry ´em out. 
After you have six bodies in your sights, hide inside the train station. Go up 
to the roof with Cooper and kill the fella up there. 
Now it´s time to lure some opponents nearby to "Hotel Sanchez". Take Sam to the 
roof (chrouch, of course) and make Cooper go out the door and fire a shot. Rush 
back inside and wait for enemies to appear. Now fire into air with Sam on the 
roof and the enemies will rush in, but don´t worry, they should leave the 
building in no time (as long as Sanchez is there). Go and stab ´em with Cooper. 
Repeat the trick; go a bit further and shoot again. Do it so many times there´s 
no enemies around who will rush from south when they hear shots (you should take 
out many around the southern hacienda also by using this). Of course you can 
also improvise, but you can kill huge amount of enemies on this level just by 
using your guns, that´s the main thing to remember. 
Now it´s time to clear the little hacienda in bit north. Send Sanchez behind the 
corner of the archway there and fire into air. Shoot everyone who rushes out. 
Pick up the sniper bullets and tequila. Note that there´s also a saddle in 
there. You´ll need it in end of the level.
Now it´s time to clear the southern hacienda where the gatling gun is. Start by 
going to the station roof with Doc and pick anyone who gets near the gatling gun 
and the one on the roof in other side of the street. Then you must storm the 
hacienda yard and kill anyone in there with Cooper and his knife. Kill also all 
sleepyheads around. Now take control of the gatling gun. Shoot everyone who gets 
to your sights. Go to west and kill everyone in a small yard over there. There´s 
two enemies in street leading to north and a one who´s patrolling around but who 
stops to talk with his mateys. DON`T shoot ´em with gatling gun, there´s too 
much civilians in street. Throw a gas flask in middle of ´em with Doc and finish 
´em with Cooper. Now you must take out the ones "dancing" the sheriff over 
there. Rush to the place with Sanchez and gatling gun and hope that you´re fast 
(and lucky) enough to take out all of them before the sheriff (or yourself) gets 
Alternative way: Get to the small yard in west (the one you first cleared with 
gatling gun) with Doc, and climb to the of the western house. Take Sanchez near 
enough, so you have a clear shot at two rightmost ones. Now send a bladder 
balloon up to the air and look it go over the roofs... You have to waste a 
sniper bullet on this: store a sniper shot quick action to the balloon and wait 
it to float above the "dance arena". Shoot it down, so you can take out three 
leftmost enemies this way. Now it´s a lot easier to shoot the remaining two with 
Sanchez, before they shoot the sheriff. Nice…   
Shoot also the ones around the gatling gun up there, and your mission is good as 
All you need to do is to find three horses. Go and pick up the saddle in 
hacienda yard in north (the one I mentioned) and saddle the horse which stands 
in the main street. Another horse can be found in the courtyard of southern 
hacienda, and there´s also a saddle in there. There´s one already saddled horse 
in the main street and that´s your third transport. 
Make Cooper, Sam and Sanchez mount ´em and ride out the town along the road 
leading to northwest. Time to visit Silver Creek.                        
Level 19: Blood Money

Level ranking: Medium

After all, this level is pretty straightforward, and your goal is to reach the 
shack roof up on the mountain. You will also perform some tricky Winchester 
In order to clear the camp, we must storm it, using some heavy-violence methods. 
Get all of your men in line behind the rock near beginning (Sanchez in front, of 
course). Shoot into air and kill everyone who gets to your sights. 
There should be one or two men left in the camp area. Kill them with Cooper and 
his knife, and then check the tents for more enemies, Sanchez throws ´em out. 
Hide the bodies in that shack there. There´s some men near the gatling guns. 
Shoot into air and lure ´em into the shack.
Now get near the bridge with Sam and WOUND the guy standing in front of the 
shack with Winchester. Hide inside one of the tents and wait for the man get 
closer. When he´s in clear shot range, rush out and shoot him. Use same trick 
with the another fella near the shack. Take out same way also the guy standing 
in right from the gatling guns. 
Now we must do next: there´s another shack in left other side of the first 
bridge. Get there with Sanchez and Cooper. There´s two fellas standing in front 
of the cottage bit further. Another one should spot you rushing in, but if he 
doesn´t, lure him over there with a bottle of tequila (it´s various, sometimes 
he picks it, sometimes not). When he gets to pick up the bottle, get out and 
kill him. Then climb up and kill the one on top of the tall rock.  
Now you must throw a stone at the one who´s in corner of the cottage. Throw the 
knife at another one in front of the cottage. Let Sanchez do the cottage 
habitable and hide all the bodies inside the cottage. Now you must take out the 
gatling gunners. It´s absolutely necessary that you haven´t alerted any 
reinforcements on stage, because this must be handled silent way. Throw knife at 
the left one and stone at another. (Pick up all stones on on area you can get 
right now.)
Now becomes the fun part. Pick up one of the gatling guns and kill anyone you 
can on the ground level (there´s plenty of guys rushing out from mine and that 
house over there).
Another, a bit more silent (and funnier) way: Noted the mine car on the tracks 
near the mine entrance? Throw a stone at the one near the fence, then run to the 
car and PUSH it inside the mine with Sanchez (like the statue in level 16). This 
way you can also kill the guys inside the mine, it´s dang fun! Hide inside the 
mine before someone spots you, because they get there and wake up their knocked 
out friend. Step out the mine and throw another stone at him so you won´t get 
spotted and then go on with current plan.    
There are several guys up there in mountain catwalks. Only fella you should kill 
on his stands is the gatling gunner. Again, WOUND them one by one and wait for 
´em to come bit downwards and closer. Then finish ´em. 
Now there should two or three guys left on the catwalks near the shack and one 
on the mountain top. Now get someway upwards and throw stones at the remaining 
guards on catwalks.
After there´s left just one guy on top of the mountain, find a way to climb up 
there with Cooper, take him out and get to the roof of the shack. After you´ve 
got there, mission complete.  
Level 20: Little China Girl

Level ranking: Tutorial

Mia´s tutorial. Just do as orders go… blah…blah…blah…    
Level 21: Piggies in the Middle

Level ranking: Hard

This is the most difficult level in whole game. You have make your way to the 
train station in middle of fighting bandits and cavalrymen. 
Let´s begin. Walk a bit forward with Cooper and shoot the nearest soldier there. 
Now run with your other men behind the stable near the starting point. Shoot the 
another soldier with Cooper and run back to others. El Diablo´s men take control 
of the building in no time. Now you must throw a dynamite stick in middle of 
them in order to kill/knock out all of the bandits in two floors. Get in there 
and finish ´em with Cooper. 
Now send all your men into the house in other side of the street, and send 
Cooper up to the balcony. Do some running, so you get heard and bandits over 
there will come to investigate. When they enter the building, Sanchez throws ´em 
out. Go and kill the soldier patrolling on side of the church, too. Now move all 
of your men one building southwards, near the cross of the streets. Now you must 
go and show yourself to the men behind the corner (use Mia, she´s fastest) and 
lure ´em inside. One stays there, shoot him after finishing his mates.
Now you must be tricky with Mia. Run to the small yard in west and hide yourself 
into the barrel there. There´s three guys in a group by a well. You must jump 
out from the barrel and throw a firecracker in middle of them in order to blind 
´em and then you must hit one with your blowpipe, then hide back in the barrel. 
The bandit goes mad and kills his mateys. This trick might prove really tricky, 
and besides, there´s one bandit who patrols around, so you need some timing (and 
luck). There might be still one or two bandits left in the yard. Storm the area 
and shoot ´em. After the place is secure, Hide all of your men inside the house 
in left side of the yard.
Now climb to the house roof with Sanchez, chrouch and shoot into air. One bandit 
someway right from you should hear this. He calls one of his mateys from a roof 
of the nearby hacienda (from middle of a firefight!). When he gets over there, 
shoot into air again, he gets there (don´t worry if he spots you, he shoots but 
won´t hit), climbs the ladder, and you shoot him. Repeat the trick until there´s 
no one to hail. Then go and shoot the guy who called for those guys to you.
There´s a house on southern side of the hacienda, you must clear it´s back yard. 
Get behind its corner with Cooper and shoot, shoot everyone who gets to yer 
sights. Then hide all of your men inside the house. 
Now you should lure some of the bandits fire-fighting in the hacienda to the 
house. Get out with Cooper, shoot into air and rush back in. Lure into the house 
everyone you can. 
Now there should be only couple of more bandits left. Shoot, find for cover, 
(You must also shoot the two bandits near the house in other side of the street 
–they block your best way to sneak aboard the train. After the hacienda is 
ridden of bandits, the cavalry will rush in. They´re lot easier to handle. Just 
shoot one when you get a change, find for cover, wait some time, then kill 
Now you must make some space for you to clear the station. There´s a cavalry 
unit behind the church. You must take ´em out. Do this by using Mia. You must 
sneak by the church into blowpipe-shooting range and hit one after one, after 
everyone´s out. Now take Sam in, and kill the remaining soldiers on the yard in 
right with your Winchester (also the guy on horseback around the barn in north). 
Use the fence for cover. After they´re all out, pick up the stones and dynamite. 
Could you believe that it´s possible to take out the bandits on horseback near 
the station and the cavalry unit on the bridge using just two dynamite sticks 
from there you´re standing? Here´s the trick and how it is done:
A bit northwards from you, there are four cavalrymen using cannons. You must 
take out the two using the cannon that´s in right side. Throw a stick of 
dynamite to get them out. If you´ve noted, the guys on horseback (you must take 
´em out if you want to clear the station) will try to get out from the station, 
but the cannonballs hitting the ground prevents them. Now when the cannon users 
are out (even for temporarily), they will ride northwards where the cavalry unit 
on the bridge waits for ´em. The unit takes them out in no time, when the 
bandits get there. Now we must throw a stick of dynamite in between to the 
soldiers and the officer to the bridge. No one will run anywhere, they´ll just 
stand there and wait for the blow. Now they´re out.  
Now you must split your group in two. Sam and Cooper board the train (you must 
sneak from south to the backmost wagon, when anyone isn´t looking), while 
Sanchez and Mia go and hide inside the house, that´s near the bridge (the one 
which yard you cleared). Send Mia out and shoot with your blowpipe one of the 
soldiers fighting near the station (chrouch down after you´ve hit, and he won´t 
see you). He goes crazy and kills about 3-6 of his mates. There should be about 
4-2 soldiers left now. (If there´s more, let Mia repeat the blowpipe trick.) 
Guide Mia aboard the train, too. Now it´s Sanchez´s turn. Get near the station 
and knock out remaining soldiers with stones. Now run all the way in order to 
reach the last wagon, the train leaves in moments. If all of your heroes have 
managed to get aboard, the episode is at its end (and that´s SOO good)!             
Level 22: Showdown in Deadstone

Level ranking: Medium

To get thru this level, you´ll need nothing but a bit improvised shooting and 
that´s all. 
In the beginnig, walk a bit southwards with Cooper and hide behind corner of the 
house and shoot into air. This makes about 4-6 bandits run over there, so you´ll 
have to be pretty fast to take ´em all out. Now you have made one yard bandit-
There´s a small (VERY small) shack near the house you´re hiding, a bit right (on 
side of a barn). Hide Cooper/Sanchez behind it and shoot into air, again. More 
guys should come running, only to catch the bullet. Now get more forward and 
shoot again, and get back where you came, so you can lure the opponents in front 
of the gun. Repeat this, until the number of opponents around the shack near the 
stairs is absolutely minimal. Refresh the air around shack with Cooper, and then 
take all of your heroes there. Now we must lure more opponents to stage, this 
time inside the shack (or "Hotel Sanchez", as we could say). Rush out, shoot 
into air and let them see you rushing back in. After you´ve got some enemies 
around the gatling guns out, it´s time to take out the gatling gunners 
themselves. First kill the southern one (the northern one doesn´t even look your 
way). Throw stone at the gunner and run to take the gun with Sanchez. 
Ok, start a rambo-style killing party and kill every enemy you meet in northern 
side of the map (but save some bullets –you need ´em to set Doc free). After 
there´s no enemies left but around Doc and some in the southern parts, it´s time 
to free Doc.
Remember level 18? The bandits are beating Doc in front of a barn. Get to the 
left side of the barn with Sanchez and gatling gun, and position yourself so you 
can take out the blue-coated guy. If you´re lucky, the fellas run right into 
your sights (even the one who´s inside the barn). And you can take ´em out. 
Bring Cooper near Doc and after some blah blah blah Doc is in yer control. Now 
take out rest of the enemies on this level out with Sanchez and gatling gun, and 
then find all of your heroes a horse. Then ride away the road leading northeast 
and you´re one step closer to El Diablo.
Level 23: At the Gates of Hell

Level ranking: Medium 

Like previous level, this one includes also a lot of firefights. (But you´ve 
learned how to master ´em, are ya?) 
Begin by sending Kate inside the door that´s behind her. Then turn attention to 
Cooper and Doc. The front gate is a bit too well guarded, so we find an 
alternative way. Walk eastwards, there´s a small slope in there. Walk over the 
slope and stop there. Draw your guns and shoot into air. Some enemies should get 
there and… Shoot into air again and wait for more enemies. Move up the slope 
when you´re ABSOLUTELY sure no one´s coming there. (You may also want to kill 
the guards on main gate. Do this by storing an quick action, Cooper shoots one 
on the right twice and one on the left once, Doc shoots one on the left.) Hide 
inside one of the houses. 
Then turn attention to Sanchez, Sam and Mia. When no one is looking, sneak 
inside the house near you. Now get out with Sam and shoot into air with 
Winchester, and dash back inside. Wait for that the bandits get there with you. 
("Hello, my name´s Sanchez and I´m your host tonight. Goodbye, it was nice you 
visited.") Get out and kill the knocked out enemies with Winchester. Dash back 
inside, the shots were heard. After few repeats, you should have a nice amount 
of bodies in your front door. Now walk southwards with Sanchez and take out the 
guy you can find back there. There´s two fellas near the horses. Go there with 
Sanchez and Sam and take ´em out (by using quick action). Then wait there, some 
more fellas might come to stage, you know what to do. Then hide your men back to 
Now you must take out some more fellas with Doc and Cooper. Find a nice ambush 
place near the house you´re hiding, get there and shoot into air. This way you 
take out some more enemies. 
Now handle the two near the first gatling gun with Sanchez. Get to a nice stone-
throwing place and knock out the fellas near the gun. Then grab the gun and 
shoot anyone you can. 
Now you should have some more fellas left near the cave entrance. Try to take 
´em out by throwing gas flasks. Then get out with Kate and kick the guy who´s 
taking a siesta nearby. Now go and fetch the second gatling near Kate´s hiding 
place and get to the cave entrance. Some enemies might be inside. Shoot into air 
and shoot with gatling gun anyone who gets out. Bring all of your heroes to the 
cave entrance. Enter the cave with all of your heroes and episode ends.
Level 24: Death´s Overture

Level ranking: Hard

I think this level is a lot harder than the very last one, but who cares? It´s 
not impossible to get thru. 
You begin in a cell, only one who´s missing is Sanchez. As you have noted, you 
don´t have much weapons right now. First task is to get your five err… six(?) 
heroes out of the cell.
Start by throwing some peanuts near the cell door. There a small niche in left 
side of the door. Hide Cooper there, and send others to the far end of the room. 
Wait for that there´s just one guard outside the door. Now let Mia´s little 
monkey to start his dance. The guard gets there, opens the door, and… PUNCH! 
Cooper sends him to Dreamland. Drag his body the far end of the cell. Now you 
must slip to the trunk a bit further in order to get yer stuff back. After this 
get back to the niche in cell and shoot to lure more opponents. When they dash 
to the stage, kill ´em all. Now the area around the cell is clear. Get all of 
your heroes to the trunk, one by one and take their individual stuff (it´s all 
Entice the one a bit further with Kate. Next place to clear is the chamber 
before the curtain room. (Note the barrier between the rooms, we use it well a 
bit later.) Get Cooper, Sam and Doc behind the corner to the room entrance and 
shoot into well… somewhere. Shoot to lure some enemies on the room to front of 
the revolver barrel. There´s still three or two ones left. Use Mia and her 
blowpipe. Get into the room and try to hit one thru the holes. He goes mad and 
kills his friends. Now the room is empty, get all of your heroes there. Pick up 
all of  the stuff in there.
Now you must shoot one or two enemies, position all of your heroes (except Mia) 
to the room and open the barrier. Shoot, and shoot everyone who gets there. 
Now we must be tricky to success. Open the barrier (by stepping on the switch 
that´s there). Step away from the switch and store a quick action to make 
someone to step it again. Now get a bit forward with Cooper. The curtains should 
open, and some Demonios step out. Run fast back to the other side of the open 
barrier and order someone to close with quick action you made. Now you´re this 
side of the barrier and knife-throwers are on another. Get Mia there and try to 
hit one of the Demonios with blowpipe (If there´s no one in range, shoot to lure 
some more near the barrier. If and (and when) you manage to hit, the mad knife-
thrower makes larger mess than any gunman ever. The curtain chamber is empty. 
Now get in there with Cooper, Doc and Sam. Get to the stairs leading upwards and 
shoot… somewhere. This lures plenty of enemies in there, sometimes from two 
directions, so this should take few tries. Anyways, now bring your heroes to the 
curtain chamber and hide ´em behind curtains. Your next task is to clear the 
large cave, last area before you get to Sanchez and El Diablo. 
It gets pretty easy, once you get the control of the gatling gun in northeast 
corner up there first. To get there, we better be silent. So use Cooper and 
knife to get there (find out). 
After the way to the gatling gun is free, comes the fun part. Set Cooper and Doc 
in the curtain chamber, near the entrance of the cave. Get control of the 
gatling gun with Sam and pick one of the guys in cave (NOT the gatling gunner) 
and just WOUND him. He gets angry, and tries to get to you, because he can´t hit 
you from there. But on his way he must walk through the curtain chamber, and 
that´s where Cooper and Doc are waiting… So after, Sam has hit him, switch to 
Doc and Cooper and wait him to get there… Do this trick with everyone you can 
(ones near the gunner and the bullet box in middle of the cave). Then kill the 
gatling man. NOTE: When you kill the gatling gunner, almost everyone of the 
enemies in cave get there and check the body. Now you must wound everyone 
visiting there with a rapid manner. After this switch back to Cooper and Doc and 
shoot everyone who runs there.
Alternative way: After you´ve killed all fellas up there except the gatling 
gunner, go and hit him with Mia. He goes crazy and with a bit of luck, clears 
the whole cave. 
Now there should be about 3-5 enemies left before the chamber where El Diablo 
holds Sanchez. Go and get the extra bullets. Now find a spot where you have a 
clear shot at the remaining ones near the ladder. The one near the stairs 
leading to Sanchez should spot the bodies so you can also take him out. 
Time to set Sanchez free. The greatest threat to him is the knife-thrower behind 
him. So you must get him away. Set Cooper standing in the stairs. Now take Mia 
to the small window and throw down some peanuts. Get Mia further from the window 
and let Mr. Leone go. The knife-thrower should note this, and he gets up the 
stairs, where Cooper waits. Knife-thrower meets knife-thrower…
Now you should note Sanchez´s picture among others in your screen. Switch to him 
and do a swipe, no matter for the guys in there anymore… 
Now we must hunt El Diablo down. Go forward either Cooper or Sanchez and shoot 
the ones you meet there. Now becomes the complicated part. The floor of the next 
chamber forms a pentagram, the symbol of the Devil… but it´s also a lousy trap. 
If you step on a wrong plate, you get hit. The moving around is fairly simple. 
If you get hit, simply punch {F8} to get back to previous plate… (Of course you 
have to punch the {F5} first…) There are two plates that open the two gates, 
these are the one in front of the torch and second in front of the crusified 
After this there´s still one HOT trap to get thru, and only one who can 
deactivate it is Mia. So bring her over the pentagram, and dash thru it to reach 
the switch in other end. Now you can safely get through it with others. Kill the 
remaining two somehow (well, they´re the last fellas you have to kill, so do 
anything you want…) 
Now simply climb up the wall with Cooper to the door El Diablo went in. Level 
complete, time to move on the final showdown…           
Level 25: Inferno

Level ranking: Medium

I gave this level "only" medium ranking, because El Diablo isn´t so hard to beat 
after all. Basical stuff is this: you take cover behind the chairs, step out of 
there and shoot your opponent, and avoid his filthy traps. Both Marshal and You 
have a revolver, but you have also another weapon that Marshal couldn´t never 
have: {F5}/{F8} keys. So you can be every time one step ahead him, and so you 
now his every move. If he hits you, you can hit {F8} and ta-da, you´re in cover 
behind the chair again, and if he activates some of his traps, you can load in 
order to get enough time to find cover. Save EVERY time when you´re safe behind 
the chair, and your gun is loaded. 
But, let´s begin: You´re in cover behind a chair, so simply step from there and 
start shooting Jackson who gets also cover behind his desk when things get too 
hot. Empty your gun to him. Then find cover again and reload it. BTW, if you hit 
"chrouch" button, Cooper doesn´t get on crawling, but gets on his knees, so you 
can roll around the room and find cover faster. It´s also safer way to move 
between the chairs. 
The traps: El Diablo have several traps in his room which he can activate by 
pulling a certain torch behind him. The traps (from left to right) are:
First torch: This activates a flame burst, like the one in previous level. 
How to avoid: Find cover in a niche which is in left side of the room, a bit 
"southwards" from leftmost chair. 
Second torch: Pulling this activates two automatic gatling guns. This trap is 
most difficult to avoid, and it makes largest damage.
How to avoid: Find cover in the niche again, but this time so left than you can 
Third torch: This trap is easy to avoid. It activates several circular saws.
How to avoid: There are easily-spotted lines that are more darker on floor. Just 
don´t stand on ´em. 
Fourth (rightmost) torch: This activates a gas attack; several spots in floor 
burst out hazardous gas.
How to avoid: Find cover in the niche again.
Shoot Jackson, avoid his traps, shoot more. But; sooner or later you and Jackson 
run out of ammo, (so don´t get frustrated,) and Jackson gets down and begins a 
fistfight with you. But don´t just stand there taking hits, run up the stairs in 
order to pick up your knife that´s jammed in the chair. Pick it up and fast stab 
El Diablo when he gets near you. Note the hit points coming out of him… 
gongratulations, your task is at its end!     
Legal stuff: 
This walktrough is made by Dr. Laiho, and you can use it freely anywhere you 
want. You can print it out and give it to your buddies… You may let your dog eat 
it (I´m not responsible if your dog becomes sick)… You may put it in your 
homesite (no matter of age, religion or nationality), if you of course remember 
to credit me… BUT don´t say you´ve made it yourself or print it out and try to 
sell it for money.   

I´d like to credit just Infogrames and Spellbound this far, for making such a 
great RTS-action game. Thank you.
Last quote:

"You're a good-looking boy: you've big, broad shoulders. But he's a man. And it 
takes more than big, broad shoulders to make a man." 
- Helen Ramirez in "High Noon"

(Me and My weird sense of humor…)

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