Author's notes:

    This is THE complete, solved, and written docs for
Bard's Tale III: The
Theif of Fate. We started playing Bard's Tale III on 6-15-
88. We finished on
6-23-88. We started writing this on 6-28-88. We finished
writing this on
6-29-88. We released this on 6-30-88. The 15 days between
when we started
playing, and when we finished writing this, was the worst
experience ever
conceived to mankind. When and if Bard's Tale IV comes out,
someone else
better write a solve file, because we sure the hell aren't!!

    We would like to clarify for Vigilante, who gave us the
inspiration to
write a real solve file, that Shahka Brae doesn't exist. We
would also like
to tell him that the dude with the long name is actually
'Brilhasti ap Tarj.'
Also, the Stone Touch spell doesn't exist in Bard's Tale

    The general info file we used was taken from the docs
typed in by ESI. The
trainer was taken from BBI. The fix used for the codewheel
was taken from XPB.
This solve was done by Kool Kat, Wildcat, and Marduk. All in
the 404 area code.

Call 5150 (XPB HQ) at 404-922-6798
     Prowl's Place at 718-271-0478
     Mafia Board/UIA at 201-692-1773
     The Cutting Edge at 314-631-3279
     Vital Signs at 407-965-6267
     Warez Island at 718-438-5716

When we solved it, our characters were as follows:

Kool Kat:

New Sensation - Level 13 Geomancer
Cinderella - Level 29 Chronomancer
Cindefella - Level 27 Chronomancer
Metallica Mage - Level 22 Archmage
Bullwinkle Jr. - Level 32 Monk
Nikki Sixx - Level 37 Bard
Rogue Runner - Level 32 Rogue


Wildcat - Level 99 Monk
Rich the Hawk - Level 8 Geomancer
Bard's Tale - Level 111 Bard
Theif of Fate - Level 38 Rogue
Aderack - Level 88 Archmage
Conanthist - Level 21 Chronomancer
Nuke em - Level 88 Archmage


Friar Tuck - Level 108 Bard
Brother Amigo - Level 72 Monk
Marduk - Level 88 Archmage
Brian V - Level 9 Geomancer
Nuke em Jr. - Level 88 Archmage
Thor - Level 37 Rogue
Pocovich - Level 18 Chronomancer

We hope you've enjoyed this awesome display of talent (yeah

If you ever are on you knees, begging to know the locations
of the statues in
Malefia, give 5150 a call and leave e-mail to one of us.

Whaddya think about Tyson killing Spinx in 91 seconds?? Too
bad Tarjan
wasn't so easy to kill. Well, at least we got the 22 million
pieces of gold
finding him! Heh heh heh heh... have a nice day!

                   ===} BARD'S TALE III: Thief of Fate {===

[{ PREFACE }]  As I lay dying...

I pray my body does not fail me before I am able to complete
this most
important missive.  I pray as well that, somehow, the heroes
who once  before
saved Skara Brae will find this accounting and act upon it.
I leave this
record so those who come after will know what horrors that
the Mad God Tarjan
has perpetrated, and so that they will not be lulled into
believing that
Skara Brae was his sole target.

How can I describe that day.  May, it did not begin like all
others  for on
that day we celebrated the victory over Mangar that had so
recently liberated
our city.  Bards from the world arrived in Skara Brae to
play and herald the
brave deeds of those heroes who saved us.  The townspeople
danced in the
streets with happiness, and the great festival filled all
with an
overwhelming joy of life and renewed hope for the future.

Then Mangar's Master, the The Mad God Tarjan, arrived to
reduce our day of
celebration into a day of mourning.  His shadow sank the
city into pitiless
black oblivion.  Foul creatures that had festered in his
flesh like maggots
burst forth to assault fair Skara Brae.  People ran, but
could not run swiftly
enough to escape.  Tarjan's minions left none untouched.

Forgive the shakiness of my script, for life ebbs painfully
from my body as I
write.  Tarjan, mocking my death curse, told me Skara Brae
was barely one in a
series of conquests he had long contemplated to complete his
revenge.  He
laughed when I said heroes would come to destroy his mad
plan, yet I sensed
fear in his voice when I promised that the legendary
Hawkslayer, and those
who defeated Margar, would return again to triumph.  As
payment for my
threat, he gave a swift twist of his jewelled sword into my

Tarjan must be stopped.  Whosoever reads this, you must get
word to the
heroes.  This will be their greatest challenge, for upon
their efforts rests
the fate of more than Skara Brae, more than the Six Cities
of the plains.
Their failure will mean the extinction of all life - save
for the wretched
Tarjan and his servile parasites.  Pray for success...and
life renewed.


You must assemble a group of adventurers who will travel to
the seven
dimensions in search of the source of Skara Brae's
destruction.  Along the
way, you'll gather words, spells, and items that will help
you in your final
battle against the repugnant Evil One.  If you successfully
destroy the Evil
One, Skara Brae will be released from the bond of ruin.

Using logic is he key to surviving in each of the
dimensions.  Let's say
you're trekking around in some icy, arctic-like zone and a
monstrous snow
wolf steps onto your path, bares its teeth, and then
proceeds to chew off
your ankle.  You have a bag of spells to chose from, but one
type of spell
would be 'especially' effective. (Hint: Trying to freeze the
snow wolf in an
ice storm is not the best choice.)

Throughout the game, you'll need to make important decisions
about how to
accomplish certain tasks.  You won't want to proceed in the
usual 'Whatever
Works' method.  It will pay to think it out.


When you enter the Refugee Camp, you'll find a group of
adventurers called
INTERPLAYERS ready to do your bidding.  They're not the most
seasoned of

adventurers, but they're good enough for you to sample Thief
of rate with.
Use these characters to find out how commands work, what
different races and
classes do, how it feels to get repeatedly attacked, in
general, what the
Realm is like.  When you're ready, you can create your own


I'm sure most of you know how to do this, so there's no need
in the key
pressing situation ... so listen up:

HUMANS: Their strength and inventiveness make them one of
the best survivors.
Never lacking agression , they can handle themselves in just
about any adverse

ELF: Fair of hair and skin, the Elves are slightly
taller,faster, and more
agile than humans.  Although weaker, they make up for this
by being more
skilled in magical arts and war strategies.

DWARF: Stout and short, these people are amazingly strong
and healthy.
Brightness, however, isn't a shining attribute of theirs.

HOBBIT: The Hobbit is deft and clever, which are ideal
traits for thieving.
Their favorite boast is 'A locked door is soon no more.'

HALF-ELF: The result of an Elf and Human 'friendship', Half-
Elves acquire
their fair and light skin from Elves, and their physical
bulk from Humans.

HALF-ORC: Orcs are the henchman of evil wizards who are
capable of little
more than following orders for physical dirty work.  Half-
Orcs are tempered
with Human blood, so while they're still dangerous, they
aren't completely
mindless drones forever in search of necks to wrench.

GNOME: Gnomes are much like Dwarfs, but a little more anti-
social due to a
deficit in beauty.  Because they've spent so much time
studying alone, Gnomes
have developed a certain flair for magic.

--------- ----------

As you create your characters, these attributes appear above
the race
categories at the top of the screen.  They're your
character's vital
statistics.  These values will determine how successful your
performs in his or her class (or 'profession').

STRENGTH (ST): Nobody really wishes to be light on might,
but strength is
especially important to fighters.

INTELLIGENCE (IQ): If you won't have brawn, then you better
have the brains.
Magicians get bonus spell points for high intelligence

DEXTERITY (DX): This helps determine how fleet of feed and
nimble of hand
you'll be.  A high score makes you harder to hit, and helps
you land the
first blow.  For Rogues, the higher this value, the less
likely they'll get
their fingers snapped off in traps.

CONSTITUTION (CN): This represents your overall health.  The
higher this is,
the more damage your opponent must inflict on you before you
need to start
thinking about death.  Should you be blessed with strong
constitution, you
will get bonus hit points.

LUCK (LK): Luck is ambiguous and unpredictable; you never
know what alliance
it has made with fate.  One thing is known about luck: lucky
souls are more
likely to resist evil magic and avoid traps.


No one class, or profession, is nobler than the next.  As
the mix of strings
on the Bard's mandolin makes for a richer sound, so will a
mix of calls
make for a richer journey.  Create a party with no Rogues or
Bards, and
you'll have nobody to steal flowers for your grave and sing
at your funeral.
While there are 13 classes to put your choosing, only eight
are available to
the first-time adventurer.

WARRIOR: It's a rare weapon that this king of fighters can't
handle.  Warriors
gain an extra attack capability for every four levels of
experience after the
first; a reward for becoming more adept in battle.

PALADIN: This fighter swears to battle all evil and uphold
honor and purity.
Due to their virtuous nature, the Paladin can handle some
enchanted weapons
that other can't and also have greater resistance to spells
cast on them.

HUNTER: These are the skilled assassins.  Their combat
approach is to aim for
the vital organs or nerve center and do away with the
opponent with as little
swordplay as possible.

MONK: These are no ordinary, somber, brown-robed, porridge
eaters.  Monks are
actually adept fighters skilled in the ways of martial arts.
While Monks with
more experience prefer to fight with their bare hands, they
can also use
traditional weapons.  A Monk's armor class improves as he or
she gains levels.

BARD: Any Bard will tell you that music can do more than
sooth the savage
beast.  The Bard can do a number of things from creating
light to
regenerating spell points with a mere stroke of strings.

ROGUE: This dexterous thief makes a living out of picking
locks and
neutralizing traps.  If you plan on traveling  without a
Rogue, prepare to
pay a high physical price for your spoils.  A Rogue also has
the ability to
identify mysterious items.  And perhaps most important, a
Rogue can be an
excellent killer due to his or her ability to sneak up close
to an opponent
before he or she attacks...and you'll soon find out just how
important this
thief is to your fate.

CONJURER: Conjurers have the ability to heal wounds and
create physical
phenomena like fire and light.

MAGICIAN: A Magician's specialty is to change the properties
of physical
objects, such as enchanting a sword, turning an enemy to
stone, or making a
dungeon wall vanish.

SORCERER: These mages have weighty illusions, ones that a
character surely couldn't handle.  You must know at least
three spell levels
from the Magician and Conjurer classes.

WIZARD: Rumor of the Real is that these mages have the power
to summon and
bind creatures of the supernatural, creatures who react
foully to being
dragged out of their worlds on someone else's whim.

ARCHMAGE: Archmages must have mastered all the spells of any
three magic
classes.  With this hefty experience requirement, Archmages
are undoubtedly
the most auspicious among those who cast spells for a

GEOMANCER: Fighters who want to convert to a life of a magic
can become
Geomancers.  Once they choose to change, they can still use
the armor,
weapons, and magic items that the  fighter can use.  Beware:
Bards lose their
songs, Warriors lose their multiple attacks, Hunters lose
their critical hit
ability, and Monks lose their armor class bonus and multiple
attacks.  It's
part of the trade off.

CHRONOMANCER: Chronomancers are the travel experts of the
magic users.
Before becoming one, a magic user must master all the spells
of any three
mage classes.  An once you become a Chronomaster, you lose
the power to use
all the spells you previously learned.  It may sound unfair,
but the
Chronomancer needs to focus all of his or her attention on
the important
dimensions teleport spells.  Don't think you can get around
without this
spellcaster, because you can't.

------- --------- ---- ---- --- ------- ----

* Don't worry about losing a level 1 character; just make
another one if he
or she dies.  However, when your characters reach level 3,
regularly back up
your character disk with your favorite disk copy utility or
prepare to shed
tears over a lost character.

* If your favorite character is killed, you can resurrect
him or her with
magic, or with gold if you can find a shrine that raises the
dead.  You can
also turn off the computer, reboot, and reload your party
from the point
where you last saved them to disk (which means all of the
characters lose any
gold or experience points they may have earned since the
last time you saved
them.)  Or, you can delete the dead character from your main
character disk,
and replace that character from your backup disk.

* When you roll for attributes, shoot for 16's, 17's, and
18's since they can
make a big difference.  For example, high dexterity gives
you bonus armor
protection and first strike capabilities; luck often lets
your survive  if
you accidentally spring a trap; constitution provides all
characters with
extra hit points; and high intelligence gives mages bonus
spell points in
later turns.

* Certain races rely on certain attributes being strong.  A
mage who is
strong but not intelligent is at a far greater disadvantage
at an opposite
attribute... being weak but with high intelligence.

* Develop a Sorcerer quickly to use in the dungeons.
Wizards, too, are
important because they can summon extremely powerful special
members .  Work
toward Archmagedom.  You'll also need to prepare at least
one character for
the role of Chronomancer.

* Experiment with Hunters.  They can often kill superior
monsters quickly
because of their critical hit capabilities.  Rogues also
have excellent
critical hit abilities, but only when they hide in the
shadows.  And don't
dismiss the Monk as lightweights best left chanting in the
monastery; after
the sixth level, they're probably the best fighters of all
the classes.

* You can always enlist the services of special members and
save them to your

* Beware of certain magic squares.  Keep an eye on your
statistics while exploring.  If you see that your
character's spell or hit
points are dropping for no apparent reason, your character
is probably on a
magic square that drains power - jump off the square before
he or she is
sapped of all strength.


You may meet special characters during your travels, or
summon them with a
spell or magic article (the summoned characters are also
known as illusionary
characters).  You can invite as many of these special
characters to join your
party-granted you have the space in your party.  You can
save special
characters to disk once you return to the Refugee Camp.

Special characters choose their own method of attack and
usually go after the
first group of monsters that you party if facing.
Illusionary characters
disappear from the party ranks when they are killed or when
a foe disbelieves
its existence.  If a nonillusionary special characters is
attacked by another
party member  for any reason, the special character
immediately turns hostile
and fights until defeated.  Dead special characters can be
resurrected and
healed just like your regular characters.

Special characters can carry items for your party, but they
can't find them
or use them.  Only the characters you made are capable of
this.  When special
members are killed, anything they were carrying disappears,
so don't have
them carry your favorite family heirloom.


All newly-made characters start out as level one.  As you
adventure, fight,
and gain experience, you can go up in levels.  The higher
your level, the
better you'll perform in the profession you choose: magic
users cast more
spells, fighters fight more skillfully, thieves steal more
successfully, and
so on.  To advance, you must go to the Review Board where
the Old Man will
review your accomplishments and let you know if you are fit
advancement... [Art possibly?]

Spellcasters need to advance in levels to acquire more
spells.  What
spellcasters would wish to dedicate years of study only to
dabble in the same
handful of tepid spells all of their lives?  The following
tables shows at
what level spellcasters can use certain level spells.  For
instance, a Wizard
with an experience level of 3 can only use spells up to the
second level.
Spellcasters have seven spell levels that they can acquire.


1/1         8/4
2/1         9/5
3/2         10/5
4/2         11/6
5/3         12/6
6/3         13+/7

You can advance to a new, more powerful mage class once you
learn enough
spells from enough mage classes.  Just how many spells and
just which mage
classes you must learn depend on which mage class you want
to advance to.
When you go to the Review Board, you'll find out exactly
which classes you
can advance to at that time.

For those seeking to change classes, your experience points
will reset to
zero, but your other attributes such as hit points, spell
points, and gold
remain unaffected.  A warning to magic users: once you
advance to a new mage
spells, you don't get the chance to learn the magic classes
and spell levels
that you skipped.  For instance, if you become an Archmage
without having
studied the Sorcerer spells, you cannot go back to learn
those Sorcerer

[{ PLACES }]

Despite the fact that much of the Realm was crushed, some
places still do
stand.  The Scrapwood Tavern, for one, still does good


Once, there was a home to travelers called the Adventurer's
Guild.  Wayfarers
stopped there when they wanted to slake a thirst, engage in
merriment, or
just rest their weary feet.  Now that the plague has
descended and Skara Brae
has been shattered, the Refugee Camp serves as the gathering
points for

Although lacking the niceties of the Adventurer's Guild
(tables, heating,
vermin free bedding), you can still do the same things in
the Refugee Camp.
Come here to create characters, form a party, and save
characters to disk.
This is where you will begin every game and where you will
be returned should
all your party perish during the quest.


Drink up!  This is the only tavern in the vicinity.  You may
want to fill up
with a wineskin here so your Bard will not have to go
thirsty in some of the
more inhospitable, tavernless areas.  While you're here, ask
the barkeep how
things are going...


In the previous scenarios of Bard's Tale, you may of found
places like
Roscoe's Energy Emporium, temples, casinos, but... here, you
may not be so
fortunate.  So you may have to search out for alternatives,
if there are any.


Once, this housed the representatives from each of the ten
different classes
from all over the Realm.  They were responsible for
advancing adventurers with
enough experience points to higher levels.  During the dark
days, all fled or
perished in the attempt.  Now, the Old Man sits on the
Board, and he alone
will answer to your call for advancement [Art, again in


* Your first adventure should be in the Mad God's dungeon in
Skara Brae.
Here you'll build your savvy for fighting, spellcasting, and

* Avoid potential traps.  Use the Trap Zap spell when in
doubt.  It will
disarm any trap, including the Gas Cloud trap, famous for
its toxic fumes.

Actual solution starts here:

Skara Brae:

   To complete the level of Skara Brae, one must venture
into the Mad God's
Temple, and utter the words 'chaos.' Once inside of the
dungeon, teleport
immediatly two levels down using the APAR spell. Once there,
find a portal that
goes down. It will be much easier to find using the SOSI
spell. When you are
within three or four paces of the portal, the spell will
tell you 'Something
special is near.' Once you are in the room with the portal,
cast LEVI and hit
'W' to levitate down the portal. Walk around until Brilhasti
tells you that
you are close. When he does so, he should be right around
the corner. Once you
hear him for the second time, go to the west and stay
against the wall, turn
north and precede cautiously. After going north for
aproximately ten paces, hit
'?' to see the dungeon map (you may want to do this during
other dungeons.) If
you see on the map that you have passed through a door, go
east one and south
one. You may want to save the game before you go south. Once
you go south, you
will enter his chamber. As soon as possible, cast the PREC
spell. This spell
will prevent Brilhasti from conjuring up more foes for you
to fight. Try to
kill his guards as soon as possible. After killing all foes
except Brilhasti,
advance until at 10'. Once you kill him, you will be
teleported back to
the Review Board where the old man will teach your
Chronomancer (if you have
one) the spells to get to Arboria. Which is our next
dimension to solve.


To enter Arboria cast: ARBO
To return to Skara Brae cast: ENIK

     Once in Arboria, seek the fisherman's hut. Go inside
and pay him money to
learn the GILL spell. This spell will allow you to breathe
under water. After
learning the spell (which can also be learned in the
Wizard's guild inside of
Ciera Brannia) go in the lake right next to the hut. As soon
as you are under
water, cast the GILL spell. It only last for a short while,
so move quickly.
Head towards the west. After going west for about 20 paces,
you should be near
the water of life. To get some, make one of your characters
use a wineskin or a
canteen. They will collect some of the water which will play
an important role
in the future. Once out of the lake, look around for an oak
tree. It is close
to the city gates. When you run into it, it will ask you if
you want to pick an
acorn. Type yes and give it to one of your characters.
     Now you must go to the top of Valarian's tower and get
the nightspear.
Teleport straight up about two or three levels using the
APAR spell. Once you
make it two the top, there is a place where you must plant
the acorn. To do so,
make the character use the acorn. He/she will plant it. Then
use the Water of
Life. The acorn will grow into a full size tree. Climb the
tree and look around
on the top level for the nightspear. Give it to one of your
characters. To get
out of Valarian's tower, teleport straight down two or three
levels, and find
the stairs going out of the tower.
     Go inside of the city, and go into the King's castle.
It should be right
in front of the city gates. The king will tell you to bring
Tsolaths head to
him. Then you will exit the city and find the festering pit.
It looks like a
hole in the ground. After you enter it, teleport down with
the APAR spell
and find Tsolath. Cast a PREC spell as soon as you find him.
The best way to
kill him is to use something quick and powerful, such as the
DEST spell. Once
you kill him, he will try to come back to life, but the
nightspear will absorb
the light that controls him, killing him for ever. Then you
will be able to get
his head and heart. Take them and go back to the King's
castle. The King will
take Tsolaths head and let you into his Sacred Grove, which
is right outside of
his castle.
     Enter the grove and head towards the south-central part
of the dungeon.
You should find a door there. Enter the door and use
Tsolaths heart. One of
your characters will put it in a bowl in his chest. Then use
the Water of Life,
this will make the heart start pumping and bring Valarian
back to life. You
then will have to exit and re-enter his burial chamber to
discover a door to
the east. Enter the door and head towards the south-east.
There you will find
Valarian's bow and arrows. Give them to your characters and
make you way back
out of the grove to the city gates. Find the well worn area
where you will
teleport back to Skara Brae. Go to the old man in the Review
Board. He should
give you 600000 experience points and tell you of your next
quest. Be sure
to have your chronomancer talk to him to learn the new
teleporting spells.


To teleport to Geledia cast: GELI
To return to Skara Brae cast: ECUL

    Geledia is a cold place, so as soon as you teleport
there, you must go
indoors to avoid freezing to death. Once you are in the Ice
Keep, go up the
stairs. Go to the top left corner. Their you will find a
riddle and a three-
legged-one-eyed statue. You then must make your magic users
cast the following
spells: INWO, WIHE, FOFO, INVI. Go through the passageway
and work your way
up to the top. You will have to earn the lens by defeating a
few guardians.
Once you have the lens, go back down to the bottom of the
tower, and go through
the passageway again. Go to the gold portal in the large
room on the first
floor of the Ice Keep. Make your character use the lens you
just found. Then
go towards the top right corner of the dungeon. Their you
will find another
riddle. Cast the following spells: MAFL, SHSP, FEAR, SUEL,
SPBI. Go through the
passageway and, again, work your way up to the top. You will
again have to earn
the lens by defeating a few more gaurdians. Once you get the
second lense, work
your way back to the passage way, and go back to the large
room with the gold
portal. Use the second lense just as you did the first.
    Now you only have one more lense to go. Look around on
the first floor for
the third riddle. Once you find it, cast the following
spells: LEVI, ANMA,
PHDO. Enter the passage way, go up, defeat the guardians, go
down, leave the
passageway, and go back to the gold portal. Once you use the
third lense, the
portal will open allowing you to go through it. In this
dungeon, you will find
the prizes you seek. Once you go back to the review board in
Skara Brae, the
old man will give you another 600000 experience points, and
tell you of your
next quest.

To teleport to Kinestika cast: KINE
To teleport to Skara Brae cast: OBRA

    In Kinestika, you must find a left and a right key. The
left key will be
found in the Private Quarters. To get to the Private
Quarters, go all the way
to the right wall and take the passageway. Then go to the
top right of the
dungeon in a room by a spinner. Take the key and go back the
way you came. Once
back in the main dungeon (Ferofist's) go to the bottom right
and enter the
Barracks. Once in the Barracks go to the bottom right corner
into a backwards
'L' shaped room. Take the key and again go back the way you
came. Once in the
main dungeon go north of the dungeon and enter the Workshop
through another
passageway. Go to the left and you should find the sealed
portal. You shouldn't
have to go through any doors to find it. Once you find the
sealed portal. Use
one of the keys and turn it 15 times. Use the other key and
turn it 18 times.
The portal should open. If not, use the opposite key and
turn it 15 or 18
times respectively.
    Once in the dungeon below, work your way to the top
center and go south
through a door. You will find a guy who asks you if you want
to end this
peacefully or violently. Answer yes to the question. He then
will allow you to
enter his chamber. Go south for about 4 paces. You should
find him waiting for
you. There you will be able to convert one of your
characters (monk, paladin,
bard, or rogue) into a Geomancer. After doing so, look
around the chamber for
his chest. The prizes you seek will be in them.

To teleport to Lucenia cast: LUCE
To teleport to Skara Brae cast: ILEG

    Once you are in Lucenia, walk around the wilderness and
collect the four
differnt roses. You should find a White, Blue, Red, and
Yellow rose. The go to
the mountain (4N,8W) and climb it. Once at the top of the
mountain, you must
slay a dragon. You will find a crystal key under its corpse.
You will also need
to collect some of its blood by using a wineskin or canteen.
Leave the mountain
and go to Cyanis's tower. Climb the tower and you should
find Cyanis at the
very top, center. When you find him cast REST. He will then
cheerfully give you
a magic triangle. After you have the triangle, go down back
to the wilderness.
Find Alliria's tomb (1N,8W) and go around to the back of it.
You should find a
dead rose bush. Use the dragon's blood you gathered earlier,
and the bush
should grow a rainbow rose. Pick it and enter Alliria's
tomb. Once in her tomb,
venture around until you find a dungeon with a bunch of zig-
zags. A beautiful
looking shadowy figure should ask you for the 'Flower of
Truth.' Give her the
White rose. Later, she will ask you for the 'Flower of
Valor.' Give her the
Blue rose. After going through a teleport on the same level
she will ask for
the 'Flower of Kinship.' Give her the Red rose. She will
later ask for the
'Flower of Nature.' Give her the Yellow rose. Then, right
before you enter
Alliria's chamber, she will ask for the 'Flower of Alliria.'
Give her the
Rainbow rose. You then will be allowed to enter Alliria's
chamber. Take your
prizes and exit the dungeon. Go back to the Review Board and
receive 600000
more experience points and the spells for your next quest.

To teleport to Malefia cast: EVIL
To teleport to Skare Brae cast: LIVE

    Malefia was absolutely the hardest and most time
consuming dungeons of all
Bard's Tale dungeons. We refer to it as the S.O.B.
dimension. I will simply
explain the goals, and let you experience the hell we went
through solving this
dungeon by ourselves. It's helpful to cast SCSI to find out
how lost you really
are. On the main level, you will have to find a statue. Once
you do so use the
corresponding item. On the first level down, there are two
more statues. On the
second level down, there are three more statues. Once you
complete all of the
statue business, go to the bottom right corner of the first
level down and
levitate down the portal in a big room. Go north to find THE
door. If it's a
'faint door' then you haven't found all of the statues (six
of them.) We advise
saving the game numerous times while venturing beyond THE
door. You must kill
the first group of foes to enter the sacred chamber. Once in
the chamber, you
must fight more foes to cross a bridge. Running from the
second group of foes
can do more damage than good. Once you past the second
group, you must go after
Tarjan himself. Tarjan isn't exactly in a cheerfull mood
when you find him. He
will conjurer up some 'friends' that you must play with (the
trainer would be
nice right now, wouldn't it??) After playing with the first
group of friends,
guess what? Yep, another group of friends. These friends
aren't really friends.
These friends don't like you very much. If you are lucky
enough to kill the
second group, Tarjan is all yours. Since he likes to conjur
up 10 black slayers
every round, casting PREC might not be a bad idea. Once you
have killed the Mad One, you will enter adventurer heaven
and will be put to sleep until part IV
comes out. You may now turn it off and go back to Skara
Brae, where you will
welcome a group of Hedge Lizards. Beat the %$#% out of them
and then you may
want to do one of the following:

 1. If you have to cut the grass tommorow, use some of the
gasoline (all if
   necessacary) and play Pyro-Bardia.
 2. If you don't have to cut the grass, you have a couple of
nice frisbees to
   throw at your dog.
 3. If you just happen to have some hydrochlroic acid laying
around, we hear
   disks react violently to it.
 4. Have you ever studied the anatomy of a diskette?
 5. If you have a trash can in the corner, here comes your
chance for 2 points.
 6. Call your lawyer, and sue the hell out of EA for making
the false claim
   that a thief is needed to solve the game.
 7. Take a trip down to Panama and celebrate!
 8. Experiment with a diskette's bouyancy. (Preferrably the
 9. The next time you see Kool Kat, Wildcat, or Marduk, give
him a million
   dollars for spending all of this time writing this file
for you after we
   already had it solved!
 10. Break into your local hospital, and steal a bottle of
Ether to use until
    Bard's Tale IV comes out.


Allira: Main level, use Allira's belt.
Valarian: One level down, use Valarian's bow, 16N,8E
Lanatir: One level down, use Sphere of Lanatir.
Ferofist: Two levels down, use Ferofist's Helm
Scedeau: Two levels down, use Scedeau's Cloak
Werra: Two levels down, use Werra's Sheild.

You must go up and down many portals to find the above

We had lots of fun finding them, so can you!


To teleport to Tarmitia cast: AECE
To teleport to Skara Brae cast: KULO

    Tarmitia was meant to be harder than it actually is. All
you have to do
is answer a riddle and kill some one. Walk around in Berlin
until you find
a floating head. The head will ask 'Who am I?' Respond with:
Tyr. Then the head
will ask 'Who am I really?' Respond with :Werra. You will
then be teleport to a
new dungeon. There, go the the bottom left corner. Enter
Werra's chamber and
kill him. It is a good idea to cast PREC and DIVA. This part
looks easier than
it really is. After you kill Werra, he sits up and laughs at
you, while six
black slayers try to destroy you. 2 NUKE spells should take
care of them, but
watch out, because the Black Slayers critical hit everything
they touch! Once
you kill the Black Slayers, you will receive your prizes and
will be able to go
back to Skara Brae. To do so, go to the top right corner and
walk through the

To teleport to Tenabrosia cast: OLUK
To teleport to Skara Brae cast: ECEA

    In Tenabrosia you will want to go inside of the city
gates to Black Scar.
Here you will find a Bard's Hall that will teach your Bard
some new songs. You
will also find a Wizard's Guild that will teach you the ever-
Goderdammerung spell (NUKE). Once you learn those, you may
exit the city and
set out to fulfill your quest. Find the Canyon in nowhere,
and the shadow lock
will be in it somewhere. After you find it, leave the canyon
and find the Tar
Pit. It looks like a hole in the ground. It would be very
wise to save your
game before entering this death pit. Once you are in the pit
go south down the
wall you enter by. Then turn west and proceed about 10
paces. You want to be
at the very center of the southern wall. Once you are at the
center, slowly and
cautiously go north. You will be walking over tar, so you
will get stuck many
times, and you might lose a few characters. Don't worry,
just cast REST if your
hit points are getting too low. You should find a place
where tar is bubbling
up in the middle. Use a wineskin or canteen to collect some
of it. Go back the
way you came. Once you exit the dungeon, go to the dense
forest (6S,7W) and
find a group of trees that are blocking the entrance to
another dungeon. It
looks like a hole between a few trees. Once you are facing
the trees, use the
tar that you just gathered. The tree will go up in flames,
allowing you to
enter the dungeon within. Once in the dungeon, you must find
the shadow door.
    When you have the shadow door and lock, go to the
'middle of nowhere.' Use
the shadow door and lock. A magic door will appear which you
will be able to
go through. Once inside, wander around until you find
Scedeau. He will be
guarding the prizes you seek. Since he will keep moving you
further and further
away, the olny way to kill him is to have your rogue hide in
the shadows.
It may take a while to get him/her out to 90', but when you
do so, it is a good
idea to cast DIVA to increase the damage inflicted upon
Scedeau. If you don't
kill him the first time, just go back out again until you
do. Another good idea
is to cast PREC, because while you are hiding in the
shadows, Scedeau just
might want to conjur up some friends to mess you up.

Actual solution ends here !

Bard's Tale ]I[ Spells and Bard Songs
Typed by Alpha-Omega Hacking Unlimited
View          affects line of sight
1 Foe         affects a single monster regardless of the
number your party
1 Wall        affects a wall in the direction the
spellcaster faces
All Foes      affects all the monsters your party faces
Group         affects one monster group
Self          affects the spellcaster only
##'           affects anything in the direction the
spellcaster is facing
              for the number of feet specified with ##
Char          affects the party member you designate
Special       affects the special member you designate
*             signifies a spell that hits with full
effectiveness up to
              the listed range, and at a reduced
effectiveness when it hits
              at double the listed range
N/A           provides information, knowledge, or some other
effect that does
              not have a range

Combat        lasts until combat ends through party victory,
monster victory,
              or running away.
1 Move        lasts for exactly one move
1 Round       lasts for the entire round of combat
Short         lasts a few minutes only
Medium        lasts several minutes
Long          lasts twice as long as Short spells
Indef         lasts until dispelled or until the party
enters an anti-magic
Misc          has multiple/variable ranges
N/A           result of the spell is immediate

Abbreviation         Spell Point Cost       Range

Conjurer Spells

Level One

MAFL                 2                      View
Mage Flame-generates light
ARFI                 3                      1 Foe (10')
Arc Fire-attack spell, 1 to 4 hits of damage X caster's
TRZP                 2                      30'
Trap Zap-disarms traps (including chests)

Level Two

FRFO                 3                      Group
Freeze Foes-makes enemies easier to hit
MACO                 3                      N/A
Kiel's Magic Compass-shows direction
WOHL                 4                      Char
Word of Healing-heals 4 to 16 points of damage

Level Three

LERE                 5                      View
Lesser Revelation-an extended Mage Flame that also reveals
secret doors
LEVI                 4                      Party
Levitation-party can float over traps; up and down portals
WAST                 5                      Group (20')
Warstrike-attack spell, 5 to 20 hits of damage

Level Four

INWO                 6                      Party
Elik's Instant Wolf-summons a giant wolf to join the party
FLRE                 6                      Char
Flesh Restore-heals 10 to 40 hits; cures insanity and

Level Five

GRRE                 7                      View
Greater Revelation-operates like Lesser Revelation, but for
SHSP                 7                      Group (30')*
Shock Sphere-attack spell, 10 to 40 hits of damage

Level Six

FLAN                 12                     Party
Flesh Anew-operates like Flesh Restore, but affects the
whole party
MALE                 8                      Party
Major Levitation-operates like Levitation, but lasts until

Level Seven

REGN                 12                     Char
Regeneration-restores all hit points of a selected character
APAR                 15                     Party
Apport Arcane-teleports the party to selected coordinates
FAFO                 18                     Group
Far Foe-moves a group 40 feet further away (up to 90')
INSL                 12                     Party
Elik's Instant Slayer-materializes a slayer that joins your

Magician Spells

Level One

VOPL                3                   Char
Vorpal Plating-causes member to inflict 2 to 8 additional
damage points
QUFI                3                   Char
Quick Fix-regenerates exactly 8 hit points
SCSI                2                   Party
Scry Site-causes a dungeon to reveal the party's location

Level Two

HOWA                4                   1 Foe (10')
Holy Water-causes 6 to 24 points of damage to any evil being
MAGA                5                   Char
Mage Gauntlets-causes member to inflict 4 to 16 additional
damage points
AREN                5                   30'
Area Enchant-stairways in dungeons will call out if party
facing it

Level Three

MYSH                6                   Party
Ybarra's Mystic Shield-lowers armor class of party
OGST                6                   Char
Oscon's Ogrestrength-gives a member the strength of an ogre
during battle
STFL                6                   Group (40')*
Starflare-attack spell, 10 to 40 damage points

Level Four

SPTO                8                   1 Foe (70')
Spectre Touch-attack spell, 15 to 60 damage points
DRBR                7                   Group (30')*
Dragon Breath-attack spell, 11 to 44 damage points

Level Five

ANMA                8                   Party
Anti-Magic-absorbs attack spells, helps in disbelieving
GIST                10                  Party
Giant Strength-increases party damage by 10

Level Six

PHDO                10                  1 Wall
1 Move
Phase Door-turns almost any wall to air for one move
YMCA                10                  Party
Ybarra's Mystical Coat of Armor-lowers party armor class

Level Seven

REST                25                  Party
Restoration-completely heals entire party, including
insanity and poisoning
DEST                16                  1 Foe (10')
Deathstrike-very likely to instantly kill one selected enemy
ICES                11                  Group (50')
Ice Storm-attack spell, 20 to 80 damage points
STON                20                  Char
Stone to Flesh-reverses the effect if a character has been
turned to stone

Sorcerer Spells

Level One

MIJA                3                   1 Foe (40')*
Mangar's Mind Jab-attack spell, 2 to 8 damage points times
spellcaster's level
PHBL                2                   Party
Phase Blur-lowers chance of party being hit
LOTR                2                   30'
Locate Traps-detects traps in direction party is facing

Level Two

DISB                4                   Party
Disbelieve-destroys any illusionary foes
WIWA                5                   Party
Wind Warrior-creates the illusion of a battle-ready warrior
amongst your ranks
FEAR                4                   Group
Word of Fear-reduces the ability of a group of foes

Level Three

WIOG                6                   Party
Wind Ogre-creates an illusionary ogre to fight beside you
INVI                6                   Party
Kylearan's Invisibility Spell-lowers chance of party being
SESI                6                   30'
Second Sight-heightens the party's awareness of traps and
tricks ahead

Level Four

CAEY                7                   View
Cat Eyes-gives the party perfect night vision
WIDR                12                  Party
Wind Dragon-creates an illusionary red dragon

Level Five

DIIL                8                   All Foes
Disrupt Illusion-destroys all illusionary foes and exposes
MIBL                10                  All Foes (30')*
Mangar's Mind Blade-attack spell, 25 to 100 damage points

Level Six

WIGI                11                  Party
Wind Giant-creates an illusionary storm giant
SOSI                11                  30'
Sorcerer Sight-an indefinite Second Sight spell

Level Seven

RIME                20                  All Foes (40')
Rimefang-attack spell, 50 to 200 damage
WIHE                16                  Party
Wind Hero-creates an illusionary hero to join your party
MAGM                40                  All Foes (90')
Mage Maelstrom-can cause 60 to 240 damage, turn to stone, or
kill outright
PREC                50                  All Foes
Preclusion-prevents monsters from summoning more help

Wizard Spells

Level One

SUEL                10                  Party
Summon Elemental-creates a fire-being to join your party
FOFO                11                  Group (10')
Fanskar's Force Focus-attack spell, 25 to 100 damage points

Level Two

DEBA                11                  1 Foe (30')
Demon Bane-inflicts 100 to 400 damage points to an
evil/supernatural creature
PRSU                14                  Party
Prime Summoning-forces a powerful undead creature to join
your party

Level Three

FLCO                14                  Group (30')
Flame Column-attack spell, 22 to 88 damage points
DISP                12                  Char
Dispossess-restores a possessed character's state of

Level Four

HERB                13                  Party
Summon Herb-summons Herb to join your party
ANDE                14                  Char
Animate Dead-reanimates a dead party member to fight as if
alive--combat ONLY

Level Five

SPBI                16                  1 Foe
Baylor's Spell Bind-forces an enemy to join your party
SOWH                13                  1 Foe (70')
Storal's Soul Whip-attack spell, 50 to 200 damage points

Level Six

GRSU                22                  Party
Greater Summoning-causes a powerful elemental creature to
fight for you
BEDE                18                  Char
Beyond Death-restores life and one hit point to a deceased

Level Seven

WIZW                16                  Group (50')
Wacum's Wizard War-attack spell, 50 to 200 damage points
DMST                25                  Group (50')
Demon Strike-200 to 400 damage points to evil/supernatural

Archmage Spells

Level One

HAFO                15                  All Foes
1 Round
Oscon's Haltfoe-if successful, causes all foes to do nothing
the next round
MEME                20                  Group
Melee Men-pulls an attacking group into melee range (10')

Level Two

BASP                28                  Party
Batchspell-performs the following multiple spells: Greater
Ybarra's Mystical Coat of Armor, Sorcerer Sight, Major
Levitation, and
Kiel's Magic Compass

Level Three

CAMR                26                  Party
Camaraderie-has a 50% chance of calming monsters in your
party that are hostile

Level Four

NILA                30                  Group (90')
Fanskar's Night Lance-attack spell, 100 to 400 damage points

Level Five

HEAL                50                  Party
Heal All-resurrects every party member, heals completely,
reverses those who
have been turned to stone, heals paralysis and insanity

Level Six

BRKR                60                  Party
The Brothers Kringle-enough brothers appear to fill empty
slots in your party

Level Seven

MAMA                80                  All Foes (90')
Mangar's Mallet-attack spell, 200 to 800 damage points

Chronomancer Spells

Level One

VITL                12                  Char
Vitality-heals 4 to 8 hit point times spellcaster's level

Level Two

WIFI                20                  Group (20')
Witherfist-attack spell, 300 to 600 damage points
COLD                20                  Group (80')
Frost Force-attack spell, 50 to 400 damage points

Level Three

GOFI                25                  Group (80')
God Fire-attack spell, 60 to 240 damage points
STUN                30                  All Foes
Stun-attack spell, 50 to 200 damage points

Level Four

LUCK                45                  Party
Luck Chant-increases party's chances of hitting or defending
by 8 points
FADE                50                  1 Foe (30')
Far Death-long-range instant death spell

Level Five

WHAT                60                  1 Object
Identify-will correctly identify one item in spellcaster's
OLAY                60                  1 Char
Youth-cures one character of oldness

Level Six

GRRO                65                  1 Char
Grave Robber-casts Beyond Death and Regeneration
FOTA                70                  Group
Force of Tarjan-casts Witherfist and Sandstorm

Level Seven

SHSH                60                  Party
Shadow Shield-lowers party's armor class by 4
FAFI                100                 All Foes
Fatal Fist-attack spell, 400 to 1500 points of damage

Geomancer Spells

Level One

EADA                5                   Group (40')
Earth Dagger-attack spell, 200 to 800 damage points
EASO                5                   1 Dungeon Level
Earth Song-reveals all booby-trapped areas on an entire
dungeon level
EAWA                8                   1 Dungeon Level
Earth Ward-casts the Trap Zap spell on an entire dungeon

Level Two

TREB                10                  All Foes
Trebuchet-attack spell, 150 to 600 damage points
EAEL                15                  Party
Earth Elemental-summons an Earth Elemental to join the party
WAWA                15                  Wall
Wall Warp-works like Phase Door until the party leaves

Level Three

ROCK                18                  1 Foe (60')
Petrify-turns an enemy into the hardest stone
ROAL                20                  1 Dungeon Level
Roscoe's Alert-reveals where anti-magic areas are

Level Four

SUSO                20                  1 Dungeon Level
Succor Song-shows all heal-party areas
SAST                25                  Group
Sandstorm-all foes are whipped back 60 feet

Level Five

SANT                30                  1 Dungeon Level
Sanctuary-shows all spell point regeneration areas
GLST                40                  1 Foe (90')
Glacier Strike-attack spell, 400 to 1600 damage points

Level Six

PATH                40                  1 Dungeon Level
Pathfinder-shows the entire maze that the party is in
MABA                50                  Group (50')
Magma Blast-attack spell, 300 to 1200 damage points

Level Seven

JOBO                60                  All Foes
Jolt Bolt-attack spell, 400 to 1600 damage points
EAMA                80                  Group (50')
Earth Maw-commands the Earth to swallow up the group of

Bard Songs

Sir Robin's Tune-the party can always run away from a fight;
the monsters
                 cannot call for additional help
Safety Song-the party can never be attacked by wandering
Sanctuary Score-the party's armor class is lowered
Bringaround Ballad-gives the Bard hit points while
travelling; gives
                   everyone hit points during combat
Rhyme of Duotime-regenerates spell points two times as fast
while travelling;
                 gives party extra attacks in combat
The Watchwood Melody-creates light; may even work in anti-
magic zones
Kiel's Overture-creates a compass while travelling; casts
the Trebuchet
                spell for one round during combat
Minstrel Shield-lowers armor class; during combat halves
monster damage

Keyboard Commands:

B: Play Bard's song
C: Cast a spell
D: Drop a member
P: Party attack
V: Volume on/off
?: Location and time, map of dungeon
1-7: Examine member stats

Left Arrow:  Slower Display(combat)
Right Arrow: Faster Display(combat)


I: Forward
J: Turn left
K: Kick door or foward
Return: Kick door or foward


While the Bard is playing on the title screen, hit U to load
the utilities.
From there, you can copy characters, make back ups of
character disks, or
transfer characters from Bard's Tale I & II.

            Ruins of Skara Brae Map
        0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
                            0 1 2 3 4 5 6
     6 !**********************************!
     5 !********        ************  ****!      Key
     4 !**      ******            **  R***!      ===
     3 !**  **  ******        **      ****!      C = Weapons Cache
     2 !****      ****  2     T*****  ****!      T = Temple of Mad God
     1 !****  **    **        ******  ****!      E = Entrance
     0 !E 1   C***            ******  ****!      R = Review Board
     1 !****  ********************    ****!
     2 !**                  **        ****!
     3 !**    **  **        **  ****    **!
     4 !****      **  **  ****    ****  **!
     5 !****  **  **        **********  **!
     6 !** 3  **  **  **    **********--**!
     7 !********  **        **********  **!
     8 !********  **  **    **********  **!
     9 !********  **      ************  **!


1: Among the ruins of Skara Brae is an unnatural silence.
   As if death itself had come to stay.
2: There is a statue of the Mad God Tarjan here. It's
   that it is clean and shiny as if someone had been taking
care of it.
3: The feeling of evil is foreboding.

        Outdoor Map of Bard's Tale Three

   1 1 1 1 1 1 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4
   5 4 3 2 1 0                                    Key
   ========================================       ===
7 !2   +             * * *   +            !7      * = Tree
6 !  + +         *     *           * * *  !6      + = Rock
5 !  +         *                   * 5 *  !5      C = Camp
4 !                  ***     +   *   *    !4      T = Tavern
3 !          *        *7                  !3      S = Shrine
2 !  * *     * * *   *     +       * * *  !2
1 !              *    ***        * *     *!1         N
0 !          *             *   * C  T     !0         !
1 !    * *     + *             *          !1     W --+-- E
2 !        *           1               +  !2         !
3 !    * *                   *         + 3!3         S
4 !  S     *             +   *   *     + +!4
5 !      *         +         *     *      !5
6 !  *       * * *                        !6
7 !          * 6     *   *               +!7
8 !          * * *                        !8
9 !+ 8       * * *       *       + + +   +!9
10!+   + +             *       +       +  !10
11!+                           +   +   4  !11
12!                    *   *       +      !12
   1 1 1 1 1 1 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1 2 3 4
   5 4 3 2 1 0


1: The flat, grassy plain stretches peacefully out in all
   This is the Vale of Lost Warriors.
2: Here, halfway up Earthdagger Mountain, winds swirl around
and make this
   place earn its name: Cold Peak.
3: Stabbing up the sky like an obsidian dagger, Shadow Rock
is utterly alien
   to the surrounding landscape.
4: Foul, noxious gases reaking of rotten eggs bubble up
through the turgid,
   yellow, mud-laden waters.
5: Amid the bountiful trees you find a spring that almost
glows with purity.
6: Deeply hidden in verdant shadows, this grove is quiet and
feels very
7: The Ruins of Skara Brae.
8: Old dwarf mines.
Bard Songs:

The bard has seven tunes he/she can play one at a time while
exploring or
during combat. The last two songs must be found.

1. Sir Robin's Tune: Lets party run from foes easier, and
prevents foes from
  calling for help.

2. Safety Song: Bonus to saving roll. This means that the
party is less likely
  to be damaged by magic and traps.

3. Sanctuary Score: Lowers the armor class for all members.

4. Bringaround Ballad: Increases the party's hit points for
extra protection
  also increase the damage points inflicted on the enemy.

5. Rhyme of Duotime: Makes party regain spell points twice
as fast, and makes
  fighters hit one extra time.

6. Watchwood Meledoy: Casts a mage flame.

7. Minstel Shield: Cast magic compas during non combat.
Burns all foes for
  150 to 600 points of damage during combat.

8. Kiel's Overture: Lowers armor class during non combat.
Aborbs half of damage
  inflicted upon the party during combat.


Torch: Lights your way in dungeons. Not nearly as precious
as spell points.
Lamp: Longer duration than a torch, but more expensive too.
Broadsword: Most damaging nonmagic sword.
Short Sword: A lighter sword that can be used by all but
regular mages.
Dagger: Usable by all, but not too effective.
War Axe: A heavy, damaging weapon.
Halbard: Most damaging nonmagical weapon.
Staff: A short, heavy club.
Spear: A javeline like weapon that must be thrown.
Buckler: A Small round sheild.
Tower Sheild: A Larger sheild.
Leather Armor: The lightest armor.
Chain Mail: Light, metal-mesh armor. Protection against
light weapons.
Scale Armor: Stronger than chain mail, hard to peirce.
Plate Armor: Strongest nonmagical armor.
Robes: Nice around the house, but no protection in a
Helm: Head protection from all but the fericest attack.
Leather Gloves: Light protections for the hands.
Gauntlets: Metal gloves.
Mandolin: The bards instrument of war.
Long Bow: Used to launch arrows at your oppenents.
Arrows: Missile weapons that must be launched with the long
Conjurer Spells:

Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description

Level 1: MAFL  3    View          Medium    Mage Flame:
Torch that floats.
Level 1: ARFI  3    1 Foe 10'     N/A       Arc Fire: Shoots
flame. Hits for 1
                                            to 4 points of
damage, multiplied
                                            by the spell
casters level.
Level 1: TRZP  2    30'           N/A       Trap Zap:
Disarms traps.
Level 2: FRFO  3    Group         Combat    Freeze Foes:
Slows oponents down,
                                            makes them
easier to hit.
Level 2: MACO  3    N/A           Medium    Magic Compas:
Makes a compas
Level 2: WOHL  4    Character     N/A       Word of Healing:
Fixes a guy who is
hurt for 4 to 16 points to damage.
Level 3: LERE  5    View          Long      Lesser
Revelation: A Mage Flam that
reveals secret doors.
Level 3: LEVI  4    Party         Long      Levitation:
Makes characters float
                                            over traps or up
and down portals.
Level 3: WAST  5    Group 20'     N/A       Warstrike: Burns
foes for 5 to 10
                                            points of
Level 4: INWO  6    Party         Short     Instant Wolf:
Makes a wolf.
Level 4: FLRE  6    Character     N/A       Flesh Restorer:
Heals for 10 to 40
                                            points of
damage, poisoning, and
Level 5: GRRE  7    View          Long      Greater
Revelation: Like LERE, but
                                            longer and
lights a lighter Area.
Level 5: SHSP  7    Group 30'     N/A       Shock-Sheree:
Shocks the enemy for
                                            10 to 40 points
of damage.
Level 6: MALE  8    Party         Indef     Major
Levitation: Like LEVI, but
                                            lasts longer.
Level 6: REGN  12   Character     N/A       Regenerate:
Heals one character
                                            replacing all
hit points.
Level 7: FLAN  12   Party         N/A       Flesh Anew: Like
FLRE, But Effects
                                            all characters.
Level 7: APAR  15   Party         N/A       Apport Arcane:
Teleports to other
                                            dungeons and
Level 7: FAFO  18   Group         N/A       Far Foe: Moves a
group of foes 40'
                                            further away, up
to a max of 90'.
Level 7: INSL  12   Party         N/A       Instant Slayer:
Creates a mean
                                            dude. The name
speaks for itself.

Magician Spells:

Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description

Level 1: VOPL  3    Character     Combat    Vorpal Plating:
Increases damage
                                            points of a
character by 2 to 8
                                            points per hit.
Level 1: QUFI  3    Character     N/A       Quick Fix: Heals
a character for
                                            precisely 8
points up to the max.
Level 1: SCSI  2    Party         N/A       Scry Sitee:
Causes dungeon or other
places to reveal the location.
Level 2: HOWA  4    1 Foe 10'     N/A       Holy Water:
Hurts a foe of evil or
origin for 6 to 24
                                            points of
Level 2: MAGA  5    Character     Combat    Mage Gaunlets:
Like VOPL, but makes
                                            4 to 16 points
per hit.
Level 2: AREN  5    30'           Short     Area Enchant:
Makes dungeon walls
                                            call out if you
are within 30'
                                            (3 Squares) of
Level 3: MYSH  6    Party         Medium    Mystic Shield:
Makes air in front
                                            of the party a
sheild that is as
                                            hard as metal
and procedes the
                                            party as they
Level 3: OGST  6    Character     Combat    Oscon's
Ogrestrength: Makes a
                                            member strong as
eliks ogre for the
                                            duration of the
Level 3: STFL  6    Group 40'+    N/A       Starflare:
Ignites air around enemy,
burns them for 10 to 40 points of
Level 4: SPTO  8    1 Foe 70'     N/A       Spectre Touch:
Touch of death, hits
                                            for 15 to 60
points of damage.
Level 4: DRBR  7    Group 30'+    N/A       Dragon Breath:
Breathes fire. Burns
for 11 to 44 points of damage.
Level 5: ANMA  8    Party         Combat    Anti-Magic:
Makes ground absorb
                                            some of the
spells cast at party
                                            and aids in
disbeleiving illusions.
Level 5: GIST  10   Party         Combat    Giant Strike:
Increased party's
                                            damage by 10
points per hit.
Level 6: PHDO  9    1 Wall        1 Move    Phase Door:
Turns almost any wall
                                            to air for one
Level 6: YMCA  10   Party         Indef     Mystic Coat of
Armor: Like MYSH,
                                            but lasts
Level 7: REST  12   Party         N/A       Restoration:
Fixes every member in
                                            the party. Cures
posioning and
Level 7: DEST  14   1 Foe 10'     N/A       Deathstrike:
Likely to instantly
                                            kill an enemy.
Level 7: ICES  11   Group 50'     N/A       Ice Storm:
Freezes a group of foes
                                            for 20 to 80
points of damage.
Level 7: STON  20   Character     N/A       Stone Heal:
Turns a stoned party
                                            member into

Sorceror Spells:
Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description

Level 1: MIJA  3    1 Foe 40'     N/A       Mind Jab: Jabs
foe for 2 to 8 times
                                            the spell
caster's level.
Level 1: PHBL  2    Party         Combat    Phase Blur:
Makes party dodge
                                            attacks easier.
Level 1: LOTR  2    30'           Short     Locate Trap:
Locates traps.
Level 2: DISB  4    Illusions     Combat    Disbeleive:
Makes party disbeleive
Level 2: WIWA  4    Party         N/A       Wind Warrior:
Makes a ninja dude.
Level 2: FEAR  4    1 Group       Combat    Fear: Reduces
attack ability.
Level 3: WIOG  6    Party         N/A       Wind Ogre: Makes
a wind ogre.
Level 3: INVI  6    Party         Combat    Invisible: Makes
party invisble.
Level 3: SESI  6    30'           Medium    Locate Trap:
Longer than LOTR.
Level 4: CAEY  7    Party         N/A       Cat's Eye:
Perfect night vision.
Level 4: WIDR  12   Party         N/A       Wind Dragon:
Makes a red dragon.
Level 5: DIIL  8    Illusions     Combat    Disrupt
Illusion: Disrupts all
                                            illusions and
prevents others from
Level 5: MIBL  10   All foes 30'+ Combat    Mind Blade:
Shocks foes for 25 to
                                            100 points of
Level 6: WIGI  11   Party         N/A       Wind Giant:
Makes a wind giant.
Level 6: SOSI  11   Party         Long      Locate Trap:
Longer than SESI.
Level 7: RIME  20   All foes 40'+ N/A       Freezes or burns
for 50 to 200
                                            points of
Level 7: WIHE  16   Party         N/A       Hurricane:
Creates an illusionary
                                            hurricane to
join your party.
Level 7: MAGM  40   1 Group       N/A       Shocks for 60 to
240 points of
                                            damage, turns
them to stone, or
                                            kills them.
Level 7: PREC  50   All foes      Combat    Pre-Eclusion:
Keeps foes from
                                            summoning more

Wizard Spells:

Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description

Level 1: SUEL  10   Party         N/A       Summon
Elemental: Makes a fire
                                            being from the
raw elements of the
                                            universe to join
and fight for your
Level 1: FOFO  11   Group 10'     N/A       Force Focus:
Lands a cone of force
                                            on your foes,
inflicting 25 to 100
                                            points of
Level 2: PRSU  15   Party         N/A       Prime Summoning:
Forces a powerfull
                                            undead creature
to join and fight
                                            for your party.
Level 2: DEBA  11   1 Foe 30'     N/A       Demon Bane:
Inflicts 100 to 400
                                            points of Damage
to a creature of
                                            evil or
supernatural origin.
Level 3: FLCO  14   Group 40'     N/A       Flame Column:
Makes a cyclone of
                                            flame that
lashes out and delivers
                                            22 to 88 points
of damage to a
                                            group of your
Level 3: DISP  12   Character     N/A       Dispossess:
Returns a possessed
                                            party member to
a normal state of
Level 4: HERB  25   Party         N/A       Summon Herb:
Summons Herb to fight
                                            for your party.
Level 4: ANDE  14   Character     Combat    Animate Dead:
Reanimates a dead
                                            character so
that he/she fights as
                                            if truly alive.
Combat only spell.
Level 5: SPBI  16   1 Foe         N/A       Spell Bind: If
successful, forces 1
                                            of your foes to
join and fight for
                                            your party.
Level 5: SOWH  13   1 Foe 70'     N/A       Soul Whip: Whips
out a tendril of
                                            psionic (mind)
power to strike a
                                            chosen foe,
inflicting 50 to 200
                                            points of
Level 6: GRSU  22   Party         N/A       Greater
Summoning: Like PRSU, but
                                            forces a
powerful elemental to join
                                            and fight for
Level 6: BEDE  18   Character     N/A       Beyond Death:
Resores life and one
                                            hit point to a
dead character.
Level 7: WIZW  16   Group 50'     N/A       Wizard War:
Creats a pyrotechnical
                                            storm over a
group of foes
                                            inflicting 50 to
200 points of
Level 7: DMST  25   Group 50'     N/A       Demon Strike:
Releases a group of
                                            demons that
attack for 200 to 400
                                            points of

Archmage Spells:

Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description

Level 1: HAFO  15   All foes      1 Round   Haltfoe: If
successfull, this spell
                                            causes every
attacking group to do
                                            nothing during
the next round of
Level 1: MEME  20   Group         N/A       Melee Men: Pulls
an attacking group
                                            into melle range
(10') regardless
                                            of how far away
they were to begin
Level 2: BASP  28   Party         Misc.     Batchspell:
Performs all of the
spells: Greater
Revelation, Mystical Coat of Armor,
                                            Sorcerer Sight,
Major Levitation,
                                            and Magic
Level 3: CAMR  26   Party         N/A       Camaraderie: Has
a 50% chance of
                                            calming all
monsters in your party
                                            that have turned
Level 4: NILA  30   Group 90'     N/A       Night Lance:
Launches a chilling
                                            missile against
your foes,
                                            inflicting 100
to 400 points of
Level 5: HEAL  50   Party         N/A       Heal All: A
beyond death spell that
                                            resurrects every
dead party member
                                            (including those
turned to stone),
                                            and heals all
wounds, paralysis,
                                            and insanity.
Level 6: BRKR  60   Party         N/A       Brothers
Kringle: The brothers are
                                            always ready to
help freinds in
                                            trouble. Enough
brothers appear to
                                            fill the empty
slots in your party.
Level 7: MAMA  80   All foes 90'  N/A       Mangars Mallet:
Inflicts 200 to 800
                                            bone crushing
damage points against
every monster your group faces.

Chronomancer Spells:

Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description

Level 1: ARBO  10   Party         N/A       Teleport to
Arboria. Must be in
                                            quite grove
outside of Skara Brae.
Level 1: ENIK  10   Party         N/A       Teleport to
wilderness outside of
                                            Skara Brae. Must
be at well worn
                                            area in Arboria.
Level 1: VITL  12   1 Character   N/A       Vitality: Heals
a character 4 to 8
                                            points times
spell caster's level.
Level 2: WIFI  20   Group 20'     N/A       Wizard's Fist:
Burns foes for 300
                                            to 600 points of
Level 2: COLD  20   Group 80'     N/A       Coldspell:
Freezez foes for 50 to
                                            400 points of
Level 3: GOFI  25   Group 80'     N/A       God Fire: Burns
a foes for 60 to
                                            240 points of
Level 3: STUN  30   All foes      N/A       Stun: Stuns all
foes for 50 to 200
                                            points of
Level 4: LUCK  45   Party         Combat    Luck: Increases
party's hitting and
                                            defending by 8
Level 4: FADE  50   1 Foe 30'     N/A       Far Death: Kills
Level 5: WHAT  60   1 Object      N/A       Identifies an
Level 5: OLAY  60   1 Character   N/A       Youth Potion:
Coats one character
                                            to rid of
Level 6: GRRO  65   1 Character   N/A       Fixes character
even if dead.
Level 6: FOTA  70   Group         N/A       Casts a
Sandstorm, WIFI, and moves
                                            back any
Level 7: SHSH  60   Party         N/A       Shadow Shield:
Lowers party's armor
                                            class by 4.
Level 7: FAFI  100  All foes      N/A       Devistates all
foes for 400 to 1500
                                            points of

Geomancer Spells:

Level #: Code  Cost Range         Duration  Description
Level 1: EADA  5    Group 40'     N/A       Earth Dagger:
Stabs a group of foes
                                            for 200 to 800
points of damage.
Level 1: EASO  5    Level         On level  Earth Source:
Reveals all booby
                                            traps that you
pass over while on
                                            a dungeon level.
Level 1: EAWA  8    Level         On level  Earth Warp: Trap
Zaps the entire
Level 2: TREB  10   All foes      N/A       Trebulation:
Burns all foes with a
                                            hot flame for
150 to 600 points of
Level 2: EAEL  15   Party         N/A       Earth Elemental:
Summons an Earth
                                            Elemental to
join and fight your
Level 2: WAWA  15   Wall          N/A       Wall Warp: Like
PHDO, but last
                                            until you leave
the dungeon level.
Level 3: ROCK  18   1 foe 60'     N/A       Rock: Stones a
Level 3: ROAL  20   Level        On level  Roscoe's Alert:
Reveals anti-magic
Level 4: SUSO  20   Level         On level  Susore's Song:
Reveals all heal
                                            party squares.
Level 4: SAST  25   Group         N/A       Sand Storm:
Moves foes back 60'.
Level 5: SANT  30   Level         On level  Sanctuary: Shows
squares that raise
                                            spell points.
Level 5: GLST  40   1 foe 90'     N/A       Glacier Strike:
Sends a stalagmite
                                            up through the
ground to pin a foe
                                            to the ceiling
for 400 to 1600
                                            points of
Level 6: PATH  40   Level         On level  Path Finder:
Makes an instant map
                                            of any dungeon
Level 6: MABA  50   Group 50'     N/A       Magma Blast:
Burns foes with firey
                                            hot magma for
300 to 1200 points of
Level 7: JOBO  60   All foes      N/A       Jolt Bolt:
Smashes all foes to the
                                            ground and
shocks them for 400 to
                                            1600 points of
Level 7: EAMA  80   Group 50'     N/A       Earth Mama:
Opens the Earth's
                                            surface below a
group of foes,
                                            drops them in,
and closes over them
                                            so that they are
never heard from

Miscellaneous Spells:

Code  Cost  Range      Duration  Description
GILL  10    Party      Short     Gill: Let's party breathe
under water.
DIVA  250   Party      N/A       Divine Intervention: During
non combat: Makes
                                 all illusionary characters
into real ones,
                                 cures of all illnesses
except age, restores
                                 all hit points to the
party. During combat:
                                 Lowers party's armor class
by 20, increases
                                 attacks by 8 hits, casts
Mangar's Mallet.
NUKE  150   All foes   N/A       Goderdammerrung: Nukes all
foes for about 2000
                                 points of damage.

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