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DRAGON WARS by Interplay, IBM version                              9/18/90

     Dragon Wars from Interplay is a fun game! It is a large computer 
fantasy game of similar scale as Magic Candle {Mindcraft} and the Ultima 
series {Origin}. Nice graphics, ease of play, good documentation all play 
their parts in making this an enjoyable game. Of particular delight to me, 
given the games I have been playing of late, was the fact that Dragon Wars 
is bug free! Frankly I admire a game company that takes the time to give 
their market a quality product and Interplay has certainly done so with 
Dragon Wars! 
     Installing the game is a simple process. I played on a PC 386 clone 
with VGA and harddisk. After making a directory for the game, I just copied 
the files and ran a quick install to set the game for my graphic 
capabilities. That done, you fire up the game. The game provides pre-built 
characters but also supports characters from Bard's Tale I, II, and III. 
Since I had saved characters from a Bard's Tale game, I decided to use them 
to play Dragon Wars. Word of advise on using Bard's Tale characters: first 
examine the pre-built characters that come with Dragon Wars and write down 
their stats and skills, create characters from your Bard's Tale game and do 
the same. Compare the two sets of characters closely paying particular 
attention to Magic skill/knowledge. There are five types of magic in Dragon 
Wars: Low, High, Sun, Druid and Misc. Ideally you will want your party to 
have knowledge of low, high, sun and druid magic types or as many as 
possible. Choose which ever character group has the best representation of 
knowledge in magic. 

     Dragon Wars includes an automapping feature which can be viewed by 
pressing "?". While this is intended to remove the need of the players to 
map the game areas on graph paper and is wonderfully useful, I still mapped 
the game out on paper. The deficiency of automaps is that you can take no 
notes on them, nor mark spots that have a particular importance. While it 
was time consuming for me to draw out the maps it was time well spent. I 
advise you to do the same. If nothing else, the automap feature will ensure 
that your drawn maps are accurate. 

     Except for the beginning of the game, where you go and when is 
completely up to you. My notes are arranged after discussion of PURGATORY 
{start game area} and the MAGAN UNDERWORLD {great place} in alphabetical 
order and ending with SALVATION and DEPTHS OF NISIR which are the end game 
areas. The notes listed in alphabetical order are by NO means a 
recommendation of when you should do what. It is merely an effort on my 
part to make this file easier for you to use. 

     Dragon Wars has a simple and fast save feature. To protect yourself, 
though, you should exit the game from time to time and copy the file data1 
to another {save1 or Lansk or whatever name reminds you of the point of 
save}. These files are HUGE being close to 300K in size but potentially 
worth their weight in gold!

PURGATORY - start game
     Upon starting the game, you find your characters in the city of 
Purgatory {catchy name, wonder how they thought of it} with absolutely no 
equipment, money or clothes. Fortunately this sad condition is easily 
remedied. In the middle of the north end of Purgatory there is an arena 
anxious for new victims for their gladiators. "Fight gladiators barefisted 
and barebottomed" you think.... not to worry, the arena will offer to equip 
your characters. They offer a range of low end equipment, leather armor, 
maces, swords and all of it free for the fighting. You're going to lose the 
fight, I might as well tell you that now, but in most cases you are not 
going to die so while you'll get thrown out of the arena a little worse for 
the wear, you will have equipment. {I recommend that you save your game 
before entering the arena just in case one of your characters should bite 
the dust}

     Now that your characters have basic equipment, its time to explore 
your new prison, I mean home. There are such lovely things to do in 
Purgatory. You can sell yourself as a slave in the slave market, join the 
thieves guild, listen for rumors in the tavern and even ask for a 
volunteer! Seriously, do ask for a volunteer in the tavern which is in the 
north-east portion of the city. You'll pick up a volunteer named Ulrik who 
has skills in Cave Lore and Axes. He's not a great character, but he's nice 
to have along. Don't join the thieves' guild which is located in the south-
west portion of the city. Here you should stoutly maintain your honor. 
Doing so will give you a mini-quest to defeat the Humbaba monster in the 
north-east corner of the city. When you do defeat the Humbaba, return to 
the guild and you will be given 1000 gold pieces for your efforts! The 
slave market is one way out of Purgatory but there are others and there is 
nothing of great importance to find there.
     There is a magic shop in the west side of Purgatory. For any 
characters who have Low Magic, this is a great place to pick up the spells 
for that magic and they are FREE. Along the north wall {west of the arena} 
is the Black Market, a good place to buy some better equipment with the 
1000 gold you obtained from the thieves. Probably the best use of your 
money at this stage is in better armor. {Do not buy dragon stones at this 
point. They are expensive and within Purgatory, unnecessary. On the south 
side of the city there is a magic pool which will restore magic energy.}
     Hand Axe    60g         Bow         60g
     Small Pick  50g         Long Bow    90g
     Pick        60g         Crossbow    60g
     Battle Axe  70g         Arrow {20}  50g
     Flail       40g         Bolt{20}    60g
     Mace        40g         Javelin     40g
     Dagger      30g
     Short Sword 50g         Cloth              25g
     Broadsword  60g         Leather            50g
     Greatsword  80g         Brigadine          80g
                             Scale             250g
                             Dragon Stone      250g   restores 20 magic

     There is a secret passage in the northwest corner of the city that 
will gain you access to the outer wall. There are many encounters in this 
wall area with guards which can generate additional cash slowly. In the 
southeast corner of the outer wall there is a gap in the stones leading to 
the waters below. Try using SWIM if you decide to use this exit from 
Purgatory, but I recommend using the Magan Underworld instead. You can also 
exit Purgatory in the the southwest corner of the outer wall. Again, I 
suggest the Magan Underworld as the best choice.

     Logic might dictate that this paragraph belongs before actually 
getting into the game itself. I choose to include it after basic notes 
about Purgatory because you need to have a rudimentary understanding of how 
the game works to appreciate/understand the advise I will give here. Dragon 
Wars is a skill based system which means that any time your characters 
advance a level you have to decide from three menu pages where you're going 
to put your "two cents worth". The documentation that comes with the game 
advises that you spread the knowledge/skills around among your characters. 
This is good advise. There are so many options, there is no way within this 
game that you can make one character completely skilled so DON'T TRY. 
Decide which character will specialize in what skills. You might want to 
make one concentrate on Lore {arcane, mountain, forest, etc} and another on 
the thiefly skills {pickpocket, lockpick, etc.}. Get all the skills covered 
one way or another, but spread the "workload" over all your characters.
     Perhaps my only great complaint with Dragon Wars concerns the skill 
based system. When a character advances a level you only get 2 points to 
apply to the skills/attributes. It is very difficult to know how to spend 
these 2 points wisely. Many skills and attributes cost 2 points to increase 
1 point. Obtaining a new magic knowledge costs 10 points! To give you an 
example of the significant cost that reflects, my characters at end game 
were around 14th level and they did not begin the game at 1st level 
{because I transferred characters from Bard's Tale}. That represents a lot 
of level advancements in which I could make no improvements on characters I 
wished or needed to obtain a new magic knowledge. 
     To cast spells you have to have magic power. Every time you cast a 
spell some magic power is drained. There are two ways to regenerate magic 
power. One is the use of Dragon Stones or Eyes and the other is to find a 
magic pool that restores energy. Dragon Stones restore 20 points of power 
and Dragon Eyes restore 30 points. Magic pools restore all magic points and 
have the added advantage of being free! Dragon Stones can be purchased in 
many locations throughout Dragon Wars for 250 gold. Dragon Eyes can only be 
found as treasure. Magic pools are far and few between, but fortunately 
there are a few in some excellent locations that you can take full 
advantage of during the game. There is a magic pool in PURGATORY in the 
south-east corner {there are actually two corners in Purgatory that you 
could call south-east, the magic pool is located in the southern most one 
of the two}. Make good use of this pool to restore your magician's power 
and allow you to heal your characters as you explore this city. 
     Inventory is the other area where I experienced frustration with 
Dragon Wars. Your characters can only carry so much which in and of itself 
is acceptable. The problem arises when you run out of space. Dragon Wars 
does not provide any means of storing items in a location for use later. To 
further complicate matters some treasure chests that you find will 
disappear after you have opened them so if you were unable to take all the 
treasure, it will not be there when you return. This is not true of ALL 
treasure chests, but being true at all can cause problems. Some treasures 
are unique and needed to solve the game. It is not always clear which items 
are important and which are not. Some locations have numerous treasures 
available and your characters are soon out of space. I managed to avoid 
problem related to inventory in my own game, but it is worth noting so that 
you manage your own character's inventory with care. You will find lots of 
weapons in this game. Examination of an item tells you what strength or 
dexterity or skill is needed to use it. Examination does not tell you the 
kind of damage the weapon is capable of inflicting. To get a rough idea of 
the power of a weapon, look at its value on the SELL menu. The more 
valuable an item is the better it is. Some weapons/items have spells on 
them. Some of these are worth keeping in your inventory, but in general 
don't carry around a lot of items for which you have no real use. Sell them 
for the money. Now back to the game! 

     Paragraph notes to be found in Purgatory: 14, 5, 9, 10, 67, 3, 94, 77

     There is on the west side of the city an entrance to the Magan 
Underworld. The Magan Underworld represents one of the largest single areas 
in the game excluding the above ground world. Its a wonderful place and 
accessable to many of the other locations in Dragon Wars. The Magan 
Underworld is a very important place within the game. There is so much to 
be found here that it is difficult to know where to begin telling you of 
its wonders. Since this area "wraps" upon itself, it is almost impossible 
to tell you where you will find what in this area. If we use your point of 
entrance from Purgatory into the Magan Underworld for reference, we can get 
a general sense of direction. {note: place this point in the center of your 
graph paper if you do decide to commit areas to hard copies} 
     To the north of your point of entrance you will find two buildings. 
The smaller of the two contains stairs that will lead you to the Lansk 
Undercity {a tough place for beginning characters, but has an armory, 
healer and weapons shop not far from the stairs}. The larger building of 
the two, while located here, is only accessable from Necropolis and 
contains the only means of resurrecting your characters within the game.
Also to the north is a small river and lake. On the southern side of the 
lake there is a magic pool that restores magic power. This particular pool 
provided me with endless use so its handy to know exactly where it is 
located. In the center of the lake there is a small island called the ISLE 
OF WOE. You will not be able to reach this island until later in the game, 
when you get the Golden Boots from Mud Toad's Priests, but it is a very 
important location. 
     There is a doorway that leads by {on the north side} of the larger of 
the two buildings to the area where you can see the location of the ISLE OF 
WOE. This are is bounded by water and pits. IMPORTANT: The first pit area 
to the west of the water in this area is safe to walk upon. Doing so will 
result in 5 points that can be spent upon character skill/attribute 
development. Don't miss this!! You cannot fall into the pits in THIS area 
{not true everywhere else} so check around until you locate this square. 5 
points is too much to pass by.
     To the west of point of entry there are stairs leading up to the 
MYSTIC WOODS. To avoid any confusion the means of returning to the Magan 
Underworld from the Mystic Woods is to use the ability CLIMB. I didn't 
realize this when I was first playing the game and it caused me to restore 
the game to an earlier point. You can avoid my difficulty. 3 squares south 
and 3 squares west of the entrance to the Mystic Woods is the first of two 
treasures that can be found in the Magan Underworld.
TREASURE 1:      Rusty Axe {str 18}            a great axe!
                 Speed Wand {casts Zak's Speed}
                 Bomb {3 quantity} {casts Zak's Speed}
                 Dragon Stones {10 quantity}
     To the east of point of entry are stairs leading to Tar's Ruins 
Underground. This is a relatively small area map that wraps upon itself. 
There are secret passages that reveal treasures which I will detail later. 
To re-enter the Magan Underworld, you must again use the ability CLIMB.
     To the south our point of entry to the Magan Underworld is an area 
with many fires. Each of these fires causes damage to your characters. 
There is in the north area of the fires the 2nd treasure to be found in the 
Magan Underworld.
TREASURE 2:      Slicer {sword} {str 17}       a wonderful weapon!
                 Dragon Stones {10 quantity}
     Also in the fire are is the entrance to the Dwarf Clan Hall. Early in 
the game you do not need to access this area.
     To the east of the fire area is a large pit and an path leading south. 
This path forms a cross shaped area with an entrance to SALVATION. Along 
the path you will encounter fairies that will ask if you are willing to 
sacrifice a life to continue. Replying "yes" will reduce you party to 
minimun life force. While there is reason to use this path near the end of 
the game, you need not explore it before hand.
     Paragraph notes to be found in Magan Underworld:   , 137, 138, 127


BRIDGE between Isle of the Sun and Forlorn:
     You need Citizen papers to cross this bridge.

BRIDGE between Lansk and Isle of the Sun:
     Pikemen here will ask to search your packs and if allowed to do so 
will ask a percentage in gold of what you are carrying to cross the bridge. 
Refusal to pay results in an encounter with 3 pikemen. This is not a 
difficult encounter and better than paying the fee. Of note on this bridge 
is the building containing the Armory. Enter the building once and you just 
get thrown out. Enter twice and you can fight it out with the guards. If 
successful you can reach the armory {there is a pit in the room before it 
which will cause damage to your party} and reap the following:
ARMORY:          Axe of Kalah      str 18 {excellent weapon}
                 Holy Mace         Exorcism spell
                 Gem Helm
                 Archers' Bow      dex 18
                 Dragon Stones{10}

BRIDGE between Lansk and Quag:

     Accessable from Byzanople {see notes}. This small area will be filled 
with a number of encounters until you reach the northwest area of where you 
will encounter the Princess. She will ask you to surrender, do so. You will 
meet Prince Jordan and given freedom to roam the dungeon area until it is 
time to defeat the forces in the Siege Camp. Do not take the stairs 
leading up until you have explored the rest of this area. You will find in 
a room on the northeast a treasure:
TREASURE 1:      Magic Chain
                 Magic Shield
                 Big Chill         {high magic}
                 Dazzle            {high magic}
                 Long Bolt{20}
                 Dragon Stone{7}
On the west side there is a door leading into the ancient crypt. There are 
many encounters here with zombies. in the furthest southwest corner is a 
TREASURE 2:      Magic Axe
After exploring this area, take the stairs up. Jordan will tell you that it 
is now time to attack the Siege Camp and you will be moved to an area 
outside the Siege Camp walls. {see Siege Camp notes}
     Paragraph notes for Byzan Dungeon: 108, 110

     Located on King's Island, Byzanople is only accessable from the Siege 
Camp. As you enter this area for the first time, you will be on the outside 
of the walls and if you get too close will be hit by a lot of arrow fire. 
Directly north and 1 square to the east of where you enter are stairs 
leading down. Alternately, there is also an entrance in the southeastern 
area. Here you will need to move a rock {strength} to reveal an opening. 
Both lead you to the Byzan Dungeon. You will not obtain access to Byzanople 
proper until after you have completed Byzan Dungeon. In the city there is a 
healer, an Armorer: 
ARMORER:   Scale        250g
           Chain        310
           Plate       3100
           Lr. Shield  1000
           Dragon Stone 250
and a Weaponsmith:
WEAPONS:   War Flail     500g      Bow            60g
           Bladed Flail 1000       Long Bow       90
           Mace           50       Crossbow       60
           Dagger         30       Bolt{20}       60
           Short Sword    50       Arrow{20}      50
           Broad Sword    60       Javelin        40
           Polearm        90       Barbed Spear 4000
           Long Mace    2000
     Paragraph notes for Byzanople: 33, 34

     See SNAKE PIT

     Dilmun refers to all the islands above ground, King's Island, Rustic, 
Isle of the Sun, Forlorn, and Quag, as well as some areas that are not 
shown on the map in the documentation. See appropriate notes for more 

     Accessable only from Eastern Isles {Sunken Ruins} with the ship from 
Smuggler's Cove. This is a dangerous place and you need to have the Dragon 
Gem from the Lansk Dragon before you can complete this entire area. In the 
south you will find a Dragons Tooth {considered a sword}. On the southwest 
you will find a Dragons Nest:
DRAGONS NEST:    Dragon Tears
                 Holy Lance
                 Dragon Helm
                 Dragon Shield
                 Dragon Eye        restores 30 points magic power
In the northeast corner you will find a treasure:
TREASURE 1:      Sala's Swift      {high magic}
                 Vorn's Guard      {high magic}
                 Cowardice         {high magic}
In the northwest are of Dragon Valley there is an encounter with the Queen 
Dragon. Use the DRAGON GEM {from the Lansk Dragon} to escape death.
     Paragraph notes for Dragon Valley: 134, 120

     The western most part of this area can be reached from the Magan 
Underworld. In the western portion if the dwarf forge which will be needed 
to create the Sword of Freedom once you have found Roba's Skull in the 
Sunken Ruins. After giving the skull to the master dwarf smith, you will 
be told that the sword will appear on the Isle of Woe which is located in 
the Magan Underworld. There is a crystal barrier blocking your path to the 
east. You can by pass this barrier with the use of Soften Stone. The 
eastern portion of this area is also accessable from King's Island if you 
have the Jade Eyes {to be found in the treasure chest on Smuggler's Cove 
only after the defeat of the pirates}. Exploring this area will reveal that 
the dwarves have been turned to stone. Use of Soften Stone will restore 
them to normal. There are 3 treasures to be found in the Dwarf Clan home. 
The treasures are guarded by Automans which are fairly difficult to defeat. 
TREASURE 1:      Dragon Helm 
                 Bomb {8}          Zak's Speed {Misc Magic}
                 Spike Flail
                 Mystic Might      {high magic}
TREASURE 2:      Crush Mace
                 Spell Staff
                 Healing Potion
TREASURE 3:      Gold {1000}
                 Dragon Horn       Rage of Mithras {sun magic}
     Paragraphs notes for Dwarf Clan Hall: 118, 119, 38

     Located in the central area of King's Island there is little here 
except a statue and a small building. Use the JADE EYES {obtained from the 
encounter with the pirates in Smuggler's Cove} on the statue to open the 
small building. This will give you access to stairs leading down to the 
eastern side of the Dwarf Clan Hall.
     No paragraph notes for Dwarf Ruins.

     This small area accessable with the ship from Smuggler's Cove contains 
the entrances to the Sunken Ruins and Dragon Valley.
     Paragraph note for Eastern Isle: 46

     This are of Dilmun contains Purgatory, Slave Estate, Tars Ruins, the 
Slave Camp and a treasure. The treasure is located almost due south of the 
Slave Estate. The southern most section of this land mass has a magical 
pool which will restore heal and magic to maximum.
TREASURE 1:      Chain Armor
                 Broad Sword{2}
                 Hand Axe
                 Arrow{2 of 20quantity}
                 Mage Fire         {low magic}
                 Charm             {low magic}
                 Luck              {low magic}
                 Lesser Heal       {low magic}
                 Mage Lite         {low magic}
                 Dragon Stone{4}

     Accessable only with the pirates ship from Smuggler's Cove. This city 
features numerous shops.
RYAN'S ARMOR:    Scale         250g
                 Chain         310
                 Heavy Plate  4000
                 Lg. Shield    100
MAGIC INC:       Dazzle       1000       {high magic}
                 Mystic Might 1000       {high magic}
                 Rev. Glamour 1000       {high magic}
                 Sala's Swift 1000       {high magic}
                 Vorn's Guard 1000       {high magic}
                 Cowardice    1000       {high magic}
                 Soften Stone 1000       {druid magic}
FREEPORT ARMS:   Bladed Flail 1000
                 Hammer         40
                 Long Mace     200
On the east side of the city you will find the Order of the Sword. An 
encounter here will allow you access to the following treasure:
ORDER OF THE SWORD:    Stone Hand        Needed in Mud Toad
                       Soften Stone      {druid magic}
                       Spell Staff
                       Charger           {sun magic, USEFUL!}
At the Brew Brother's you will find the volunteer Halifax who is a better 
addition to your group than Louie {found in the Slave Camp}. In the 
southwest portion of the city is an island which you can reach using the 
Golden Boots obtained in Mud Toad. Upon the island is the "freedom sword". 
Don't you believe it. Cast REVEAL GLAMOUR to show that this is really a 
trap set by Namtar. Not doing so will kill one of your characters.
     Paragraph notes for Freeport: 51, 52, 56, 57, 27

     Accessable from Rustic, the Game Preserve is located on the northwest 
section of Rustic. There are many snare traps set about here which are 
easily removed {should you get caught} with the use of any weapon. On the 
southwest near the river is the home of the Game Keeper. Use the Signet 
Ring and he will give you a MAGIC BOW. On the southeast is a treasure:
TREASURE 1:      Magic Arrow{20}
                 Battle Power            {sun magic}
                 Fire Column             {sun magic}
     Paragraph notes for the Games Preserve: 96, 91, 74

     This area of Dilmun includes the city of Phoebus and an entrance to 
the Mystic Woods. Bridges connect this area with Forlorn and the portion of 
Dilmun that holds the city of Lansk.

     This portion of Dilmun {see map in documentation} contains Kingshome, 
Byzanople, Siege Camp, Nexus to Mystic Forest, Old Dock, Old Bridge, Ruins 
and a Decaying City {see related notes}. Encounters on this island are too 
rough for beginning characters. There is also on this island an Ambush area 
on the northeast coast which will result in you being thrown into the 
dungeon under Kingshome {see related notes}. 

     Accessable from the Kingshome Dungeon {once only} and from King's 
Island {if you have the Signet Ring, see Decaying City}. If you came up 
from the dungeon you will have a peaceful encounter with Namtar in the 
north central area of the castle. Exiting his room will cause the door to 
disappear forever. Doors in the north will lead you into the wall area. On 
the west side is a gallery and a closet full of Pilgrim's Garb {needed to 
take Pilgrim's ferry to Nisir}. On the east side is a treasure and a 
library of rare books.
TREASURE 1:      Polearm
                 Royal Robe
                 Rare Books
                 Boomerang         dex 12
                 Lucky Boots
                 Magic Chain
                 Rusty Axe         {good weapon inspite of it's name}
This treasure chest will disappear when you leave whether you took 
everything or not. The exit to King's Island is in the center of the south 
     Paragraph notes for Kingshome Castle: 131, 130

     Accessable by being ambushed in the northeast of King's Island. Not 
for beginning characters, be prepared to do everything at one time. You 
will not be able to return here once you leave. You will find your group in 
a prison cell which is not locked. To the south are guards just waiting to 
beat you up. If you survive that, to the east is a door that leads to 
stairs going up. Don't take them until you have continued all the east and 
north to the last door in the hallway. There are some big encounters here, 
but this last room contains the King's armory:
KINGS ARMORY:    Black Helm        Zak's Speed
                 Grey Arrow{20}
                 Gatlin Bow        10 dex {rather like a machine gun}
                 Throw Mace
                 Mage Ring         low magic 3 needed to use
                 Magic Axe
                 Dragon Stones{20}
After collecting this treasure, return to the stairs which will take you up 
to Kingshome Castle.
     Paragraph notes for Kingshome Dungeon: 53, 65 

     Accessable only after restoring Lanac's statue in Mud Toad. You will 
need the spell SOFTEN STONE to successfully complete this area. The map 
wraps upon itself both north to south and east to west. To the northeast of 
your point of entry, through several walls is a large room in which three 
treasures will be found:
TREASURE 1:      Healing Potion
                 Battle Wand       Battle Power spell
                 Dragon Shield
TREASURE 2:      Fire Storm        {sun magic}
                 Zak's Speed       {misc magic}
                 Kill Ray          {misc magic}
                 Mage Fire         {low magic}
                 Dazzle            {high magic}
                 Sun Stroke        {sun magic}
TREASURE 3:      Lanac's Spectacles {needed to gain access into Magic 
To the northwest of point of entry is an entrance to the Magan Underworld. 
It is a one way trip.
     Paragraph note for Lanac's Lab: 107

     Accessable from Dilmun {outdoors} or the Lansk Undercity {no way back 
to undercity though}, this is a bureaucratic nightmare. The officials here 
will have you running all over the city to get paper work done. This is 
easily avoided by making use of EZ Paperwork in the Lansk Undercity. There 
is one treasure to be found on the west side of the city.
     Druids Mace                  Cure All spell
     In the northeast area of the city, you will learn in the Quarter 
Masters Office the Mog the Slave Owner has left his estate, which is to be 
found on Forlorn, to you. The Quarter Master doesn't know why Mog did this 
and neither do I! ;) 
     Encounters in this city are nasty for beginning characters if not 
impossible. They can and should be avoided until later in the game.
     Paragraph notes for Lansk: 64, 35

     Accessable to the Magan Underworld, this place was very useful to me. 
Encounters here are rough for new and middle characters, but you can do a 
lot of exploring here if you are careful. 
     There are four shops and a healer in this area that are all useful.
The armorer, weapon and healer are all on the east side of this area. EZ 
paperwork and the Magic shop are on the west. The magic shop is located 
through a secret passage which is easily found.

Exeter's Armor                     Dr. Death's Weapons
Cloth              25g             Broadsword  60g
Leather            50g             Greatsword  80g
Brigadine          80g             Bow         60g
Scale             250g             Longbow     90g
Chain             310g             Crossbow    60g
Plate            3100g             Arrow{20}   50g
Shield           1000g             Bolt{20}    60g
Large Shield     1000g str 12      Javelin     40g

EZ Paperwork                       Magic Shop
Governors Pass   200g              Create Wall   100g  {druid magic}
Kings Ticket      50g              Wood Spirit   100g  {druid magic}
Citizen Papers   100g              Cure All      100g  {druid magic}
                                   Dragon Stones 250g

Paperwork: The Governors Pass is needed to cross a bridge between Quag and 
Lansk. The Kings Ticket is needed to take the ferry. The Citizen Papers are 
needed to cross the bridge between the Isle of the Sun and Forlorn.
     On the north of this area is a ferry to Kings Island. Use the Kings 
Ticket for passage {not recommended for early characters}. In the center of 
this area is a dragon {he won't kill you}. To access the dragon's area, you 
must use a secret passage on the east side of the center building. Rumors 
you will hear elsewhere will hint that the Lansk Dragon conceals a gem. To 
get the gem you will need to use an anhk which can be purchase in Mud Toad. 
On the west side of this center building are stairs leading up to the city 
of Lansk. They go up, but they do NOT come back down. Go this way only if 
you have saved your game and are certain that you wish to. 
     Paragraph notes for Lansk Undercity: 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126

     Located on the island of Rustic. You will need the Spectacles from 
Lanc'toor's Laboratory located under Mud Toad before you will be able to 
enter the college. The college consists of a number of tests. In the first 
room, use any ICE spell. In the second room use REV GLAMOUR and then any 
FIRE spell. In the third room use CLOKE ARCANE. In the fourth room use no 
magic, just fight it out with the philistine. In the fifth room use DISARM 
TRAP. In the sixth room, walk north ignoring the comments {paragraph note 
145} in the next room. Utnapishtim will reward you with the choice of the 
Soul Bowl, the Laugh Staff or the Sing Ring, choose the SOUL BOWL which you 
will need at Zaton's marker in the Mystic Woods.
UTNAPISHTIM:     Soul Bowl         use at Zaton's Marker in Mystic Woods
                 Poog's Vortex     {high magic}
                 Fire Summon       {high magic}
                 Fire Light        {high magic}
                 Elvars Fire       {high magic}
                 Ice Chill         {high magic}
                 Big Chill         {high magic}
                 Dazzle            {high magic}
                 Group Heal        {high magic}
     Paragraph notes for Magic College: 141, 142, 143, 144, 145

     Located on Quag, this city is sinking into the swampy lands upon which 
it was built. You will probably be making many visits to this city during 
the course of your game. Almost in the center of the city is a broken 
statue the parts of which you will find scattered through out other areas 
in the game. You will need to bring each part back to this location and 
"use item" to restore the statue. Doing so will reveal a latch that will 
allow you access to Lanac'toor's Lab {see appropriate notes}. Of other 
interest in this city is the temple in the northwest corner of the city. 
Talking to the priests there will indicate that you need to seal up the 
source of the water ruining the city {create wall will accomplish this 
nicely}. After doing so, the priests will give you a pair of Golden Boots 
which will allow you to access areas that you could not previously {such as 
the Isle of Woe in the Magan Underworld}. Also of importance here is the 
shop in the southeastern portion of town:
                 Lantern       10g
                 Ankh          50g  Use on Dragon in Lansk
                 Dragon Stone 250
                 Short Sword   70
                 Broad Sword   80
                 Great Sword  100
                 Bow           60
                 Arrow{20}     50
                 Bolt{20}      60
There is a tavern in the northeastern corner of town in which you will meet 
Berengaria after you have had your confrontation with Mystalvision in 
Phoebus and have been thrown into and escaped from the Phoeban Dungeon. 
Berengaria will give you the following spells:
                 Rage of Mithras         {sun magic}
                 Holy Aim                {sun magic}
                 Armor of Lite           {sun magic}
                 Major Heal              {sun magic}
                 Summon Salamander       {sun magic}
Within the city walls which you can access by using climb you will find a 
treasure beyond an encounter with the city militia.
TREASURE 1:      Water Summon            {high magic}
                 Reveal Glamour          {high magic}
                 Barbed Flail            str 16
                 Lucky Boots
                 Mountain Sword          mountain lore 1 {2handed}
     Paragraph notes for Mud Toad: 29, 20, 17, 113, 30, 32

     Located on the west side of the Isle of the Sun near Phoebus. From the 
Mystic Forest you can gain entry to the Magan Underworld, Kings Island, 
Quag, as well as the Isle of the Sun. There are a number of interesting and 
important things to find and do here. In the northwest corner there is a 
statue of Enkidu at the foot of which you will find a Beast Horn which is 
powered with a summoning spell. In the northeast side you will locate 
Mushrooms that will be needed in the Necropolis later {only 1 is needed 
though you can get as many as you like} On the east side is a shrine on an 
island. You can try to reach the shrine by swimming but that will result in 
encounters with some very nasty water creatures. An easier way to access 
this island is to use the Golden Boots which you can get in Mud Toad {see 
Mud Toad for explaination}. On the island you can get the Totem of Enkidu 
which you will need to cross Scorpion Bridge. To get the Totem, you must 
use one of your weapons. I used a Ruby Dagger and cannot say if using any 
weapon will work. In the southwest corner there is a treasure{1}. In the 
south area of Mystic Forest there is a marker for Master Zaton. Use the 
Soul Bowl that you can get after successfully doing the Magic College in 
this location and you will get treasure 2.
TREASURE 1:      Death Curse       {druid magic}
                 Fire Blast        {druid magic}
                 Insect Plague     {druid magic}
                 Scare             {druid magic}
TREASURE 2:      Brambles          {druid magic}
                 Greater Heal      {druid magic}
                 Cure All          {druid magic}
                 Invoke Spirit     {druid magic}
                 Beast Call        {druid magic}
                 Wood Spirit       {druid magic}
     Paragraph notes to be found in Mystic Woods: 70, 6, 72, 79

     This island to the northeast of Quag is accessable from Smuggler's 
Cove. The entrance into the large building that is this city is on the 
northwest. You will experience many encounters with undead here so come 
prepared. In the middle of the first room you will find a treasure:
TREASURE 1:      Stone Trunk       use on statue in Mud Toad
                 Black Helm        Zak's Speed
                 Magic Chain
                 Dead Bolt{20}
On the west side of the city are stairs the lead down to the large building 
in the Magan Underworld that you could not access from there. In this 
building is the well that will allow you to resurrect dead characters. On 
the east side of the city you will find a door leading to an area described 
as being covered with webs. There is an encounter with a giant spider for 
every square in this room but the reward at the end is a teleporter that 
will get you off of the island. In the center of the city is a large 
building. On the south side there is a secret passage leading inside. 
Following this passage will lead you to an encounter with the god Nergal. 
Defeat his undead minions and use MUSHROOMS that you obtained from the 
Mystic Forest to get the following items:
FROM NERGAL:     Silver Key        used to free Irkalla on Isle of Woe
                 Holy Spear
                 Fire Lite         {high magic}
                 Insect Plague     {druid magic}
                 Scare             {druid magic}
                 Inferno           {sun magic}
                 Big Chill         {high magic}
     Paragraph notes for Necropolis: 114, 115, 93, 12

     Located on King's Island this bridge is a one way route to the 
Decaying City also known as the Snake Pit. There is nothing of importance 
on the bridge itself, only the note that the gate, once you pass through, 
disappears forever. Don't worry about that, there is another exit within 
the city.
     Paragraph note for Old Bridge: 50

     Located on King's Island and accessable from the island and from the 
ferry {with a Kings Ticket} in the Lansk Undercity. Passage to Lansk 
Undercity costs 500g. Wearing Pilgrim's garb {obtainable in Kingshome 
Castle} will allow you passage to Nisir. In the southwest corner is a 
statue that can be moved if you have a character strong enough {24}.
STATUE TREASURE: Earth Summon      {high magic}
                 Ice Wand
                 IBM PS/2
                 Dragon Stones{7}
This treasure will disappear after you leave the dock.
     No paragraph notes for Old Dock.

     Accessable only by confronting and loosing to Mystalvision in the 
north section of Phoebus. This is one of those areas where you need to be 
prepared to do everything at one time or not at all. There is no way back 
here once you exit. You will find yourself in a locked cell that your thief 
character will not be able to unlock. Patience {10 days worth} will result 
in Berengaria leaving the door unlocked so that you can begin your escape. 
Exploration of the other prison cells will reveal that the "druid is being 
tortured". At the location where you see message 102, use the abilility 
Hiding to get past the guard. You may go either north or south once past 
the guard. The southern route is through a secret door. Follow the passage 
until you see the message that you hear voices to the north. Go north 
through another secret passage. One square further to the west of where you 
hear the voices is a cave in that you can pass with the climb ability and 
will lead you to stairs back to Phoebus. Save these for last. Go north and 
explore the rest of the Phoeban Dungeon. In the northeast section you will 
find a hunchback trying to feed a prisoner to a dragon. West of that you 
will find torture chambers and the druid. Use bandage on the druid and he 
will tell you that the pass word is "HALIFAX". To the north of the druid is 
another encounter with Mystalvision. Its a toughy and Mystal will slip 
through your fingers but leave you the following treasure:
MYSTALVISION:    Armor of Lite     {sun magic}
                 Major Heal        {sun magic}
                 Disarm Trap       {sun magic}
                 Wood Spirit       {druid magic}
                 Holy Aim          {sun magic}
To the northwest of the area where you heard the voices you will find two 
treasures, one of which requires knowing the password to reach.
TREASURE 1:      Shovel
                 Battle Axe
                 Leather Armor
                 Scale Armor
                 Chain Armor
TREASURE 2:      Blow Horn         Whirl Wind spell
                 Magic Ring        Whirl Wind spell
                 Magic Quiver*     ENDLESS ARROWS & Mage Fire spell
                 Dragon Stones{5}
* combine this with the Gatlin Bow and you have a deadly combination!
Having searched the rest of this level, it is time to exit back to Phoebus.
     Paragraph notes for Phoeban Dungeon: 101, 102, 104, 106
     This city on the west side of the Isle of the Sun is not easy for 
beginning characters. You may be able to get through some of the encounters 
to access treasure but there is an big encounter in this city {located in 
the north end of town} that should not be attempted until later in the 
     There is a tavern in the northwest portion of the city where you can 
find the volunteer Valar. Valar has knowledge of both Low and Sun magic. 
He's a good addition to your party, but keep him at the back as he is 
rather weak and vulnerable to attack.
     On the southeast side of town there are parade grounds. Within the 
parade grounds is a building. Entering here will get you drafted into the 
army and removed to the siege camp south of the city of Byzanople. I 
recommend avoiding this automatic draft until later in the game. 
     There are 3 treasures to be found in Phoebus, two on the west side and 
one on the north.
TREASURE 1:      Poog's Vortex     {high magic}
                 Sun Stroke        {sun magic}
                 Death Curse       {druid magic}
                 Create Wall       {druid magic}
                 Mithra's Bless    {sun magic}
TREASURE 2:      Plate Mail
                 Tri-cross         {crossbow}
                 Bolt              {1 group of 30 bolts}
                 Magic Shield
                 Dragon Stones {7 quantity}
                 Mage Cloth        {= cloth armor, need low magic 1 to use,
                                    has spell Mage Light. sell it}
                 Fire Spear        {dex 14}
                 Magic Plate
     Paragraph notes to be found in Phoebus: 26, 25, 28, 66

     Located on Nisir, this dock is accessable from the Old Dock on King's 
Island providing you are wearing Pilgrim's Garb {available in Kingshome}. 
Passing through the door in the south of this small area results in a nasty 
encounter which is beyond the ability of beginning characters. Once 
successfully defeating these monsters, you will find a prisoner and a 
secret passage that leads you to the mountain Salvation.
     Paragraph notes for Pilgrim Dock: 82, 84, 83, 98

     This area of Dilmun includes a Nexus in the north to Mystic Woods, the 
city of Yellow Mud Toad and Smuggler's Cove. Murk trees live on this area 
and are dangerous monsters capable of killing party members without much 
difficulty. Proceed with caution. Northest, but not connected to Quag is 
Necropolis. A bridge also leads to the area of Dilmun that includes Lansk.

     You need the Governor's Pass to cross. The pass is obtainable in 
either Lansk or Lansk Undercity {easier}.
     Paragraph notes for Quag Bridge: 47

     See TAR'S RUINS {above ground}

     Accessable with the ship from Smuggler's Cove. This Island to the west 
of King's Island contains the Game Preserve, Scorpion Bridge and a Strange 
Building {Magic College}.

     If you sell yourself into slavery in Purgatory you end up here. There 
is nothing of great importance to be found here. You can skip this area 
entirely with no ill effect upon your game. What you can gain here is 
experience and eventually freedom. I recommend using the Magan Underworld. 
When you are brought here all your equipment is removed and you are in 
chains. Wandering around this area you will find a cup, a pool {fill the 
cup}, a handle, a treasure of rocks and Dragon Stones {9 quantity}. You 
will find a man to which you give the water. He will give you his shoes. 
Using the laces {use item} you manage to make a hammer with which you can 
break the chains. Your gear can be found in a pile of rubbage. Thus re-
equipped you can challenge the guards and escape.
     Paragraph notes for Salt Mines: 60, 61, 49

     Located on the island of Rustic. Scorpion men will bar your way until 
you use the ENKIDU TOTEM {obtainable in Mystic Woods}. Within the bridge 
building there are several nasty encounters. In the north of this building 
is a treasure:
TREASURE 1:      Bones
                 Barbed Flail
                 Magic Shield
     Paragraph notes for Scorpion Bridge: 48

     Accessable from King's Island or by being drafted into the army in 
Phoebus. Don't worry about joining the wrong side, your stay in the Seige 
camp is temporary. Near the southern entrance to the Siege Camp is a 
healer. In the north of this area is a Black Market.
BLACK MARKET:    Bladed Flail      1000g
                 Mace                70
                 Dagger              30
                 Short Sword         50
                 Broad Sword         60
                 Polearm             90
                 Bow                 60
                 Long Bow            90
                 Crossbow            60
                 Arrow{20}           50
                 Bolt{20}            60
                 Chain              310
                 Shield            1000
                 Large Shield      1000
There are two treasures to be found in the siege camp, one in the northern 
and one in the southern section of this area.
TREASURE 1:      Lance Sword       str 12
                 Silver Gloves
TREASURE 2:      Silver Arrow
     Exiting the Siege Camp to the north will allow you to enter Byzanople. 
After some encounters in Byzanople {see appropriate notes} you will return 
to the Siege Camp through a secret underground passage. There will be a 
sizable battle which is definitely too difficult for beginning characters.
     Paragraph notes for Siege Camp: 87, 59, 90

     Located southwest of Purgatory, use Bureaucracy to gain the escaped 
slaves trust. There are six small buildings located in the Slave Camp and 
three treasures, a campfire that will heal all wounds and the volunteer 
Louie can be found here. Use one of your magic skills when you locate the 
wizard watching you from his doorway otherwise he will not allow you into 
his hut to gather one of the treasures.
TREASURE 1:      Greater Heal      {druid magic}
                 Sun Stroke        {sun magic}
TREASURE 2:      Healing           {high magic}
                 Cloak Arcane      {high magic}
                 Sense Traps       {high magic}
                 Scare             {druid magic}
                 Leather Armor{2}
TREASURE 3:      Citizen Papers
                 Ruby Dagger       str 3
                 War Axe
                 War Flail
                 White Arrow
                 Fire Lite         {high magic}
                 Dragon Stone{5}
     Paragraph notes for Slave Camp: 88, 63, 68, 19

     Located on Forlorn. You can learn in Lansk that Mog left this estate 
to you. There are two buildings on the estate, one large and one small. 
Surrounding the estate are gardens with numerous statues. Enter the large 
building through either of the entrances on the EAST side {there is an 
entrance on the west side, but do avoid it}. There are four treasures to be 
found in the large building:
TREASURE 1:      Hammer
                 Ruby Dagger      str 3
                 Short sword
                 Dragon Stones{6 quantity}
TREASURE 2:      Mirror 
TREASURE 3:      Gauntlets
                 Magic Lamp  {20 charges of light spell}
                 Gold {1500}
TREASURE 4:      Hand axe
                 Gold {100}
In the southwest corner of the large building you will find the artisan of 
the statues you have seen in the gardens. He is really a Gaze Monster. Use 
the MIRROR to avoid being turned to stone.
     Paragraph notes for Slave Estate: 1, 105, 99, 103, 117

     Located north of Mud Toad on Quag, this is the pirate hang out of Long 
John Ugly. On the northeast you wlil find a statue to Irkalla at which you 
can pray. On the west you will find Long John's hang out. Use Bureaucracy 
and pay at least 50g to enter. Inside you will find two doors, one to the 
west and the other to the south. Taking the southern door, Long John will 
ferry you over to Necropolis, but he will not bring you back {there is a 
way, but it isn't easy for beginning characters}. The west door reveals the 
pirates most precious possession, a ship! The pirates will fight you to the 
death for this ship and they are a nasty bunch! They can be defeated, but 
it is not easy. Defeating them gets you not only unlimited use of the ship, 
but also a treasure. This treasure chest will disappear even if you do not 
remove all its contents. Take the gold and the Jade Eyes and the plate. 
TREASURE 1:      Gold{3000}
                 Pilgrim Garb      {available also in Kingshome}
                 Old Peg Leg
                 Heavy Plate
                 Jade Eyes         {needed in ruins on King's Island}
     Paragraph notes for Smuggler's Cove: 39, 3, 41, 43, 24 

     This city is located on the southwest corner of King's Island and is 
accessable from the Old Bridge. On the north you will find the King's 
boathouse. Leave the lad who is guarding this building alone until you 
locate the secret rooms in the center of the large cluster of buildings in 
the center of the city. In the wooded area in the north you will find 
Branches. Use the Branches at the old man in the tree on the south side of 
this area will get you the BEAST CALL spell {druid magic}. The STONE HEAD 
needed for the statue in Mud Toad is found on the west shore of this area. 
There is a large cluster of buildings in the center of the Snake Pit. A 
secret passage from the room with the jester leads north into the room 
where you will find two treasures: 
TREASURE 1:      Signet Ring       {use to gain access to Kingshome} 
                 Jewels            {worth 4000g}
TREASURE 2:      Luck Wand
                 Crush Mace
                 Mega Bolt
                 Grand Sword
                 Magic Bow         dex 10
Use the signet ring where the boy guards the boat house and you have access 
through a secret door to a boat that will take you out of this area and 
left near Kingshome. 
     Paragraph notes for Snake Pit: 75, 76, 80, 81


     Accessable from the Eastern Isles {with the ship from Smuggler's 
Cove}, you need to have accomplished freeing Irkalla from the Isle of Woe 
prior to fully exploring this area. Irkalla would have given you a breath 
water potion that will be needed to enter the lower level of this area. The 
upper level features a locked door that take a skill of lockpick 4 to open 
and two secret passages. In the center area there is a treasure:
TREASURE 1:      Driftwood
                 Spiked Flail
Using the breath water potion you can enter the lower area. The map wraps 
upon itself here and is relatively small in size. In one large room you 
will fing a clam containing the SKULL OF ROBA. Do not attempt to take the 
skull from the clam, just take the clam {skull and all}. There is a locker 
to be found in this area {must be Davy Jone's} in which is the following:
LOCKER:          Trident
                 Dragon Plate
                 Dragon Sword
The locker is guarded by some pretty nasty creatures, so throw everything 
you've got at them or be prepared to take a trip through the Necropolis to 
the well of resurrection.
     No paragraph notes for the Sunken Ruins.

TAR'S RUINS {above ground}:
     This area is accessable from Forlorn or from the Tar's Ruins 
underground. To reveal the entrance to the underground use strength on a 
rock on the northeast side. On the west side you will find the body of a 
dead hero:
DEAD HERO:       Firesword
                 Lg Shield
                 Dragon Stones {6}
On the southwest, you will find a cache of scrolls:
CACHE:           Air Summon        {high magic}
                 Elvar's Fire      {high magic}
                 Exorcism          {sun magic}
                 Guidance          {sun magic}
In the center of the ruins is a 3X3 square building upon whose walls you 
will see mural. These murals are an important hint on how to deal with the 
Lansk Dragon.
     Paragraph notes for Tar's Ruins{above ground}: 23

TAR'S RUINS {underground}:
     Accessable from the Magan Underworld and from the Ruins on Forlorn. 
The entrance from the Magan Underworld leaves you in a small enclosed room. 
To return to MUnderworld, use the ability climb, to explore this area exit 
through the secret passage to the north. Immediately west of the square 
just described is another secret room containing STONE ARMS which are 
needed in Mud Toad. This area wraps north to south, east to west. It 
doesn't take too much exploration to locate the other two secret passages 
that contain treasures:
TREASURE 1:      Healing Potion
                 Dragon Stone{5}
TREASURE 2:      Gold {2500}
                 Fire Light        {high magic}
                 Death Curse       {druid magic}
                 Sun Stroke        {sun magic}
                 Gold {1000}
     No paragraph notes for Tar's Ruins.

     See MUD TOAD.

     Prior to visiting Salvation it is a good idea to spend some time in 
the Magan Underworld near the energy pool that restores magic power 
CHARGEing up magic items with spells upon them. Of particular use are 
HEALING POTIONS, BATTLE WAND {battle power spell}, DRAGON HORN {rage of 
mithras spell}, and the SPEED WAND {zak's speed}. You may choose to carry 
others at this point, but the above will make your life in this end game 
period much easier. The maximum charges you can boost in any item is 49. It 
will take some time to charge all the items, but setting up a macro will 
make this easier and is certainly worth the time and effort. If you have 
already visited Salvation and taken the treasure that is to be found there, 
be certain to stock up on DRAGON STONES before entering into the end game 
period. Clear out of your inventory anything that you do not need so that 
you can carry more dragon stones. 

     Accessable from Nisir or Magan Underworld. The exit to Nisir is in the 
north and the stairs to the Magan Underworld are in the southwestern 
portion of this area. On the west side there is a treasure guarded by a 
rather nasty group of monsters.
TREASURE 1:      Mage Staff        worth 10,000g
                 Dragon Helm
                 Dragon Plate
                 Spiked Mace
                 Heavy Sword
                 Dragon Eye{28}    restores 30 points of magic power
On the east side of Salvation is a shrine to the universal god {note 97}, 
use the Freedom Sword at this area. Doing so will allow you to cast INFERNO 
SPELLS using the Freedom Sword. Not far from the stairs to Magan Underworld 
and treasure 1 is a door. Avoid it. Close to this door is an area where you 
will get a message about an intelligent man could figure out a way through 
this wall. Use intelligence then use the ability climb. You will now be in 
an area where {3 squares south and 2 squares east} you over look a chasm. 
Use the Golden Boots to jump the chasm. Entering through the doors here, 
you will begin to explore a large room when you will suddenly find yourself 
falling into the Depths of Nisir.
     Paragraph notes for Salvation: 97, 100, 55

     Accessable only from Salvation, this area represents the most complex 
area to map. The map wraps east to west and north to south and include 
teleportals and turning floors. Use GUIDANCE to maintain your sense of 
direction and look at the automap often. Because the map wraps, it is 
difficult to give precise directions on where you need to go. From your 
beginning location you need to go 17 squares north and 14 squares east to 
reach an area that will teleport you to an otherwise unaccessable area 
where Namtar is hiding out with his army. Using SOFTEN STONE is your best 
means of getting there. Exploration of the entire area results in lots of 
encounters which can rapidly drain your supply of Dragon Eyes and Dragon 
Stones. Use CLOAK ARCANE for added protection against those encounters you 
cannot avoid. Once you have reached the teleportal that will take you to 
Namtar, walk south. Before you enter the larger area {you are in a one 
square wide hallway} use the DRAGON GEM. The Queen Dragon will answer and 
rout Namtar's army {thank heavens} and Namtar, well sort of. Namtar will 
spring back to life and you will fight him over and over again before you 
finally can pick up his ashes. Once you have you will be teleported to the 
Magan Underworld near the energy restore pool the location of which you 
should by now be most familiar. You will have time to restore your energy 
before Namtar springs to life again. Kill him and head as fast as you can 
to the cross shaped area surrounded by pits {chasms} in the extreme south 
{see Magan Underworld notes} of the Magan Underworld. Namtar will spring to 
life yet again. Defeat him and use his ashes{body}. THis will result in his 
being thrown into the chasm that spawned him and his destruction! 

     I may have missed a few things here and there, but the above should 
prove accurate and useful. I am currently in the process of compiling a 
list of the items in Dragon Wars with the "examination" information. This 
will identify any special use of these items and restrictions {strength, 
dexterity, or other}. I may choose to add in the statistical information on 
the characters that come with the game and the volunteers that are 
available to join the group. While potentially useful information, the lack 
of that information here does not diminish the usefulness of this file.
I hope that you do find it helpful!

This walkthru copyrighted 1990 by Wyvern. All rights reserved.

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